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3hrs Ultimate BEST VINE 2013 Compilation December Vine Compilation

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19-Dek, 2013



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Rento Plays
Rento Plays 26 daqiqa oldin
For anyone who was wondering the song at 15.57 Is Jennifer Lopez :Dance on The floor
David #
David # 2 soat oldin
3:17 the most adorable thing ever
Mr. Cheesekake
Mr. Cheesekake 6 soat oldin
This was in my watch history when I woke up
myster_ gamer14
myster_ gamer14 15 soat oldin
28:53 a Pepsi bottle and a cokecola glass wow you must be a "bad ass" and you can do better than that because that was stupid enough
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade 17 soat oldin
5:30 Its been so long since I’ve seen this.
Jennica Houlton
Jennica Houlton Kun oldin
I woke up with this fully played and I looked at my history, there are two other two hour long vine comps and Idk how I didn’t hear it as vines are usually loud (I guess I should turn auto-play off)
mattinhat 2003
mattinhat 2003 Kun oldin
I disliked cause of Eminem meme
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl Kun oldin
I came in like a wreaking ball Me in the back: yiu fucking sick dick
Kitty Tickles!
Kitty Tickles! Kun oldin
2013 vines.. We will never forget you
PlayerProGamer MASTER
3:00 hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahayyahahahahhahyududu
SuperMario Games
SuperMario Games 2 kun oldin
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 2 kun oldin
??: Caleb your adopted buddy Caleb: ??: your real name is Pinocchio and you made out of wood Caleb: WHAT!?!?
Bri na na Browder
Bri na na Browder 4 kun oldin
Brandon&Lian Vlogs diaz
33:03 she was on her period
CurtisBeung 4 kun oldin
Is anybody watching this delayed
Blizzard 4 kun oldin
Just found out I watched 3 hour video
RabbitPG 4 kun oldin
6:22 what's that song beag hes rapping too I used to listen to that song but forgot it
internet trash
internet trash 4 kun oldin
This video has some obsession with Wrecking Ball
福田祥子 6 kun oldin
Makhi Palmore
Makhi Palmore 6 kun oldin
there are a lot of air benders in this one
beepsweep 6 kun oldin
7:37 sometimes u just dont care
Kinsey Lilya
Kinsey Lilya 6 kun oldin
Are we gonna talk about 17:15. Physco barbie up in this bitch.
my_soldier04 6 kun oldin
This is not clean😡😡😡🤯🤯🤯
ding dong
ding dong 6 kun oldin
Bish u Cristian
Vane Killer
Vane Killer 7 kun oldin
I live this kid at around 5:05that has such a good voice and I can’t stop rewatching it
Drici Love
Drici Love 6 kun oldin
Look in the back at the picture
Jenly Phillips
Jenly Phillips 7 kun oldin
That little boy can sing better than me😅
BeaverShark Gaming
BeaverShark Gaming 7 kun oldin
I disliked because it's misleading....its 3:00:34 not 3 hours
Starry NightPlayz
Starry NightPlayz 7 kun oldin
7:59 *Ground shatters to the core of the earth*
Ava Nugent
Ava Nugent 7 kun oldin
Luigi8573 7 kun oldin
Being Crazy at 7:37 in 2019
Starry NightPlayz
Starry NightPlayz 7 kun oldin
5:05 Draco is that you?!
chilly the chicken
chilly the chicken 7 kun oldin
Holly Bakker
Holly Bakker 8 kun oldin
37:03 I know that kid
Wolf kid66
Wolf kid66 8 kun oldin
You want a cup of penis I mean ckok nvm
Marquis Silvers
Marquis Silvers 8 kun oldin
I was a sleep while this video was playing
SOUR_BERRY 27 8 kun oldin
0:00 Free Replays Bros
ZOMBRO 115 8 kun oldin
This is the best 3:54 😂😂
That one Williamson Gamer
Wow so many repeats
Adam Bailey
Adam Bailey 9 kun oldin
15.36 is a fat pussy
BearThatRun 9 kun oldin
I fucking miss vines
maria sartorius
maria sartorius 10 kun oldin
27:07 only true fans know who that is
roadtriptv_1d 7 kun oldin
maria sartorius i hope for you its not Jacob Sartorius bc he always acts like he is 5yr old
maria sartorius
maria sartorius 7 kun oldin
roadtriptv_1d like I said only true fans know who that is
roadtriptv_1d 7 kun oldin
Fan of who?
Esmée Hagen
Esmée Hagen 10 kun oldin
Half way down it’s out of sinc 😒
Michael Peters
Michael Peters 10 kun oldin
Song at 15:57?
Eleazar Ruiz
Eleazar Ruiz 10 kun oldin
I feel asleep watching this yesterday and now it's on 2:06:45 :-/
Hunter Stpierre
Hunter Stpierre 10 kun oldin
I watched 1 third of this video and it felt like 20 minutes
Fat Panda cat
Fat Panda cat 10 kun oldin
hi i'm lonely and im just tryna to find some friends to play fortnite with, put your epic in the comments if you tryna get a W on fort k thx
Evelyn Gould
Evelyn Gould 11 kun oldin
I'm 2 hours in, and I just realized that a lot of the vines are repeated 2 or even 3 times. I mean, I'm not complaining, I live vines, but there has to be more good vines out there that could have been inserted into the video. There's plenty of time.
Alicia Wirenkyi
Alicia Wirenkyi 11 kun oldin
I woke up to this in my face ._.
CF_Mitz 11 kun oldin
Mr. spider why was it funny to bite me...*STEP* is it still funny, Mr. Spider
Muhammed Ibraheem
Muhammed Ibraheem 12 kun oldin
7:56 lol he vomited
ducky12 quack
ducky12 quack 12 kun oldin
Who's watching in 2020?
Thecrazylife323 12 kun oldin
15:30 who is heeee????
Alaina O'Brien
Alaina O'Brien 12 kun oldin
2:40:26 I legit thought that was a puppet sksksksks
Cool guy Ryder
Cool guy Ryder 5 kun oldin
+Alaina O'Brien Eh seems right
Alaina O'Brien
Alaina O'Brien 10 kun oldin
+Cool guy Ryder I don't have a life what can I say?😂
Cool guy Ryder
Cool guy Ryder 10 kun oldin
You actually lasted that long
Mercedes Krarup
Mercedes Krarup 13 kun oldin
does that actually work with a vape
WINTER 13 kun oldin
Who replayed the mc donalds one over and over again that beat was so clean
helena arcilla
helena arcilla 14 kun oldin
What is the music at 1:09:41?
Rocky 13 kun oldin
I'm blue
MochiTheDerpLord 14 kun oldin
Lol my fav bit is 1:50
lovely potato
lovely potato 14 kun oldin
Why am I watching 2013 vines... And its 2019..
doge fan
doge fan 14 kun oldin
i'm still up and i started this at 2 or 3 am
laura 1738
laura 1738 14 kun oldin
What’s the song at 4:51?
Nolan Mieger
Nolan Mieger 15 kun oldin
3:59 LOL
Magic_Zach 16 kun oldin
17:16 Harley Quinn in real life
Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz 16 kun oldin
00:06 had me dead
Yusuf Afzal
Yusuf Afzal 17 kun oldin
Ahmed Nizar
Ahmed Nizar 17 kun oldin
34:04 what was that dancing
Joey Pellegrino
Joey Pellegrino 17 kun oldin
Awww 304
Shreklord666 17 kun oldin
repeats itself too much
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard 18 kun oldin
1:41:13 that’s not a fucking gopher.
Haylee Perkins
Haylee Perkins 18 kun oldin
2:10:12 omfg best one.
•loser pastel•
•loser pastel• 19 kun oldin
Julien Porch
Julien Porch 19 kun oldin
Dolores Ghee
Dolores Ghee 19 kun oldin
4:07 when you call your mom by her first name
Dolores Ghee
Dolores Ghee 19 kun oldin
3:05 killed me that cat is evil
Jacob Compton
Jacob Compton 20 kun oldin
Just me or is eh bee not funny
roadtriptv_1d 7 kun oldin
Jacob Compton theyre not😂😂
tufwear44 21 kun oldin
Wow just wow😬
Glendis Garcia
Glendis Garcia 21 kun oldin
I am watching in 2019 and there are so many throwback songs that I loved bot forgot about ❤️🤘🏻
DEADPOOL KID 21 kun oldin
99% of people didn’t see it at 5:04
Gacha Jack
Gacha Jack 21 kun oldin
4:24 where that niggas eye brows
Sade Coker
Sade Coker 21 kun oldin
God I miss vine 😩😩😩😭😢😢😢😢 #bringvineback
Me after 3 days of no meat 0:00
Razan Rishmawi
Razan Rishmawi 22 kun oldin
Aiden Long
Aiden Long 22 kun oldin
its season 100000000000000000000000000000000000 for me -_-
Sugar glider BTS jinnnnn💜
Daddy Playz
Daddy Playz 23 kun oldin
Jessica The Red Nosed Reindeer
Will my crushes marry me? I hate my last name. It's Fox :( it's either Borowicz, Bull, or Boal.
Jessica The Red Nosed Reindeer
I follow in my very racist mother's foot steps. Of a hourglass shape. Everyone in my class is a stick, and they wonder why no boy likes them. No legit they are so flat. I swear their butt is flat. Plus nobody in my class has blonde hair except the boy I sit next to.
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 23 kun oldin
This scared the crap outta me! Walked in the house, I forgot I left the tablet on....yikes never again...loud and crazy.Not to mention I don't even know why this was in my feed
Mercedes Jones
Mercedes Jones 23 kun oldin
29:47 mmmmm
Caramel Cutey
Caramel Cutey 24 kun oldin
28:17 i got a song for those 3 who are turning there backs ''YOU'S ARE MOTHERFUCKERS'' the end BETCH.
FireDragon Gaming
FireDragon Gaming 24 kun oldin
0:00 to 0:05 is me trying to be social
potao beer
potao beer 24 kun oldin
16:34 i can’t remember the name of that song
Furzzy the Fox
Furzzy the Fox 25 kun oldin
2:44:45 this this is now the beat of my life
imcameron 25 kun oldin
Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo 27 kun oldin
Mood tho
GamerBadger YT
GamerBadger YT 27 kun oldin
xYosn x
xYosn x 28 kun oldin
Taetae 28 kun oldin
57 minutes on and I just realized this video was 3 hours long oof
10,000 subs no content ?!?!?!?!?!?!
Taetae SAME
ImA Person
ImA Person 28 kun oldin
ImA Person
ImA Person 28 kun oldin
4:04 is accurate
Secretive player in Galafone! #BMG
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