4 secrets behind my face

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hi i’m gabi demartino!
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13-Avg, 2018

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Michelle Lavoie
Michelle Lavoie 4 kun oldin
Gabi is it just the purple one or the gravitymud firming treatment mask? They are both purple and silver
Flame Nicole
Flame Nicole 13 kun oldin
What's clickbait?
Dree M
Dree M 18 kun oldin
Why are you not disclosing the affiliate codes?
Ravey Hart
Ravey Hart 18 kun oldin
"I started eating better ...... im addicted to mcdonalds" lmao girllll
Ravey Hart
Ravey Hart 18 kun oldin
Hi im going to tell u everything im going to talk abiut in this video ......for 20 mins...and then show you those things for 20 more mins lolololol
Mdp295 Mvu958
Mdp295 Mvu958 20 kun oldin
I love her style ! I love her hair! Her skin is perfect 😭💗💗💗
All About Ari
All About Ari 27 kun oldin
black face
Diana Elena
Diana Elena 29 kun oldin
The secret of your skin is your camera filter
Sherie Lawrence
I just want to say I love you, and you inspired me to do my own vlogs on UZvid! My goal this year! Thank you! What camera do you recommend!?❤️
R. Chantal
R. Chantal Oy oldin
She's much more humble and opened and herself now❤ love how Gabs grows up
Veebha Gowda
Veebha Gowda Oy oldin
Hey! New here! Been looking at different Duvolle videos since i just bought the spin care system! I just wanted to let you know Im pretty sure the dome shaped one is a pumice for your feet. And then the two small brush heads at the bottom are exfoliating and cleansing. I would think that the pumice would be super harsh on the face; but if you've been doing it like that forever then more power too ya! Skin looks amazing btw!
MissEmma05 D
MissEmma05 D Oy oldin
Thank you so much for these tips
Calocanut Oy oldin
Where did she buy that dry oil? I can’t find it anywhere online 😭
Ashley Medina
Ashley Medina Oy oldin
Why don’t you believe in chemical peels?
Kitten Bee
Kitten Bee Oy oldin
Oh i have one :) but a different company lol
hope Oy oldin
Shit. The forehead thing happens to me too
be kind
be kind Oy oldin
do the coupon codes expire?
Juana Balderas
I hate wearing face creams couse it makes my skin oily and it feels weird I also hate wearing lip gloss couse every time I do 5 minutes later I end up licking it off.🙄
Aleks Ilieva
Aleks Ilieva Oy oldin
What did you put in your face wash?
A. B.
A. B. Oy oldin
Your skin tbh looks amazing
Aibee Oy oldin
Very affected!
Amelia Scarlett
the brush cleaner makes me want to drink it
Niharika Baro
Niharika Baro Oy oldin
i stan her
Ain Lerato Michele
I really want your mug, just my aesthetic. 😉😊🌹
gabi i love you but the fries at mcdonald’s are fried in beef fat and are not vegetarian that’s ok though if you choose to eat them bc it’s your life i just thought you’d want to know. i love you so much!!
dayi yero
dayi yero Oy oldin
This is actually the worst video ever if u have any sorts of skin concern please don't pay attention to anything she says. When I say this it's not to bash her at all because I have nothing against her, but as a consumer and someone who has struggled with skin issues in the past please I beg you not to follow the skincare portion of this video.
pinkskies21 Oy oldin
im sorry but your skin was NOT REALLY BAD in that clip you showed
Ashley Fedele
Ashley Fedele Oy oldin
Vegan.. yay! 👊🤙
Megan Gallagher
have you ever tried celery juice on an empty stomach!? it has really helped my acne!
Try ageLoc LumiSpa 💗💗💗💗
CC parlay
CC parlay Oy oldin
I really wish you would of linked the products mentioned. I can’t even find one of the items you’re talking about. Super frustrating
Freya Jason
Freya Jason Oy oldin
*Sips tea*
Alix Hofheins
Alix Hofheins Oy oldin
No hate at all but chemical peels are actually one of the #1 things that help your skin. They clean out all the pores, dirt and dead skin on your face. They help with so many things! I’m a licensed medical esthetician and these are one of my favorite things to give and receive:)
Ayden Cardoso
Ayden Cardoso 2 oy oldin
The brush that you said is exfoliating is the one you use for your feet the exfoliating is the softer one hahaha.
Lee Marie
Lee Marie 2 oy oldin
Mix easy looks so good, I like that it’s all natural and organic ingredients and can choose them based on what it does for your skin. Definitely think I’m saving up for that!
aly anna
aly anna 2 oy oldin
thx for the info
Matt Myers
Matt Myers 2 oy oldin
VIDEO IDEA! you should do a video including all the girls on UZvid, who are being accused of trying to be Ariana. And call it something like... "Confessions of an Ariana Wannabe". Gabi should be the head speaker of the class. yall can go around the room and teach everyone whos addicted to be ariana, ways of not being ariana. example....."When you feel the need to flip your ponytail"...."Dont." And yall can make confessions as to why they love ariana and so forth. i think this would be very funny, and a good clap back at all the haters. Only love here! It was just an idea. it crossed my mind.
Taylor Bird
Taylor Bird 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know what vlogging camera she uses!? I love her video quality 😊
May 2 oy oldin
I have a question!!!! How do you store your brush? Is there like a case for them that I can get?
Princess Kayla
Princess Kayla 2 oy oldin
Snails? how do you eat that? Where to get? is it healthy? Thanks
Kylie B
Kylie B 2 oy oldin
What do you suggest to someone that can't afford all those products?
Rose Brodrick
Rose Brodrick 2 oy oldin
OMG thank you, I have bad acne. I've tried most products and it sucks I'm in my last year of highschool next year
Aubrie Froisland
Aubrie Froisland 2 oy oldin
ok you are one of the very few people that look almost the same with and without makeup, you are absolutely gorgeous girl, naturally and with makeup. your makeup skills are actually out of this world 😍
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne 2 oy oldin
GIRL THAnk YOU!! Just bought the brush ❤️❤️❤️ that is literally amazing thank you so much!!
The fuck?
The fuck? 2 oy oldin
Umm who doesn’t like cheese !
we're all thinking it
such clickbait... obviously we want u to talk about your cosmetic procedures babe don't come here with skincare
Juliette 2 oy oldin
Oh honey you are so sweet 🥰 but when you get older you will check these videos and say OMG I was so Pretty and didn’t appreciate it. Well at least it keeps you humble . I might just be projecting my own self image ✌🏽😘
P A 2 oy oldin
U know something..I love u so so much and ur so gorgeous with out makeup 😭💖
Shadia Rifa
Shadia Rifa 2 oy oldin
ok im gonna be very honest with everyone thats reading this comment. So Breakouts has nothing to do with eating and diet and stuff, its only because of genetic...Now lets get into science. Maybe if you ask your parents "hey did you guys have breakouts when you were teens" they maybe would say no and that when you would know that your grandparents had breakout cause their genes are inside ur parents genes and you have both ur mom,dad, and grandparents genes....and if they say yes then ofc your parents past their genes to you..and people will get out of breakouts anytime (GLOW-UP FAMS)..dont feel shamed of your skin..life is life...you body is your body..your face is your face..and live it cause guys trust me, you will get clear skin real soon..(this is no hate for Gabi so please DONT HATE)
Katrice Jones
Katrice Jones 2 oy oldin
I’m new to your channel. Is it your goal to look like Ariana grande?
Poco Bobby
Poco Bobby 2 oy oldin
you look beautiful without makeup Gabi
Lady Underwood
Lady Underwood 2 oy oldin
Your bare skin looks so good ^^ looks like your wearing foundation
Beverly LaPierre
Beverly LaPierre 2 oy oldin
3:41 Preachhh
Jemma Louise111
Jemma Louise111 2 oy oldin
Hey Gabi, I've really started follow what you do with looking after your skin. I'm so glad you did this video xxx
Maryna Brits
Maryna Brits 2 oy oldin
Try a lumispa instead of your regular facebrush. Less bacteria
Keely Mom
Keely Mom 2 oy oldin
“at the end of the day it’s a french fry, so I eat it” lmaooo
immortal 2 oy oldin
“Never have breakouts” I see about four and more zits on your hideous fake ass lookin face plastic surgery doesn’t always cover your insecurities :)
Aria •
Aria • 2 oy oldin
one secret: BOTOX!
Madison Boni
Madison Boni 2 oy oldin
This is a great skincare routine fr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zeina Haddad
Zeina Haddad 2 oy oldin
You need money basically to treat breakouts/ acne scars. 😯 i will be having laser treatments for my acne and acne scars but it costs so so much :(
blah loo
blah loo 2 oy oldin
How could you live without cheese?
Fan Of Ruby Mathew
You’re so pretty
Sakila Hamim
Sakila Hamim 2 oy oldin
Basically using expensive products
Alyssa Renninger
Alyssa Renninger 2 oy oldin
Suzzy Dedvukaj
Suzzy Dedvukaj 2 oy oldin
If she really wanted to spill the tea she should of mentioned all the fillers on her face, especially the under eye area!!!
Natalie Valenzuela
Your face seems so stiff. And she uses botox and lip filler
Minhyuk's Gayness
about the combo skin thing: your oily areas need just as much hydration and moisture as your dry areas
Minhyuk's Gayness
aloe works well for those with oily skin
Hannah Massey
Hannah Massey 2 oy oldin
Please make a video about micro dermabrasion!
Natalia Fuchs
Natalia Fuchs 2 oy oldin
I honestly have never understood how people don’t clean their brushes for like months I clean them after every use because I ain’t trying to break out
The Truth
The Truth 2 oy oldin
Natalia Fuchs yeaaa right,
liv g
liv g 2 oy oldin
I can't cut dairy of completely so now I just don't eat/ drink as much because it makes my stomach hurt I'm so proud of Gabi for making that decision
hilary 2 oy oldin
YES PLEASE make a video on managing Thyroid condition through diet!! XOXO
OceanJx2 X
OceanJx2 X 2 oy oldin
3:11 “I sound like I don’t eat anything” that made me laugh out loud😂
Grace Ann
Grace Ann 2 oy oldin
start thinking about all the toxins in your makeup and in your skin care products and you can get meat without hormones. meat is good for you. hon.
Millie Dowling
Millie Dowling 2 oy oldin
Sara K
Sara K 2 oy oldin
Thegabbieshow just did a grwm using mix easy and that spin brush with the tutorial on how to use the mixeasy website #sponsoredandpretendingitsnotpissesmeoffiwanthonesty
xo Ayla ox
xo Ayla ox 2 oy oldin
7:30 LMAO😂😂😂
Polly Punani
Polly Punani 2 oy oldin
I think if she had a diff shaped brows, she'd look even better BUT, she would have to grow it all out and restart
Angelysa Hudson
Angelysa Hudson 2 oy oldin
Excuse me but did she just use the PUMICE STONE ATTACHMENT TO EXFOLIATE HER FACE
Shanae Chu
Shanae Chu 2 oy oldin
plastic surgery lol
Vintage Princess
Vintage Princess 2 oy oldin
We already know about that. She has even vlogger herself and has an entire video about her non surgical nose job and she has talked about lip fillers too. So you're not "exposing" anything that she has already said.
BrownGirlLauren 17
Omg 😲 you're actually do beautiful! 💕💖💖 ☺☺
Lauren Fernandez
Lauren Fernandez 3 oy oldin
I think you used the pumice stone as an exfoliator :o
Cheryl Demouey
Cheryl Demouey 3 oy oldin
Your so pretty and your skin is gorgeous!
Savannah Rae
Savannah Rae 3 oy oldin
Gabi, that “exfoliating head” is a pumice stone. 😂 You’re not supposed to use that one on your face. One of the heads that you thought was a second cleanser brush is actually the exfoliating head.. The pumice is for your feet. Lol. It even says in the pamphlet that the brush comes with.
Silvia S
Silvia S Oy oldin
Raegan Clark 😂
Raegan Clark
Raegan Clark Oy oldin
Savannah Rae I mean it seems to be working for her lol
Prakriti Sharma
Prakriti Sharma 3 oy oldin
Twoboys Taia
Twoboys Taia 3 oy oldin
your pretty without the makeup girlll. i only wear mascara
EditlowMEH 3 oy oldin
Wait how do you put in the code cause I really wanna buy this
LM_vids 3 oy oldin
But meat is healthy 😝
Junnat Syed
Junnat Syed 3 oy oldin
girlll u have GLASS skin ur so beautiful!!
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 4 oy oldin
I bought a mixeasy face wash and the spin brush. Thanks to her coupons codes because I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise😂 I’ve have tried everything to get rid of my acne but nothing has worked so hopefully these things will! Thanks Gabi!❤️
Sophia Tubbs
Sophia Tubbs 4 oy oldin
I want to get the brush and moisturizer you used in this video. I’m going on a self care spree, trying to better myself and skin was first on my list! I thought who better to see how to fix my ratchet skin than Gabi! You have such beautiful, glowy skin and I love you ☺️
Ashhleyy vlogs123
You call this your secrets.... I laugh because this is just simply common sense. Nice try though.
Néamh 4 oy oldin
You have actual glass skin it’s so beautiful and clear and glowy ✨I’ve been stuck in a rut of really bad depression atm and I just haven’t felt like looking after myself but after watching this it’s motivated me to take care of myself a little more
b m
b m 4 oy oldin
i bought the face brush and the glow mask, and gabi was right the face brush WORKS it literally cleared ALL of my acne! so thank you so much gabi for this video! and the discounts are awesome! i wish i could afford the mix easy products tho !
CaliforniaGirl49 4 oy oldin
This was very helpful... thank you!
Susy Cas
Susy Cas 4 oy oldin
I've been vegan for 7 months now and I do still eat fries every now and then -if I feel like it- from fast food restaurants EXCEPT McDonald's because for some strange reason their fries (and hash browns) have milk in them. Idk why but if someone doesn't believe me look at the ingredients on the McDonald's site. :)
Some random Chicc
Tbh tho you don’t have to stop eating meat to be healthy. Don’t get me wrong it helps and Gabi is 100% right but you also have to be healthy. You can stop eating meat and still be unhealthy. So keep that in mind. Edit: where can I buy the brush cleaner?
Talia Orosco
Talia Orosco 4 oy oldin
honestly gabi I would love to see u more natural in you’re videos cause you’re so freakin gorgeous❤️❤️❤️
Have a magical day
I want the scrubbing machine & buy retinol, I use sun screen and moisturiser daily and a night cream at night + sleep 9-10 hours a night + exercise 4 times a week
Sukaryadi Paimun
Sukaryadi Paimun 4 oy oldin
I am from indonesia i really want mixeasy stuffs😭😭😭
Beans The ultimate
My skin Tea xD 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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