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13-Avg, 2018

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Leah Olivia
Leah Olivia Kun oldin
I don’t think she said this so does anyone know how often she uses the cleansing brush
Sofia Alva
Sofia Alva Kun oldin
this bitch really put 15 products on her face
Elina Meng
Elina Meng 2 kun oldin
*who’s here after gabi hit 2M?* anyone down to be yt friends? i make videos and i would rlly appreciate ur feedback :)
Ria Moyah
Ria Moyah 2 kun oldin
She doesn't deserve this fame..
Ang White
Ang White 3 kun oldin
Ang White
Ang White 3 kun oldin
Yep the doll is definetly still possesing you gabi theirs 666k likes shit
Becca Milfull
Becca Milfull 3 kun oldin
Your skin looked so good at the end
Karina Lopez
Karina Lopez 3 kun oldin
The MixEasy cleanser and lotion made my face break out, sad to say. Luckily they really stand by their satisfaction money back guarantee promise. I used my refund to buy a cleanser from Tatcha and my skin has never looked better. I also bought the Kate Somerville Moisturizer and the Sunday Riley CEO Serum. It's really a gamble and you have to try out a lot of products until your figure out what works for your skin.
Ruth Noemi
Ruth Noemi 4 kun oldin
666k views nooooo
Flo A
Flo A 6 kun oldin
Please do a video on your thyroid please
priscilla ealy
priscilla ealy 6 kun oldin
I love you
Police McTitTit
Police McTitTit 6 kun oldin
It’s kind of creepy how obsessed you guys are with her getting plastic surgery. Why do you all care so much? Lmao
Cereza Black
Cereza Black 7 kun oldin
I rarely wear make up or do skincare routine, but the few times I do it is after watching a video of yours. Seeing the happiness with which you do apply your skin care and makeup motivates me and encourages me to do it myself, thanks Gabi for always inspire me to try new things ♥
jennifer nolley
jennifer nolley 7 kun oldin
ur brush cleaner looks like it tastes so good
Ellie Roper
Ellie Roper 8 kun oldin
Awwwww well done on 2 mill
Kenzie 8 kun oldin
I was gonna get a unique face wash then I found out how much it was for my broke self.
HeyItsJillian 9 kun oldin
literally the best advice for skin thank you
LiveInAwe xx
LiveInAwe xx 9 kun oldin
Why did I think this would be about her transformation and her lip fillers and plastic surgery etc..
Daisy 9 kun oldin
You may not have been wearing makeup, but the blurring lens filter is obviously working out well for you. I know it can be hard to show your insecurities, but I think it's extremely rude to your followers, especially if you're getting paid to promote a skincare product and we can't even see your real skin.
SophieSophs 10 kun oldin
I want to know more about her thyroid problem .... what condition is it and what would happen ? What were the symptoms ?
Joseline C
Joseline C 10 kun oldin
She looks and sounds congested, do you eat dairy ? I had this problem until I went 🌱 based . She also looks swollen
dessy marie
dessy marie 10 kun oldin
you was about to drink the brush cleaner !😂
Beisa Mustafa
Beisa Mustafa 10 kun oldin
this looks like an old Gabi vlog because you're in your house on your room but yeah thanks for doing this video Gabi it probably will help me when I grow up I'm 13 years and my skin is so good I don't even have pimples or anything I hope it stays like this until I grew up
SanctuaryJade 10 kun oldin
You can't heal a thyroid disease just by being gluten free and vegan. Maybe you weren't sick in the first place.
Hanieh Shahrestani
Hanieh Shahrestani 11 kun oldin
Gabi do you know your mug?! It is the same design as my bag!! I bought it from France!!
Maria Yushkevich
Maria Yushkevich 11 kun oldin
I just found your chanel and subscribed. You are so beautiful with make up but also without. I love you gabi
Jhan Lourd
Jhan Lourd 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought about how the brush cleaner would taste? It's so blue... HAHAHAH
April Fouls
April Fouls 13 kun oldin
Here’s a tip that I learnt from my dermatologist, if your skin is oily, use serum made for oily skin types, and, a letting your skin get some vitamin d or whatever the sun is 😂, can help a lot! BUT she said ALWAYS wear sun Cream! It stops scaring!
Vigneeta Vasu
Vigneeta Vasu 13 kun oldin
thank you so much for sharing gabi...I really need this...love u
The girl Who wanna be a mermaid
You was waiting for the hey now, hey now! song because I sign along to it haha 😆
Nail Encyclopedia
Nail Encyclopedia 14 kun oldin
Bigelow tea is the best!
Nostalgic Shan
Nostalgic Shan 16 kun oldin
Lip fillers
Kaelah Parker
Kaelah Parker 17 kun oldin
Ive been told if you have oily skin to use moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated so it will produce less oil because your skin feels less of a need to make up for dehydration ?
Sara 1995
Sara 1995 17 kun oldin
Tell us about your thyroid please ☹
xbeauty by dj
xbeauty by dj 17 kun oldin
omgs thyroid wow i need this please make a full video on it! it will help a lot this video is great and you look so beautiful i love
Maria Tiganovschi
Maria Tiganovschi 17 kun oldin
Why do you were make up,i think you look better without it
lauren f
lauren f 17 kun oldin
is this the sims music
K A 17 kun oldin
You are so pretty with and without makeup 💄
Gracie Bennett
Gracie Bennett 18 kun oldin
Your skin looks so good!
Manuela Arias
Manuela Arias 18 kun oldin
I was waiting for the “hey now hey now” to sing along.... it never happened:(
vondonstrut218 18 kun oldin
your face looks great honestly. i know you get a lot of backlash but whatev. do you girl. my only question.. i noticed your eyes used to have bags underneath and i wanted to know did you get work done for that like your sister or is this more just from trying different skin/facial routines?
Rhea Aiyar
Rhea Aiyar 18 kun oldin
“At the end of the day it’s a French fry so I eat it” - MOOD- Makes me love her sooo much more
Chiminie Chim Chim
Chiminie Chim Chim 18 kun oldin
Gabi is honestly so freakin GORGEOUS 💕 Don’t let haters bring you down girl you do you 👏💜
Budour Al Othmani
Budour Al Othmani 18 kun oldin
Is it worldwide website?
Verityy 19 kun oldin
Also girls lip injections and plastic surgery.
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
Verityy she has has had INJECTION only. You can have injections not only in your lips sweetie
Verityy 17 kun oldin
Sscece Bloom injections all over the face then. Also her nose is way different
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
Verityy she has only got injections never gone under the knife boo
Julia Horne
Julia Horne 19 kun oldin
when i clicked on the video i thought she will be talking about plastic surgery, changing herself and it get deep really fast 😂 now it just turns out to be tips, skincare routine and diets hahahah 😂 💗 ily gabi, loved this video and it really helped ❤️
LifeWithJojo 19 kun oldin
Wtf, she can’t eat anything. Waiter: Hi, What would you like. Gab: I can’t have dark meat or anything else :P Waiter: WoULd YoU liKe SoMe AiR?!?!
Kaari Urbanek
Kaari Urbanek 19 kun oldin
she looks swollen all the time.
Ruby Riddle
Ruby Riddle 19 kun oldin
I can’t do 4 face masks a week girl
Frederikkee 20 kun oldin
Your so pretty without makeup
Zoe Sabyan
Zoe Sabyan 20 kun oldin
Do a updated makeup tutorial 💜😘
Nathaly Paola
Nathaly Paola 20 kun oldin
Can you do a video about your Thyroid and how you don't take medication for it anymore?!?! P.S. ILOVE YOURE VIDEOS 💓
An Extraordinary Mistake
"At the end of the day, it's a french fry so I eat it." ICONIC AF
Ava Clark
Ava Clark 21 kun oldin
I got the mix easy and duvolle thank u luv u
Kristina Hare
Kristina Hare 21 kun oldin
Clams or snails, I just threw up in my mouth
ii_Aquaazx 21 kun oldin
Can u stop copying Ariana Grande
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
ii_Aquaazx she isn’t sweetie🙎🏽‍♀️ and can you stop being a swine?
Marianne Tiffany
Marianne Tiffany 21 kun oldin
Was always wondering what the silver face mask was. Thanks!
Casandra Aleman
Casandra Aleman 22 kun oldin
You even make ur eyebrows like Ariana grande
Ava Stout
Ava Stout 22 kun oldin
It also happens to me gabbi when I draw to much attention to my for head it makes me kinda break out😂😂
Lauren 23 kun oldin
You have the weirdest face I’ve ever seen, you look awful
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
Moonlighttrip light boo maybe you can talk when you have millions of fans have an EP have your own extension and clothing line and are successful in life
KiKi Mamal
KiKi Mamal 23 kun oldin
*_Ariana Grande is quaking_*
Emily Naima
Emily Naima 23 kun oldin
hi gabi, im 14 years old and i have really bad acne. I went to the dermatologist recently (about 2 months ago) and the dermatologist told me to get a chemical peel, i was really concerned about what was going to happen to my skin since im just 14, im still in the process of my chemical peel and my skin is having its ups and downs but so far it cleared up most of my acne. Im just asking why you don't believe in chemical peels because im really scared lol ok thank you ilysm!
honeybutterflyx 23 kun oldin
Also a factor is age. Gabi was a teenager when she first started and a lot of that acne was probably just normal hormonal teenage acne. I used to have problems with acne at like 17, and at 19 in went away and I haven't had problems since, I'm 22 now. Granted everything Gabi says is absolutely valid and it's important to eat well and have a good skin care routine but I really think a lot of it is just puberty.
Dalia Untura
Dalia Untura 23 kun oldin
Congratulations on 2 mil.!!
Lanna Jane
Lanna Jane 23 kun oldin
It’s makes me feel really good about myself that Gabi who’s literally perfect (corrections or not) had back and face acne too ❤️
Hannah Gill
Hannah Gill 23 kun oldin
S St Sto Stop Stop b Stop be Stop bei Stop being Stop being a Stop being ar Stop being ari Stop being aria Stop being arian Stop being ariana
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
She’s GABI not Ariana. How is she ariana grande? Like what I sense anymore
Hannah Gill
Hannah Gill 23 kun oldin
Stop being ariana
Hannah Gill
Hannah Gill 23 kun oldin
Stop being ari
Sezen Cameron
Sezen Cameron 23 kun oldin
Gabi you’re a life saver you’re like the only youtuber with combo skin. I’ve been on a long vacay without wifi so I’m binging your vids now and I wanna say Congrats with 2 million Gabi!! You totally deserve it ❤️
Izzy Shur
Izzy Shur 24 kun oldin
Omg gabi when i was in Paris last month i almost got that cup 😂
MollyMachete 24 kun oldin
I miss the blonde hair :(
Jay Elizabeth
Jay Elizabeth 25 kun oldin
The forehead thing happens to me too
Catherine Dickson
Catherine Dickson 25 kun oldin
you look gorg no matter what!!
Jay Elizabeth
Jay Elizabeth 25 kun oldin
What you eat in a day video😆
R xxx
R xxx 25 kun oldin
Thank u Gabi!!
Frida Lindberg
Frida Lindberg 25 kun oldin
Ughhh i want ur skin and glow😍
Hart _V
Hart _V 25 kun oldin
Youve copied every single thing about ariana you know IM GONNA BE A FUCKING HATER STOP FUCKING COPYING ARI
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
She doesn’t copy Ariana. Tell me how boo? I swear these triggered 10 yr olds
Emma Barnes
Emma Barnes 25 kun oldin
I have a thyroid issue as well
Kaylee Haessler
Kaylee Haessler 26 kun oldin
Ok Gabi can you not wear makeup and flaunt that beautiful skin you have. I'm jealous. Bye
Olivia_ O
Olivia_ O 26 kun oldin
my girlie hit 2M lysm and congrats ❤️❤️
Paula 26 kun oldin
Mm.. you said you cut out gluten, but years ago you said you were celiac... so have you lied? Bc that is not something to lie about (I´m celiac so...) I´ve seen you eaten KFC and that has gluten, everything in KFC is fried. Not funny if you lied
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
Paula she has to stop cutting things out at times she has health problems
Mimmi Dancer
Mimmi Dancer 26 kun oldin
You don`t need makeup you are sooo beautyfoul without😘💎
caitlin gatta
caitlin gatta 26 kun oldin
giirrll you look gorgeous! i wish i had those lips tbh x
Lea Bahlawan
Lea Bahlawan 26 kun oldin
What I thought you what you don't where that much makeup but the highlight though
Arnika My love
Arnika My love 26 kun oldin
gabi : at the end of the day it’s french fries so I eat it 😂 love you gabs
Feriel Sullivan
Feriel Sullivan 26 kun oldin
I love snails.
Noelle K
Noelle K 26 kun oldin
One day i hope to have skin this clear😭🙌🏼
Maira Khan
Maira Khan 27 kun oldin
Me: *sees thumbnail* "THAT MAKEUP LOOK TOOK FIVE YEARS!"
༻ Livid Rose ༺•
This makes me want to go out and spend an unnecessary amount on face products lmao
Rorie S. Ching
Rorie S. Ching 27 kun oldin
I had stopped watching your channel for a couple years now (been busy with college and everything), and just came back! This video, you in this video, is so so much more mature, well thought out, poised, etc.!!!!! I am so so impressed at how much you'v grown and changed [but still stayed true to yourself]
Pudding Swirl
Pudding Swirl 28 kun oldin
Vanity planet??? You lie.
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
Pudding Swirl howww
Megan's world
Megan's world 28 kun oldin
My skin is pretty good but I have a few bumps on my face and I sometimes get pimples
Αγγελιάνα Ιωαννίδου
Omgg 2 millionnn
Kristine's Beauty
Kristine's Beauty 28 kun oldin
Do an updated room tour of your room at your parents house ♥️♥️ ilysm gab 💕
Going to the doctor on Thursday to check for anemia and thyroid issues.
KRiStA ReNaE 29 kun oldin
Girl if your gonna keep plumping ur lips get some damn filler In ur smile lines they r horrendous from the fillers. Ewwwww. Ick
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
KRiStA ReNaE are you 8
Not all people have the money for high end face care tools or getting facials each week. Sorry, I’m a typical tween who doesn’t have all those high end face brushes with $100 face washes.. Make a face care routine that suits reality because I really don’t think me (and many other) people struggling with breakouts have all these quality items.. sorry boo.
Ollie Pox
Ollie Pox 29 kun oldin
2M Gabi I'm so proud of you ❤️
Brookelyn Neto
Brookelyn Neto 29 kun oldin
What brand of rose water do you use because I have eve hanson and it smells so bad
Brookelyn Neto
Brookelyn Neto 7 kun oldin
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
I believe that’s how u spell it❤️
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 17 kun oldin
Brookelyn Neto idk what specific one she uses but a really good one is use is Mario Badescu
Klaire&johnny Rodriguez
Gabi can you please do a perfume collection 2018? 🙂🙂🙂
makeup soup.
Yil oldin