4 Unbelievable DIY Surgeries

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12-Avg, 2015

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Bobbie Daniel
Bobbie Daniel Kun oldin
"Otherwise known as losing a liter of blood feeling .. ". Omg 😂
KMichelle Argus
KMichelle Argus Kun oldin
I think I would have just died if I was harvester/combine man.
Kara Biel
Kara Biel 2 kun oldin
So weird that the man from the first video was buried in Jane Pennsylvania n we live 7 miles away from Kane.🙂
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace 2 kun oldin
In Soviet Russia, you don't go to the doctor, you are the doctor.
Cwuddles 5 kun oldin
They did surgery on a grape
Wick Light
Wick Light 9 kun oldin
Why do people do these things?
J P 11 kun oldin
This is making my feet sweat! So much anxiety from hearing these stories haha
Bugg 12 kun oldin
2019. Eating my cereal and 1 minute in im being told to stop eating my cereal and i bout lost my mind.
Emma Chapman
Emma Chapman 12 kun oldin
#2 - suffer from chronic fatigue? Just perform a self lobotomy, eat some meat and drink some booze. You’ll be fine
Sorra Jade
Sorra Jade 12 kun oldin
Actually they still practice vertical c-scetion. It's mostly used in emergencies.
Kate Kursive
Kate Kursive Oy oldin
What a tragic state of gynecological and pre-natal care. Awful. That woman deserves better.
Riley H
Riley H Oy oldin
I removed a skin tag when I was about 13. I tied it up with dental floss, covered it with duct tape, and it shriveled up and fell off after about 2 weeks.
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo Oy oldin
Oh my Gd. If that guy was stupid enough to stick his hand in a combine, at least he was brave enough to cut his arm off. Or whatever that was. *Shudder
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo Oy oldin
I once got a piece of glass in my foot that neither I nor my father could get out, and I didn't know you could take that kind of thing to a doctor, so I just pressed it in and let it heal over. I'm sure it's still there.
Hannah. That's me
How did they know I was eating cereal
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Oy oldin
Egyptian Priest
why wouldn't he turn the combine thing off ;-;
Cgase Zimmermagan
Why are they being so goofy this episode? I like it 😁
James O'Blivion
If you're ever trying to free your hand from a combine for an hour, I guarantee the question that will haunt you will be, "It's the 21st century, why don't I have a phone in my pocket?" WHY DO YOU HAVE A LONG IRON ROD, BUT NOT A PHONE?
Dragonfire013 2 oy oldin
I've played enough MGS3, so I'm a practically a doctor
grass weeds
grass weeds 2 oy oldin
I used to yank my teeth out when I was a kid by sewing string or sometimes just pushing it out.
koko*don* 3 oy oldin
This is like stupid circus act... for real tho that story made me woozy
Heather Billy42
Heather Billy42 3 oy oldin
1:40 Rhett 😄 I took my stitches out at home (there was only 3-4) super easy, just always remember to sterilize the scissors you’re using. (Dog bite on leg a few yrs ago. Will always have a raised scar from it. Dog didn’t do it on purpose. He let go the second he realized he bit me.) And NO, not a pit Bull. A working cow dog- Kelpie. 🐄 🐮 🐕
Willem DaFuckedUp
Drilling a hole in your head is how doctors try to treat bleeding in the brain, swelling, or other forms of pressure
Alex Summers
Alex Summers 3 oy oldin
that last guy i need a movie of his life like now
nova dlc2d
nova dlc2d 3 oy oldin
Chilly Nilly
Chilly Nilly 3 oy oldin
My little sister cut her pinkie toe off. She was playing in our neighbors field and she threw a rock at their bull, he charged at her and she tried to hop the fence but her pinkie toe and shoe got stuck on the barbed wire, the bull was still charging so she took her pocket knife and just cut the whole damn toe off and ran home. She was 9. I'm alittle scared of her now.
Kim Cobbs Da Chihuahua
I don't want to have surgery but I want to get rid of my uterus when I get older because I don't want any kids
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 3 oy oldin
Link's face at 4:56 was so elegant
Lauren-Ellie White
Currently working my way through all series and rhetts quaft is so precise.. loving it!
Abigail Manley
Abigail Manley 4 oy oldin
Link's reaction to the story about the farmer is exactly the reaction I had
Copyrighted 4 oy oldin
4:34 HOMUNCULUS!!!!!!
taylor coups
taylor coups 5 oy oldin
Can you guys get your eyes tested by an optometrist for the show please I think that'd be cool
Ryan Wingate
Ryan Wingate 5 oy oldin
I helped my dad sew his finger shut. it was gnarly and super impressive.
Jared Sundstrom
Jared Sundstrom 5 oy oldin
I've cut out ingrown toenails before with no anesthesia
KenzieHurlock 5 oy oldin
The farmer! Noooo 😨
D Omega
D Omega 5 oy oldin
I'm sure it would have ripped some meat of or maybe fingers or his hand but he would at least still have something left.
rexxed757 5 oy oldin
wish i had some cereal to eat while watching this
Amelia 1
Amelia 1 6 oy oldin
I think I saw that video of the farmer in ag class
Can't believe you missed the guy who removed his appendix because he was the only Dr around - in Antarctica!!
D Omega
D Omega 6 oy oldin
Wonder if the guy thought about putting his feet on the combine and pushing himself free.
TheHomey NowUKnowMe
D Omega Even if he did, the pulling force of the combine was probably too strong.
Tracey Taylor
Tracey Taylor 6 oy oldin
Sounds like a saw movie.
Hope 6 oy oldin
I'm so proud that Rhett knew that there is a big difference between being exhausted and being sleepy.
Erika Perez
Erika Perez 6 oy oldin
Watch 8:13 it is hilarious
Leigha Murrill
Leigha Murrill 6 oy oldin
Canine Hund
Canine Hund 6 oy oldin
4:55 look at link
Everything is stupid
"Hold my beer..."
VegQuaker13 6 oy oldin
Here from chronicsos.com
Unicorns-R-real 6 oy oldin
I agree with you, Link. We don't need doctors. Doctors don't tell us anything. Doctors are just a bunch of over-paid quacks.
Unicorns-R-real 6 oy oldin
There was no need for you to get so angry Rhett, just because you're too dumb to understand Link's 'Sleepy' joke.
Scott Shipley
Scott Shipley 6 oy oldin
If I ever need emergency surgery I'll probably just have to die. I can't even dream of affording it.
Jules Dolan
Jules Dolan 6 oy oldin
Bloodletting DOES work....look it up.
Gesika E
Gesika E 6 oy oldin
I always eat my breakfast while watching it :3
Lindsay Page
Lindsay Page 7 oy oldin
The last story made me nauseated. I don’t have a high pain tolerance, and hearing stories about people who have painful things happen to them really affect me lol.
Isaac Leslie
Isaac Leslie 7 oy oldin
My face when im actually eating cereal
Alexis Hermann
Alexis Hermann 7 oy oldin
Crazy. These dudes knew I was eatin cereal. Woah crazy
Aaron Petersen
Aaron Petersen 7 oy oldin
I would conjecture that the holes in people's heads 10,000 years ago were a result of probably Chiari malformations and hydrocephalus.
Blueberryymuffin 7 oy oldin
I had appendicitis. My appendix burst and my appendix wasn’t removed, so I still have my appendix in me
RUBY HELGESON 7 oy oldin
no no no no EWWWWW yyyyyy
Isaac Strop
Isaac Strop 7 oy oldin
I started woching good Mythical Mornig at 8:12 at nite... It's 5:58in the morning baby time to go to sleep. D:
Garrett Gates
Garrett Gates 7 oy oldin
I miss this style of gmm
Ashley Homan
Ashley Homan 7 oy oldin
Wow... Ummm.... Wow.... Okey
A 7 oy oldin
im eating
A net Activist Named Sarina
Luckily I’m going to see my doctor today
Canoe For-One
Canoe For-One 7 oy oldin
A friend's father got his arm caught in a piece of farm equipment. He was alone, couldn't get it out and he bled to death.
Jonah 4 Hand
Jonah 4 Hand 7 oy oldin
With the farmer I had the same reaction as link
Breighanna Mclawhorn
That South Carolina Farmer's story is literally one of my worst nightmares. Like holy shit. Talk about a bad day. So like can you imagine being at his house and looking out into the field and seeing a wall of fire as this man frantically saws off his arm?!?!
leanemoney1234 7 oy oldin
the link to good mythical more does not take you to good mythical more lol
shakemeister shake for short
Haha kinda ironic I ran into this video I just tried to cut out a lump on my face didn't work out so well though lol
Amanda M
Amanda M 7 oy oldin
I was eating cereal (at 9pm) when he said to put it down. Thankfully I'm a nurse and nothing gross bothers me anymore.
Jcthekiller48 7 oy oldin
i was eating cereal while you said stop eating your cereal or don't stop eating you cereal
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 7 oy oldin
Successfully induced a Panic attack😣
Just Average
Just Average 8 oy oldin
Link struggling to say Ramirez is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time
Emma Snead
Emma Snead 8 oy oldin
stop the in video ads!
Kitty LovesCats
Kitty LovesCats 8 oy oldin
You don’t have to go to a professional to cut your hair You don’t have to go to a professional to paint your nails You don’t have to go to a professional to clean your house You DO have to go to professional to get a surgery
milly kay
milly kay 8 oy oldin
I removed a cyst myself, with a razor blade and now I’ve got a scar probably a lot worse than it could have been if I actually had it done correctly 😂
LaGuerre19 8 oy oldin
love me some of that i-just-lost-a-litre-of-blood feeling, woo
Awesome ASMR 123
Awesome ASMR 123 8 oy oldin
In the middle of this a ad said “the key to a oporation is” and then I skipped it
tricks 8 oy oldin
Van Gogh amputated his ear thats +1
reanimated6 8 oy oldin
So people where NOT crazy 10 000 y ago? They had no idea what they where doing. Ofcourse it's madness to put a hole in your skull. Unless you got high intracranial pressure and a bleeding needs somewhere to go. Best regards - Nurse
Fruitcup2014 8 oy oldin
“Sir Timothy is having troubles. Drill a hole in his head!” Please make a shirt with this 😂
M. Smith
M. Smith 8 oy oldin
I honestly can't afford to go to the hospital. I feel guilty every time I eat something unhealthy.
Sylvia Green
Sylvia Green 8 oy oldin
MyBlackis B-U-T-ful
Will and determination to live *SON*
Zoey Karr
Zoey Karr 9 oy oldin
monkeynumber nine
That farmer is the toughest guy ever
Harrison Loeffler
Yes Rhett, the Middle Ages were totally 10,000 years ago.
Verzul 9 oy oldin
One time a pulled my fingernail off.... it was already falling off though.
Brigid Zhu
Brigid Zhu 9 oy oldin
Links hair looks so ugly But Rhett looks the same as he does right now. (Also) link has grey hair now
That One Guy 741 Turtles
Why didn't he just stick the rod in first to dislodge
TheHomey NowUKnowMe
That One Guy 741 Turtles The rod probably got caught inside as well.
LordMMTGaming 10 oy oldin
challenge accepted challenge done no gags no regrets I R O N S T O M A C H
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 10 oy oldin
guys hey from ky.. & in april of 1998 i had an emergency C-section with a vertical incision i had 22 staples it was awful..ive had a dozen surgeries over the yrs and that was the worst.that was my 2nd child & last .. first was an induced 28 1/2 hour extremely miserable 28 hrs no epidural they messed it up. but i'd rather have a natural delivery any day ..
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 8 oy oldin
yes when you have surgery & get a new baby & in the hospital they just bring you the baby & say here ya go i could barely move i remember having to pull the baby bassinette over as close to the bed as possible and try to get my baby out without being able to sit up because i couldn't pull myself up in the bed...
Southern Deplorable
Chris Hall any time they open up your abdomen area sucks. We don't realize how much we use those muscles till we can't use them. It's especially rough when you have a new baby who needs attention frequently and you can barely get up and down.
shhh 26
shhh 26 10 oy oldin
DIY and Surgery. Two words you would never think would be together
Hixon Canto
Hixon Canto 11 oy oldin
Utah is great RHETT!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Samuel S Alpers
Samuel S Alpers 11 oy oldin
You guys are the best youtubers
Kayla Brooks
Kayla Brooks 11 oy oldin
Not quite as bad-ass, I think, but my grandmother (notoriously amazing) once got her finger caught in a pulley belt thing on the farm and her finger got pulled in and she knew she had to make the choice to yank her finger out, so she did, effectively losing half of her middle finger. Now, she obviously couldn't drive herself to the hospital as she's pouring blood out of her hand, so she went and stood in the middle of the road (this was the 60s, by the way) and waited until someone drove down the road. As she's waiting for help, the family cat eats the finger and promptly dies because of the consumption of human blood. Rural Tennessee gets crazy. Her stubby middle finger because SUCH a great convo starter.
burntmuffin 296
burntmuffin 296 Yil oldin
Why wouldnt he turn the combine off?
TheHomey NowUKnowMe
burntmuffin 296 Probably couldn't reach the lever.
Chloe Ashby
Chloe Ashby Yil oldin
Couldn’t surgise that
Greycen Gill
Greycen Gill Yil oldin
It is 3am y am I up
K Kënnëdÿ
K Kënnëdÿ Yil oldin
do u no its xmas time at al?