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Ladies, you're gonna love this one! Best breast and underwear hacks are waiting for you! I'll show you how to design beautiful top from an old bra, prevent your strapless bra from slipping down, adjust it for an open - back dress and much more useful stuff! ;)
Here's a super effective blackheads remover mask recipe: 1 tablespoon gelatin, 1 tablespoon milk, microwave for 1 minute and then apply to problematic zones.
Find out the easiest ways to clean your hairbrush and deal with dry lips skin, you can simply rub it off with a toothbrush! This simple procedure will also give your lips nice bright color.
I also wanna show you couple of cool repair hacks. You can use your bra as a respiratory mask, use your lipstick to mark spots where you will screw the nails. And I'll share with you how to screw the nails properly so the surface would remain perfectly smooth.
And let's not forget cool ways to make dry shampoo! You can use anti - perspirant or powder talcum.
0:20 Best bra hacks
2:19 Blackheads remover
3:23 Clothes upgrade
5:25 Lonely sock - happy bun
5:46 Repair secrets for women
10:24 Unexpected tricks
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6-Iyl, 2018

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 7 oy oldin
Do you have greasy hair? Use your deo to fix it! 16:25 👍
Alizay Khan
Alizay Khan 6 kun oldin
What is gelatin plz bta de
Madison Broadhead
Madison Broadhead 18 kun oldin
Or how about wash your hair
Imogen Thompson
Imogen Thompson 18 kun oldin
5-Minute Crafts what if you have brown hair . Edit: use invisible deodorant
Abby Taylor Loves Cats
I'd rather shower
Merchant 7 soat oldin
Abrar Entertainment
Abrar Entertainment 11 soat oldin
I like it. Tell me more things about how can I give off my brone growing.
Akansha Malwa
Akansha Malwa Kun oldin
I'm lazier to do this too. And the scissors thing, what if I get it wrong 😱😰
RoRo mostafa
RoRo mostafa 3 kun oldin
اشتركو بقناتي واكتبو تم لردها
ahmad bhatti
ahmad bhatti 3 kun oldin
Make video about books and bags of
casey sanders
casey sanders 4 kun oldin
angel 4 kun oldin
1:17 why I have trust issues
youtube officer
youtube officer 4 kun oldin
Only clipbets
My life as Pipes
My life as Pipes 5 kun oldin
Why would u just have condoms laying around
GravyTheLegendery CatMan
Okay welcome to the weird side of internet
Savage_ Rug-_-
Savage_ Rug-_- 5 kun oldin
Why am i here...imma boy
Prashant Pradhan
Prashant Pradhan 5 kun oldin
Cookiegirl- Minecraft and more!
Thanks for actually hurting me 👌👌 appreciate it
Aparna Ch
Aparna Ch 6 kun oldin
15 million lazy girls are there right!!
Wolfykat *-*
Wolfykat *-* 6 kun oldin
1:19 el truco de los trapitos y las loli
Riska Dewi
Riska Dewi 6 kun oldin
amazing subcribe 49jt
Debra Hacker
Debra Hacker 6 kun oldin
Are those condoms?
Evie Mazzolini
Evie Mazzolini 8 kun oldin
dont try the hack at 1:00. I glued it to my skin and it wont come off. help
online shopping review
Very nice plz subscribers subscribe online shopping
Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan 8 kun oldin
14,954,945 views it means all girls are lazy
Oli. Viaa
Oli. Viaa 9 kun oldin
8:05 i cant sleep 😂
Eileen McManus
Eileen McManus 9 kun oldin
I have to ask.....what is that thing in the thumbnail
Agartha lartey
Agartha lartey 9 kun oldin
So that make 14million lazy girls
Cheekygirl Plays ajpw
Why am I watching this I’m 9 😳🤭🤦🏻‍♀️
jessy cake
jessy cake 9 kun oldin
Love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Heather Davis
Heather Davis 10 kun oldin
All I got to say is pointless. Waste of money and not lazy at all. If anything these things take up more time to make and create and a waste. I want to save my money, products and time. not waste what I have.
Avery :3
Avery :3 10 kun oldin
Sees title** sees first hack** Me: haha like imma do that rIgHt nOw
Aisha Singh
Aisha Singh 11 kun oldin
14 : 16 what's that
Md Tosif Akon
Md Tosif Akon 12 kun oldin
Anju Pandey
Anju Pandey 12 kun oldin
twenty øne chemicals! at the discø
Bras are way too expensive to be cutting up and ruining 😖
Born To Slay
Born To Slay 13 kun oldin
Why do u have to repeat the hacks???
Vive Verkaart
Vive Verkaart 13 kun oldin
Miriam Dihasbccxa
Miriam Dihasbccxa 13 kun oldin
3:05, I’m sorry, but just NO. If someone opens that, TALKING TO YOU KIDS, they be seeing your underwear. So just NO. 3:20, also a NO. How are you going to put them on in a rush? How are you going to take them off in a rush? 😒 4:53, now THATS a smart hack for red lips INSTEAD of squeezing them in some sort of way and risking popping a blood vessel!
Phantom Dream
Phantom Dream 14 kun oldin
Just using condoms for everything like it’s nothing
Jojo Wisniewski
Jojo Wisniewski 14 kun oldin
How do you already have 48 million subs You are so good
Jojo Wisniewski
Jojo Wisniewski 14 kun oldin
Thank you for having your girls back and omg these hacks are great
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie 14 kun oldin
16:03 Wait wut
Sami Jacobson
Sami Jacobson 15 kun oldin
It should be called 40 ways to ruin perfectly good clothes
Iris Alderan
Iris Alderan 15 kun oldin
4:21 just no
Natasa Djokovic
Natasa Djokovic 16 kun oldin
Hailey Stinson
Hailey Stinson 16 kun oldin
3:43 yay now I have a onesie
Savanna Banta
Savanna Banta 17 kun oldin
if your ring is stuck on your finger, use a little bit of soap, it'll slide right off
Jessica Betelak
Jessica Betelak 17 kun oldin
I literally want to die after watching this whole video
Nila B
Nila B 17 kun oldin
So shud i buy condoms to fix a leaking tap, to compensate for a bottle cap, to open tight jars????
Serenity Kanyer
Serenity Kanyer 17 kun oldin
Serenity Kanyer
Serenity Kanyer 17 kun oldin
Starship Gacha
Starship Gacha 18 kun oldin
Just let it sit there for 14 hours like no one is gonna need the sink
potato child
potato child 18 kun oldin
The toothbrush/ dry lip thing is fake oOf. Clearly she put on lip gloss or some other thing ...
Edith Hemphill
Edith Hemphill 18 kun oldin
Who carries condums in their purse like if you do that’s just weird
Amelia Vlogs!
Amelia Vlogs! 18 kun oldin
Using things in women’s bags cos who doesn’t have a hot glue gun in their bag I know I do
Imogen Thompson
Imogen Thompson 18 kun oldin
The lipstick one is just 👎
stephanie vendé
stephanie vendé 18 kun oldin
C de la merde en plus il y a certains trucs qui ne marche pas
Tifay Dalen
Tifay Dalen 18 kun oldin
Small youtubers? Wanna support each other
Stephanie Hoffman
Stephanie Hoffman 18 kun oldin
Theses were so helpful
Dr!!py_ 2k
Dr!!py_ 2k 19 kun oldin
Yes because my mom will buy me condoms
Mandy Watchorn
Mandy Watchorn 19 kun oldin
7:00 why don’t you just get new pliers
J1u2l0e 406
J1u2l0e 406 19 kun oldin
Nein ich binde mir meine Haare nicht mit einem Kondom zusammen...das ist ja mal mega peinlich...
J1u2l0e 406
J1u2l0e 406 19 kun oldin
Wer bindet sich seine Haare mit einem gummiband und nicht mit einem haargummi zusammem
manualidades con paola
En el minuto 3:23 como hace del baño la chica Nimodos que se quité asta la playera
Ingrid Nicole Villamil Rodriguez
Your just taking away dirt there's going to be holes
ASCrazyCatLady 19 kun oldin
Sara Whitelock
Sara Whitelock 19 kun oldin
"Boyfriend's Things You Can Use!" *pulls out a fork*
Pakistani youtuber mom
Very useful and easy.. ☺️
Corrinne Birrell
Corrinne Birrell 19 kun oldin
To lazy to do it
Kadie Mckillop
Kadie Mckillop 19 kun oldin
That is disgusting 🍆🥥
Avocado dip
Avocado dip 19 kun oldin
Having something bigger doesn't make you pretty.
Яна Вешневская
Блин зафиг делать такие лайфхаки где презики!? Вот где дети возьмут их!?
Alicia Dominguez
Alicia Dominguez 19 kun oldin
Яна Вешневская
11:07 это презерватив!?👀😂😂😂
Charlotte Westbrook
Charlotte Westbrook 20 kun oldin
wow so now we are protecting our beauty blenders too!?! THOSE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE CUTTING BRAS LIKE ITS DIRT!!
AwesomeKitten K
AwesomeKitten K 20 kun oldin
Ok, I know most people watch these ironically, but PLEASE do NOT wax any part of your body unless you are a trained professional! It's easy to burn yourself, and these people make it look *much* easier than it is. Just don't, guys.
Karma Akuno
Karma Akuno 20 kun oldin
Almost all of these take alot more than 5 Minutes, Just saying, & why the heck do half of them involve condoms? "Hi yes I'd like to get some condoms so I can smear them on my face and help get my ring off!" "Also while you're at it i'd like some tampons to shove up my nose please!"
Nia to Fly
Nia to Fly 20 kun oldin
Underwear tho really?😲😱🙄
Haidyn Tharp
Haidyn Tharp 20 kun oldin
0:58 Let's just waste my time making a bralette even though it's going to fall apart instead of going to the store and buying one
marmar farag
marmar farag 19 kun oldin
It’s just like you are wasting time watching this
RB BR 20 kun oldin
15:41 she kinda looks the same.. :/ 😐
Blue Sky
Blue Sky 20 kun oldin
Ya shes just smiling lol
Ruby jamieson
Ruby jamieson 20 kun oldin
4:23 did that not hurt????
Ivan Ledesma
Ivan Ledesma 20 kun oldin
Pregunta si no tengo microondas para hacer la mascarilla como lo hago
aida rivas
aida rivas 20 kun oldin
*no* just *no*
victoria Benavides
victoria Benavides 20 kun oldin
Ha ha ha ha
Asatillo Lutfulloev
Asatillo Lutfulloev 20 kun oldin
MOST of them are not beauty hacks
lia sisca
lia sisca 20 kun oldin
what do you mean beauty hacks?
Emy lia
Emy lia 20 kun oldin
Is this kid frendly?
clara menzal
clara menzal 21 kun oldin
at 12:47 what is it that they are using, yes i know very little cause i stay at home and read alot
Sherry Ison
Sherry Ison 21 kun oldin
It says its hacks for lazy girls but I'm to lazy to try them. And they cringey
That Fan
That Fan 21 kun oldin
Imagine your 15 and you buy 36 condoms to open jars....
gracie Kayras
gracie Kayras 21 kun oldin
R they saying that the only things that girls have in their purse is pads and condoms
Golden Hawk 13
Golden Hawk 13 21 kun oldin
I don’t understand 15:25 at all. The before and after look the exact same. The only difference her smile.
Ava Smoots
Ava Smoots 21 kun oldin
Why are these all WOMENS chores huh? Housewife’s much??? MENINIST OVER HERE👆🏻 HOW ABOUT FEMINIST BI*** sry for the rant everyone EXCEPT 5 MINUTE CRAFTS 🤯🤬😡👿😅😆🤨😒🙄😵
{xXStar-kunxX} 21 kun oldin
Shame Is complicated
“So did you know women don’t always carry condoms in their bags?”
J-Hope Fandom here BTS
That depressing Intro
Sabrina Costa
Sabrina Costa 22 kun oldin
Alguém do Brasil?
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer 22 kun oldin
2:01 when she put it down you could it
E.H Wolf
E.H Wolf 22 kun oldin
Hunny no
Lydia Horsley
Lydia Horsley 22 kun oldin
At 17:34 there was a cut for the mascara trick... THEY USED DIFFERENT ONES
АнаНастенька Шоу
У вас такая же расчёска как у меня только у меня она розовая
Denise Thomas
Denise Thomas 23 kun oldin
Try not to cringe challenge
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