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Ladies, you're gonna love this one! Best breast and underwear hacks are waiting for you! I'll show you how to design beautiful top from an old bra, prevent your strapless bra from slipping down, adjust it for an open - back dress and much more useful stuff! ;)
Here's a super effective blackheads remover mask recipe: 1 tablespoon gelatin, 1 tablespoon milk, microwave for 1 minute and then apply to problematic zones.
Find out the easiest ways to clean your hairbrush and deal with dry lips skin, you can simply rub it off with a toothbrush! This simple procedure will also give your lips nice bright color.
I also wanna show you couple of cool repair hacks. You can use your bra as a respiratory mask, use your lipstick to mark spots where you will screw the nails. And I'll share with you how to screw the nails properly so the surface would remain perfectly smooth.
And let's not forget cool ways to make dry shampoo! You can use anti - perspirant or powder talcum.
0:20 Best bra hacks
2:19 Blackheads remover
3:23 Clothes upgrade
5:25 Lonely sock - happy bun
5:46 Repair secrets for women
10:24 Unexpected tricks
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6-Iyl, 2018

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 5 oy oldin
Do you have greasy hair? Use your deo to fix it! 16:25 👍
Maggie Bradley
Maggie Bradley 9 kun oldin
Ash Bash
Ash Bash 10 kun oldin
It makes your hair even greaser and I killed your hair... “THX”
David Baker
David Baker 11 kun oldin
ariana nanna q
MoonMysticChan 15 kun oldin
You're not supposed to use deodorant in your hair because it makes it look greasy.
Lyla-Ann Massie
Lyla-Ann Massie 17 kun oldin
No one will use this it’s nasty and no one calls it deo
Jucileia Bonifacio
Jucileia Bonifacio 9 soat oldin
Óh povo que gosta de uma camisinha😂😂😂😈
Virginie Moreau
Virginie Moreau Kun oldin
Vous aller peut etre sa debile mais enfaite les truc onnpeut les acheter dans un magazin nan
justin ryan
justin ryan Kun oldin
More than half are not even beauty hacks
Caroline Bowman
Caroline Bowman 2 kun oldin
3:46 think about it, they basically made a onesie for adults!?!?
Becca Pietro DIY
Becca Pietro DIY 2 kun oldin
Good ideas 💡
Loving Angel
Loving Angel 3 kun oldin
2:18 the black head hack, I'm trying it right now and the time needs to be adjusted, you should put it in the microwave for about 10seconds and it takes about 5 to 10 min to dry, but works recently, I would recommend
Jorja Kishundat
Jorja Kishundat 3 kun oldin
14:16 reminded me of the movie she’s the man
Fun Girl
Fun Girl 3 kun oldin
11:05 just no
Cringequeenemma 4 kun oldin
40 ways to waste money on things that dont work
Anaya Lewis
Anaya Lewis 4 kun oldin
How are these ‘lazy hacks’? It was effort for me to click on this video.
möth 4 kun oldin
what did that flannel do to deserve that???!
Linomtha Jacobs
Linomtha Jacobs 4 kun oldin
You guys are doing the same things that is why you guys are lose subscribers because of this crafy has more think of other things no being rude
kylee bailey
kylee bailey 5 kun oldin
It says lazy but yet more effort then go to the store and more money
Mayra R.
Mayra R. 6 kun oldin
Thinking woman are lazy to do things
Ur average teen narwhal UNKNOWN
Why don’t they ever do lazy boys hacks that’s really sexist against men and I my self am a women
Sheenz  Brown
Sheenz Brown 6 kun oldin
most of these aren't even practical
Gasawga is not my name
That girl probablyhad greasy hair beause she used deodorant instead of taking a shower
_selena6460_ 7 kun oldin
Hey if anyone could tell me if/where the one From the thumbnail is that would be great
winx club c:
winx club c: 7 kun oldin
7:39 who uses a rubber band to tie up their hair???
Salma Arsepti
Salma Arsepti 8 kun oldin
Always good
анна хи
анна хи 8 kun oldin
Кто будет приклеивать на горячим клеем лифчик на тело
Irish Cornwell
Irish Cornwell 8 kun oldin
These are all so stereotypical
SunnyRain 8 kun oldin
I found the lipstick as a pen thing offensive! Girls don't always have or wear makeup and boys can too! I like watching these kids of videos but these girl or boys specified hacks can sometimes get too far.
Jade King
Jade King 8 kun oldin
If people knew what gelatin was made out of they would not be putting it on their face 😂
Love Lastic
Love Lastic 8 kun oldin
Why am I watching this stuff when I want to be a grill not a girl but a GRILL
Jaskirat Singh
Jaskirat Singh 8 kun oldin
Umm first of all these bras are extremely expensive so yeah srew these hacks 😩😠💵💵💵💵💵💵💸
Taylor Zsasz
Taylor Zsasz 8 kun oldin
Most of these aren’t even “Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks” tbh
Mayah Terry
Mayah Terry 9 kun oldin
14:47 Y’all please don’t freaking cologne to fix you Matte Foundation. That how you ruin your face. I rather buy a new one then get more acne and possibly a chemical burn 🙄
katie 9 kun oldin
9:44 or you know, just buy a new stick of deodorant like everybody else
Lily and Addisons SHOW
Why do they keep using condoms for these it’s gross nobody just has then laying around like if you agree
del taco
del taco 9 kun oldin
4:31 when i see my grades
Lauren Bravesea
Lauren Bravesea 10 kun oldin
Oml she just put it in her nose smh 14:13
Lana Playz
Lana Playz 10 kun oldin
14:39 - 15:03 yeah let's go steal my boyfriend's PERFUME 😊
Lana Playz
Lana Playz 10 kun oldin
7:29 how was that a beauty hack??
kattwin1 10 kun oldin
.....All I see is clothes getting ruined...... -_-
Fatma Soliman
Fatma Soliman 10 kun oldin
I guess its the lazy girls that get the guys.
Yaroslawa Smile
Yaroslawa Smile 10 kun oldin
Русские есть?
Kagiso Mokgweetsi
Kagiso Mokgweetsi 11 kun oldin
My mom will shout at me if I sent this to her. Like if am right dislike if you disagree
Yadirah Galindo
Yadirah Galindo 11 kun oldin
The wowens underwearbra is for like flat chested 12 yr olds like me
EmibobGaming 606
EmibobGaming 606 11 kun oldin
YEPPPPPP because women *always* carry condoms in their bags
Vanilla Bunny
Vanilla Bunny 11 kun oldin
5:48 -6:03 OMGGGG
Annette Lavigne
Annette Lavigne 11 kun oldin
Dude it said "Glam repair"but the first one...No
Kate_Great 11 kun oldin
1 like = 1 Sorrow for all the underwear destroyed in this video
Magic Potatoe
Magic Potatoe 11 kun oldin
How does this channel have more subs than Shane Dawson
Raven's World
Raven's World 11 kun oldin
Wouldn’t this fall in the 5 minute crafts girly category
Mr Ismail The RANDOM GUY 246
Great, a repeat of every other video 😒🙄
Jungkook's Wife has entered the chat
*how to waste bra’s 101*
I am a Chicken
I am a Chicken 12 kun oldin
What is that stretchy plastic thing there using? I forgot the name
S C R E A M S 12 kun oldin
3:56. And actual diaper. What has this world become of.
Brandi Weishaar
Brandi Weishaar 12 kun oldin
I like how the only thing women have in there bag is condoms!😂
Emily Foscato
Emily Foscato 12 kun oldin
My mom showed me this because I’m starting to get puberty and I was so grossed out
kittenlover 13579
kittenlover 13579 12 kun oldin
How come they thing all women have in their bags are condoms and pads?!
Kitty Kamm
Kitty Kamm 12 kun oldin
Guys stop giving them so much hate they are just trying to be helpful and even if some of them are unrealistic you don’t have to be so rude btw I love five minute crafts!!!!!
Priyanka Singh
Priyanka Singh 12 kun oldin
who apply gluegun om body? eeewww
Jewel eyes Da night wing
3:31 wouldn’t it be a bit hard to go to the BR??
Jewel eyes Da night wing
I meant complicated
It'sme06 12 kun oldin
9:30 kinda cool and usefull
Jayden Hargreaves
Jayden Hargreaves 12 kun oldin
Do they work
Amara Rose
Amara Rose 12 kun oldin
I think women are more likely to have hair ties then condoms in there purse. I mean honestly!!!
Ananya 12 kun oldin
I really like your videos but these hacks are no way for lazy girls (they involve a lot of effort) and we are no carpenters that we will do all this on owr own.......
Gabriella Buscemi
Gabriella Buscemi 12 kun oldin
Ma non era un video sui beauty hack??? Che cosa ci fanno i chiodi e i trapani???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jessy Williams
Jessy Williams 12 kun oldin
Only a psychopath would use a rubber band as a hair tie.
وردة اليوتيوب
ممكن حدا يرد علي
Gaming with Jayson
Gaming with Jayson 13 kun oldin
ThOt Alert
Kits Mew
Kits Mew 13 kun oldin
Pads bras ect. are not cheap and if you look in me or my mom or my older sisters bag you will Se no condoms
Jada 2007
Jada 2007 13 kun oldin
You guys have like da best hacks!!!!
Krystal Princess
Krystal Princess 13 kun oldin
Half of these aren’t even hacks nor useful..
infinity and begone thot
*lazy* girl hacks aye? Seems a bit hard for our viewers
Jess Williams
Jess Williams 13 kun oldin
Does any one actually believe that any of these would work????
Amelia Garner
Amelia Garner 13 kun oldin
0:45 her face............ Lol
cleoTM 14 kun oldin
i honestly feel this disgusted feeling when i saw them using condoms, did you know that there are kids watching your channel? 7 years and above? they'll be like.. "what is that?"
Leah Whitfield
Leah Whitfield 14 kun oldin
Why in the word while they wipe condoms on there face ewww 🤮
Kitty Kat123
Kitty Kat123 14 kun oldin
11:32 cancer?
Kitty Kat123
Kitty Kat123 14 kun oldin
3:02 Ok. I am NOT hanging underwear on my Christmas tree.
Ava Scott
Ava Scott 14 kun oldin
A waist of needed womanly material
Leland Landes
Leland Landes 14 kun oldin
7:24 how is that a BEAUTY HACK
Yui Rose
Yui Rose 14 kun oldin
How many condoms do we have in are purses?
Yui Rose
Yui Rose 14 kun oldin
you can see the pain she is having when she is pulling that milk gelitan thing off
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 14 kun oldin
How is that beauty? 6:27
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 14 kun oldin
How are these for last people bcc if you are lazy then you wouldn't even want/do these things!
Ok :D
Ok :D 14 kun oldin
Cuantos canales tienen?
Соня Матыцина
Ну да рубашка с трусами Просто супер! А если надо постирать трусы , а рубашка нужна! Че делать?! А!😕😑 но я вас не хотела обидеть!
Taylor Robertson
Taylor Robertson 14 kun oldin
The hair with the sock one who would want to put a sock in there hair and tw o it doesn't work
Sierra Biagas
Sierra Biagas 15 kun oldin
If I see one more person use condoms in an asinine way!!! LMBO, I'm dying!
Rivy Weiner
Rivy Weiner 15 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thinks that the shirt with the underwear will give you a wejy when you put your arms up?
Izze Love
Izze Love 15 kun oldin
Do you think they know condoms aren’t for “hacks”😂
Олеся Корноухова
С русского по лайку
Fairy Nice
Fairy Nice 15 kun oldin
I think this can not b a lazy girl
Djellza Hazrolli
Djellza Hazrolli 16 kun oldin
Könnt ihr mal auf deutsch machen
Allanah Nunn
Allanah Nunn 17 kun oldin
These hacks aren’t all for girls some guys might use these not all girls like pink and not all guys like blue stop gender stereotyping it’s 2018 and everyone can like what they want your videos make me cringe soooo hard!!!
Lyla-Ann Massie
Lyla-Ann Massie 17 kun oldin
Omg why waste condoms, bras, pads, and tampons for no reason.
21 people at the disco potter
Oh my gah u can't go around just wasting one of your EXPENSIVE bras because of a dress that shows u're straps
nutella *-*
nutella *-* 17 kun oldin
5 10 woow
Our Own Focus
Our Own Focus 17 kun oldin
Awesome... Want More This Related Video?? Click here... #OurOwnFocus
amanda koole
amanda koole 17 kun oldin
wHaT aBoUt YoUr OtHeR aRm?
Сальми Нуриева
turk varmi varsa yoruma yazin
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 17 kun oldin
agagathe du63
agagathe du63 17 kun oldin
Enfete toute c'est astuce sont pour les radin!!!!!!!!
Fareda Kanwal
Fareda Kanwal 18 kun oldin
where are beauti hacks???
Smili Kenza
Smili Kenza 18 kun oldin
أدخل مسابقة 😍🤩 لربح IPHONE XS 📱 الجهاز الجديد و القوي من شركة أبل أحدث واقوئ هاتف ذكي المسابقة على 4 هواتف من IPHONE XS 😘😘😘 المسابقة تنتهي يوم 30 من هذا الشهر " بعد 6 أيام " _______________ طريق المشاركة: 1_ سجل الإعجاب بالصفحة شرط اساسي 2_ علق ب (تم) 4 مرات متتالية . 3_ مشاركة المنشور في 10 مجموعات . 4- ارسل لنا رساله علي الصفحة لتأكيد اشتراكك 5-من لا يطبق هذه الشروط و لا يضع لايك لن نستطيع التوصل معه للسحب وشكرا. وحظ سعيد للجميع.
French Toast
6 kun oldin