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Ladies, you're gonna love this one! Best breast and underwear hacks are waiting for you! I'll show you how to design beautiful top from an old bra, prevent your strapless bra from slipping down, adjust it for an open - back dress and much more useful stuff! ;)
Here's a super effective blackheads remover mask recipe: 1 tablespoon gelatin, 1 tablespoon milk, microwave for 1 minute and then apply to problematic zones.
Find out the easiest ways to clean your hairbrush and deal with dry lips skin, you can simply rub it off with a toothbrush! This simple procedure will also give your lips nice bright color.
I also wanna show you couple of cool repair hacks. You can use your bra as a respiratory mask, use your lipstick to mark spots where you will screw the nails. And I'll share with you how to screw the nails properly so the surface would remain perfectly smooth.
And let's not forget cool ways to make dry shampoo! You can use anti - perspirant or powder talcum.
0:20 Best bra hacks
2:19 Blackheads remover
3:23 Clothes upgrade
5:25 Lonely sock - happy bun
5:46 Repair secrets for women
10:24 Unexpected tricks
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6-Iyl, 2018

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5-Minute Crafts
Do you have greasy hair? Use your deo to fix it! 16:25 👍
Diana D
Diana D 16 soat oldin
Everybody saw these already. Always the same life hacks . Pick up something new pls.
SKATE LIFETIME 3 kun oldin
5-Minute Crafts ooh
Terry Cloud
Terry Cloud 5 kun oldin
B- binit crisex
Oli Likes Voltron
Oli Likes Voltron 13 kun oldin
Or you could just take a shower or use dry shampoo Works for me
Gabrielle P
Gabrielle P 15 kun oldin
No its called take a dang shower 😂
Sugarplum Jones
Sugarplum Jones 9 soat oldin
Actually, that diy hair removal with the sugar actually looked kinda delicious XD
Eaaz09 #
Eaaz09 # Kun oldin
12:30 hairy? Well use a razer
Nguyễn Hoàng Châu
h g
h g Kun oldin
Because women just carry condems with them at all times
Gabby B
Gabby B Kun oldin
Im lazy why would I take the time to sew anything
Samantha Murphy
Samantha Murphy 2 kun oldin
You act like woman always have condoms lying around
Paloma Dantas
Paloma Dantas 2 kun oldin
callMe Meow
callMe Meow 2 kun oldin
Stop recycling hacks
meester jaap
meester jaap 2 kun oldin
5:19 whats the difference?
Val Kelly
Val Kelly 2 kun oldin
Emilee Aerison
Emilee Aerison 2 kun oldin
**needs Christmas ornament** hang on let me just grab my thong real quick
قناة إبداع
واو 😗😗😍😍
catcrowe 2 kun oldin
moobag 123
moobag 123 3 kun oldin
01:19 girls, don't do this, you're beautiful the way you are❤
Petra Marasović
Petra Marasović 3 kun oldin
2 :50 its not Hurt at ol
Mikaylieah Holly
Mikaylieah Holly 3 kun oldin
I'm beginning to feel like I don't know what the word lazy means
Dipesh Bista
Dipesh Bista 3 kun oldin
Only for girls Make it for boys life hacks too😏😏
Aries Jean Arevalo
Aries Jean Arevalo 3 kun oldin
_EmiWemPlayz _
_EmiWemPlayz _ 3 kun oldin
8:02 How to disguise yourself as an Ikea employee
Yuliana Villa
Yuliana Villa 3 kun oldin
It's crazy to me how far y'all have gone to 30million!!!! I've been a subscriber since y'all were at 50k
Isabella 3 kun oldin
Lazy girls wouldn’t care. That’s too much work
The.Official .Queen
0:41 she has scoliosis your spine needs to be taken care or right away CAUTION: I’m not a hater it’s just that I care
Ellen Paxson
Ellen Paxson 4 kun oldin
10:51 why do you carry condoms in you make up bag!?
Kiki's Studio
Kiki's Studio 4 kun oldin
5:37 please, don’t do this! Soap can damage your hair and can even cause hair loss😬
Ruvimbonashe Matizanadzo
Duhh this requires too much effort for a lazy girl
린엔드 4 kun oldin
18 minutes a lazy person would watch instead of doing something they should.
Uni Kitty
Uni Kitty 4 kun oldin
Great video....
Garnik Engoyan
Garnik Engoyan 4 kun oldin
Utem puct
Dhanu Shree
Dhanu Shree 4 kun oldin
l hate this becoz i m nt lazy 😡
Indigo 5 kun oldin
Tried the get rid of fluff one with the comb. Didn't work ;3;
Indigo 5 kun oldin
I wish I could do that peel off. But of course I don't just have gelatin lying around in my house. -_-
Mandi Ransom
Mandi Ransom 5 kun oldin
For the love of Jesus please don't trust the Tupperware as a safe space for extending a cord under water
Aninha _ Lolita
Aninha _ Lolita 5 kun oldin
Madison Rose
Madison Rose 5 kun oldin
This is too much work for a lazy person
Санжар Каримов
3:52 like babies top😂😂
Precious Gamer
Precious Gamer 5 kun oldin
Mqking these is like extra work 😂 The ideas are creative though...
Ale kawaii
Ale kawaii 5 kun oldin
1:12 i don't think it's good that you do that un the park maybe there are children turning
llama.on.a.budget .__.
Oh yes I'll use my boyfriend's perfume
Amanda Ravello
Amanda Ravello 5 kun oldin
Yes!! Let's just cut off the straps on every single one of our bras....
Camryn Tran
Camryn Tran 6 kun oldin
Mặc đồ máy bộ này nhìn thấy anh ghê luôn á
BEAUTY HOME 6 kun oldin
New canal heyyoo 🤗
Maggie Msp
Maggie Msp 6 kun oldin
This isn't lazy ugh this will take me like a long time
Shalom Sakthilal
Shalom Sakthilal 6 kun oldin
🔴Methords to get rid of chicken pox spot plese ......please .....🔴
ميوزك العرب_ كلشي جديد __العراقي
Subscribe to my channel to publish the world music and hope to become subscribers 1000
Monika Diaz
Monika Diaz 7 kun oldin
All these hacks with condoms should be used for a Trojan commercial js
Kara Meoak
Kara Meoak 8 kun oldin
7:38 no girls freaking out rubber bands in their hair!!!
mohamed ashraf Ashraf
8M lazy guys....😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zhakiyyah Vlogs
Zhakiyyah Vlogs 8 kun oldin
seriously? who people do that? 😂
Chanel No.9
Chanel No.9 8 kun oldin
16:39 so instead of taking a shower you’re gonna put deodorant in your hair so it smells and that’s where your pits were
Lauren Chea
Lauren Chea 8 kun oldin
And how are these lazy beauty hacks?
Thanh Thanh Nguyễn Thị
Có ai VN đang xem không ?
Rolyn S
Rolyn S 8 kun oldin
Kondom 😂😂😂😂
Spotsy Cat
Spotsy Cat 9 kun oldin
I mean you could just take a comb to get your hair out of your brush...
GSI Turbo
GSI Turbo 9 kun oldin
Follow me INSTAGRAM : Mrs.GSI
Hypa-Gemie 9 kun oldin
Seriously who’s gonna do these... 😂
chaimae styles
chaimae styles 9 kun oldin
To whoever tried this : congratulations on the amount of bras uve ruined
Harvey C.
Harvey C. 9 kun oldin
The Classic Chapstick is my mini moisturizer for my lips and face (most specifically for the nose)!
JJ Java
JJ Java 9 kun oldin
12:03- 12:38 DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TRY THIS. Completely smoked up my kitchen and ruined the pan that i was using to boil it. My whole kitchen was a cloud and it burns your eyes really bad. Nasty smell also.
Silema Gracious
Silema Gracious 10 kun oldin
But literally you can go to the dollar store and it would be cheaper and take less time
Silema Gracious
Silema Gracious 10 kun oldin
Giana Martin
Giana Martin 10 kun oldin
Shop for slime at glamourslimeshop.com
Catherine Bennett
Catherine Bennett 10 kun oldin
Clickbait, I tried it, nothing happened. -.-
Heidi Hoth
Heidi Hoth 10 kun oldin
권미영 10 kun oldin
한국말로 해줄수있으시다면 부탁할게요
정요엘 10 kun oldin
Amrit Baruah
Amrit Baruah 10 kun oldin
Seriously, how many times you gonna update the same video. Admin sucks
구름소녀 10 kun oldin
It is good! - cloud girl -
Ms. Kermit
Ms. Kermit 10 kun oldin
This video gave me anxiety
Satyam Sahu
Satyam Sahu 10 kun oldin
Aapne nose par kya lagaya hai
MILENA ZEKI 11 kun oldin
Unoriginal username
Unoriginal username 11 kun oldin
5.58 is just a adult jumpsuit that baby's wear
scaty pusa
scaty pusa 11 kun oldin
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Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 11 kun oldin
whats her name???
Mariejo Martinez
Mariejo Martinez 11 kun oldin
Some good. Some freakin weird.🤣
Rodge Espiloy
Rodge Espiloy 11 kun oldin
T mccloy
T mccloy 11 kun oldin
10:15 Yes because after it refrigerated it will turn into the hape that it was bought..
Kaitlyn Sanderson
Kaitlyn Sanderson 12 kun oldin
11:42 do you know how hard it is to do that? Everything tears
Ashley Daniels
Ashley Daniels 12 kun oldin
I like how more than 50% of these "hacks" have a product that's already been made. And not of them you can find at a local store.
mesybaba01 12 kun oldin
Pay for a body shirt: 1 minute. Do this sh*t: 10 minutes.
Lexy OwlLover
Lexy OwlLover 13 kun oldin
I got annoyed on the woman tricks, the plunger hack and the trash bag hack. Anyone else?
Troy Sivean
Troy Sivean 13 kun oldin
zine kawa
zine kawa 13 kun oldin
3:55 youll get wedgies when you stretch.
Unknown 13 kun oldin
It’s like i had already seen it but different thumbnail
Ew no Hi
Ew no Hi 13 kun oldin
how are these lazy
The DIY Turtle
The DIY Turtle 13 kun oldin
Was this edited by a man 🙀
samatron 13 kun oldin
11:57 I mean u could just use the cup without the coffee beans for the brushes but ok...
samatron 13 kun oldin
6:49 what's even the need
samatron 13 kun oldin
4:28 I ain't using my knickers to make a top like I'll go buy one thx
samatron 13 kun oldin
They be ruining perfectly good bras for 1 outfit 🤦‍♀️
Yushu Jian
Yushu Jian 14 kun oldin
Thousands of ways to adapt bras, lazy girls buy a new one
Nemein Shirwell
Nemein Shirwell 14 kun oldin
I’m not going to ruin $30-$50 bras to wear one shirt
Ancient Healing Tarot
Yes! That's what I keep thinking. Let's cut up all of our expensive under garments. :D
Naveen Bishnoi
Naveen Bishnoi 14 kun oldin
Your videos is always awesome
Mary Suarez
Mary Suarez 14 kun oldin
Fantastic!!!💕💖 #EmpowermentTech.
Sam W
Sam W 14 kun oldin
You know you you can buy bras that have removable straps to convert it to halter or criss cross straps.
Ms Anon
Ms Anon 14 kun oldin
Most of those hacks are totally a form of wastage.
Suoh 15 kun oldin
40 things i'd never do but still for some reason watched
Caira Williams
Caira Williams 15 kun oldin
None of this is the lazy girls hack
LaurForLife Exclusive
These women do love their condoms... some girls don’t just carry those in their bags? Oh also yup! 14:46 just use your boyfriends fork and his perfume to fix your makeup!
Scenic Status
Scenic Status 15 kun oldin