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Ladies, you're gonna love this one! Best breast and underwear hacks are waiting for you! I'll show you how to design beautiful top from an old bra, prevent your strapless bra from slipping down, adjust it for an open - back dress and much more useful stuff! ;)
Here's a super effective blackheads remover mask recipe: 1 tablespoon gelatin, 1 tablespoon milk, microwave for 1 minute and then apply to problematic zones.
Find out the easiest ways to clean your hairbrush and deal with dry lips skin, you can simply rub it off with a toothbrush! This simple procedure will also give your lips nice bright color.
I also wanna show you couple of cool repair hacks. You can use your bra as a respiratory mask, use your lipstick to mark spots where you will screw the nails. And I'll share with you how to screw the nails properly so the surface would remain perfectly smooth.
And let's not forget cool ways to make dry shampoo! You can use anti - perspirant or powder talcum.
0:20 Best bra hacks
2:19 Blackheads remover
3:23 Clothes upgrade
5:25 Lonely sock - happy bun
5:46 Repair secrets for women
10:24 Unexpected tricks
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6-Iyl, 2018

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 3 oy oldin
Do you have greasy hair? Use your deo to fix it! 16:25 👍
Francesca Kun oldin
What is GELATIN for nose?
Freddy Barrett
Freddy Barrett Kun oldin
Or just have a shower
Rafat Pavel
Rafat Pavel 6 kun oldin
Can you make something with when you get with something that when you get hurt your lips
this bitch
this bitch 6 soat oldin
tbh the ads are the best part of thus video
riya das
riya das 8 soat oldin
Vava Imoet
Vava Imoet 9 soat oldin
zenap mohamed
zenap mohamed 11 soat oldin
اشتركوا ف القناه ومردوده ❤️ 🖤 🌹
Monique428 11 soat oldin
The condoms being used for our face Is where it gets reallt weird
Emily Rabbitt
Emily Rabbitt 18 soat oldin
Roses are red violets are blue I just got click baited and so did you
F4rm found
F4rm found 18 soat oldin
honey ! do you see my condoms?
mark. tuan
mark. tuan Kun oldin
Kin Kun oldin
Can I buy your video?
AquaticThunderDog ;-;
Ell Vlogs
Ell Vlogs Kun oldin
My favorite part is 18:23
DBN 05
DBN 05 Kun oldin
marty64532 Kun oldin
Most of these were really dumb wow
m.k. channel
m.k. channel 2 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-n_j9LxTtLyE.html Ek baar is link par jarur click kare please...
Ucheliou Cruz
Ucheliou Cruz 2 kun oldin
How smart women are👌
N0th1ng 2 54y
N0th1ng 2 54y 2 kun oldin
Can i ask.. what thing that they use.. its look like a balloon..?
XxHibikiNinjazxX 2 kun oldin
Apparently I'm too lazy to do any of these 😂
Teresa Cabrera
Teresa Cabrera 2 kun oldin
El de la gelatina con leche no saca todo los puntos.
Wolf woof
Wolf woof 2 kun oldin
i dont think it is normal to comb sweaters
Yella Aravind
Yella Aravind 2 kun oldin
A for Apple🍎🍎
Anas KI
Anas KI 3 kun oldin
12:03 Favorite
The Lord Of All Potatoes
0:00 to 5:44: mhm..ok yea those are beauty related ok. 5:45 through 9:43: annnnnndddd you lost me there
Shadoo Officjal
Shadoo Officjal 3 kun oldin
Im a men!! Why I’m still watching this
TOTON SMART 3 kun oldin
Awesome Video
sunshine zzz
sunshine zzz 3 kun oldin
u sure u understand what "lazy" means?
aya lkanani
aya lkanani 4 kun oldin
Amelia Gibson
Amelia Gibson 4 kun oldin
9:45 just get new deodorant
Amelia Gibson
Amelia Gibson 4 kun oldin
The pliers weren’t good before we made them have pink handles?
Wahed ALI
Wahed ALI 4 kun oldin
What is your name
Wahed ALI
Wahed ALI 4 kun oldin
Your so pretty
NotYourRegularMate :/
6:09 definitely a “beauty” hack for girls
kPop TrAsh
kPop TrAsh 4 kun oldin
Ummmmmm just saying, is a fork a bfs thing
kPop TrAsh
kPop TrAsh 4 kun oldin
Why is this just for women?
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 4 kun oldin
Cutting perfectly good clothes Girl nooo
Paras Verma
Paras Verma 5 kun oldin
10:21 was so umm yeah😬😬😬
Manas Sahu
Manas Sahu 5 kun oldin
The Blue Fox
The Blue Fox 5 kun oldin
Love 5:07
Kayla Woolard
Kayla Woolard 5 kun oldin
If your ring gets stuck on your hand, just use windex, it actually works instead of suspiciously asking your mom for some condoms 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Drink more Bananas
Drink more Bananas 5 kun oldin
If she wouldn’t use a pool of foundation on her face the beauty blender wouldn’t be so dirty. Also you have the blender to tap the product into your skin while the latex just moves it around, which is so not the point at all
Rachel Ayers
Rachel Ayers 5 kun oldin
Yh pva glue washes really well.
FlowerPeltPlayz 5 kun oldin
The thing is I can’t try them rn im at school 🤦‍♀️
Not me not you
Not me not you 5 kun oldin
*Troom Troom has left the chat*
KawaiiKat 6 kun oldin
How is it humanely possible to upload 5 times a day?
Sakib Iztarcina
Sakib Iztarcina 6 kun oldin
gogada sarath Kumar
Please make a video about hair straightening
Automated Hater
Automated Hater 6 kun oldin
Stop posting the same video!
Alvin Gaming
Alvin Gaming 6 kun oldin
4:44 Calon Sarjana on indonesia
Riya Bhatt
Riya Bhatt 6 kun oldin
I promise i will like this comment Go ahead as you promised it right now 👇👍👍😜😜🙌
aali2590 aali2590
aali2590 aali2590 6 kun oldin
"things from women's bags" me: *watches five minutes in.* my brain: "why do all of these women all just randomly have condoms in their bags?"
Tour With Habib
Tour With Habib 6 kun oldin
I don't know this meaning but i love you i ma from south Korea
idde the eagle
idde the eagle 6 kun oldin
I accidentally click this.
anamika anamika
anamika anamika 6 kun oldin
repeating same content always huh...
Naomi C.
Naomi C. 7 kun oldin
Has anyone mentioned how counterintuitive some of these "hacks" are? For instance the beauty blender one.
Horuda Puresu
Horuda Puresu 7 kun oldin
Arya Stark
Arya Stark 7 kun oldin
Very good
Regsly 7 kun oldin
This intense fascination with ruining perfectly good bras, like they're not expensive kills me
Newbie4 Life
Newbie4 Life 7 kun oldin
Condoms are expensive here at the Philippines
Newbie4 Life
Newbie4 Life 7 kun oldin
The true lazy girl wouldn't do this because they are too lazy to do so
ÅvĀ Đąşhâ
ÅvĀ Đąşhâ 7 kun oldin
4:01 в что если надо сходить в туалет????
Eilidh McLean
Eilidh McLean 7 kun oldin
Me: clicks video Also me: let's see my possible ways to either poison myself, break something or die
ASMR - boo
ASMR - boo 7 kun oldin
legend games
legend games 7 kun oldin
4:24 ladies, women, girls Don't do this
milan aasd
milan aasd 7 kun oldin
Bu qandonu şeydən başqa həryerə istifadə etdilər
Halime Ağzıkırık
Türkler burda mı?? 🤗🤗
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider 8 kun oldin
12:47 Because all woman have condoms in their bags
Alena Gabe
Alena Gabe 8 kun oldin
Да половина этого говнеца - это порча вещей)
Haley Clarke
Haley Clarke 8 kun oldin
So.... We're gonna buy condoms to use as a hair accessories, bottle stoppers, etc... And pads as heel comforters & arm-pit sweat control units... Not weird at all 🙄
Andelyn Crawford
Andelyn Crawford 8 kun oldin
Do they think women only have pads tampons and condoms in their bags??
Pigs4ever Trash
Pigs4ever Trash 8 kun oldin
3:44 what if that pair of under wear gets dirty... :/
Natalia Fiander-Ley
Some are not even beauty hacks
Natalie White
Natalie White 8 kun oldin
this made me laugh!
BTS ARMY 8 kun oldin
All I see is people cutting up bras
mourn-a-lisa 8 kun oldin
Ashley Boen
Ashley Boen 8 kun oldin
If I had the tools to do all this..and none of this is necessary just take care of your things
Claire E
Claire E 8 kun oldin
16:25...or you know...take a shower maybe
Itzzz Ghost
Itzzz Ghost 8 kun oldin
Just stop with the condoms
Princess Zelda of the Great Sea
10:02 anyone ever tried that? I'm always going through deoderant like nobody's business lol 😂
Itsall Aboutmart
Itsall Aboutmart 9 kun oldin
These are not for someone as lazy as me.
Nicole Pastor
Nicole Pastor 9 kun oldin
Again and again....
cole loves cake
cole loves cake 9 kun oldin
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Linda De French Fries
Lazy lady would not do those.
jo 2218
jo 2218 9 kun oldin
Dara 7879
Dara 7879 9 kun oldin
Their faces look so punchable 💀
Yumna Elkish
Yumna Elkish 9 kun oldin
excuse me I'm 12 y/o from where am I gonna get those condoms from smh
____yiya___ -
____yiya___ - 9 kun oldin
Its not for lazy girls
Kiara Vazquez
Kiara Vazquez 9 kun oldin
7:00-7:18 yea its not like I could just measure it
Avril Espinoza
Avril Espinoza 10 kun oldin
La del 10:19 es anoréxica???
Ayumi Haruko Tanida
Ayumi Haruko Tanida 11 kun oldin
Underwear in christmass tree????
Name It
Name It 11 kun oldin
0:45 that face🤣
Jenry Hong Kuang Yin
Angel Watcher
Angel Watcher 11 kun oldin
Do you have any crafts made out of screws?
Alethea Lorenzo
Alethea Lorenzo 11 kun oldin
Yall are litetally doing everything the hard way. You can get 90% of your "life hacks" at the dollar tree.
Ann M.
Ann M. 11 kun oldin
Strapping tape can do this.
Car Miyey
Car Miyey 11 kun oldin
Share ko lang po yung original song composition ni bf Jerzon Cañete teacher from BNHS😊 My Original Song Composition: uzvid.com/group/PLGvmDPjo2VqITGvCJcKO5IVuy4SwfbBcn
Kelly Archer
Kelly Archer 11 kun oldin
BadDeathRose cat
BadDeathRose cat 12 kun oldin
8:42 was satisfying!!!
Fatima Morales
Fatima Morales 12 kun oldin
A like your buddy
Alice Powell-Chandler
does anyone lese think at 5:32 her ears look strangely yellow?