43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die

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This is the ultimate must-try dessert bucket list. From cotton candy burritos and watermelon soft serve to stretchy ice cream and buckets of cookies, here are 43 outrageous desserts you have to eat before you die and where you can try them.
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43 Outrageous Desserts You Need To Eat Before You Die



10-Yan, 2019



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Salted Caramel Cube
Šakotis is Lithuanian, not Polish...
Joylyn Smith
Joylyn Smith Soat oldin
Where theres food theres fun 😄😂
Joylyn Smith
Joylyn Smith Soat oldin
Yummy 😁
Bella Jones
Bella Jones Soat oldin
Did anyone else notice that at 7:25 in the rainbow cookies on the tray they pull out there is one yellow cookie??
Floppy Potato
Floppy Potato 2 soat oldin
I have Celiac disease
the grim reaper
the grim reaper 2 soat oldin
I live in philly you gotta go to beilers
Lucia Nicklaus
Lucia Nicklaus 2 soat oldin
1:29 EEEEEEEE!!! I LIVE IN MINNESOTA!!!! (Drops everything to eat cookies)
The Flying Dolphin
The Flying Dolphin 5 soat oldin
What are you doing to me??
Audrey Segundo
Audrey Segundo 9 soat oldin
Aigh't don't mind me. Just came here to starve myself.
Awang Farhan
Awang Farhan 11 soat oldin
I think after you eat all of this you will die cause of diabetes
D E P R E S S I O N 12 soat oldin
Cookies served in a bucket? More like... *diabetes* served in a bucket
Tiramisyuuu _
Tiramisyuuu _ 13 soat oldin
I only watch a sugar
alice weiss
alice weiss 13 soat oldin
Only reason to visit New York for me is for the food
The Name's Rin
The Name's Rin 15 soat oldin
*cotton candy burito😍*
SquishiePeache 17 soat oldin
when i went to hawaii i didnt have any of that cool shit
Penn T
Penn T 17 soat oldin
Honestly so much of this is stuff my family could make lol..not that special. (Imo)
SandboxArrow 17 soat oldin
This made my mouth watering in less than 10 seconds
I aM aN aVoCaDo __
I aM aN aVoCaDo __ 18 soat oldin
What about Black Tap in NYC
Lil Dill Jones and Me!
Soooo, is nobody else going to talk about chimney cakes in Krakow, Poland????? Just me that notices weird shit? I'll see myself out....
ツBubbz 19 soat oldin
Supposedly money isn’t a thing Supposedly diabetes isn’t a thing
cringehole 19 soat oldin
*cries in sore throat*
David Grenade
David Grenade 19 soat oldin
I guessed Poland and India I'm happy
Professor Porkchop
Professor Porkchop 20 soat oldin
she ate the chocolate in the store.
PineapplePerson 26
PineapplePerson 26 20 soat oldin
Why are they pulling all the donuts apart?! They are ruining works of delicious art. Lol
[:] EconomicBlizzzard [:]
the cotton candy burrito looks really disgusting.
• Massachusetts •
• Massachusetts • 21 soat oldin
I regret watching this, I wanted it so bad I started crying 😂
Isabella K
Isabella K 21 soat oldin
Now I’m hungry
Panda.StudiosXxo Vlogs
im gonna get so fat after eating any of these
HighWayStudios 23 soat oldin
I’ll eat these when I’m suicidal so I’ll die
catlover39 0
catlover39 0 23 soat oldin
Hershey's Chocolate is horrible :(
Sad Plague doctor
You’ll die eating them
reiko edora
reiko edora Kun oldin
*watermelons* *already* *taste* *good*
Z Micheals
Z Micheals Kun oldin
That chocolate bar is gonna help me with my depression
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Kun oldin
Can’t wait for these tasty video wait wrong channel
Hirppu uppriH
Hirppu uppriH Kun oldin
Edible cookie dough??? So normal cookie dough is poison????????????????????????????
Orfa Kun oldin
Why are americans all fat? You have the answer in this video :D :D
Ollie John
Ollie John 3 daqiqa oldin
Ireland is the best 🇮🇪
ken kaneki 8
ken kaneki 8 Kun oldin
I always no whats goin to happen in all videos ;_;
• Yesul •
• Yesul • Kun oldin
5:13 i always thought brigadeiro was pretty common?? you just need condensed milk, butter and chocolate to do it
Christian _Keller
After trying all of these, I now have diabetes so thanks for that insider. now I will come to your house and ban you from my roblox server
Das Bienchen
Das Bienchen Kun oldin
The first thing....Just eat a lot of small ones
Daku Sama
Daku Sama Kun oldin
Alright I am ready to die for this
• 干你屁事OOf
Fun fact the insider did not actually go eat all those 43 desserts
Ikmalreza 1998
Ikmalreza 1998 Kun oldin
Could have diabetes if I eat these things in a week.
Ibrahim Mian
Ibrahim Mian Kun oldin
I got diabetes just by watching this video
Maikæru Kun oldin
5:22 I tough that was a remade of mm2wood
Maddie Loves Wainbows
The huge bucket of cookies is at my state fair too. I live in Alaska and every summer we have a state fair where there’s buckets of cookies
John Lyon
John Lyon Kun oldin
Gonna get some diabetes tonight with that giant Hershey's chocolate
Eclipse Rose
Eclipse Rose Kun oldin
Edible cookie dough... SAY WHAT
Karen Wade
Karen Wade 8 soat oldin
okay so, all cookie dough, while edible, shouldn’t be always eaten. cookie dough from the cookies you make have raw eggs in them, and that could give you salmonella. although, that won’t always happen, my mom has been eating raw cookie dough for.. 35ish years, and hasn’t gotten salmonella. so that’s why it’s called “edible” cookie dough.
Lil Bosko
Lil Bosko Kun oldin
The cookie one you can do that at home
KpopFeels MyJams
5,9,11,14,16,26,28 are the only ones I would consider tasting. The others look like straight diabetes.
Tangy Lettuce
Tangy Lettuce Kun oldin
Hoping for number 15 _burger king foot lettuce_
NoThanks :v
NoThanks :v Kun oldin
Take my money and give me diabetes already
Hannah Wall
Hannah Wall Kun oldin
anyone gonna talk about that "candied egg yolk" 😷
StarSong's Potatoes
My siblings reaction to the title: Wait- I’m going to die?! Me telling my siblings(or what I want to tell my siblings): I mean yeah, there’s an 100% mortality rate for humans.
ForestBudgie123 !
ForestBudgie123 ! 2 kun oldin
*_43 Outrageous Deserts you need to try so you die of diabets_* *43 Outrageous Deserts that are normal deserts oversided you need to try before you die*
ViLed Clan
ViLed Clan 2 kun oldin
Most of this stuff I can just make at home 😂
cookiebread 2 kun oldin
Or I could eat a Hershey bar 0:12
Nimetu '
Nimetu ' 2 kun oldin
0:59 McDonald's?
zana baubliene
zana baubliene 2 kun oldin
43 outrageous ways to get diabetes
Tis I, The Anon.
Tis I, The Anon. 2 kun oldin
You had my attention at edible cookie dough.
Watermelon38 2 kun oldin
Why would you want to eat the hottest ice cream before you die you would probably die because of that ice cream
Parsa F. Kondori
Parsa F. Kondori 2 kun oldin
40 outrageous desserts you’ve already tried
Parsa F. Kondori
Parsa F. Kondori 2 kun oldin
seriously all these things memtioned are just a bunch of giant sized desserts. i’ve tried the regular versions
Sumaira Kousar
Sumaira Kousar 2 kun oldin
Visit my blog DULCIE DREAM dulciedream06.blogspot.com/?m=1 for all the diy recipes in food nail art beauty and crafts. Follow and subscribe for more
Swetha Vangipuram
Swetha Vangipuram 2 kun oldin
Oh there is only jalebi in india .....?? I thought there are 100's of desserts in India till now....
Anja Discipulo
Anja Discipulo 2 kun oldin
Ube waffle ❤
Deathikiss Blackheart
Just when I had given up on Mankind I found this video :)
Joseph Fang
Joseph Fang 2 kun oldin
Correction: foods you need to eat to die because of diabetes
Kourtney Songco
Kourtney Songco 2 kun oldin
Hey! Majority of desserts are from NYC! I was born there!
booston_booston 2 kun oldin
Half of these are from the other "42 foods you need to eat before you die" video
Darker Side of Magic
Damn NYC is killing it in the desserts game!!!
Melting Doggo
Melting Doggo 2 kun oldin
This’ll just make you die faster, so you gotta get faster and faster to do so. Kinda like a video game, except it has consequences, the levels make you worse, and the end of the game is death by morbid obesity. Yay.
Merry-Elizabeth Clairmore
you will die from sugar
Guilherme Santos
Guilherme Santos 2 kun oldin
Brigadeiro is a sweet here from Brazil
Marionette Reaper
Marionette Reaper 2 kun oldin
I'm on a no carb diet. I shouldn't be watching this 😂😂😂
pinky girl21
pinky girl21 3 kun oldin
Man why do live so far away from all of the yummy food😭😭😭😭😭
XSalila 3 kun oldin
3:13 i ate it while trip with class. GOOOOOOOD VEEEERY GOOOOD agenci Polacy, zgłaszać się. Xd
Happy Things
Happy Things 3 kun oldin
Cool, I'm hungry now 😂
Spirit Fox
Spirit Fox 3 kun oldin
I was eating a waffle...now i feel like a stupid loser🤣🤣🤣🤣
Avreq 3 kun oldin
Im immortal help what do i do
DiD yOu SeE mY wIG?!?
I ate the gooey sticky buns and levain cookies before It is delicious!
Abigail Shiju
Abigail Shiju 3 kun oldin
All of you guys need stop about the diabetes it's not like you are gonna eat any of that.
mariyam linii
mariyam linii 3 kun oldin
In all of these mostly i ate jalebis
قلسوم خان
قلسوم خان 3 kun oldin
Indiaaa😍😍😍 Jalebisss 😜✌️
Antonio Pinto
Antonio Pinto 3 kun oldin
Why is the 20 pound chocolate cake found in a place called strip house?
Antonio Pinto
Antonio Pinto 3 kun oldin
Any other Indian who cringed that jelabi is something that one should eat before they die?
mini fanta kid
mini fanta kid 3 kun oldin
Why not "43 deserts before u goin be fat lil NOOB"
Lolmint73 / Toastikk
But I thought you have 1 second before you die if you get released from life support
Arvin Berger
Arvin Berger 3 kun oldin
Its Time Of YouTube
Welll i am immortal practically. So i still have time.. 😂😂😂
Thekiwikid9 3 kun oldin
Don't you mean 43 desserts I should eat if I want to die
Soph The weirdo
Soph The weirdo 3 kun oldin
The title is just reminding me that one day I will die and have great great great grandchildren that will not remember how the hell I was.......desserts am I right.....I need to go to bed
Avery Martin
Avery Martin 3 kun oldin
All this sugar will kill me halfway through.
5P00N1E PUFFS 3 kun oldin
Is it me or am I the only one that only wants to try the pineapple split and Watermelon soft serve?
Anonymous SS
Anonymous SS 3 kun oldin
I think I’d die after eating the first two of the 43. So why the hell not.
• UniNix •
• UniNix • 3 kun oldin
Change title: 43 foods to eat to make you die.
Vesta T
Vesta T 3 kun oldin
It’s kinda sad how much of these where just big portions that most likely never get finished and are just thrown out
AngelMusic 3 kun oldin
5:02 KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA!!! How could I not?!
Song of Storms
Song of Storms 3 kun oldin
bold of u to assume I have the money to travel to all these places
TheSacredNoodle 3 kun oldin
Paletas are a Mexican dessert btw so no better place to find them than in Mexico Edit: Also churros are Mexican as well
Sunnye Daize
Sunnye Daize Kun oldin
And they're all over America.
Army 4life
Army 4life 3 kun oldin
Jokes on you I'm vegan and broke😅😥😂
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