5 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See

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5 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See



1-Dek, 2016



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sri krishna
sri krishna 12 soat oldin
and i want FATHER
sri krishna
sri krishna 12 soat oldin
super.i want all things
Jayna S
Jayna S Kun oldin
1:26 This would be bomb as a google cardboard app.
Crusader Vlogs
Crusader Vlogs 2 kun oldin
2:28 Can't wait to go shoot the real people inside my bank
Berry Darlah
Berry Darlah 3 kun oldin
Nice job
King L Squid
King L Squid 4 kun oldin
Why tf you got a camera in your little girls room man
Areeba Tahir
Areeba Tahir 4 kun oldin
Ipin spacial ruler will have to make a new model for Iphones X and above
sensei _
sensei _ 4 kun oldin
Why was he watching his daughter?
Liam Chittenden
Liam Chittenden 4 kun oldin
CHiP for life
Heisenberg 5 kun oldin
nr 2 invention looks cool, but with my Ceramic s10+ then this would make me drop my phone and smash it so many times, when i had to react fast to shoot someone the phone would slip outta my hand.
KorbloxNoHack2017 5 kun oldin
FFARTHER. iO Cant be bought here :C
Dr.Cadaver Daily
Dr.Cadaver Daily 5 kun oldin
SkateBros 5 kun oldin
2:10 my opinion that device is for people without life the reason for being outside is to experience the world as it is not with a phone in front of you so this device is an excuse to play outside. You might think its healthy but it just makes you see the world as a first person shooter! Now i dont really have anything against shooting games i play gta5 BF V BF 1 BF 4 BF hardline COD B3 COD ww2 and many more its just i also prefer keeping these things inside and not bringing them out im also a very social guy thats why i get mad when this happens. Its not really social it just as i said makes you see the world as a first person shooter.
Alfie basford
Alfie basford 6 kun oldin
the sound put is basically a phone
Holden Kajfasz
Holden Kajfasz 6 kun oldin
0:36 yo this creep stalkin his 5 year old daughter wtf
Mambwe Mwape
Mambwe Mwape 6 kun oldin
Are any of these devices real??? Why dont they have mass-market adoption?
محمد الحربي
how can i get those ?
AstmaBoi 420
AstmaBoi 420 7 kun oldin
Why would you want a robotic dog when we already have dogs
Joe Chater
Joe Chater 8 kun oldin
“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...” “Chestnuts roasting on a hologram pyramid of a burning log...”
joshua latham
joshua latham 8 kun oldin
you can use it to shoot in schools offices and banks with a imaginary gun let me try and explain that to a security guard after getting tackled for suspious activity
Superman Lol
Superman Lol 9 kun oldin
Depressed Optimist
Depressed Optimist 9 kun oldin
Earphone Jack? Iphone? Ha, you mus be joking
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef
the owl rocks, that imaginary shooting people at the mall game is plain stupid
:3 DatGamer56
:3 DatGamer56 10 kun oldin
I really want chip...
lange 10 kun oldin
Chris Viliev
Chris Viliev 12 kun oldin
"it means that you can now use your local banks, playgrounds and shopping malls to shoot people" damn that was harsh
mr birdman
mr birdman 12 kun oldin
who else thought the echo hub was a hover board in the thumbnail..i thought finally it's here
Dean Yordanov
Dean Yordanov 13 kun oldin
all of these seem useless to me
CLoaks_ YT
CLoaks_ YT 13 kun oldin
1:57 what if you dont got friends
Macarius Chong
Macarius Chong 13 kun oldin
oof the ipin can work because phones don't use headphone jack
Anime Plug
Anime Plug 13 kun oldin
More like five amazing inventions I cant afford
smoneill100 13 kun oldin
this is the secure team intro
Ray K
Ray K 14 kun oldin
1:06 "and its eyes follow movement in the house." LOL can't get a surveillance camera more obvious than this. Kinda defeats the purpose.
AjI2017 15 kun oldin
you know something, how ironic is some of this new technology. Everything we seem to create in technology today is stemmed towards making things convenient and easier and yet a lot of it takes up more time to use and much more time and money when things begin to break down. So a lot of this, well, defeats it's own purpose. It is very funny when some of us actually can say, it was better when things were simpler...lol!!!
Ace Divino
Ace Divino 16 kun oldin
Rady Gart
Rady Gart 16 kun oldin
That camera, just walk in and put in your pocket.done
hira ertliria
hira ertliria 18 kun oldin
John James
John James 19 kun oldin
Gave my CHIP nothing but negative reinforcement. ALAN DAVIES and the R.S.P.C.A (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Androids) took him away. Banned from owning robots for five years. :(
John James
John James 19 kun oldin
im going to get a CHIP then dump my dog out in the countryside crapping on my carpet im not i dont own a dog dont hate me :)
John James
John James 19 kun oldin
100`s of texts later on the movement in your house. Cat, cat again, still the cat, bloody cat, hate that cat, OH THANK GOD A BURGLAR!
Lenz Walters
Lenz Walters 19 kun oldin
Loving all of those
TATENDA Y GATSI 22 kun oldin
thirdeyezoodotcom enjoypeacelovelightdotcom
Wait for it- no earphone jack on iPhone 7. Already obsolete. Apple did that to them on purpose.
thirdeyezoodotcom enjoypeacelovelightdotcom
At home watching this by myself cause I’m HOLUS!
Dalmas Charles
Dalmas Charles 23 kun oldin
the owl cam is awesome i need one
Pat Provost
Pat Provost 24 kun oldin
Cool app to measure stuff
Anjay S
Anjay S 24 kun oldin
Real doggo is better than robo doggo
Meld 25 kun oldin
❤️ Owl
GameSiny 25 kun oldin
Imaging you playing GTA V on FATHER.IO😂😂😂
Spooferish 24 kun oldin
Or on hallo
brian Whittington
brian Whittington 26 kun oldin
Perfect for the river!
Marlon Reynolds
Marlon Reynolds 26 kun oldin
So Chip gets charged through its ass...
Andy Jones
Andy Jones 28 kun oldin
how much for all of them
Jay Boag
Jay Boag 28 kun oldin
chip become human
george Dumoulin
george Dumoulin 28 kun oldin
The owl camera is creepy as hell... And pretty sure it connects to some cloud backend which will make performance bad (as in: when you take a snapshot the owl will only blink a decade later)
Red Shift
Red Shift 28 kun oldin
For the LAST TIME, nobody wants ROBOT PETS!
Vitor Lima
Vitor Lima 29 kun oldin
ulo is nice but at 232 Euros is well over priced. Laser is pointless in 2019 since newer phones dont bring phone jack anymore. all the rest is just crap.
Paul A
Paul A Oy oldin
Too much useless technology. Nothing good can come out of this on the long run for the human race.
vickey tanenui
Training the next generation of mass murderers
Ricky Oy oldin
Where can i buy this from?
Stickler Oy oldin
walk around pretending to shot people with your phone and someone (like a cop) is going to shoot you back with a real one.
Cryptfire Oy oldin
Exactly what happened. I think a off duty officer in a car was agressivly cut off by a angry boyfriend who mistakenly thought his girlfriend was in the off duty guy's car. Then he approached holding a cell phone, and was shot, later died. The cop thought he had a gun, and didn't think he had time to let the man aproach. It was also dark.
USA 1st
USA 1st Oy oldin
more "go fund me, give me your money" non-existent junk!
Prox Neon
Prox Neon Oy oldin
R.I.P ipin spatial ruler
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Oy oldin
You can use your banks and public areas to shoot real people without guns epic
Damian Bailey
Damian Bailey Oy oldin
Not liking the virtual gun...ppl are too wicked these days..become desensitized
Nick Cifarelli
that owl camera is just the cutest goddamn thing ever hahahahaha
Leighton Polk
Leighton Polk Oy oldin
Looks creepy to me...
Taylor flame
Taylor flame Oy oldin
"Plug the device into your headphone jack-" Wait... didnt iPhones get rid of that key piece of technology?
Prox Neon
Prox Neon Oy oldin
Jakob atle Datugan
0:09 Hey look! It’s vanoss!
Akira Kamisaru
I Can See Chip Being Used In Horror Films.
mdjey2 Oy oldin
0:46 have fun!
Tech Gadgets TV
Awesome inventions! 😍
caleb fink
caleb fink Oy oldin
2:26 not sure about that one
Cérik Lemoine
real dog is better than that robot
GRIMLOCK07 Oy oldin
Does "CHIP" have a "Guard" Mode or a "SIC 'EM" button??
TATENDA Y GATSI 22 kun oldin
kkk hahaa
Robert Pywell
Robert Pywell Oy oldin
how much gadgets have you been sponsered by??
I was hoping for more comments that talked about how headphone jacks are going extinct
+Choc Chip I agree that they shouldn't. Doesn't change the fact that a lot of phone companies are taking it away
Choc Chip
Choc Chip Oy oldin
They aren't and they shouldn't. Screw the phone industry's shenanigans.
Licky Time
Licky Time Oy oldin
Stick tinfoil onto the infra red detectors. Congratulations, you are now invincible.
Kony 872
Kony 872 Oy oldin
Plus there is already a measuring app on your phone
Kony 872
Kony 872 Oy oldin
I have an iPhone6s plus
WindyWolf Oy oldin
Kony 872 it’s only for iPhone 5S/6/6S/6PLUS/6SPLUS/SE/7/7PLUS/8/8PLUS/X/XR/XS/XSMAX (All phones $200-$1500)
Kony 872
Kony 872 Oy oldin
6:06 sorry iPhone 7 and up users
Baljinder Singh
Awesome owl
zouroman Oy oldin
1:53 really? XxlastbulletxX
Leanna Bacon
Leanna Bacon Oy oldin
Mansoor Al Kabi
Very bad. Too slow and hangs all the time.
Eduard Šajgalik
did he said. plug it into a earphones jack on your iphone? so 20's
felixio Oy oldin
Paintball is shit now after FATHER.IO
Ann Ikenwa
Ann Ikenwa Oy oldin
Maxime R
Maxime R Oy oldin
RIP Ipin New phones dont have headphones jacks xD
Maxime R
Maxime R Oy oldin
Google Pixel don't have jacks And I know the new iPhones don't have it either Not sure for the other
Choc Chip
Choc Chip Oy oldin
Actually SOME phones. phone with no headphone jack = worthless
Universal - Mobile Gaming
Actually just apple
Kris Tucker
Kris Tucker Oy oldin
that fake gun app looked soooooo BAD ****EDIT: They ALL are SO BAD XD
rolf neumann
rolf neumann Oy oldin
Cool audio EKKO
rolf neumann
rolf neumann Oy oldin
Cool cam ULO
Darkhoarde Gaming
Captures snapshots on demand Devs: scene transition to woman's bedroom
Curley Walker
Curley Walker 14 kun oldin
SH HS Oy oldin
Chip pickup hear inn wheles.. and dies :-(
Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan Oy oldin
Nory Floranus
Nory Floranus Oy oldin
Mauda Mauda
Mauda Mauda Oy oldin
Not A Normal Guy
Aha headphone you say huh
james cole
james cole Oy oldin
Hi guys if you need help in hacking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, twitter and any others hacking problem. Just contact @cyberhakks on Instagram he is a legit hacker
It means you can shoot real people with an imaginary gun Who the fck is this guy I would like go know, so I can talk to him and say No Dip Dipshit😂😂
Austin Steele
Austin Steele Oy oldin
I don’t have a earphone jack I have the iPhone XS max😂
Don in 5 Reviews
I want the owl camera but someone would definitely steal it
Jim Scholle
Jim Scholle Oy oldin
Holographic Fireplace? Virtual Puppy? What is this rubbish!
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