5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s

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Content featured:
Tik Tacs
Cereal with Water:
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s




13-Apr, 2019



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REACT 9 kun oldin
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Andrew Morales
Andrew Morales 4 kun oldin
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 4 kun oldin
REACT like why do give a lot of milk and one Oreo 🤣🤣🤣
Lynsey Bodeker
Lynsey Bodeker 4 kun oldin
Better yet.. if you like your oreos well saturated.. just break them up into bite size pieces and eat them like cereal and milk.
Baby Dominique
Baby Dominique 4 kun oldin
Theres any easier way to do the oranges you cut the top and bottom off like you did and cut it down the side but only past the peel not as deep as y'all cut in the video and then slice it in little circles and it should fan out perfectly with little orange triangles
Luke Medeiros
Luke Medeiros 2 soat oldin
I do the burger one all the time
Luke Medeiros
Luke Medeiros 2 soat oldin
I'm sorry but who eats an Oreo with TWO bites
Valerie Meza-Becerra
Brittany is the prettiest fr fr💕
DOOM 2 soat oldin
X7 AlpHA yea
X7 AlpHA
X7 AlpHA 2 soat oldin
is that the old lady?
Cheese Weegee
Cheese Weegee 3 soat oldin
Who bites an oreo? Anyone with me?
DOOM 2 soat oldin
Fax 2
Valerie Meza-Becerra
Na Na
Na Na 4 soat oldin
Ive always eaten burgers that way, and it makes a difference, because some burguers with alot of sauce make the lower bread soggy
NightmareInaHoodie yt
Brandon is my favorite and always will be
Lily Lemur
Lily Lemur 4 soat oldin
I do the tick tack one
Mochamad Khapid Zulfikar
Just react to tutorial how to breath
Angello LamTafur
Angello LamTafur 5 soat oldin
What ??? In usa u peel the whole Orange???
Lois Mensah
Lois Mensah 5 soat oldin
You guys eat the orange so differently. You can just bite it off the peel
Flying pig
Flying pig 5 soat oldin
I always knew the tictac thingy
BBQ For life
BBQ For life 5 soat oldin
I could show this to my mom
Ayyan Azizul
Ayyan Azizul 6 soat oldin
Tori looks like Veronica Wang istfg
Gabriel Bradshaw
Gabriel Bradshaw 6 soat oldin
Next time you do try not to cry, show them the walrus part in our planet in Netflix 💔😭
ItzMichael 6 soat oldin
Who in their right mind bites oreos in half and then eats it
Adnan Safdar
Adnan Safdar 7 soat oldin
I HATE THE WATER WITH CEREAL...... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 like=1 milk for your cereal🥛🥄😀 Peace out ,GUYS🤘🤙✌👍👌
Conrad McRae
Conrad McRae 7 soat oldin
... eat swallow and then speak
vasilis koulouris
vasilis koulouris 7 soat oldin
Cereal with water is STOOPID
online profile
online profile 3 soat oldin
I know a few people that prefer water over milk. Now they dont exist
Sam Wollert
Sam Wollert 7 soat oldin
Who eats just one tic tax??
Mussa Kaleem
Mussa Kaleem 3 soat oldin
lol lipop
lol lipop 4 soat oldin
I just take alot of them and eat them
Vad3r YT
Vad3r YT 7 soat oldin
And no
Vad3r YT
Vad3r YT 7 soat oldin
Tic tac
KFC 7 soat oldin
I always eat the orange skin together
Hugo hug
Hugo hug 7 soat oldin
I've always eat my burger like that
Mr Deky
Mr Deky 7 soat oldin
u peel oranges not cut them!!!
online profile
online profile 3 soat oldin
Then you must hate that some coffee shops sell pre skinned oranges.
Bored Moodlet
Bored Moodlet 8 soat oldin
Don’t ever disrespect cereal like this😤
alvins k
alvins k 8 soat oldin
You eat it on the peel
I hate School
I hate School 9 soat oldin
Next video: yOuR bReAtHiNg WrOnG!!!
Chief Keef
Chief Keef 9 soat oldin
I like that hippie guy when was he introduced?
Aayush Thombare
Aayush Thombare 10 soat oldin
Who frick takes bites of oreos? Eat it one bite omfg!!!
demon 9 soat oldin
are you 5
Nøva -.
Nøva -. 10 soat oldin
A,Erica burgers look so much grosser then Australian burgers
online profile
online profile 3 soat oldin
I disagree. We have the best burger shops in the world.
a e s t h e t i c ‘
a e s t h e t i c ‘ 10 soat oldin
You should have done kourtney kardashian how to eat a kit Kat.
Rikki 11 soat oldin
Use chopstick instead of fork on the oreo
online profile
online profile 3 soat oldin
Use a butter knife not a fork.
Magical Potatocorn Linn
Ummmm, I eat my cereal with a milkshake
Cool gamer/Josephine tube HD
To be honest this shouldn’t be called foods your eating wrong it should be called ways to eat food you didn’t know existed
MRolesy 11 soat oldin
I’ve eaten my burgers upside down... I’m in Australia soooo...
Milly Reeves
Milly Reeves 11 soat oldin
Your eating the oranges wrong 😱
BANDIT HORSE 11 soat oldin
Eating oreos is not meant to be hard.
Joshua Anagnostou
Joshua Anagnostou 12 soat oldin
i think the people that got two just had bad breath
Beau Matthews
Beau Matthews 13 soat oldin
Who actually takes 2 bites out of a oreo
BlueDuckMan YT
BlueDuckMan YT 14 soat oldin
Guys watch this its so funny "Awkward phone calls on escalators prank"
Avalolomg 2006
Avalolomg 2006 14 soat oldin
Reactants if you ever do another eating things wrong video, please try apple juice with honey nut cheerios its the only cereal i have ever ate apple juice with.
DwarkinAV 15 soat oldin
Damn, the best way to eat orange is to peel it with tablespoon first
Cool Fire13
Cool Fire13 15 soat oldin
eversince i was little kid i used to eat cereal with hot water because my mom doesnt buy milk
online profile
online profile 3 soat oldin
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 15 soat oldin
When I was elementary school there was a girl who was lactose intolerant and since we didnt have special milk she ate her cereal with water. Doesn't make it okay though
Butter bongo Woof
Butter bongo Woof 16 soat oldin
You eat the burgers upside down so your tastes buds taste the sauce and meat first
Audrye Shirah
Audrye Shirah 16 soat oldin
I've always eaten my burgers upside down...
Kim Song Min
Kim Song Min 16 soat oldin
Girl wit the white nd pink shirt is useless
ToyCandyEggSurpriseZ 17 soat oldin
Seeeae all my THANOS🤢 🥶 videozzs before he 🔷 SNAPS.. his fingers AGAIN! hurry! 💎💥
Edward Allsep
Edward Allsep 17 soat oldin
Stupid people trying to build a better mousetrap. In order: just shake a Tic Tac into your hand, use milk with cereal, peel an orange with your hands, eat the damn burger, and suck it up and dunk the damn Oreo.
707 Choi
707 Choi 17 soat oldin
— HONEY 18 soat oldin
*i only knew the tic tac, orange and oreo*
Just4Interviews 18 soat oldin
Char Beulping
Char Beulping 16 soat oldin
SkyPro Gaming
SkyPro Gaming 18 soat oldin
2 minutes ago. weird flex but ok
Amelié Zh
Amelié Zh 18 soat oldin
That was Taras wasn't it
Diego Campos
Diego Campos 19 soat oldin
My God. . The cereal part is kind of odd...
Aiden Draeger
Aiden Draeger 19 soat oldin
People who chew their tic tac go to hell
Demented 19 soat oldin
Best way to eat an Oreo with milk is to put the Oreo in your mouth first, then a sip of milk, and let the magic happen in your mouth. No mess. No fork. Perfect.
ItsEvan Time
ItsEvan Time 19 soat oldin
I don’t cut oranges I peel oranges.
Sad Lil' Soap
Sad Lil' Soap 19 soat oldin
I cant be the only one who grew up knowing that tictac one
The French Scetch
The French Scetch 19 soat oldin
Ur not alone... I knew it too 😂
HYPEBEAST CUBAN960 19 soat oldin
i just wanna eat mu cheeseburger and sleep who cares about how you eat it
reeseplays games
reeseplays games 20 soat oldin
You can eat food any way you want whichever way feels right for you
Penguins Are pretty lame
A lot of these just seem like people who just found out about gravity
Romeo Barrilas
Romeo Barrilas 20 soat oldin
HIHIHIHIHIHI HI 18 soat oldin
Toxic Soul
Toxic Soul 20 soat oldin
no hate but the tic tac one is just common since but not every really thinks most people just pour them in there hand lol
Tamiya Harrison
Tamiya Harrison 21 soat oldin
The only other thing you can eat cereal with is yogurt not water.
Yuna McHill
Yuna McHill 5 soat oldin
+Tamiya Harrison Hot tea. And cold orange juice for things that contain honey.
Tamiya Harrison
Tamiya Harrison 6 soat oldin
+Yuna McHill cold or hot?
Yuna McHill
Yuna McHill 19 soat oldin
I sometimes eat them with tea or orange juice.
Itsxlexx 21 soat oldin
6:33 am I the only one who was confused on why they don't bite the orange? Like when its sliced you bite it right
Joselin Jowers
Joselin Jowers 21 soat oldin
Put sugar in the water and if you flip the burger over than you will taste the top better.
Aayva The fairy
Aayva The fairy 22 soat oldin
Lmaooo if you’re from the hood then you know the struggle of not having milk so your mom tells you to use water 🤷🏽‍♀️
jojibbg 21 soat oldin
Dead even jamaican moms 💀
Ella Beans
Ella Beans 23 soat oldin
i don't wanna hear it youtube
Bella Segovia
Bella Segovia 23 soat oldin
I do the cheeseburger one flip it over it just taste better
XRainingGamingX 23 soat oldin
lmao doesn’t even matter if it gets into our stomach it’s correct
gundom000 23 soat oldin
Just more things I’m doing wrong in life.. thanks lol
Da Homie
Da Homie Kun oldin
Sammy Beast
Sammy Beast Kun oldin
I literally ordered a burger to try it out 😂
Introverted Amajiki
Introverted Amajiki 23 soat oldin
Bilal Faruki 😂
Bilal Faruki
Bilal Faruki 23 soat oldin
Has it come yet
Brian Lorenzo
Brian Lorenzo Kun oldin
Who tried water with cereal EDIT:BEWARE DONT TRY IT I WARNED YOU
Kawaii Lexi :3
Kawaii Lexi :3 Kun oldin
5:00 Wow. That Oh~
Bootyholegrab YT
Plot twist: she gave them the tictacs because there breath was stink
M3ŘĶ Kun oldin
rene staiger
rene staiger Kun oldin
You ate the Oreos wrong, you have to eat it with water uwu.. but seriously, eat the way you like the best. You could walk on water and there still will be someone who says that you are to stupid to swim.
Dashden Kun oldin
At this point, i don't even know if i breath right.
Serena Frisby
Serena Frisby Kun oldin
Thats not an orange that is a tamarin
M3ŘĶ Kun oldin
and also it is an orange
Bootyholegrab YT
And you said tamrin Wtf
Bootyholegrab YT
That is an orange
Bootyholegrab YT
You are dumb
M3ŘĶ Kun oldin
My classmate eats cereal with water He first took the cereal from the lunchroom and went over to the water fountain and poured it into the bowl of cereal Yeah I spooked
MeMeLoRd 69
MeMeLoRd 69 Kun oldin
I always eat my burgers upside down
THONK Kun oldin
‘Oooooo ahhhhhhhhh smarrrrt’
Panda Kun oldin
don't give them a mcdonalds burger xD it's already dry
Kyri Ypung
Kyri Ypung Kun oldin
I have done this
jordan forgham
jordan forgham Kun oldin
Brandon is a G
Ben Tonkin
Ben Tonkin Kun oldin
For the cearal you should just use SOY MILK or ALMOND MILK.
Sixxdee9 3 soat oldin
Or regular milk.
Maraud Odd
Maraud Odd Kun oldin
Ben Tonkin weirdo
beautiful dreamz
Keep doing these videos please.
EZ_45 Kun oldin
i knew the first one
Kyri Ypung
Kyri Ypung Kun oldin
I did
watashiwa Noodle
1800: i bet we will have flying cars in the future! 2019: eat cereal with water instead of milk
jordan forgham
jordan forgham Kun oldin
+Nathoraxe so true
Nathoraxe Kun oldin
lol nobody knew what a car was in 1800
yang melody
yang melody Kun oldin
Ew ew look* that sounds like pan pan from we bear bear
Kenadie Thomas
Kenadie Thomas Kun oldin
You can roll an orange so it is easier to peel!!
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller Kun oldin
Qos was thay
APE Kun oldin
PRO TIP: Use hot water to give it more flavor
SA1996 Kun oldin
Trudi is a hot spice
Felix Schrimpff
Felix Schrimpff Kun oldin
Why do I feel like the guy in the hat is super stoned lol
Zane Hall shiels
You’ve been eating AiR WrOnG and eating wAtEr
In the 1900’s : *WORLD WAR 1* in the 2000’s : *OMG YOU PUT THE MILK BEFORE THE CEREAL?!? YOU’RE INSANE*
Nisha Maniram
Nisha Maniram Kun oldin
You know the tic tac thing
Nisha Maniram
Nisha Maniram Kun oldin
That’s what I used to do awww I could of told the hole world
Magridaaa 101
Magridaaa 101 Kun oldin
You didn't invent it. Also it's whole not hole
Redbar Gaming
Redbar Gaming Kun oldin
No cutting gloves for them?? Then the clip right after you give them the most disgusting burger imaginable. React team you are slacking.
Tony-Tony Chopper
I eat cereal with Apple juice
5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s
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