5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3

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Hot Dog Gadgets5 Hot Dog Gadgets5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the TesGadgetsgadgets test5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3



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Matthew Schwenk
Matthew Schwenk 11 soat oldin
east german kettwurst?
Kiitrix 11 soat oldin
Abby Weiss
Abby Weiss 13 soat oldin
We have the same microwave
angeloplus4 Kun oldin
*grabs hotdog* BOOM
Marley Kalolo
Marley Kalolo 2 kun oldin
Thank you for reviewing these gajiks
CR4ZY SWIFTZ 2 kun oldin
2018 anyone ???
Juan Valles
Juan Valles 2 kun oldin
Taras: just stick in the meat Me: that's what she said
KingAndrew142 2 kun oldin
In britain hot dpgs are tinned in some sort of salty water and then you boil them
Heidi Luna
Heidi Luna 4 kun oldin
3:59 *3 pound family pack*
Francesco Piromalli
Now I'm hungry lol
YourMajesty100 5 kun oldin
This literally made me hungry for a hotdogs and went and purchased one at circle k lol. Where can I find that bread corer thing tho
merryn hogan
merryn hogan 6 kun oldin
Has anyone realised how many times he says boom
Lazy Potato
Lazy Potato 6 kun oldin
*B O O M* I love when he does that I even do it with him 😂
Honza Kral
Honza Kral 7 kun oldin
go to 1:44 and turn on subtitles XD
DarknoorX 7 kun oldin
Meat one was literally Kabab
Elemental Doge
Elemental Doge 8 kun oldin
It’s delicious but the bread is a little bit soggy👀
Sabi Sabrine
Sabi Sabrine 8 kun oldin
🔞🔞🔞🔞 loL
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz 8 kun oldin
I like to load my buns really big kappa
JustChin 9 kun oldin
I feel like im ready for contraception
Frozen VE
Frozen VE 9 kun oldin
2:13 but plugs galore
bad dog
bad dog 7 kun oldin
YUK!!!..That yellow thingy..eeewwwww!!.that's just gross!!
TURBONY 11 kun oldin
2:45 the saddest hot dog i ever seen
Parvilting 12 kun oldin
"Taste test" when he just wants an excuse to eat on camera
Lilliana The Great
Lilliana The Great 11 kun oldin
Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan 12 kun oldin
why do u talk while you r eating
Rob long
Rob long 12 kun oldin
Boom , I wanna hyatdogg
xxx_sunkem_xxx 12 kun oldin
*It* *only* *works* *with the* *smaller* *hot* *dogs*
Lev 14 kun oldin
8:00 "grab a piece of meat" He said.
عبدالسلام الحازمي
Why do you say in all your publications Pompe
Roshanawan 786
Roshanawan 786 14 kun oldin
Bro u r so clumsy!!!!
Xavier Nut
Xavier Nut 14 kun oldin
lo co
lo co 14 kun oldin
Put the hotdoge in there boom U lost your vergenity
YasuoToLane 15 kun oldin
u just wanted to eat hotdog ;D
Jean majid
Jean majid 15 kun oldin
This ist old way Just war ist normal i think He is messy XD
David Balderston
David Balderston 15 kun oldin
CrazyRussianHacker, In the USA you are free to put whatever you want on your hotdog but traditionally hotdogs get mustard and hamburgers get ketchup. Just though you'd like to know.
Alejandro Fauré
Alejandro Fauré 15 kun oldin
Boom! Hot dogs
Edward Castillon
Edward Castillon 15 kun oldin
4:44 cool
Timothy Knatzke
Timothy Knatzke 16 kun oldin
Luke Gamer2
Luke Gamer2 17 kun oldin
Reported for Hacking. 😂
Crystal Moreno
Crystal Moreno 17 kun oldin
I think you were using that last gadget backwards...
TopGoose s_s
TopGoose s_s 18 kun oldin
По русски говори я тебя не понимаю!!!!!
A Fan
A Fan 18 kun oldin
I spoke too soon. I want even finished the video and he said this bun looks better drills an whole and sticks his sausage in it.
P925 18 kun oldin
Im so dirty minded
Eigil Alexander Koudal Knudsen 8B Gildbroskolen
5:20 in denmark we call it a French Hotdog;)
NinjaShark Gaming
NinjaShark Gaming 19 kun oldin
In the one where he stuffs the bread with the hot dog how would you get your toppings on the every bite?
Mladen Gliševic
Mladen Gliševic 19 kun oldin
Sean Gooby
Sean Gooby 19 kun oldin
Hello from Indonesia
Minenhle Nzama
Minenhle Nzama 19 kun oldin
GamingTwst 20 kun oldin
6:12 he is eating it so awkwardly
huntsman 678
huntsman 678 20 kun oldin
They way you make them are called french hotdogs
Mr. Kazelk
Mr. Kazelk 21 kun oldin
how do you expect to make crispy bread in a microwave
Astrid Castro
Astrid Castro 21 kun oldin
The cuts from the hotdog is for to cook it better
Khadija Begum
Khadija Begum 21 kun oldin
Love your vids
Tombsonlelek aa
Tombsonlelek aa 21 kun oldin
Gaming hero
Gaming hero 21 kun oldin
The meet sausages are maden from кайма (kayma) and we tell this sausages кебапче (kebapche) and we have this hotdogs in Bulgaria with kebapche
Steffan Estrada
Steffan Estrada 22 kun oldin
Duh 22 kun oldin
че у тебя руки тресутсо вечно?
- Xplixity -
- Xplixity - 22 kun oldin
Is it a hot dog or a sandwich?
Pathetic Tv
Pathetic Tv 23 kun oldin
Taras will feed zombies hatdogs made with his hotdog gadjicks
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 23 kun oldin
6:45 I think he was just hungry and that why he "demonstrated again"
bella dubrovsky
bella dubrovsky 23 kun oldin
den grønne hule
den grønne hule 23 kun oldin
its call a franch hotdog :)
Drzakaria abdulla
Drzakaria abdulla 23 kun oldin
I like your videos 😀😀😀😀
Gezim Matoshi GM
Gezim Matoshi GM 24 kun oldin
I allways put my hotdogs and bread in the microwave does anyone else do that?
Meme Master
Meme Master 24 kun oldin
Get high and go to 2:12 Thank me later
darkbook gaming
darkbook gaming 24 kun oldin
2:52 urwelcome
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy 24 kun oldin
Ameer Srhan
Ameer Srhan 24 kun oldin
Why is this even a video.😑
Gouki818 25 kun oldin
Open up a asmr channels. !!!
David Demke
David Demke 25 kun oldin
"Squish it in" LOL, that's what she said. Best advice 😂👍
blueTaco Dovydas
blueTaco Dovydas 25 kun oldin
pedro’s life
pedro’s life 26 kun oldin
WOW ESSY *gets stuck*
Gabriel S.
Gabriel S. 26 kun oldin
And now I'm hungry
Valentin Zenuhov
Valentin Zenuhov 27 kun oldin
who is watching this while he is hungry
Pauljohn Skk
Pauljohn Skk 27 kun oldin
why am i watching this?? please help !!
JadenImagines 27 kun oldin
Sausage party
mobile legends gaming
Edis Dazdarević
Edis Dazdarević 28 kun oldin
7:50 thats traditional bosnian food maker.
iplaygames 28 kun oldin
iplaygames 28 kun oldin
"it grabs it so good"
Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas 28 kun oldin
Why am I watching this when I'm hungry...this made me even more hungry
Anyone else notice that he moved the whole microwave to show the demo lol
Leon Holt
Leon Holt 29 kun oldin
Every Gadget you've shown on this video, except the last one ( "slicer" ), was Brilliant.
kazman art
kazman art 29 kun oldin
5:22 Birds and the bees
Sion McKillip
Sion McKillip Oy oldin
You shake so much
umar anjum
umar anjum Oy oldin
Can you please teach russian? please?
TrollGroupCZ Oy oldin
That "mess free" hotdog is pretty normal in our country (Czech Republic). We have it instead of regular USA hotdogs and we call it "Párek v rohlíku" (Paarik v roohleeko) And it means "sausage in the roll".
BakerSt. Investigations
I like the video and the dude seems cool, but anyone that puts ketchup on a hot dog is a monster.
Ahmed Medhat
Ahmed Medhat Oy oldin
Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog
Øli Macabre
Øli Macabre Oy oldin
I like a big bun for my hotdog.
cezar halabi
cezar halabi Oy oldin
😂😂when he says bread
Shane12341 Oy oldin
I love when he says boom 💥🌭🌭🌭
Krabs Oy oldin
7:07 "Oh yeah that's a juicy hot dog right there." I LOVE THIS MAN😂😂😂😂😂
JOE KING Oy oldin
You should start selling t shirts with your logo and the word BOOM! on it!
Smokey One
Smokey One Oy oldin
A sausage hotdog lol
MegnuS3Rs Oy oldin
Chilltownify Oy oldin
Yo, this Russian hacker is crazy
rear view
rear view Oy oldin
Ketchup on a Hot Dog? What planet are you from?
mlg boy666
mlg boy666 Oy oldin
How Russian make English hotdog special ingredient novichok
905 Shooter
905 Shooter Oy oldin
Its a burrito
Steve Lapointe
Read the directions😂
Crushed Gaming Playz
3:40 “it grabs it so good” Me: That’s what she said