5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3

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5-Avg, 2018

Hot Dog Gadgets5 Hot Dog Gadgets5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the TesGadgetsgadgets test5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3



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Stephanie Stumpf
Stephanie Stumpf Soat oldin
6:00 what happened to your index finger???
Blxch_ Saiyan
Blxch_ Saiyan Soat oldin
Barracudagaming 1789
You eat soo tasty, 0:41 in the night and im going to make myself some food😂😂
Lochlanist 3 soat oldin
What tapings did he put on?
Madissin Brownell
Madissin Brownell 4 soat oldin
How can someone eat so much ketchup😂😖
thembagsofchips 4 soat oldin
Like fe hack buy a bunch of hotdog products so you can break. Your diet!
LearnToGet -GrowTopia/Osu
just close your eyes and listen what he says 7:18
jai suriya
jai suriya 5 soat oldin
marquees 6 soat oldin
Have you ever tried shelens hotdogs
Randy Deonarine
Randy Deonarine 8 soat oldin
Really mooshy
Deano Mac
Deano Mac 12 soat oldin
I like “ Myonaise”
NOTICE ME SENPAI 14 soat oldin
8:10 isn't that just a ćevap maker ... balkan people know what im talkin about
SNAK3 V3N0M 17 soat oldin
Its 3:am and i have to wake up at 6 for first day of school and im watching taras eat hotdogs
alex Kakashi
alex Kakashi 17 soat oldin
you know how hotdogs are made, right?
MICZ ANIMATION 18 soat oldin
Zapa 98989
Zapa 98989 21 soat oldin
Daler Saidov
Daler Saidov Kun oldin
Taras is *cool*
pyro team nijmegen
Man now im hunger
Eternal Chris
Eternal Chris Kun oldin
He is the new gordon Ramsay.
JJ SKILZ Kun oldin
My favourite was the hole maker gadget
Dāgs Bruņenieks
Did anyone else get hungry watching this?
GamingMill Kun oldin
You still eat like a pig.
Olivia Lashay
Olivia Lashay Kun oldin
Marry me💕😜
Miri ARMY Kun oldin
10:48 when she's too tight
Hustensaft Jüngling Scurr
Hat der Typ in deinem Leben zu wenig Essen bekommen oder wieso isst der so gierig. Er ist im allgemeinen Mega ungeschickt. Und sein Akzent ist Mega nervig
Rachel Rosen
Rachel Rosen Kun oldin
Now I want a hotdog
Not KhaliL
Not KhaliL Kun oldin
nothing weird here its just some russian guy testing hotdog gadgets.
Miz Kun oldin
Bruv this guy is amazing 😂
Maddie!!! Barker
I want a hot dog now :(
Thomas Kun oldin
The hotdogs from meat it's eating in Romania, they names 'mici'.
The Macabre Gamer
Why is American bread yellow?
Max Jones05
Max Jones05 Kun oldin
14 secs “hot dog gacgics”
Raahil Asif
Raahil Asif Kun oldin
Stick the hotdog in their rand boom u got urself kid
Lord Aceldama
Lord Aceldama Kun oldin
i only just noticed that your intro logo changed since the 6th of june! X'D
Eric Kun oldin
Crazyrussianhacker what’s that yellow tool called? I wanna look it up on amazon
Henry Soltysinski
The last gajick I think he was putting the hot dogs in backwards
Spilled Spengler
Who puts ketchup on their hotdog
jason ripplinger
OK taste test wow tastes just like a hot dog crazy
SIMBER Kun oldin
Stick the wiener in the hole.
Dakota H
Dakota H Kun oldin
Cow tiddies
B D Kun oldin
so where did you get the gizmo (bun impaler)?
Mauricio Miranda Guzman
It's so very American 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Stephen H
Stephen H 2 kun oldin
That's a nice bunhole maker right there. ;)
Mark Pedrick
Mark Pedrick 2 kun oldin
Perfect combination! The bun auger and the hotdog maker using bulk sausage! Awesome! Hmmm-mmm-Hmm-Hmm-hmmmmm
Petar BURAZENGIJA 2 kun oldin
Kamal Aboudargham
Kamal Aboudargham 2 kun oldin
Privet guys
charlie w
charlie w 2 kun oldin
*oh ya das a juicy hotdog*
Louie K
Louie K 2 kun oldin
That homemade hotdog in our country it’s called “mici” or “mititei”. Hi from Romania! ;)
tiz 2 kun oldin
guys im so sorry to have to tell you this but this man just ate a beepee at 5:47
Thexzin Playz
Thexzin Playz 2 kun oldin
A video of a russian dude playing with weiner gadgets o....k
Marboleus 2 kun oldin
5:38 and then you stick your wiener in the bun hole.......... wait what?
Unboxitall 3 kun oldin
Stick that juicy and delicious hotdog in there..... Oh yeah that's what she said.
idol hands
idol hands 3 kun oldin
Tony Veneziano
Tony Veneziano 3 kun oldin
Ahh the good old tube steaks 🥩
Tony Veneziano
Tony Veneziano 3 kun oldin
It is a sin to put Ketchup on a hot dog!
Beer Drank Shawty
Beer Drank Shawty 3 kun oldin
10:25 the Japanese hotdog slicer is meant for smaller weiners...this is a Japanese item.
mrkkristal 3 kun oldin
8:50 you just made čevape
Yangsi14 Gaming
Yangsi14 Gaming 3 kun oldin
I like ehen he say BOOM !!!!
Wesley Walters
Wesley Walters 3 kun oldin
I bye those same exact 24 packs of hotdogs
JordanPlayz 3 kun oldin
Agario Gaming
Agario Gaming 3 kun oldin
gd131 3 kun oldin
its always so comforting watching you
Farhan Asri
Farhan Asri 3 kun oldin
Asian hotdog will fit in the last gadget
theefallen1 3 kun oldin
Maybe you need to try to cook the hot dogs before you try to cut them with that Gadget?
Dollia 3 kun oldin
Best Video Ever! lol
wilted 3 kun oldin
this entire video is a giant "thats what she said"
Chip The Weirdo
Chip The Weirdo 3 kun oldin
anyone else realize everytime he does these food gadgets he grabs a packet of whatever, what happens to all the food? does he eat it all, have parties? or feed it to his dogs many questions
Anonymous 2016
Anonymous 2016 3 kun oldin
Looks right
Benjamin Mezger
Benjamin Mezger 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or dose he make these videos just to eat a lot of food and say I’m doing for the video case he cause have easily only made one hotdog instead of four
Mihai Alin
Mihai Alin 3 kun oldin
The substitute for a hot dog is almost ćevapi
Goldden_G 57
Goldden_G 57 4 kun oldin
BOOM 💥!!!
KoalTV 4 kun oldin
5:19 jesus crist THAT fits perfecly
Roberts Vanags
Roberts Vanags 4 kun oldin
Grab that sausage
Shark Tale 2: Mall Cop
Put it in ur but xdd
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi 4 kun oldin
EEon Da03th
EEon Da03th 4 kun oldin
the fourth hot dog gadget makes krusty dogs from spongebob
Vanessa Jones
Vanessa Jones 4 kun oldin
I love how pretty much every comment on this video is dirty minded hahaha
Addy Hooker
Addy Hooker 4 kun oldin
*cewk the hat dog*
Robyn MSP
Robyn MSP 4 kun oldin
puts saftey glasses on to eat a hotdog.
Karabaia 4 kun oldin
He eats whole family pack by himself hehe.
Renato Anguilid
Renato Anguilid 4 kun oldin
9:27 man look at that pot holder
Mavi 4 kun oldin
5:30 this is a normal way to eat a hotdog here in Czech Republic.
Nikko Logdat
Nikko Logdat 4 kun oldin
How do i got here from watching Galaxy Note 9 review to watching this guy eating MREs and Hotdogs..
Campbells Soup
Campbells Soup 4 kun oldin
hyotdogge bunne veirey juicey
Denice Fithian
Denice Fithian 4 kun oldin
I NEED to meet this guy! He's so awesome! I just recently came across his channels but now I'm totally obsessed! BOOM!
Kayla Lemke
Kayla Lemke 4 kun oldin
He reminds me of goomer from cat and Sam
TALON LEEVON 4 kun oldin
Um no plastic with food in microwave ever...
PlanetTech 4 kun oldin
Those meat dogs mmmmmm 🤤
gomer 1993
gomer 1993 4 kun oldin
All the fukboys are gonna stick a different weiner in the bun now..
David McLaughlin
David McLaughlin 4 kun oldin
Bird is soggy.
miraggg 4 kun oldin
how many hot dogs did you eat to make this video?
Glennell Hepburn
Glennell Hepburn 4 kun oldin
I like the hole maker and I think for the hot dog cutter u should cook the hot dogs first
Martin marty
Martin marty 4 kun oldin
Shit Ass
Shit Ass 4 kun oldin
When she's on her period
Shit Ass
Shit Ass 4 kun oldin
Um it's called a pig in a blanket
Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrigan 5 kun oldin
If you guys like hot dog gadgets you should look up "BME Olympics".
Jejejdnne Ridjjssn
Jejejdnne Ridjjssn 5 kun oldin
Nice vid. The meat hotdog is actually sikh or something like that. I assume it’s a middle eastern dish
Vonstradonitz 5 kun oldin
I want to see some gajiks for pashtet
ELMERJUNchannel 5 kun oldin
10 Egg Tricks
Yil oldin