5 Life-Changing Products From Beauty Editors

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"It does not matter what time you put this shit on, it's gonna still look good, and that's what I need in my life."
Get these holy grail products here!:
Flower Lip Suede Matte Velvet Lip Chubby by Drew Barrymore - amzn.to/2Cnr0RZ
FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation - bit.ly/2CthfSt
ATOI Clarifying Toner - fave.co/2Cqpxum
ATOI Clarifying Milk - fave.co/2Cpf6Hb
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - bit.ly/2CBRK4x
Cle CCC Cream - fave.co/2CqHPLY
We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
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Sephora Hosts Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Launches in Paris
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MET Presents Anglomania: The Costume Institute Benefit Gala
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4-Yan, 2018

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Find the products here: Flower Lip Suede Matte Velvet Lip Chubby by Drew Barrymore - amzn.to/2lSXTz2 FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation - bit.ly/2E7tioJ ATOI Clarifying Toner - bit.ly/2ArpcFH ATOI Clarifying Milk - bit.ly/2Ctkdq5 Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment - bit.ly/2lWXvAi Cle CCC Cream - bit.ly/2CFnDdh We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.
Jofia Yue
Jofia Yue 11 oy oldin
MX bebe thanks I really want to try ATOI cleanser and toner, I have combination and sensitive skin and I hope it won't break me out lol
Natan de coco
Natan de coco 11 oy oldin
Jofia Yue super oily and acne prone, p.s: these products doesn't break me out
Jofia Yue
Jofia Yue 11 oy oldin
MX bebe what kind of skin type do you have???
Dominic Cervantes
Dominic Cervantes 11 oy oldin
Boldly ATOI looks so good can’t wait to get it!!
Natan de coco
Natan de coco 11 oy oldin
OMG I have the ATOI milk cleanser and toner and I really love it, I hope ATOI can get more recognition 😆
Ula Krawczak
Ula Krawczak Oy oldin
Yanise looks so cuuuteee
Mandolin Brown
Mandolin Brown 2 oy oldin
Oh my gosh the girl w the striped sweater and glasses is SO CUTE
Daniela Navarro
Daniela Navarro 5 oy oldin
The hype around Fenty makes me not want to try it lol it makes me feel like everyone only likes it because of Rihanna, like the one this supposed beauty editor was wearing looked ashy af but she obviously couldn't see it
Tiara De Silva
Tiara De Silva 5 oy oldin
Ayeee in Fenty 340
Alison McCarthy
Alison McCarthy 6 oy oldin
I'm on like my 4th bottle of Fenty love it ❤❤
Anna Kate Vinciguerra
Jayliin Hunny
Jayliin Hunny 6 oy oldin
I wish Riri would make a few plastic foundation bottles for clumsy people like me... My bottle slipped from my hands and shattered into pieces, spilling all over my bed sheets and floor.🙃I'm off to buy more!!!🏃🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Инна Цветкова
Gday, this process appears to be very tough, there's a quite simple method. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". Here you can find very simple tips which will be very easy for you to implement.
Grace Everett
Grace Everett 7 oy oldin
Just another Potato
My life changing product is water
Gracey K
Gracey K 7 oy oldin
How many lips do flowers have? *Tulips* I’ll go home....
Susan Zurita
Susan Zurita 2 oy oldin
This is joke is so bad so why am I laughing?😂😂😂
I have a sample set of the Sugar Lip Tint. Right now, I’m using the Petal shade and it’s the best thing ever!!!! Feels more like like a tinted lip balm and doesn’t look like lipstick at all.
hasyaa aa
hasyaa aa 8 oy oldin
1:37 blaze it
Emi Wa
Emi Wa 8 oy oldin
Does anyone else find it interesting that pretty much all of the sold out gently foundations were the sort of shades that you’ll find in a mildly inclusive line... It’s interesting to know that the demand is still with that even though the other shades may not be found in many other places...
Cica Spasojevic
Cica Spasojevic 8 oy oldin
I have a Combo skin is the fenty Beauty foundation something for me ?
Alena Shimano
Alena Shimano 9 oy oldin
Essence is so beautiful
pink diamonds
pink diamonds 9 oy oldin
I always wanted to get fenty products but there 2 expensive
fabiola aguilar
fabiola aguilar 9 oy oldin
Eva Loney
Eva Loney 9 oy oldin
The atoi cleanser and toner are amazing ! I’m so glad to see someone else who is a fan :)
Tutsi Fruitsi
Tutsi Fruitsi 10 oy oldin
Woman: This is shade 420 Me: What weed you smokin'?
Vivian Eri Shibata
Vivian Eri Shibata 11 oy oldin
I've been using AToi for years---the ONLY skincare product I will swear by.
tiffany chin
tiffany chin 11 oy oldin
The girl who was talking about ATOI has amazing glowing skin!! Is she wearing any face makeup?
Kristina 11 oy oldin
I recently tried fenty and I’m honestly in love
Sade Tuckett
Sade Tuckett 11 oy oldin
We love Essence! Please show more go her in videos :)
Lioness006 11 oy oldin
Ugh. The Fresh Sugar lip balm is a ripoff. It is way too expensive for a tinted lip balm and it makes my lips more chapped. It is very slick and almost wet and doesn't last long at all. You can get better, cheaper products that do the same or better for less than half the price.
Leena 11 oy oldin
Something no one has mentioned yet is that since Fenty made so many shades it’s possible for a dark skinned person to use the same foundation line to make dimension on their face the way the woman in the video did because other foundation lines will have like maybe two or three darker skin tones and they’ll be super different from each other. But with fenty you can choose a shade darker or lighter and it will actually only be one shade and not Ninety
Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith 11 oy oldin
Invisible common cholesterol flour cool shine sweet.
Relatively Presentable
Stanley Smith whaaaaat?
Ashlee Morris
Ashlee Morris 11 oy oldin
the third girl looks like jessica biel
Giana Rizos
Giana Rizos 11 oy oldin
Omg I never knew that Drew Barrymore is the creator of flower that is my fav drugstore brand
Amy Shearrow
Amy Shearrow 11 oy oldin
I just wanted to throw out a plug for Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose (just a different shade than she had). I love it for every reason she said, especially the spf. It's not Carmex but it's surely much more moisturizing than the majority of other lip sticks/glosses. I've been using it since I got a free sample at Sephora a couple of years ago on my birthday. Excellent choice.
Kim 11 oy oldin
Fenty Foundation comes in all this different shades... *shows most of the colors are sold out*
Joy Canadiann
Joy Canadiann 11 oy oldin
I'm really disappointed that flower beauty is disappearing from all of my surrounding Walmarts!! Is the brand leaving Canada ??? :(
kylie schuyler
kylie schuyler 11 oy oldin
Lanie Elizabeth
Lanie Elizabeth 11 oy oldin
“this is the shade 420” IM CRYING AND I DONT KNOW WHY 😂😂😂😂😭
Sofia Sheppard
Sofia Sheppard 11 oy oldin
If anyone has w acne has tried the atoi skincare pls let me know if it works!!
Cailin Chang
Cailin Chang 11 oy oldin
I've been using Atoi for a long time and I love it! Tova is really knowledgeable about skincare, so it's definitely worth going to a consultation first.
tiffany chin
tiffany chin 11 oy oldin
Love it, helped cleared up my mild adolescent acne! Heard it works for rosacea, so I think it will work with acne too.
Pheeno Barbidoll
Pheeno Barbidoll 11 oy oldin
Fenty is my ride or die foundation.
Jennifer Yoo
Jennifer Yoo 11 oy oldin
4:10 OMG GivE Me ThAT SwEaTeR
Sharon Hill
Sharon Hill 11 oy oldin
Being in the 🇬🇧 this video sucks
Tegan Parish
Tegan Parish 11 oy oldin
sharon fisher actually other than flower and atoi we can! Fenty from Harvey Nichols, Fresh from John Lewis, Cle cosmetics online with Cult Beauty. I hope this helps a lil 😊
holly. lou
holly. lou 11 oy oldin
2:02 ....420 bitxhezzz 💨
MichyMyi 11 oy oldin
I want to be on the show one day it seems so cool to work there and trying things out
Andrea Parrado
Andrea Parrado 11 oy oldin
does the last product come in darker shades?? bc it was white
Emmy Marty
Emmy Marty 11 oy oldin
State wing disappointed economy mail exchange rice examination lifestyle.
felix schneider
felix schneider 11 oy oldin
bathroom quite beside fashion unity okay which organic racial sustain convention present top.
Evelin Garcia
Evelin Garcia 11 oy oldin
Natural Curly channel did a video like that.
Nia 11 oy oldin
If your lips are always dry try drinking more water or less caffeine (whichever applies to you). I used to have the same issue lol also I use lip oils (or any oil really lol) overnight for the winter as well, it’s a lifesaver and you get to still rock the matte lipsticks!
A. Sanchez
A. Sanchez 11 oy oldin
I like that they had a range of different products featured in this video
Sincerely Sierraa
Sincerely Sierraa 11 oy oldin
Is someone gonna tell the last girl her eyeliner is smeared across her face??
Elibobelly Sandoval
Fenty 😍🤤
Alaa Atari
Alaa Atari 11 oy oldin
1:10 she tryna break us all out by recommending that crap 😭😭
Megan p
Megan p 11 oy oldin
More videos like this please! Maybe trying out makeup too!
Anita Dilara
Anita Dilara 11 oy oldin
ohhhhh how I just love this channel
heyitsmel 11 oy oldin
I had the fenty beauty foundation for a month, whenever I wore it it felt way too texture-y on my face like I could see all my pores it was bad. Recently went back to sephora and switched it for too faced peach perfect foundation and it is so much better! It’s truly a matte Finnish but not like drying. Would recommend over fenty
Anistha Ramanah
Anistha Ramanah 11 oy oldin
heyitsmel you should use a primer for your pores🤗
Anna-M Behr
Anna-M Behr 11 oy oldin
Number 3 is product placement right?
InaR1019 11 oy oldin
Fenty is so overrated
Tanisha M
Tanisha M 11 oy oldin
Saw Essence in the thumbnail so I had to click 😊✨💕
Daniela Salazar
Daniela Salazar 11 oy oldin
y’all need some slime in your life uzvid.com/video/video-FLMtkLrjysg.html thank me later😉
Setgiga •_•
Setgiga •_• 11 oy oldin
If you have dry lips but still want matte lips I recommend the NYX soft matte lip cream c:
mia.nxlson 11 oy oldin
Someone please tell me where Yanise’s jumper is from
Anna Viitala
Anna Viitala 11 oy oldin
THERES TO FUCKIN PINK LIPSTICKS why why why not everybody likes pink lipstick
RainbowUnicornCat 11 oy oldin
Fenty Foundation. MEH.
Abbie Grier
Abbie Grier 11 oy oldin
the Atoi cleanser and the CCC cream are so cool!
L.R. Red
L.R. Red 11 oy oldin
Fresh makes the best damn lip balm I've ever tried!♥️
Re Ga
Re Ga 11 oy oldin
I’m shook ! Yanise has met more drag queens than me!😂😂😂
Karen 23
Karen 23 11 oy oldin
Ok i saw Essence now I can go
Jay Porcelain
Jay Porcelain 11 oy oldin
Whenever I see essence, I IMMEDIATELY HIT PLAY‼️ 😍😍😍
Kim R.
Kim R. 11 oy oldin
Of all the pictures they could’ve chosen for Drew Barrymore, they had to choose the ugliest ones. Y’all are bogus for that
Elysia 11 oy oldin
Kim R. Ikr
Stella Rose
Stella Rose 11 oy oldin
The chick at 4:51 is sooo beautiful and sweet ahhh 😭
tellemo 11 oy oldin
Should a buy a fenty or nars foundation??
Scarlet Castro
Scarlet Castro 11 oy oldin
tellemo nars
Kelly Rodriguez
Kelly Rodriguez 11 oy oldin
Why is the thumbnail just filled with fenty beauty is this just a sponsership
ooodnylaooo 11 oy oldin
Yay! Another Daniela that is my age-ish, not an old lady because it's an OLLLD name or a baby because old names are cool. Bonus points we spell it the same! 😂
diana M
diana M 11 oy oldin
FLOWER has really nice blushes
Deniz Faruk ERKAN
Deniz Faruk ERKAN 11 oy oldin
*These are all sponsored.
Relatively Presentable
Deniz Faruk ERKAN so frustrating
Javier Sánchez Panduro
*AMERICAN PEOPLE* Where is the accent from the second girl from? I've heard it a lot but I don't know were it is, it sounds like a New York accent combined with the southern accent but I have never known help please >_
Kristen Moore
Kristen Moore 11 oy oldin
5th’s eyeliner..... ummmm.... if these are beauty experts we have a problem
luhole 11 oy oldin
Yikes, number three's skin is a damn good ad for that toner, it's absolutely flawless!
Mal K
Mal K 9 oy oldin
Yes! I was like "she's putting it on now? What a waste of her foundation." Then I realized she wasn't wearing any.
Kathryn R.H.
Kathryn R.H. 11 oy oldin
It would be cool if they all tried and used all the products mentioned for a week or month
Vera B
Vera B 11 oy oldin
Monalisa Singh
Monalisa Singh 11 oy oldin
The last product reminds me of The Bofy Shop's colour changing BB cream... It's amazing
Alma M
Alma M 11 oy oldin
Nice products
Melissa Ugalde
Melissa Ugalde 11 oy oldin
They're all so pretty!!
Celine Cabildo
Celine Cabildo 11 oy oldin
Sorry, but I don't trust anyone that says they can skip sunscreen just because their ccc cream has spf.
The5ixx 11 oy oldin
If you think about it, skin usually gets darker when confronted with UV light, because the body protects itself with darker pigment. The darker any pigment is, the more energy from the light it absorbs (that is why you get hotter in dark clothes). So foundation automatically acts as protection, because you are putting pigment on your face. Also your face usually is not the only part of your body that is exposed to the sun, so you would actually need to slather every part of your skin showing, especially your hands. And since you probably wash your hands more often than your face, you would need to use hand cream with spf.
MsCherade9 11 oy oldin
Rafaela Scheiwiller You need to look at the statistics on skin cancer in your country. Here in the UK they are dreadful as people just don't think they need to wear suncream everyday, even in the winter. But it will be another 30 to 50 years before we actually have a new cohort of subjects to study in the country who have always used suncream.
Rafaela Scheiwiller
M K that's why i said "and people around me". All old people i know don't have worse skin than old people i have seen in the states. Also i don't know anyone with skin issues linked to the sun. That is why i think the difference is not drastic, but i may start to use spf on a daily basis now.
M K 11 oy oldin
Of course you won't notice problems with UV rays in short term if you do not have sun allergy, etc. It only is visible in long term since your skin ages over time so you will start seeing it when you are 30, 40 or 50 years old depending on how much you protected your skin.
Rafaela Scheiwiller
Celine Cabildo whaat. Well i never had any problems and neither have the people around me. I guess if numerous studies say i should use spf, then i d better use it. But I've frankly never had any problems.
Lucki Foxx
Lucki Foxx 11 oy oldin
Please try lime crime lipsticks! They last forever, the satin Matte finish is so silky, and they look great on all skin tones! I’ve never found a better liquid lipstick.💄 💋❤️🔥
Ultramarine Waters
Ultramarine Waters 11 oy oldin
My most life changing beauty product is Evan Healy’s blue chamomile moisturizer. It really nourishes my skin and has cleared my skin!
Siobhan Malcolm
Siobhan Malcolm 11 oy oldin
I love videos with the beauty editors!
Sydney Kemme
Sydney Kemme 11 oy oldin
I wish buzzfeed would talk about and include cruelty free brands more. I am a makeup lover and I recently switched to a cruelty free makeup lifestyle. I wish the issue of cruelty free makeup was talked about more.
Ace Huang
Ace Huang 10 oy oldin
Sydney Kemme i totally agree its hard living cruelty free sometimes. I’ve found quite a bit of youtubers that I love who support cruelty free beauty like ajadang, princessmei, marzia, lucymoon and some others
Clare Therese
Clare Therese 11 oy oldin
You should check out www.crueltyfreekitty.com They have plenty of lists of cruelty-free beauty and health brands
Molly Hight
Molly Hight 11 oy oldin
Flower beauty, Fenty and Cle are all cruelty free.
Darcy Neagle
Darcy Neagle 11 oy oldin
Sydney Kemme yeah Buzzfeed stands for alot. Wish they made more videos and articles about this issue.
Alaa Atari
Alaa Atari 11 oy oldin
same honestly
itsme 11 oy oldin
2:36 the year just started
pomegranate93 11 oy oldin
Pat And Books (Patricia Valle)
But SPF in bases (primer, foundation, cc cream, etc) is never enough. The amount of sunscreen for your face is a lot more than the base you would apply.
MrSincerity88 11 oy oldin
Essence. I just love her.
Michell Jindrová
Michell Jindrová 10 oy oldin
MrSincerity88 iii
AyeshMean 11 oy oldin
"everything is matte" gloss is E V E R Y W H E R E
Jin Pin
Jin Pin 11 oy oldin
2:39 “i met her earlier this year” .. it’s January
Cats Cats
Cats Cats 11 oy oldin
Jinnie Pinedo it's pre-recorded
TiMalice2009 11 oy oldin
Wat is an Indie fair?
TiMalice2009 11 oy oldin
Looks like a SPONSORED video.
J.S. Simmons
J.S. Simmons 11 oy oldin
Yanise is so adorable and oMG I WANNA LOOK LIKE ESSENCE 😭
Briayla Bowlen
Briayla Bowlen 11 oy oldin
Am I the only one who thought that for some reason most of these people seemed so awkward and bored while talking about the makeup?? And they were sucky at describing the products. I usually love most of buzzfeeds videos too
imi a
imi a 11 oy oldin
I would love this video if they didn't collect some of the money purchased through the links. That makes me not trust their recommendations.
Pam and the Pambros
Shade 420 yaaas
heyyitssbrianna 11 oy oldin
Am I the only person who hates the fenty foundation it doesn’t look good on me
Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made
I need that fenty😫😫😫