5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In Tunnels

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The TOP 5 scary videos of ghosts, creatures, and ANY scary thing caught on tape in a creepy tunnel, cave, or abandoned mine.
In this top 5 list, we cover everything from a strange creature caught on video in a tunnel, to an urbex UZvidr whose trip exploring a haunted cave gets a little TOO paranormal, to an investigation at a haunted asylum. We cover everything scary caught on camera and in real life, from the easily explained to the unknown.
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5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods uzvid.com/video/video-crDFmPnPXJw.html
5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera in a Tunnel uzvid.com/video/video-3HScBR9ylQw.html
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16-Sen, 2018



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Nuke's Top 5
Nuke's Top 5 3 oy oldin
Big thanks to Teegan Papke ! The guy who dodged the train in the #4 "Stand By Me" video!
Angel_Cat450 Meme
Angel_Cat450 Meme 5 kun oldin
Nuke's Top 5 probably a German soldier idk I’m guessing
Stuart Brundell
Stuart Brundell 5 kun oldin
+Isaac neujahr I
Bryan L. Negrón
Bryan L. Negrón 6 kun oldin
He has a eye Glowing like looking at then, I have a feeling that you haven’t notice it
Bryan L. Negrón
Bryan L. Negrón 6 kun oldin
Hey, better check out again the video from the number 1 *Grave Encounter* A scary creepy face appeared in the side too!!! 😫🥶🤯
Steven Edmund
Steven Edmund 22 kun oldin
the last video he looks to be in the basement of an old wing that's been shut down in Riverview hospital in BC Port Coquitlam Canada ...I've been down there...It's crazy . I went alone...It's off limits due to all the water mold and asbestos leaking etc.
mrcydonia 3 soat oldin
There should be a law that you can only explore these kinds of places if you have a 4K (or better) camera.
Harry F
Harry F 7 soat oldin
Harry F
Harry F 7 soat oldin
Wu wu wu water Hellen Keller
Harry F
Harry F 7 soat oldin
Stop playing like doo doo
Carmen Sandoval
Carmen Sandoval 8 soat oldin
The real question is.... Where’s matt
panther 13
panther 13 10 soat oldin
1:15 look where the thing runs out and look to its bottom right another peeks their head out
Random Person
Random Person 12 soat oldin
"Small scary thing" -Nuke
ARKOVZ 12 soat oldin
Why are people who do poltergeist and other stuff are always the most distracted and talkative people in the world.
Elisa Barahona
Elisa Barahona 12 soat oldin
Bro did yall see sum shit come off the wall in the first video
Wet hot Dog water
Wet hot Dog water 12 soat oldin
1:58 it must a been a strange creature look at it a little closer it’s back bone is poking out
Ominous Onion
Ominous Onion 14 soat oldin
I fell through a hole in a old peco warehouse up to my waist I got cut with rusty nails. My brother helped me out pretty close to falling multiple story's down
Little Miss
Little Miss 14 soat oldin
0:50 me running to my room with snacks at 1am
Angel Cornejo
Angel Cornejo 14 soat oldin
You wellcome 🔮🔮 I subscribe
7 Foot
7 Foot 17 soat oldin
Rhhend n
Rhhend n 18 soat oldin
#1 hitler found in ape like movements
jim young
jim young Kun oldin
im from poland
Donaldo T Duck
Donaldo T Duck Kun oldin
Oh cmon, number 3 was just a poor gopnik who ran out of Vladimir’s vodka that allows him to see in the dark
Harley Stevers
Harley Stevers Kun oldin
When I saw the eyes in the cave my heart stopped
Harley Stevers
Harley Stevers Kun oldin
Why am I watching this late at night
FG Grafika
FG Grafika Kun oldin
this deystroide my dreams i always wanna go to cave to explore But niw this make soooooo scarde
Nathan Muk
Nathan Muk Kun oldin
I know the first one its a rumor of ghost kids that got crushed by the cave
Jim Shamp
Jim Shamp Kun oldin
The way people react is so funny 🤣🤣
Valerie Martin
Valerie Martin Kun oldin
the 1st ones the rake i think.
bugatti { YT }
bugatti { YT } Kun oldin
I once almost Died when i didnt listen to my mom
Andy Kun oldin
Here, in Scotland, cyclists are permitted to weave in and out of traffic.
Margen Zee
Margen Zee Kun oldin
1:30 brighten and stabilize?? i saw it better the first time xd
Tullock Kun oldin
In 2019, I had to crawl through narrow caves and tunnels to get to school.
Elena De Los Santos
My near death experience was when I was riding my bike and I was looking behind me cause my friends were screaming at me. I didn’t know why until I looked ahead and a car stop in front of me and I almost crashed into it. It was the scariest day of my life!
Buggy Spider96
Buggy Spider96 2 kun oldin
Probably wasn't a good idea to watch this at 1 in the morning cause I'm paranoid now XD
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 2 kun oldin
the last one could be the anoka asylum i live 10 minutes away from there and not to many people go there but heard crazy stories of people who do
casey paws
casey paws 2 kun oldin
Me :watching scary videos at night be like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Jamie Stanek
Jamie Stanek 2 kun oldin
1:21 just looks like a baby bear to me...
Jack is bored
Jack is bored 2 kun oldin
I once got stuck in a tunnel with a train. We barely saw it coming round the bend. The scariest moment of my life.
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris 2 kun oldin
4:48 while one time I almost ran out of ramen....
Даниил Хохлов
Ooooow, scary bicycle rider. No warning
Rachel Skye
Rachel Skye 2 kun oldin
The first one, although I may be and probably am wrong about this, but it looked like a small child. Maybe homeless, and trying to find shelter, but after looking at the hole he crawled in, can anything really fit in there?
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On #3 he can just call his friends
No No
No No 2 kun oldin
1:46 when the thing runs out you can see that something else jumps out but goes back in
kami 9 soat oldin
its light or the camera
Lil Soap
Lil Soap 2 kun oldin
Can you guys be so kind and help me get to 100 subscribers?
Sean Rosenau
Sean Rosenau 2 kun oldin
8:10 why does the kid have a duplicate of Trump's tupe with him? Bottom right.
Sebastian Wesołowski
The first video is most likey fake: 1. The explorers ran towards the weird creature instead of running away from it. These guys either have balls of steel or this could be the biggest give away that this is set up. 2. I speak Polish and the tones of the guys voices don't sound like they're scared or surprised.
Sebastian Wesołowski
I live near the area where Project Riese took place :D
Sean Rosenau
Sean Rosenau 2 kun oldin
1:48 Could this be some strange german creature? It could be an elf or a goblin. IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT PENIS-BREATH!!! LOL
Macker Maldrill
Macker Maldrill 2 kun oldin
I think the creature in the first video, German tunnel, is Sgt. Schultz. I know nothingggggg! Nothingggggg!
fat gay
fat gay 2 kun oldin
Why these crackheads head into caves or tunnels. You got me fucked up.
Sarah Chvalná
Sarah Chvalná 3 kun oldin
8:05- Now I would pull out my shotgun and shoot that thing
Jhonny Basarte
Jhonny Basarte 3 kun oldin
Thump up 2019 April 18
Lea Bella Green
Lea Bella Green 3 kun oldin
Does anyone have a link to the Russian channel Beyond? (The one featured in The Decent in this video) I alas cannot type Russian, nor could I find it by just searching for it ^^;
musty.vro 3 kun oldin
I can't find the Russian youtuber what the fuck
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 3 kun oldin
4:23 they are legends they are blessed with the chill face
EsagilPlayz 3 kun oldin
some bicycles are electric and can run about 100km speed
Skskskskks Ssksksk
Skskskskks Ssksksk 3 kun oldin
“Some scary thing running on two legs” humans?
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera 3 kun oldin
There was to in the first vidio one fell and went back
Chikin God
Chikin God 3 kun oldin
5:04 I saw that and honestly thought it was 2 rats doing the thing
fluthy kfc
fluthy kfc 3 kun oldin
guys the first one is creepy for me because im in poland omg
I ATE A RABBIT 3 kun oldin
Ach komm ich hab genug von deutwchlqnd
Antonio Zamora
Antonio Zamora 3 kun oldin
Robert Weyburn
Robert Weyburn 4 kun oldin
In this entire compilation, my question is those who went missing, did they ever reappear? That wasn't mentioned in the vid.
ItsEloy 4 kun oldin
Who else watching at night and hiding in the comments? 😂
EQMVB 4 kun oldin
Yep fucking cyclists fucking up as usual... Fucking moron!
Gerric Doolin
Gerric Doolin 4 kun oldin
It is momo 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
thornTV HD
thornTV HD 4 kun oldin
Ok the thing with the train is scary because it's real and they could have died
SteppedBeast 307
SteppedBeast 307 4 kun oldin
5:01 gotcha
Dauren Hill
Dauren Hill 4 kun oldin
When ever exploring a cave, make sure that... A. You have a light that is bright enough to illuminate the cave like day. B. You're with a group...means no splitting up or falling behind! C. The cave is large enough to be able to run away at top speeds. D. That you have someone who is at the very least slower then you.
Dillon Smith
Dillon Smith 4 kun oldin
The guys on the train tracks are just retarded. Like why would you even do that?😂
Braeden the wither
Braeden the wither 4 kun oldin
if you watch my channel...you can see why im always scared to scroll down on these videos ;-;
Zi Ruini
Zi Ruini 4 kun oldin
4:39 that guy scared the shit out of me.. that face is freaky
Kathulu 666
Kathulu 666 4 kun oldin
You clearly haven’t driven on the 405 on a busy day lmao always having accidents
Cody Weiss
Cody Weiss 4 kun oldin
5:39 there's a road sign in the miniture tunnel?
Kacper Cylka
Kacper Cylka 4 kun oldin
I smoke da kush
Can We Get 3000 Subscibers With A Few Videos?
Life of Boris on a normal day
GamingWithELIT 3
GamingWithELIT 3 4 kun oldin
Nuke 1:57 that creature is “THE RAKE”
Cesar Rosas
Cesar Rosas 4 kun oldin
Where the iPhone cameras at
ayyachris 5 kun oldin
Anastacia Carrigan
Anastacia Carrigan 5 kun oldin
Sorry, but for the first clipp (though I could be wrong) Riesa, it's pronounced Rye-ee-sa. Probably named after Mehial Gorbachev Russian leasder
Hero Ina
Hero Ina 5 kun oldin
1 video is polish they said: There is nothing Did you see it?
Keke Moriuchi
Keke Moriuchi 5 kun oldin
Uh.....did they ever find mat
Melvin Baez
Melvin Baez 5 kun oldin
I saw a close friend be killed by a train in Stratford Connecticut
Element EL
Element EL 5 kun oldin
Props to that guy in the first one for running at the "creature".
Jusdippin78 5 kun oldin
Soooooooooo many stupid fake exploration/abandoned videos where a friend goes missing and all of a sudden a “weird creature” makes an appearance....or a strange sound comes from the dark area with glowing eyes seen. This genre is very saturated. Not to mention 99% of the people are HORRIBLE actors.
Velociraptor 12
Velociraptor 12 5 kun oldin
Russians I swear, they always seem to have balls of steel 👌🏻😂😂😂
Linda Velasquez
Linda Velasquez 5 kun oldin
The bad thing is that I’m watching this at night “I’m scared 😱 “
Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris 5 kun oldin
My closest near death experience just happened two days ago, currently recovering from being hit by a car. Clueless mom with her about 10 year old (I guess) kid in the front seat. He saw me, she didnt. That's all I remember before the hit. Damn idiot drivers.
Danielle James
Danielle James 5 kun oldin
Bad time to have Bonner when the train is coming
Cohen Taylor
Cohen Taylor 5 kun oldin
5:57 tho 😂😂😂😂
Hana Verrier
Hana Verrier 5 kun oldin
i juat want to know if that dude found his friends from 3rd vid
Aidan Fredrickson
Aidan Fredrickson 5 kun oldin
I hate his voice
Ratchyt Blakk
Ratchyt Blakk 5 kun oldin
are little kids spost to watch this cuz tie want to watch and hes 3
CARLOS PASHE 5 kun oldin
That guy who entered the train tunnel is a fucken idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lewis Morgan
Lewis Morgan 5 kun oldin
My biggest question out of the tunnel one, what the hell happened to the Russian guy’s friends? Did they just disappear....bitch like the descent
•Pastel Gore•
•Pastel Gore• 5 kun oldin
UZvidr: *sees an unknown creature in a cave built by nazis* *immediately chases it*
Malcolm Dawkins
Malcolm Dawkins 4 soat oldin
Its hellboy. Lol
jerry _boi
jerry _boi 5 kun oldin
1st one they got bigger balls than me going after a creature
Columbus Osa-Yande
Columbus Osa-Yande 6 kun oldin
*when nuke doesnt put a ghost or something into a top 5* Me: spirits will take over the world i guess
Asegdech Sillassie
Asegdech Sillassie 6 kun oldin
Koru Hye Kyo
Koru Hye Kyo 6 kun oldin
Kill it with a stick
MR. Cat
MR. Cat 6 kun oldin
TooBig_23 6 kun oldin
that small thing is a gnome xD
Halofan9752 6 kun oldin
Sees something in cave but you have a shovel Normal people runs Me digs towards creature
Vlogger Vineet
Vlogger Vineet 6 kun oldin
Hey buddy I also have near death experience while rescuing Russell's Viper with bare hands. Video is in my channel.
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