5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In Tunnels

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The TOP 5 scary videos of ghosts, creatures, and ANY scary thing caught on tape in a creepy tunnel, cave, or abandoned mine.
In this top 5 list, we cover everything from a strange creature caught on video in a tunnel, to an urbex UZvidr whose trip exploring a haunted cave gets a little TOO paranormal, to an investigation at a haunted asylum. We cover everything scary caught on camera and in real life, from the easily explained to the unknown.
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5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera in a Tunnel uzvid.com/video/video-3HScBR9ylQw.html
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16-Sen, 2018

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choopiebmw 2 soat oldin
#2 was lame!😒
ItzWolfie _286
ItzWolfie _286 4 soat oldin
5. “The thing in the Riesa Tunnels” once you said “Something walking on four legs..” I immediately screamed “Gorilla! :D” xD in the starting ever time you finished talking I just said “Kewl” but kewwwl video!
Adam Leicester
Adam Leicester 6 soat oldin
At 06:05, you see a smily face on the left
Jeff Harper
Jeff Harper 7 soat oldin
sad ball
sad ball 8 soat oldin
Dlaždič 9 soat oldin
Is Nick ok ?
Tron Born
Tron Born 10 soat oldin
That's why road users hates cyclist, they such an asshole
Finn Enoksen
Finn Enoksen 11 soat oldin
Subbed to this channel
JustCabbage 11 soat oldin
ya mum
Ahmad Sherbeny
Ahmad Sherbeny 11 soat oldin
There are creatures beneath the surface um sure, but first and last ones are humans xD !
rhoel peralta
rhoel peralta 12 soat oldin
1:it is the rake running 2:Zalgo and samara hacking train 3:his friends is stolen by slender 4:he's crazy so his bike broke
RobloxGamerGirl 600
RobloxGamerGirl 600 12 soat oldin
My plane caught on fire and I got ripped out of the plane still strapped in my seat I fell 70 feet and I had a lot of broken bones and wounds but I still managed to get up and I found dead bodies and I was stuck in the amazon for 1 week with no food I found a tent of someone’s I took a nap in it and maggots were combing out of my wounds they had some gas for there boat and I remembered my dog had a simpler wound and we cured it with gas so i poured gas on the wound it killed most of the maggots latter the owner of the tent came and took me to a hospital I was the only survivor and doctors don’t know how I survived. And they my near death situation.
unlisted lightning
unlisted lightning 13 soat oldin
The first one was probably a cow,sheep,or horse
indian assamese
indian assamese 13 soat oldin
Lone Extreme Fire
Lone Extreme Fire 14 soat oldin
that asylum was the asylum from outlast
MLG Cookie
MLG Cookie 15 soat oldin
Nick literally said Fuck in russian when he saw the sleeping bat but when he found his bag you censored the curse word
Super otaku XD
Super otaku XD 17 soat oldin
*Jesus has left the server*
Muhammad Farrel Farrel
Train in the tunnel iam not see him
lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t
First one was j lo
Casey Rose
Casey Rose 18 soat oldin
First one is probably some other guy.
Z D 18 soat oldin
0:48 The first one in the cave slow it down to 0.25 and set to max resolution watch there are two of them. First one continues across second pokes its face out sees them and retreats back in.
Blake Jaspering
Blake Jaspering 21 soat oldin
シツ 21 soat oldin
ruben bauleth
ruben bauleth 23 soat oldin
Its a cat
bbb joe
bbb joe Kun oldin
The number three video how did he get out of thier
Claudette Lapensee
My daughter and son had a “near death” moment, they were walking to school and just before they crossed the road my daughter throw her arm up across her brothers chest stopping him in his tracks, seconds before an 18 wheeler truck sped by blaring its horn, if my daughter hadn’t done so her brother would have been hit. She was 16 and he 15 at the time, thankfully from her babysitting so many kids she had “mom instincts” as I call it
Josef Swann
Josef Swann Kun oldin
5:56 *𝙾𝚒 𝙱𝚕𝚢𝚊𝚝!*
Cake Boi
Cake Boi Kun oldin
I almost go eaten.....that was my scariest moments
Jay Search
Jay Search Kun oldin
I was celebrating a parade then there was a semi truck HEADING TOWARDS ME, I escaped with half a second to get out of the way by a foot
Jay Search
Jay Search Kun oldin
I forgot to mention, I was on the road
Herm Kun oldin
starwolf vlogs
starwolf vlogs Kun oldin
I think the first one looks like a sheep
Amanda F
Amanda F Kun oldin
For y'all who can't find the Russian UZvid channel, search youtube for ЗА ГРАНЬЮ
Justin McWilliams
Anyone else see like half a face at 8:27 slightly overlapping the left of “OHO”
Walter Brigges
Walter Brigges Kun oldin
The first on was actually interesting
andrea yanez
andrea yanez Kun oldin
The Descent would be creepy if I knew wher his friends where . Just seems like they were the ones acting creepy for views
James Baker
James Baker Kun oldin
I saw something in the cave
ScammerGetScammed 101
Its either a naked guy or cgi
Joseph Yu
Joseph Yu Kun oldin
is that a bat?
Seriously the 2nd one what are they thinking😡?go jog at the park dude😧
Deran Nole
Deran Nole Kun oldin
I feel bad for that Japannees person
Loup Tigris
Loup Tigris Kun oldin
that biker, that is very scary! those, ah....what ever are not scary, not at all!
David Zheng
David Zheng 2 kun oldin
Y’all circle the things in the thumbnail like we can’t fucking see them
dinosaur lover
dinosaur lover 2 kun oldin
The first one looks like a wild monkey some how got into the cave
Xenon Live
Xenon Live 2 kun oldin
If you look at the image with the eyes in the cave you can almost make out what looks to be the head of a sheep or lama of some sort
Cameron Tunstall
Cameron Tunstall 2 kun oldin
Did every body make it out alive
gamingmaster plays
gamingmaster plays 2 kun oldin
The first me actually looks like there were two creatures one that ran across and another that peeked around the corner and hid quickly
David Kellar
David Kellar 2 kun oldin
Staged train. There copying stand by me
doubtit 2 kun oldin
The closest near death experience was i went flying into some sticks on my bike lol
Luke Rutherford
Luke Rutherford 2 kun oldin
I was long boarding down the dide walk of a bridge and I got hit by a old lady in her car and fractured 3 spots on my face and a perferated scynis
Hans Messerschmitt
Hans Messerschmitt 2 kun oldin
There are things out there believe me they will never show themselves if they did you would believe in them and turn to god ... I have experience such things in mines
Pajeet The Street Shitter
1. That was me 2. That was me as well 3. Again, that was me 4. And again, that was me 5. Him? He's my cousin
Mike Lui
Mike Lui 2 kun oldin
Ok now I’m never going to trust the dark ever again
Jenny 3 kun oldin
OMG my heart UGH
Jack Jacke
Jack Jacke 3 kun oldin
Looks like my ex wife, if you ask me...
I'mboredsowhynot makethisyoutubeaccount
4:28 how the fuck is that creepy I was expecting there to be some kind of creature
Jonathan Ybarra
Jonathan Ybarra 3 kun oldin
#3 made my claustrophobia act up. Holy shit.
Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz 3 kun oldin
Glowing eyes
Dotouwantpnisenlagementpill? rrrRrRrrReEeEeEe
I never head a Russian become so scared before of if I’ve ever heard a Russian be scared ever before
Carrie Howell
Carrie Howell 3 kun oldin
8:05 OMG
LAZYDAWGZ 0820 3 kun oldin
I looked closely at the glowing eyes and I made out the shape of a bear
olmo bruera
olmo bruera 3 kun oldin
The image on the bicycle clip looks accelerated. Maybe the traffic wasn't moving so fast after all.
Katarina Ortiz
Katarina Ortiz 3 kun oldin
That crazy bike guy was the scariest video!At least the ones with creatures/ghosts you know they can be faked but the crazy bike dude isn't
Enderslayer906 Coates
Javier Gilliam
Javier Gilliam 3 kun oldin
Thanks for making Mr scared 😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦😓😭😰😦
Jakob Karlsen
Jakob Karlsen 3 kun oldin
The first one might be a hobbit. Like bilbo
Vine God
Vine God 3 kun oldin
8:40 i know for fact that his friend that suddenly “vanished” made the noises and messed up the backpack.
RageGamer 3 kun oldin
I will have nightmares.. Thanks!.... Now I will never sleep....
Erlanka Heling
Erlanka Heling 3 kun oldin
Aint no bitches gonna hunt for any of this crazy motherfuckin places... HOLY FUCK!
ተ TC ተ
ተ TC ተ 3 kun oldin
I'm one of those creatures in the cave when there isn't any food in the house
Cem Ural
Cem Ural 3 kun oldin
train was very scary...
mr dinkleman
mr dinkleman 4 kun oldin
The first one was just good old Hans fetching the flamethrower
Orzy Vids
Orzy Vids 4 kun oldin
Subbed b4 1mil
Elizabeth Jasmine Nino
6:28 Wait my father and brother's phone did that too! While I was away my father was in my room (because my room is the coldest) and he started to feel very strange, felt a very heavy presence in my room. So he decides to get his phone out to take pictures to see if he'll capture anything but when he saw the camera act like that, he recorded the video instead and showed it to me when I got back and of course, I was shocked to see the camera act like that. My guess though, if this guy's phone, and my father and brother's phone do the same thing, perhaps it's a little bug that happens because we use our phone a lot or something :/ Anyway pretty spooky!
Tyler Engels
Tyler Engels 4 kun oldin
In the one with the caves his camera acts up because of high radiation levels
Git Man
Git Man 4 kun oldin
Lol @ the videos where they see "something" that is invariably a guy in a costume they set up on purpose.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 4 kun oldin
Yeah, that cave guy? Fuck that. If I can't walk through it I'm not going in. Also, if number 1 really is in Minnesota, shout out to my home state lol although it's doubtful. I know the exact place he's referring to, I live about 25 minutes away from it and work about 5 minutes away from it. It's a complex made up of many buildings, all connected by underground tunnels, which are now blocked off and illegal to enter. I know that's never stopped anyone before though. It originally opened in 1900, and operated until 1999, when a new facility was built just next door. Some of the old buildings have been renovated and repurposed for the new facility, but many of the original buildings have been untouched for 19 years, and all the tunnels are still functional, but completely unused. There is a cemetery on the grounds as well. I'm unsure as to how many people are buried on the property, but the amount of people who died there had to have reached the thousands. If not, then at least close to it. It's got a pretty fascinating history. If anyone has read this far, I encourage you to look it up and learn more about it. Pretty cool that something so close to home has gotten a mention on one of these videos lol
Jazmine.gaming Hernandez
Bout'a hit a million mate, CONGRATS WHEN YOU DO!
I AM ZIM!! 4 kun oldin
And cyclists wonder why people hate them
Your a blizzard Harry
What the fuck
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 4 kun oldin
If you look up a video voices in abandoned mine you can hear the spirit stalking down there the guy thought they were snakes trying out his new flashlight
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 4 kun oldin
In 8:05 you can see the eyes of that creature in the cave yeah there's something there that's where demons lurk brother and dry cold places and they love visitations
Carl Brutananadilewski
I once woke up with an erection trip and fell on my way to the bathroom I started spinning like a top it was scary
Slayke 4 kun oldin
I tried looking for the Russian cave explorer and came up dry, anyone got a source or is it just like a short film thing?
Kevin Outside
Kevin Outside 4 kun oldin
Monsters don't exist you wusses
Grayfox988 4 kun oldin
12:49 no worries, it's just Jesus.
Kill me
Kill me 4 kun oldin
I think the first one was just a deer
Good Boy
Good Boy 4 kun oldin
It's 1 am I was planing to fap but I am watching this
Le Dernier Connard
Le Dernier Connard 4 kun oldin
5 worst quality video ever you bet !
thrice bang
thrice bang 4 kun oldin
12:20 is it not obvious by their voices that they're acting?
Jack Biggins
Jack Biggins 4 kun oldin
Wait a minute when that russian guy was looking through his backpack not only I saw those white eyes I saw a face on one of the rocks when he looked right
Martin Kennedy
Martin Kennedy 4 kun oldin
souls are tarpped in time and space not able souls freed.
THUNDERF430TV 4 kun oldin
I wish they had ad warning on these things. I don't watch these videos often, but when I do the heart attacks from the random ads starting- not the creepy content. ☠️🤐
Jessica Stanfield
Jessica Stanfield 4 kun oldin
Russian bleep system) HOLEY CYKA BLAYT
Ako Si Takot Na Vance!
Those creatures where showing up cause they where not uploaded on youtube yet! They wanted too be famous
Matt Supertramp
Matt Supertramp 5 kun oldin
Did they ever find Matt?
Eduardo Briseno
Eduardo Briseno 5 kun oldin
Number 2 is stupid as hell and is gonna cause someone’s death being dumb
Voivid 5 kun oldin
Last video is pure bullshit
Miss Holland
Miss Holland 5 kun oldin
I think the first one was another cave explorer and the guys spooked him with the flashlights. He thought it was the Police
Slevin Reviews
Slevin Reviews 5 kun oldin
More proof that bike riders are the absolute WORST!