5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In Tunnels

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The TOP 5 scary videos of ghosts, creatures, and ANY scary thing caught on tape in a creepy tunnel, cave, or abandoned mine.
In this top 5 list, we cover everything from a strange creature caught on video in a tunnel, to an urbex UZvidr whose trip exploring a haunted cave gets a little TOO paranormal, to an investigation at a haunted asylum. We cover everything scary caught on camera and in real life, from the easily explained to the unknown.
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5 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods uzvid.com/video/video-crDFmPnPXJw.html
5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera in a Tunnel uzvid.com/video/video-3HScBR9ylQw.html
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16-Sen, 2018

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Nuke's Top 5
Nuke's Top 5 6 kun oldin
Big thanks to Teegan Papke ! The guy who dodged the train in the #4 "Stand By Me" video!
SuperRimmie 13 soat oldin
@1:44 there's a second one that quickly pokes its head out.
Manitz _
Manitz _ 2 kun oldin
You have stolen the video from a German UZvid, don't you!
Also_Badger 6 daqiqa oldin
all i can imagine is some guy jumping around a corner and all you hear is the black ops zombies yelling
Zoey Sobelman
Zoey Sobelman Soat oldin
ThatCODCrazy Main Channel
The first scary thing looked like a zombie from i am legend the movie
Mr. Puff
Mr. Puff 3 soat oldin
My scariest near death experience was when I killed myself. I cant stop thinking of that now.
Bardur e Lognberg
Bardur e Lognberg 3 soat oldin
i almost drived over a cop :/ but he jumped away :o he his a hero:)
Bardur e Lognberg
Bardur e Lognberg 3 soat oldin
or once i was out and dark ouside. i was going to a nother city , and a black car stoped. so ja i didnt told i had a friend with me. so me and him was going in to the car. they asked in the car to dark persons how are you and want are you doing so late out. and we said we was going to girls party and i told i loved drive fast with scoothe and i cant drive so long and they so said ,do you know witch car you are sitting in and wee say no and the light come on first word i said was fuck and they drive all over there <3 sweet cops. But now im taking so often of weed ,they are not sweet the new cops:(
Kai Zamasu
Kai Zamasu 6 soat oldin
Turn play back speed to .25 and view from 8:02 i swear i clearly see some movement in the top left corner.. Someone please tell me they saw it too!?
Parker Stevens
Parker Stevens 6 soat oldin
i live in minnesota
Fernanda 8 soat oldin
He found his friend?
uncle 9 soat oldin
I remember the last 1 They say they went missing a couple miles down the road from the asylum with everything still in there car. it was found lost footage so they say
Gabby B
Gabby B 9 soat oldin
That cyclist should not be weaving around traffic
Mr. Pancakes
Mr. Pancakes 10 soat oldin
that last clip is from Grave Encounters 2.....
Thraxelon 16 soat oldin
Click bait thumbnail piece shit
No problem No problem
No problem No problem 17 soat oldin
That moron on the bicycle “ you’ll get what’s coming to you sooner or later “ i just hope that you don’t get anyone else killed dumb asshole !
No problem No problem
No problem No problem 17 soat oldin
Number 3 ! - something or someone is definitely living down there,as there was a huge bottle collecting water,obviously to drink ! !
The jerryrigger
The jerryrigger 19 soat oldin
By the way those are worse than boards those are steel even more dangerous and wood
Gabriel Mellett
Gabriel Mellett 21 soat oldin
If it were me and a group of people exploring a cave and we see some crazy shit like that creature darting into another part of the cave... Yeah, don’t know about everyone else, but I’m staying near the exit.
Munkhbat Orhon
Munkhbat Orhon 22 soat oldin
Haha this is hilarious. U guys make URSELF Scared u know that?
tat2 wheelz
tat2 wheelz 23 soat oldin
Last video: Where is Matt?MATT!MATT!*sees scary person....Who the fook is Matt??
Lachlan Pace
Lachlan Pace 23 soat oldin
The Grimm
The Grimm Kun oldin
That last one actually might be real. I've once seen a real ghost too and it look exactly like that.
KING COBRA Kun oldin
White people love risking their lives for no reason at all whatsoever.
Legite Beast
Legite Beast Kun oldin
That last one made me nut myself
Alex Goedker
Alex Goedker Kun oldin
ANOKA!? Shit dude I played in Anoka, MN at my Brainerd Warrior Floor Hockey team and I never knew that there was an asylum. Haha shit
Rhys Matsuda
Rhys Matsuda Kun oldin
The thing inside the nazi cave looks like a gorilla
mrs. potato
mrs. potato Kun oldin
For some reason does that look like a dog on the first one??..
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack Kun oldin
In Australia there a tunnel in Sydney that now coverd because of the death of a camera person for a new he had scratches all up his cheat there subway proof and the moved base off it
Jesus Flores
Jesus Flores Kun oldin
seriously fuck you for all the ads did this video really need 6 ads. ur content is good but not worth it. it kills the vibe. again fuck you and your ads you money hungry asshole
Admiral Swaggins
They actually made a movie about "Grave Encounters" and it's on netflix, i'm not sure how much is resembles the actual video but... it exists...
Stephen McKee
Stephen McKee Kun oldin
and where did the thumbnail come from? Jack ass
Drayson Roberts
Drayson Roberts Kun oldin
tunnel of death was probably named by the police to get people to slow down.
DumbGamezZ Kun oldin
I can’t find that Russian UZvid channel
Double TAP Inc.
Double TAP Inc. Kun oldin
Oui blyad 😂
NPC #483927562910 82
Why do I watch your videos before I go to bed?
Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens Kun oldin
Maddie Thompson
Maddie Thompson Kun oldin
I saw a blonde headed woman and she was huge well her head but she was part of the train why just why 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
MrJR Kun oldin
Yeah one time i found a gater i ran me butt of and i quickly found a latter and climbed up real quick im lucky im alive today
Mrs.Kay Luster
Mrs.Kay Luster Kun oldin
I saw two creatures In the first video. One peeked out while the other ran across
Colby Howell
Colby Howell Kun oldin
At 7:30 there is something that looks like a face
Evo 8 is life
Evo 8 is life Kun oldin
Number 5, they should have looked for foot prints at the entrance of the tunnel -.-
halofinder07 halo
the first one was a goat
MrColz Kun oldin
Can someone give me a link to the Russian guys video on the cave
GamingWithJay Kun oldin
-Welcome to the Spook Cafe- You are safe here Feel free to chat and have fun
RGhastly Kun oldin
"Some small scary thing"
Pesky Irker
Pesky Irker Kun oldin
Number 5, Albino Quasimodo ? Here's my complaint..Why not turn that powerful Torch/Lamp/spotlight on instantly when they seen the creature instead of waiting until they reached the side tunnel entrance and brightened up the other tunnels ,.....................that would've been my reaction .
elmart cuyos
elmart cuyos Kun oldin
Basit Khan
Basit Khan Kun oldin
A ghost placed a camera on helmet. Lols.
mike taylor
mike taylor Kun oldin
Ur voice is Fucking annoying wrecks the video
Jonyt3hKidDood Kun oldin
Clip 5: *Sees something in cave* *runs towards it* Me: why you do dat your asking to die! Edit: I like the Russian one because of his “OI BLYAAAAT!” But I felt sad when he got lost in the caves cuz that’s not good
ProSTEEL RAIN Kun oldin
I live in Anoka County. There's A reason we're the Halloween capital of the world.