5 Waffle Maker That Will Blow your Mind!

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7 Ice Cream Gadgets put to the Test part 2 - uzvid.com/video/video-IbJwUqKgHkQ.html
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How to make waffles using waffle maker?
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12-Mar, 2019



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Muhamad Fariz
Muhamad Fariz 6 soat oldin
He always make a mess in every video
Ryan the Professional
One of them he keeps, what does he do with the rest?
Muhd Haiqal
Muhd Haiqal 6 soat oldin
Did he just call it dough?
Jeff Matthews
Jeff Matthews 7 soat oldin
Funny!!! Maybe too much? I like it Maybe read instructions. California
Robert Kolakowski
Robert Kolakowski 11 soat oldin
It's been a while man! Just was talking about you last week! I hope all is good!
The Arcane Two
The Arcane Two 12 soat oldin
9:32 You could serve those waffle bows with ice cream in them as like a suprise desert when you have some friends over or wanna suprise somone, it would be a really cool way to do it.
Lynne Dunlap
Lynne Dunlap 14 soat oldin
I'm laughing so hard! That first waffle makers was a mess! lol
Thejoker_haha Kun oldin
What do you do with the food 🤔 do you eat it or do you throw it ???!?
Carl and Bonefish
I love his accent
Breakout Kun oldin
" Look at that vaffal" lol
Breakout Kun oldin
i have the same one at home - the first one
William Paskie
William Paskie Kun oldin
im getting the waffle bowl now
Tim Bo
Tim Bo Kun oldin
You should Use your dough dispenser for the first waffle maker
Steven Gagnon
Steven Gagnon Kun oldin
One scoop! Just 1! Lol
pearl ziption
pearl ziption Kun oldin
'I made a lil bit of a mess' you say
Zband Kun oldin
"So far I love this waffle maker, look how cool it is." Blows waffle dough all over the walls.
Gadgets Gallon
Gadgets Gallon Kun oldin
Cool video...
Teo Karlsson
Teo Karlsson Kun oldin
god it pissed me of how many times he said he wouldnt keep pouring and yet he kept on filling.....
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Kun oldin
Batter. Measuring cup.
Martin marty
Martin marty 2 kun oldin
like #2 👍👍👍
UMM 2 kun oldin
Love the vid ❤️
JP Helminiak
JP Helminiak 2 kun oldin
He hade four gadgets
kachie 2 kun oldin
Waffle Volcano or Waffle Bowl, use cake mix or brownie batter for ice cream bowls!
The Templars
The Templars 2 kun oldin
The first device you essentially made a pancake with the bottom
Jason Bucy
Jason Bucy 2 kun oldin
You set off my Alexa and set an alarm. Haha
Waknoodle 2 kun oldin
I love these videos but the careless disregard for spilling batter all over the table and maker itself makes my OCD go insane
Jc Olson
Jc Olson 2 kun oldin
this man really set off my alexa in my room haha
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
Teddy Muno
Teddy Muno 2 kun oldin
1:18 that middle finger
Jason Cromwell
Jason Cromwell 2 kun oldin
The first gadget the reason it was beeping on one was because it was pre heated for that level of cooking and for different levels it pre heats to different temperatures. So it was pre heated for level 5 when you said it beeped for it being done
Mohak Gulati
Mohak Gulati 2 kun oldin
he did 4 waffle makers
Farhan 2 kun oldin
How do you make the same mistake twice in a row
SoulJahMan Serbian
SoulJahMan Serbian 2 kun oldin
Јао БРЕ Тарас,Тарас... Вала брате мили јеси глуп у три пизде материне.Ех бре синко мој глуп си за три чете циганштура везаних у једној врећи. Не знам да ли су те родитељи направили случајно тј. јебеном грешком или је матори баш морао да те торпедује напоље јер је и њему био пун курац тебе,али свакако уникатнију јебену наказу нису могли да створе чак ни да су желели! АУУУ БРЕ СИИИИННННЕЕЕЕЕЕ,ПА ДА БРЕ ЧОВЕЧЕ....... Сад се сетих на ког ме то чудноватог фрика тако неодољиво подсећаш! Па брате ти си јебено тело за Кранга из Нинџа Корњача,а ако издвојимо само ту твоју велику главурду,фали ти само по три пипка са сваке стране да будеш чак и јебени Кранг лично !!! ЖИВЕО КРАНГ - ЖИВЕО КРАНГ !!! *п.с. Еј бураз поздрави ми Шредера,Рокстеди и Бибопа !!!А Сплинтеру се најеби кеве, ионако ми је одувек та Буда пацовчина ишла на курац са својим паметним изјавама!!!ЖИВ МИ БИО БАТИЦЕ И АЈД'ПОПРАВИ ЈЕБЕНИ ТЕХНОДРОМ ПА ДА ИЗРЕЈВУЈЕМО НЕКО ВЕЧЕ!*
lely lily
lely lily 2 kun oldin
You are so funny 😂
Aayan Agrawal
Aayan Agrawal 2 kun oldin
He said 4 instead of 5
K M 2 kun oldin
Try reading the instructions first? You are going to TRASH it before your first use is done!
PachyPachy 2 kun oldin
the dislikes are from pancakes probably
VLL 3 kun oldin
The waffle bowl is cool
b l e s s I n g s
b l e s s I n g s 3 kun oldin
Aneta 3 kun oldin
Step 1 is always to wash the appliance!
Louie le King
Louie le King 3 kun oldin
Joe Puffenbarger II
You should have washed them first!
Scott Caron
Scott Caron 3 kun oldin
Yeah, of course it's less mess, you didn't put in "Just a little bit more....."
jay bennett
jay bennett 3 kun oldin
Anyone else shacking their head at the video.
mermaid yuyu
mermaid yuyu 3 kun oldin
This is how many he said BOOM ||
Ethan newsome
Ethan newsome 3 kun oldin
Please make a video of how many times he said waffle on this video
nafstap 3 kun oldin
Watching him mess with the first one was really frustrating.
Sehaveer Singh
Sehaveer Singh 3 kun oldin
But I still love CRH
Sehaveer Singh
Sehaveer Singh 3 kun oldin
You actual waffle head
Skippy roo
Skippy roo 3 kun oldin
Edin Nesto
Edin Nesto 3 kun oldin
11:22 "But actually it works so well with my dog!"
Moonstar 3 kun oldin
hahahh uh oh.
ben anderson
ben anderson 3 kun oldin
How cooked do u want it
ClengGamers 3 kun oldin
Whats name of first gadget
Ego Vici
Ego Vici 3 kun oldin
_O may gash what an awesome gadjick_ 3:37
Gay Blue
Gay Blue 3 kun oldin
I. Love. Everything. About. This.
Bendan Dulay
Bendan Dulay 3 kun oldin
I just come here to see the OG do his thing.
Protar Beni
Protar Beni 3 kun oldin
i put some dough in " just puts 20 dollar bills
Protar Beni
Protar Beni 3 kun oldin
least mess I've done "literally spills batter on table"
Termin8er04 3 kun oldin
Wat is tat is that Ooooooof Why is it beebing
Burken Productions
Burken Productions 3 kun oldin
lol fill line.... BOOM!
Yzlle Demiere Seguira
gago !!!anong ginagawa mo ??!
jazziel esaú castro balbuena
LPT: Always read the instructions.
The Monk Review - Review Videos
Lovely Waffles
Daniel CS
Daniel CS 4 kun oldin
It makes waffle trophies.
Normotory Jazz
Normotory Jazz 4 kun oldin
Is it me or at 9:19 did he say it "pooped perfect bowl"
Normotory Jazz
Normotory Jazz 4 kun oldin
*touches and burs himself* waits 2 seconds *goes back into touch it again*
Normotory Jazz
Normotory Jazz 4 kun oldin
the second gadget would make great ice cream bowls
Matyo Mousa
Matyo Mousa 4 kun oldin
9:14 says its the least messy while he spills some
Mariah Francois
Mariah Francois 4 kun oldin
I like the first one
Melissa Winstead
Melissa Winstead 4 kun oldin
Love th spoon maker!!!
ProGamer 25
ProGamer 25 4 kun oldin
What is your opinion on *communism*
Kenadie Oliver
Kenadie Oliver 4 kun oldin
that’s it i’m making a waffle business with everything from chicken and waffles to ice cream and waffles to vegan waffles
Edvin Thoren
Edvin Thoren 4 kun oldin
6:50 if you put soap or honey :D
Catherine Malini
Catherine Malini 4 kun oldin
What’s a bubble maker? XD
hillbilly jim
hillbilly jim 4 kun oldin
we love your videos Taras!!!!
Mericel1 4 kun oldin
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that looks good 😊
Mericel1 4 kun oldin
That overflowed a lt
James Bennett
James Bennett 4 kun oldin
Eat icecream from a waffle bowl, with a waffle spoon
Lady Platov
Lady Platov 4 kun oldin
Allways making a mess!! Lol😁
Robyn Benitez
Robyn Benitez 4 kun oldin
Robyn Benitez
Robyn Benitez 4 kun oldin
That "kitchen" caught me off guard. Wasn't expecting that lol.
Music Life
Music Life 4 kun oldin
This video is depressing as well.
Yossef Omar
Yossef Omar 4 kun oldin
BTW jeez your very rich how are you getting all this
Samuel Ericsson
Samuel Ericsson 4 kun oldin
He makes me feel wholesome
Raz Buzz
Raz Buzz 4 kun oldin
well at the Vertical Waffle Maker the waffle that is overload could be the stand for the main waffle
Teasta Tare
Teasta Tare 4 kun oldin
Hana Rachel
Hana Rachel 4 kun oldin
The spoons and done no.3 are most useful and least messy. I would buy no.3
蔡易林 4 kun oldin
Thehappymeme 5 kun oldin
The second gadget was the best waffle maker
Marksman 104 zeinhammoud
where does he put all his gagets
Hariharan Krishnan
Hariharan Krishnan 5 kun oldin
He says it's easy to use and still messes it up😂
Nospam Spamisham
Nospam Spamisham 5 kun oldin
First waffle maker could be vastly improved with a 50 cent funnel from Walmart.
Kami Dunlap
Kami Dunlap 5 kun oldin
ROMAN GAMER 5 kun oldin
First of all I want to ask what's waffle?
Dalene Robinson
Dalene Robinson 5 kun oldin
The spoon one and feel that that would be something that would be a good conversation piece.
No You
No You 5 kun oldin
Dude, please just read the directions
DeFalt DeDSEC 5 kun oldin
It’s 3am And I got a final exam at school and I’m watching a 6ft Russian guy making waffles
Tequilla 5 kun oldin
He thought spoon maker would be a waffle maker
Daniel Lundvall
Daniel Lundvall 5 kun oldin
Why would you but egg on waffle
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