5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire

Good Mythical Morning
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Come on baby, light our fire. GMM #759!
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16-Sen, 2015



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Fikrlar 15 374
FleXavier Mercado
FleXavier Mercado 20 soat oldin
The 5th was the most terrifying experiment and too dangerous.
Cos Nerd
Cos Nerd Kun oldin
How many highschool chemistry teachers do you think have shown this to their classes to show them what not to do?
Kade Perry
Kade Perry 2 kun oldin
Epic 11:42
Jasmine Maruk
Jasmine Maruk 3 kun oldin
The first experiment Rhett and link did, they did it wrong, you don't put the gum on the battery you put the gum wrapper on the battery and that you use the gum as heat protection because the voltage of the battery will heat the gum wrapper and then make fire. 😊
Megan Luo
Megan Luo 6 kun oldin
you go from holding a sac of pee to combustion
doge gamming
doge gamming 6 kun oldin
The breakfluid and chlorine
Sloop 8 kun oldin
Worms are LAME
MandaBear83 9 kun oldin
This is the very first episode of GMM I watched, came across it by accident and so glad I did. I have been a loyal watcher ever since that day 😍
garret lightfoot
garret lightfoot 10 kun oldin
Don't use your pee unless you're peeing clear the tint from the water will reflect more Ray's than it will let through and even then it's a long shot at best
5P00NFU11 11 kun oldin
Well, I know how to make a bomb now :/
Amber Sloas
Amber Sloas 12 kun oldin
I still love this ❤️
A random YouTube channel Loll
11:40 bea: wanna come over you:no 11:47 bea: im home alone
Anabella Perez
Anabella Perez 14 kun oldin
I’m still watching this 4 years later, love you Rhett and link, and the crew; much love ❤️
Galaxi Cats
Galaxi Cats 15 kun oldin
I am voting for #GoodMythicalMorning for Show of the Year at the #Streamys !!!!
Melissa Bassett
Melissa Bassett 16 kun oldin
Delta Biscuit
Delta Biscuit 18 kun oldin
What if it was fluorine instead of chlorine
SomegGuy NoLastName
SomegGuy NoLastName 19 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
CallOfPundy1192 20 kun oldin
You know you're old when you say cellular telephone
Emmy Bacon
Emmy Bacon 26 kun oldin
I like how Rhett told Link about the safety warning midway through the experiment
Speedy powers
Speedy powers 27 kun oldin
I will do this at home
Chandni Ajanel
Chandni Ajanel 29 kun oldin
favorite episode but i feel like i need to wash my hands now
petrosinella Oy oldin
I felt bad for Link at 8:52 when he tried to comfort Rhett and Rhett lost his temper. Sure, Link had urine on his hands, but Rhett was unnecessarily hurtful.
OBGaming Oy oldin
when they call eddie edward
Amanda Torres
Amanda Torres Oy oldin
You weren't supposed to add the gum just the wrapper
David Neff
David Neff Oy oldin
11:46 wHaT tHe HeAcK
Noah Fleming
Noah Fleming Oy oldin
Can’t breath 😆 11:36
Jim Marten
Jim Marten Oy oldin
You might want to use the right respirator when doing this kind of prank, NOT A DUST MASK, pretty funny reaction, loved it.
Having that steel wool on him makes think Link be smokin on rock
yellowdub Oy oldin
11:36 Now I have been instructed we should step back 11:44 WHAT THE CRAP! lol 😂
Jason Born
Jason Born Oy oldin
I did the battery trick in prison to light my cig.
Gregory Klug
Gregory Klug Oy oldin
Rhett: worms are lame Worm: we are not lame! Boss! Boss worm: what! Worm: Rhett said we are lame! Boss worm: prepare the army of worms! Worms burn down Rhett’s house. Boss worm: who’s lame now! Hahaha! Like if you enjoyed 👍
Anna Jinx
Anna Jinx Oy oldin
When you work at a auto parts store and have that type of break fluid...
mynameisjo Oy oldin
Ada Hartnett
Ada Hartnett Oy oldin
When I saw the title I was like: “Something’s going to explode isn’t it?”
Mike Li
Mike Li Oy oldin
Link: * gets pee on hand* World: *BOOOOM!*
Earth Man
Earth Man Oy oldin
Morons. If it would work at all, it would work with water. Using urine is just someone jerking your...
james bird
james bird Oy oldin
put in a thermos creates a bomb, dont actually try that, thanks rhett I love to learn new things
Simeon Oy oldin
I'll have you know that worms are the dominant species
Andrew McAuley
Anyone else notice that when the bottle exploded, it looked almost identical to the cockatrice blowing fire in the intro?
Gabriel C
Gabriel C Oy oldin
Could had been worse. Don't put it in a closed space uzvid.com/video/video-Gh6ARRmnIyY.html
Elida Acosta
Elida Acosta Oy oldin
Worms cant walk do they are "lame" 😂
Shawn Vargas
Shawn Vargas Oy oldin
Always carry a lighter so your friend doesnt pee on you. I see you 2 in WROL Im staying on my own
Justin B.
Justin B. Oy oldin
God I miss the old intro
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers 2 oy oldin
Did anyone else notice that they totally shared gum!?
Gloria Sullivan
Gloria Sullivan 2 oy oldin
only things that worked required things you wouldn't have in dire situations 😂
Stephanie Allden
Stephanie Allden 2 oy oldin
12:44 me after getting my test results back
jade 2 oy oldin
8:22 the sound of absolute panic in link's voice as rhett immediately runs away had me in stitches oh god
Paper Bag
Paper Bag 2 oy oldin
When the report cards come out 11:37
Amari Lowes
Amari Lowes 2 oy oldin
*fire ant enters chat*
Jumpstart64 2 oy oldin
11:45 looks like Rhett is farting and pushing it away from himself xD. Do it pause and a few milliseconds after the time and in Slowmo
Obomabosif 2 oy oldin
“Nope, I’ve just been on the internet” Famous last words
Marcelo Meouchi Camou
Funnest video yet
DEADheadTV 2 oy oldin
Congratulations, you’ve made a chlorine bomb lmao. That’s some of the most toxic gas you can be exposed to. Those little surgical masks aren’t helping shit hahahaha that was hilarious
Deladus 2 oy oldin
I dont think the Chlorine itself is the issue here. Everything I read points to polyethylene glycol fragmenting into ethylene, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde and that reaction causing the combustion.
James Wilson
James Wilson 2 oy oldin
pee in bag works, gotta tighten the bag until it bubbles out a bit, creating a convex type lens effect.
glitch 1094
glitch 1094 2 oy oldin
You can also use note 7 battery
I saw a monkey start a fire
Samantha Gabler
Samantha Gabler 2 oy oldin
Stop bringing down worms!
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 2 oy oldin
I'm so thankful that there was a small burst before the *big* explosion because they would have been severely injured if it just exploded like that first 😨
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 2 oy oldin
When the pee bag busted in Link's hand i felt sooo bad for him 😖
Just another college boy
Imma do it
Claire Haney
Claire Haney 2 oy oldin
Is anyone else back for more in 2019???
Joy  Wilson
Joy Wilson 5 kun oldin
Yep. I'm here for Links old hair.
jayden 16 kun oldin
Eric Tellier
Eric Tellier 24 kun oldin
Claire Haney i recalled an episode where GMM nearly killed themselves being stupid, oh yeah it was this one.
Alex The kid
Alex The kid 2 oy oldin
thx i will ues the ones that wrekt
Skoll Memes
Skoll Memes 2 oy oldin
Petition for rhett and link to blow more stuff up within a close proximity of themselves and others
CLIPZ janox
CLIPZ janox 2 oy oldin
I'm in 2019
CLIPZ janox
CLIPZ janox 2 oy oldin
Btw I'm trying it
CLIPZ janox
CLIPZ janox 2 oy oldin
11:47 kinda like there intro
Simon Rush
Simon Rush 2 oy oldin
2018 anyone
Micheal Plummer
Micheal Plummer 2 oy oldin
How many people tried the brake fluid and chlorine!?
SIREpiggles 2 oy oldin
Thank you gmm, for teaching 8.5 million people how to make a bomb (Sarcasm)
Andrew Dowen
Andrew Dowen 3 oy oldin
Luna Park
Luna Park 3 oy oldin
Watch the pee part (8:10) at .5 or .25 speed
Nadine xoxo
Nadine xoxo 3 oy oldin
That bottle full of brake fluid and chlorine became brighter than my future..
[JS&B]Annihilate 3 oy oldin
12:20 Link: Yeah Edward! Get it! *points to fire* Get that too. Edward: sigh...*
Angela Sumner
Angela Sumner 3 oy oldin
All want fire all got one
Francesca Fama
Francesca Fama 3 oy oldin
best art starts at 11:32
Diwakar Ubnare
Diwakar Ubnare 3 oy oldin
Literally 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link 3 oy oldin
I once used a magnifying glass to smoke a bowl. Nothing but sunlight and mother nature. It was quite a unique experience lol
Jeff Antoniotti
Jeff Antoniotti 3 oy oldin
You're not supposed to use the gum. Just the tin foil and battery the same way you attempted to.
James Manak
James Manak 3 oy oldin
What the crap
Hoseok's Spilled Tae
This was the first video I watched by them. It's been almost 4 years. Wow.
Unseen Golden Shadow
Geez they are dehydrated asf. The urine one does work, you need clear urine though
Falcon 909
Falcon 909 3 oy oldin
11:41 my butthole after eating Taco Bell
Casual Iguana
Casual Iguana 3 oy oldin
Would it not be dangerous to chew the gum that was on the battery?
Leo Guerra
Leo Guerra 3 oy oldin
HAHAHAHA that was hilarious!! laughed for 2minutes straight!
jx592 3 oy oldin
Start a FIRE not an EXPLOSION
jx592 3 oy oldin
Five MYTHICAL ways to start a fire
Benjamin Robinson
I like how they said have you seen a worm make a fire no but I've made a fire with a worm
Basil beetle
Basil beetle 3 oy oldin
5:55 captions on oh my gosh 😂🔥
Layne richards
Layne richards 3 oy oldin
Isnt that how you make meth?
ytubeanon 3 oy oldin
hmm, wouldn't those gloves have been useful when handling, oh I dunno, the bag of leaking urine... "Nope, I've just been on the internet" - said in a southern drawl the explosion part is even funnier with the subtitles on it would've been so easy for one of them to get a chemical burn which is super serious
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 7 kun oldin
Btw it makes I don't know what you just said by the way...
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 7 kun oldin
Idkwyjsbtw. In my mind that makes sense
Garner Samuel
Garner Samuel 3 oy oldin
11:37 Talk about premonition!
Carlos_the_cham ion
Why are you with jeans if it is almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit
shyguyshow 3 oy oldin
link is western spy
Haeinscute 3 oy oldin
OMG the brake fluid and chlorine was amazing
Deven Alexander
Deven Alexander 3 oy oldin
You know when they said don’t try that at home I’m gonna try that at home
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