5 Weird Ways To Start A Fire

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Come on baby, light our fire. GMM #759!
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16-Sen, 2015

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Hamilton and pigs for life
Paper Bag
Paper Bag 5 kun oldin
When the report cards come out 11:37
Amari Lowes
Amari Lowes 5 kun oldin
*fire ant enters chat*
Jumpstart64 6 kun oldin
11:45 looks like Rhett is farting and pushing it away from himself xD. Do it pause and a few milliseconds after the time and in Slowmo
Obomabosif 9 kun oldin
“Nope, I’ve just been on the internet” Famous last words
Marcelo Meouchi Camou
Funnest video yet
DEADhead Gaming
DEADhead Gaming 11 kun oldin
Congratulations, you’ve made a chlorine bomb lmao. That’s some of the most toxic gas you can be exposed to. Those little surgical masks aren’t helping shit hahahaha that was hilarious
Deladus Kun oldin
I dont think the Chlorine itself is the issue here. Everything I read points to polyethylene glycol fragmenting into ethylene, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde and that reaction causing the combustion.
James Wilson
James Wilson 12 kun oldin
pee in bag works, gotta tighten the bag until it bubbles out a bit, creating a convex type lens effect.
glitch 1094
glitch 1094 12 kun oldin
You can also use note 7 battery
IronNinjavsGaming 14 kun oldin
I saw a monkey start a fire
Samantha Gabler
Samantha Gabler 14 kun oldin
Stop bringing down worms!
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 14 kun oldin
I'm so thankful that there was a small burst before the *big* explosion because they would have been severely injured if it just exploded like that first 😨
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 14 kun oldin
When the pee bag busted in Link's hand i felt sooo bad for him 😖
Just another college boy
Imma do it
Claire Haney
Claire Haney 15 kun oldin
Is anyone else back for more in 2019???
Alex The kid
Alex The kid 17 kun oldin
thx i will ues the ones that wrekt
Skoll Talks
Skoll Talks 18 kun oldin
Petition for rhett and link to blow more stuff up within a close proximity of themselves and others
CLIPZ janox
CLIPZ janox 18 kun oldin
I'm in 2019
CLIPZ janox
CLIPZ janox 18 kun oldin
Btw I'm trying it
CLIPZ janox
CLIPZ janox 18 kun oldin
11:47 kinda like there intro
Simon Rush
Simon Rush 20 kun oldin
2018 anyone
Micheal Plummer
Micheal Plummer 23 kun oldin
How many people tried the brake fluid and chlorine!?
SIREpiggles 26 kun oldin
Thank you gmm, for teaching 8.5 million people how to make a bomb (Sarcasm)
Andrew Dowen
Andrew Dowen 29 kun oldin
Luna Park
Luna Park Oy oldin
Watch the pee part (8:10) at .5 or .25 speed
Nadine xoxo
Nadine xoxo Oy oldin
That bottle full of brake fluid and chlorine became brighter than my future..
HuskoNation Oy oldin
12:20 Link: Yeah Edward! Get it! *points to fire* Get that too. Edward: sigh...*
Angela Sumner
Angela Sumner Oy oldin
All want fire all got one
Francesca Fama
best art starts at 11:32
Diwakar Ubnare
Literally 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LiveAction Link
I once used a magnifying glass to smoke a bowl. Nothing but sunlight and mother nature. It was quite a unique experience lol
Jeff Antoniotti
You're not supposed to use the gum. Just the tin foil and battery the same way you attempted to.
James Manak
James Manak Oy oldin
What the crap
Hoseok's Spilled Tae
This was the first video I watched by them. It's been almost 4 years. Wow.
Unseen Golden Shadow
Geez they are dehydrated asf. The urine one does work, you need clear urine though
Nameless Falcon
11:41 my butthole after eating Taco Bell
Casual Iguana
Casual Iguana Oy oldin
Would it not be dangerous to chew the gum that was on the battery?
Leo Guerra
Leo Guerra Oy oldin
HAHAHAHA that was hilarious!! laughed for 2minutes straight!
jx592 Oy oldin
Start a FIRE not an EXPLOSION
jx592 Oy oldin
Five MYTHICAL ways to start a fire
Benjamin Robinson
I like how they said have you seen a worm make a fire no but I've made a fire with a worm
Līl Hėčk
Līl Hėčk Oy oldin
5:55 captions on oh my gosh 😂🔥
Layne richards
Isnt that how you make meth?
ytubeanon Oy oldin
hmm, wouldn't those gloves have been useful when handling, oh I dunno, the bag of leaking urine... "Nope, I've just been on the internet" - said in a southern drawl the explosion part is even funnier with the subtitles on it would've been so easy for one of them to get a chemical burn which is super serious
Garner Samuel
Garner Samuel Oy oldin
11:37 Talk about premonition!
Carlos_the_champ ion
Why are you with jeans if it is almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit
shyguyshow Oy oldin
link is western spy
Haeinscute Oy oldin
OMG the brake fluid and chlorine was amazing
Deven Alexander
You know when they said don’t try that at home I’m gonna try that at home
Jordan Yale
Jordan Yale Oy oldin
11:47 Well, it's on fire.
Witty Name
Witty Name Oy oldin
Did ya know that birds in Australia have learned how to spread fires
Laphonz Regurosa
2018 here still rewatching these episode hahaha
God loves us
God loves us Oy oldin
I'm trying that
Tamim Thajudeen
HBK DX Oy oldin
Tokin Oy oldin
First one is how they lite cigs in jail lol
Jay Ton
Jay Ton Oy oldin
140k likes=140k ppl on fbi watch list haha
Forza Universal
BeastBoy3903 Oy oldin
i want to try that last one
Herowebcomics Oy oldin
This was so crazy! And yet educational! XD
iiGamerFriesii !
Is it just me or did Link got buffed..
Halle Hablutzel
11:43 i could watch link getting scared by explosions all day
sbarnett37tiger Barnes
Good thing they wore those flimsy paper masks to filter out any toxic fumes lol
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 Oy oldin
11:45 When I text my crush...
Anthony Gallegos
Anthony Gallegos 2 oy oldin
Cnt stop laughing
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight 2 oy oldin
I love this episode. It was funny, interesting and action packed.. Plus,. look how sexy you are with your sweaty, dishevelled, long hair. ♥♥♥
Timothy Robins
Timothy Robins 2 oy oldin
This is link 😟 he's wimpy 1like = 1 more lesson link gets to be teached by rhett
xdrfox 2 oy oldin
smaller amounts dudes
Justin Merritt
Justin Merritt 2 oy oldin
Miss L
Miss L 2 oy oldin
I was prepared to swear that I could literally smell the last few attempts through the screen. Then I realized that it's probably someone in the house making supper. Those veg do not smell great and I think they might be on fire now...
Jacob Daniel
Jacob Daniel 2 oy oldin
I did it at home
iphi27 2 oy oldin
Oh Rhett, if you only knew how many times your urine would be on GMM by 2018 😂😂
BowserOfficial 2 oy oldin
WorkersComp: The Series
Trinity Gutteridge
Who has a piece of gum, a pair of scissors, an aa battery, steel wool, a phone battery, glass, bacon grease, break fluid, chlorine, rubber gloves, baggies, goggles, face masks, plastic cups, rubber bands and glad wrap but not a lighter or matches.
WILLIE ZERO 2 oy oldin
"That's at bit yellow. I think that was you."
Ann Margarette Sambilay
I just wanted to know why Link is always have a shaking hands.
Mega Tree
Mega Tree 2 oy oldin
Number 1 way to make fire the gmm chicken boom
Rosario Ramirez
Rosario Ramirez 2 oy oldin
AJ Voracek
AJ Voracek 2 oy oldin
Where can I get chlorine and brake fluid?
Aleeyah Shaheedah
"icky" "icky?" "yeh," these cuties
John Smith
John Smith 2 oy oldin
i miss eddie
CapriTV 2 oy oldin
that was sick
jeff malone
jeff malone 2 oy oldin
11:40 looks just like a scene in breaking bad haha
josethemanftw 2 oy oldin
Aren’t you not supposed to pour water on chemical fires
Caitlin Merlino
Caitlin Merlino 2 oy oldin
Anyone else really want to try the chlorine and break fluid at home?
Dennis PlayZ
Dennis PlayZ 2 oy oldin
One of the best events in GMM
Catalyst Chris
Catalyst Chris 2 oy oldin
8:42 I’m guessing this is before he drank links pee
borat bruno
borat bruno 2 oy oldin
Can I still vote in 2018 ?
Kenny Namikaze
Kenny Namikaze 2 oy oldin
One time, I poured gas onto a golf ball, it rolled into a firecracker, and made a perfect ring of fire. Made absolutely no sense...
LilMuffin May
LilMuffin May 2 oy oldin
Who's here from the bloopers?
Lightning Leopard
"I see a little bubbling action there." (Nuclear explosion)
RwB Random
RwB Random 3 oy oldin
You are not supose to put the chlorine and breakfluid in a bottle.
Luis Marcial
Luis Marcial 3 oy oldin
Welp im definitely trying the chlorine one😂
retro dog
retro dog 3 oy oldin
FTGU 3 oy oldin
Worms are lame
Denver Morgan
Denver Morgan 3 oy oldin
Hmm a little late for that “I have been instructed you might want to stand back.
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
Just toss some pringles or doritos into it. They catch fire super easily. Keep all the lint from your dryer and make little balls covered with petroleum jelly. Orange peels work really well too. I always pack those trick birthday candles that you can't blow out or reignite themselves. They can't be blown out by the wind.
Jack Benoit
Jack Benoit 3 oy oldin
Do the chlorine and brake fluid again
10,000 Bee Beard
3 yil oldin