50 Cent Weighs In On #MeToo's Place In Rap, Backlash Over Terry Crews | The View

The View
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17-Iyl, 2018



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GloriaHathor 4 kun oldin
Joseph Preston
Joseph Preston 11 kun oldin
Good luck to him and all his success but he is a bad advert for the education system in the US. He can rap and whilst he's no actor he can at least perform in a reasonable way but as himself the man is obviously uneducated and ignorant. Still got to respect all he has achieved.
Johanna Garcia
Johanna Garcia 15 kun oldin
he smoked 10 backwoods w/ no bev before the show
colleen colleen
colleen colleen 21 kun oldin
He's a fuckin joke
seyram kulewosi
seyram kulewosi 27 kun oldin
I hv always said hiphop is not for white people...idz to reach blacks people and tell em whatsup...buh business strategy brought in the white audience and mkin them think we are same.
magnavox61 Oy oldin
False police reports by pink skins on black skins...no felony charges against them by the public servants/criminals with badges?🇺🇸💯 However, now Jussie is the criminal now!!🇺🇸💯👁👁😱😳 No!!✅ The prosecutorial misconduct by public servants with badges are the criminals!!💯🇺🇸✅😳🕗😱
Lucky Knight
Lucky Knight Oy oldin
I hate that show. It is so politically polluted and guests are pressured by the crowd and the fact that a wrong opinion could make you lose money. Rap isn’t even democrat when you think about it Rap’s valors are pure capitalistic.
develon Anthony
Sunny ask why so much cursing in rap yet she love the show power.
develon Anthony
Why does movies and tv get a pass from criticism rap gets?
Jonathan Farley
I never imagined I'd ever see 50 on the View. Like it has to be the least manky show other than maybe the Real..
Denver Denver
Denver Denver 2 oy oldin
yo fifty! how about that video of joy in black face?
KingCairo_PS4 2 oy oldin
He looks uncomfortable
Iliaanna I
Iliaanna I 2 oy oldin
i really don't like the suited version of fifty. i am used to his hipster look
Dan Bui
Dan Bui 2 oy oldin
Jonas Yran-Syversen
I feel like that collar is to tight
Delores Cunningham
Formally known as Rex X
Terry Crews have all muscles and no backbone 😐
Rollin Zonez
Rollin Zonez 3 oy oldin
That suite dapper
cutsupreme6 4 oy oldin
I hate when people call him fitty in a sarcastic way its fifty motherfuckers
King Hicks
King Hicks 4 oy oldin
There isn't anything wrong with him not wanting to get into the race bait but he should have just said that don't skirt! the issue.
rose's new beginning
Realy they just brushed it off? Wow... i am so disappointed in them.
Karen Bryant
Karen Bryant 5 oy oldin
George Albano
George Albano 6 oy oldin
Does he sound like mike Tyson or is it just me?
David French
David French 6 oy oldin
"I'm obsessed with power" basically sums up The View.
2fast2furioust 7 oy oldin
That funny when White baboon get cringed by other White people
Dris Djau
Dris Djau 7 oy oldin
T 7 oy oldin
He looks so uncomfortable
Steven Bellm
Steven Bellm 7 oy oldin
I love 50. Hes not into the PC bs pushed by liberals. Epidemic Joy? What a race baiting liar.
Fast Eddie
Fast Eddie 7 oy oldin
Is it me or is 50 super happy in this interview? Lol its official. Someone is giving head under the table 😂😂😂
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
He will be there for his money after 10 years. Alright I'll prayer u only because I better then that. GOD BLESS U
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
Stop being scared and go to confession u big dummy.
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
I'm clean now homes
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
God what his money now. U got to give your heart and mind to him. Get baptize. Now your faith is between you and him. I can't help you with that. He MY CREATOR MY GOD MY LORD MY KING MY LOVE and I am his.
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
300 real muthfuckin GEE. 'LL COOL J MAMA SAID KNOCK U OUT 👉
Tee Nicole
Tee Nicole 7 oy oldin
This was a very strange interview. It was uncomfortable to watch. 50 is a very intelligent man, but the way he talked (slow talking, stuttering before every sentence) and his demeanor was awkward and didn’t seem like him.
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
U going to eat dat chop chump
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 7 oy oldin
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez 8 oy oldin
His energy is all outta wack
K Bryant
K Bryant 8 oy oldin
50 my guy period !!
Oz da GAP
Oz da GAP 8 oy oldin
Where’d 50’s eyebrows go?
Bxnyc828 8 oy oldin
Great interview!!!
Ally Meg
Ally Meg 8 oy oldin
9:08 Did he just say, "I don't know if it's an angry black woman situation." His ignorance and bigotry really showed during this interview by the way he answered questions they asked of him on social black issues. And the way he shamed Terry Crews. What a mess.
dino msp
dino msp 8 oy oldin
50 is the GOAT
E.G. Harris
E.G. Harris 8 oy oldin
Man as much as he talked about Floyd not knowing how to read he sure can't talk good
Khaled Iqbal
Khaled Iqbal 8 oy oldin
all i want to say is JUST SHUT UP MANNNN
Emmanuel Tucker
Emmanuel Tucker 8 oy oldin
That’s what make their voices not credible
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey 8 oy oldin
Lol nice try Joy. You got showed up by 50 cent on your own show. IF 50 cent can prove you wrong maybe you should rethink your stance.
Lavi Ki
Lavi Ki 8 oy oldin
Gyrl 83
Gyrl 83 8 oy oldin
Who let him go out like that. Past that brother some cocoa butter please. LOL
Adam Mcgrath
Adam Mcgrath 8 oy oldin
50 cent let that crazy liberal know what was up
ActiveAlbz 8 oy oldin
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 8 oy oldin
The comments below are ridiculous. The man lives a life most desire but they wanna knit pick on his speech or what he says. It’s all facts what he’s saying. Get out your feelings.
Wandering Oryx
Wandering Oryx 8 oy oldin
Downvote because a cancerous channel
ros yt
ros yt 8 oy oldin
These women are the devil
Laflare The Artist
He was shot in his mouth he has false teeth. you all are idiots talking about how he speaks
I think the interview was for him to redeem himself. It wasn't for him to mame points
Lee Meerun
Lee Meerun 8 oy oldin
C & C Window Cleaning
It's like they interviewed a 12 year old autistic kid after they got him drunk
TheLovely Jerald
TheLovely Jerald 8 oy oldin
He writes tweets better then he talks, and seems socially awkward.
ghandidecv 8 oy oldin
I never liked 50! I find him a very negative guy...but what is he on today?
Ciaobella Amour
Ciaobella Amour 8 oy oldin
He fucked up by throwing that “angry black woman” term 🌚🤦‍♀️. Other than that, I love me some 50 & think he was just outta place, outta his comfort zone while on that show, that’s all. He gotta be a lot more “PC” & what not because anyone who’s truly a fan knows he’s a hood nikka☠️
804ktj 8 oy oldin
50 has been cloned. The was not 50 cent. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.
Cons Mercado
Cons Mercado 8 oy oldin
i didnt believe his responses.
The Boros
The Boros 8 oy oldin
Branden Gittens
Branden Gittens 8 oy oldin
Look at his face with all that toxic femininity
Ryan Jace
Ryan Jace 8 oy oldin
Nothin wrong wit fiddy
roccorostagno 8 oy oldin
Joy Behar race-baiting again and 50 Cent grows logical answers at her. Got to love it
Hezekiahsmom 8 oy oldin
He’s not very intelligent
84 newman broadcast
Yo 5th, U look bloated yo. Get back to ur young stature. Phila
SuperHkang 8 oy oldin
i have a gut feeling he's gay which is nothing wrong
D Vogel
D Vogel 8 oy oldin
I would buy the rope, plant the tree, and build the coffin if Joy "the most useless, worthless person on Earth" would agree to hang herself
Brian Patterson
Brian Patterson 8 oy oldin
Where bro eyebrows
Dra O
Dra O 8 oy oldin
This was... weird. Sounds a bit “off.”
divalova34 8 oy oldin
I swear when I saw this episode on TV, I thought I was bugging. He sounded so fuckin stupid. Just ignorant & incoherent. He literally never made any sense.
Tina Cowar
Tina Cowar 8 oy oldin
POWER rocks! Hate on him if you want, but 50 Cent is crazy like a fox...he knows how to get attention, money, and maintain fame. Unfortunately, it seems to be his highest priorities. Oh well...no judgement here. We're all works in progress...aren't we? smh lol
Nv B
Nv B 8 oy oldin
It seems like 50 was a lil nervous at first ..but he loosened up. When asked about Terry.. What would you expect for 50 to say.. He answered the way he see it . Anything different wouldn't be 50...he kept it real. Love him, or hate him. I'm trying to figure out how that one lady doesn't like all the cursing in his music, but watch power.. How does that work?! Lol Foh lady!!!
Deb Elliott
Deb Elliott 8 oy oldin
He's put on about 20 pounds. Those Porter house steaks and that Effin vodka is goooooodddddd. #getthestrap!
simon says
simon says 8 oy oldin
Why is everybody sayin 50 weird....?
Enter Valhala
Enter Valhala 9 oy oldin
He almost looks completely different on the movie or show he was on that played during this..
Enter Valhala
Enter Valhala 9 oy oldin
50 cent is letting his body and face go, look at how fat his face looks now.
Enter Valhala
Enter Valhala 9 oy oldin
Wtf... this can't be 50 cent wtf happened to his head shape? He looks ligher too
21johnja 9 oy oldin
And they sound condescending
21johnja 9 oy oldin
He sounds high and I have NEVER heard him sound like this in an interview. He annoys me but I still like him. Confused about my own thoughts
Daniel Brady
Daniel Brady 9 oy oldin
WTF people commenting on him being dumb etc wtf.....Yeah if you know about 50 he does have a bullet in his jaw....and I could be wrong but his voice sounds a bit hoarse.....People can't be perfect all the I'm time.......and as far as people go...the Terry Crews thing really ain't that funny in the big scheme of things.....but It's FIF....how many people were listening (besides hip hop heads, streets, and other outlets) about How to Rob.....Are all you people commenting also commenting about Ja Rule and things said about their camp(Asianti, etc) like idk....the nervous comments alright people have things on their mind and sometimes things just don't be right.....
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom 9 oy oldin
White libs like joy have done more to divide us and hurt us by race than any other group. So sick
James Corsey
James Corsey 9 oy oldin
Fifty seems bloated or something
Nik Tantardini
Nik Tantardini 9 oy oldin
Wow..he actually sounds too nervous to articulate himself in front of these Feminazis. You know feminism is getting out of hand when it's scaring someone who was shot 9 times
April Locklear
April Locklear 9 oy oldin
Race baiting View!! Very obvious and he didn't take the bait. Now he's criticised by idiots.. that's liberals for you..
lamaur Thompson
lamaur Thompson 9 oy oldin
It ain’t nothing worst then a liberal black man and woman
Victor Shubert
Victor Shubert 9 oy oldin
I must say that he can conduct a interview. He did a great job. Not once I heard " know what I'm saying ".
Ask who
Ask who 9 oy oldin
He sound like he got shot again may be by may weather with a tazer
Sunpreet Singh
Sunpreet Singh 9 oy oldin
"32 million American dollar's?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☠☠☠☠
C Gus
C Gus 9 oy oldin
Did someone slap my boy in the face w some baby powder? stay away from the powdered donuts Curtis
Jabba U
Jabba U 9 oy oldin
Only dominicans and semi-woke white people call him fiddy. The rest of us call him Fithy (aka Ferrari). Filthy - L for the win.
Chris Bartlett
Chris Bartlett 9 oy oldin
at least 50 isnt dumb hes sees what these idiots are doing
The AlaiaMizhanii
This dude looks so socially awkward it’s cringe worthy the way he trolls on the Internet you would just expect him to be more talkative he comes off as very weird and very lackluster good thing he had a Plan B after that rap career because clearly his rapping is trash and his rapping days are over
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