50 Cent Weighs In On #MeToo's Place In Rap, Backlash Over Terry Crews | The View

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Rollin Zonez
Rollin Zonez 3 kun oldin
That suite dapper
cutsupreme6 Oy oldin
I hate when people call him fitty in a sarcastic way its fifty motherfuckers
King Hicks
King Hicks Oy oldin
There isn't anything wrong with him not wanting to get into the race bait but he should have just said that don't skirt! the issue.
rose's new beginning
Realy they just brushed it off? Wow... i am so disappointed in them.
Karen Bryant
Karen Bryant 2 oy oldin
George Albano
George Albano 3 oy oldin
Does he sound like mike Tyson or is it just me?
David French
David French 3 oy oldin
"I'm obsessed with power" basically sums up The View.
2fast2furioust 4 oy oldin
That funny when White baboon get cringed by other White people
Dris Djau
Dris Djau 4 oy oldin
T 4 oy oldin
He looks so uncomfortable
Steven Bellm
Steven Bellm 4 oy oldin
I love 50. Hes not into the PC bs pushed by liberals. Epidemic Joy? What a race baiting liar.
Eddie DeSilva
Eddie DeSilva 4 oy oldin
Is it me or is 50 super happy in this interview? Lol its official. Someone is giving head under the table 😂😂😂
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
He will be there for his money after 10 years. Alright I'll prayer u only because I better then that. GOD BLESS U
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
Stop being scared and go to confession u big dummy.
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
I'm clean now homes
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
God what his money now. U got to give your heart and mind to him. Get baptize. Now your faith is between you and him. I can't help you with that. He MY CREATOR MY GOD MY LORD MY KING MY LOVE and I am his.
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
300 real muthfuckin GEE. 'LL COOL J MAMA SAID KNOCK U OUT 👉
Tee Nicole
Tee Nicole 4 oy oldin
This was a very strange interview. It was uncomfortable to watch. 50 is a very intelligent man, but the way he talked (slow talking, stuttering before every sentence) and his demeanor was awkward and didn’t seem like him.
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
U going to eat dat chop chump
Richard Razo
Richard Razo 4 oy oldin
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez 5 oy oldin
His energy is all outta wack
K Bryant
K Bryant 5 oy oldin
50 my guy period !!
Oz da GAP
Oz da GAP 5 oy oldin
Where’d 50’s eyebrows go?
Bxnyc828 5 oy oldin
Great interview!!!
Ally Meg
Ally Meg 5 oy oldin
9:08 Did he just say, "I don't know if it's an angry black woman situation." His ignorance and bigotry really showed during this interview by the way he answered questions they asked of him on social black issues. And the way he shamed Terry Crews. What a mess.
dino msp
dino msp 5 oy oldin
50 is the GOAT
E.G. Harris
E.G. Harris 5 oy oldin
Man as much as he talked about Floyd not knowing how to read he sure can't talk good
Khaled Iqbal
Khaled Iqbal 5 oy oldin
all i want to say is JUST SHUT UP MANNNN
Emmanuel Tucker
Emmanuel Tucker 5 oy oldin
That’s what make their voices not credible
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey 5 oy oldin
Lol nice try Joy. You got showed up by 50 cent on your own show. IF 50 cent can prove you wrong maybe you should rethink your stance.
Lavi Ki
Lavi Ki 5 oy oldin
Patz Gyrl
Patz Gyrl 5 oy oldin
Who let him go out like that. Past that brother some cocoa butter please. LOL
Adam Mcgrath
Adam Mcgrath 5 oy oldin
50 cent let that crazy liberal know what was up
ActiveAlbz 5 oy oldin
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 5 oy oldin
The comments below are ridiculous. The man lives a life most desire but they wanna knit pick on his speech or what he says. It’s all facts what he’s saying. Get out your feelings.
Wandering Oryx
Wandering Oryx 5 oy oldin
Downvote because a cancerous channel
ros yt
ros yt 5 oy oldin
These women are the devil
Laflare The Artist
He was shot in his mouth he has false teeth. you all are idiots talking about how he speaks
I think the interview was for him to redeem himself. It wasn't for him to mame points
Lee Meerun
Lee Meerun 5 oy oldin
C & C Window Cleaning
It's like they interviewed a 12 year old autistic kid after they got him drunk
TheLovely Jerald
TheLovely Jerald 5 oy oldin
He writes tweets better then he talks, and seems socially awkward.
ghandidecv 5 oy oldin
I never liked 50! I find him a very negative guy...but what is he on today?
Ciaobella Amour
Ciaobella Amour 5 oy oldin
He fucked up by throwing that “angry black woman” term 🌚🤦‍♀️. Other than that, I love me some 50 & think he was just outta place, outta his comfort zone while on that show, that’s all. He gotta be a lot more “PC” & what not because anyone who’s truly a fan knows he’s a hood nikka☠️
804ktj 5 oy oldin
50 has been cloned. The was not 50 cent. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.
Cons Mercado
Cons Mercado 5 oy oldin
i didnt believe his responses.