6 Bizarre Brain Tricks

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5-Iyn, 2017

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 382
Jacie Guillory
Jacie Guillory 6 soat oldin
I had half a hamburger lol
U should have asked how to spell fort, then tell him to say fort twice. Then ask him what do u eat soup with
Christian Dicus
Christian Dicus Kun oldin
When link squirms around cause he’s making eye contact with Rhett - so cuuuute 😂
Mooncows 3 kun oldin
it actually worked
I said carrot wtf
KevinPlayz 6 kun oldin
Hmmmm rutabaga
Moises Del Mundo
Moises Del Mundo 6 kun oldin
It works 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jaden Luce
Jaden Luce 8 kun oldin
4:30 dudddeere that was so weird. I have the same thing for breakfast every day and I had no idea what I ate
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown 9 kun oldin
“You know what come and smell my garlic finger”
Silent Anarchy 7
Silent Anarchy 7 9 kun oldin
Litrely at 4:31 i forgot what i had for break fast but for break fast i did not eat and i started thinking i ate bacon
Tennessee Dipper00
Tennessee Dipper00 10 kun oldin
I looked right
Layne Neal
Layne Neal 10 kun oldin
Troy Naquin
Troy Naquin 10 kun oldin
.... I ate nothing for breakfast
Ehsan Murtaza
Ehsan Murtaza 10 kun oldin
When Rhett said if you’re lying you look left he looked left
T. M. S.
T. M. S. 10 kun oldin
I was thinking about the breakfast thing and I remembered that I didn’t have breakfast yesterday 😂
Wast 11 kun oldin
I dont eat breakfast
Jarreth Bidonne
Jarreth Bidonne 11 kun oldin
Jokes on you I didn’t have breakfast
Chad h
Chad h 11 kun oldin
I just want to know how link thought he was eating chicken when it was steak
Gage Moody
Gage Moody 11 kun oldin
I didn't eat breakfast
demonheart13 12 kun oldin
They asked what I ate for breakfast while I'm currently eating cinnamon toast crunch lol
chrisalynn lackey
chrisalynn lackey 12 kun oldin
Actually Rhett trick question! I haven't had breakfast yet lol
welp oof
welp oof 13 kun oldin
Uhhhh I don’t remember what I had for breakfast that’s weird
Clumsy Pigeon
Clumsy Pigeon 13 kun oldin
When he asked what I was eating for breakfast, I had a mouth full of off brand Craves and it took me a minute to remember
Rachel McNeill
Rachel McNeill 14 kun oldin
If you cant see or smell you cant tell the difference between an onion & an apple
Z.Skye 14 kun oldin
When Rhett held up the paper saying “Links got scissors” I thought it was a cry for help
Pegasus 14 kun oldin
I ate cereal.
Drew Welker
Drew Welker 15 kun oldin
Oh my god. I stared so intensely at Rhett’s face and I couldn’t remember so I scrunched my face until I looked like I was constipated but I did it. I remembered without looking away
Megaladon7k 16 kun oldin
Wtf i said carrot that’s actually mental
Alicyn Senior
Alicyn Senior 16 kun oldin
Rhett need to tell Link to spell the words a few times and then say it. It would’ve worked better, if anyone knows what I’m talking about.
LilyDoesRandom !!
LilyDoesRandom !! 16 kun oldin
4:34 I watched this while eating my breakfast of chips.
Em Anderson
Em Anderson 16 kun oldin
Who is in 2019 at 5:50am knowing that they hay work in the morning
Aqua Dragon85
Aqua Dragon85 17 kun oldin
Me: *Stares into Rhett's eyes* Rhett: What did you have for breakfast? Me: *Whispering* Taco.. Bell.
Angela Rios
Angela Rios 19 kun oldin
I wonder how they would like morir soñando(dominican drink which is orange juice and milk mixed together) 🤔🤔
Pedhi 20 kun oldin
This was a good morning ab workout for me thank you guys.
Sean Enz
Sean Enz 21 kun oldin
Omg me and Rhett just had prolonged eye contact, I can die happy!!
Saoirse Carruthers
Saoirse Carruthers 21 kun oldin
Link seems high in this one 😂
Landon Korzenowski
Landon Korzenowski 21 kun oldin
I think I had coffee but it almost worked
Ethan Ball
Ethan Ball 21 kun oldin
It didn't work
Ethan Ball
Ethan Ball 21 kun oldin
I had cereal
kroniik jones
kroniik jones 21 kun oldin
I forgot what I had for breakfast
DJAppyD 25 kun oldin
Someone did the carrot one to me I fell for it.
J-Hope and Jimin Stole Suga's swag
Lmao im eating my breakfast while watching this
Ashley Hillis
Ashley Hillis 27 kun oldin
I looked right without even realizing it because I couldn’t remember and I was trying to remember it
A&KConstruction 27 kun oldin
I never realized how often Neil interrupts rhett 😂😂
Megan Renae
Megan Renae 27 kun oldin
The eye thing has to do with the part of your brain being accessed.
Catalyst Chris
Catalyst Chris 27 kun oldin
The Rock Paper Scissors one works all the time for me I always say to my friends (like for the last piece of pizza) Rock Paper Scissors for it
Emma Dorothy
Emma Dorothy 29 kun oldin
No it didn’t work for me
Anna Wellsley
Anna Wellsley 29 kun oldin
Bruh I had the answer but still looked away
Kimberly Lopez
OMG!! I legit couldn’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning.. then when Rhett looked away then I looked away I remember. It worked through the internet!!!! 😱😂😂
Octavia Brown
Octavia Brown Oy oldin
I said carrot
jiangran ge
jiangran ge Oy oldin
What if I didn't eat breakfast?
Lucy Worth
Lucy Worth Oy oldin
Is link drunk?
The Vlog Life
The Vlog Life Oy oldin
No, doesn't work on me, vegetables are my breakfast
Kalli Fair
Kalli Fair Oy oldin
I had a burrito for breakfast.
Ally Hall
Ally Hall Oy oldin
The carrot thing worked on my nana
Level M
Level M Oy oldin
As me, I can confirm that I am not a 'great person'. 🚾
Director Hoffman
I was baking when they leaned in to the camra
Joc Tatum
Joc Tatum Oy oldin
I looked him in the eyes and said i didnt eat breakfast 😂 cause fr i didnt
인오니 Oy oldin
I did think of carrots
ztm454 Oy oldin
What did you eat for breakfast me :dinner
Sophie Ross
Sophie Ross Oy oldin
Hah fools on you I dont eat breakfast
Tyler Niblick
Tyler Niblick Oy oldin
i didnt eat breakfast :)
justgreg -_-
justgreg -_- Oy oldin
7:11 “you know what? Come over here and shmell my *GaRLiC FanGer* .”
brieasy coleslaw
I said carrot
Prince of Light
I looked to the left when i was recalling
ytubeanon Oy oldin
Ellie, the girl of camera, sounds precisely like a dumb person who thinks they're smart
LOtotheL Oy oldin
Link is annoying asf
LOtotheL Oy oldin
+Nashlynn Mathias no I'm right, he's bitching 10/10 times and the way he talks is annoying asf
Nashlynn Mathias
LOtotheL wrong
Kayla Ninja
Kayla Ninja Oy oldin
I don’t remember!!!!
Kristin Bass
Kristin Bass Oy oldin
I had coffee
Taran Eden Casey
Is link drunk haha
Rayumi Oy oldin
Rayumi Oy oldin
Oh now I remember it was grilled cheese xD
Rayumi Oy oldin
2:43 my sister did this trick on me and I said carrot! Same with everyone in my family except m dad who said lettuce
Joc Tatum
Joc Tatum Oy oldin
I said celery
Painkiller743 Oy oldin
I was eating breakfast while watching this lol
Amanda Anthony
I was about to comment that it doesn’t work through the internet, but I think it didn’t work because I’m eating my breakfast right now.... so I’m not a good test subject
Rebecca Stolberg
One day when working retail, I completely lost my voice, and had to whisper to all my customers. Even though I told them why I had to whisper, 70% of the customers would whisper back to me at some point in the conversation.
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Oy oldin
You look to your non-dominant side when you are lying.
Megan Harris
Megan Harris Oy oldin
These dudes seem stoned as heck
Sierra Gump
Sierra Gump Oy oldin
I know I am lol
Bicycle sunday
Make one time that goodmythicalmoreMore GMMM
Sakamoto Asuka
with the milk why would you taste the third one because out to process of elimination it would be the one that you hadn't guessed yet.
cody bo
cody bo Oy oldin
7:27 it's because you CUT them off.
Nurdin A. Darmadi
i like good mythical more than good mythical morning
MrTinyCat Oy oldin
Gracie 5280
Gracie 5280 Oy oldin
Lol I couldn't remember what I had for breakfast when my mom asked 3 hours ago, I can't remember now so you could say it worked
jowe19 Oy oldin
Rhett should look somebody in the eyes and whisper them a question once a week
circuswannabe Oy oldin
My friend said eggplant
# SaveDaSquids
That one where he asked what we had for breakfast, I actually couldn’t remember
Sarah Workman
Sarah Workman Oy oldin
Yeah it works for me
RJ4Y Oy oldin
I don't even remember what i had for breakfast today even if i look away
Zach Golec
Zach Golec Oy oldin
I thought of blueberry😂😂
ArtNerd37 2 oy oldin
i just always start with scissors
Emily Tyner
Emily Tyner 2 oy oldin
4:32 I didn’t look away I just felt un easy idek 😂
Sorrahel 2 oy oldin
4:30 I was having breakfast at that precise time 😂😂😂😂 More precisely, yogurt with chocolate rings and crackers with honey ❤ and tea to drink 😊
Animated Snack
Animated Snack 2 oy oldin
It worked.
xXRobertoXx Arcos
Does work, i forgot
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
If I drank orange juice and someone told me it was milk...…...huhhhhhhhhhhhhh *slap * *slap*
Colinn Vanvoudenberg
4:10 on 2x speed😂
ShayAway 2 oy oldin
I could think of what I had for breakfast because I have the same thing for breakfast pretty much every day lol.
Sophie Rose
Sophie Rose 2 oy oldin
Yep it works but I looked away by accident first
J.R. Wizzle
J.R. Wizzle 2 oy oldin
The breakfast question was easy i eat the same exact thing everyday like literally everyday a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from martins restaurant