6 Bizarre Brain Tricks

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5-Iyn, 2017



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I didn't have breakfast
Tural Yamazaki
Tural Yamazaki Kun oldin
it worked
Ace Trainer Dia Angel
"what did you have for breakfast?" Joke's on you, I don't eat breakfast
Hickory Stick God
Hickory Stick God 2 kun oldin
I was thinking so long for what I ate this morning... then I remembered I didn't eat breakfast.😑😂
Purple Giraffe
Purple Giraffe 3 kun oldin
Sara Osorio
Sara Osorio 3 kun oldin
WTF? I didn't even do the math but I thought carrot!!
M_Stanfield5441 4 kun oldin
Come over here smell my garlic fingers
Clayton Wilkinson
Clayton Wilkinson 4 kun oldin
It actually worked! And when I thought about it I looked down and right 😂
Alexis Nicole
Alexis Nicole 4 kun oldin
Idk if it was just me but when he did the look me in the eyes thing to the camera.. it actually worked I could bot remember what I had.. I looked away and remembered I had gravy and biscuits.
*PAPI CHULO* 4 kun oldin
I seek this video out every few months just to hear Link say rutabaga
Yoshiki G
Yoshiki G 5 kun oldin
6:55 "When you stop somebody in the middle and ask somebody a personal question, they are most likely to do scissors. LMAO ==___________==
Karolina Będźmierowska
I love how weird Link gets sometimes and Rhett just awkwardly looks away and probably thinks to himself “what is he talking about again?” ❤️❤️😂😂 You guys are hilarious!
WalkerBrosFilms 6 kun oldin
7:17 That gave me anxiety 😂
WalkerBrosFilms 6 kun oldin
I’d smash Francine. I’m just saying. I know Stan would shoot me though, only thing stopping me😭🥺
Kahn kahn
Kahn kahn 8 kun oldin
Hah I didn't have lunch yesterday....
Dyawesome Dylan
Dyawesome Dylan 10 kun oldin
4:37 It's actually worked what the actual f
606's 707
606's 707 11 kun oldin
4:31 Me - ...egg...?
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 12 kun oldin
3:23 Rhett: "What'd you have for lunch yesterday?" Link: "Meugh."
Will 1212
Will 1212 12 kun oldin
I said carrot 🥕 😂
dontez lumpkin
dontez lumpkin 13 kun oldin
I didn't have breakfast lol
Leo Flores
Leo Flores 14 kun oldin
Link seemed as if he was hella high in this one
grapeslush 14 kun oldin
Was link drunk??
Michaël X
Michaël X 15 kun oldin
H2O, that's genius.
Tobi Stories
Tobi Stories 15 kun oldin
*looks at camera* “What’d you have for breakfast?” Me: I didn’t have breakfast...
KayCee Fry
KayCee Fry 16 kun oldin
I like the way Rhett looks at this angle.... I dunno why.... he looks cuter..? Lol I don’t know why.
Gucci Phelps
Gucci Phelps 17 kun oldin
I can’t believe that actually worked lol btw I ate garlic bread for breakfast *dont ask*
Riley Williams
Riley Williams 17 kun oldin
Bruh that’s so weird like I couldn’t remember what I had till I looked away
Wsxpress 17 kun oldin
Didnt look at the card, thought carrot..
KMR R 18 kun oldin
I said carrot 🥕
Beni G
Beni G 19 kun oldin
It totally works
John Wiggins
John Wiggins 19 kun oldin
They messed up the rock paper scissors one he was supposed to say rock paper scissors not 321 shot
John Wiggins
John Wiggins 19 kun oldin
I was eating breakfast when they asked that
Amelia Rector
Amelia Rector 19 kun oldin
It does not work through the internet...
Jacob Bates
Jacob Bates 19 kun oldin
Is link trippin or wut
Amber Willis
Amber Willis 22 kun oldin
I have my headphones in listening and I TOTALLY SAID CARROT 😱 🥕
Joshua Hetherington
Joshua Hetherington 23 kun oldin
I fell for it and then I realized I didn’t eat breakfast😂
Venatus 24 kun oldin
Tastes orange juice Link: Whole!
Oh Yea
Oh Yea 24 kun oldin
I didn’t eat breakfast
Jenna YoYoWorld
Jenna YoYoWorld 24 kun oldin
I said no I didn’t eat breakfast
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus 24 kun oldin
4:31 breaking the forth wall a lot this episode
Grape Moan
Grape Moan 24 kun oldin
*Come over here and smell my garlic finger*
Geometry Noob
Geometry Noob 25 kun oldin
Tbh idk what I had die breakfast I'm sick and i slept soooooo nothing just air XD
Abby Swartout
Abby Swartout 26 kun oldin
DottyGale8 26 kun oldin
Nope, didn’t work. I had a protein bar.
Karlie Morrison
Karlie Morrison 27 kun oldin
4:11 I eventually figured out that I look down when I’m lying and I look up when I’m actually trying to think about something
Annais M
Annais M 28 kun oldin
"mmmm... Rutabaga" -link 2017
Kelsey Coffey
Kelsey Coffey 28 kun oldin
I did the first one on my husband and he said stop every time and looked so confused when I laughed. He really thought he said the right thing 🤣
David N
David N 28 kun oldin
You did quite a lot of them incorrectly
The Great Amida
The Great Amida 29 kun oldin
Yeah, Ellie is stupid. How does that counting “mind trick” lead someone to say carrot?
PN H Oy oldin
Link was a pain in the ass on this one.
ShotMan11 Oy oldin
Chicken pot pie and chicken is steak
Nicole Curtis
Nicole Curtis Oy oldin
Strange but it took me a slow 20 second before I could answer. I did want to look away!! Lol
poop Oy oldin
"Theres a 33.3% chance I'd do scissors, and you had to do it twice" Priceless
Deepucks Studio
You don’t have to ask a personal question if you say Rock Paper Scissors shoot their most likely to do scissors because you said it last
kara lynnn
kara lynnn Oy oldin
I was eating breakfast when he asked me that so it definitely didn't work😂
Adi Friel
Adi Friel Oy oldin
Vojife Oy oldin
Ha! He's fast!
Ana Domingo
Ana Domingo Oy oldin
Dang it. I fell for it Rhett. You asked the question and I accidentally looked away and said AN EGG
Chris Albertson
thank u
JEG Productions
ha, jokes on them, cus i cant afford breakfast
Sunshine Grey
Sunshine Grey Oy oldin
The trick to the carrot one is too be quick. If they think about it it won't work. This works for red and hammer as well....
Hala Al-Hayek
Hala Al-Hayek Oy oldin
16 carrot...i bet as in 16 'carrot' gold?
Gabrielle Valentino
Gabrielle Valentino 10 kun oldin
That makes sense
travis klaassen
The breakfast question worked on me
Erica Babbitt
Erica Babbitt Oy oldin
Why would people say carrot. I'm confused
Joe stone
Joe stone Oy oldin
I know this will probably get lost in the comments below, but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.
Transmitting Fire
I didn't have breakfast but I had two hard boiled eggs.
Motherly Hen
Motherly Hen Oy oldin
Well a half and a half make a whole
Tatercat Studios
I misheard it as... Rhett: what did you have for lunch? Link: moo
PoloBoy 12
PoloBoy 12 Oy oldin
lol it worked 🤣
Heidi Fierro
Heidi Fierro Oy oldin
Jake Oy oldin
I wonder if it works through the internet.. Ok I need whatever he's on..
Kayla Graham
Kayla Graham Oy oldin
Also if you whisper to Alexa she will whisper back
Jared Ledbetter
Try to make coffee with something other than water like soda, juice, blood, or something else
Samuel’s Demolition
It worked I had cereals and thought I had pizza
Big Boy
Big Boy Oy oldin
What was going on with link today lmao
Hhh Pestock
Hhh Pestock Oy oldin
Trick question. I did'nt have breakfast!
Sunshine Creeper34
When i stared i had to look away to think...
Jessica Orem
Jessica Orem Oy oldin
Sonny Flak
Sonny Flak Oy oldin
I didn’t work cause I remembered that I didn’t eat breakfast
Sione Fetalaiga
Where do you look if you are recalling a lie?
Jacie Guillory
Jacie Guillory 2 oy oldin
I had half a hamburger lol
Alex Marvin
Alex Marvin 2 oy oldin
U should have asked how to spell fort, then tell him to say fort twice. Then ask him what do u eat soup with
Christian Dicus
Christian Dicus 2 oy oldin
When link squirms around cause he’s making eye contact with Rhett - so cuuuute 😂
Mooncows 2 oy oldin
it actually worked
I said carrot wtf
KevinPlayz 2 oy oldin
Hmmmm rutabaga
Moises Del Mundo
Moises Del Mundo 2 oy oldin
It works 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jaden Luce
Jaden Luce 2 oy oldin
4:30 dudddeere that was so weird. I have the same thing for breakfast every day and I had no idea what I ate
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown 2 oy oldin
“You know what come and smell my garlic finger”
Donaven Brewer
Donaven Brewer 2 oy oldin
Litrely at 4:31 i forgot what i had for break fast but for break fast i did not eat and i started thinking i ate bacon
Tennessee Dipper00
I looked right
Layne Neal
Layne Neal 2 oy oldin
whitebean king
whitebean king 2 oy oldin
.... I ate nothing for breakfast
Ehsan Murtaza
Ehsan Murtaza 2 oy oldin
When Rhett said if you’re lying you look left he looked left
T. M. S.
T. M. S. 2 oy oldin
I was thinking about the breakfast thing and I remembered that I didn’t have breakfast yesterday 😂
Wast 2 oy oldin
I dont eat breakfast
Jarreth Bidonne
Jarreth Bidonne 2 oy oldin
Jokes on you I didn’t have breakfast
Chad h
Chad h 2 oy oldin
I just want to know how link thought he was eating chicken when it was steak
Gage Moody
Gage Moody 2 oy oldin
I didn't eat breakfast
demonheart13 2 oy oldin
They asked what I ate for breakfast while I'm currently eating cinnamon toast crunch lol
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