6 Ways to Beat the Killer from Happy Death Day (2017)

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15-Yan, 2018

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Asha jantzen
Asha jantzen Soat oldin
hahahahahahahahah i rather use a bazooka than a gun are bay be a gun
Hayden Grimm
Hayden Grimm 2 soat oldin
13:40 Oh my fucking god
galaxy girls
galaxy girls 3 soat oldin
When you did the pokemon thing of who's that pokemon i got a add #perfecttimeing
10,000 Subscribers Challenge
Gaming Diary
Gaming Diary 5 soat oldin
You still need skill, reaction time, coordination, movement, practice, speed, and accuracy when using guns because it's not game over for happy death day because she can just throw the knife at you like a dart.
Der Kruemel
Der Kruemel 6 soat oldin
Just ask 4 guys out and wait for her.
Hunter Dwelly
Hunter Dwelly 7 soat oldin
When will he realize movies arent real😂
Kuda 7 soat oldin
Whatever happened to the lethal side
khalia ruiz
khalia ruiz 7 soat oldin
Isn’t tree spelled like this for her name tri
DanielisGamer 7 soat oldin
Turn off location lol
Joel Serven
Joel Serven 9 soat oldin
This episode brought to you by home Depot
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 9 soat oldin
11:33 IT'S PIKACHU! 11:40 F*CK!!!
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 9 soat oldin
This will really help me if I ever get stuck in a time loop and get killed over and over again thanks😂
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 9 soat oldin
I can't wait until spin off
nvsmoothy 19 soat oldin
Hold up, does that walmart photo of the guns have a "Own the school year" above it? what the actual fuck
Windy 256
Windy 256 20 soat oldin
Why does this sound like death count happy death day on dead meat the start sounds exactly like that
AntzTazteBad 22 soat oldin
I'd call the frikkin cops and run
Abby Labial
Abby Labial Kun oldin
Or what if she made sure she stayed in places with a lot of people?
Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy Kun oldin
I feel like we all don't truly understand tree. SHE IS STUPID AND SUCKS A CRITICAL THINKING, after dying 12 times u could have just stayed in your room and put a bear trap, ropes, spikes, cross bow, bright flashing lights or anything that would give u 5 sec to get a knife to stab her. It would only take 2 to 3 lives to easily plan out where the kill would go in your room and trap her!!!
The Max Gamer
The Max Gamer Kun oldin
George Sampson
George Sampson Kun oldin
Go on holiday
George Sampson
George Sampson Kun oldin
After watching the groundhog Day clip in this movie I already hate this movie
Angus McCredie
Angus McCredie Kun oldin
There is probably more explanation when "Happy Death Day 2 U" comes out.
Kyle Lok
Kyle Lok Kun oldin
10:13 is my favourite part
Linh Ha
Linh Ha Kun oldin
I laughed so hard😂😂
Evan Maguire
Evan Maguire Kun oldin
10:13 thank me later
Slobz Kun oldin
just stay in a gun shop and when the killer comes the arms dealer will most likely shoot her.
abby c
abby c Kun oldin
John Carroll just got a major shoutout
Wai Law
Wai Law Kun oldin
The killer appears at night to kill you. Stay in your room and wait for any mother fucker that comes here and kill him or her lol
Luna Cisneros
Luna Cisneros Kun oldin
Happy death day is a good movie
Daniel Macario
Daniel Macario Kun oldin
Actually in one of the scenes she threw her phone away
Guy cohen hanoch
You simply cannot say "spoilers here" and then one second after expose the killers identity.. make an announcement at the beginning of the video!
poojadaso213 Kun oldin
Nathan Rucker
Nathan Rucker Kun oldin
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aaliciabaldwin Kun oldin
is this sponsored by home depot
Zane1004 Kun oldin
I would pick Armslist
Missing One
Missing One Kun oldin
This video was sponsored by Armslist
Zane1004 Kun oldin
Fredico Finjay
Fredico Finjay Kun oldin
10:57 Getting Fargo flashbacks
craxnor Kun oldin
gun->bathroom->bath->energy drink->blast whoever comes in.
Shadowedmecha Kun oldin
Maximum amount of *DEATHS* one can endure without *DYING*
Jake Felix
Jake Felix 2 kun oldin
I got an ad for the new one of these movies halfway through
Mango GM
Mango GM 2 kun oldin
11:57 Starts shooting smg bullets out of a pistol omega lul
Fennec 2 kun oldin
I fucking kill lori because i've always wondered how it feels to commit murder
BladezZ 2 kun oldin
If she’s using snap maps then drop the phone or break it
Exosine 2 kun oldin
Laughed out loud at the perfectly timed who's that pokemon haha
Blu Granny
Blu Granny 2 kun oldin
I'd honestly just tell the police that I don't feel safe anywhere except for prison cause I'm being followed, he takes me to prison, and boom, I live.
unicorn LOL
unicorn LOL 2 kun oldin
When she hit the killer with the hammer in the head tree could have took off the mask
Austin Shadow
Austin Shadow 2 kun oldin
I just grab that machete from Home Depot and paint my wall red with her blood
Mr. Birdy
Mr. Birdy 2 kun oldin
I can’t wait for Happy death day 2 u