6 Ways to Beat the Killer from Happy Death Day (2017)

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15-Yan, 2018

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Jun Ryoo
Jun Ryoo 22 daqiqa oldin
When you go to an ad right after ‘Who’s that Pokémon?’
Cara Miller
Cara Miller Soat oldin
with #4 are you sure you're trying to tell how to defeat the killer and not all the different ways to kill someone.... a wood chipper 😂
rachel rewi
rachel rewi Soat oldin
Shoot do in the head with a rifle
PαṆтḤΣя Registered
The fuckig retarded kid is DEAD if i find him irl
Sherell Watson
Sherell Watson 2 soat oldin
Chase Fisher
Chase Fisher 3 soat oldin
andrey wrwowl
andrey wrwowl 5 soat oldin
Zaier Fontanez
Zaier Fontanez 5 soat oldin
Who knew death had physical consequences? The more ya know
The Joker
The Joker 7 soat oldin
Just be somewhere where are people
Slendyjeff64 7 soat oldin
6 minutes of rules, good job
Mark Zac
Mark Zac 9 soat oldin
Just go and sit inside the police station
Kerry Struttmann
Kerry Struttmann 9 soat oldin
I know a way to kill the killer fart in the killers face. Or just keep punching him in the face.
DJ Queen
DJ Queen 10 soat oldin
Did anybody else get an ad when it said "Who's that Pokemon?"
Atoinette Baptiste
Atoinette Baptiste 12 soat oldin
Sponsored by New Orleans
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 21 soat oldin
Wow...If I die just once its game over for me.
Dragon duke
Dragon duke 22 soat oldin
I’m just gonna go get a gun like it would’ve easy
Erica of Malachite
Erica of Malachite 23 soat oldin
7. Take off their mask and when you find out who it is, kick them in the ass
Yoongi Trash
Yoongi Trash Kun oldin
I'm so confused you refer to it as a game, but i though it was just some weird world I don't get it. Can someone explain.
Chaotic Dusk
Chaotic Dusk Kun oldin
Hold the phone, since when did Walmart have firearms?!
ZEPHIS the Clapsapian
“And my personal favorite, wood chipper!” LMFAO you just earned a sub!
Nuffpooh 42
Nuffpooh 42 Kun oldin
13:41 is the reason I’m happy I live in Australia not America
Chris 0403
Chris 0403 Kun oldin
idk why im rewinding the part where she gets kicked out the window
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson 2 kun oldin
she already killed her and she came back
P erson
P erson 2 kun oldin
I'd love to see a comic where she just makes fun of the killer about the name Babyface until she leaves her alone.
J K 2 kun oldin
How to live
ahgamims 2 kun oldin
kinda excited for the sequel? well not so much excited but im curious
SweetSorrow 2 kun oldin
Well, Tree reacts differently every single morning, so how fast or slow she reacts and how she acts behaviorally also affects the morning as well. For instance, the faster she dresses and darts out of the room, the slower the asian roommate seems to get to the room, because he's probably confused as to her behavior. That affects how soon he gets to the room.
Kato 2 kun oldin
There youtube, I watched the video. Happy NOW?
HardGore Alice
HardGore Alice 2 kun oldin
bro it makes me sick when watching this movie LMAO.
Vy Đỗ Tường
Vy Đỗ Tường 2 kun oldin
Armlist.com. Of course.
Pusheenbelle Gacha 27
What if a person that wants to kill someone is watching this😨😨😨😱😱😱😵😵😵
Gamer 4 life
Gamer 4 life 2 kun oldin
I think she would have USED THAT FLAME THORWER I MEAN DANG and she also could have....broke her phone or what ever had something that can locate her and then MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD 😐😑😕WHY DIDNT SHE DO THAT⁉❓❔
Joe food gaming
Joe food gaming 2 kun oldin
16:13 boi
batman likes pizza
batman likes pizza 2 kun oldin
Looking back I feel like you were sponsored by *Armslist.com*
Bacon 2 kun oldin
I would choose to let baby face kill me.... It's a win- win situation.
Dmack18 2 kun oldin
This video was sponsored by armslist.
Kaelin Middleton
Kaelin Middleton 2 kun oldin
Wierdly enough, the snapchat feature only works when your on the app...like using a weather widget that only accurately tells u weather every time you log into it or refresh it
Dmack18 2 kun oldin
“Own the school year like a hero”
EVE CORP. 3 kun oldin
home depot/bodyguard either one, the other, or both
Jackal pl0w
Jackal pl0w 3 kun oldin
A video on the world's end?
Phieilly Dinyia
Phieilly Dinyia 3 kun oldin
you have to log into snapchat and be online in your whereabouts for it to update where you are. i doubt tree was on snapchat while escaping in the stolen car
donnysf 3 kun oldin
Reminds me of the ring on TVD
Matt Bartsch
Matt Bartsch 3 kun oldin
The research that he did fucked his search history
Jeff Gamer
Jeff Gamer 3 kun oldin
How to survive from the killer KILL YOURSELF 13 TIMES AND THAT IT
Jeff Gamer
Jeff Gamer 3 kun oldin
Kcuf uoy
Lalain Mashood
Lalain Mashood 3 kun oldin
*_oh my god they were roommates_*
Junard Romero
Junard Romero 3 kun oldin
if the killer is tracking tree by snapchat then how would the killer know that tree is in prison if cellphones are not allowed???
fullmetallovr21 3 kun oldin
So I think the non lethal solutions wouldn't be the best considering there's a good chance that once Tree gets out of prison/survives the day the killer could still get her. (She can't keep paying a body guard for the rest of her life, I doubt she could afford it, no guarantee the police would arrest her roommate or protect her well enough, and I doubt she would want to spend her life in prison). I think the reason the other non lethal ideas didn't pan out is that every time she was with the killer holding a weapon she panicked, which is fair. The gun thing is definitely the most viable kudos for that one.
music playlist YouTube
Wolf Valentine84
Wolf Valentine84 4 kun oldin
It would be cheaper to buy everything else. Rather than the one wood chipper. $670.96(no tax) would be the price. And that is not counting the oil and gas you need for the saws.
I Need More Sleep
I Need More Sleep 4 kun oldin
Which begs the obvious question, why did Lori not just shoot tree?
Ryan N
Ryan N 4 kun oldin
Pause at 13:42 it says own the school like a hero tf
Allan Skarstein
Allan Skarstein 4 kun oldin
Look at me ZERO DEATHS!
SallytheDuck 4 kun oldin
Jayden Roper
Jayden Roper 4 kun oldin
craigslist for guns ps amazing specification for armslist
P N 4 kun oldin
Oh my god, they were roomates
delta2force 4 kun oldin
shannen mclaren
shannen mclaren 4 kun oldin
I would like to see your working out for how you figured out how many chances she had it just didn't make sense to me
Nicola Josephs
Nicola Josephs 4 kun oldin
Woah,Woah,Whoa,Hold it, Don't you realize that Happy Death Day kind of ripped off Groundhog Day?😱😱
QF - QuickFilms
QF - QuickFilms 4 kun oldin
ok so am a buy a gun that is not a lot of cash BUYS SCAR A VEST SNIPER REVOLVER A LIFE TIME SUPPLIE OF AMMO and that will be i know that is not a lot
Ronique Rodriguez
Ronique Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Ill hire a bodyguard maybe like 2 or 3 bodyguards And ill like go to walmart and prison and tell the cops for sure 😁
Jonathan Pal
Jonathan Pal 4 kun oldin
Worked on the second film. Can't wait to see your thoughts about the loop after. I look forward to your theories.
Aiden Taveras
Aiden Taveras 3 kun oldin
KrayL 4 kun oldin
Electrifai 4 kun oldin
That beautiful naked scene
art freak
art freak 4 kun oldin
What did the librarian say to the kids? *Read more*
Any Game
Any Game 2 soat oldin
Jerinette Cupcake
Jerinette Cupcake 3 kun oldin
Pfttt ha
Phieilly Dinyia
Phieilly Dinyia 3 kun oldin
this confused the fuck outa me
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul 4 kun oldin
Also this guy down this comment here ur right but why impersonate him?thats just so wrong...thats blasphemy
King Eli
King Eli 4 kun oldin
Get a hammer and smash her skull in 😈
Why ?
Why ? 4 kun oldin
Ryan's gaming
Ryan's gaming 4 kun oldin
arms lost I'm a kid
Jill Jaramillo
Jill Jaramillo 4 kun oldin
Welp this was a waste of time
Tabitha Rigsby
Tabitha Rigsby 4 kun oldin
“Killer can find tree wherever she goes” 😂 I just thought it was funny.
maria perez
maria perez 5 kun oldin
Blake Fiddes
Blake Fiddes 5 kun oldin
RPGs *wait WTF!?*
SUCC 5 kun oldin
i love how he put an ad after the whos that pokemon lol
No Brainer
No Brainer 5 kun oldin
At 11:40 and ad came on about this guy getting arrested for possesion of a gun lmao
Assassin Kings
Assassin Kings 5 kun oldin
This is like Groundhog day lol
Chinzilla 5 kun oldin
In our kitchen we have an amazing thing called knifes that we could use
aafnohu YT
aafnohu YT 5 kun oldin
#1 way to kill him: Turn on a ylyl compilation and start tickling
dragon ball geek505
The gun one would not work because if the killer can find her anywhere then she is stalking her, and if she is stalking her she can see her on the website then the killer would buy a gun as well.
Sydney Turner
Sydney Turner 5 kun oldin
Home Depot
MarieTherese Jordan
The gun is the obvious solution
Pack Rattus Blogs
Pack Rattus Blogs 5 kun oldin
Solution 7: turn to you country friends who just shoot just to shoot xD
Bhintuna Maharjan
Bhintuna Maharjan 5 kun oldin
It’s weird finding out that most other states have guns and alcohol in Walmart. I never knew this before, because we don’t have guns in Rhode Island Walmart’s, we don’t even have alcohol.
Shelby Eades
Shelby Eades 5 kun oldin
xd Cal
xd Cal 5 kun oldin
The SRK 5 kun oldin
Anti Gun laws are evil and stupid I wanna ask you which country is likely to be invaded a country where only the military and law are armed or a country where everybody can be armed.
Magical Bean
Magical Bean 5 kun oldin
pure education
minimee 1712
minimee 1712 5 kun oldin
Who's that pokemon its praaa pew praa pew pew praaarraaa
apple goat
apple goat 5 kun oldin
if babyface is using snap chat to find place your phone in a place where she could get hurt
BigBoySwag 5 kun oldin
Who got a ad after the whose that Pokémon part
Jordyn Mc
Jordyn Mc 6 kun oldin
She couldn’t use armlist. Shipping usually takes 2 days and she only had one day.
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown 6 kun oldin
_sorry_ kill them with a *WOODCHIPPER*
Sui Yao Rui
Sui Yao Rui 6 kun oldin
I watched this movie and it's Deja Vu well at least good movie rather than the Blair Witch Project cos it makes my eyes hurt I am talking about the new one not the old version.
Human Foxy
Human Foxy 6 kun oldin
Human Foxy
Human Foxy 6 kun oldin
10:54 😂😂😂😂😂 I CANT BREATHE 😂😂😂😂😂
Ya.favv. tata
Ya.favv. tata 6 kun oldin
I loved that movie
Jacq Rangi
Jacq Rangi 6 kun oldin
Sooo funny bash her beeep brains in!!!!
Normal insane Gamer
Best solution ever is: go back to sleep
EXO Andromeda
EXO Andromeda 6 kun oldin
My number of deaths allowed is 1🤔😂
Love Lastic
Love Lastic 6 kun oldin
The Mind Of Craig
27 kun oldin