6 Ways to Beat the Killer from Happy Death Day (2017)

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15-Yan, 2018



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jay kane
jay kane 27 daqiqa oldin
1 if the killer wants she can get herself in prison too and if not you said it yourself its a terrible way to live 2 they will think you're crazy 3-6 who says she has money... 4 you said it yourself she doesn't know how to use these things
Iva Sivrieva
Iva Sivrieva Soat oldin
Be like Cardi B: Throw your shoe at him,preferably slipper and start beating him!
Deanna Whitt
Deanna Whitt 4 soat oldin
or just sick the qwiyet place monster on her. now the steps 1 find one. 2 tame it. 3 sick it on her. 4 watch her die. p.s or if you somehow can buy one
Jackkatuler Master
Jackkatuler Master 6 soat oldin
Easy just go to the army training and he can't kill us easy
jasmine rose
jasmine rose 7 soat oldin
Run her over
Danny Fluffy
Danny Fluffy 7 soat oldin
I would personally pick the Walmart one because then I can get an air soft gun and hurt the killer. Then I would pull off the mask and then kill them.
CoolYuki 123
CoolYuki 123 8 soat oldin
I'd pick number 6.
FireBlood 517
FireBlood 517 8 soat oldin
Or just choke her roommate....
FireBlood 517
FireBlood 517 8 soat oldin
Oh I forgot that she never rips off her killers mask until later.
Yang xiao long
Yang xiao long 8 soat oldin
It kinda scared me cause it was on Friday the 13th and it was my birthday, so i kinda thought i was gonna meet the same faith but hey i made it!!
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson 10 soat oldin
have you ever thought about baby face throwing the knife?
Basically Yes
Basically Yes 13 soat oldin
Solution 1: I’ll kill the killer then go to jail xd
JustTellTheStory 14 soat oldin
solution 7 throw away anything that could track me and go into a forest for the howl day.
Elizabeth Petrick
Elizabeth Petrick 14 soat oldin
Doge and attack, thats my stradigy Edit: what I mean is, 1) find baby face murderer 2) pull out any wepon 3) if they attack, doge 4) you attack from behind 5) if you have a knife, stab them repetedly 6) survive the rest of the day
PixelatedBurrito 22
PixelatedBurrito 22 17 soat oldin
She could just break her phone, fly or/and drive to another country, and live there for the rest of her life or just lock herself in a bathroom thoughout the night
Goat Man
Goat Man Kun oldin
Killer: breaks down door to my room after killing me once or twice (so I have an idea what's going on) Me: reclining on bed loaded with different (legally obtained) firearms. Do you wanna pick how you die or...
ChimChim Kook
ChimChim Kook Kun oldin
Dameyon Kruger
Dameyon Kruger Kun oldin
Weapons aren't allowed on planes
Charley Botterill
Charley Botterill 2 kun oldin
Hahaha I literally just watched stromady with happy death day in it and it was the funniest and stupidest thing ever and I mean funny because it’s stupid 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chemical Subscript
Chemical Subscript 2 kun oldin
Yk what would be kool? If there were a craigslist for guns. Too bad that doesn’t exist tho...
gusthepro 2
gusthepro 2 2 kun oldin
What the phuck... I live in Australia and I didn't phucking know that in Louisiana, buying a gun was as easy as buying icecream in phucking Walmart
iamatthyoo 2 kun oldin
Is it just me or is the camera man never killable
iamatthyoo 2 kun oldin
How to beat her: Be the *camera man* solution 100
Lisa Leyendekker
Lisa Leyendekker 2 kun oldin
Silly Film herald. Hollywood is anti-gun, though celebrities walk around with armed bodyguards to public events anyway. They simply don't want to push people to buy firearms to protect themselves because they think Guns kill people, by themselves, with no one controlling it, and that people can't take a class to learn how to control it safely. that's absolutely absurd to them: arming citizens.
Taina Cribb
Taina Cribb 2 kun oldin
Detective Incognito
Can i spoil you? her roomate is the killer
PastelPaulina 2 kun oldin
*” And they were roommates ”* *”Me:and one was a **-tree-** killer”*
Cooper Wessling
Cooper Wessling 2 kun oldin
Sorry too interrupt but if she doesn’t kill the killer doesn’t she wake up in bed the next day?
Charles Luce
Charles Luce 3 kun oldin
Is she to young to buy a gun?
Not CommodoreNarwal64
I won’t have this problem.... I always concealed carry...
Renjirochris Babiera
Waits the killer is in tree's dream right she can just imagine any thing why did she not do that?
Alex Angela
Alex Angela 4 kun oldin
I know this is Kinda dumb but since she has Snapchat why can’t she just 1- Break her phone 2- Leave it in one specific place 3-boom there you go no tracker Please tell me if I got it wrong Thanks
oi leon
oi leon 4 kun oldin
all im saying happy death day 2 proves the other persons time loop theory
Harrison 4 kun oldin
PizzaLicious 5 kun oldin
You can also learn some sort of martial arts
taylor 5 kun oldin
craigslist for guns
Chelsea Greuter
Chelsea Greuter 5 kun oldin
I think by the end, the video just turned into a gun selling video 😂
Saria Diamonds
Saria Diamonds 5 kun oldin
ok hold up.... i have been able to get things from in my local walmart since i was 15 and i have never seen one single gun
Akihiko Hayashi
Akihiko Hayashi 5 kun oldin
Can anyone else imagine getting killed by a nail gun?
Ghost 556
Ghost 556 5 kun oldin
He said to hide to behind a tree and her nick name is tree
BoombaLyla 2108
BoombaLyla 2108 5 kun oldin
She could have spent the night with a group of people so the killer most likely wouldn’t get a chance to kill her without being caught
wowie uwu
wowie uwu 6 kun oldin
Fuck that shit I’m going to Walmart
Golden Beann
Golden Beann 6 kun oldin
I’d buy a gun and kill em
Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin 6 kun oldin
Even though most of these points would be useful don’t you think it is a little impractical to order a gun from armslist wait for it to come and then kill baby face like it would take a week or to for it to arrive
Wylde Risco
Wylde Risco 6 kun oldin
If I was in this movie...it would have been about 10 minutes long. Baby face would kill me once and in the next loop I’d bite his throat out after pulling out his fingernails slowly and feeding him his own feces, and smile at him as he bleeds to death. Then hang his body in the middle of campus with a sign that says “This is what happens when you dance with the devil!”
Antonin Ramu
Antonin Ramu 6 kun oldin
JohnnyMakesPlays 6 kun oldin
Omg u guessed the roommate in a timeliop
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl 6 kun oldin
I think it makes sense why the killer knows exactly where Tree is... the whole day is a loop right...it is possible that Lori (the killer) didn't know about the loop so she thought Tree was completely dead... because the day is a whole loop, the killer has to know where Tree is so it will be a loop.... and as for why the loop is happening...I'm more clueless than Tree was the beginning of this.(ALL JUST A THEORY)
Alessia Lanka
Alessia Lanka 6 kun oldin
The movie is like roblox
Shrek GaL
Shrek GaL 6 kun oldin
Or 6 ways to beat Lori from happy death day
Syngamerpro YT
Syngamerpro YT 7 kun oldin
I would pick 6. Armslist.com
Little_Swirl 7 kun oldin
Going to prison would not work
Bnerna Menvanez
Bnerna Menvanez 7 kun oldin
Omg In the second movie the dude is in. A loop too
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 7 kun oldin
It actually had a ad before who’s that Pokémon
DalDe05 7 kun oldin
Sleep through your birthday by staying up until 3 am so I wake up by the next day
Isabellasia Games
Isabellasia Games 7 kun oldin
ItsAbbyBlue :3
ItsAbbyBlue :3 7 kun oldin
Just use la chancla.
ScymarCraft 7 kun oldin
About that Snapchat thing... just LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME.
Potato Duck Productions
Xcraft13 Mode Gaming for MCPE
7th way to beat the killer is to Make a deadly trap
Meme Leopard
Meme Leopard 8 kun oldin
【Shiro】 8 kun oldin
She finds her via Snapchat (her phone)? Just fucking throw it in a lake.
Danny Newhouse
Danny Newhouse 9 kun oldin
Oh hey, the solution is my favorite "killer coming for the protagonist" solution. The magic spell known as gun
james young
james young 9 kun oldin
10:39 is that ron swanson?
WoofiePlays Yt
WoofiePlays Yt 9 kun oldin
the killer look like a noob from minecraft
SplitSundae Gacha!
SplitSundae Gacha! 9 kun oldin
*Here are some guns you can buy on Armslist!* **Rocket launcher appears** ..Ok now what the fu*
Theo Whatmore
Theo Whatmore 9 kun oldin
Is everyone just gonna ignore Ron Swanston at the Home Depot?
John Kylander
John Kylander 9 kun oldin
This guy is the smoothest shill I've ever seen.
Mcter FN
Mcter FN 9 kun oldin
home depot lmfao wood chipper XDDDDD
Eva Maria Zdolec
Eva Maria Zdolec 9 kun oldin
Well i have a less expencive option than a bodyguard An asian mom She will take *the belt*
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 10 kun oldin
Fun me! Well her...
Scruffums97 10 kun oldin
10:14 Kill em dead
Matt Medeiros
Matt Medeiros 10 kun oldin
The problem with the whole "keep hitting her with the hammer" at least in Canada, is that you wouldn't be protected by self-defense at that point. Canada has a "justifiable force" and "responsibility of retreat" clause on the whole "self-defense" argument - you can't shoot a dude who punches you (or stab them dead) and once they're DOWN, it's your responsibility to run, much like she did, or else you become the aggressor. Now if you were to hit them ONCE and kill them, either due to a lucky hit or subsequent events (like they fell over the banister and on their head), you'd be in the clear as well. I don't agree with it but that's what it is.
Sarah Janes
Sarah Janes 10 kun oldin
You were right ryan was in a time loop good job
Przemek Osipiak
Przemek Osipiak 10 kun oldin
i love logic that you can fire handgun at fire rate of LMG
MouldyUsername 10 kun oldin
13:40 why the fuck does it say ''own the school year'' above a gun rack??????????????
Bo Bo Chan
Bo Bo Chan 10 kun oldin
*predicts that Ryan is in a time loop* Writes of happy death day 2 “oh heck yeah let’s use this”
Pennyroyal Tea
Pennyroyal Tea 10 kun oldin
Gotta love the gun laws in my home state
Semechk i
Semechk i 10 kun oldin
Reasons why horror movies work: *Stupid Protagonist*
[ ƘƎЯMît ƘυИ ]
i would just fucking bitch slap that knife away or act insane so it looks like SHE'S the one in danger
Noah aurilio
Noah aurilio 11 kun oldin
She could stay at a police station
Enji Todoroki
Enji Todoroki 11 kun oldin
Video sponsored by Armslist.com
Zoe Deal
Zoe Deal 11 kun oldin
Pause at 13:42 and read the sign above the guns 💀
Rainey Hayes
Rainey Hayes 11 kun oldin
I'd use a non lethal approach by setting a bear trap for the killer then breaking her bones with a hammer. Hey, did I say non violent?
Venboss YT
Venboss YT 11 kun oldin
Best weapon is the pan
Alcerus 12 kun oldin
Unfortunately, Wal-Mart only sells guns to people over 21 now.
Mim F
Mim F 12 kun oldin
*"Your location on the Snap Map only updates when Snapchat is open"*
gabe torres
gabe torres 12 kun oldin
Is this a sponsored vid?
Queennar Mambi
Queennar Mambi 12 kun oldin
Well I thin the 4 5 or 6 may be the best choice because weapon is pretty much the best way to go and for sure guns she could head shot baby 1 or 2 time and she be dead and bleeding like those juice box
Oskar 96
Oskar 96 12 kun oldin
04:16 he was in a loop Happy Death day 2
TD May
TD May 13 kun oldin
It’s kinda crazy how he guessed that his friend would was in a time loop as well.
Fortnite God
Fortnite God 13 kun oldin
The Snapchat one is false I believe you can only see where the person is if there on there Snapchat
KLO 167
KLO 167 13 kun oldin
id pick Walmart, you can buy the gun, the accessories and the ammo within 5mins, and blast her head off with a fucking grenade launcher
Jacob Jeffries
Jacob Jeffries 14 kun oldin
*buys a minigun* Tree: Say hello to my little friend.
Kayagorzan 14 kun oldin
Lightningbug 14 kun oldin
Kind of ironic that you recommended that tree use a wood chipper
Enttey 14 kun oldin
She could just accept who she is thus freeing herself from that izanami
Best of Sirp
Best of Sirp 14 kun oldin
Where is #7, nuke
Christopher Swanson
Christopher Swanson 14 kun oldin
what if she gets rit of Snapchat
unkown unkown
unkown unkown 14 kun oldin
Well the white hair guy was actually in a time loop (Confirmed in happy death day 2 you) great prediction!
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