60 SECOND SEPHORA SWEEP ft. Tati Westbrook

James Charles
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HI SISTERS!! In today's video, Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru and I sat down for a CRAZY makeup challenge! Inspired by Super Market Sweep, we had 60 seconds to run through Sephora and grab as many products as we possibly could for our makeup routine! We also got into a VERY long conversation about the issues in the beauty industry, who we think is to blame, & how they can be fixed... Speaking with someone who I respect so much about a community that we care for allowed for an important conversation that I'm excited for you to hear.
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PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein
EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




18-Sen, 2018



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Theresa Soat oldin
3:28 is when the real video starts
Kelli Tobin
Kelli Tobin 4 soat oldin
I LOVED your analysis of the makeup industry. It really puts things into perspective. Gosh I thought I was just clicking a bomb video of Tati and James and I also got food for thought. Love you two!
Urfa Amber
Urfa Amber 10 soat oldin
OMG I used to love watching supermarket sweep when I was younger
Emily Troeten
Emily Troeten 14 soat oldin
wait i love this video
Alexa Segovia
Alexa Segovia 18 soat oldin
Pa shout out kasi
christine caballes
christine caballes 20 soat oldin
y did i just see this now
It's Me .marytza.
Did anyone else notice that worker in the back @ 5:32 saying she's crazy 😂🤪
Kaitlyn smith
Kaitlyn smith Kun oldin
woah this video turned into a hole essay about how to do math class and i had no clue what u were doing
Faithe M
Faithe M Kun oldin
I learned so much about the consumer/advertising stuff!!! Didn’t skip a sec👌🤗❤️
Andrea Rios
Andrea Rios Kun oldin
“My Twitter is a fresh and good time” - love it
Eduardo Dominguez
I hate Tati sorry Tati not to be mean but still I hope you’re not mad James
tronelle foreign snack
omg super marker sweep love that show and you sister james . u literally are so funny ❤️
Arabelle Greig
Arabelle Greig 2 kun oldin
Who is the guy in the back round at 3:47
Paxton Miller
Paxton Miller 2 kun oldin
3:30 Jeffree? Is that you?
Sofia Nicodemo
Sofia Nicodemo 2 kun oldin
Omg your so true wrongLaneSM
Gabriela Morales Gonzalez
Loved the conversation 💞
Julianna Miano
Julianna Miano 3 kun oldin
Alicja Muir
Alicja Muir 3 kun oldin
Just so you know before the Victorian age it was seen as "ungentlemanly" to advertise your own product. Modern advertising was introduced just before the turn of the last century. Cool huh? :) PS I completely agree with everything else you said. It's shocking to me how people think you can just do this for free like what the heck. Etsy artists have similar issues with consumers. People think artists will just create a handmade item for so cheap. If you break down pricing for, let's say, a crocheted blanket, the artist will barely make minimum wage for a $400 item. If you want something cheap, go for mass produced, sorry. PPS Sorry for the rant. Love you sister
V F 3 kun oldin
Okay, James your neck is pink and face is yellow, whyyyyy alwaaaays stopppp
Kaitlyn Erdman
Kaitlyn Erdman 3 kun oldin
The way James says "documentary".... am I saying it wrong or what? Lol
Aleksandra Dudziak
Aleksandra Dudziak 3 kun oldin
,, Sorry Sister!,, 😂🤣
Dasani9582 3 kun oldin
Great break down of the beauty industry.
Alicia Suri
Alicia Suri 4 kun oldin
I love tati sooooo much
Maureen Baker
Maureen Baker 4 kun oldin
Did James and Tati make a business podcast?
MorningStar Kematch
I find it ass backwards that so many influencers think that only their brands, sponsors or brand placement matters. The whole beauty community should understand how much goes into making it work and not judge what they don't know. Or pretend to know. You speak sister and so many will hear.📣
Daisyella 18
Daisyella 18 4 kun oldin
Wait why did I think this was a brand new video when it was in my recommended 😭😂then I saw the old intro and was like oh 😂😭
Dasha Agafonova
Dasha Agafonova 4 kun oldin
🦓🦓#F or @IQ🦁 if , but🐮 ✍🏻🌳🔜
Diamond Life
Diamond Life 5 kun oldin
James is looking damn good holyyyyyy
Kitkat 354
Kitkat 354 5 kun oldin
James: I’m not gonna use to much Me: .. James: (uses too much) Me: called it 🤣
taleenie weenie
taleenie weenie 5 kun oldin
LEGIT had no idea that the red haired person was her stepson I was yelling at the video like RANDOM STRANGER HI YES PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I was so distracted I felt so bad when I found out who that was hahaha
Melodie Flatt
Melodie Flatt 5 kun oldin
Wow, Frank discussion of your industry. I love the idea of the Sephora Sweep - super! And it's so sweet to see you two having fun and being friends.
Artsy Ava
Artsy Ava 5 kun oldin
Jill Tarnoff
Jill Tarnoff 5 kun oldin
LuvU Tati but Sister James killed this!!
Sofia Chaoui
Sofia Chaoui 5 kun oldin
lol why is she shook that that color is a medium.. did you expect medium to be even lighter than that?? smh
Mariah Johnston
Mariah Johnston 6 kun oldin
I adore this! I know I’m so late but I just found you and I loved the chatting 🖤
Rannveig Gréta
Rannveig Gréta 6 kun oldin
this is such a good video for everyone who loves makeup neetd to watch. I feel like i learned alot about hate and makeup and i just wanna talk to all the haters and ask them why do you hate this why do you not like james? like he is a legend and he is 19 and he can talk about this so well and there are like 40 even 50 year old people who do this for a living who cant talk about like i am SHOOK
andulka nguyen
andulka nguyen 6 kun oldin
just fofun i put it on speed 2 and it was so funny to watch try it no offend thou i love them both
Hugo Martinez Rodriguez
yasss queen slay
Grace Woodall
Grace Woodall 6 kun oldin
i love how james is so smart in buisness :)
Ryan Mackenzie
Ryan Mackenzie 6 kun oldin
Can yall do this again like I love this video I watch it all the time but like you should do it with Ulta
Ainul Yaqin
Ainul Yaqin 6 kun oldin
do you know what i love about his videos? They all are just essay wrapped in makeup tutorial.
Kamiko Kitara
Kamiko Kitara 7 kun oldin
someone 7 kun oldin
I feel like tati lowkey wanted to keep the peace and not talk about the controversy but james kept bringing it up lol
Angie and Alexa-A bit of every thing
James:* passes next to girl * sorry sister Me: HAHAHHAHHAAAAAAHHHHAAEEEEE
Caidence Anderson
Caidence Anderson 7 kun oldin
Omg this was so epic!!! You so have to do this with Jeffree and Shane too please!!!
Ceri Marie
Ceri Marie 7 kun oldin
Is the background a green screen?
Fernanda Franco
Fernanda Franco 7 kun oldin
No. It's just the makeup room <3
Maryn Terry
Maryn Terry 7 kun oldin
i totally agree with you with the influencer to consumer and the marketing. you explained it very well and it makes so much sense
Maria Gardner
Maria Gardner 7 kun oldin
James your amazing
Beauty Love
Beauty Love 8 kun oldin
You two are priceless.. loved this honest, truthful & fun video.
brat 8 kun oldin
do more sit down videos and talk about the beauty industry
Marisol G
Marisol G 8 kun oldin
5:33 why did she do that hahahaha omg 😂😂
Alyssa Settles
Alyssa Settles 8 kun oldin
Now I want to see this documentary
Dheeraj Chopra
Dheeraj Chopra 8 kun oldin
Why do u always say hi 👋sisters why not hi brothers🤣🤣🤣😂
georgia kerr
georgia kerr 8 kun oldin
I feel so educated
jasmine missen
jasmine missen 9 kun oldin
They should have done the Sephora Sweep but they have to do their makeup is 60 seconds A bit short but whatever 😂
Alexandra Treviño
Alexandra Treviño 9 kun oldin
Who saw James twitch at 11:24 spooky (btw March 2019)
Limey 9 kun oldin
Just because you haven't personally seen something happen doesn't mean it's not happening. If a tree falls in the woods and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Jan Piet
Jan Piet 9 kun oldin
diving into all the make-up industry shade with the queen Tati Westbrook while doing our make-up and running through Sephora for 60 seconds.
Ilovecats 88
Ilovecats 88 9 kun oldin
God dammit I think I speak for thousands of us when I say we would have loved to see his documentary
Albina Safarova
Albina Safarova 9 kun oldin
i thought her son was jeffree....
weiirdo rin
weiirdo rin 9 kun oldin
Tati is basically me when I have a short amount of time to think what food I should get. Just grab every shit I see and try em all HAHAHAHA
P4Stalot 9 kun oldin
Is that Taylor?? In drag?? Behind them??
Manda Bme
Manda Bme 10 kun oldin
I truly appreciate what you explained on here James. First time watching (subscribed), and all because of Tati. What you say makes all the sense in the world. As you stated. It is still up to us as consumers to decide what is right for us. I just wish people would understand that and quit with all the hate and jealousy! I see the hate as jealousy. Keep on doing what you do.. Hope to see more collabs with Tati! OH yeah...Tati won that round. Ya'll are great!
Krystal Bagalso
Krystal Bagalso 10 kun oldin
At 5:32 the lady in the background the girl was like crazy😹😹
Tara LA Edwards
Tara LA Edwards 10 kun oldin
#VideoBonus ; you get a marketing lesson, which is actually pretty interesting, especially when you think about how many people are watching UZvid videos instead of cable tv. The possibility’s are endless and mind blowing.
Asildas Defne
Asildas Defne 10 kun oldin
Who w a s here before 14m subs??!
GinaMaria Tackett
GinaMaria Tackett 10 kun oldin
OMG I wish that they would put supermarket sweep on netflix. lol Love you both very much
Tristan Giles
Tristan Giles 10 kun oldin
*James wipes off makeup becomes tomato no hate I’m always a tomato
Francisco DeCastro
Francisco DeCastro 11 kun oldin
FULL OF CUPCAKES 11 kun oldin
Paul Cruz
Paul Cruz 11 kun oldin
You are both amazing and i really love your make up look... and i'm impressed with Tati's make up it looks so natural...
Julia Labrecque
Julia Labrecque 11 kun oldin
oh my god i’m actually crying😂 didn’t know who the chick with the red hair was until i watched Tati’s video AND IT WAS TAYLOR!!!
purple leecree
purple leecree 11 kun oldin
It's a tie. 💗 u guys & honesty😍😍😍
vivenator 11 kun oldin
i love how sephora was packed and james kept running into ppl.
Zipp Nguyen
Zipp Nguyen 11 kun oldin
Tati is the winner!!!! Hands down...
kat botello
kat botello 11 kun oldin
Joyce Lee
Joyce Lee 11 kun oldin
This is so eye opening
Dr. Zeeha
Dr. Zeeha 11 kun oldin
If I can summarise James Charles. He's true example of Beauty with Brains. I'm totally loving his channel. Sisters xoxo 🥰.
Madelyn Gale
Madelyn Gale 11 kun oldin
I want Supermarket Sweep every day and I am 10 years old only
EILEEN P 11 kun oldin
This is so intense
Lora Janko
Lora Janko 11 kun oldin
you is beautifull
taeminstrash 12 kun oldin
Damn James SMART SMART™️
Violet Higgins
Violet Higgins 12 kun oldin
They still have reruns of supermarket sweet and its legit so much fun to watch because theres so much tension.
Emily Clem
Emily Clem 12 kun oldin
27:28 you can see her extension
Sousi Planet
Sousi Planet 12 kun oldin
I am a new sister and I really enjoy watching you’re videos and you’re videos are super helpful thx ♥️
Bri Castro
Bri Castro 12 kun oldin
Tati’s extension showing was killing me...
Kids Ammash
Kids Ammash 12 kun oldin
To anyone who is hella confused the myspace jeffree star that was walking behind tati and james was actually tati’s son in drag It was the prev vid on tati’s channel w james 😂 “putting my son in drag ftjames charles”
Shaymaa Bouchelouche
Look in the background at 5:30
Emma Kate
Emma Kate 13 kun oldin
i love going back to this video and watch james rant i love this video
Liberty Gallik
Liberty Gallik 13 kun oldin
James is honestly sooooo inspirational. He is always so sweet! Even when people hate he’s just a shining ball of fire! He’s just to perfect, I can’t take it when people talk trash! He’s honestly the best!!! I love you James!! Don’t stop what you do your the best!!
Emily Dunn
Emily Dunn 13 kun oldin
Definitely have a new outlook on sponsorships because of this!
AMG  line
AMG line 13 kun oldin
do you have a diamond button ??
Moisés Duarte
Moisés Duarte 13 kun oldin
i could ramble about advertising for forever. but i'll keep it simple. a true influencer won't get a dime for reviewing a brand. if they do get money, there's nothing wrong with that, but then they'll be considered FACES of the brand, and no longer just INFLUENCERS. but not everyone is getting money or becoming the face of brands - most beauty bloggers are NOT. they get pr packages for free, and review them for free. on top of that, whenever they're faces for a brand, youtube guidelines tell them to be upfront. i mean, that would be the ideal situation. stuff does get shady, but those are isolated cases. you can't blame most beauty bloggers, that aren't getting a cent from brands, for the shadiness and the money-hungriness of a handful of people.
Natalija Strazdina
Natalija Strazdina 13 kun oldin
Who sore the lady on the side of Tati at 5:32 showing that Taylor is crazy. How rude
Jorja Smith
Jorja Smith 13 kun oldin
Sister James when does your palette restock in Australia ❤️
Miriam Hanna Beauty
Miriam Hanna Beauty 14 kun oldin
I love that you guys addressed these major issues in the beauty industry! Thank you for all of your honesty
Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky 14 kun oldin
Guys i have a question. I have an E.L.F conture and when i put it in my face it's the same thing that without it ¿You know why?
Julia Hammoud
Julia Hammoud 14 kun oldin
Tati has been on his channel before for the makeup trivia game with Jeffrey Star
Just McKenna
Just McKenna 14 kun oldin
we live for a sister scandal
Maria-Silvia Bolland
He should do this again with Jeffree
Messy Makeup Trivia ft. Jeffree Star & Tati
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