60 SECOND SEPHORA SWEEP ft. Tati Westbrook

James Charles
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HI SISTERS!! In today's video, Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru and I sat down for a CRAZY makeup challenge! Inspired by Super Market Sweep, we had 60 seconds to run through Sephora and grab as many products as we possibly could for our makeup routine! We also got into a VERY long conversation about the issues in the beauty industry, who we think is to blame, & how they can be fixed... Speaking with someone who I respect so much about a community that we care for allowed for an important conversation that I'm excited for you to hear.
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PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein
EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




18-Sen, 2018

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rad gamer
rad gamer 36 daqiqa oldin
i love how he only started his channel about 3 years ago and he has 13 million and tati has started 8 years ago and she has 5.2million lmaooo
Ethan Huxley
Ethan Huxley Soat oldin
omg love this collab finally
Monique Vanni
Monique Vanni 4 soat oldin
Omg noughties Jeffree Star is photobombing the beginning of that Sephora segment
Brianna Mirenda
Brianna Mirenda 4 soat oldin
11:45 james gets a lil salty like if u agree😂😂
allona lafond
allona lafond 6 soat oldin
Yusssss James slay queen
Haley G
Haley G 7 soat oldin
Sub to PewDiePie plz
Vid starts at 3:29
Jayden Bentley
Jayden Bentley 9 soat oldin
Your so beautiful James if u like this I will pass out
TV News
TV News 11 soat oldin
5:33 the girl behind Tati...wow
Lemonade Peaches
Lemonade Peaches 13 soat oldin
The sister struggle is real
Nguyen Vi
Nguyen Vi 16 soat oldin
The most interesting marketing communication and branding lesson I’ve ever had
Hannah Barnard
Hannah Barnard 19 soat oldin
11:20 flashback Marie
Aleena mariya
Aleena mariya 20 soat oldin
Omg 5:32 the girl in the background It looks like she is pointing at Tati and saying she is crazy
Maridher Maridalia Hernandez
He made so much sense. The conversation was more interesting than the look this time around
Ashton McCully
Ashton McCully 21 soat oldin
when you have a meet and greet or something you should say sisters assemble and we would ALL come running
Brooke Langworthy
Brooke Langworthy 21 soat oldin
“Sorry sister” 😂😂😂
Lauren Barbee
Lauren Barbee 21 soat oldin
I seriously love yals relationship
Samantha Mathias
Samantha Mathias 22 soat oldin
Y’all look at 5:32 they lady in the back.!!💀💀
theylovekelcie Kun oldin
This looks like a tv show like the jewelry shows
Madison Diabo
Madison Diabo Kun oldin
At 5:32 look at the girl in the background 😂😂
Angelina Ivany
Angelina Ivany Kun oldin
Was it just me or the employee in the back said they were crazy 5:32
Rylie Manning
Rylie Manning Kun oldin
Sister James so true about the sponsorships and advertisement
C4ssandraa Kun oldin
This is still one of my favorite videos on UZvid. I loved watching super market sweep when I was a kid.
Destiny Kun oldin
Umm 4:54 why did you push her out the way like that ? So rude omg
C J Kun oldin
Was this before Tati not having 2faced on her channel? Cause sister James went in living 2faced.
Syd Savage
Syd Savage Kun oldin
I love sister Tati 💖💖💖
Leo Lerch
Leo Lerch Kun oldin
8:47 you look good ❤️ …always
Akanksha Tigga
Akanksha Tigga Kun oldin
U sis just cleared my all doubts about the makeup commercialisation . . is that even a sentence ... Well I don't know .. Only thing I know is now I m filled with knowledge
Captain Slime
Captain Slime Kun oldin
Flash back Mary is back😂
DIY Tumblers
DIY Tumblers Kun oldin
My name is Tatiana oml💗😂
Bev solis
Bev solis Kun oldin
Love james charles
Kate Lillie
Kate Lillie Kun oldin
Literally my two favorite beauty community people in one video together💙💙💙
Kate Lillie
Kate Lillie Kun oldin
What makeup wipes do James use???
Amore Idefk
Amore Idefk Kun oldin
8:00 literally James removing a completely different shade of foundation, it looks like a mask 😂. NO HATE *love you sister James*
Slime Craft
Slime Craft Kun oldin
I dare you to do a ALL VEGAN makeup challenge!!!!! I’d love to see you do this! Don’t do natural try to go full out!
HollynVids Kolleck
I love it how James is talking sooooo much (in a good way) and Tati is just doing makeup 😁😁
Summer Skyes
Summer Skyes Kun oldin
The lady i'm the background at 5:32 omg i'm dying 😂
Nicole Grass
Nicole Grass Kun oldin
Hey James. Risk is good. If u have any footage from ur doc pls pls pls post it
Pro Gymnast
Pro Gymnast Kun oldin
At 5:31 a i think a girl was calling tati coo coo😂😂
Aysha Khan
Aysha Khan 2 kun oldin
At 1:28 when James hugged Tati u can see swatches on his hand
Teaira 2 kun oldin
4:29-4:32 was me trying to find my mom in a huge mall 😂😂😂
Jordynn McGraw
Jordynn McGraw 2 kun oldin
Omg James we love a smart sister ..love how much your heart is into your work
Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker 2 kun oldin
Hey sisters
Paige Knightxo
Paige Knightxo 2 kun oldin
I'm only just watching this (sorry sister) but how has nobody mentioned that it looks like MySpace Jeffree star is following them 😭🤣
lottie melroy
lottie melroy 2 kun oldin
i love business james
Ava and Anna_22
Ava and Anna_22 2 kun oldin
They’re SUCH an iconic duo. They are my fav beauty influencers
Kiry Fernandez
Kiry Fernandez 2 kun oldin
60 second challenge turns into a 32 minute video hahaha
Kiry Fernandez
Kiry Fernandez 2 kun oldin
James Charles really knows his stuff bc he worked so hard for it bc this whole rant about this is so right and he worked his butt off like if u agree
Emma Häggkvist
Emma Häggkvist 2 kun oldin
James PLEASE give us that documentary! The business of this industry is hella interesting👓👓💛💛
Grayson Middler
Grayson Middler 2 kun oldin
When you were checking out this girl looked at you and thought you were crazy
Quietly sips Tea
Quietly sips Tea 2 kun oldin
They would be the best mother son duo ever I like my own comment because no one else would🥺
Ennie Munkhbat
Ennie Munkhbat 2 kun oldin
I think both of you were good but i think that Tati won. Because she got a lot of makeup, but James did really good with the things he got.
Heather Barnett
Heather Barnett 2 kun oldin
Like 1,000X - love your passion for this issue... i “decluttered” my UZvidrs a few years ago for this same issue. Just like you said, you loose the trust of your viewers...
Alis Akelyan
Alis Akelyan 2 kun oldin
Sister just get to the point
Tri 2 kun oldin
I wish i could have your palette...but my mom dosent have enough sister money....!😣😓😢😭
Hana Senju
Hana Senju 2 kun oldin
I’m a statistician, and I loved the entire part that you did about the hypothetical costs of marketing with and without influencers. I looked up what you said, the math checks out, and your views on this subject are super insightful. Thank you!
Jennifer Cromwell
Jennifer Cromwell 2 kun oldin
This would hella stress me
Maddie Queen
Maddie Queen 2 kun oldin
Sister James and sister Tati snapped
Cupcakes and Co.
Cupcakes and Co. 2 kun oldin
Sister sixty sister seconds sister Sephora sister sweep
Abby Bauguess
Abby Bauguess 2 kun oldin
Preach sister James, preach!
Abigail Calderon
Abigail Calderon 2 kun oldin
What was the name of that game show! 🤔
lighting furos
lighting furos 2 kun oldin
I’ve learned more math here than in school
Turbo Friez
Turbo Friez 2 kun oldin
I feel like after watching 30 seconds of watching James talk about marketing I went from 6 brain cells, to having a degree lmao we love a smart sister
Little Saiki
Little Saiki 2 kun oldin
He could have done sister sephora sweep.
Jillian Bimberg
Jillian Bimberg 2 kun oldin
OMG AT 5:32 the lady in the background called Tati Crazy WTF
T. Smith
T. Smith 2 kun oldin
j.C. Talks so fast, I can't understand...Tati just says, un-huh
T. Smith
T. Smith 3 kun oldin
another video where Tati thinks too highly of herself...its just make up, not. Role model
Amandeep Purewal
Amandeep Purewal 3 kun oldin
Tati your foundation matches so fricken well!!!!
Sydney Bryant
Sydney Bryant 3 kun oldin
The best foundation match James has ever had 😂
Mg Pevny
Mg Pevny 3 kun oldin
I agree when James's says that the beauty market is messed up!!!! His pallet is $39.00 at Ulta beauty. But a KKW perfume is $45.00 or more!!!
Lili Rumbo
Lili Rumbo 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or did he find his foundation color in the intro btw 2019 anybody?😱😂
Aly Jo vlogs
Aly Jo vlogs 3 kun oldin
Who is the person behind them????
Vanessa Melendez
Vanessa Melendez 2 kun oldin
Aly Jo vlogs tatis son
Millie Livingstone
Millie Livingstone 3 kun oldin
who was behind u with the red hair
Kiara Faraway
Kiara Faraway 3 kun oldin
Morgan Andrews
Morgan Andrews 3 kun oldin
I saw the room and I thought about the mr.kate makeover
Hannah Furlong
Hannah Furlong 3 kun oldin
I actually watched supermarket sweep yesterday
Sara Fantechi
Sara Fantechi 3 kun oldin
omg the employee in the background at 5:31 ! rude XD
DancingPotatoQueen 3 kun oldin
In James ears is that a paper clip ik its not I forgot what it is called it opens and closes Edit:safety clip
Irene Montaner Martin
Why did James didn't do his eyeshadow??? 😂
tori k
tori k 3 kun oldin
james went off 😂
Music Videos
Music Videos 3 kun oldin
Ily jamesssss
Tarannum Beg
Tarannum Beg 3 kun oldin
It’s understandable that they had to go into all this so deeply im not surprised Americans don’t know this basic stuff
Absari Begum
Absari Begum 3 kun oldin
Sister James is hella smart
Alexandra Claire
Alexandra Claire 3 kun oldin
when you like the video before watching...
Angel Jobelius
Angel Jobelius 3 kun oldin
did anyone see the lady in the back at the check out calling Tati crazy
Sicily Amairy
Sicily Amairy 3 kun oldin
Ok so I love James but when he took his foundation wowowowowowoowwo
Erikka Kartak
Erikka Kartak 3 kun oldin
Love this! I remember supermarket sweep, it was such a fun show. This concept is great! Thanks for doing this, I got so many smiles out of you guys!
Briana Wink
Briana Wink 3 kun oldin
JAMES! I LOVE your final look and I also live for your rants💕💕
Two Peas in a Pod
Two Peas in a Pod 3 kun oldin
Who is the person with the red wig?
Sophia Abigail
Sophia Abigail 3 kun oldin
Two Peas in a Pod tatis son
Kylie Jewell
Kylie Jewell 3 kun oldin
Would LOVE a James Charles documentary.
Siobhan Mulvey
Siobhan Mulvey 3 kun oldin
I think you both look great without any makeup as well as with makeup🌸
TAG_Wondering_ life
I wasn't alive but I saw a knock-off show similar to it
Dez Chapman
Dez Chapman 3 kun oldin
Tati kinda looks like Lana Del Rey
Miller Cox
Miller Cox 3 kun oldin
a good makeup day?!?! sis you always sister stunning
Nhoal Alhjouj
Nhoal Alhjouj 3 kun oldin
5:32 the worker in the background pointed at Tati and made a sign saying shes crazy
Lean López
Lean López 4 kun oldin
Your foundation matches, I just watched your new video and then this like wow but at the beginning not the final one
Uni Blanchard
Uni Blanchard 4 kun oldin
30:50 HIS MOM?
canaomira 4 kun oldin
This is a comment to what you said about the makeup industry's advertisement. I hope I understand the point you was making. I believe it was about paying influencer's to advertise and that it is a smart idea? If so, I agree, I don't buy magazines or watch T.V. My only exposure to advertising is the internet/social media. If they didn't advertise in this way, I'd never know anything about their products. This doesn't apply to just makeup, it applies to all products. All that aside, I don't wear makeup because my Mom didn't want me to wear it when I was a teenager and therefore, I never got into it much and never learned how to apply it in a way that it looks great. I have a hard time finding the right shade and putting certain things in the right areas. Tutorials don't even work for me. I could learn if i had a few one on one sessions with someone who knew what they were doing. But, if I did wear makeup, I'd totally go to social media for recommendations. Also, I found you by watching Tati's channel. I love your energy and personality! Keep up the great work.
Wyatt Barrett
Wyatt Barrett 4 kun oldin
Why is it that name has more subscribers then all the beauty gurus
Ilma Akther
Ilma Akther 4 kun oldin
What was the lady in the background (at 5:31) doing?