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6LACK - Pretty Little Fears ft. J. Cole (Official Music Video)

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Do better, who better, you better
Been around, like hella propellers
Wanna know, who you with, don’t tell em
Come on fellas, that aint none of your biz
Got on your body suit you know I’m on your ass today
Would you let me hit it thrice if I asked today
She know my stick nothing but magic babe
I be swinging it back and forth till you in your casket bae, mm
Girl you on my best side, mm
But she from the westside, mm mm

Now I just wanna know, don’t you sugarcoat
I’ll say it all if you won’t
Now could you tell me like it is, pretty little fears
Music to my ears
Ok, Say it loud, say it proud, you want it more
We open door, hit the couch, then the floor
I cut it up, like a scissor (SZA), love galore
She never bored, there’s so much shit we can do
You free to say whatever baby if you askin me
No limit when I’m in it, got a master p
I’m hoping I don’t have a fast release
Got me focused like I’m out here trynna get my Masters see, mm
Throwin up the peace sign, mm, girl I’m from the eastside, mmm mm
Girl you on my best side, mm
say she from the westside, mm mm

Now I just wanna know, don’t you sugarcoat
I’ll say it all if you won’t
Now could you tell me like it is, pretty little fears
Music to my ears
Now I just wanna know, don’t you sugarcoat
I’ll say it all if you won’t
Now could you tell me like it is, pretty little fears
Music to my ears

I’m lovin your light, vulnerable
Lettin your guard down, its honorable
Especially when, the past ain’t been that
Friendly to you, but, theres magic in that
You the flower that I gotta protect
To keep alive in the wintertime aye don’t you die yet
You been way more than a friend of mine we more like fam
I raise you, you raise me, let’s turn this whole life round
You can, confide in me
I could take that weight up off your shoulder blades and try to store the pain inside of me
Like why the world do you like that
Like they don’t know you God sent but me I view you like that
I’m sneakin glances thankin god that he drew you like that
Beautiful black child, come and share your black cloud
For your vibe and your smile I don’t mind a lil rain
I’m your dog ears, perk up at the sound of your name
Count on your main wildfire can’t handle your flame
Download your strain wild high, come drown in your fragrance
You that red pill that a nigga found in the matrix
Before I had you this shit was fantasy, you plant a seed
To grow some roots a branch and leaves becomes a tree of life
Until our nights are filled with peace from stress and strife
And that’s the blessing that I get from wifin you cause you
Entrust in me with the key to your heart, beating you smart
Cause even though I need a new start
Due to my past transgressions you believed in me
I guess the light I see in you is what you see in me, Lord
Say she from the westside mmmm
And she seen my best side, mmmm mmm
Now I just wanna know, don’t you sugarcoat
I’ll say it all if you won’t
Now could you tell me like it is, pretty little fears
Music to my ears
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Music video by 6LACK performing Pretty Little Fears. © 2018 LVRN/Interscope Records




15-Okt, 2018

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De Gigz Films Soat oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-PbdhsJmv-Q8.html Please watch this incredibe film.
Ingrid Avlis
Ingrid Avlis Soat oldin
I cant stop listening to this💕😭😭
Ontlametse Maleho
i mean this song is just dope on another level tho, a master piece and J. Cole is just the cherry on top. i mean like thank God they just decided to collaborate here...
Wandera Soat oldin
If you like 6lack.. check this out... uzvid.com/video/video-s_6CA2CAA58.html
Juanita Paz
Juanita Paz Soat oldin
William Mulligan
William Mulligan Soat oldin
Here at 653k
HelloBreezy Soat oldin
These pretty ass brown girls tho! 😍😍😍
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Man this track is iconic , guys who say J.cole is Trash just tell what type of artists You jam to ????
I’m called Cole aswell woohoo
Virginie Joncas
Virginie Joncas Soat oldin
WOW !!! I like it, girls are so natural, so beautifull! I want to see that more like that!! Lyrics are strong
Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino Soat oldin
Jcole is a hero
Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino Soat oldin
Here before million views
Maia Tariq
Maia Tariq Soat oldin
Thank you for this song
RichieValenz Soat oldin
JCole Took off with this Verse Damn, Had to rewind it 3x 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Frozen Mist
Frozen Mist Soat oldin
I'd go gay for both of them
Viledice Soat oldin
This is one of the best Cole verses for me
Jabari Davis
Jabari Davis Soat oldin
Yet another song promoting toxic women getting put on a pedestal
Deazyflex Soat oldin
Before a Millie
TooClean Mylife
TooClean Mylife Soat oldin
Tell Jay & Diddy that Black excellence doesn't require you to become a billionaire, #Ye love us
Bourgeois Pineapples
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍍💜 Instagram.com/BourgeoisPineapples
ibrahim akram
ibrahim akram 2 soat oldin
Buffalo, ny this video
Wiz da don
Wiz da don 2 soat oldin
I’m trying to find that multi colored sweater Cole got on tho 😐
G 2 soat oldin
the girls are stunning not like every other Ig baddie or music video vixen❤❤I find it so important to still show girls like this tbh
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph 2 soat oldin
Jcole and 6lack the best duo since Outkast...
Lorenzo Gonnellini
Lorenzo Gonnellini 2 soat oldin
Ti amo 6lack
Moses Jonson
Moses Jonson 2 soat oldin
Therapist J.Cole 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Moses Jonson
Moses Jonson 2 soat oldin
6lack is too good man holy shit
britt ney
britt ney 2 soat oldin
I can’t stop watching this😩😍
ddanicious 2 soat oldin
6lack is wack on this one, but J Cole killed it.
choz young
choz young 2 soat oldin
There is always a dislike on good stuff good reminder the world still got toxic people 😏😏
dario gargano
dario gargano 2 soat oldin
Whos from europe??
Ella Rhagosingh
Ella Rhagosingh 2 soat oldin
in love in love in love ❤️
Hansu 2 soat oldin
ok, my favorite R&B singer and rapper in one song. I'm done
Cadi llac
Cadi llac 2 soat oldin
Only here for J.Cole.
Deandre Ara
Deandre Ara 2 soat oldin
J cole is my most respected rapper he just the best 💯
charvezy cowell
charvezy cowell 2 soat oldin
Love it bro... It's lit... Norfolk Va here ✌🏽
Hugo 0-0
Hugo 0-0 2 soat oldin
cillian murphy
cillian murphy 2 soat oldin
Here before a million, but this video will probably get 5 million views 🔥
AzA RSA 2 soat oldin
I rate the song 100%, this is one of the best songs in history... 👌
Adarsh J
Adarsh J 2 soat oldin
Such a beautiful song, I love it.
J p
J p 2 soat oldin
Cole is so dope. His verse is so beautiful and kills it EVERYTIME. 💕💕🤙🏼 and the video is focused on the actual meaning rather than making naked flashy women yassss 6lack and cole 💯
Maurice2.0 2 soat oldin
6lack is short asf😂
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos 2 soat oldin
6lack is dope as fuck! come to brazillllll
Key Key
Key Key 2 soat oldin
Vee 2 soat oldin
but why do my eyes leak every time I listen to this
fabulous 2 soat oldin
6lack looks like migdget next to cole! 2018 has blessed us with tune
Why Cole look so sad in 3:33😂
Kj. 2 soat oldin
Does anyone know any songs that are similar to 6lack ft Khalid - OTW? like the same type of vibe?
Devisha t
Devisha t 2 soat oldin
Clean lyrics to this song here: uzvid.com/video/video-K7dTkaS4O0w.html
Cass Garcia
Cass Garcia 2 soat oldin
Waited 4 this 💛💛💛
Ammar Haji
Ammar Haji 2 soat oldin
6lack is a beast. Keep it up brother!
C X 2 soat oldin
So proud of 6lack for sticking to his own vision. This is my fave off the album. ♡
Joshb971 2 soat oldin
j.cole has a nice beat in this, this song is decent
KatzSandra 2 soat oldin
"Poetry in Song" 😍
josue juarez
josue juarez 2 soat oldin
Anyone know what hoodie 6lack is wearing 2:26?
Hitesh Pahwa
Hitesh Pahwa 2 soat oldin
Ft. J. Cole means J. Cole song.
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor 2 soat oldin
Benjamin Impraim
Benjamin Impraim 2 soat oldin
Nice video to a nice tune. 6LACK=CLASS.. J.COLE=MASTERCY
ER C 2 soat oldin
Named best track🔥
Bipolar 2 soat oldin
This song got me going *Stoopid*
danda adnad
danda adnad 2 soat oldin
finally 2 gorgeous, simple beautiful girls - and also natural hair for the second one - So sick and tired of fake boobs, ass, nose everywhere
drawzBOG 莎拉
drawzBOG 莎拉 2 soat oldin
pretty little fears..
Whitney Gemini
Whitney Gemini 3 soat oldin
Lara Krouts
Lara Krouts 3 soat oldin
Так атмосферно, так невероятно. Весь клип мурашки бежали
duran porch
duran porch 3 soat oldin
Leon Groce
Leon Groce 3 soat oldin
Feels like it would've worked better as J Cole ft 6lack
Stephen M
Stephen M 3 soat oldin
*Sees J.Cole* *Clicks video*
Mark Flvius
Mark Flvius 3 soat oldin
Best for the year
Mr Mulaa
Mr Mulaa 3 soat oldin
New jcole 10x better than his old self it's evident he's at the top of his game.
Jane Jacks
Jane Jacks 3 soat oldin
Dynamic duo!🔥🔥🔥 J.cole never disappoints!❤️😍❤️
PROBEATZ 3 soat oldin
Artists who needs beats lets work
Masechaba 3 soat oldin
Damn the girls in this video are mad pretty, a breath of fresh air. I'm in love 😭😍
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes 3 soat oldin
Thanks for this masterpiece
Happy 3 soat oldin
Mick Audio
Mick Audio 3 soat oldin
Yo, J. Cole is a word smith.... a bunch of us are out here in the world. I can't believe how much talent there is out there, and on Soundcloud? holy shit. Hip Hop isn't Dead at all. it's back Underground. Mainstream is stuck on Stupid. I am definitely going to request this song on the radio. As far as Mainstream goes, people like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, including 6lack, and Bryson Tiller, these dudes are so cool with it, and they don't use Autotune. Post Malone is one of them as well. and let's not forget my girl Jessie Reyez, she has got one of the most unique voices in the music industry. she isn't Pop, she's more like Hip Hop, R&B, but different.
Jurak Naser
Jurak Naser 3 soat oldin
The girls in this video ❤️
ATOM Beats
ATOM Beats 3 soat oldin
WOW :O No more words needed
Reality Truth
Reality Truth 3 soat oldin
The last strands of good blk music. Actual talent here. Thank u 6lack
OfficialMNIB 3 soat oldin
Cole a whole Legend outchea'
sara roghi
sara roghi 3 soat oldin
Here before 1 million!! You rock 6lack
Kvayseg !.
Kvayseg !. 3 soat oldin
This is dope !! I luv this song.😁
J Cole
J Cole 3 soat oldin
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I mean every single hit, is gold !
BK 3 soat oldin
DJPerZn 3 soat oldin
Coleworld 🐐
Sibusiso Madi
Sibusiso Madi 3 soat oldin
Beeen waiting for this😭😭🔥🔥
Jay Wolfe
Jay Wolfe 3 soat oldin
All around fireeeeee
Quinnzell Foster
Quinnzell Foster 3 soat oldin
Everything bout this video... the lyrics clean and the visuals are such a mood. And the 6lack cole mix is a blessing
Resego Kwati
Resego Kwati 3 soat oldin
This song soothes the heart and soul... They should make a collab album
Real Stotgic
Real Stotgic 3 soat oldin
I love this whole song but once 2:15 starts ............ Freedom enters my soul
Pastos Lazy
Pastos Lazy 3 soat oldin
Anoying voice that black has
Mike Cruz
Mike Cruz 3 soat oldin
So dope And wit no female's shaking their ass... Word!
MEDZO! ! 3 soat oldin
ya lord
ya lord 3 soat oldin
Best collab
Ayo Fr3sh!
Ayo Fr3sh! 3 soat oldin
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Kini Okash
Kini Okash 3 soat oldin
How many know J.cole is keeping the industry alive
Tr3yWay 6ix9ine
Tr3yWay 6ix9ine 3 soat oldin
Who's Here Before 1 million views
Shay-La Simmons
Shay-La Simmons 3 soat oldin
I liked it before I watched it cause of course it’s Gunna be fire lol
entractiveTV 3 soat oldin
Beautiful Black Queens,Thank you 6lack for this!! ❤️❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Amber Daye
Amber Daye 3 soat oldin
The only good thing that happened on my birthday! I fucking love this song!!! I love the 90s outfits too! So natural, so beautifully done! No one trying to out shine anyone, just perfection at it's humblest. 👌🙌👍😍💯💯💯💯
Zola Melusi
Zola Melusi 3 soat oldin
Nothing but top music.
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