7 Stories That Prove Michael Jordan WAS NOT HUMAN

Mike Korzemba
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12-May, 2016

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V1 Gibby
V1 Gibby 3 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure he was human but he was modified with robotics
LUCASALI10 4 kun oldin
Lonzo ball can do better
markmac 3 kun oldin
hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa good luck with that
FP Foolish
FP Foolish 4 kun oldin
But was he as good as *Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical*
Trym The Viking
Trym The Viking 11 kun oldin
do u think he can win a game in this era ....
yus 12 kun oldin
That is not true micheal jordan is human.
daryl D
daryl D 12 kun oldin
The mugsy incident is laughable. I mean come on. MJ ruined his career by calling him a midget. I'm sure he was called worse than that on the court.
abdelkaderelbrazi 12 kun oldin
It's actually funny how MJ "steals" Mugsy's skills in real life while, in Space Jam, he does his best to give Mugsy his skills back xD.
Demetrius Porter
Demetrius Porter 12 kun oldin
Michael Jordan greatest of All time and he was and is the most Unique talent to play Basketball a Comet sighted by all who watch the NBA
Hairee Mohd
Hairee Mohd 12 kun oldin
Where is the proof? Stupid video
jose joseph
jose joseph 12 kun oldin
jordan is the best but KING JAMES IS NOW THE RECORD BREAKER...forget championship...champion ship is for the team ..but for the statistic is for individual..thats why I RESPECT JORDAN BUT KING JAMES IS NOW THE ONE
terry lee
terry lee 12 kun oldin
i have a lot of respect to mike but what is he if he is not human?
Zachary Samarel
Zachary Samarel 13 kun oldin
Oh I see how it is Ur being racist ur saying he's not human bc he black (jk) no offense to anyone
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan 13 kun oldin
If you were lucky enough to see him in his prime, that alone was worth living.
chajimaxxx 14 kun oldin
1 sentence that prove you are blind. Hes a human you dumbass use your eyes.
Ivan Hator
Ivan Hator 15 kun oldin
I think nba players were fleah n blood robots.a playstation
Vince Tejada
Vince Tejada 15 kun oldin
Father of Basketball
John Doe
John Doe 16 kun oldin
This guy is mentally ill.
Hunter Productions
Hunter Productions 16 kun oldin
Me seeing the titled 👏🏽👋🏽
Hugo Baltazar
Hugo Baltazar 16 kun oldin
MUTOMBO THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ( closes his eyes ) shoots and scores
Unkown_aliern_343 16 kun oldin
The same thing happened to me that happened to mugsy but I wasn't called anything. I used to be the BEST basketball players out of all my friends and in my school. But I was just going against my friend for fun and I didn't make any layups and I was a god at layups. But I don't know what happened but now I'm ass as basketball 😂
May Lee
May Lee 17 kun oldin
Mine 3 favorite Michaels of all time are: Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson and Iron Mike Tyson. I hope to name my son Michael.
Paul Hiles
Paul Hiles 17 kun oldin
" He already has to much power .. We can't give him more power .. He might get smart and rebuild AFRICA and fly niggas back for free "..lol..
Danyal Ømer Erdem
Danyal Ømer Erdem 17 kun oldin
He is not a human. HE IS AIR JORDAN, u idiot 🤦‍♂️
Stephanie Resendez
Stephanie Resendez 17 kun oldin
he has a crazy sayian way of training
aldrin emia
aldrin emia 17 kun oldin
Justin Hartway
Justin Hartway 17 kun oldin
supposably not a human wrong this is bullshyt he played basketball 365 days a year ate slept n breathed basketball he is human u dumbasses this channel pisses me off starting as a little kid dude thas all he did was play basketball everyday
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 18 kun oldin
Whom evwr made this is a moron talking as of micheal is dead
Liberato Galarion
Liberato Galarion 18 kun oldin
Yeah, MJ is not human. He is an animal, a goat! 😉
Tyler White
Tyler White 18 kun oldin
..waste of time. Talent may be a fickle thing but I'd hardly say he's not human. Just chosen.
AnubisXII 19 kun oldin
Never been a basketball fan, but I loves me some Mikey. I can watch his highlights all friggen day.
teddy nyakado
teddy nyakado 19 kun oldin
all good
all good 19 kun oldin
Simply , the greatest ever
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 19 kun oldin
Are you fucking idiot?😈🤔
Jonah 1: 9
Jonah 1: 9 19 kun oldin
Not human is an understatement! Considering, he sold his soul to Satan to be able to play like that, giving up his father as the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing but another sellout! Now get this no soul having, forever will be dunking a basketball for goat Lucy in the lake of fire, receding hairline having, beans n rice on the face looking boy out of here.
Erik Boink
Erik Boink 20 kun oldin
Jordan the best ever
Jeffery Yang
Jeffery Yang 20 kun oldin
How many times he trash talk and didn't make the shot tho
Narco Polo
Narco Polo 20 kun oldin
raysgr 20 kun oldin
This is sooo boring
Ro 20 kun oldin
6:18 No one can ruin your career without your permission.
ROCKET MAN 21 kun oldin
He is so good it's crazy
Chet 21 kun oldin
LeBron isnt in the same league as Jordan.
mike theodorou
mike theodorou 21 kun oldin
I haven't watched basketball since Jordan retired
That Dude
That Dude 21 kun oldin
Didn't see anything to disagree about
JgOeSbRoKe 22 kun oldin
Hehe, 69
Brave Fart
Brave Fart 22 kun oldin
How about the time he counted down from 40 against Steve Smith?
Ooops C
Ooops C 22 kun oldin
What is this shit fuck ?
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime 22 kun oldin
RAISEONER 22 kun oldin
23 savage!!
Young Money Entertainment
And GS fanboys said Curry is better than Mj lol
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 23 kun oldin
My UZvid is being hacked.. there's more upvotes than downvotes
TGP Cambo
TGP Cambo 23 kun oldin
jordan just got talent
Aclimate 24 kun oldin
Bruh this vid has nothin to do with him not bein human deadass.
The Assassins
The Assassins 24 kun oldin
MJ is a legend and a time traveller ofc
GalaxyRTV Studios
GalaxyRTV Studios 24 kun oldin
roses are red, violets are blue, I just got clickbaited, and so did you.
Macky Clamor
Macky Clamor 25 kun oldin
ruined a mans career by teasing him for his shot? are these 11 year olds we're talking about?
Ming W
Ming W 25 kun oldin
3:28...how would Jordan know what a game 7 of the NBA Finals is like?
Lawney Dumalay
Lawney Dumalay 25 kun oldin
Mj the god ofbasketball
Joshua Sajul
Joshua Sajul 26 kun oldin
Billy Casagrand
Billy Casagrand 26 kun oldin
But he sucks ass at baseball
James Beckham jr
James Beckham jr 27 kun oldin
This proves nothing fuck is u saying
Liam Carlyle
Liam Carlyle 27 kun oldin
U just trying to find an excuse becuz mj was and always will be the best
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 27 kun oldin
The OJ Mayo is classic, old as hell but if it needs to be done he’ll do it 😂😂
Adama Bangura
Adama Bangura 28 kun oldin
Is this guy stupid or on drugs
Jean Paul Faburada
Jean Paul Faburada 28 kun oldin
do not compare lebron to mj bcoz never in hes carrer of mj got 8 points in the whole game.. lebron got only 8 points so shame
Zachary Sauve
Zachary Sauve 28 kun oldin
Not human. Goat.
svdragonzs 28 kun oldin
jordan knows how to do telekinesis thats why he can control the ball
Lord Of chaos
Lord Of chaos 29 kun oldin
Michel Jordan is not human,but a legend
Walton Zebty
Walton Zebty 29 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is human what you talking ABOUT......
Turk Oy oldin
Larry Bird dominated Jordan , the Pistons too, and get no credit.
Tim Tajic
Tim Tajic Oy oldin
mourning & rice never played toghether
Upchurch The redneck
Bruh how does this prove he’s not human
zavior gottalent
Life scares me
D.J. The End
D.J. The End Oy oldin
I can see Jordan talking trash lol. You young bucks never seen this man play. The stuff he did in games that was televised locally here Chicago only would have made your head jump in your asses
Get Money
Get Money Oy oldin
Everyone check out this link
Rugged Rugged
Rugged Rugged Oy oldin
The real title should be 7 stories why hes not fake the reason yall say not human is cuz majority of ppl on dis planet so faje thry cannot see the almost limitless potential we have as human beings peace yo im out
guyana ball
guyana ball Oy oldin
I saw the Jordan dunk I'm complete:) if you dont know the Jordan dunk it's the logo of the Jordan's shoes
Jerod S
Jerod S Oy oldin
6.9k Kobe and lebron dick ryders mad as hell their to prima Donna superstars are nothing more then that.......Jordan is legend
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes Oy oldin
My favorite was when Shaquille came to the NBA thinking he would dominate and Jordan dunked all over him and just wagged his finger like boy this ain’t no college shit here.
Josiah Mwasalanga
Al King
Al King Oy oldin
It was easy for mj, the majority of his competition back then wouldn’t even make the nba nowadays, and mj would still be an all star by today’s standards.
#3 it's not true if it was that easy they wouldn't be on that court to begin with
d a r k f o r w h a t
Don't believe it causes I saw him bleed I saw him in person he has a heart
njparker1219 Oy oldin
I think we all think he is a god
Jerod S
Jerod S Oy oldin
njparker1219 no only a great man at ball there is only one God to say that bout a simple human is blasphemous
lisa Jenrette
lisa Jenrette Oy oldin
Claudia Coronel
Is i because of Nba jam ?? 😂😂 Lmao
Tremain Smith
Tremain Smith Oy oldin
jordan is human he just pay attention 2 what je is doing at all time's just like i do basketball is so easy after so many year's of playing your used to it
PEDRO G Oy oldin
I have two points. The 'Shrug Game'. At the time Portland said they where going to lean hard on MJ any time he came near the paint. The next thing I knew he just started hitting 3's. Second point, 'The Flue Game', where Mike shinned. 38 points with a win over the Jazz in game five finals.
cajunice Oy oldin
We will never have another jordan. Kobe was good lebron is too but they cant do what jordan did
LeBron is the GOAT.
Jordan did not dunk on Mutombo he was at the basket before Mutombo had time to get there.
Oyoboy domingo
B Goins
B Goins Oy oldin
#7 is kinda a farce. He couldn’t stay faithful to a woman. Not a man of his word.
Floyd May
Floyd May Oy oldin
Claudia Valdez how would MJ comeback to 3 1 deficit when he Finished all championship at 4 1 or 4 2 scores?ur comment sucks...u know nothing
Cash Teon
Cash Teon Oy oldin
Get to the point !!!!
Coopa Woods
Coopa Woods Oy oldin
He is a competive phscoco path
Coopa Woods
Coopa Woods Oy oldin
I agree I hate jordan
Warchief Swan
Warchief Swan Oy oldin
Mike wasn't "not human". He was "extra-human". Throughout history, certain men have been born to excel at one thing and one thing only. For Jordan, that was hoops, and not minor league baseball.
RookieTV Oy oldin
1.Jordan 2.Kobe 3.Wilt chamberlain 4. LeBron 5. Magic 6. Bill russel 7. Shaquille 8. Kareem 9. Julius erving 10. Allen Iverson (best with no ring) 11. Larry bird
Chad Yeary
Chad Yeary Oy oldin
I heard he's a terrible person
KillaBeats Truiilife
6 is the number all 6 everything