7 Stories That Prove Michael Jordan WAS NOT HUMAN

Mike Korzemba
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12-May, 2016



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mj stewart
mj stewart 42 daqiqa oldin
Shut your body ass head
mj stewart
mj stewart 45 daqiqa oldin
Shut up Mike mj is human
mj stewart
mj stewart 50 daqiqa oldin
Stop lying 😤😠😡
Trichtube YT
Trichtube YT Soat oldin
7 comments that prove this video is shit
Logan Schroeder
Logan Schroeder 2 kun oldin
And 16.david Robinson 17.charles Barkley 18.bill russell 19.russell Westbrook 20.patrick ewing
Logan Schroeder
Logan Schroeder 2 kun oldin
Comment your number of your favorite player 1. Michael jordan 2.larry bird 3.magic johnson 4.hakeem olujowon 5. Shaq 6.kareem 7.wilt 8.kobe 9.lebron 10.tim duncan 11.dirk 12.d wade 13.harden 14.giannis 15.curry
Logan Schroeder
Logan Schroeder 7 soat oldin
+Haz Rook ok but who's your fav. Player
Haz Rook
Haz Rook 7 soat oldin
Logan Schroeder ok, But no one watches it
Logan Schroeder
Logan Schroeder 8 soat oldin
I know but it has the most views😁
Haz Rook
Haz Rook 16 soat oldin
U do realize this video is 2 years old and litter ally nobody will see this but me, so i think your a little late to the video?
Logan Schroeder
Logan Schroeder 2 kun oldin
I have 14 and 1
DogeDogeLove 2 kun oldin
Humbleacho 3 kun oldin
Then wtf is he then huh?? A fucking crocodile
Brian Chambers
Brian Chambers 4 kun oldin
He is racist
Aaron Earls
Aaron Earls 8 kun oldin
your trash.and what about the one were he stretched his arm from half court against the Monstars?
quad-_-feeds 9 kun oldin
He’s a human that’s for sure
Wil Koz
Wil Koz 9 kun oldin
Comparing LeBron to this legend is an insult to Jordan
I Cam Do it
I Cam Do it 10 kun oldin
Was? He is still alive. Lol
Shanaya Gosal
Shanaya Gosal 13 kun oldin
69 points easy? Then why didn't he average 69 points for his career
1000 susbcribers without any videos
when i hear not human ithink of brian scalabrine because of that 3point 360 fade away dunk
274 Unknown789
274 Unknown789 14 kun oldin
How retarded can this guy be my gooossshhhh
Michael Jordan scored 69 points😂
Wendell wilson
Wendell wilson 17 kun oldin
5:45 why is Michael Jordan #45
Ismail Safdari
Ismail Safdari 17 kun oldin
cause that was his second number
Heston Pope
Heston Pope 17 kun oldin
You are one of the stupid person in the world
AdhesiveBraeden YT
AdhesiveBraeden YT 17 kun oldin
this guy has got to be kiding me jordan is a human
Eager Gamer08
Eager Gamer08 18 kun oldin
Why the hell do you do these stupid things
Gariel Carter
Gariel Carter 18 kun oldin
If he's not human what is he he has a gift not all people can even shoot
MLY 70
MLY 70 21 kun oldin
There's even MORE proof that the Muggsy Bogues story is completely BOGUS. Not only was there no Game 5 in this series but, if you LOOK CLOSELY at that infamous shot in Game 4 you'll see: 1. The time between Muggsy catching the ball and putting up the shot was literally ONE SECOND. MJ literally did not HAVE TIME to say "Shoot it, you ******* midget!" 2. MJ's lips NEVER EVEN MOVE. Period.
John DeFoe
John DeFoe 22 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue I got click baited And so did you
Haz Rook
Haz Rook 16 soat oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue Your probably 32 This comment is useless This comment is old And so is the video So why dont you just fold?
Assault Adam
Assault Adam 20 kun oldin
How is it clickbait
Dylan Rollins
Dylan Rollins 23 kun oldin
That’s a movie not real
Dylan Rollins
Dylan Rollins 23 kun oldin
Xavi Guerrero
Xavi Guerrero 23 kun oldin
this guy is lying because in the movie space jam mugsy was in it and Jordan was nice to him
angie boulter
angie boulter 25 kun oldin
No offence but the should be 7 ABOUT Michael jordan
simas vaitkunas
simas vaitkunas 25 kun oldin
you goooooooooood
Youtube YTY_NUTT
Youtube YTY_NUTT 26 kun oldin
Jordan is just the goat
Poornima Naik-Bhat
Poornima Naik-Bhat 27 kun oldin
I think that MJ is the greatest of all time.
AnimatedTiger2018 ttps91
MJ’s career high was only 8 points more than James Harden?
T R I G G E R E D shrek
He's a terminator
Aniya Green
Aniya Green Oy oldin
He is human and larry bird told his play and the same thing happened
Wardogg 1583
Wardogg 1583 Oy oldin
Why does this dude think every good player is NOT HUMAN like it’s stupid
John Cirilo
John Cirilo Oy oldin
Lebron James will break both mj's ankles💯💯💯 100$
Jonathan Sage
Jonathan Sage Oy oldin
This guys videos are the shit
iwas ri thor
iwas ri thor Oy oldin
here's another one most nba players have a dominating college career compared to their pro career Michael Jordan was around 18 pts, 2 ast, 5 reb a game in college. in the nba discarding the wizards where he was past his prime and the 2nd season where he got injured and when he came back the 2nd time, he never average less than 28.2 pts a game .The other seasons where 22.7 ,26.9,22.9,20.0 but again he was either coming back from injury or retirement and past his prime
Justin Oy oldin
Lool the goat originally came from goat the animal because of its horns that’s why they call it greatest of all time because it refers to the devil himself
Power Gaming 234
Xavier Tucker
Xavier Tucker Oy oldin
eMcool21 P. S Fortnite All Day
Your just jealous That MJ IS BETTER THAN OTHERS
rapist man
rapist man Oy oldin
Why 69 points...
Hadley Griffin-Schmidt
what about flu game??
Captain Chief
Captain Chief Oy oldin
For the 2nd story just think Vince carter playing one of the best highschool players. But think Vince as the goat
Daryll Malaluan
But is he a Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical?
Peyton Burnette
How could dunking on someone prove he’s not human
Sam Baran
Sam Baran Oy oldin
insert the MJ finger wag meme
King Dean
King Dean Oy oldin
But...... *Is he steph curry with a 40 inch vertical*
mikes chanel
mikes chanel Oy oldin
bruhh i dont think this proves his not human he just extremely good
Aeron M.D Vales
Not true
Gariel Carter
Gariel Carter Oy oldin
I think Jordan don't like to lose like Russel Westbrook
Gariel Carter
Gariel Carter Oy oldin
If he's not human what is he? he had been Injured he cried when he had a lost what is he a robot?
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes Oy oldin
Legend has it Kobe Bryant was the Jordan twins that played the same the 2nd best an current goat the black mamba but mj an KB have the game nobody will ever have.
savas yarligan
savas yarligan 2 oy oldin
7 is not enough, you need min 10 stories to prove someone is not human. Find 3 more...
Carlos Alameda
Carlos Alameda 2 oy oldin
Like he is human what
Carlos Alameda
Carlos Alameda 2 oy oldin
This video is fucking dumb
Austin Hardin
Austin Hardin 2 oy oldin
All of this is fake and Jordan is a good guy and my mom was alive when he was playing and she knows a lot about him
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera 2 oy oldin
but is he steph curry with a 40 inch vertical tho?
Yo crackshot
Yo crackshot 2 oy oldin
That does not mean he's not a human
Jacob Nazario
Jacob Nazario 2 oy oldin
Ball life 🏀🏀🏀
hatednyc 2 oy oldin
Was not human!? Was? Did he die?
Kyler Cone
Kyler Cone 2 oy oldin
I mean mj
Kyler Cone
Kyler Cone 2 oy oldin
Everybody knows my is the🐐
pop saunders
pop saunders 2 oy oldin
Boi Yang LE36RON will never pass Jordan. For simple reasons. Stats don't fkn matter cause they don't win you championship we've seen this from Westbrook and Robertson. The fact that Jordan was literally called God by a top 2 player from back then was no question the most amazing thing that happened. Imagine Durant calling year young a God after he drops 63 on the warriors after breaking his foot the prior regular season. There are so many fkn reasons but the last one is obviously defence. Jordan wash smashed, tackled, thrown and yet they won't even get a foul called. LE36RON gets tickled and flops to get free throws. If today's game never changes none of these players will ever be goat cause this is an offensive era. No more hand checks =30ppg but no one is averaging that at all except harden who shoots 30 free throws a game.
Niya Walker
Niya Walker 2 oy oldin
Pause at 3:53 look at Jordan's jersey number😮😮😮
Ben Slee
Ben Slee 2 oy oldin
So were the fuck is the real Michael Jordan
michele scrofani
michele scrofani 2 oy oldin
why did u say he WAS not human hes still alive
MakeMoney Games
MakeMoney Games 2 oy oldin
This proves nothing
M T Oy oldin
It's because your a kid Bronsexual you don't know anything of MJ's Era
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco 2 oy oldin
He does look like human. A gorilla?
whamadoodle 2 oy oldin
Clarisse Villegas
Yo mike i still think hes a human but you have a point korzemgod🐑🐑🐑
Maya Jury
Maya Jury 2 oy oldin
People say that lebron is better than mike
Zanabeth Catorce
Zanabeth Catorce 2 oy oldin
Its not true
Supercook49 2 oy oldin
Comparing Curry and LeBron to Jordan is insulting because neither of them will ever be at Jordan’s level of greatness no matter how many championships get rigged for either of them
Jeremy Walters
Jeremy Walters 2 oy oldin
“Micheal Jordan was not human” “ Number one 1, Jordan was a MAN of his word”
hey clyde its kellar
Lebron can't stand a chance against Michael Jordan
darrel afable
darrel afable 2 oy oldin
bobo ka ba!!!!tangina ng nanay mo gago
Dewey Scalf
Dewey Scalf 2 oy oldin
Didnt Bird call what he was going to do all the time?
peyton frazier
peyton frazier 2 oy oldin
Ur right hes not human he goat human
Cheska Kawai
Cheska Kawai 2 oy oldin
You fake Jordan is a a human his the legend
colton Gagewanamaker
Do one on LeBron the goat james
colton Gagewanamaker
And Shaq or kareem
Windy City Fan
Windy City Fan 2 oy oldin
Dude he is human he’s not a robot...
Boruto2665 3 oy oldin
🤦‍♂️ youtubers are running out of ideas.
JD 3
JD 3 3 oy oldin
Is Lebron human cause damn
NoLaN 3 oy oldin
Oh yeah yeah
gamingbaton / rayalmighty
Michael Jordan wants to see if people are tough but gets carried away
Jailynn The donut
Your finally not yelling😂😂
Samwich09 Phillips
This doesn’t prove anything
Malaki McIntosh
Malaki McIntosh 3 oy oldin
Lebron james is the best in the world and the nba even said
Vincent Raphael Duenas
U mean Game 6 of the Finals 😉 he never went to a game 7
Jakobe Stringfield
mike can you respond
Cp Life
Cp Life 3 oy oldin
Theeeeee G.o.a.t.
the dj gamerkid 8523
the dj gamerkid 8523
What if he scored 100 points
Giko Lomidze
Giko Lomidze 3 oy oldin
Hi is trash talker
ShucksItsMystic 3 oy oldin
does he have organs...yes then he is human
Hydrajet Vidz
Hydrajet Vidz 3 oy oldin
I think mj might of just had a social disability such as asbergers but if I am correct this would have been on a very low level
Sebastian Vargas
Sebastian Vargas 3 oy oldin
What this video makes no sense just cuz ur competitive pyscopath doesnt mean that u should be called "prove that MJ is not human"
Khalid Alkhanshali
Michael Jordan is a legend
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