7 Stories That Prove Michael Jordan WAS NOT HUMAN

Mike Korzemba
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12-May, 2016

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GamePlayFilmsAndMore! Vela
Dude he is human he’s not a robot...
Boruto2665 Kun oldin
🤦‍♂️ youtubers are running out of ideas.
JD 3
JD 3 Kun oldin
Is Lebron human cause damn
FaZe_max 2 kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
gamingbaton / rayalmighty
Michael Jordan wants to see if people are tough but gets carried away
Jailynn and Dakotta
Your finally not yelling😂😂
Samwich09 Phillips
Samwich09 Phillips 7 kun oldin
This doesn’t prove anything
Malaki McIntosh
Malaki McIntosh 11 kun oldin
Lebron james is the best in the world and the nba even said
Vincent Raphael Duenas
U mean Game 6 of the Finals 😉 he never went to a game 7
Jakobe Stringfield
Jakobe Stringfield 12 kun oldin
mike can you respond
Sports World
Sports World 12 kun oldin
Theeeeee G.o.a.t.
the dj gamerkid 8523
the dj gamerkid 8523
What if he scored 100 points
Giko Lomidze
Giko Lomidze 15 kun oldin
Hi is trash talker
ShucksItsMystic 15 kun oldin
does he have organs...yes then he is human
Hydrajet Vidz
Hydrajet Vidz 15 kun oldin
I think mj might of just had a social disability such as asbergers but if I am correct this would have been on a very low level
Sebastian Vargas
Sebastian Vargas 15 kun oldin
What this video makes no sense just cuz ur competitive pyscopath doesnt mean that u should be called "prove that MJ is not human"
Khalid Alkhanshali
Khalid Alkhanshali 16 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is a legend
Supreme JaeDon
Supreme JaeDon 16 kun oldin
Michael Jordan was a sweaty and a asshole😂
Joedog 2156
Joedog 2156 16 kun oldin
MJ#1 Magic Johnson#2 kobe#3
Isight 16 kun oldin
Lebron James is way better cause back then no one knew how to play defense but MJ took advantage of that and destroyed the other players lebron will score 140 points on those people’s honestly
Ama Gambrah
Ama Gambrah 16 kun oldin
Stephen curry larbran james kobe Bryant Michel jordan
Joedog 2156
Joedog 2156 16 kun oldin
What about magic johnson
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith 16 kun oldin
Your gay he’s human you dummy
Milo Chalin
Milo Chalin 17 kun oldin
When you get clickbaited
Chiping Hu
Chiping Hu 17 kun oldin
Kobe's daughter goes to my school
Gino Zagorac
Gino Zagorac 17 kun oldin
1 MJ 2 Kobe 3Lebron
Lost *OC*
Lost *OC* 17 kun oldin
FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE, you can’t compare MJ with Curry or Lebron, They all played in different Era’s (Beside Lebron And curry same Era) against different players and teams, like for example, I think The ‘96 Bulls are better than the 2016 Cavs, my opinion but people can never really compare
Docomonater Skywalker
I wish they created something for Michael Jordan on 2k19 where you would be able to control him and do parts of his life that was big. Kind of how wwe2k16 did with cold stone Steve Austin except with Michael jordan
Kaden Hinton
Kaden Hinton 17 kun oldin
Jordan is the goat
charlie plowright
charlie plowright 17 kun oldin
bruh if u waved a finger at a player now youll get a tec i hate soft nba
Keith Malan
Keith Malan 17 kun oldin
decepticconnor 21
decepticconnor 21 17 kun oldin
You’re just saying he’s not human cause he’s black lol
The Nice Eye
The Nice Eye 17 kun oldin
Micheal has great skill in basketball
Brad Matznick
Brad Matznick 17 kun oldin
He is just the beta and always will be people are just fucking lire’s and like little pussy jame
Craig Army soldier 1642
Boi you are just jealous it’s noticeable
Ethan Dwayne Saguid
Ethan Dwayne Saguid 17 kun oldin
Stop believing this is not true
IVORY HEGLER 18 kun oldin
what about Kobe bryant.
IVORY HEGLER 18 kun oldin
my dad looks like mj.
Trevor Burger
Trevor Burger 18 kun oldin
Y’all dum he is real dum asses
Only Ya bros
Only Ya bros 18 kun oldin
This UZvidr is soooo dumb he is a real person
Vine Wood
Vine Wood 18 kun oldin
GOD, Legendary, if you were around in the 90's to see all Bulls Finals consider yourself lucky...
Alva Cassel
Alva Cassel 18 kun oldin
GamerzPlay On
GamerzPlay On 18 kun oldin
He is human r u, bc he is just a very good player it's him being good
Self M8
Self M8 17 kun oldin
GamerzPlay On it’s a joke dumbass😂🤣😂
Pooping Turtle
Pooping Turtle 19 kun oldin
Lmao that was Ewing not Mutumbo 😭💀
basketball and crative destruction boss
Are you dumb mj is real
Luke B
Luke B 20 kun oldin
He is a human and you can't stop me from believing that he is not human
Supersaingod 20 kun oldin
He just good at the game
Tareq Wiese
Tareq Wiese 21 kun oldin
Can you make a Isaiah Austin video
destroy mod
destroy mod 21 kun oldin
He’s not human....he’s a GOAT
T-STORM 21 kun oldin
Michael Jackson WAS not human, does that mean he is now human
Is It Too Much?
2 kun oldin