73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

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On the eve of the release of her new film, "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga invites Vogue to her LA home and answers 73 intriguing questions. While sitting outside, amongst perfectly placed potted plants and flowering ivy, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting process, working with actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming Vegas residency.
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73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue
Created By: Joe Sabia
Styled By: Taylor Angino



13-Sen, 2018

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SNM 4 soat oldin
She is so nice and very kind
Julienne's Life
Julienne's Life 12 soat oldin
lady gaga looked like a sim character lmao
Dr.B.K. Dwivedi
Dr.B.K. Dwivedi 16 soat oldin
Love yr music composing lady..... GAGA
Isabella Roberts
Isabella Roberts 22 soat oldin
This is the only 73 questions that I've seen, that doesn't seem scripted
Thronlem Wenn
Thronlem Wenn 22 soat oldin
I just wanna see the person who s asking the questions.
Avaya Wijesinha
Avaya Wijesinha 22 soat oldin
best one they've done
Gaby Kun oldin
What a Queen
Lily Cavallin
Lily Cavallin Kun oldin
Lucile Rnd
Lucile Rnd Kun oldin
she is incredible. Real artist.
Mariam Altaf
Mariam Altaf Kun oldin
Who else first looked at her shoes to see if they were bizarre??!
fairuz zain
fairuz zain Kun oldin
“call me lady”
Jemarie Pomar
Jemarie Pomar Kun oldin
The only 73 Questions with a lot of beautiful messages.
Gucci Grl
Gucci Grl Kun oldin
73 Questions with BTS please
Stacey Conway
Stacey Conway 2 kun oldin
Very boring answers i my opinion definitely her not moving had a huge impact on the video a little bit on the bad side ngl
theponderingsoul 2 kun oldin
She reminds me of a character that would fit into Mad Men for some reason. Like she’s old fashioned or something. Love it.
Chris Chan
Chris Chan 2 kun oldin
Lady Gaga be like *"I shall sit."*
cOmInO 2 kun oldin
Lady Gaga i love you ❤
praveen. hs
praveen. hs 2 kun oldin
She s booring.
AbsolutelySid 01
AbsolutelySid 01 2 kun oldin
Scripted *
Nadia Shaw
Nadia Shaw 2 kun oldin
I don't know who the REAL Gaga is ??? stuck up speaking woman Or a bra n knickers blonde wig performaner ?? I don't dislike her . there is a contradiction and she has lied about her " poor upbringing " mmmm. unfortunately no one except " Jack White " will announce it .# dumb monsters
Mallory Colombo
Mallory Colombo 2 kun oldin
lady gagas real name is stephanie only a true fan would know that I LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH
face swaps
face swaps 3 kun oldin
Did she not read the questions to prepare beforehand?
Gadai BPKB
Gadai BPKB 3 kun oldin
M. Mo Nash
M. Mo Nash 3 kun oldin
I think she's one of the few celebs who answered socially relevant questions with socially relevant answers.
Happy Russia
Happy Russia 3 kun oldin
What did she answer about describing New York City in three adjectives? I can't figure it out, my English is bad.
Just_LN 3 kun oldin
1:07 i see it , i like, i want it, i got it :D that's what she meant..
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy 3 kun oldin
73 Questions with EMINEM
KweenSlayZ 3 kun oldin
Tbh I kinda see dua lipa to lady gaga’s face a bit
Emmy 3 kun oldin
I got a lot of respect for this woman
Lily Aziz
Lily Aziz 3 kun oldin
Why is she so far away!! I want to admire her😭😍
Sandy Gonzalezz
Sandy Gonzalezz 4 kun oldin
This interview seems so much more authentic than the other 73 Q's.
King Red
King Red 4 kun oldin
Alexandra Mende
Alexandra Mende 4 kun oldin
for everyone saying that she wasnt prepared like the other celebs, vogue has confirmed that all of them are and they have answered the questions earlier
LA WhispersASMR
LA WhispersASMR 4 kun oldin
Why is he filming so far back?!,
Federico Pagani
Federico Pagani 4 kun oldin
grand mother has arrived
J'ai mal aux yeux elle est trop loin!!!j'arrête
Shatyam B
Shatyam B 4 kun oldin
73 questions with katy perry
Henry Benjamin
Henry Benjamin 4 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-cqpJ0v43HhE.html Hey guys this is a cover of let it be by the Beatles, It would be very kind and supportive of you to Check it out, thank you
Ohmygawd Ronyyy
Ohmygawd Ronyyy 4 kun oldin
So well spoken.
andien novita
andien novita 4 kun oldin
she is so far away... huhuhu
pls stop callling me gay im not gay
is the vogue interviewer a real person
Nadia Shaw
Nadia Shaw 4 kun oldin
she is boring :(
The Official Andy Saenz
Lady Gaga looks fantastic!
The Official Andy Saenz
When are they going to do 73 questions with Celine Dion? Or 73 questions with Kelly Clarkson? 🤔😒🤨
Lilly3344 5 kun oldin
A literal QUEEN a true artist
THE Sims 4
THE Sims 4 5 kun oldin
Deb Dyuti
Deb Dyuti 5 kun oldin
Only interview which didn't feel scripted because all of them are so fast and pretentious at times
Shubhankar Srivastava
*No f*cks were given in the making of this video!😂*
Meghna Meg
Meghna Meg 5 kun oldin
What a damaged person she is. Nothing special about her she should make a therapy and live life ordinary that she is.
Meghna Meg
Meghna Meg 3 kun oldin
+Au you think that ugly creature above in the video is not mentally unstable??? Good joke.
Au 3 kun oldin
Meghna Meg Therapy is for the mentally unstable so keep that egoistical complex in check. I’m sure you’ll love someone like Jake Paul, people who are ever so interesting. Reality check: you’re not.
Caleb Aytes
Caleb Aytes 5 kun oldin
I just got a tattoo that says “born this way”, I’m glad she said that’s the message she most wanted to be remembered for, because it’s the thing I will ALWAYS remember her for.
Sarah Maske
Sarah Maske 5 kun oldin
What a limited vocabulary. I always knew she was boring but I had no idea it was this bad.
Au 3 kun oldin
Sarah Maske If vocabulary is your forte, maybe you should study pragmatism. And by the way, duly note that boring is boring. Your comment is atrocious because it seems like you want to be perceived as smart, for whatever possible reason. TLDR; weird flex, but okay.
Joni Hoover
Joni Hoover 5 kun oldin
She could be going through a fibro flare during this interview, hence not moving around a lot and not being energetic. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Even without a flare it’s difficult to do “normal” things like walk around and socialize with people. So disheartening to see so many people say this interview was boring. 😔
alltheloveabove 올럽
Your patio reminds me of Frida Kahlo's house 😍
Once Upon A Blink
Once Upon A Blink 6 kun oldin
God I love her so much
# HELP 6 kun oldin
She’s just RUDE
Nej Scarlet
Nej Scarlet 6 kun oldin
The way she said bye in the end, so elegant 😮
Ronaleen Jezca Manio
Affaan S
Affaan S 6 kun oldin
Fuckn just wanted to get rid
Kazi Rahatul Zannat
Was watching an old interview of her at the Ellen show the other day. She asked Ellen to call her Gaga cause she felt weird when someone called her Lady.
salva segarra
salva segarra 6 kun oldin
She was in a hurry.
Richard Peters
Richard Peters 7 kun oldin
I love all the "it's seems so scripted" comments... literally every single one is 100% scripted, planned well in advance with a list of probably 100+ questions that their publicist probably first goes through, then the Celeb can choose the 73. It's literally the worst part of this "Could seriously be" an amazing and kinda brilliant series but by the end I'm like ugh why? But they do have some comic relief and give you some insight into their personality and creative process and life journey...
Victoria Morrisa
Victoria Morrisa 7 kun oldin
Love her. And I love what she stands for
Katrina Jakobsen
Katrina Jakobsen 7 kun oldin
Can you do 73 questions with Ariana Grande?
Natália Luana Rocha
Her message to her young female fans 💜
ashley 7 kun oldin
do one with conan obrien
royandescartes 7 kun oldin
when you dont want stranger going into your house
Aileen Bordelon
Aileen Bordelon 8 kun oldin
This seemed like the most real one tbh
Kennia Serna
Kennia Serna 8 kun oldin
I love her, but this was so boring and painful to watch.
Amber Seidel
Amber Seidel 8 kun oldin
Horror movies are calming/relaxing to me too. Anyone else?
Erika B.
Erika B. 8 kun oldin
Her answer at 7:09 is my favorite part 💗
IvanMadeThis 8 kun oldin
the entire time i was watching this i had only one thing on my mind - WHERE IS THE MICROPHONE??? How are they getting such crisp good clean audio when there is no lav mic on her, no lav mic pack on her back either, and even when she goes up the stairs she still sounds so good!! What kind of shotgun mic are they using???
madelena1234 8 kun oldin
This guy asks the questions with such a monotonous and vapid vocal expression, he is clearly getting on Lady Gaga's nerves.
Guadalupe Peralta
Guadalupe Peralta 8 kun oldin
Angela Sanchez
Angela Sanchez 8 kun oldin
I just want to keep on dreeeeaming. 🙄
Tuấn Đoàn Hữu
JMGReviews 9 kun oldin
I love her so much 💕
probal Saikia
probal Saikia 9 kun oldin
She is So smart
knock knock
knock knock 10 kun oldin
she is so different i love her
fxntasyland 11 kun oldin
Сергей Волков
-Three thing you cannot live without? - Family, friends and freedom! There`s no such thing thing! Freedom and family are imcompatible
Elizaveta Peskova
Elizaveta Peskova 11 kun oldin
Gls Tako
Gls Tako 11 kun oldin
"I like that fashion can be both; a form of expression and a form of hiding. "
Mayada mohamed
Mayada mohamed 11 kun oldin
Ask her did you kill lina Morgan and louise Reed
Silent Bullock
Silent Bullock 11 kun oldin
This video was great until they started talking about feminism 😑
Valeria Talavera
Valeria Talavera 11 kun oldin
*she even walks like a legend*
Zee Vahzav
Zee Vahzav 12 kun oldin
The message behind Born This Way is uzvid.com/video/video-GsVcUzP_O_8.html
Jackie Perucki
Jackie Perucki 12 kun oldin
best one i've seen.
Kim Clausrn
Kim Clausrn 12 kun oldin
So overrated and lame
alphasxsignal 12 kun oldin
She remembers the Welcome to the Johnsons Bar in N.Y. where she spent time.
Molly Rachel
Molly Rachel 13 kun oldin
I love this
Amy Solway
Amy Solway 13 kun oldin
Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks those blue plant pots look kinda like, fake??
Kimaya Fadnavis
Kimaya Fadnavis 13 kun oldin
Trina Baker
Trina Baker 13 kun oldin
Joe Salha
Joe Salha 14 kun oldin
it was so boring since she just sat there the whole time
KK85 14 kun oldin
GAGA is so overrated! Sorry people.
Jaweria  Minhas
Jaweria Minhas 14 kun oldin
73 questions with Shawn Mendes
no one
no one 14 kun oldin
Gaga over gaga
daily jayvie
daily jayvie 14 kun oldin
Call me Lady 😍😍😍😍😍
Wizarding World
Wizarding World 15 kun oldin
My favorite singer and celebrity. She’s a comfort to me just by existing.
sapphire moon
sapphire moon 15 kun oldin
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