76ers and Trail Blazers possibilities for Kevin Love trade with Cavaliers | First Take | ESPN

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Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith discuss if the Cleveland Cavaliers should go with a complete rebuild. Max believes the Philadelphia 76ers would be a good fit for Kevin Love, while Stephen A. wants to see the Portland Trail Blazers make a move for the Cavaliers forward.
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7-Iyl, 2018

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Ted Calouri
Ted Calouri 17 kun oldin
When Stephen A talks about the Blazers it is obvious he doesn't actually pay attention to the Blazers. Nurkic shows pretty consistently that when they need him to pickup the scoring load he can deliver. For example the 21 points he had the other night with Dame out of the lineup. 2 games prior to that he had 22 against Sam Adams and the Thunder and the night before that he had 22 against Gobert and the Jazz. That comes a week after his 5 block triple double against Kevin Love's Cav. Lets also not forget that Nurk had the best 5 by 5 in NBA history earlier this month with 24 points, 23 boards, 7 assists, 5 steals and 5 blocks. That is all within the last month by the way. The starting lineup doesn't often need help with scoring (note Nurk is also among league leaders for assists from the 5 position), but they do need help scoring off the bench. Nurk is too important to the starting lineup to come off the bench. Portland has 3 stars in the starting lineup but West Coast games are after Stephen A's bed time...
James Harry
James Harry 6 oy oldin
Okc should trade for him
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett 7 oy oldin
Trade Love to OKC for Carmelo. The money is similar and OKC gets better shooting and rebounding at the forward position. Meanwhile Cleveland could decide to buy out Carmelo and have cap space and some additional assets or keep him to sell tickets because NO ONE is going to watch Cleveland next year lol
Dillon Semma
Dillon Semma 7 oy oldin
she got owned at the end lmao
James Lee
James Lee 7 oy oldin
This is going to sound sexist but... molly just sit there and look pretty... you never add anything to any basketball debate.
danielgalea 7 oy oldin
Saric hit more catch and shoot 3s than Love last year, so I think keeping the young guy on a cheaper contract makes more sense to me. And I like Love.
Big B
Big B 7 oy oldin
I like the Portland fit. Would they do it though, these small market teamz like to cry that they can't compete but when do able deals like this happen they stand pat
Pickle Johnson
Pickle Johnson 7 oy oldin
SAS stay off the WEEEED
Covington has to go He stank in the playoffs facts
lemon rancher
lemon rancher 7 oy oldin
Philly could definitely use this guy trade Zahir Smith,the heat pick and sarich that's a fair trade
Keith Jamel Forbes
he should go to the rockets... so he can still be in a team that is contending for title and they're the only hope to beat warriors
Marvin Greer
Marvin Greer 7 oy oldin
Max you and this Philadelphia shit needs to go somewhere 😒 you want everyone there 🤦🏼‍♂️
Joseph 7 oy oldin
K Love would be a good fit with the Lakers. They lost Randle at the 4 and plus Love would be a perfect catch and shoot stretch four Lebron needs whenever he penetrates.Lastly I think sending just Kuz and salary dump would get this deal with Cleveland.
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 7 oy oldin
Love fits well in Portland. Send Turner and Harkless to Cleveland for Love. Portland gets a desperately needed 4, and we solve our problem at SF by moving Aminu to the 3. Turner and Harkless expire in 2 years and Cleveland gets a good ball handler in Turner.
MavBoy90 7 oy oldin
Molly just shut up man lol
James Everett
James Everett 7 oy oldin
Clippers Should Get Love & Then Get Leonard
TGTV tank mode
TGTV tank mode 7 oy oldin
Well mostly Blazers because he's from Oregon
Ant 1455
Ant 1455 7 oy oldin
They should keep Kevin love. They'll make the playoffs 7th, 8th seed.
Sean Lann
Sean Lann 7 oy oldin
Love would withhold Dario's growth What Philly needs is a wing
Trytin Hawkins
Trytin Hawkins 7 oy oldin
Why not the pistons in Detroit?
J Davis
J Davis 7 oy oldin
OKC Starting Lineup: Westbrook, George, Melo, Love, Adams. That's dangerous.
J Davis
J Davis 7 oy oldin
I was thinking Houston, LA Lakers, or OKC. But Portland and Philly are very solid.
NICKOLAS CAIN 7 oy oldin
What’s up with ESPN making it seem like every player has to be traded to their hometown to be happy??
dffdf dfdfd
dffdf dfdfd 7 oy oldin
I stg 2k make love seem large
Billy Polise
Billy Polise 7 oy oldin
Philly would be the best fit because when embiid needs to rest they can play love at center and then put covington or Fultz in at the 2
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis 7 oy oldin
Melo+Patterson for Love, if Presti pulled that off man OKC would be golden
Stephen Calhoun
Stephen Calhoun 7 oy oldin
Hell no to Philly, We have Embiid and Saric. We don't need him.
tmotivate 7 oy oldin
Why does Stephen A look like he's trying to pretend the edible didn't just kick in?
Keep Love. He is the next Lebron
ThisIsRiseTV 7 oy oldin
Why does Stephen a Smith face look fake
German Suplex
German Suplex 7 oy oldin
I think the warriors need 1 more all star
jacob's fun toy review
go to okc
2Clutch Productions
we dont want love we already have dario
Nilesh Kumaraswamy
All teams are irrelevent besides the dubs (maybe houston if we are really lucky) there is no point in talking about any other team. The NBA has no competition whatsoever.
Jay C
Jay C 7 oy oldin
Its Utah next to Rudy. But probably too expensive
Master Of The Craft
Come to LA
laderrius barksdale
Is Stephen A high?
Kam B
Kam B 7 oy oldin
KL to LA
Marlon Clarke
Marlon Clarke 7 oy oldin
I agree with Stephen. Love to Portland
The brotherhood of the wolf
Kawhi and Kevin LA clippers 👍🏿
Ms Jackson
Ms Jackson 7 oy oldin
My boy steven a look hurt wtf
Ryan Cross
Ryan Cross 7 oy oldin
Stephen A needs to start working out more and eating better to last as long as Skiuuup..l
jevinranks 7 oy oldin
Trade Love for Simmons. That way 2 of the Kardashian sisters can destroy an NBA team together! LOL!!!!
Mark Mccormick
Mark Mccormick 7 oy oldin
Molly makes really dumb comments sometimes
Klove to Boston
wroney16 7 oy oldin
Kevin Love to the Thunder would be sick
Wilkong 7 oy oldin
Love to Rockets!
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith 7 oy oldin
Why are Steven A Smiths eyes so low?? STAY OFF THE WEEEED 😂
Pierre Dorsey
Pierre Dorsey 7 oy oldin
How about love in Milwaukee? Parker will be gone and having a vet , a champ who can shoot and rebound take some pressure off Middleton and Giannis... could work.
Tr3y Bandz
Tr3y Bandz 7 oy oldin
Max is annoying as hell
Vincent Coleman
Vincent Coleman 7 oy oldin
Stephen A Stay off the weeeedd!! 😂😂
Raul Perez
Raul Perez 7 oy oldin
“Portland and Philadelphia would be great fits; they should literally give up NOTHING for him; but man he’d be a great fit” Stop sleeping on Love, cavs shouldn’t trade him for anything less then another all star.
yungbrick 7 oy oldin
Kevin Love ain’t no fuckin 6’7. These media analysts be making up whatever numbers they want. Love 6’10- 6’9 his whole career. It’s like Lebron, one day he 6’8 250, next day they he 6’9 275, lol
Tahsin Serkan Yaman
Kevin love is trash he doesnt even jump to defend his players he just looks for easy rebounds
RichGang CEO
RichGang CEO 7 oy oldin
Either Portland or Clippers joining with Kawhi
TheGreenMan 7 oy oldin
the only way id take kevin love on the sixers is if we traded dario for kawhi and need a stretch 4
Jahfari Francois
Jahfari Francois 7 oy oldin
I think he should go to Portland
oliver gray-read
oliver gray-read 7 oy oldin
it will never happen but he should come to houston so we can at least think about slaying the gs dragon
Sultan Goat-23
Sultan Goat-23 7 oy oldin
Why is the video on 720 bad quality
The Sixers are cool we have our squad and is still building, y'all better do some research. The Sixers are going to be a bigger surprise than last year so keep sleeping !! 😂
Bandz N Truz
Bandz N Truz 7 oy oldin
76ers don’t need no more pf go to Portland Kevin Love
Tyler A Collette
Tyler A Collette 7 oy oldin
Stephen A is so tired of reporting on this trade season
809 Blanco
809 Blanco 7 oy oldin
Stephen A was acting like he was asked to tone it down. Turn down for what?
KP Sports Thoughts
I don't feel that the Cavs need to have any SENSE OF URGENCY to trade Kevin Love RIGHT NOW, being that he has two years left on his deal! They should see how it goes with Kevin Love as their STAR PLAYER, see how well he can carry a team and how well he meshes with Sexton, and see if they can AT LEAST get them into the playoffs!
Colby Clarke
Colby Clarke 7 oy oldin
What is Max talking about
Black BoyFly
Black BoyFly 7 oy oldin
Inconsistency is his tendency and he too fragile get hurt too much.
scawfan75 7 oy oldin
Does anyone want to slap that stupid smirk off Max's face? Such a soy boy
WILLPEREZ 7 oy oldin
Saric is KLove! I'll pass! #TrustTheProcess
chayomalive 7 oy oldin
Why cant kevin love remain with the cavs
camron clay
camron clay 7 oy oldin
He is a traditional power forward with 3 point range. He fits almost anywhere.
Bradley Jaffe
Bradley Jaffe 7 oy oldin
I actually think he be a great fit In philly. Hell I'd throw a saric Covington and a pick d Furkan and TLC are gonna be ready to eat up some real solid minutes at wing so losing roco and Dario while getting min 2yrs and the possible up and comer in furkan. Hell yea I kile let's make a deal
The Fallen Angel
The Fallen Angel 7 oy oldin
Come to BOSTON!!!!!!
Marcus P
Marcus P 7 oy oldin
Where do you think he should wanna go?.. smh
Christopher Shivar
Get some sleep Stephen A
ulbio quijije
ulbio quijije 7 oy oldin
How many joints did sas smoke?
James Corsey
James Corsey 7 oy oldin
Love to dallas
Nap Horse
Nap Horse 7 oy oldin
He fucking sucks. Cavs shoulda traded his bitch ass before otherwise LeBron would have stayed.
Leroy Gordon
Leroy Gordon 7 oy oldin
why would you except for the Cavs to send Love to the west coast? West coast is already crowded ...Stephen A is overrated, fire him asap
Heisenberg 7 oy oldin
I'd love to see him in a Sixers uniform.
Frezno 444
Frezno 444 7 oy oldin
Stephen A. Can fall asleep and keep yappin
Frezno 444
Frezno 444 7 oy oldin
Get some sleep Stephen A. Stop fuckin mad bitches so late at night.
Just Qua
Just Qua 7 oy oldin
Stephen A need a nap 😂
Frezno 444
Frezno 444 7 oy oldin
Maybe rebounds.....then he's a great rebounder 🤔
J El Native
J El Native 7 oy oldin
Why would they blow up they team the east weak af 💀
BWillTheAddict 7 oy oldin
Why tf do they keep bringing up where the players are from like that really matters.
Joey Jacker
Joey Jacker 7 oy oldin
Kevin will never be the wolves love
Jordan A
Jordan A 7 oy oldin
East gonna have Terrence Ross as an All Star this year 😂if KLove gets traded to the West
dljohnson013 7 oy oldin
Love goes to Portland, another L for the eastern conference
Jordan A
Jordan A 7 oy oldin
Trade KLove to the Lakers and start him at Center
Breon Mitchell
Breon Mitchell 7 oy oldin
PhantomMatrix 7 oy oldin
Just wave cheesesteaks over his nose and on his way for Philly! 🌯
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe 7 oy oldin
Kevin Love needs to stay in the Eastern Conference. Every star should not be playing for Western conference teams. The league is going to suffer, unless they relocate teams to other divisions based on their location. For example, OKC and Pelicans become Eastern conference teams since they are closer to that side anyways.
Murray Webb
Murray Webb 7 oy oldin
If they’ll take Lonzo and his dad, we’ll take him in LA
James Daye
James Daye 7 oy oldin
Houston or Boston
Joe Ashe
Joe Ashe 7 oy oldin
If K Love go to 76ers they may go all the way to the championship
K-Love might be a good fit for OKC. Him and big Steven Adams be killing the boards in that paint and K-Love can stretch the floor for Westbrook and PG to drive to the basket. I think OKC would be NICE!
MC Abschub
MC Abschub 7 oy oldin
this is all scripted..Max is reading what he HAS to say
Firesword 7 oy oldin
I hope the sixers dont get him. Kevin love aint the shooter he once used to be. And stephen looks mad tired lol
jdmnsxr 6
jdmnsxr 6 7 oy oldin
Kevin love is a legit 6'10. when he stands next to lebron u can tell hes about 2 inches taller.
Dimez Gotti
Dimez Gotti 7 oy oldin
this nigga max want every body to go to the 76ers
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