8 Honeymoons Turned Fatal

They will Kill You
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Here are eight honeymoons gone wrong! From bad bridal cases to criminal grooms, we'll show you the worst newlywed wedding vacation nightmares ever.
Find out more about the newlywed honeymooning couple whose husband was eaten by sharks at theywillkillyou.com/shark-attack-crystal-clear-waters/
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8: Sven Fouche & Chantal Bayer
Newlyweds Sven Fouche & Chantal Bayer were enjoying their honeymoon in South Africa when things took a deadly turn. The couple was visiting the Aloe Ridge Nature reserve near Johannesburg when they stopped by a group of rhinos to take some photos. That’s when one of the rhinos attacked Chantal, goring the 24-year-old woman to near-debt. As the story goes, the park ranger responsible for taking the couple around suggested that Chantal stand a bit closer to the animals as he took a few pictures. It was at this moment the rhino attacked, charging Chantal & tossing her into the air. Though she survived the assault, the rhino managed to break some of her ribs & collapsed a lung in the process.
7: Michaela McAreavey
January 10th, 2011: Michaela McAreavey-daughter of famed soccer coach Mickey Harte-was enjoying her honeymoon in Mauritius when she was strangled to debt in her hotel room. Authorities initially suspected her husband John of perpetrating the crime. But they soon discovered another suspect in the cold-blooded skilling. John told police that he & his wife were having a relaxing lunch when Michaela decided to go back to their room to retrieve something. She was then attacked by two hotel employees, who decided to rob the hotel room of their valuables. To their surprise, Michaela returned & the hotel employees panicked. They wrestled her to the ground, strangled her to debt, then placed her body in a bath tub, which was then turned on. John returned several minutes later to the room to discover her dead body. After ruling him out as a suspect, it was quickly discovered who the martyrs really were: Avinash Treebhoowoon, Sandip Moneea, & Raj Theekoy. But the nine-member jury of the court ultimately ruled the three men not guilty due to a lack of DNA evidence. This sparked harsh criticism of the Mauritian government. Michaela’s native country of Ireland even suggested a boycott of their country, saying the island's tourism sector was unsafe for travelers.
6: Cody Johnson
Jordan Graham & Cody Johnson were married for only eight days when Jordan pushed her husband Cody off a cliff to his debt in Montana's Glacier National Park. There were no living witnesses to the incident & Graham claimed that she had been in a heated argument with her husband when she shoved him out of anger. But as it turns out, the couple was standing atop a cliff when all this took place & Johnson plummeted to his debt. Jordan Graham fled the scene & later reported her husband missing. Friends & relatives searched for Johnson for four days straight but to no avail. Graham even pretended to be a part of the search effort & eventually led them to a spot where she “thought he might be,” telling them she speculated that he “might have gone there.” A surveillance tape later revealed, however, that the couple entered the park together & that Graham had later on left alone. She eventually pleaded guilty to second degree martyr & in March of 2014, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
5: Tina Watson
Gabe & Tina Watson-a newlywed couple from Alabama-were scuba diving in Australia after being married for only 11 days. It was at this point during their honeymoon that Tina was skilled under what authorities believed to be suspicious circumstances. Tina Watson had recently become a certified scuba diver but somehow lost consciousness during their most recent scuba expedition & drowned to debt. Gabe claimed to have been attempting to get the dive rope to Tina, since they were diving in such strong currents. But he claimed that as he was doing so, she began sinking faster than he could rescue her. Nearby divers told investigators that they saw the two engaging in some sort of “underwater bear hug” moments before Tina drowned. Another diver-who was actually a doctor by profession-was in the middle of taking a photo of his wife when he accidentally snapped a photo of Tina's lifeless body laying on the ocean floor. The doctor also claimed that he watched Gabe leave his wife behind, taking nearly three minutes to swim back up to the ocean surface. Other witnesses added that he was relaxed & in a talkative mood once at the surface while others were attempting to save Tina's life. Additionally, Gabe changed his personal recollection of what had happened over a dozen times. This-along with the other eyewitness accounts-ultimately forced him to plead guilty in court in 2009. Despite receiving a four-year sentence, he served just one in an Australian prison as Alabama prosecutors asked him to be extradited




24-Iyn, 2016



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Joanna Forbes
Joanna Forbes Kun oldin
Yeah, getting close to a wild animal is dangerous but turning your back on them is just asking for trouble.
Kelly Michaels
Kelly Michaels 2 kun oldin
In 2018, Australia legalised same-sex marriages. 👍
Fin Fraser
Fin Fraser 7 kun oldin
Look, wild rhinos! Let's go take a selfie with this puppy! That will look great in my Instagram story!!!
zz cop
zz cop 10 kun oldin
did not feel sorry for number two, disgusting gay people.
wench of the west
wench of the west 15 kun oldin
yes a set up conecting the dots madereer
wench of the west
wench of the west 15 kun oldin
u got green xard no ! deportation
wench of the west
wench of the west 15 kun oldin
awe snity poor girl
Randy Surline
Randy Surline 17 kun oldin
Gay is a dysfunction
D.Anthony Franco Jr.
Never trust a guy named "Gabe!"
D.Anthony Franco Jr.
Yes let's stand closer to these big ass rhinos! What could go wrong?
Pearl Gamboa
Pearl Gamboa 19 kun oldin
basically dont get married
Brenda Spoon
Brenda Spoon 19 kun oldin
Sad the gay guy died. But who cares about there sick perverted affections... GOD said men & female. Could have skipped that one??? Now its His soon judgement day. With The Lord GOD of HEAVEN.who hates ABOMINATIONS......
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales 20 kun oldin
dude from alabama got away with murder n money...he has to pay
A Mut
A Mut 21 kun oldin
why are non fatal ones on here? Also a few broken ribs and a collapsed lung is not near death...
Wild Fronteir
Wild Fronteir 23 kun oldin
Why? Why would you stand so close to a *rhinoceros?!*
Betty Swallox
Betty Swallox 23 kun oldin
bollox again how is surviving a rhino attack fatal...shitty clickbait
Glitch Ambrose
Glitch Ambrose 25 kun oldin
1:03. That park ranger should be fired. ANYONE who knows anything about rhinos is that they can't see JACK! Their vision is one of the worst in animal kingdom. They attack anything that gets close to them, just in case it's a predator.
sagreen80 Oy oldin
Why you don't get married. 🤣
mrgerminaro Oy oldin
Idgaf about the narcissistic deviants at 2.
Fakta SiMican'Yt
2. God pay with Cash 😂
The Prophet
The Prophet Oy oldin
What happen to the old voice ☹
Mike Tat
Mike Tat Oy oldin
These people that are getting off scot free. I’d make it my life’s mission to hunt them down if they had killed my family member. Straight up
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf Oy oldin
Is this guy dumb fatal means dead and why are there some survived soooooo
Fuck Jonatan and emma they left a cute 6 month old orphaned over a dumb honey moon wow
Garth Vader
Garth Vader Oy oldin
Drowned to death, huh?
Anthony Townsend
2:25 "...they were standing on top of Cliff" why didn't the police speak to Cliff then? maybe he could have shed some light on what happened?
Michael MacReady
Good LORD!! Clicked on here thinking the thumb was just another bait. I wouldn’t DRIVE that close to a black rhino let alone stand near one. What was that, maybe 2.5 meters?
Im pro vise
Im pro vise Oy oldin
Theywillkillyou.com doesn't exist anymore, google "ian redmond shark" if you want the story at the end of this video
Arlene McCormick
I love that "drowned to death". Yup, if you drown, it's to death!!
Melissa Lawrence
It's not a honeymoon but there was one couple that went into a river to celebrate their marriage. The groom slipped off the embankment wife tried saving him NEITHER COULD SWIM sadly both drowned😢 and right in front of the cellphone dude set up to tape their little celebration.
Merry Christmas
It's ok. A Rhino 🦏 fatally attacked me but I'm fine as well.
Bruce W.
Bruce W. Oy oldin
Marriage can be dangerous when someone is trying to conspire to get large sums of benefits. Couples really have to be careful when being secluded with each other, especially when you're in another country when the so-called lover can get away little or no prison sentence.
RDC Tarantula
RDC Tarantula Oy oldin
homosexuality is despicable and wrong. no sympathy.
RDC Tarantula
RDC Tarantula Oy oldin
surviving something is not a fatality. wow....
313drepeso313 Oy oldin
Damn Gab Watson!!! Your cold az ice!!!
Tyler Mcay
Tyler Mcay Oy oldin
My wife was riding a horse on our wedding day... Then I found out it wasn't a horse she was riding...
And their memory lives on as entertainment for a UZvid video.
bajovato Oy oldin
You are trying to make this video like some sort of horror movie for the purposes of entertainment… But these are real people in real tragedies.
Gary O'Donoghue
Okay for the second incident the ladies father was a GAA football coach not a soccer coach they are not the same thing
Vipers Venom
Vipers Venom Oy oldin
Australia should not apologize for not recognizing gay marriage as it is unnatural n disgusting!!
Gary Williams
Gary Williams Oy oldin
The park ranger should be fired. He should have known the danger.
R C Oy oldin
they are idiots. don't hurt the animals
Speedy Gunz
Speedy Gunz Oy oldin
I know this video is over 2 years old, and I'm sure people probably already pointed this out, but "drowned to death" is a bit redundant. That's like naming your channel "They Will Kill You Dead"
I’m thinking of marrying my girlfriend and wanna take her out as well. I wanna take her somewhere far and nice. I think our honeymoon would be great. I hope she says yes when I propose.
beagelbird1 Oy oldin
WTF! I'll just keep shacking.
ebl 421
ebl 421 Oy oldin
This narrator's voice is better imo
D.R Conly
D.R Conly Oy oldin
I've been told that Rhinos are the biggest threat to humans. He said they have killed more humans then any animal. ( not including insects ). Is this true ? I would love some positive feedback. Thankyou beautiful people.
James Milner
James Milner Oy oldin
Get eaten by sharks??? He got bit on the leg by one and then died in hospital
Ghost Kr
Ghost Kr Oy oldin
What happened to the other guy with the dramatic voice
Ron Just Ron
Ron Just Ron Oy oldin
Why should the last guy stand trial for their death? It was an accident not something he intentionally did. As for his fleeing the scene, OK he could be charged with that but if they were killed upon impact his fleeing had nothing to do with their deaths, right? The reason I bring this all up is because our jails and prisons all over the world are filled up, what good does it do to put someone like this behind bars, revenge? The couple willingly got on his four wheeler and I guarantee you they were all having a blast, then tragedy struck and it flipped over. There was no criminal intent so why waste tax payer money by prosecuting him and then taking care of him while he sits in prison?
Ron Just Ron
Ron Just Ron Oy oldin
In 2010/11 I was delivering some cardboard boxes to a company in Birmingham, Alabama - I live an hour from there. The guy who came out and signed for the semi truck load of boxes he looked familiar to me. When I got back to my terminal I was talking to my boss and mentioned how the guy looked familiar to me, he asked to see the signed paper and said, "Oh Gabe Watson, the guy who killed his new wife on their honeymoon". I knew he who was talking about at that point. Let me tell you something about that guy - he is a creepy dude! I did not know who he was only that he looked familiar but he gave me the creeps for some reason and I don't "creep out" that easily. He got away with murder, yes it's that simple.
Barg barj
Barg barj Oy oldin
What do they have in common THERE ALL WHITE.. Don't go on trips with white people or u will end up dead
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider 2 oy oldin
Jordan is pure scum why the fuck did she even marry him? Fuck! She needs to be pushed off a cliff.
delon a
delon a 2 oy oldin
Why the fuck would you go these shit holes like Morticiania or wherever the fuck for you honeymoon?
Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid 2 oy oldin
Any country that has any level of Islam is a fucking shit hole and should be avoided. Their entire culture is based around violence, rape, murder and complete and utter disregard and disrespect for anyone and anything! And yet, people say we should invite them to live in the USA and UK? Are you fucking serious?! So far, the ones who were seeking asylum have devastated Europe. Crime rate has gone up more than 300% in the last 3 years. Most of the immigrants are traveling right through Europe to get to the UK. The rules in the Geneva Convention clearly state that you must seek asylum in the first safe country you arrive in. Which for most is Greece. But they don't, they keep going and going, cause Greece doesn't offer benefits or free housing. They are not coming here to contribute and grow, they're coming here to take take take. Why would they work? There's no point. They know that being an asylum seeker it enables them to have a life where they can basically do whatever the fuck they want in European countries as we can't do shit to stop them due to fear of racism charges. You've opened the gate to these fools. And now we can never close it!! They have infiltrated every part of Europe. Especially the UK. There are entire schemes of Muslim people, where white/British people are not allowed to enter, due to fear of a carry on. Like what the fuck! People can't go places in their own country, because of immigration?! That is sickening! They have taken over so much. The UK is a heavily Christian country - over 50% - of its population is Christian. Yet, the government spent 30x more money on new mosques than churches. Churches can barely get funding for repairs, and the government are handing millions of pounds to these fools to build brand new state of the art mosques?! Britain is a white country, we accept that yes, we need some multi culturalism, however, you shouldn't expect us to completely disregard thousands of years of traditional and culture for the sake of immigrants! Muslims refuse to modernise. They refuse to accept that the world has moved on. They're stuck in the past. The way they treat their women and children is absolutely horrible!!!! They don't give a shit about the UK or USA,and they will destroy every single part of our culture. Islam states that there will be peace, when the world adopts Islam as it's faith. And they'll do pretty much anything to make sure that happens
Mario Delva
Mario Delva 2 oy oldin
God help us all in Yahushua mighty name!!!
Can anyone eles hear tony bank KRAM @:50?
The Professor
The Professor 2 oy oldin
“Fatal” is definitely relative... for eg most people die, but “fatal” for Jason Statham simply means “I’ll need a new car”, for Steven Seagal it means “raise one eyebrow”, for us South Africans it means “now I need a beer” and we’ll, for Chuck Norris, he doesn’t even notice it
Pastel Cats
Pastel Cats 2 oy oldin
5:18 The Canadians : im soarry
Sal m
Sal m 2 oy oldin
What about the Anni Devani murder? Her new husband killed her cos he batted for the other team.
jds hempfarm
jds hempfarm 2 oy oldin
You cannot be serious? Total who are these idiots?
Charis Rosenberg
Charis Rosenberg 2 oy oldin
Number 2 made me cry
Homo Faggins
Homo Faggins Oy oldin
The gay tripped and fell made you cry, but not the others? Was it because it was two gay guys and the virtue signaling is strong within you?
dhaval patel
dhaval patel 2 oy oldin
Stay a playa. You live longer
Apollo AlphawolfGirl!
Well in num.8 you cant get So close to a rhino like really...you are in their space and ofc they are gonna charge at you bc they think your a threat bc of the poaching..
Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon 2 oy oldin
Thanks guys after watching your woke SJW video I have UNSUBBED this shit forever!! A better titled would have been "Global Warming Nut Drowns Husband" or perhaps "Australia Bans Gay Funerals".
The Grotesque
The Grotesque 2 oy oldin
is the story 8 legit ? when was it ?
AquaticTuber 2 oy oldin
I'm not sure the narrator knows what fatal means 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Frank Catlin
Frank Catlin 2 oy oldin
9:53 "right in front of her very own eyes...." As opposed to what? Eyes that she borrowed???
Frank Catlin
Frank Catlin 2 oy oldin
6:15 "When he drowned to death..." As opposed to what? Drowning alive?
Moses Martinez
Moses Martinez 2 oy oldin
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 2 oy oldin
No wonder people are fucking with your channel, you can't even make a video without CLICKBAITING, your a piece of shit.
The Clickbaiter
The Clickbaiter 2 oy oldin
I like this voice more
Mungas Yuge
Mungas Yuge 2 oy oldin
Every man dies at I Do.
angielou123 2 oy oldin
'Drowned to death' 😂😂
Alge Borusas
Alge Borusas 2 oy oldin
Why is an upside down 2 serving as a 5?
Dan Chapman
Dan Chapman 2 oy oldin
I don't get why we keep alive and waste money on people who have 100% killed someone else in cold blood.. Just cut their head off with an axe and be done
Luke Free fall
Luke Free fall 2 oy oldin
Indian men and the worst when it comes to women. Insane rape statistics.
smash thebug
smash thebug 2 oy oldin
Don't be a pathetic idiot who gets married smh.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
What I see stay in your own country everybody and there's always somebody to watching you and when you flash all that money they'll be some to get you or just want you out of the way because you flash too much and they don't have much respect all the ones that died or that hurt why would a game warden tell a woman to get close to the rhinos think about it he knows they're f****** Savage Beast that when someone's in their territory it's threatening them no matter house the size of the person is or animal these are territorial animals if you really pay attention to this video that were killed for being rich or because they wanted to Rob these people I mean with all due respect may they rest in peace but in this day and age can flash your money
isioma ekome
isioma ekome 2 oy oldin
Grose good for him that that gay bastard
Could have done without the gay crap
msknich0le 2 oy oldin
#2 Go Australia!
renewer 2 oy oldin
Clickbait bullshit, reported.
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf 2 oy oldin
Hmm if you drown that means..well you die, drowned to death is a weird way of putting it!
Isaac Bressette
Isaac Bressette 2 oy oldin
Australia acted correctly
John Dean XRP
John Dean XRP 2 oy oldin
Click bait...fuck you.
Mortiky Jones
Mortiky Jones 2 oy oldin
there definitely is a need for hit men in some of these incidences.. have gun will travel
Mr Scary
Mr Scary 2 oy oldin
Men marrying men..What a fucking sick joke this world is.
Mr Scary
Mr Scary 2 oy oldin
WHY the FUCK would they marry these people when they hate them so much they kill them? women are untrustworthy to begin with but these ones are the cream of the crop, they are evil and apparently Morons as well.They came up with ridiculous obvious alibis because most women these days are naturally greedy materialistic selfish overly emotionally unstable and foolish and mentally most are Morons and simpletons.
Mr Scary
Mr Scary 2 oy oldin
I think common sense tells you that standing close to a RHINO isn't a great idea...DUH>>>>
Mr Scary
Mr Scary 2 oy oldin
Well at least those morons got to die together and improve the overall IQ level of the planet. lol
Lisa Lentile
Lisa Lentile 2 oy oldin
That bastard got away with killing his wife while diving all DNA evidence gone
Eric Judkins-van buren
Sometimes you have to use common sense.
Maria Depina
Maria Depina 2 oy oldin
Oh 💩 Skipper lemme find out dat was a 3Hr tour...
Angel Diez Ovelar
Best therapy after this clip.....read the comments!!!
The AMV TOP 50
The AMV TOP 50 2 oy oldin
Play mortal Kombat to learn what fatal means. It's Fatality not Survivality
The AMV TOP 50
The AMV TOP 50 2 oy oldin
Drew Boucher
Drew Boucher 2 oy oldin
Gabe does look like a douche
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 2 oy oldin
People are so stupid. If you are going to kill someone pick a story and stick to it
Darrell Stills jr
The fagets got what they deserved
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