8 Honeymoons Turned Fatal

They will Kill You
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Here are eight honeymoons gone wrong! From bad bridal cases to criminal grooms, we'll show you the worst newlywed wedding vacation nightmares ever.
Find out more about the newlywed honeymooning couple whose husband was eaten by sharks at theywillkillyou.com/shark-attack-crystal-clear-waters/
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8: Sven Fouche & Chantal Bayer
Newlyweds Sven Fouche & Chantal Bayer were enjoying their honeymoon in South Africa when things took a deadly turn. The couple was visiting the Aloe Ridge Nature reserve near Johannesburg when they stopped by a group of rhinos to take some photos. That’s when one of the rhinos attacked Chantal, goring the 24-year-old woman to near-debt. As the story goes, the park ranger responsible for taking the couple around suggested that Chantal stand a bit closer to the animals as he took a few pictures. It was at this moment the rhino attacked, charging Chantal & tossing her into the air. Though she survived the assault, the rhino managed to break some of her ribs & collapsed a lung in the process.
7: Michaela McAreavey
January 10th, 2011: Michaela McAreavey-daughter of famed soccer coach Mickey Harte-was enjoying her honeymoon in Mauritius when she was strangled to debt in her hotel room. Authorities initially suspected her husband John of perpetrating the crime. But they soon discovered another suspect in the cold-blooded skilling. John told police that he & his wife were having a relaxing lunch when Michaela decided to go back to their room to retrieve something. She was then attacked by two hotel employees, who decided to rob the hotel room of their valuables. To their surprise, Michaela returned & the hotel employees panicked. They wrestled her to the ground, strangled her to debt, then placed her body in a bath tub, which was then turned on. John returned several minutes later to the room to discover her dead body. After ruling him out as a suspect, it was quickly discovered who the martyrs really were: Avinash Treebhoowoon, Sandip Moneea, & Raj Theekoy. But the nine-member jury of the court ultimately ruled the three men not guilty due to a lack of DNA evidence. This sparked harsh criticism of the Mauritian government. Michaela’s native country of Ireland even suggested a boycott of their country, saying the island's tourism sector was unsafe for travelers.
6: Cody Johnson
Jordan Graham & Cody Johnson were married for only eight days when Jordan pushed her husband Cody off a cliff to his debt in Montana's Glacier National Park. There were no living witnesses to the incident & Graham claimed that she had been in a heated argument with her husband when she shoved him out of anger. But as it turns out, the couple was standing atop a cliff when all this took place & Johnson plummeted to his debt. Jordan Graham fled the scene & later reported her husband missing. Friends & relatives searched for Johnson for four days straight but to no avail. Graham even pretended to be a part of the search effort & eventually led them to a spot where she “thought he might be,” telling them she speculated that he “might have gone there.” A surveillance tape later revealed, however, that the couple entered the park together & that Graham had later on left alone. She eventually pleaded guilty to second degree martyr & in March of 2014, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
5: Tina Watson
Gabe & Tina Watson-a newlywed couple from Alabama-were scuba diving in Australia after being married for only 11 days. It was at this point during their honeymoon that Tina was skilled under what authorities believed to be suspicious circumstances. Tina Watson had recently become a certified scuba diver but somehow lost consciousness during their most recent scuba expedition & drowned to debt. Gabe claimed to have been attempting to get the dive rope to Tina, since they were diving in such strong currents. But he claimed that as he was doing so, she began sinking faster than he could rescue her. Nearby divers told investigators that they saw the two engaging in some sort of “underwater bear hug” moments before Tina drowned. Another diver-who was actually a doctor by profession-was in the middle of taking a photo of his wife when he accidentally snapped a photo of Tina's lifeless body laying on the ocean floor. The doctor also claimed that he watched Gabe leave his wife behind, taking nearly three minutes to swim back up to the ocean surface. Other witnesses added that he was relaxed & in a talkative mood once at the surface while others were attempting to save Tina's life. Additionally, Gabe changed his personal recollection of what had happened over a dozen times. This-along with the other eyewitness accounts-ultimately forced him to plead guilty in court in 2009. Despite receiving a four-year sentence, he served just one in an Australian prison as Alabama prosecutors asked him to be extradited




24-Iyn, 2016

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I'm not sure the narrator knows what fatal means 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Frank Catlin
Frank Catlin 20 soat oldin
9:53 "right in front of her very own eyes...." As opposed to what? Eyes that she borrowed???
Frank Catlin
Frank Catlin 20 soat oldin
6:15 "When he drowned to death..." As opposed to what? Drowning alive?
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No wonder people are fucking with your channel, you can't even make a video without CLICKBAITING, your a piece of shit.
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I like this voice more
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Every man dies at I Do.
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'Drowned to death' 😂😂
Alge Borusas
Alge Borusas 4 kun oldin
Why is an upside down 2 serving as a 5?
Dan Chapman
Dan Chapman 4 kun oldin
I don't get why we keep alive and waste money on people who have 100% killed someone else in cold blood.. Just cut their head off with an axe and be done
Luke Free fall
Luke Free fall 4 kun oldin
Indian men and the worst when it comes to women. Insane rape statistics.
smash thebug
smash thebug 5 kun oldin
Don't be a pathetic idiot who gets married smh.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
What I see stay in your own country everybody and there's always somebody to watching you and when you flash all that money they'll be some to get you or just want you out of the way because you flash too much and they don't have much respect all the ones that died or that hurt why would a game warden tell a woman to get close to the rhinos think about it he knows they're f****** Savage Beast that when someone's in their territory it's threatening them no matter house the size of the person is or animal these are territorial animals if you really pay attention to this video that were killed for being rich or because they wanted to Rob these people I mean with all due respect may they rest in peace but in this day and age can flash your money
isioma ekome
isioma ekome 9 kun oldin
Grose good for him that that gay bastard
Could have done without the gay crap
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#2 Go Australia!
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Clickbait bullshit, reported.
Moon Child
Moon Child 12 kun oldin
Hmm if you drown that means..well you die, drowned to death is a weird way of putting it!
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Isaac Bressette 12 kun oldin
Australia acted correctly
John Dean XRP
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Click bait...fuck you.
Mortiky Jones
Mortiky Jones 13 kun oldin
there definitely is a need for hit men in some of these incidences.. have gun will travel
Mr Scary
Mr Scary 14 kun oldin
Men marrying men..What a fucking sick joke this world is.
Mr Scary
Mr Scary 14 kun oldin
WHY the FUCK would they marry these people when they hate them so much they kill them? women are untrustworthy to begin with but these ones are the cream of the crop, they are evil and apparently Morons as well.They came up with ridiculous obvious alibis because most women these days are naturally greedy materialistic selfish overly emotionally unstable and foolish and mentally most are Morons and simpletons.
Mr Scary
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I think common sense tells you that standing close to a RHINO isn't a great idea...DUH>>>>
Mr Scary
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Well at least those morons got to die together and improve the overall IQ level of the planet. lol
Lisa Lentile
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That bastard got away with killing his wife while diving all DNA evidence gone
Eric Judkins-van buren
Sometimes you have to use common sense.
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Oh 💩 Skipper lemme find out dat was a 3Hr tour...
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Best therapy after this clip.....read the comments!!!
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Play mortal Kombat to learn what fatal means. It's Fatality not Survivality
The AMV TOP 50
The AMV TOP 50 18 kun oldin
Drew Boucher
Drew Boucher 18 kun oldin
Gabe does look like a douche
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 20 kun oldin
People are so stupid. If you are going to kill someone pick a story and stick to it
Darrell Stills jr
Darrell Stills jr 21 kun oldin
The fagets got what they deserved
Pennilaine Ong
Pennilaine Ong 21 kun oldin
I hope this never happens to anyone else
Walter Thornton
Walter Thornton 22 kun oldin
SeraphimTheOrthodox 22 kun oldin
This politically correct asshole couldn't find 8 STRAIGHT couples? '👎 for being pussy-whipped by the LGBT.
Joni D
Joni D 24 kun oldin
No need to indoctrinate me on how 'horrible' 🇦🇺 Australia was for not recognizing the guys married as 'married'. Australia as a sovereign nation has every right to protect the sanctity of marriage. You cannot visit another country and expect them to honor your immoral ways. You must abide by the laws of the land you visit. Good thing they didnt vacation in an Islamic country...would they expect to be acknowledged in Saudi as a 'married couple'? No. So why is it ok to presume any country will bend thier laws to accommodate your views? You lost me as a viewer w this video buddy.
MorningStar Kematch
MorningStar Kematch 25 kun oldin
I went to the website to look for the shark attack...website doesn't exist anymore. Asshole.
puma lyn
puma lyn 25 kun oldin
If her father knew about the insurance change before the wedding and didn't do anything to stop it, he walked his daughter down the aisle to her death! Did he have a share? If not, why didn't he do something about it?!😠😝
puma lyn
puma lyn 25 kun oldin
puma lyn
puma lyn 25 kun oldin
They weren't meant for each other . All that money wasted! They could have used it for their own funerals. No matter what the park ranger said, where was her own brains!
Purpose Speaker
Purpose Speaker 26 kun oldin
Seems more like you made this video about people that got away with murder.
Bob Riedel
Bob Riedel 27 kun oldin
Australia did not recognize the gay marriage. Good, they shouldn't have. Two people of the same sex cannot be married. Civil Union, yes, but marriage is also where God is involved. God does not recognize gay marriage either!
simileoluwa akinsola
Thats what that gay faggot gets!😈
Minimalist Gear Talk
I feel you Angelo 😇
Robert Copeland
Robert Copeland 28 kun oldin
My wife almost killed me for not doing the dishes once
Claribel Nana
Claribel Nana 28 kun oldin
#5 What fat bastard .
noah jones
noah jones 28 kun oldin
All white people
edwinhopkins0 28 kun oldin
Add monger
Doodle Pop
Doodle Pop 29 kun oldin
That long headed turd Gabe is dumb as heck his wife was pretty successful most likely a good person what else do you need
Di Marcotte
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Drowned to death is redundant...
Meat Sweats
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January 10th is my birthday 0.0
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It's only white people. Hmmm🤔
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That safari guide is a fucking idiot!!
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I came here to see a bitch gored by a rhino
Tyrone Koumoundouros
Exterminate the owners of UZvid twitter Google Facebook and, their uneducated hate filled communist employees.
Ellison Rodgers
Chantal (first clip) was expecting to get "the Horn" on her honeymoon, but not from a rhino.
mef12727 Oy oldin
Fatal=death. Which means did not survive. Why are survivors on here?
Hot Bread
Hot Bread Oy oldin
So I'm upposed to imagine the tragedy in my head, gayest video ever.
Levi'sVlogs Peecheemow
What reads! Not nice 😠
Katharyn Cade
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You do NOT drown to death....you DROWN !!!! FFS
The Harris Alkreido
OMG that's literally gay that Marco & David are both married to each other during Number 2.
Justin Lynch
Justin Lynch Oy oldin
8 honeymoons turned fatal. #8 the women survived the Rhino attack. You do know that fatal = death, right?
Angelique Hudson
So basically this is 10 best death experiences with a dash of how to get away with murder
Angelique Hudson
Cody is the example of why you don’t marry women who think putting their hands on you when they’re anger is acceptable. Women who hit men out of anger are cowards because they know the guy can’t hit back without being shamed for it .
Robert Sander
Robert Sander Oy oldin
....and I suppose the poor rhino was killed afterwards;hopefully it’s differant in Africa than the states where,when people are attacked after doing stupid things,being in places they shouldn’t be,it’s wildlife,not humans,who end up paying ultimate the price. 😡
Rhys Young
Rhys Young Oy oldin
Natural selection! They didn’t need to breed!
Giugliana Camelia
Number 8 The Rhino was just HORNY🦏 when he saw the bride
Tyler Mcay
Tyler Mcay Oy oldin
*Husband and Wife has left the groupchat*
Tyler Mcay
Tyler Mcay Oy oldin
I don't get people who kill there partner over hating each other... Just get a divorce for fuck sakes... It's simple
Tyler Mcay
Tyler Mcay Oy oldin
My wife went riding on a horse on our wedding day... Then I found out it wasn't a horse she was riding on
Tyler Mcay
Tyler Mcay Oy oldin
I made a fatel mistake in my marriage once... I got married
Ernie M
Ernie M Oy oldin
title should say (7 Honeymoons Turned Fatal)
Germaine la Nice
Website doesnt work
Glenn Weeks
Glenn Weeks Oy oldin
What does "drown to death " mean? Wouldn't it be just simply "drown"?
Anvi Rose
Anvi Rose Oy oldin
I want to kill those killers😠😡😍
cathy Larson
cathy Larson Oy oldin
In number 2, That is so damned disgusting for two men to marry, it's just WRONG!!!!! I am so happy Australia stood their ground, and did NOT allow the so called marriage to stand! At least there is one country that still has morals!
xx_waluigiforsmash _xx
Who knew that a life long bond could end so soon, *pfft* heard of divorce
Amjad Farooq
Amjad Farooq Oy oldin
So the takeaway message is: Never go on a honeymoon?
Draegon Oy oldin
People should really educate themselves on wild animals before trying to take photos with them.
Vincent Pasceri
pamtnman pamtnman
Welp, scratch Mauritius off my list of vacation spots. Innocent due to a lack of DNA evidence?! What a joke.
Space Alien
Space Alien Oy oldin
8:07-8:20 its 2018 it now legal
benjamin dover
Gay marriage just grosses me out!
Anyone try reading the summary? Its hilariously misspelled.
Lion Of Judah
Lion Of Judah Oy oldin
US justice system is so fucking broken. It's disgusting
Lion Of Judah
Lion Of Judah Oy oldin
Sounds like flufee talks
Jim  Bartz
Jim Bartz Oy oldin
the gays deserved it. lol
Thomss Noctor
Thomss Noctor Oy oldin
Mickey Harte is not a soccer coach. He's a Gaelic football coach.
Josh EverHard
Josh EverHard Oy oldin
White on white crimes.
Chimichanga -
Chimichanga - Oy oldin
Who goes to friggen south Africa for a honeymoon, or other similar screwed countries
Baskerville22 Oy oldin
Gabe Watson was later secretly filmed removing flowers placed on his wife's grave by her family - on several occasions. AND, he left her grave unmarked for 6 years. What a murdering swine...
Maria Charra
Maria Charra Oy oldin
30 yrs for pushn someone off a cliff drug dealers get more time than that
Hawtgawd-from-Turtle Island
The last one was best.. dam eaten by shark🐟 on honeymoon.. that's fuked up
kaiya1966 Oy oldin
Your channel is LAME ,you have no footage of anything . STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME !!!!!!!
Gina Betts
Gina Betts Oy oldin
Fatal. These are not fatal... I wasted a woody on this title.
voilaviolamh Oy oldin
I feel so bad for all these, but especially for the gays. All that with their marriage not being recognized, but also since I know how fucking hard it is to find a good partner as a gay guy. Almost every dude potentially apt for a relationship doesn't want to be monogamous, having bought the lie that poly-amory is possible without any negativity. And before that, it's hard just finding other gay dudes: let's say 1 out of 10 guys will be gay or bi(which is generously high). Out of that 10%, you'll like maybe 30%. Out of that 30%, maybe 20% will like you back. Out of that 20%, maybe another 35% will be promsing in terms of potential relationships. It's hard out here for a pimp.
voilaviolamh Oy oldin
Dude, I usually never say this, this is probably my first, but damn, so many fucking ads! An ad between each case is far too much, even if you can skip them. It's like being tricked into watching just asuch ads as content. It's like TV: an hour show equals 35 mins of content and 25 mins of commercials.