8 Weirdest Things Sent By Mail

Good Mythical Morning
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Someone actually sent their cat through the mail. GMM #943!
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14-Iyn, 2016



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ifollowrivers 11 kun oldin
I don’t understand the ear thing lol. What if someone was murdered? Shouldn’t that have been given to the police to check for DNA...or something?
The Jack of Realms
The Jack of Realms 18 kun oldin
"yeah, the chameleon crusher." LMAO!
Shannon M.
Shannon M. 24 kun oldin
2:23 - Is that Rusty or L'Arnold?
Caitlyn Kincaid
Caitlyn Kincaid 2 oy oldin
Link, why are you always in the description? It can't be very comfortable, or productive.
TheIronAntelope 2 oy oldin
Hey I live right near Worthing
Minty Mmm
Minty Mmm 2 oy oldin
Why do I feel so sad for the lizard? I won’t be able to think about anything else for at least a week.
Emma Henry
Emma Henry 2 oy oldin
Oofty Goofty is the olden day Eric Andre
Stale Baguette
Stale Baguette 3 oy oldin
When I heard about the 'Letter smusher' my heart sank because I had just sent my aunt in Jordan a golden pocket watch in a ENVELOPE.
Rachel Cheng
Rachel Cheng 4 oy oldin
That's what she said
Goose 4 oy oldin
Jared leto was trying so hard to try to be “cool and edgy” and compete with ledger and the stories surrounding him during his stint as the joker. What a tool.
daniel 5 oy oldin
i need links shirt and i cant find it :,)
RotoReaper 5 oy oldin
My second name is clatworthy
Tom Hazelden
Tom Hazelden 6 oy oldin
Rhett's Bill Clinton sounds just like Nick Offerman
Croutons are Better than Salad
I left your channel for Rusty Cage.
Vannakin 7 oy oldin
Sorry in advance to Rhett and Link bc I know they hate these comments, but I have to say I love Link’s cube shirts lol. You guys are great and so is your community!
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 7 oy oldin
"I always thought that tooths...give support"- Link
Madalyn Swain
Madalyn Swain 7 oy oldin
I was sent 18 chickens in the mail
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 7 oy oldin
Camp camp fans is that rhetts. Davey impression
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 7 oy oldin
Luci The Sick
Luci The Sick 7 oy oldin
This is why I do not trust EBay.
jdssurf 8 oy oldin
I don’t believe the 8 days with the cat, need proof.
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 8 oy oldin
Dam that cat didn't eat for eight days!! That's not cool for the cat.
mango weiss
mango weiss 9 oy oldin
that xbox photo was $602.81! I'm so glad that guy got a refund!
KeesaRenee 9 oy oldin
How many chipped cats could a chipped cat ship if a chipped cat could ship cats?
Kristen Busby
Kristen Busby 9 oy oldin
i mean we've gotten chickens by mail. normally put some fruit in there and then they have snacks and hydration
Chance Brundage
Chance Brundage 10 oy oldin
I live in utah and have visted that bank
Jiggly J
Jiggly J 11 oy oldin
Rip pbb
Elya Hartley
Elya Hartley 11 oy oldin
Chameleon envelope would have been considered non-machinable and would have been hand sorted. So no chameleon crusher machine lol
Cristina Alexis
Cristina Alexis 11 oy oldin
Why y’all talk so much an take so long to get to point then don’t even show us what y’all looking at
Karim Kassam
Karim Kassam Yil oldin
I'm just happy the cat was alive
Kiku ichimonji 2
Good Mythical Evening.
Nikeri Yil oldin
wait... is the troll in the background always there? in that area? IT MOVED FROM THE SPOT IT WAS IN IN ANOTHER VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joanna Mastron
Joanna Mastron Yil oldin
Schrodinger's cat anyone?
Kristin Harris
Kristin Harris Yil oldin
I'm from Utah and the way they said Zions bank...no sweetie no 😂😂😂 think of it like Lion. Zion rhymes with Lion 😂
SunshineMist Aj
SunshineMist Aj Yil oldin
KESHA IS THE TOOTH FAIRY im going to pray so i can see the tooth fairy hehe get it pray if you dont then....uzvid.com/video/video-v-Dur3uXXCQ.html
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox Yil oldin
Why did you add PS it's dead to the lizard it made me so sad 😭
tough clan
tough clan Yil oldin
Jackson Elcock 😖 WHY.... o wait it's a joke
Rainbow Heart
Rainbow Heart Yil oldin
Why did he make it into your necklace why not an earring. Get it ear earring
Toby Ruddock
Toby Ruddock Yil oldin
Adrian Cocjin
Adrian Cocjin Yil oldin
I love your gugys videos
jb420 Yil oldin
One brick at a time.
Animated_Nerd Yil oldin
"if you send me you're teeth I'm not making underwear out of them" Sigh, I guess i'll have to make the teeth underwear before sending it
Catherine Geriak
I live in Sacramento
Sarah Garrett
Sarah Garrett Yil oldin
Hey I am in Elk grove!
Cody Finsand
Cody Finsand Yil oldin
Yo said Zion bank wrong
Jeremiah Herbert
My daughters name is Zion
i lost my cat for a month and she survived
Travis Kruse
Travis Kruse Yil oldin
roses are red violets are blue I clicked for the thumbnail and so did you
That1950’sGuy Yil oldin
My stepdad is a mailman
salt pasta
salt pasta Yil oldin
Dont send cats in the mail.
Teresa Sigala
Teresa Sigala Yil oldin
Oofty goofty oofty goofty! - Rhett
can we send a cat to u
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose 2 oy oldin
CRIME DIARIES send it to rhett lol
Pretty kitty 25
Pretty kitty 25 Yil oldin
play roblox
Sarah Cannon
Sarah Cannon Yil oldin
You can send an ENORMOUS structure by mail. London bridge.
Aidenawesome22 Yil oldin
Wow whats mail...
Quoc Nguyen
Quoc Nguyen Yil oldin
I am sick I have a fever
Lou Symons
Lou Symons Yil oldin
FALMOUTH!!! Drop a like if you're from Cornwall
Save the bees
Save the bees Yil oldin
DudetheMan Yil oldin
Is this aprils fools or did youtube break this video
Andre Aoun
Andre Aoun Yil oldin
How many chipped cat can you ship if you can ship a chipped cat.
Andre Aoun
Andre Aoun Yil oldin
Nvm that didn't work at all
JPN's W.O.W Yil oldin
rhett I love you will you adopt me I'm 11 and resposible😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😅😅😅😂😂please I'll mail myself over there
•Gacha Bella•
You should do an episode where you just say meow and the intro is also meows and cats
Pastel Joy
Pastel Joy 2 yil oldin
I have a siamese cat :3
Charmynox 2 yil oldin
I would've kept the cat tbh
Mollie Stela
Mollie Stela 2 yil oldin
WILL IT POT PIE???????????????
Cryptozoology is pretty frickin’ sweet
Cameron Ison Stfu
Cameron Ison
Cameron Ison 4 oy oldin
No ....... Pls good no🤦
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 2 yil oldin
Was mail in the dark ages
Sincerely, Your Physics Teacher
Ke$ha is the Tooth Fairy Illuminati suspected
Xavier Torres
Xavier Torres 2 yil oldin
That is so cute
MySam4MyJo 2 yil oldin
well now we know.. shrödinger's cat is alive =)
Willow Bough
Willow Bough 2 yil oldin
I've driven by that bank...
summer c
summer c 2 yil oldin
once my dad aacsedetly mailed my homework to my aunt
beanut butter
beanut butter 19 kun oldin
I guess it was your English homework?
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose 2 oy oldin
summer c why would you mail homework anyway was he drinking
Alyssa life
Alyssa life 2 yil oldin
i watched them all summer
NoraTheExplorer 2 yil oldin
Love your shirt Rhett!!!
mushnoodle 2 yil oldin
Just google Bill Oberst Jr.'s severed ear this one was touched up with special effect skincolor makeup. :p They also should have hired a stork to deliver that baby.
Sophia S
Sophia S 2 yil oldin
Omg that would be the scariest thing to get in the mail. An ear..... And a note.
Draculitis__ 2 yil oldin
Sophia S Or a note written in blood.
Sydney Fox
Sydney Fox 2 yil oldin
I watched this entire episode through a cheez it
CassiTheNerd 21 kun oldin
This actually made me lol. Thanks
Cryptozoology is pretty frickin’ sweet
deprofundis That’s not how that works! That’s not how any of this works!
deprofundis 6 oy oldin
Are you related to Link? Because you have his random sense of humor XD
ALORA Smith 10 oy oldin
Sydney Fox WHAT
val yang
val yang Yil oldin
That's pretty... grate.
Ella ice cream
Ella ice cream 2 yil oldin
someone vlogged while in a box being shipped for a day and night
Willow Bough
Willow Bough 2 yil oldin
3:59 THAT'S NOT HOW IT'S PRONOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZI-ohn
Madeleine Reed
Madeleine Reed 2 yil oldin
I heard a song about a guy once who posted himself to his love (who didn't love him back), but when she found it difficult to open the box, she used scissors and accidentally stabbed him in the head and killed him. :)
Randee E
Randee E 2 yil oldin
UTAH! I live in utah :)
sam doyle
sam doyle 2 yil oldin
Will it hairgel? Please that would be cool. Use toothpaste, honey, molasses, peanut butter, nutella, whipped cream, shaving cream, sugar-water, dough, butter.
Backyard Hobbiez
Backyard Hobbiez 2 yil oldin
Not in a letter but shipping reptiles and fish is completely normal.
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose 2 oy oldin
Backyard Hobbiez lol def not in an envelope you’re right 😂
Tess McLarty
Tess McLarty 2 yil oldin
My kitten is name link
OmegaNave 2 yil oldin
My cat survived two weeks trapped somewhere during a snowstorm!
What about the chihuahua who saved a little girl from a pitbull? ;-;
JustAnAverage Human
is it bad that I can burp the theme tune
TheDerpening 2 yil oldin
hunter larbes
hunter larbes 2 yil oldin
I live in gleneste Ohio and I go to gleneste middle school
bitch boy
bitch boy 2 yil oldin
They forgot to include Noodle on this list smh
Alena 738
Alena 738 2 yil oldin
Tokeywarface 2 yil oldin
im 7 yers old
Tokeywarface 2 yil oldin
do the roast piwd
YoongiBiased Charmander
i live in sacramento 😂
Connor Lofton
Connor Lofton 2 yil oldin
Well now I've got to send Rhett teeth
Planes & Planes
Planes & Planes 2 yil oldin
How did oofty goofty poop for a week?
ThatLouiePerson 2 yil oldin
OMG I live in Worthing!
Fluffle Fox
Fluffle Fox 2 yil oldin
i didnt see the LINK in the descprition
Marichii 2 yil oldin
For his birthday, I mailed my friend-that-I-actually-don't-like-that-much a series of 4 bricks, labeled 1, 2, 3, and 5. He still expects that 5th brick...
Terrapin Boy01
Terrapin Boy01 2 yil oldin
My cat is called Cupcake! She's a short haired tabby.
Alana Williams
Alana Williams 2 yil oldin
5/10 weridest games
CrazzeyChris 2 yil oldin
If oofty goofy got sent to my house in the mail I would get my dad's gun and shoot him in the head
VelocirapGirl 2 yil oldin
My dad got sent random underwear that were his size but he didn't order them and be looked through his history and they weren't there XD 👘👖
Noor Sleiman
Noor Sleiman 2 yil oldin
Sooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll
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