88 SYLAS ULT INTERACTIONS! (Illaoi, Udyr, Twitch, Morde, Leblanc and more!)

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1. Killing Earth
2. Still Breathing
3. Millenium Sunset
4. Earthbeat
5. Distorted Reality
6. Ephemeral living
7. Epilogue

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10-Yan, 2019

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Vandiril 6 kun oldin
0:00 Illaoi 0:17 Udyr 0:36 Vayne 0:54 Nidalee 1:11 Elise 1:27 Jayce 1:49 Karma 2:09 Twitch 2:28 Yasuo 2:48 Taliyah 2:58 Sylas 3:19 Rengar 3:38 Zoe 3:48 Shen 3:59 Swain 4:18 Pyke 4:43 Darius 5:00 Gangplank 5:25 Volibear 5:43 Trynda 5:56 Quinn 6:23 Kalista 6:35 Gnar 6:50 Orianna 7:03 Ekko 7:18 Ryze 7:27 Kha'Zix 7:41 Corki 8:02 SioN 8:28 Kled 8:48 Syndra 9:07 Cho'Gath 9:21 Mordekaiser 10:01 Shaco 10:43 Olaf 10:58 Lulu 11:09 Ivern 11:29 Annie 11:52 Trundle 12:06 TF 12:17 Irelia 12:27 Heimerdinger 12:46 Leblanc 13:04 Jax 13:21 Jarvan 13:32 Nunu 13:42 Lissandra 13:59 Neeko 14:17 Ornn 14:27 Teemo 14:41 Malphite 14:51 Ashe 15:00 Master Yi 15:10 Jhin 15:23 Nasus 15:33 Shyvana 16:03 Alistar 16:14 Akali 16:26 Aurelion Sol 16:38 Ahri 16:49 Azir 16:59 Caitlyn 17:16 Camille 17:26 Bard 17:45 Galio 17:55 Fiora 18:11 Dr. Mundo 18:23 Fizz 18:34 Kai'Sa 18:52 Poppy 19:02 Pantheon 19:14 Rek'Sai 19:24 Riven 19:40 Renekton 19:54 Skarner 20:11 Singed 20:28 Taric 20:40 Talon 20:49 Tahm Kench 21:03 Urgot 21:17 Vladimir 21:28 Brand 21:39 Wukong 21:49 Anivia 22:02 Zilean 22:16 Xayah 22:29 Rakan 22:38 Practice Tool Dummy
CALVOJOSEPY13 4 daqiqa oldin
You are virgin
Felipe Alb
Felipe Alb 9 soat oldin
Adem Çiftçi
Adem Çiftçi 15 soat oldin
Where is karthus????
John Starks
John Starks 16 soat oldin
He can't copy zed's ult?
Speed JBW
Speed JBW 18 soat oldin
Fefes Yuri
Fefes Yuri 28 daqiqa oldin
atrox ?
Pᴜғғʏ Nɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ
Rito has leaked a new champion : he/she steals your scores, your rank, level and even your password 😂
Abdullah Özer
Abdullah Özer Soat oldin
14:36 R wtf?
Shaun Wild
Shaun Wild Soat oldin
Does Renekton ult fill up your mana?
Dendi Dendi
Dendi Dendi Soat oldin
No pls noo noooooooooooooo!! Rubik is coming!!!
arturo millan
arturo millan Soat oldin
The LB ult steal is kinda lame they should have just made it that sylas would be able to use his last move again instead of just taking the last spell LB did
Bryce Taylor
Bryce Taylor 2 soat oldin
Does Q cooldown get reduced in Nasus ult?
Daxter97 Emporium
Daxter97 Emporium 2 soat oldin
One question : you show how lulu's ult works on him , but it's only for him or you can use it for someone else too ? ( sorry if my english isn't correct )
Xiaqua 3 soat oldin
Wondering how aatrox and Zed ult work
devourtheirsouls 3 soat oldin
Am I the only one who believes RITO balance team will have such a huge problem balancing this piece of shift 🤣
Kurohana Gin
Kurohana Gin 3 soat oldin
In dota there's a hero call rubick which also works something like this
BUIGAHACK 4 soat oldin
Singed bro?
Tomas Mačiulis
Tomas Mačiulis 5 soat oldin
Can it get blocked by spell shields like morgana's E, Sivir's E, banshees etc?
Tomas Mačiulis
Tomas Mačiulis 5 soat oldin
So the ult he steals scale 100 percent with his stats like it would normally do on original champion it came from?
Anis Interista
Anis Interista 6 soat oldin
Name: sylas Quirk : copy
blackXgrizzly 6 soat oldin
Did he do warwick?
ODIN 6 soat oldin
Something like rubick
Connor Miles
Connor Miles 7 soat oldin
Man, the AD ults without utility are hot garbage. Illaoi ult, terrible, Jhin ult, terrible, etc. They should really consider putting AP ratios on the abilities specifically for Sylas to steal or somehow altering how they interact when stolen so they are a little more impactful. Illaoi's ult is one of the biggest things in a teamfight, unless Sylas steals it, then it's completely useless.
Hilp Mi Bibi
Hilp Mi Bibi 8 soat oldin
i would love to play him in one for all!!!
WeLsHy WiLl
WeLsHy WiLl 10 soat oldin
So now we're gonna go over some of the cool quirks and features found on the new 2019 rapist Sylus
GeninGeo 10 soat oldin
Id like to see a side by side Yasou and sylas using yasou ult at the same time Sylas' copy looks shorter (if possible with an allied yasou knocking up for sylas to keep it as much the same as possible. ) Im specifically checking to see if the suspended air time, which shouldnt be effected by knock up duration if done immediately is the same. I want to bitch of the forums Help us Vandiril you are our only hope. Also you should try that shyvanna ult interaction with essence reaver before it gets changed back to crit and after it gets changed to crit
Vovlidorfu Fcassaa
Vovlidorfu Fcassaa 11 soat oldin
I remembered Metin 2 ost
Thảo Nguyên
Thảo Nguyên 12 soat oldin
Zac đi ah
The1ZANDER1 12 soat oldin
The only counters i know of r: Nocturne and Sivir because of their "W" and fortunately i main Nocturne.
Grant Homa
Grant Homa 12 soat oldin
WAIT @VANDIRIL, is the vayne ulti q animation invisible like if it was casted from FOW or is it visible I NEED TO KNOW
Angat Ka
Angat Ka 13 soat oldin
TIP: Don't Upgrade 'R'
justin leon
justin leon 14 soat oldin
I think that this isn’t gonna be as good as some might think
Trug Nguyễn
Trug Nguyễn 14 soat oldin
Đáng nhẽ phải lấy đc r đồng đội phải hay k
Kim Eastwood
Kim Eastwood 14 soat oldin
Did you try ? Kassadin Ut - Sylas.
Ssong Ssing
Ssong Ssing 14 soat oldin
Does the stolen ult stay stored until used?
ImFyre 17 soat oldin
Bullshit champ
PentaYasuo 17 soat oldin
Ta postać nie pasuje do tej gry
Amir Agness
Amir Agness 18 soat oldin
this one really reminds me of morphling
Yavuz 18 soat oldin
Bro where's Warwick?
joão Sousa
joão Sousa 18 soat oldin
The zoe ult is the Most useless 😂
agelos belivanis
agelos belivanis 18 soat oldin
HeavyMusic Fan
HeavyMusic Fan 19 soat oldin
"Hmmm so nobody plays normal queue anymore because mirror matchups are annoying, OH I KNOW! Let's bring the mirror matchups to them!" It's like deleting Dominion and then reworking Skarner passive lul
shadowraith10 20 soat oldin
Sylas is literally the Shang Tsung, or Kirby of League, every big multi-character game has 'that guy'. This is him.
Максим Белов
это что морфо рубик ? :D
Ali Şahin
Ali Şahin 21 soat oldin
Singed 21 soat oldin
Xysiek 21 soat oldin
I was waiting for zed
Володя Консоль
i just watched 23 min of game champ ulting
Exal Rojas
Exal Rojas 22 soat oldin
17:50 old shen????? O.o
Dust 22 soat oldin
Ooh nice Rubick...i mean Sylas
Stachu 23
Stachu 23 23 soat oldin
Shyvana is the most broken
Adrian Barea
Adrian Barea 23 soat oldin
so basically this is morrigan from smite
Dragonx Exoron
Dragonx Exoron Kun oldin
What the fuck is this champ
Gamer Split
Gamer Split Kun oldin
Have you tried dancing after u cast Illaoi ult?
K1II3r BeAtBoX
K1II3r BeAtBoX Kun oldin
im sure he got sharingan :D
Kod:Adı Zed gkhana
Vi R
Oh my hell >;) super! ;)
Thiago Barcellos
Thats what i call as bad editing. The Song is louder than the voice. Clever!
Music lasing
Music lasing Kun oldin
Don't click, you'll be addicted : @Fy_k
khaled k
khaled k Kun oldin
warwick ????????
Lad Russel Samurai
No zed karthus and not other all hero
Steve Urkel
Steve Urkel Kun oldin
21:09 Urgot is now also literally a pain in the ass
Xendurr Kun oldin
Without a doubt, Sylas is now the strongest character in the League of Legends lore. Imagine a dude that's able to go back in time, time warp, portal hop and literally create a big deadly lazer.
MakesYouSick 6 soat oldin
Pretty sure god tier > time travel because gods have no origin linked to a time someone could travel to. For example A.Sol was literally 'born in the first breath of creation'. Even if Sylas could time travel back to the literal beginning of the universe he'd die instantly due to there being no air and being a bajillion degrees.
Xendurr Kun oldin
Without a doubt, Sylas is now the strongest character in the League of Legends lore. Imagine a dude that's able to go back in time, time warp, portal hop and literally create a big deadly lazer.
Gökdeniz Erdem
Gökdeniz Erdem Kun oldin
Nice video bro
M8 Kun oldin
Would be interesting if Illaoi could use the tentacles of enemy :D
Filip Szmek
Filip Szmek Kun oldin
Ultimate Sylas-Shyvana switch - get a full mana regen build and then steal Shyvana R.
Creo Raine     Dev
Creo Raine Dev Kun oldin
Alper Alp
Alper Alp Kun oldin
Can yasuo w sylas ult ?
Karzzard Kun oldin
So against darius he steal the passiv too Not only the ult lol
Странный Татарин
5 Sion race !!!!
gg hhh
gg hhh Kun oldin
Lol game
ad jkh
ad jkh Kun oldin
Where is teh zed
Ace IA
Ace IA Kun oldin
Rito just lost all of it's creativity
Telashar Kun oldin
Meh, cheaper copy of rubick
MaZen PK
MaZen PK Kun oldin
I’d die to see Lucians ulti here x.x and MFs
Mir S
Mir S Kun oldin
Stupid champion
Aaron Maldonado
Aaron Maldonado Kun oldin
Que asco, no pega esa ulti con este personaje, es ridículo, creo que hasta le quedaba mejor a Neeko, pero bueee
quesito max
quesito max Kun oldin
Zoe stopwatch + zhonyas + Zoe W zhonyas + team bard + enemy bard + Team Sylas with bard ult + Enemy Sylas eith bard ult... It can be the longest time in Stasis state 17.5 seconds!
From Dreams To Despair
I was actually waiting to see him use Yorick's Ulti and build his own army
Demonios Zerokilled
dont play music on an interaction voices video you dumbfuck
Toor Skoboviik
Toor Skoboviik Kun oldin
If you steal Cho’Garth’s ult multiple times, do you get the size increase? Because a giant Sylas running around would be hilarious
Loony Toon
Loony Toon Kun oldin
@Vandiril: Question: if he steal xayah ult, can an allied xayah E sylas feathers?
NDNG- Cesur
NDNG- Cesur Kun oldin
katarina ???????????
Kaldzi1993 Kun oldin
New main for me but some interactions are shit
Ash Kun oldin
His laugh sounds exactly like Draven... Are they voiced by the same person?
Kaldzi1993 Kun oldin
So that Why this champs is shit
The King
The King Kun oldin
where is zed *crying* ive been waiting
// Remon Verkade G
The last few new champions are not that original made. like... copying things from other champions that are already in the game... like come on.... are you really not that creative.... ( Neeko: Passif can change her self into another player / Zoe: W copy's item effects and spells like heal and flash. ) and now this sylas... #riotplz
The King
The King Kun oldin
so much of *HaHaHaHa*
Zlatko Jovanovski
MW Universe
MW Universe Kun oldin
you can cut off the part after 3 mins lol
V for Velskud
V for Velskud Kun oldin
Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick Rubick
Andrey Shumaev
Andrey Shumaev Kun oldin
who cares, just ban that shit.
Danapel Kun oldin
honestly he’s a cool concept but is it really necessary to only have a laughing voice line whenever he uses his mock ult? There could’ve easily been so many voice lines they could’ve added rather than a 100% laughing voice line
Austin Stover
Austin Stover Kun oldin
champion is usless
Luke Odinson
Luke Odinson Kun oldin
megni Kun oldin
22:26 Step 1: Accept your destiny.
It's Ki
It's Ki Kun oldin
The new lol champs are based on stealing skills, lol got out of ideas...
Moss 1207
Moss 1207 Kun oldin
Where is kata?
literally the music ruined the whole video...
CaucaGamer Kun oldin
Skillhigh V
Skillhigh V Kun oldin
Now league of legends has its own Rubik but worse, only steals ultimates:D
Who is Sylas?
7 kun oldin
Oy oldin