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Have you ever wished your eyes were of a different color? Perhaps of a more beautiful color or perhaps more unusual to be able to stand out from the crowd... Unfortunately, it's impossible to change the color of your eyes, if, of course, you're not a fan of colored lenses or risky operations. But don't worry, because today we've collected the most unusual eye colors that exist on our planet. And it's really worth seeing!



10-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 539
Skunk clan
Skunk clan 6 soat oldin
I Have gray and blue eyes
tralala la
tralala la 2 kun oldin
Black eyes gang
GachaMaddison 2 kun oldin
Hazel eyes gang where u at
facto lavrl
facto lavrl 3 kun oldin
Bro if i use this video, would i get copyright claim
Rhian Kim
Rhian Kim 3 kun oldin
Black eyed squad
Anwer Boftain
Anwer Boftain 4 kun oldin
2:29 this is my eye colour
William and Knox Crain
Silver eyes
IamTakeshi 69
IamTakeshi 69 4 kun oldin
Name of the song in backgruond please?
Birdsarecool73 4 kun oldin
My best friend has yellow eyes
Joanne Wallen
Joanne Wallen 4 kun oldin
My dad has green eyes,my mom has blue eyes,I have amber eyes and my cat has grey eyes
Lukan T.
Lukan T. 4 kun oldin
My girlfriend has Amber eyes. They're so beautiful I could start into them forever
UkeMizura 4 kun oldin
Hernesto O
Hernesto O 5 kun oldin
Black eye
Belle Veran
Belle Veran 5 kun oldin
Brown eyes gang here😊😊😊
Rivirse Mainia
Rivirse Mainia 5 kun oldin
I think my eyes is speshal it is blue with white cracs
Mano Negm
Mano Negm 5 kun oldin
i know someone with very grey eye with some black stripes in it
Mano Negm
Mano Negm 5 kun oldin
i have a friend with one green eye and one brown eye
8-Bit Gamers
8-Bit Gamers 5 kun oldin
But what aboit chanhing eye color. Because my eyes change from blue to green.
Wally 1970
Wally 1970 5 kun oldin
Light grey eyes , that change is what I have . Anywhere from blue green and grey
life of chaos
life of chaos 5 kun oldin
i know someone with multicolored eyes
Querent2000 5 kun oldin
I've seen pink eyes. Never red. I don't believe red eyes exist. The dunce meant "Mongolian", not "Mongoloid".
Stephaine Dennis
Stephaine Dennis 5 kun oldin
I have blue gray eyes
Stephaine Dennis
Stephaine Dennis 5 kun oldin
Gray More Lol They Me To But Blue Light Light Super A Like Say People Bc One What Sure Not MaI
wolves remix
wolves remix 5 kun oldin
My eyes are grey with baby blue but if you look closer to my right eye you will see a little bit of gold What does that mean?
kakashi shippuden
kakashi shippuden 5 kun oldin
My dad's brother has yellow eyes
Abigail De Block
Abigail De Block 5 kun oldin
I luv cat
Abigail De Block
Abigail De Block 5 kun oldin
Multicolor i wish i had those ;^;
Abigail De Block
Abigail De Block 5 kun oldin
I have brown
tomb stone Raiders
tomb stone Raiders 5 kun oldin
My nana is full blooded sue Indian and she has black eyes
Tracen Barclay
Tracen Barclay 5 kun oldin
I have Green Eyes
Ashton Elsinghorst
Ashton Elsinghorst 5 kun oldin
My dads eyes change color from blue to grey every so often it's pretty cool
hamdan hassan
hamdan hassan 5 kun oldin
Abdul-Razak Alhassan
black eyes gang where u at
Jgray1022GodzillaMan JAMES
Blue eyes I have
HACK 5G 5 kun oldin
This Is The Best Channel on UZvid!
Dahlia Ploszay
Dahlia Ploszay 5 kun oldin
My gray eye Bros where you at
Cara Rodriguez
Cara Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
1:37 Edward and Bella!
L. P.
L. P. 5 kun oldin
I have Amber eyes
BlahClaw2212307 5 kun oldin
It's not pronounced as albyno it's albîno
Jocelyn Arellano
Jocelyn Arellano 5 kun oldin
I have black eyes
The_Jking Sandman
The_Jking Sandman 5 kun oldin
Wait so my friend has grey eyes because his eyes are always changing in between seasons
The Danimations Group
Silver Eyes....... The one that grim is scared of. Silver eyes made by god of creation. Im talking about the rwby btw
Lina Elif
Lina Elif 5 kun oldin
I almost hav black eye’s ⚫️ But i hav brown eye’s 👩🏻
Rinalds Pudans
Rinalds Pudans 5 kun oldin
i have green eyes
samauri master
samauri master 5 kun oldin
I have green and blue ish
Kalynn Daily/ OOf gang
Silver with a tint of blue
Matasferg jurkenas
Matasferg jurkenas 5 kun oldin
Omgaaawdd.. 7:54 looks completely same to mine
Knight mare
Knight mare 5 kun oldin
I have black eyes Is it rare?
Knight mare
Knight mare 5 kun oldin
Number 1:Anime eyes
anna liza Jimenez
anna liza Jimenez 5 kun oldin
I have black eyes
Jessica Workman
Jessica Workman 5 kun oldin
I have eyes that are half blue half green and they have a black outline Is this normal???
pewgoesthe shotgun
pewgoesthe shotgun 5 kun oldin
Does anyone else have a genetic mutation that makes their eyes change colors?
When I was young I had such dark blue eyes they almost looked purple now they change from blue to green and most of the time they are a nice green with a dark but not to dark blue
Ian Havemagic
Ian Havemagic 6 kun oldin
I wan a sharingan
Wyatt 101
Wyatt 101 6 kun oldin
I once saw a dog with both it's eyes split down the middle and one half was brown and the other half was blue
mafia muffin
mafia muffin 6 kun oldin
i have green eyes but i see alot of people with green eyes
Ultimatu 6 kun oldin
My exes little sister has amber eyes. I thought they were wicked cool
Kjleed13 6 kun oldin
My black/brown eyes are rare?
SparksFly 6 kun oldin
Amber squad?
Gaara of the cheese
Autumn Kiser
Autumn Kiser 6 kun oldin
Wait why is my grey eyes rare?????? 🤨
p5ranch 123
p5ranch 123 6 kun oldin
Where my green eye fam at (Subscribe to me )
Landon Zack
Landon Zack 6 kun oldin
Blue eye gang where you at
Amakan Ette
Amakan Ette 6 kun oldin
I’m african and I have black eyes 😂
Salahideen Abdul-Raheem
Hey its alb"I"no not alb"ee"no
Kym Adams
Kym Adams 6 kun oldin
ROBOMAN2O5 6 kun oldin
did he just call a Wolfe a wild cat?
Albino sideshow bob was one weird looking mofo
Bikal Shiwakoti
Bikal Shiwakoti 6 kun oldin
3:17 supersaf style😎
Simon Oddson
Simon Oddson 6 kun oldin
What about all the rarest colours you have put on the video I have all of them
Spud 607
Spud 607 6 kun oldin
All my friends used to say i was a were wolf because of my pretty big canine teeth and my yellow eyes. I like having yellow eyes cuz it kinda makes me stand out and anyone who notices are like "omg look at his eyes" it happened about once or twice when people ran up to me and just took a random selfie cuz of my eyes. (They are liteally bright yellow.)
Eric Boss
Eric Boss 6 kun oldin
Black eye gang (punched eye)
Kyra Fullington
Kyra Fullington 6 kun oldin
my eyes change between pale blue into gray
Amy Cutler
Amy Cutler 6 kun oldin
My doggo has 2 different colored eyes
SHADY YT 6 kun oldin
I always had black eyes but I didn’t know it was the rarest in the world
Daniel 6 kun oldin
I never knew that green eyes are rare because I have green eyes
Eliot Francis
Eliot Francis 6 kun oldin
Thanks for the very educational video.
Onlyboss 22
Onlyboss 22 6 kun oldin
2:19 😂 did he say wolves were a wild cat
ashton 6 kun oldin
Love making multiple colored eyes
Mace 6 kun oldin
1.) Red Eyes 2.) Amber Eyes 3.) Black Eyes (Dark Brown) 4.) Green Eyes 5.) Multi-Colored (Heterochromiac) 6.) Blue Eyes 7.)Grey Eyes 8.) Yellow Eyes 9.) Lavender Eyes You all are welcome
Jake 6 kun oldin
Mine and my brothers eyes were mostly green, but with a bit of amber. But over the years they've gone to a duller green and the amber is hardly noticeable. I also used to know a Ukrainian girl with grey eyes. I also know two people with different colour eyes. One is a woman with one blue eye, and the other part blue and part brown. The other is a guy with one blue eye and one brown eye. But his brown one is actually a fake eye because he lost his as a child.
mine are a strange blue color, not light, not dark and not turquoise but rather a deep, ocean at 8PM blue, if they were a few shades darker, they could very well be purple. all of my bros say that it's "fake" and "cartoon-ish" and that i wear contacts ( like bitch, I can't afford that ), if i show someone over the internet, they say it's fake and that i used "edits", hate how people try to link eye color with complexion 🙄🙄 can't see them in my profile since my face isn't up close and it's a pretty weird shade of blue for eye color prntscr.com/m63dyr
lauchlan the meme legand
My dad has light blue eyes
Yamada_Chi_lover6969 321882123
My dad has green eyes :P
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 6 kun oldin
S0ccerPr0 66
S0ccerPr0 66 6 kun oldin
I have black eyes
CARZ0N Gaming
CARZ0N Gaming 6 kun oldin
Blue eye gang
Justin Case
Justin Case 6 kun oldin
Tiny a dumbass
Dan Ford stokes
Dan Ford stokes 6 kun oldin
My mom has green eyes and my grandad has one brown and one green eye.
Dan Ford stokes
Dan Ford stokes 6 kun oldin
The purple eyes are the Nordic people (ETs) if they are real that is.
Xania Gayer
Xania Gayer 6 kun oldin
I have blue Gary eyes and the Gary is kind of taking over the blue
Haley Webb
Haley Webb 6 kun oldin
me and my boring blue eyes
Cruci|FiCaT| 6 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-tCMCpJ7Dggc.html another one video 100% copiyed from here. Make an report,thanks
ERRORERROR01 6 kun oldin
i had blue eyes at birth at now i have really dark brown
gangsta ninja
gangsta ninja 6 kun oldin
i have black eyes
yoshi champ
yoshi champ 6 kun oldin
I have black eyes it's probably cause I'm black native and Purtrican
jasmin reardon
jasmin reardon 6 kun oldin
I want black or red eyes but I only have Hazel eyes
Maya Petch
Maya Petch 6 kun oldin
Green eyed 👍
Shaun Stanley
Shaun Stanley 6 kun oldin
How do you explain mine there change colour green blue yellow mainly but have had them go others too
WifelikeOrange Xxx
WifelikeOrange Xxx 6 kun oldin
I have black eyes
Adelia Hammond
Adelia Hammond 6 kun oldin
Mine are grey blue and change with my mood.
AC GAMER 6 kun oldin
You missed hazel eyes, which is what I've got. Apparently they are so rare they aren't on this list haha jk. And yes they are rare. They are a mixture of greens, browns and blues. In fact there's more blue eyes then hazel, blue at 17 percent and hazel at 5-8%.