a brutally honest conversation

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2-Iyl, 2018

we should hang out sometimea brutally honest conversationconversationstalkingtalkhanging outfriendfriendschatrun into each otherchance encounter



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cynicalPunditVA Soat oldin
I hate this. Because it's the truth.
Vincent Kun oldin
too real...
Alejandro Murdoch
But isn’t that the hanging out
Trish K
Trish K Kun oldin
Me at my high school reunion...
OmmiSombra 2 kun oldin
Every girl I meet
Gio Cervantes
Gio Cervantes 2 kun oldin
Oh shit, so I shouldn't try to actually hang out? No wonder it never works out. FmyfuccingL.
Song 4
Song 4 3 kun oldin
My dad used to play Bluegrass Music and my mom would always go to his shows and this is basically the Convention Equivalent of going to Bluegrass Concerts in the Mid 2000s, Taking Pictures and telling someone ''I'll email them to you''. Nobody ever Emails anyone anything yet it gets said more than 800,000 times.
VandaJakeX [VJ9]
VandaJakeX [VJ9] 3 kun oldin
Literally my life story
Nathan Fleming
Nathan Fleming 4 kun oldin
“But am I gonna???”
Pretorian V2
Pretorian V2 4 kun oldin
Mushroom 5 kun oldin
This dude looks like an even fatter david so
Captain Doomsday
Captain Doomsday 5 kun oldin
19thHour 5 kun oldin
I watched the entire playlist and it only took me a couple hours. ProZD you are an excellent comedian.
14dj 6 kun oldin
so you will never hang out with your good looking twin brother? same, just that mine is'nt even half as good looking as your.....
Sean Jardine
Sean Jardine 7 kun oldin
Ive only just found your channel, and even though your probably never see this i thik your skits are the funniest thing ive ever seen on youtube in years. Please do more and keep them relatable!
Chloe Chang
Chloe Chang 7 kun oldin
having this conversation 800 million times would take over 480 years, better get cracking!
oldspice051 8 kun oldin
It’s true. A lot of relationships are based on “benign indifference.” You genuinely like these people, but you simply never take the initiative. Just because.
19swaggkidd 8 kun oldin
to keep it even more raw you shouldve mentioned how you will watch each others snap stories but never socialize not even once
BAC soldier
BAC soldier 9 kun oldin
try Jesus he won't just hang out he'll stay
Michael Tomasetti
Michael Tomasetti 9 kun oldin
Too Real!!
Depression Talks With Immanuel
story... of... my life.
Ebon Collins
Ebon Collins 9 kun oldin
Seek God or get sucked into more worldly lies
Tommy Hammernots
Tommy Hammernots 9 kun oldin
Hey it’s Asian Andy. Big fan.
Ku Klux Knievel
Ku Klux Knievel 9 kun oldin
What a waste of 19 seconds, you fat fuck
Dave Marx
Dave Marx 9 kun oldin
😐 Stop watching my life
Bran’s mEmEtAsTiC Factory
This Is So True
Bob 9 kun oldin
So true. This is most people in California. CALI wtf bros?
jden_224 9 kun oldin
That is literally me.
Toby Butts
Toby Butts 9 kun oldin
I love how prozd can pull off such a hilarious skit without even changing his appearance
Nikole kate
Nikole kate 9 kun oldin
why is this me with every other human being at my school
jerin george
jerin george 9 kun oldin
"....Before even we think about hanging out." as they have a conversation about it. LOL
*Just A Random Girl Wondering Around YouTube*
Person 1: hey man, it was good to see you! We should hangout sometime! Person2: yeah we should! ... Person 1: but we’ll never will Person 2: not even once Person 1: it’s not because we don’t like each other Person 2: nope, we just will never ever initiate hanging out Person 1: not for our entire life Person 2: we will both die of old age before we even THINK about hanging out Person 1: and we’ll have this exact exchange eight hundred million times
Bruce Benson
Bruce Benson 10 kun oldin
I have never seen you, but I like you. I am subscribed.
Dara Ricardo
Dara Ricardo 10 kun oldin
Starcraft Kingderp
Starcraft Kingderp 10 kun oldin
Meh god
Michael Dominguez
Michael Dominguez 10 kun oldin
Officially my favorite video
Wv_yzf_1k 10 kun oldin
Welp, I ended up back in this part of the internet again 🤦‍♂️
Twobarpsi 10 kun oldin
Schizophrenia at its finest!
Bipolartorecovery 10 kun oldin
Can't tell you how much that happens to me when trying to friend while adult
Dulces 10 kun oldin
Since when has David so started uploading again
Bes Dobra
Bes Dobra 10 kun oldin
But why lmaooooo
starcraft kingderp
starcraft kingderp 10 kun oldin
I need a therapist
I need a therapist 10 kun oldin
literally me talking to *ANYONE*
Collin D
Collin D 10 kun oldin
Your face is fat and poofy
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan 10 kun oldin
Your manic
Its_arxana 10 kun oldin
The best 19 seconds of my life
Daniel Ibeh
Daniel Ibeh 10 kun oldin
Hahaha this is so true! Why have that conversation in the first place.
ah cringe
ah cringe 10 kun oldin
KoMa GaMa
KoMa GaMa 11 kun oldin
why u no verified by utub ? U kool u gud butt why
Orlando Rocha
Orlando Rocha 11 kun oldin
When you friend someone from high school on Facebook.
Xarvis90 11 kun oldin
How much more honest can this get?
The World According To Joey 2
Hey man, it was good to see you, we should hang out sometimes Yeah, we shoud! But we never will Not even once And it's not because we don't like each other Nope, we just will never, ever initiate hanging out Not for our entire lives We will both die of old age before we ever even THINK about hanging out And we'll have his exact exchange 800 million times
Sandvxd 11 kun oldin
Sonicfan1661 11 kun oldin
Yeah pretty much.
Galon Akua Akua
Galon Akua Akua 11 kun oldin
Use the link below Use the link below Use th link below
Hawkorvan 11 kun oldin
Oh no the reality
ursadgotgf 11 kun oldin
why are you famous? no offense , just a question
UnstableBacon 10 kun oldin
ursadgotgf cuz he’s funny
Animeislife 11 kun oldin
I wanna see a ffxv skit about fighting against the adamantoise without the ring, then with the broken ring
M L 11 kun oldin
Facebook friends, co-workers...everybody
Kennin Lancy
Kennin Lancy 11 kun oldin
I feel exposed
Lord Llama
Lord Llama 11 kun oldin
Yung weej is that u
l ø w k e y n a t
l ø w k e y n a t 11 kun oldin
Why was this trending?! (I'm probably the only one confused.... As usual)
Intahnetto 11 kun oldin
I’m pressing charges you fucking stalker. Don’t _ever_ record me again.
No1New 06
No1New 06 11 kun oldin
FREAKENATOR 11 kun oldin
small talk mp4
Jaxx Gia
Jaxx Gia 11 kun oldin
Tanrahk12 11 kun oldin
Literally college
Normal_Youtuber 11 kun oldin
If you DID do that 800,000,000 times; it would take approximately 4.81988838159 centuries...
Leah Winfield
Leah Winfield 11 kun oldin
Stop dislikin on him
Bearturnedhuman 11 kun oldin
sorry whay
andrew Garcia
andrew Garcia 12 kun oldin
Is that from the other person’s perspective? I don’t see anybody actually wanting to be around you
mexicansuperman 12 kun oldin
That's why I got no friends
jakeatecake 12 kun oldin
2015 dead meme
2015 dead meme 12 kun oldin
Good job on getting to trending lol
Дима TV
Дима TV 12 kun oldin
the best anime
the best anime 12 kun oldin
Wtf did I just watched lol
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
shout out to my friend Jamie who wants to hang out with me and play guitar together lol we both know that ain't gonna happen
conamona xxx
conamona xxx 12 kun oldin
So true
cøsmetic waves
cøsmetic waves 12 kun oldin
Me when I talk to someone.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 12 kun oldin
truth hurts
Yosajara D
Yosajara D 12 kun oldin
Josh The Hipster
Josh The Hipster 12 kun oldin
This isn't accurate... 800,000,000 isn't high enough.
Dex 12 kun oldin
wakajumba 12 kun oldin
Young Lord
Young Lord 12 kun oldin
because youre fake
Moose Odom
Moose Odom 12 kun oldin
Sad, but true.
Nedeljko Mitrovic
Nedeljko Mitrovic 12 kun oldin
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narutodssunny 12 kun oldin
GoldenPanther Productions
Jakob Rosander
Jakob Rosander 12 kun oldin
This is the realest thing on UZvid
Angela Griffith
Angela Griffith 12 kun oldin
Only 19 seconds and he’s trending
Sammie M
Sammie M 12 kun oldin
Vine needs to exist again
Corey Messick
Corey Messick 12 kun oldin
How's this for brutally honest?: You're a fat Asian wasting his time not sumo wrestling.
miranda eats
miranda eats 12 kun oldin
Lmao.. Mee talking to another mom..
m 1256
m 1256 12 kun oldin
Russell Allen
Russell Allen 12 kun oldin
RunningSD 12 kun oldin
its so true lmao
Jon Vester
Jon Vester 12 kun oldin
WTF this is actually trending?
dianawapooh 12 kun oldin
1.6 mil for this stupid shit?
gravy spectre
gravy spectre 12 kun oldin
Exactly, not that I don't like the creator, but it's not trending worthy.
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 12 kun oldin
dianawapooh yea do you have a problem?
3 oy oldin
Ex Best Friend
3 yil oldin
rhythm games
9 oy oldin