a brutally honest conversation

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2-Iyl, 2018

we should hang out sometimea brutally honest conversationconversationstalkingtalkhanging outfriendfriendschatrun into each otherchance encounter



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 4 007
Celestia S
Celestia S 4 kun oldin
Finally I can relate
Kamen Raider117
Kamen Raider117 11 kun oldin
Haha, I'm so alone. Thanks pride and antisocialness for not allowing me to hang out with people or even non-jokingly admit it
Garebear 13 kun oldin
Me and my cousin every single family get together, minus the brutally honest part
William Mason
William Mason 21 kun oldin
So trruuuueee!!
Jamie W
Jamie W 25 kun oldin
I come to this channel to laugh man
SciTech_387 26 kun oldin
this is so sad..
Gabriel Frankford
Gabriel Frankford 26 kun oldin
That is an aquantance not a friend. Friends become old friends if not maintained.
Sion Teemo
Sion Teemo 27 kun oldin
Yep pretty accurate.
Kavou Oy oldin
Vines are dead and was never a thing aside the first few weeks after they came out but...but ProZD...this is not vines that you are creating this is...art.
Yo! we should hang out guys
Patrizio Pucci
Too true!
Pa Sp
Pa Sp Oy oldin
This is basically my life. Left on good terms with friends from work or college and never hung out or got closer with any of them.
Genesis Russel
This Video explains life perfectly..... 😂😂😂
Starry Sunrose
BluuM Oy oldin
(3 months of planning to hang out) "my mom said no"
Aquamelon! 2 oy oldin
I’m that one guy who often really does want to hang out
Oh no, too real
toasterchild 2 oy oldin
Any conversation I've had in the last year
Josh Durel
Josh Durel 2 oy oldin
This makes me want to break this curse!
Дмитрий Иваненко
As for 09.12.2018, this video has 2,137,264 views. 797,862,733 is left
ATMunn 2 oy oldin
900% true
Shockcomet 2 oy oldin
I almost always have to initiate
Gold Fish
Gold Fish 2 oy oldin
Javier Martínez
Javier Martínez 2 oy oldin
I just love that look at the end. "I'm talking to you, bitch"
GriswaldGoodsoup 2 oy oldin
True story bro
Laszlo Dajka
Laszlo Dajka 2 oy oldin
Only in America.
Melon Ramune
Melon Ramune 2 oy oldin
What a mood
george lopes
george lopes 2 oy oldin
I feel attacked
Deathven 2 oy oldin
Yeah but I’m the awkward friend who ALWAYS initiated hanging out regardless of circumstances
Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan 2 oy oldin
Lol (Sorry for bad spelling)
Razik Sohma
Razik Sohma 2 oy oldin
Yeah man, I'm a shut in so we have to be pretty good friends to hang out. Otherwise you will likely never meet me outside the function we both seem to attend.
mdudegamer 2 oy oldin
800 million times? You sure you're gonna die of old age?
Cross Slinger
Cross Slinger 2 oy oldin
Akward acquaintance you met while shopping: "We should hang out sometimes." Me: "Yeah, we should." What I really think: "FUCK!! YOU DUMBASS!! ....I hope they don't actually invite me out.."
WillyFlamely 2 oy oldin
It's typical friendship between two introverts. xD
*Novemberist 9*
*Novemberist 9* 3 oy oldin
My and my old high school friends.
Nicholas S.
Nicholas S. 3 oy oldin
I feel personally attacked
ImmoZer0 3 oy oldin
Someone needs to make this reach 800,000,000 views so they can have this exact exchange 800,000,000 times
Shohiko 3 oy oldin
Uuuugh literally, I'm trying to change that habit in my own life. Makes me feel so lonely and I'm like "no one ever reaches out to me" and then I'm like "well I never reach out to anyone else either so I can't really use that excuse".
josephine cap
josephine cap 3 oy oldin
thats me to my work buds,i act like i want to hang out but i don't. at all.
joshtr 2000
joshtr 2000 3 oy oldin
So true.
WideMouth 4 oy oldin
I wish people could talk like this. Extroverts turn every conversation into an ingenious exchange of expected responses.
I have to wait 90 days to change my name
Holy fuck this is so honest
Seth Iverson
Seth Iverson 4 oy oldin
Weebus Christ The Hentai God
Mom: You should go outside and make some friends. Me: Fuck that! I have waifus.
Mir Lyu
Mir Lyu 4 oy oldin
팩폭인데 서로 스플래시가 너무 쌘거 아니냐...
William Davidson
William Davidson 4 oy oldin
This sounds like something form Seinfeld
Onihikage 4 oy oldin
Patrick Yang
Patrick Yang 4 oy oldin
*When I talk to friends of my friends.* I only care about *my* friends, but not their friends. I don't hate those guys, but they don't matter to me until we hang out. Which is usually never.
Magic ZIF
Magic ZIF 4 oy oldin
m0L3ify 5 oy oldin
Oh look. It's me and my brother.
Yukki Goddess of Creativity and Music
Why is this me and my classmates
Azaraki Dragon
Azaraki Dragon 5 oy oldin
Holy shit, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
The shape of evil
I can't even start up a conversation, whenever I try to, the first thing I say is "I'm sorry"
Danny Cam
Danny Cam 5 oy oldin
i learned this from an "advice about dating" site but it applies to any kind of relationship, friends, coworkers, family, anything. when someone says they wanna do something with /go out with you / etc, always plan an actual date if you seriously want to accept the invitation. "sometime/someday/etc" is always understood as a polite way of declining. if you're the one asking, have a date in mind in advance otherwise just asking for "someday" is understood as just being polite not seriously asking to go. if you have a date, that forces you to get together and reschedule if you can't go so you have a reason to stay in touch instead of just never hearing from each other again. if you really wanted to go and want to know if the other person seriously wants to go with you or is just being polite, a date forces them to actually make a firm decision and be honest with you. "someday" is imaginary and a real actual date is reality. if they say "yes on this day" then they want to go, if they say "yeah, someday/sometime/later" then they are politely declining/not actually interested. same applies to asking your family member to do the dishes or wanting your friend to look at your artwork. "I will later" = just give up and wash them yourself / your art is boring but i don't want to hurt your feelings. the video is bittersweet when you get to the sad point in your life that you finally realize "someday" and "later" aren't on a calendar or clock because they don't exist, therefore it's impossible to ever do anything at those times, and you've been looking forward to seeing people who never had any intention of actually bothering with you.
Madeleine x
Madeleine x 5 oy oldin
a conversation I have with my coworkers every Friday
Jamirimaj 5 oy oldin
Add the fact that sometimes, you initiate conversation with someone you really don't like
YOONGICHI 5 oy oldin
But...their hanging out right now
princess sydney
princess sydney 5 oy oldin
More like... (with a friend I'm about to cut off) Girl: "we should hang out sometime this summer!" Me: "sure!" Me: (thinking) but we never will because I see that you literally have no ambition and will only hold me back. We're in a study group, yet I'm the only one bringing answers while you copy me. I'm going to cut you off after this and hope I never see you again because I'm too passive aggressive to actually tell you this.
MaNAME JEFF! 5 oy oldin
The amount of truth and wisdom in this video is unbelievable! I’m literally crying.....
Aidan Tring
Aidan Tring 5 oy oldin
Omg this is so true
Nathan Glancy
Nathan Glancy 5 oy oldin
Gav Art
Gav Art 6 oy oldin
I do this…
Evil Immorality
Evil Immorality 6 oy oldin
Oof this hurts, too real
al videos
al videos 6 oy oldin
Sorry, college humor did this one first, but your stuff is hilarious man.
[ deathrodamus ]
[ deathrodamus ] 6 oy oldin
I can relate to this.
Some Person
Some Person 6 oy oldin
Is this just an American thing or something? I hate this social convention BS lol. I’m American btw
Aditya Purwanto
Aditya Purwanto 6 oy oldin
It's just feel nice to know someone.
TheJanitor Ross
TheJanitor Ross 6 oy oldin
This shouldn't be as fun as it is. But it is. Brava.
John Reed
John Reed 6 oy oldin
*inhales* Actually that would be impossible. The average human lifespan in developped countries is about 80 years or 30000 days. That means you would need to have this exchange about 26667 times a day. Considering it lasts about 20 seconds, this means you would need about 533334 seconds to do it. However, there is only about 80000 seconds every day. Therefore, this is impossible. -Someone with way too much time on their hands.
s b
s b 6 oy oldin
This happens so many times with me. (~n~)
2ManMob Raps
2ManMob Raps 6 oy oldin
Can't believe Justin Y. ain't here
Mark Mckenna
Mark Mckenna 6 oy oldin
Well this is, honestly depressing.
Seth Jansson
Seth Jansson 6 oy oldin
Meanwhile, in heaven with god and Jesus Christ...
etherial umbra
etherial umbra 6 oy oldin
This hurts. It's so relatable.
IDon'tCare ThisWorldSucks
This touched my soul.
Bernadette Ordos
Bernadette Ordos 6 oy oldin
This is exactly me.
TaintedRainbow YT
Socializing? W-what is socializing? A UZvid channel? No? Doesn't matter, cause as far as im concerned it sounds like a waste of my life
inuyashasmells 6 oy oldin
Hidekane in a nutshell
Elite Sport Tapes
ExGinger 6 oy oldin
Some of the good viners never give up Edit: -then there's logan paul...- We don't talk about logan anymore.
Robert Palermo
Robert Palermo 6 oy oldin
I can relate to this from mai very soul
Glenn T K
Glenn T K 6 oy oldin
not gonna lie or brag but multiple people have told me that i'm too brutally honest and i dont really know why.
Miya 6 oy oldin
Question: is there anybody out there that has said that and actually ended up hanging out with the person?
Hope J
Hope J 6 oy oldin
Me on the last day of school
The RecStudi0
The RecStudi0 6 oy oldin
When you talk to “old friends”
Prederick 6 oy oldin
Alternate title for this video: "Turning 30"
Hourglass776 6 oy oldin
(hello darkness my old friend)
Beeeplaty 6 oy oldin
Lawrence Gist
Lawrence Gist 6 oy oldin
P1 to P2: How are you do- P3: Hold up. Why are you discussing this when they'll most likely answer with 'good' regardless of how they're actually feeling because that's the only socially acceptable response for some reason? P1: Umm...hi? P2: Hi? P1: ... P2: ... P1: Bye. P2: Bye. P3: Perfect! 10/10!
NewGodFlow89 6 oy oldin
Nathaniel Soss
Nathaniel Soss 6 oy oldin
Yo why you calling me out like this.
Pianimae21 6 oy oldin
You’d be hanging out quite a bit if you’re having that convo 800 million times...
Analai Kenobi
Analai Kenobi 6 oy oldin
wil someone pls make a video of this looping 800 million times?
Winona M
Winona M 6 oy oldin
SuperWiiBros08 6 oy oldin
lol same....... :(
Quatro Davis
Quatro Davis 6 oy oldin
He's not wrong
Crislak 6 oy oldin
Am I the only one that initiates something like that and actually attempts to go through with it?
Pix-BitGaming 6 oy oldin
Why do I relate
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