A Celebrity Nutritionist Gave Us 90-Day Custom Diets

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I feel so different, in such a good way!
Kimberly Synder- Founder of Solluna, Celebrity nutritionist,and New York Times bestselling author
Website: kimberlysnyder.com/
Kimberly's shop for all the healthy goodies:
Buy the book:
IG: instagram.com/_kimberlysnyder/
John Pisani- COO of Solluna
The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills
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Kimberly Snyder



11-Avg, 2018

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Hailey Small
Hailey Small Kun oldin
I LOVE seeing your journey! I'm journey'ing too xD
G 8 kun oldin
“Health and beauty expert” are you kidding me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gore and Nice
Gore and Nice 11 kun oldin
I have a eating disorder so this gave me so much hope I love you buzzfeed and ladylike
Amber C
Amber C 12 kun oldin
Everytime i see a "nutritionists " recommend any type of supplements/ pills/ man-made-super-powder I'm out. Dafaq do they know about what its really doing to your body? Just because they learned about it from the manufacturer's propaganda does not make it true. Not even scientist knows exactly how our human body functions. So many unanswered medical questions and health debates and here you are a nutritionist who went to a second rated school telling people to consume a product you know nothing about.... Lol I will just cut it short, eat what nature produces.
Alexis Ruelas
Alexis Ruelas 15 kun oldin
*as i eat a family size bag of lays*
dezb 15 kun oldin
I think they should try fasting
lauren l
lauren l 17 kun oldin
Omg, I’m Lauren!😂😂♥️
Ayveen Farrell
Ayveen Farrell 19 kun oldin
This woman is a nutritionist, not a dietician. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, you don’t need qualifications for that. Only take advice from QUALIFIED dieticians. This woman is giving these girls eating disorder habits disguised as ‘nutrition’.
Julia Christman
Julia Christman 20 kun oldin
Love this! Three years ago, I gave up fast food, dairy and overall greasy food. I replaced potato chips with carrots and hummus, replaced cookies and candy with fruits like bananas, pineapples and grapes, and I started to feel mentally and physically better! It also gives me the energy to run and lift weights 5 days a week. I definitely do need to work on incorporating meditation into my morning routine along with making sure I get enough sleep at night though. She makes a good point in saying "put the phone down". I spend wayyy too much time on my phone and it gives me a headache lol
Mimi Miyagi
Mimi Miyagi 20 kun oldin
"I replace meals with snacking" haha I can totally relate!
robloxgamer2005 21 kun oldin
Anikoxx 21 kun oldin
Go Vegan for the Animals! Eat Whole Food Plant Based for health!
Ruby July
Ruby July 22 kun oldin
Damn people are so hateful!
annu mungara
annu mungara 23 kun oldin
That smothie intro like 5 secs made me download video 😂
Giovanna Agnelli
Giovanna Agnelli 24 kun oldin
The blond girl is taking the enzymes cause she said previously that she would often throw up after eating...
Madd emoiselle
Madd emoiselle 26 kun oldin
I'm a student and studying to become a registered Dietitian. A person should try to get their vitamins and minerals from food, not just soley from pills. Also vitamin and mineral supplements are almost always above the recommended RDIs (Reference Daily Intake) a person should consume daily. So your body doesn't even absorb the whole pill full of vitamins and minerals, but you pee it out (research water soluble vitamins (ex: vitamins C and B) b/c that's what you urinate out). A suggestion is to cut them in half (save more money and your body will absorb more). A healthy change is adjusting your eating habits gradually with baby steps not changing it completely suddenly and randomly. If you do that you won't stick to it.
Farawell C
Farawell C 27 kun oldin
**WATCHES** I want a nutrition plan too, im just ove rhere eating boiled cucumbers.
mildred masinde
mildred masinde 29 kun oldin
Guys am going to tell u sth. I have been a bigger girl all my life with no issues at all till I was 24 Last year with 160kgs. Now am 120kgs and trust me I don't do all these things. I just stopped over thinking about losing weight and food. I only ate when am hungry and I ate everything. The point is I eat food that can make me satisfied in one sitting so junk was obviously out of the picture. And trust me in three months I lost 40kgs.i eat meat and veges. Just that I dnt like redmeat but I can eat it if I didn't get chicken. Stop stressing your bodies. Just listen to ur bodies and dnt cut everything at once. Slowly just get into it. It's called a journey ryt. And a journey starts one step at a time.
Kiara  Moore
Kiara Moore Oy oldin
I feel like this just kind of made them change how they do things completely, but if they do it gradually and more realistically it could be easier to do.
Kiara  Moore
Kiara Moore Oy oldin
I hope to continue to see jazz because everyone has flaws ppl just like to rag on hers. I love videos with her in them. She tries and I can tell.
Maggie Hawkins
There is nutrients in every food, food is made of carbs, fats, protein and micronutrients. This lady is pushing a really restrictive way of eating, and viewing food.
Hannah R
Hannah R Oy oldin
Its sad they made a vegan diet look like only salads :( Theres so much delicious food you can eat on a vegan diet! I like how the nutritionist told them to cut out dairy and be plant based for most of the week. Its not a "vegan push" its actually better for your body- animal products have so much saturated fat and cholesterol. If everyone started to incorporate more plant based meals into their week, they would help themselves and the environment.
Aaron Carroll
Aaron Carroll Oy oldin
"Its all about fallowing your bodies natural intelligence to guide youre diet and digestion" "Take your pro-biotic" "Take your digestive enzyme" "Take your detoxy oxygen at night"
People who say salads dont fill u up, sis r u good?
Spring G
Spring G Oy oldin
Please redo this video with a Registered Dietitian. Nothing was specific from person-to-person and the goals were more than likely unrealistic depending on what the ladies were doing before they made the diet change. The lady here is not a qualified professional.
Theresa Sch
Theresa Sch Oy oldin
Please don't use single use plastic bags at the grocery store for your veggies. Just put them in a reuseable one for transporting home :)
Simonne Oy oldin
Let me get you the number of an actual college-educated dietician in SoCal. My mom's friend daughter is a San Diego native and got her nutrition degree from San Diego State and she knows a ton more than this sham of a "dietician". Go down to San Diego and look this woman up.
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards Oy oldin
Wow, I wish that buzzfeed would do some videos with a dietician that would be possible for people with full schedules. Most of this stuff is not possible for someone like me, I work 40 plus a week and go to school full time so I'm lucky if I get 7 hours of sleep a night. It would be nice to see some healthy quick plans.
My name is a dinosaur.
what even is a 'beauty expert'
lol this is all bs just calorie count and eat cleaner and work out
Jazz you are so beautiful just the way you are. You can enjoy healthy eating without deprivation, Best of luck beautiful ❤️
Deleted Oy oldin
I have always been pretty overweight, being 14 i haven't really put effort into dieting. Just seeing this made be kinda want to but this video was posted on my Birthday!!! I don't typically believe in any religions or signs and whatever but... THIS IS A SIGN I MEAN ITS ON MY BIRTHDAY gyuhijokl;
Ana Gaby Pineda
Shila your curls are poppin’ 😍
alana !!
alana !! Oy oldin
Why yall mad LOL
Elena Elizabeth
Oh my God! I can't believe detox is still so popular. There is no scientific evidence for detox through certain foods. YOU'VE GOT A LIVER, PEOPLE! USE IT!
Claudia Castro
The nutritionists looks like Meghan Markle!
Robyn Agnew
Robyn Agnew Oy oldin
This nutrionist is saying for them to change drastically but there is something called the "1% improvement" This mean a gradual change for a longer commitment. E.g : a smoothie earlier and progressing to cutting out red meat 🍖 which will be progression to a fully healthy lifestyle. That would have been a better way to try healthy lifestyle
Brandon Oy oldin
1:20 I hope she is still on it ... haha
jayjay111992 Oy oldin
Did anyone lose weight???
Ella Ames
Ella Ames Oy oldin
I'm confused. Is this lady teaching people that the only healthy foods are whole foods? There are some more nutritional advantages yes, but so few it really doesn't matter. Please don't think that is the only option.
Ariel M
Ariel M Oy oldin
I wish the video were longer so we could see more details on what they were eating as well as the feedback from Kimberly Snyder. The Beauty Detox Solution is one of the books that Kimberly Snyder wrote. She has a deep and well-researched understanding of nutrition, and her guidance helped save my friend's life. I've taken into account much of her advice and I have been able to maintain a very healthy balance since 2012.
Fatimah Kaloma
I'M literally eating eclairs while watching this
Diamond121212 Oy oldin
I feel super motivated but sidebar can we just stop and reflect on how beautiful Jazz is as a person? Everyone in the video was great but I always find Jazz the most relatable given my own relationship with food. I like how honest everyone was about their experience as well
Mikayla Sizer
Mikayla Sizer Oy oldin
I love how she incorporated wellness other than food!
Emma Chang
Emma Chang Oy oldin
these diets are so unbalanced and unsubstantiated. you need a healthy mix of everything and some things you actually enjoy. i personally go by 80/20 mediterranean diet! :))
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Oy oldin
Nutrition advice is a quick way to start controversy. No one is ever going to agree on one way of eating, and why should they? Ancestries are so varied: what works for one person isn’t going to work for another. I think in general including more whole foods is a good place to start, but one can’t reasonably expect to subsist on salads, smoothies and supplements.
Carolina Andrioli
I think all these Buzzfeed employees eat in a non-healthy way because the office has literally all the bad food possible. I think these companies should focus more on promoting good eating habits and providing that instead of sugary and faty foods so often.
Christina Furlow
If your going to promote plant based diets do it the right or don’t do it all. These are all unhealthy unsustainable diets. It’s already annoying that people think vegans eat only smoothies and salads. The pills are also unnecessary.
B M Oy oldin
They are glowing in third month!!!
SweetCupcake Oy oldin
5:17 😂😂😂 so me
Alejandro Rodriguez
Why does Jazz do these things just to complain the entire time? I hate hearing her negativity in almost all the videos shes in
Adeela Blablabla
Is it more expensive buying healthy food or junk food
Hare Peri
Hare Peri Oy oldin
how would yous like to experience a new 100% natural rich diet of lignans? ( high performance antioxidants ) please contact me for more info
Kool Beanz
Kool Beanz Oy oldin
I feel like off camera they eat junk food and when it’s camera time back to salads and healthy things *no hate*
A K Oy oldin
I feel bad for Jazz, she wanted to develope a healthy relationship with food and this lady made her eat only salad. That’s not right.
Mikaela Anderson
Mikaela Anderson 2 oy oldin
You can get probiotics from so many foods, including Kefir, non vinegar based Pickles, kimchi... why do they need to take her brand of probiotics? Modern day snake oil salesman.
Francesca Cappai
Francesca Cappai 2 oy oldin
Shila and the nutritionist look like sisters
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit 2 oy oldin
I swear y’all are always doing health challenges and your offices always setting y’all up, all the time they have so much junk food.
Lydia Plantinga
Lydia Plantinga 2 oy oldin
Who were all those celebs?
Lilly Nugent
Lilly Nugent 2 oy oldin
Registered Dietician >>> nutritionist 🙁🙁🙁🙁
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew 2 oy oldin
The blonde girl has the most beautiful eyes. Color aside, their shape is so lovely.
Rae Sustana
Rae Sustana 2 oy oldin
Can everyone please stop hating on her? The diets did not encourage eating disorders, merely more sleep and whole foods. Probiotics are good. Perhaps she uses some jargon that everyone labels 'hippie' but when it comes down to the plans themselves, they are healthy and fine.
Alex Amphonephong
Before this, I got an add about what men think about *CONDOMS*...
Trey 2 oy oldin
As a vegan this upsets me in ways I can’t explain. It’s ridiculous that this ‘expert’ immediately forced her stupid pills & lemon water (??????) AND the fact that she didn’t let them ease into becoming vegan. Buzzfeed please get a LICENSED dietitian.
Cecilia Thorne
Cecilia Thorne 2 oy oldin
Now do this same video with a dietitian and have the girls compare the two experiences
Heather Leonard
Heather Leonard 2 oy oldin
These "nutritionist's" are NOT credible, have no formal training, no degree and no license to give this kind of advice!
razan alharbi
razan alharbi 3 oy oldin
I love how a celebrity nutritionist recommends a vegan diet👏🏼
stooba lemdon
stooba lemdon 3 oy oldin
Wow, killin it!
Louis-Philippe Demers
Man she's so fuc**** LA
Zara Wiseman
Zara Wiseman 3 oy oldin
One of the only people I have seen in one of these types of these videos that actually suggests healthy foods. Apart from eggs and chicken, although I think she was just easing them in.
athena belle
athena belle 3 oy oldin
I love this thick chick she is so cute.....she look better in the morning thou
mna II
mna II 3 oy oldin
Aren't all nutricionist supposed to give you customized food plans?
Psychwriteify 3 oy oldin
SO Delicious tastes like chalk don't lie
cookie 3 oy oldin
I’m afraid that “Diets” and “Dieting” is not in my Vocabulary 😬
Miss Charlie Aurora
Anyone else struggle with the constant background music in these videos?
Baija xoxo
Baija xoxo 3 oy oldin
You need to use a straw when you drink lemonade water. So you can protect your teeth
Senshi Sun
Senshi Sun 3 oy oldin
"Custom diets"? Everybody got the same advice!
Skittliciouz Disaster
I'm personally all about food. And being healthy but my family restricts me too much. I'm a teen. Djjdjd
Brenna Westover
Brenna Westover 4 oy oldin
I really liked this video. Helpful and glad we got to see recipes
Angela D. Gardiner
�I wanna do bad things to you�
Sophia Schache
Sophia Schache 4 oy oldin
7:26 and on Dammmmmm jazzmines highlight is the bomb
Deamdra Sanchez
Deamdra Sanchez 4 oy oldin
*watches this video while eating chips and chocolate then feels bad about self*
Divine Vegan Journeygurl
Just began my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Would appreciate the support. uzvid.com/video/video-PDmh5YHvQ10.html
GreenBean 4 oy oldin
"WAAAH PILLS" theyre probiotics not "PiLlS OOOO SCARY" like you dumbfucks think lmao
no name
no name 4 oy oldin
Sia style hair cut
Mina Mathilde
Mina Mathilde 4 oy oldin
Me before watching this video: eating m&m Me midway through out the video: get’s a glass of water because i wanna get healthy and continues to eat m&m 😎
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 4 oy oldin
Hey I have the same last name Snyder
Pansy Flower
Pansy Flower 4 oy oldin
LOL Ok here is one for you... I hate eating food... As soon as I eat anything from a piece of fruit to a chicken breast I feel exhausted and want a nap. However if I work all day and the next day and don't eat anything I have tons of energy. Same thing if I work out really hard, not hungry at all drink some water or some Powerade feel great.. Put something in my stomach.. Crash.
anna grazia
anna grazia 4 oy oldin
G.R. Proffitt
G.R. Proffitt 4 oy oldin
I got so excited to know that I have her book and LOVE IT! Met a girl a couple years ago in Barnes & nobles and told her I was writing a research paper on vegetarianism and she showed me this book! Love it!
Marcella Straneri
the bald chick is fuckin awesome
Moi Moikkelis
Moi Moikkelis 4 oy oldin
watching this while eating chocolate like 😶
YOU MAD? 4 oy oldin
Lauren getting chick fila and Taco Bell is a whole mood .
Michelle Sanchez
Michelle Sanchez 4 oy oldin
I thought this video was great! These girls saw a lifestyle change. And the nutritionist was pushing whole foods, and plant based. And there is so much proof of it being the best diet. Not just the vegan fad.
Valeria Seymore
Valeria Seymore 4 oy oldin
I like the fact when they wake up you can tell they woke up lol love this channel
Strawberry Girl
Strawberry Girl 4 oy oldin
I swear I’ve seen Lauren in a Refinery29 video🤷🏼‍♀️ I dunno. But I swear I’ve seen her somewhere 😝
Honey Pink
Honey Pink 4 oy oldin
Who else loved the Pom poms on her wall
Evie Henry
Evie Henry 4 oy oldin
Jayssmin gives soooooo many excuses....
Randomworld1104 4 oy oldin
As I sit here and eat a bag of chips...
Elena Macenzzim
Elena Macenzzim 4 oy oldin
Honestly, a good nutritionist will help you to lose weight without going vegan.This is the easiest way to "help" somebody lose some weight. Why? Because veggies are low carb, and consuming more than 2000 calories eating only veggies is really difficult so you eat less than before and this way you are losing weight.
Mariasroses 4 oy oldin
Haha guess I’m a nutritionist too
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