A Celebrity Nutritionist Gave Us 90-Day Custom Diets

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I feel so different, in such a good way!
Kimberly Synder- Founder of Solluna, Celebrity nutritionist,and New York Times bestselling author
Website: kimberlysnyder.com/
Kimberly's shop for all the healthy goodies:
Buy the book:
IG: instagram.com/_kimberlysnyder/
John Pisani- COO of Solluna
The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills
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Kimberly Snyder



11-Avg, 2018

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razan alharbi
razan alharbi 3 soat oldin
I love how a celebrity nutritionist recommends a vegan diet👏🏼
stooba lemdon
stooba lemdon Kun oldin
Wow, killin it!
Louis-Philippe Demers
Man she's so fuc**** LA
Zara Wiseman
Zara Wiseman 4 kun oldin
One of the only people I have seen in one of these types of these videos that actually suggests healthy foods. Apart from eggs and chicken, although I think she was just easing them in.
clistia epps
clistia epps 7 kun oldin
I love this thick chick she is so cute.....she look better in the morning thou
mna II
mna II 8 kun oldin
Aren't all nutricionist supposed to give you customized food plans?
Psychwriteify 11 kun oldin
SO Delicious tastes like chalk don't lie
cookie 14 kun oldin
I’m afraid that “Diets” and “Dieting” is not in my Vocabulary 😬
Miss Charlie Aurora
Miss Charlie Aurora 14 kun oldin
Anyone else struggle with the constant background music in these videos?
Baija xoxo
Baija xoxo 18 kun oldin
You need to use a straw when you drink lemonade water. So you can protect your teeth
Senshi Sun
Senshi Sun 23 kun oldin
"Custom diets"? Everybody got the same advice!
Skittliciouz Disaster
I'm personally all about food. And being healthy but my family restricts me too much. I'm a teen. Djjdjd
Brenna Westover
I really liked this video. Helpful and glad we got to see recipes
Angela D. Gardiner
�I wanna do bad things to you�
Sophia Schache
7:26 and on Dammmmmm jazzmines highlight is the bomb
Deamdra Sanchez
*watches this video while eating chips and chocolate then feels bad about self*
Divine Vegan Journeygurl
Just began my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. Would appreciate the support. uzvid.com/video/video-PDmh5YHvQ10.html
GreenBean Oy oldin
"WAAAH PILLS" theyre probiotics not "PiLlS OOOO SCARY" like you dumbfucks think lmao
no name
no name Oy oldin
Sia style hair cut
Mina Mathilde
Mina Mathilde Oy oldin
Me before watching this video: eating m&m Me midway through out the video: get’s a glass of water because i wanna get healthy and continues to eat m&m 😎
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Oy oldin
Hey I have the same last name Snyder
Pansy Flower
Pansy Flower Oy oldin
LOL Ok here is one for you... I hate eating food... As soon as I eat anything from a piece of fruit to a chicken breast I feel exhausted and want a nap. However if I work all day and the next day and don't eat anything I have tons of energy. Same thing if I work out really hard, not hungry at all drink some water or some Powerade feel great.. Put something in my stomach.. Crash.
anna grazia
anna grazia Oy oldin
G.R. Proffitt
G.R. Proffitt Oy oldin
I got so excited to know that I have her book and LOVE IT! Met a girl a couple years ago in Barnes & nobles and told her I was writing a research paper on vegetarianism and she showed me this book! Love it!
Marcella Straneri
the bald chick is fuckin awesome
Moi Moikkelis
Moi Moikkelis Oy oldin
watching this while eating chocolate like 😶
User Name
User Name Oy oldin
Lauren getting chick fila and Taco Bell is a whole mood .
Michelle Ellis
I thought this video was great! These girls saw a lifestyle change. And the nutritionist was pushing whole foods, and plant based. And there is so much proof of it being the best diet. Not just the vegan fad.
Valeria Seymore
I like the fact when they wake up you can tell they woke up lol love this channel
Strawberry Girl
I swear I’ve seen Lauren in a Refinery29 video🤷🏼‍♀️ I dunno. But I swear I’ve seen her somewhere 😝
Honey Pink
Honey Pink Oy oldin
Who else loved the Pom poms on her wall
Evie Henry
Evie Henry Oy oldin
Jayssmin gives soooooo many excuses....
As I sit here and eat a bag of chips...
Edgar&Maya Oy oldin
Honestly, a good nutritionist will help you to lose weight without going vegan.This is the easiest way to "help" somebody lose some weight. Why? Because veggies are low carb, and consuming more than 2000 calories eating only veggies is really difficult so you eat less than before and this way you are losing weight.
Mariasroses Oy oldin
Haha guess I’m a nutritionist too
Sandra Hint
Sandra Hint Oy oldin
I low key love how everyone is getting sooo offended by this video. But I absolutely agree that the title is seriously misleading, the green smoothie, meditation, getting plenty of sleep, minimizing dairy and drinking hot lemon water are the. most. basic. tips for improving one's lifestyle. ever. There is so much better content on this topic on UZvid. Do better. You've been around long enough! Other than that - have a lovely day :)
Ani Ovakimyan
Ani Ovakimyan Oy oldin
Not everybody goes to bed at 11! Hello people out there who work late
Kiara lovee
Kiara lovee Oy oldin
i watched this video as my dog and i tore up some kfc lmaoo:(
Helen Meyer
Helen Meyer Oy oldin
I have that cookbook! the enchiladas are amazing *_*
LillacStudios Oy oldin
PEOPLE WITH DIABETES THAT RUNS IN YOUR FAMILY--- Don't get all of your nutrition info from the latest trends. Vegan foods have a tenancy to have high GI foods, and a TON of sugar. Vegan may not be the diet that is best for a body with genetic disposition for diabetes. Studies have shown fructose can lead to diabetes faster than artificial sweeteners (especially true for high-fructose syrup, but that also includes natural fructose in fruits). Low GI fruits like apples, berries are fine in limited proportions -- but be careful about high GI fruits! A TON of vegan food has crazy high GI when there is low GI food with just as much nutrition in them. A ton of Vegan foods have lots of sugar!! Even the fun natural sugar cane stuff is likely not going to be great for someone who has a genetic disposition for diabetes. Lookup the glycemic index and talk to your nutritionist about limiting sugar. :) A vegan diet is wonderful for many people, but a body with genetic disposition for diabetes has different digestion concerns. :) :) :) You need to take care of that pancreas. That is all!!
Renay Sandoval
I absolutely love LOVE Kimberly, her books have literally saved my life. I turned 37 this year and no one believes me. Yay for healthy skin and body. I've been following Kimberly for about 6 years now. It's amazing!
Shelly M
Shelly M 2 oy oldin
I don’t like how she’s telling her to take probiotics they aren’t proven to work
Lily Pike
Lily Pike 2 oy oldin
Sheila needs to drop a skincare routine!!!!
Anita Pea
Anita Pea 2 oy oldin
Literally just eat as much as you want of healthy foods. There’s no special fads or anything you need to follow, just don’t eat heaps of saturated fat and refined carbs or added sugar. Eat foods that contain heaps of nutrients and no unnecessary fat or sugar. That’s it. Also if you eat properly, you don’t need any pills for nutrients
Namita Sharma
Namita Sharma 2 oy oldin
Im also thinking, from watching many many videos from america concerning food and accounts from reactions, and legal understanding that maybe thats a notable, measurable effect of having a lower 'standard' for what the US allows in its food, compared to Europe for eg. In the EU.
Foxxy1406 2 oy oldin
I'm sitting here watching this as I eat Chick Fil A fries and a burrito. Sounds like we had the same "couldn't decide" cravings.
Tea Villegas
Tea Villegas 2 oy oldin
I want a nutritionist. I have Crohn's illness. I'll try this
Faisal Kahfi
Faisal Kahfi 2 oy oldin
And here I am, eating instant noodles with rice and a bunch of sausages is and boiled egg.
Reanna Peters
Reanna Peters Oy oldin
I'm watching this eating instant noodles 😂
Lizzie Tidey
Lizzie Tidey 2 oy oldin
At 7:55 all the "ummmmm" and "yeah" sounded sooooo sarcastic
Alicia Vasco
Alicia Vasco 2 oy oldin
dont that nutritionist kinda look like kehlani
Carly 2 oy oldin
Lauren looks like a blonde alexis Bledel
SnerpdeDerp 2 oy oldin
"Usually I go straight to the chips section" and you wonder why you are bloated?? 😂
SnerpdeDerp 2 oy oldin
The nutritionist looks malnourished
Kiara Glasco
Kiara Glasco 2 oy oldin
Right...because going more "plant-based​" means more salads. Ugh
Anna Tang
Anna Tang 2 oy oldin
its weird how the nutritionists/dietitians usually don't look that healthy/glowing themselves
Why Are You Reading This?!?!
Jasmine Singh
Jasmine Singh 2 oy oldin
5:20 is me asf 😂💀👌🏾
Layla billet
Layla billet 2 oy oldin
Who else thought the nutritionist was Meghan Markle
CherryJuli 2 oy oldin
Finally a video that doesn’t focus on weight loss but healthy eating. There’s a huge difference between the two.
Christina Rivera
Christina Rivera 2 oy oldin
Jazzmyne has been in all of these videos bruh
Leiley King
Leiley King 2 oy oldin
i personally love that the nutritionist had them eat plant-based, mostly because i am vegan, but i don’t necessarily agree with the enzymes. you can naturally digest your food when u eat a plant based diet.
atlanticvamp 2 oy oldin
So. Many. Supplement. Pills. Not very encouraged, tbh. She seems to be selling a system.
LooneyLunatone 2 oy oldin
Jasmines shirt is bomb
Zira 2 oy oldin
Shila 0:19 looks so much like Selena quintanilla
Nes J
Nes J 2 oy oldin
A bit confused on the Candida. Woman have to limit that for obvious reasons.. This nutritionist was a bit of a fail, I'm glad everyone else seems to think so too lol. Oh! And the supplements and digestion enzyme?! Never are pills the first resort
Samantha Elizabeth
Watching this while eating a bag of potato chips
Samantha Elizabeth
It’s not that hard to actually follow the rules of these buzzfeed challenges. It’s so annoying when people break them 🙄
JLBee 2 oy oldin
I'll often have a nutritional shake for breakfast which is a vegan recipe a doctor gave me. Spinach, almond milk, hemp protein, blueberries, and some other stuff. I sometimes use a store-bought Vega one with greens and add some oil for omega 3 and 6. I find it really helps my energy levels for the day. There are some restaurants in my area that serve a lot of raw and vegan foods, so I try to go to those places when I can. I keep forgetting to take probiotics, but it's something I need to remind myself to do.
Tyah Macon
Tyah Macon 2 oy oldin
*Watches this at 3 a.m eating hot cheetos*
Fierce Family
Fierce Family 2 oy oldin
Great video!! I started with IF in Jan for 2 weeks and then discovered OMAD and you can MUKBANG. It has changed my life and really got this down to science!! I've gone from 236 pounds to currently 166. My goal wt is 135 and still have a way to go! When fasting you need to do it right. This is food I love to watch!!!
Michliyin 2 oy oldin
Should have gotten a dietitian instead of this total quack. She is all about fads which clearly dont work pfft
thaaahaaa 2 oy oldin
Why probiotic pills ? just eat fermented stuff, like a good old sauerkraut.
dream_of_you 2 oy oldin
Im sorry but I really disliked this video. I guess they were hungry and binged and stuff because they had a lack of calories. And just assuming that a vegan diet, pills und a salad in the evening works for everybody is weird. I hope they learned something but the video didn't make it seam like that.
Nazo 2 oy oldin
*laughs in vegan*
Annie Star
Annie Star 2 oy oldin
No hun she could of got these facts of google
miss sabina
miss sabina 2 oy oldin
This would have been more beneficial with a registered dietitian.
OliOliOxenFree 2 oy oldin
I'm glad that they did this. I think it's cool to show people actual results of eating a well balanced diet.
Nikitina 2 oy oldin
Nutritional plan: Phone in airplane mode. Uh, phones have nothing to do with food.
Yahaira Galagarza
This video is pretty much garbage. You could get this meal plan off pinterest. I didnt see anything custom for any of the girls
DIYdarling 2 oy oldin
I liked how this vid was not about weight loss but overall health! It makes the process a lot more positive overall
orangewedges 2 oy oldin
This is lame. Why would you bring in a pseudoscience whack job (ie. "celebrity nutritionist"...whatever that really means) when you could have had a registered dietitian who actually went to school and got a degree for this particular topic to inform everyone of the ACTUAL facts surrounding diet and eating healthily? It's like bringing Gwyneth Paltrow in to give you advice on cancer treatment...it makes zero sense and feeds into this "alternative facts" universe we now live in. Just because this quack works with a lot of celebrities doesn't mean she's the least bit qualified to give any sort of dietary advice. And I don't care how many diets you've been on...YOU ARE STILL NOT A DIETITIAN.
Frances Tosca
Frances Tosca 2 oy oldin
Patiently waiting for Buzzfeed to start working with actual Registered Dietitians...
EyeZ of Tha Moon
EyeZ of Tha Moon 2 oy oldin
The comments are very ignorant. Us eating meat and animal products is currently destroying the health of the planet and the people in it. If you actually knew this you wouldn’t be saying that veganism is just a diet it’s an actual MOVEMENT. The dietitian is actually HELPING. And the people in the video are obviously feeling great. So..
EyeZ of Tha Moon
EyeZ of Tha Moon 2 oy oldin
I love how they are not hyping meat as essential.
Majestic Kaneki
Majestic Kaneki 2 oy oldin
What does turning your phone off and the time you go to sleep have to do with nutrition????
Jess Aldave
Jess Aldave 2 oy oldin
I love this video ❤️❤️❤️
Izzy Boi
Izzy Boi 2 oy oldin
Why is Jazz’s voice so deep suddenly
Cheesoms 2 oy oldin
💧 + 🍋 = 🙌
Mara Bordea
Mara Bordea 2 oy oldin
90 days without cheating is impossible unless you are really obsessed with your diet to the point of an eating disorder.Some times you need to have a donut or smth not that healthy and listen to your body.These three girls are really stuck into their old unhealthy way of eating and that is not ok either but in order to change you should be provided with a more exciting diet not only salads especially if they were not used to them.My opinion.
K J 2 oy oldin
I've been watching buzzfeed for years and Jazz has joined every workout eating healthy stuff and i've never ever seen a difference to her body..I fully support body embracing and all that stuff but she doesnt have a few pounds ,she has a lot of weight which can or will have already caused her issues..I dont know why she hasnt disciplined herself all these years, she does a month long healthy eating and then goes back to her previous diet same with the workout and also to a previous video all she was talking about is chocolate and bread..watching it actually then pissed me off..
Jill Larbi Douba
Jill Larbi Douba 2 oy oldin
I definitely relate to eating snack foods as meals. It’s easy, it’s good, it’s fast. Hard to break the habit.
Abby Meiera
Abby Meiera 2 oy oldin
I’m literally watching this eating gummy bears and Doritos
Abra Morgan
Abra Morgan 2 oy oldin
I am so appreciative of Jazz on these videos about diet, exercise, or other "healthy" behaviors. I'm really struggling with having a healthier relationship with food and Jazz constantly brings me back to that by saying it over and over again, reminding me that it's the real goal underneath any arbitrary "diet mentality" goal that I think will make me happy.
Jazmine Herrera
Jazmine Herrera 2 oy oldin
I want hair like Shila's
Trude 2 oy oldin
Room temperature water has no difference to cool water. Whyyyy even change the way you drink water? If you prefer cool water your have a higher probability at drinking more water if you have it cool. The benefits are higher in having more water than water you don’t enjoy drinking.
Jay Mendenhall
Jay Mendenhall 2 oy oldin
Why are there no men?
mgyv06 2 oy oldin
Thanks. i needed this.
Cooper Olm
Cooper Olm 2 oy oldin
The whole concept of detoxing is false. Ask anyone into it what toxins in specific they're talking about, it is telling how nobody can really answer. It's not real medicine.
thewisestguy1 2 oy oldin
Them: "I am addicted to snacking," "I will eat fast food often", "the only thing i can see happiness is in is food" Me: I have binge eating disorder
sherocks54 2 oy oldin
Hi I'm vegan and fyi we dont eat salads lmao