A House with a Pin in it's Balls

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edited by instagram.com/papasharks and instagram.com/mrtaylorstephens
Jack Instagram instagram.com/jackblack
intro by instagram.com/monkeygods



4-Yan, 2019



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Random not so Popular youtuber
The video name sounds so painful
Roobeemo Kun oldin
Watch the ads so my king can get that shmoney🅱️😎
Roobeemo Kun oldin
Why can’t jack black be my dad :(
Humphrey Biggins
Jack Black looks like my Uncle in here
TheAVJ2 2 kun oldin
Attack from mars ?
NightCore Elz
NightCore Elz 2 kun oldin
This guy should voice Po in kung fu panda
UltimateIllusion 1991
T-Series was never the threat.
Adam Blarek
Adam Blarek 2 kun oldin
Damn good job Jack! Great content I subscribed and notified. Rock and rolllll bayybeh
Can we get 150 subs with out any videos?
Ren Gundo
Ren Gundo 4 kun oldin
Jack Black song All Star: Me: you just made me realise you are the king of memes and you also just made my day!
A Willy
A Willy 4 kun oldin
Ilustrado 5 kun oldin
Papasharks, can I buy your dad for $40 and a bag of weed?
Ilustrado 5 kun oldin
Tom P
Tom P 6 kun oldin
If i ever read anyone saying they hate jack black omg im gonna kill them how dare they
Conor Cundiff
Conor Cundiff 6 kun oldin
Will you speak at my graduation
javier 666
javier 666 6 kun oldin
Fuckin God!
darkknightsds 8 kun oldin
Jack, do you want to come to Portland and go to Ground Kontrol with me? groundkontrol.com Games list: groundkontrol.com/games/
millennial taurus
millennial taurus 8 kun oldin
shrek pinball is my ALL TIME FAVORITE, spell out pinball, hit in the swamp, then BOOM mini donkey pinball my guy right in the top right corner. shrek is love. shrek is life.
Festive Yeti
Festive Yeti 9 kun oldin
Oh look it’s Poe!
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 9 kun oldin
Jack black will stand out from every other actor as the only one that made a second career out of being a creator on UZvid.
Daddy_Kolumbus 9 kun oldin
thats a gaming
Vicky Cook
Vicky Cook 10 kun oldin
Jack black you rock love ya beard :-)
THEWHITEBOY503 10 kun oldin
real gamer
Bacon_djz 10 kun oldin
a Pin in it's Balls
??????? 1,000,000 subscribers with no videos ????
Anyone from lazarbeam
Lucian V.
Lucian V. 12 kun oldin
Jack Black is a National Treasure. No lie.
Gerard Donaghy
Gerard Donaghy 12 kun oldin
Its awesome that Jack's got the Atari Pitfall T-Shirt on there, I remember reading about him appearing in the Ad for that game and seeing the youtubes people uploaded of it
Elizabeth Triolo
Elizabeth Triolo 12 kun oldin
Jack black is my spirit animal
Miles Walsh
Miles Walsh 13 kun oldin
I have actually been there before and it was pretty dope
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller 13 kun oldin
I could care less if you ever game I could watch you be funny all day long
TheMasked Artist
TheMasked Artist 14 kun oldin
That Nacho Libre reference is everything.
Kool aid Dealer
Kool aid Dealer 14 kun oldin
This reminds me of nacho libre
Mathias Shirley
Mathias Shirley 14 kun oldin
Man look at all these fuckers complaint bout how it's not "real"gaming. Stupid fucks, this is where it started, you call of duty cock suckers.
Jayson Thorp
Jayson Thorp 14 kun oldin
Subscribe to pewdeoepuss
Sophia Lovecraft
Sophia Lovecraft 14 kun oldin
I want to play at a pinball arcade with you!!
Kai The lizard
Kai The lizard 14 kun oldin
Jack Is a good youtuber
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood 15 kun oldin
I'm a mother father
Hector Tarango
Hector Tarango 15 kun oldin
I need a full cover of All Star by Jack Black
Gg Morris Jr.
Gg Morris Jr. 15 kun oldin
How can you hate him
XEMMiNO 15 kun oldin
Do you guys know his outro song name?
B Otis
B Otis 15 kun oldin
Pin biggitty biggitty biggitty balls!
GoldenMagikarp1020 15 kun oldin
A house with a ball in its pins
meow meow
meow meow 16 kun oldin
M E M E R E V I E W 👏 👏
Jolly Osmond
Jolly Osmond 16 kun oldin
Never change JB
Macho Supremo
Macho Supremo 18 kun oldin
Everyone: Jack, just play a game Jack: *it's rewind time*
P-Står 74
P-Står 74 18 kun oldin
Loved that nacho Libra reference with the popcorn
Reginald Emvula
Reginald Emvula 21 kun oldin
"That was a homerun, mother-father!"
FBI 21 kun oldin
Im enjoying this
lastimosa 21 kun oldin
A+ title
Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing 21 kun oldin
I love how he used a clip of nacho libre (don’t @ me if I spelled it wrong) XD
epic fortnite pro ninja gamer
Señor Sloth
Señor Sloth 21 kun oldin
Get that corn out of my face
TenDeuChen 21 kun oldin
Is this supposed to be "A house with a pin in. It is balls" or "A house with a pin in its balls"?
SUPREME S4VAGE 22 kun oldin
I found this by lazarbeams liked vids
KingCeasar666 22 kun oldin
Way to bring it back to the beginning.
Mc Lovemoffin
Mc Lovemoffin 22 kun oldin
Sammy has the coolest dad
Elizabeth Sigler
Elizabeth Sigler 22 kun oldin
I see Jack Black I click Happy 😊
DIY Dave
DIY Dave 23 kun oldin
Good to see that Zero finally has his own gaming channel.
Oh Finnie
Oh Finnie 23 kun oldin
Jack; *does meme review clap* ice review Pewds; GoD nO
TheGonzfam 23 kun oldin
Let's be honest, if Shrek is ever rebooted in Live Action, there is only one man able to take on the role of the titular ogre...AND HIS NAME IS JACK BLACK!!!
Szymek K.
Szymek K. 24 kun oldin
Jablinski to Polskie nazwisko.Jablinski jesteś Polakiem?
Patty Harrison
Patty Harrison 24 kun oldin
How do you contact Jack Black my son I am going too have him go into acting he would be good in movies he has that look and he is a smart young man mom is proud and comical funny.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 24 kun oldin
He is the only person allowed to put himself into the meme clips 😂
Геннадий Даценко
joelabo 24 kun oldin
funyun 25 kun oldin
your poor son
Clarissa Hilleary
Clarissa Hilleary 25 kun oldin
the House with a Cock in its Balls
FeeThePurpleFoxx 25 kun oldin
Love u so much jack
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi 25 kun oldin
Ya ya gpya get it it's like a house with a clock in i- forget it
McFLY B. Roadz
McFLY B. Roadz 26 kun oldin
ppSonicTonicc //
ppSonicTonicc // 26 kun oldin
My depression has been cured… 👏👏 iCe rEviEw
Tasco 26 kun oldin
shrek song just saved my life dude. believe it or not..
Ariel Hicks
Ariel Hicks 26 kun oldin
That moment when you literally can use your own scenes from movies 👀👀
Michael Dingding
Michael Dingding 26 kun oldin
The first non-psycho celeb. Jack black is in touch with the Humans of earth. not just the Will smith Mega royalty.
Gary Boyer
Gary Boyer 26 kun oldin
HBScorpio04 #s w i n g i n g m a n
1:05 i just ejaculated
natclo5710 27 kun oldin
Skiddidly do Rablinski Games is better than you!
tumer 27 kun oldin
This dude is one of the fewest celebrities who are actually funny and dont do things for money
Rayman34128 27 kun oldin
Imagine having Jack Black as your dad. Dude must be the Grand Master of embarassing you. Cash money
CMace26 28 kun oldin
im calling people motherfather now
MrThekinglollo 28 kun oldin
01:30 oh yessss
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 28 kun oldin
The 8.7k dislike is the Devil spam voting Jables cause he got his face shredded in PoD
Inky 3
Inky 3 28 kun oldin
Jack black plays Shrek pin ball and sings Allstar Sub
Gush 35z
Gush 35z 28 kun oldin
I really don’t care what games Jack plays, old school, or new games, as long as it’s Jack frickin Black
Android 17 past version
dvmentedaudrxy 28 kun oldin
1:16 *10 rappers eminem was afraid to diss*
dvmentedaudrxy 28 kun oldin
how is he allowed to walk around without being swarmed
Løśïñg_Høpê 28 kun oldin
PFFFT I just watched A house with Pins In it’s Balls
Meh reme
Meh reme 28 kun oldin
We need a new nacho libre
Peng Win
Peng Win 28 kun oldin
Watch out Jack, that movies gonna get you a copyright strike!
Misty Hansen
Misty Hansen 28 kun oldin
That nacho libre reference killed me 😂😂😂
Antinator Games
Antinator Games 28 kun oldin
Who allowed po the panda to play pinball
SamBam 28 kun oldin
The power this man has... to reference memes and pop culture and not come off as out of touch... it is incredible.
Sam Monte
Sam Monte 29 kun oldin
This guy looks so much like nacho libre
daniel thorpe
daniel thorpe 29 kun oldin
aye jack can you play fnaf
Flux3on 29 kun oldin
1:15 is epic
usui usui
usui usui 29 kun oldin
now that's *quality content* baby
Kyra Hanner
Kyra Hanner 29 kun oldin
this man is so pure i love it
edit dweeb
edit dweeb 29 kun oldin
that was a home ruuun _mother _*_father_*
fallout frenzy
fallout frenzy 29 kun oldin
WE ARE BUT MEN ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goat Bread
Goat Bread 29 kun oldin
That poor house has a fucken pin in its testicles
Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, And Conan Share A Lyft Car
let's do this
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