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Sam addresses the controversy from last week's show.
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Soulo_Guero 13 kun oldin
should have never mentioned 4chan
I just don't buy it....i want you on your knees crying for forgiveness.
Yvette Romero Moreno
You don’t have to apologize! The only reason you took the heat is because you’re a woman.
Casey Hansen
Casey Hansen 21 kun oldin
Want to help humanity? Die!
Tyler Dean
Tyler Dean 21 kun oldin
You have no need to say sorry.
eponymousIme 24 kun oldin
Bravo, Samantha!
gibsongirl1800s 24 kun oldin
This isn’t even an apology. You are a joke.
Sweet Pickles
Sweet Pickles 25 kun oldin
This is a bummer man. Samantha is a person in power, Ivanka is a person in power, and this is what we get. Jokes, animosity, and shallow sarcasm. Google Samantha Bee philanthropy then google Ivanka trump philanthropy and decide for yourself who is a good person instead of going with the crowd. I'm not on anyones team, just reading the information available to me.
Whiz Z
Whiz Z 25 kun oldin
Samantha and Colbert must suffer from the same mental health issue s, I hope they seek help someday..Thank God for president Trump
E Land
E Land 28 kun oldin
given the events of the month of june 2018, feel free to use that word ... against deplorables
Anairda Oy oldin
Love you. Thanks for your work.
Southern Gent
Southern Gent Oy oldin
PIG ! ! !
PJNinja Oy oldin
I dont understand why Samantha Bee had to take an unnecessary swipe an men who she says were also offended by the use of "cu*t". Seems very man-hating to me - like you just dismiss the opinions of half the population on the basis of gender.
Sandra Chung
Sandra Chung Oy oldin
There was no need to apologize.
Zombie Moon
Zombie Moon Oy oldin
Samantha Bee you shouldnt have to apologize for what you say, its freedom of speech, no matter who it is you are talking about. You are my hero and I fully support you in what you have to say.
kiwi tayro
kiwi tayro Oy oldin
Myra Rolston
Myra Rolston Oy oldin
Nicely done
The Crappy Robot
You call that an apology....?
David B
David B Oy oldin
best example of an apology i've seen all year, shame it was for something so trivial.
Thank The Moon
Nicer actions? You mean like attacking a cancer survivor for his haircut when that's the hair cut he needed to get the cancer out? That kind of nice?
Brigitte Johnson
Simple solution. Next time call women like Ivanka and Sanders "Fotze"
Suzanne Berry
Suzanne Berry Oy oldin
We love you, Sam.
Mama Poch
Mama Poch Oy oldin
This was perfect!
oatmeal813 Oy oldin
Anything you say sir......
Yaelia Oy oldin
You didn’t needed to apologize Sam!!!!!!
Defft Lingo
Defft Lingo Oy oldin
Sam B .......just feckless
Sam, It is disappointing to me that you feel you need to apologize for what you said when we have that embarrassment in the white house who doesn't care if he offends everyone and never apologizes for anything.
Samantha Burns
Love you 💜
Your mother should have washed your foul mouth out with soap.
shejean Oy oldin
FECKLESS is the perfect word for the entire Trump (excluding innocent Barron) family. Thank you, Samantha.
John F
John F Oy oldin
This broad made voting for Mr. Trump so worth it. Hahahahaha!!!!!! I think I’ll vote for Mr. Trump again. Get it? AGAIN? As in MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
John King
John King Oy oldin
I despise the vermin that get upset by a word but are happy that children are abused.
Pure filth. Let the SJW clintonites self destruct slooooooooowly 🐢
Tyler Channell
Am I the only woman who isn't offend by the C word?
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Samantha C**t ur not funny
Kimberly Samaniego
love you Samantha! Kimberly here in TX, Navy Vet, is proud of you. please keep making videos and making truth. you're an awesome lady!!!
Bobby P
Bobby P Oy oldin
If the epithet shouted at your victim was truly an emotional response at that exact moment then its somewhat understandable but you WILLFULLY decide to hide the fact that your show is prerecorded hours ahead of airing and it is then vetted by numerous people including the lawyers, producers, writers, fact checkers etc etc and EVERYONE thought it was okay to air it anyway. Is that still a "Mistake"? You and your so called correspondents and everyone involved in airing of the show are exactly the epithet you shouted at your victim. You would have called for a cancellation of the show if anyone else not in your circle like FOx news or CNN did it no matter how much they apologize. You're only pro women till it serves your purpose to demean women and in this case it was to try to save your already dead show. You are not just exactly what you called your victim but an utterly shameless one at that.
Ellofez Oy oldin
We Love Queen bee!
cros99 Oy oldin
Sam, you are a comedian who thrives on insulting and hurting people. You are a nasty person which has been shown over and over in prior shows. The far left may love you but you are not welcome in my living room.
John Sargeant
John Sargeant Oy oldin
you are a horrible example of a "woman". foul mouth, low-life nasty liberal. can't wait for your "program" to die a sad, slow death. you killed your career. hope you are prepared for TRUMP REALITY. you'll be living in the REAL WORLD soon enough. btw- America has a food stamp hotline you can call when you need groceries for you and your poor, undeserving child, after you get blacklisted from doing any tv ever again, loser.
grodhagen Oy oldin
Good apology. Tactically, some comments are far better thought than spoken. Never hand the foe ammo.
Oh so thats why the show last week disappeared before I could watch
shlibber Oy oldin
If the president is allowed to grab them, Sam is allowed to say it.
Kai Mao
Kai Mao Oy oldin
That was iconic, don’t apologize queen
Jay Carr
Jay Carr Oy oldin
Real tough lady here! The only joke is well... her. What a wagon wheel this one is!! Tip top! Keep up the fight !
Jesse Rickard
Jesse Rickard Oy oldin
Keep fighting the good fight Sam, no matter how much the administration trys to distract us from the real issue.
Doug St.Aubin
Doug St.Aubin Oy oldin
You are not really sorry , you knew exactly what you were going to do and the negative effect it would create but I guess you had to boost your miserable ratings somehow under the guise of being funny of which you are not . There must have been enough people that signed the petition to have your show removed ? You said you have always used that word your whole life as if that justifies it . I have spent my life bitting my lip trying not to use it , thanks for reclaiming it , I feel free to use it again but I won’t because It’s like the “ N “ word in that when I hear it repeated in rap songs , being white and it being another word I am not allowed to use , I get offended and ripped. If don’t want people to call you that then don’t call yourself that even if YOU are one , ok Sam ? 🤣🔥
Zorra Knight
Zorra Knight Oy oldin
Any of you guys notice that she apologized for her use of words, not about how she feels? Smooth. Sam is the real MVP ❤️
YouTube Moderator
Immediately deporting entire families will result in, wait for it, ZERO FAMILY SEPARATION! Simple solution to simple problem.
janie camacho
janie camacho Oy oldin
I don't like that word specially directed at another women. But yvanka's actions was cunty, heartless, numb, and disgraceful to the cause. I still love Samantha Bee. Did NOT lose me as a fan.
trudi409 Oy oldin
Stop useing woman not liking your word you disgusting vile human you should be fired. You a low class no good person and really arnt worth a speck of dust next to Ivanka or any one un the trump family. You are a nobody.
Lars Kvam
Lars Kvam Oy oldin
she never should have apologized in the first place.
The Haniman
The Haniman Oy oldin
ARGH! I'm offended that you apologized​.
Atlas & Gabriel
Ivanka Trump is exactly what Samantha Bee called her. No apology required.
lala lova
lala lova Oy oldin
Sam did nothing wrong.
Lisa Langlois
Lisa Langlois Oy oldin
Samantha Bee, Be Strong as You Obviously Are! Nice apology. It includes the most important point: actions speak louder than words. Timing is everything: we were fed a false equivalency. Roseanne lacks the credibility and her apology (blame it on the ambien) pales in contrast with yours.
Brooklyn Fowler
Sam Bee is an American treasure
Stacy Chapman
Stacy Chapman Oy oldin
Ivanka is a government employee (she is on the pay roll, no?) so you do have the right to state your opinion and feelings about her Jared or any other member there.
jacob kobald
jacob kobald Oy oldin
Dont apologize....
Coolio ajp
Coolio ajp Oy oldin
but Ivanka and Ted Cruz are C#nts, We love you Samantha Bee!
Coolio ajp
Coolio ajp Oy oldin
Leon Dubichenko another conspiracy theory from another Trump zealot I guess you heard that bit on Fox News
Coolio ajp
Coolio ajp Oy oldin
Leon Dubichenko lots of Tolerance and love from the left... If you're not a cunty traitor.
j e
j e Oy oldin
james thetruth
Sam, were you a man? You need more work done.
zamstudy Oy oldin
Doing a great job lady. Remain strong and fearless.
CB BC Oy oldin
The part about *forgetting the children her father is kidnapping!* ...was the worst. What else do you call filth who sit idly by whilst that's happening but the c-word?
lime 4 realz
lime 4 realz Oy oldin
Sam, you’re the actual greatest.
el_magico Oy oldin
You shouldn’t had apologized, it was just simply and purely a joke nothing else.
Don Lah
Don Lah Oy oldin
All you libtards believe in what Samantha Bee cuntrag says it's ok. should all die.
tony norney
tony norney Oy oldin
Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink Oy oldin
Where was the apology? I saw more jokes only continuing her divisive Political propaganda. Disgusting double standard continued. #cancelsambee #boycottsambee
David Kenniston
You know this was a good apology when there are barely any trolls in the comments!
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Oy oldin
Samantha, I was not offended by "This Particular Use of the Word". We have a President who does not, and apparently will not, care how he offends us, or blames anyone but himself for anything. Somehow we are not allowed to return in kind? Yes, Me being a Male, I don't get to, and probably shouldn't ever use that word! However, We need only quote Trumps public words back to him to say, "Game On Buddy"! So, Whether you "had to apologize", or, "not", Thanks for Carrying On. Thanks For Hanging In There, Samantha Bee!!!
Robert Triscoli
Ivanka is still feckless
Randi Young
Randi Young Oy oldin
Nailed it, Sam. Thank you for spotlighting the important issues that our constant cacophony of nonsense in Washington seems to drown out. We hear you.
Peter Panix
Peter Panix Oy oldin
You go, girl! Be tough (like we all love it) and don´t appologize for a well deserved and rightfully delivered "C*nt"!
Wes Oy oldin
Mitch Ross
Mitch Ross Oy oldin
Hey it's ok, still love you girl. Keep going.
K MV Oy oldin
Best apology ever. You rock, Sam!
NycEclogues Oy oldin
I thought that people wanted us to be less politically correct? Then when you are those same people complain about it...talk about double standards. I love you B and keep doing a great job!!
NycEclogues Oy oldin
No need for soft insults. Adults should know to be polite when first engaging another person :-). I understand what double standards are, especially since I'm a minority in a clearly divided country. I didn't even reference political affiliations. I don't care to view everything as red vs blue. I am openly asking where is the line is. I do believe that our politicians should have some restraint as people that represent us (both sides) but I'm not sure how we balance the blunt truth from polite lies. We have the freedom to speak but the consequences are inconsistent. Samantha is being held to a standard of language use that is clearly being determined along political allegiance.
JW Oy oldin
Samantha Bee = Tucker Carlson. They are both part of the problem. The whole taking children away from family though. Just wrong, sorry Fox News but no.
JW Oy oldin
I'm not sure what you're getting at. All I am trying to say is I care and believe most people do too. We were all kids once, not really interested on the justification for this one.
JW Oy oldin
Leon Dubichenko I don't think it's fine. Just separating kids sounds awefull no matter how many ways you put it. Im also listening to Samantha Bee hear so it's probably sensationalized like most things. Reminds me of Fox News.
Rachel Aponte
Rachel Aponte Oy oldin
You’re amazing!! You showed dignity in apologizing. Something that our President isn’t capable of doing. Keep your head held high, because you, my dear, are awesomesauce! 😘
Sarah Gaunt
Sarah Gaunt Oy oldin
You never stopped being my hero, Sam.
Flavor Station
This is a pathetic apology
Ali Y
Ali Y Oy oldin
I don't think you needed to apologize, but understand why you did. Way to be a grown up in a nation full of toddlers. Love you Sam!
Ali Y
Ali Y Oy oldin
She's a comedian. I thought the right liked it when people said it like it was and didn't make everything so politically correct? In the age of Trump, I think it's rich that conservatives had one single thing to say about this. Also, when someone on the right says something offensive they either never apologize or they make excuses during their attempted apology. Example, Ambien made me racist.
Ali Y
Ali Y Oy oldin
Leon Dubichenko huh? I said I understand why she apologized. Adults apologize all the time, and at least she did it and made zero excuses.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Oy oldin
Is your show getting cancelled?
Morning Wood
Morning Wood Oy oldin
Oh, yeah, you crossed the line big time, that's true
Morning Wood
Morning Wood Oy oldin
Hunter Avallone got all the truth about samantha
Ada Mc
Ada Mc Oy oldin
You’re awesome Sam! Their fake indignation was absurd.
Diana Princess
💕Love your show Sam❤️❤️❤️
leesy2e Oy oldin
I love you sam❤️
Lee White
Lee White Oy oldin
Well said!
IdeaJonesJoey Oy oldin
I both agree that this is a lot made over a little -- a comic used a naughty word and insulted someone, hardly worthy of the front page -- and have a bit of a problem with it. A basic rule of apologies is that everything else you say that isn't simply "I'm sorry" takes back a piece of that apology. To say there are more serious issues is certainly true. Obviously true. But not relevant to the apology. Much as I admire Samantha Bee and those who work on the show, and agree with much of what's said on the show, this wasn't the time. If you're going to apologize, just do that, don't detract from it, then go on. This was a very qualified apology.
Christian Corr
It doesn't matter what they say, just keep it up Girl. I LOVE YA 😍
jieun lee
jieun lee Oy oldin
unfortunately, your/our maturity make a dent in Trump's world!!! they are so good at dumbing everyone! its really hard to deal with bratty two-year-old all the time!!!
Anthony McCarthy
Best apology ever.
Timothy O'Brien
One consequence of Samantha being in the spotlight is that it has attracted a lot of trolls to this comment section.
TopFactz Oy oldin
I don’t understand people who find her funny.She is as funny as Amy Schumer
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Oy oldin
You were speaking truth!!! You don't need to apologize!!
Andi amo
Andi amo Oy oldin
Mark must be a fan of Eric Schneiderman
Mr. Reality
Mr. Reality Oy oldin
And that was said by a hired bot.
Arif Noorani
Arif Noorani Oy oldin
We love you!!!
Andi amo
Andi amo Oy oldin
You love Eric Schneiderman too, right??
Mr. Reality
Mr. Reality Oy oldin
Ineta L
Ineta L Oy oldin
Excellent response! 👑
Andi amo
Andi amo Oy oldin
Her response is garbage, just like she is, just like her fans.
Martin Mulroy
Martin Mulroy Oy oldin
Try being a father in family court, and using that c word about your ex wife. See how far that gets you! Anyhow, Ivanka Trump has far more going for her than you can ever have. You just have a dirty mouth!