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December's box got here a little late, but the art supplies all still work! hehe even if.......I may or may not have used them all.
►www.palettefulpacks.com/ (This was the 'Petite' Tier Box, sent to me free of charge by Paletteful Packs.)
Caran d'Arche Neocolor II Water-Soluble Wac Oil Pastels: amzn.to/2Ru70Ii
Pentalic Watercolor Dream Catcher Accordion Fold Artist Journal:
Art Advantage Medium Water Brush
Derwent Inktense Pencils: amzn.to/2BZxw2u
Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen (Medium): amzn.to/2CP9zMO
Derwent Inktense Travel Watercolor Set: amzn.to/2F77qh0
Mechanical Pencil: amzn.to/2RrPep6
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5-Yan, 2019



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Khairah Lindo
Khairah Lindo 5 soat oldin
How dat happen How u do dat
Cookiie Potato
Cookiie Potato 23 soat oldin
Does majority of you guys have a calligraphy pen or..?
Nekochan Studios
I'm sorry but the fingers on the yellow girl really bothered me. 😅
Sydney  Ortega
Sydney Ortega 2 kun oldin
Doing something like this as a timeline of life from kid to elder would be amazing!!
Ziying Lim
Ziying Lim 2 kun oldin
Every Year9 student had (and will for future ones) do a storyboard as well. We had to chose 1 of 4 or 5 given themes: Mechanical Madness, Conflict, Openings, etc. (I forgot the others). Then, we had to either make it black and white or color. I chose Mechanical Madness in black and white. I struggled a lot ;w;
Jessie 3 kun oldin
The fingers on yellow orange girl freaked me out! Really cool continuous drawing though. Very jealous of your abilities.
ժɑղíƙɑ 3 kun oldin
I think you should I’ve done a map bc it’s gives a old fashion look.
I'll hide you seek
I'll hide you seek 3 kun oldin
The art is beautiful though. You shouldn't knock yourself down because you honestly are super amazingly talented in art.
Fidgety Redbull
Fidgety Redbull 3 kun oldin
OMG! The views! I’m so happy for you. You deserve every bit. Thanks for bringing out a smile in me when I see your videos.
Jada Bunny
Jada Bunny 3 kun oldin
how do u draw like that?????//
Riss Miller
Riss Miller 5 kun oldin
The pages made into the Marauder's map from Harry Potter would be a cool design.
Boele Dries
Boele Dries 6 kun oldin
do you know zhc?
Melody Beiery
Melody Beiery 6 kun oldin
This is awesome! I love the panoramic drawing and how you were able to come up with an ongoing scene. I don't think I could have come up with anything lol. Love the rainbow theme colors also. Beautiful!
CrazyWildDarkWolf :P
This was an amazing drawing
CrazyWildDarkWolf :P
Oof A Never Ending Notebook, It Ends
CrazyWildDarkWolf :P
I m just saying I'm not being rude ok ;-;
Naomi 7 kun oldin
I Love thiss so muccchhhh
NAM shook
NAM shook 7 kun oldin
Ami the only one who is kinda bothered she didnt clolour red to orange to yellow and so on...? But love it anyways~~
Sammichez0613 10 kun oldin
I heard the music in the beginning of the video and was like UH WHY IS HOWTOBASIC HERE
Weird Dogo
Weird Dogo 10 kun oldin
I love your art style and work, you are one of the best artists I have seen through out mah life!Hope you continue this awesome work and channel.
Martha Story
Martha Story 10 kun oldin
The creative girl
The creative girl 11 kun oldin
wow it is Wonderful 💙💙 .
Demented Potatoe
Demented Potatoe 12 kun oldin
I’m sorry I’m on my alt so my profile picture and name are crazy but *what is the name of the watercolour palette you used*
Marie judge
Marie judge 13 kun oldin
You are soooo amazing at drawing
Your Neighbor
Your Neighbor 14 kun oldin
Whenever she opens and closes the accordion sketchbook, an accordion sound plays in my head. XD
Slime It
Slime It 15 kun oldin
you should watercolor the two pages with all of the colors of the girl getting married
Tea Sipller
Tea Sipller 17 kun oldin
If it is never ending why you end the video
iconic chicks.
iconic chicks. 18 kun oldin
the sun was the mother of everything. she created all the colors. she created mother nature (the green page), but soon she died, but left something beautiful, her daughter. yellow. she carried on her mothers love of nature and lived without giving a care in the world. she smelled every flower, played with every animal, and stared at the sky as she remembered her mother. she sat under the very tree her mom sat under and found her true love. they sat together, talked about their problems, and played together like they were toddlers in a park. when they play together, it reminded yellow of when she was a child, and played with animals. she missed those days. at least now, she had one person she loved. they sat together everyday in the worlds yellows mother made for herself and her daughter. soon, she was alone. she was old, alone, and depressed. she had a fear of dying alone. then, two ducks come up to her, they remembered her. it was the ducks she played with when she was a child. she realized her age couldnt change the way she acted. she could act like she was a child, no matter how old she was. the birds came and joined the ducks. she remembered when her mother stayed outside, in nature, and drew birds. she wanted to do the same, but her skill was not drawing animals, but it was befriending them and loving them. caring for them, feeding them, and treating them like family because they were. with all these animals, she knew she couldnt die alone. she died and everyone remember her and her mother as mother nature and mother sunshine, and their spirit lives on till today.
Krysten Chambers
Krysten Chambers 20 kun oldin
You remind me if SophiaLou another UZvid Artist.
Payton S.
Payton S. 21 kun oldin
It bothers me that she didn’t fix the girls hand. She has 3 fingers!
Ari Animates
Ari Animates 21 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice her saying reading rainbow??like that is my while reading class childhood XD
Annette Garcia
Annette Garcia 21 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that she calls purple blue??
Liz Gentile
Liz Gentile 22 kun oldin
Why are you so perfect??? Love you ❤️❤️
três pontinhos
três pontinhos 22 kun oldin
That girl with the flower is pretty good that s a lovely illustration
Mata 11
Mata 11 22 kun oldin
Just ordered that sketchbook on Amazon!!!!!! I am so excited 😃
TIGERCRUSH16 23 kun oldin
😭 is what I feel for my art skills.
Georgia Bennett
Georgia Bennett 24 kun oldin
Can I ask, what was the song at the start? I've heard it before and I remember it well, but I forgot what it was called. 😗😕
tazza122 25 kun oldin
It’s bothers me how she say Derwent
imma _dinosaur
imma _dinosaur 25 kun oldin
Orange is the only color you can taste
Trinity Locke
Trinity Locke 26 kun oldin
i love this so much!! i would pay for a print of it, and i’m a cheapskate who hates spending money - that’s how much i like this illistration!!!
Kawii _gamer_gal
Kawii _gamer_gal 27 kun oldin
Cran? The hells a cran? You mean crayon? (Don’t mean to be cheeky I just get very easily annoyed with mispronunciations)
Beth Warren
Beth Warren 28 kun oldin
Flower woman has unfortunately got bad hands
Three Shetlands
Three Shetlands 28 kun oldin
Incredible! 😍
The epic sharky
The epic sharky 29 kun oldin
This is really creative, like it could tell a story just from the colours you've used and by using almost an entire half of the sketchbook. Great job.
Annika Wells
Annika Wells 29 kun oldin
my favorite section is the yellow section!! it's so CUUUTEE!! I also loveee the green and how it flows into the yellow. overall, it's so lovely, good job!!!
Smug Spud02
Smug Spud02 Oy oldin
I would like to see a video where you use waffles as your utensils and paint with things that can go on waffles (jelly, syrup, butter, etc.)
Lily Polanski
Lily Polanski Oy oldin
you’re probably not going to see this but maybe u could’ve done a thing like the four seasons one in each panel and one in between and a like transformation of the seasons changing. also i love you videos you are my fav and i binge watch u while i draw i just saw your pinterest vid and i’m doing it now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love ur vids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
flavorlessh Oy oldin
Quality painting dropped towards the end, still really great tho😂
Blue River
Blue River Oy oldin
Maybe for the last two pages add no color just make it black and gray
Biggestboy Oy oldin
Yellow is the best pic who eles agrees
Jasmin Dorsch
Jasmin Dorsch Oy oldin
its really beautiful :) !!!
That CRaZy Italian
that is amazingggggg
Jemeeka William
15:05 define 'professiona'
Yamuna Vijayaragavan
I know that many people said this but, YOU ARE SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!!
Big Weirdo
Big Weirdo Oy oldin
(4:03) Ouuu DAT YELLOW! *does a dramatic pose*
Tequila Robinson
Amanda Panda
Amanda Panda Oy oldin
This reminds me of the seasons like green is spring yellow is summer the red is fall and blue is winter... yeah or no I mean I like the idea
Zoe Borgeaud
Zoe Borgeaud Oy oldin
It's not Caren Diache, it's Caran D'ache
Sarah Madlock
Sarah Madlock Oy oldin
ooooh!!! i absolutely ADORE your illustration! i kinda wish you would have finished the last two pages to completely finish the rainbow. ♡
Rob Gracioli
Rob Gracioli Oy oldin
youre a genius
Lil’ Tay
Lil’ Tay Oy oldin
On the yellow girl’s hand two fingers are connected same with the red girl’s hand
Rhiannan Thomas
I loved this...but those last two blank pages and the lack of true blue drive me nuts. Maybe shift back through blue and green???? Pretty pretty please???
Rebekka XX
Rebekka XX Oy oldin
It's like you start early in the morning at light green and you go on with your day and at purple/bleu is night time
I bet if you added some more woodland animals in darker shades of yellow to the more empty yellow page that you could fill that part. Like a dear and some rabbits. The last two pages can totally be deep blue to regular blue and it would complete the loop back to the green in the beginning. I hope you find time to come back to this piece and share what you did with it!
aaxor kun
aaxor kun Oy oldin
I love your videos so much, they really inspire me to draw
AJ Main
AJ Main Oy oldin
Omg! I LOVE it!!!! 😍❤🙃
Kt W
Kt W Oy oldin
Waffles!!!! That is amaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
buteraxdolans Oy oldin
8:09 omg i wheezed 😂
The Molly!
The Molly! Oy oldin
what do you do with all of the boxes you get??
The Mega Siblings
I love your vids waffel
Julie A.
Julie A. Oy oldin
The little girl's fingers kept distracting me but other than that great illustration!
Osasu or just call me Su
anyone get the turbo tax ad with the boy who couldnt spell free( well he did after 30secs). ok i guess it just me...
Purple Sloth
Purple Sloth Oy oldin
Idk if this is weird but..................... I like listening to your voice while I draw 😶😶😐
Art Girl
Art Girl Oy oldin
How cute...such a cute painting
Nikolas Alvarez
you are wonder
Gabriella P
Gabriella P Oy oldin
use baby oil
Alexandra Zeres
Caran Di Ahchay :'D :'D Bless you! I actually thought that Caran D'ache is the most famous company after faber castell, the are here in Europe anyways.
:l I don’t even know
6:09 me every time I draw
Rebekah's Artisan Soaps
Me: wow 😲 that looks amazing! I wish I could draw like that Her: it looks a little newbish *dead ego*
do you know what i love about this? Read more
DJ PuppyPaw Cake
Unidentified Leiviathan
I made a bob ross painting I think I did okay
MintMarie Oy oldin
Hi Waffles! I’ve been thinking about getting the petite box from palletful packs, do you think it’s worth it or do you think I should go for a different brand? Thank you! -Rosie
Christina Cunningham
I really love this!
majooismajor Oy oldin
you are an amazing artist ... love watching you work, and your sweet, goofy personality.
Kajuli Soto
Kajuli Soto Oy oldin
It starts off with a woman in the park, searching for inspiration for a story she's making. She starts of with simple doodles; a little bird in a tree, but it soon turns into something bigger. The bird is seen through out a girls life, they seem to go through everything together. In her moments of happiness as a young innocent child. When she matures and find love. And when she experiences heart break and sadness. The bird was always there. (literally just thought of this, sry if its cringy)
Ajay Oy oldin
WHERE IS DA BLUE?? even without it, its awesome.
ssserena sssucks
I suggest speeding it up for some of it.
Emma Jean Logsdon
13:23 Okay, that tree kind of looks like a murder scene. I love the art though!
Nayla Johnson
Nayla Johnson Oy oldin
You are so good at drawing I’m still learning you said “noob-ish but you are wayyyyyy better than me and I say WAYY
jawza ulya
jawza ulya Oy oldin
Miz Izz
Miz Izz Oy oldin
Can you do a water colour brush video? Like comparing or how to use? 💓💓
Logan: Female With a Boys Name
I think you could have gone into blue more on the next page and merge back in to a little bit of a green on the very end. But it looks really beautiful and I love it.
Kayla Twomey
Kayla Twomey Oy oldin
you are such a good artist u inspire me to draw
Claire Kleidosty
It bothers me how you didnt do blue on the last white spot! Your work is beautiful and blue is my favorite color tehe
Vanii YT
Vanii YT Oy oldin
1:08 i´m holding the exact same pen lol IF U WANT PROOF MSG ME ON IG @Vanii.ig lol tho now i sound like i´m trying to do self promo bahahah
Anna Figert
Anna Figert Oy oldin
The life of the little girl. First pic she’s five and second she’s ten and third she’s fifteen and fourth she’s twenty and going through a rough time.
Zara Milton
Zara Milton Oy oldin
Your videos are inspiring me to get back into art, to finally push out of my 'mind block' so thank you! It's showing me not to be so serious with my art and to just have fun
Smush Wings
Smush Wings Oy oldin
Do you ever just love it when your favorite artist (you uwu) has the same art supply as you? Cuz thats how I felt with the ink pen! ahh also I love ur work keep it up 💗
HamiltonCrap Oy oldin
You earned a subscriber, my friend
subscribe to pewdiepie
I think it's all the same girl but over time. she likes this park. it's where she used to play when she was really young (yellow) , where she walked to draw in middle school (greenish blue grey) , where she used to go hangout with her boyfriend (red), and then where she went to cry when her boyfriend died. well that took a dark turn-
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