A NEW Way To RAGE! | Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)

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Special thanks to Nintendo for bringing us the game EARLY!
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Get ready Theorists! We have a FIRST LOOK at the new Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch! Come see if the odds are in our favor or if we'll be rolling snake eyes!
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5-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 525
Honnjyx VII
Honnjyx VII Kun oldin
You guys should have known better than to invite Luigi. XD
Harold Smith
Harold Smith Kun oldin
We play this game a lot it ends with me wining and my brothers rage
Garth Palmer
Garth Palmer Kun oldin
Luigi day 1 nerf plz thx
Handington 3 kun oldin
I used to play Disney Party alone! I can relate!
Waynetastic 4 kun oldin
"LUIGI YOU ARE SO DUMB" *Instant Karma is not amused.*
Waynetastic 4 kun oldin
yay luigi won :D
Evelyn The Wolf
Evelyn The Wolf 4 kun oldin
Why did they skip a whole turn for another minigame
Evelyn The Wolf
Evelyn The Wolf 4 kun oldin
Now were getting super mario party 1-10
Bahman zahakan
Bahman zahakan 11 kun oldin
What can i say... Luigi is luckiest guy ever...
War Reviewer
War Reviewer 13 kun oldin
But that's just a party a Mario party thanks for playing
Cybeam3603 13 kun oldin
Me too
Theresa P
Theresa P 14 kun oldin
Scrubs. Can't even beat easy opponents
Zindy Bustos
Zindy Bustos 14 kun oldin
I got a Nintendo switch ad before this
Wong Wai Shiong
Wong Wai Shiong 15 kun oldin
BJ! BlowJ_B
Kaleb Koch
Kaleb Koch 16 kun oldin
The next game is gonna be called Super Mario Party Ultimate
Julie Rendon
Julie Rendon 17 kun oldin
I want to be a youtuder to
Piratejoe44 17 kun oldin
Ehhhhh? Easy mode? Kyahahaha! How lame! Only kids play in easy mode!!!!
NAESAN 18 kun oldin
haha awesome video, if you ever need some dance music let me know!
Javen Smith
Javen Smith 19 kun oldin
My birthday is November 15th
Toni Leaf
Toni Leaf 20 kun oldin
Poor MatPat!😂
Long Long Man
Long Long Man 20 kun oldin
Toad will never be the same again.
Billy Bob Johnson
Billy Bob Johnson 22 kun oldin
Matpats birthday is a day after fallout 76 comes out
Felicia Feliciano
Felicia Feliciano 23 kun oldin
Mat was so salty at the end like for real
Quwyn Iscoool
Quwyn Iscoool 24 kun oldin
Mystical Mayhem
Mystical Mayhem 25 kun oldin
Sans Papyrus
Sans Papyrus 25 kun oldin
0:18 - You can see the disappointment on that goomba's face.
Steampunkgirl13 27 kun oldin
I hope that Steampunkman13 is the kinda of guy I am looking for and is really cute emo guy and dreamy like the guy in my dreams I been having.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
bored gamer
bored gamer 27 kun oldin
Goes to show you shouldn't play against Luigi instead play as Luigi to win out of pure luck.
Ryan Beyer
Ryan Beyer 27 kun oldin
Drew Golgart
Drew Golgart 27 kun oldin
You should hear Jacksepticeye's toad voice. it sounds IDENTICAL
ZanGames 27 kun oldin
Should guys be better at the pole one and somehow steph won
Rob Ralston
Rob Ralston 28 kun oldin
Bro. U were born 15 days before me. Lol that pretty awesome. Love the vids. Sagittarius for life!
Destroyer of games Gamer
Did you know epic games added sprinkler time as a emote
powerful but during
powerful but during 28 kun oldin
i am mad.....who eats a fucking cupcake with a fork
Michael Guglielmini
Michael Guglielmini 28 kun oldin
How does gomba clime if he has no arms?
Med Otaku
Med Otaku 28 kun oldin
Did Peach get a nose job?...
Catty Sans Waifu :3
Catty Sans Waifu :3 28 kun oldin
RIP mattPat “he never got a high-five”
Jonathan Solhjem
Jonathan Solhjem 28 kun oldin
I have a GTlive recommendation. bit.ly/clickertheory.
Marcus Lambright
Marcus Lambright 28 kun oldin
2:37 only one cupcake...she sounded betrayed.
PartOfAFandom 28 kun oldin
how’s babypat?
Shonemeister 28 kun oldin
Every time I hear mat’s voice I think of an action movie.
Sam Gow
Sam Gow 29 kun oldin
You guys should play Factorio - 2nd Highest rating on steam.
Zenardy_YT 29 kun oldin
😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle 😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈 😈wiggle😈
elaine kyoko chen
elaine kyoko chen 29 kun oldin
It looks so fun
Dayne Visser
Dayne Visser Oy oldin
I mighy be too adicted to you guys because i am watching this at 2:30 am. Soooo tired but it is sooo entertaining.
Lewis Dear
Lewis Dear Oy oldin
November 15th mine is November 14th
Stormy Warrior
hector pelliccioni
Searusly the nintendo games need some antialising
E H?! E A S Y M O D O!!
Lucas Day
Lucas Day Oy oldin
Try DSaF 3
DevilSeiji Oy oldin
Was that a 5 € bill??
Teasbuster 113
Luigi da bosssssss!!! 👌
Rebecca Wu
Rebecca Wu Oy oldin
My b-day is 5th November 🎉🎁🎉🎁
Alexi Cracchiola
suka motineti
suka motineti Oy oldin
Jacob's Channel
Play more
Theo Ponce
Theo Ponce Oy oldin
Lol I laughed when Matt hit himself on the desk
Mr Randoom boy
I played with my freind and got both bonus stars
Harriconn 34
Harriconn 34 Oy oldin
Did anyone else get salty when they realised Matpat doesn’t use the black screen
WolfmanOH Oy oldin
What kind of $5 bill was that at the end?
Buffer131 Oy oldin
Luigi wins omg XD
Thomas Leon
Thomas Leon Oy oldin
Mario has to stop doing partys, sports and saving princess fungi and be a actual plumber
Wind-up Shroom
-Weegee- Luigi #1!!!
Biggerdog Za Big Doggo
That intro itself is worth a Like!
Little Teemo
Little Teemo Oy oldin
Did I miss something … why do they have Euro.....Aren't they American ? I'm confused
Devyn Miller
Devyn Miller Oy oldin
Even RNG can get computers to win
Pizza Man!!!
Pizza Man!!! Oy oldin
hey my b-day is on novmber 17th
bruno_d Oy oldin
Please play Hollow Knight! You're so gonna love that game! It's almost made to be theorized!!!!
shadusnox Oy oldin
So what's the name of the next one? Super Mario party two? Super duper Mario party? Ultra Mario party? Maximum Mario over party?
Jenni Pedersen
tohgamerplayz Oy oldin
And Luigi wins by doing absolutely NOTHING
Stoodmuffin Personal
I want all the early copies of this game to be intentionally rigged for Luigi to win and then they patch it for the main release and have nintendo just like: "Nah man, I don't know what you're talking about, dudes"
Miniman plays
Miniman plays Oy oldin
as said by nintendo "weegee number 1"
Jerry martinez
Yes go luigi #TeamLuigi
Spencer Harrison
my birthday is November 16th
Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson Oy oldin
Next video on Game Theory: The SCIENCE of...How Luigi Cheated on Super Mario Party
AJ Antonio
AJ Antonio Oy oldin
20:47 "Haul your big chubby buns up this pole"
Gaming Lounge
Gaming Lounge Oy oldin
Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing and receiving everything
Spencer Duggan
Why do you hate Luigi
Samuel Oy oldin
17:30 you could hear the rumble........
Erica Loudermilk
Yo matpat u should play life is strange 2
noam calderon
noam calderon Oy oldin
more of it
SCP Foundation
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Oy oldin
Both: wow cupcakes Jason: you get one Both: What?! No Jason: to split Both: WHATT!!??
i liek vidja gaems
You guys made a big mistake messing with Luigi.
Lucy The Jade dragon
You should play we happy few
Migs Frigi
Migs Frigi Oy oldin
The mandela effect Mario party or Super Mario party?
justsaiyan05 Oy oldin
I wonder if the cringey thumbnails are intentional..
Derek Fung
Derek Fung Oy oldin
SaltPat strikes again
Blue Dinosaur
Blue Dinosaur Oy oldin
Isaac Price
Isaac Price Oy oldin
Matt your birthday is one day before mine!
Plague Master
Plague Master Oy oldin
Mattpat, we know that what you have experienced in the past with... the fawx is dark, but we need you, I've been hearing rumors that... well... let's just say this... it's time to yiff the fawx for the third time... can you guess this... course you can... it's a channel thing to solve... this
Dr. Rank
Dr. Rank Oy oldin
I think the reason you couldn't feel a rumble is because you had it turned off.
SebbyPlayz004 Oy oldin
My birthday is November 13th so close to you mat pat
Luigi’s Sidekick
When you realize you got beaten by a easy CPU
Dylan L
Dylan L Oy oldin
Good ol’ BJ
Mr Pumpkin
Mr Pumpkin Oy oldin
What consoles does he play on?
VGVrocks I Love YouTube!
Steph should be a youtuber, she is so good. 😆