A Redheaded Woman Goes Blonde For A Week

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I didn't think it gonna be THIS BLONDE!
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21-Okt, 2017

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Janelle Stoermer
Janelle Stoermer 3 kun oldin
I think most people look better with their natural hair color. It goes with skin tone and eyebrows, etc. I have red hair, and my husband loves it. If I were going to do an experiment like hers, I would wear a wig. I wouldn't want to commit to a totally different color like that and not be able to go back.
ElephantsLover 7 kun oldin
If redheads are unicorns...then what are asians?
Rob Shimer
Rob Shimer 7 kun oldin
About once a week someone tells me I went to high school with them. I did not go to high school in this state.
alexzZ 10122
alexzZ 10122 11 kun oldin
When you have basic black hair.........
Haley waffles
Haley waffles 11 kun oldin
I'm a red head
Devigne Muergano
Devigne Muergano 14 kun oldin
5:12 "WHAT DO YOU THINK?" yeah hello fellow holosexuals
Gacha Ghost
Gacha Ghost 14 kun oldin
How is she gonna get her hair back to the exact color😕 they should've used a wig or something
Amiraoyx 16 kun oldin
I'm a redhead too (natural hair)
Martina Smith
Martina Smith 17 kun oldin
I actually think she looks better as a blonde but I am sure it is different when red hair was your whole identity. I'm happy they kept it more of a strawberry warmer blonde too so it wasn't such a huge change. The red is gorgeous of course, but something about the blonde softens her whole appearance and makes her skin tone glow.
Sofa Ⓥ
Sofa Ⓥ 17 kun oldin
This is literally the only video where a redhead girl goes blonde!
crazygirlisabella 17 kun oldin
I like the red hair better, but the blonde also looks good on her
Jackattack 6565
Jackattack 6565 17 kun oldin
I am a ginger thinking about changing my hair coulour
The Jovans
The Jovans 18 kun oldin
I will never EVER dye my hair because everyone tells me not to dye it and I’m a natural red head
Catherine Wilson
Catherine Wilson 18 kun oldin
Why change her hair color? Natural red heads are rare and she should embrace her gorgeous hair.
Rich samuel
Rich samuel 18 kun oldin
That’s not blonde. Strawberry blonde is still red. It just gives a softer illusion of red headed chicks, like you won’t scratch somebody’s eyes out
Emily O'brien
Emily O'brien 20 kun oldin
Being a ginger I’m mad that she died her hair but then again it does look quite good
jliveslife 20 kun oldin
She looks way better but still acts red headed 😂
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 22 kun oldin
I get angry at fellow gingers that try to color it some other color like blonde,brunette or black becauce its considered normal! I know its normal but seriously! There is nothing wrong with having red hair! I feel offended as a ginger!
Justus Pacheco
Justus Pacheco 23 kun oldin
OMG You were a redhead before ?! AND YOUVE BEEN ON BUZZFEED AND ARE A GREAT STANDUP COMEDIAN!! Girl yes... wish we had gone to the second show in San Diego!!
Arianna Thomson
Arianna Thomson 24 kun oldin
I would LOVE to have naturally red hair 😭
amber !
amber ! 25 kun oldin
did they forget that temporary dye exists?
ns. vd
ns. vd 25 kun oldin
Its ginger blond not blond blond
radosava andjelkovic
did she keep it? omg it was bautiful before 😭
Ashhad ELF
Ashhad ELF 26 kun oldin
But her hair is so dry! Pleas take care of it 🙌🏻
Zane Normonta
Zane Normonta 28 kun oldin
Most stupid video ever..and when the week ends..she still be blond. And don't seee anything crazy awesome about red hair, nothing special.
Katie Singer
Katie Singer 28 kun oldin
Red hair blonde highlights 👌
She rock as a blonde🤩
Manual Villacana
I'm Mexican and I love redheads*"!👍😁🌹😍
Olli Linguini
Olli Linguini Oy oldin
You should do this with a guy but give him brown hair! Since redhead women are liked a lot more than redhead guys, I think dying a ginger guy’s hair would be more effective.
hermione granger
She looks better blonde
Jordan Strasser
I love her personality so much. I wish they just used a wig...
upside downdog
Blonds are fun to look at but I married a redhead! It would kill me if she went blond.
MORGIE - PIE Oy oldin
It dosent really go with her skin town but it’s very pretty I’m blond but I wish I had red hair
Lovely Forever
Um it is blonde, but it has a ginger undertone so technically it’s still ginger
Courtney Lyons
I love her hair blonde it is still warm and not platinum blonde and actually looks really natural because her eyebrows are very similar to her new blonde hair
Katelyn Leach
Katelyn Leach Oy oldin
I love it blonde!!💓💓
Aves Bailey
Aves Bailey Oy oldin
Her hair is still not fully blonde it is like strawberry blonde with blonde highlights
Lugui Dubiela
Lugui Dubiela Oy oldin
It kinda looks like a really light redhead though... Strawberry blonde?
Tiffany Phillips
MY NAME IS JORDAN AND IM A RED HEAD TO(the profile pic is my mom)
And here i am, a random person who dyed their blonde hair red and then back to blonde again
Conal Hughes
Conal Hughes Oy oldin
Betrayal 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
Maia Vitale
Maia Vitale Oy oldin
to be honest she looks better with blonde hair
Kolvencia Oy oldin
"If you're a redhead who's never dyed their hair, do it" Alrighty then... I'm going even more orange just to spite you.
this aint it chief
Im blonde and im only 15 but i get older men staring me down in public and following me and its pretty horrible.
Bisss 916
Bisss 916 Oy oldin
I think it’s good she didn’t dye her hair back to red 100% because she bleached is a lot and was going to dye it in the same week which would definitely take a toll on her hair
Mahya Saeed
Mahya Saeed Oy oldin
She looks better blonde in my opinion
The Italian Blonde
*Been blonde whole life* *Never gets cat called*
Tiffin Filion
Tiffin Filion Oy oldin
I got tired of all the comments of "never dye your hair", so when I was 21, I dyed my hair black and LOVED IT! It made me look extra pale for a bit, but then it started taking on the redness so it wasn't so bad. My grandma paid to have my hair striped and returned to red after it started growing out. LOL
mom a
mom a Oy oldin
lmao sis let me tell you nobody thinks redheads are exotic
Mrs Salvatore
Mrs Salvatore Oy oldin
Idk but I love red natural hair 😄.
xela Oy oldin
Her hair is so demaged🙄
EMISAMA Oy oldin
If I had natural red hair I never would dye my hair either
Lili Johnson
Lili Johnson Oy oldin
Where are my fellow redheads!!!!!
Kristinaxox Oy oldin
She looks so cute with blonde hair! :D
Ella Grace
Ella Grace Oy oldin
I love red hair, but blonde hair suits her more. It makes her skin look so good.
Dre NecroMancy
So you fried and damaged your beautiful red hair just to have it for a week.??? Hmmm my hair is my baby.
لميول 17
لميول 17 Oy oldin
She’s super beautiful either ways🧡🧡
Brittney Moody
My name is Brittney and I have blue hair...lol I hate stereotypes
Edward Gold
Edward Gold Oy oldin
She's much hotter looking redhead than as a blond.
Drewbue322 Oy oldin
Some stereotypes of blondes: They are stupid They are very popular Their name should be something like Brittany It is kind of annoying and people should know that these stereotypes are not always true.
Siobhan Harriet
I have natural black hair and wish i could be ginger😂But i feel like its to drastic😅
wickeddance93 Oy oldin
I’m a blonde but dye my hair ginger...it looks natural on me because of my fair skin so I get a lot of compliments. It’s been 8 years so it feels like I’ve always had red hair at this point. I love it!
Happy hipster Hammy
It wasn’t really blonde ... it was like gingery...
Kaylawashere Oy oldin
When ur blonde you look exactly like one of my teachers👀👀👀
mama byrd
mama byrd Oy oldin
😞 👩‍🦰💪
Alyssa Brooks
Alyssa Brooks Oy oldin
When you dye a redheads hair the color won’t come back.
sashay1010 Oy oldin
Lol at "when Linsay Lohan dyed her hair blonde, my life fell apart." I think though it's important to sometimes match how you feel on the inside, and not always have to be fiery. I agree with other people blonde suits her better. There are some red heads that you look at and you can see it harmonizes with their personality, if that's what you are going for. Like I like Sophie Turner as a red head more then a blonde..it suits her more (my opinion)
Random stuff 2019
At 01:01 she did dye her hair. Her eyebrows are black or brown and her hair was blonde so obviously she dyes it
charlotte Oy oldin
both my older brother and i were born redheaded, but when we were each about 2, our hair changed naturally to a dark brown colour, the colour both my parents have. red hair runs in my fathers side of the family, i have maybe 6 red headed cousins. i wont lie, i’m kinda sad the red hair didn’t stick around.
Generic name
Generic name Oy oldin
5:17 the the girl in glasses is basically a carbon copy of one of my cousins.
Julia Solo
Julia Solo Oy oldin
Her mother is soo beautiful
Jumana AlGhalib
I have dirty blonde hair
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora Oy oldin
ok red hair is amazing but...she looks like a bOMBSHELL with the blonde
Amber Major
Amber Major Oy oldin
She is making blond hair a big deal.
Amber Major
Amber Major Oy oldin
Did anyone else think she was just gonna wear a wig or something?
BRooke POtter
BRooke POtter Oy oldin
i’m a red head and a twin so yeah you can imagine how difficult to be in public that is😂
SomeRedHead Oy oldin
my grandma told me to never dye my hair, so i'm never going to.
Amanda West
Amanda West Oy oldin
I tried going blonde once and after 2 months dyed it back to red cause blonde hair didn't suit me and my first personality.
Lily Anglim
Lily Anglim Oy oldin
I have bronze hair ahahhahha
MATT Oy oldin
She looks better as a redhead tbh
Emile Daale
Emile Daale Oy oldin
I think its pretty harsh to say that blondes are Britney's and populair and stuff it kinda offended me and i know several brunettes with the name Britney 😠
Sabrinna Alvarez
This makes me want to cry cause I'm a red head and it's like the same red but you pull it off
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj
Dislike. 👎🏼 Keep👩🏻‍🦰
Crunch Time
Crunch Time Oy oldin
She looks like Lindsey Lohan before and after she dyed it wow
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce Oy oldin
Her face when she said Britneys
Swimmin Wit Da Fishies
Give me a break!! You're worried about what your parents and grandparents would think about the color of your HAIR?!?! What did they think of your septum piercing!?!
Olivia L
Olivia L Oy oldin
Ok i am blonde and i am none of the stereotypes you mentioned *they are not true!*
Pretty Girl Strks
Why does it matter...??
Twinklerate Oy oldin
is it just me or do I like her better with blonde
pinkfreud62 Oy oldin
I think most red heads look way better red than blonde. Like, I think the character, Donna, from that "70's Show" looked way better with the deep red hair than when she bleached it. Same with Kate Winslet. I thought her red hair as Rose in Titanic was beautiful. The blonde, imo, just washes out the complexion,
Bryanna Francis
i wanna die my hair soooooooo muchhh
MJW Oy oldin
Beautiful ginger treasure, I wish I was the love of your life.
Kylie Sullivan
I'm a ginger and I always wanted to dye my hair black but, after seeing so many people with red hair, I think I would get jealous.
rainbow games41yt
For me her hair looks ginger, idk
Christina Mowatt
Christina Mowatt 2 oy oldin
My husband would murder me if I dyed my red hair another color!
Jacquelynn DeShazo
0:26 who else thinks that haircut on her was rlly cute?! I think she should get it again cuz I could never pull that off lol Great vid btw but... what about when the week is over?
Liam Hugo
Liam Hugo 2 oy oldin
As a Ginger I would never change my hair colour.... And I wouldn't encourage other redheads to do it. If you want to decide to do it, that's good but I won't encourage anyone. For me my hair forms part of my person...
bigbread 2 oy oldin
Ah I wanna do this so bad 🙃 tired of being called and Irish leprechaun
Lauren Flanagan
Lauren Flanagan 2 oy oldin
Her mom is so pretty
Lauren Flanagan
Lauren Flanagan 2 oy oldin
“I’m RED-y” 😂😂
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