A Redheaded Woman Goes Blonde For A Week

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I didn't think it gonna be THIS BLONDE!
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21-Okt, 2017

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Valerie Hagenaars
No one in my family has red hair like me, she's very lucky to have a ginger sister. Still love my own siblings though.
Aimee R
Aimee R 2 kun oldin
Im a redhead who used to dye blond for years..in late teens then brown now finally in 30s leaving it natural..
FemBot 4 kun oldin
As a fellow redhead I think you look fantastic! It suits you for sure! I have been thinking of going blonde and this gives me hope
Gerry Cooney
Gerry Cooney 5 kun oldin
The young lady is pretty, and would benefit by losing the nose ring.
g r a c e
g r a c e 5 kun oldin
I think she looks stunning with both colours
samantha sherman
samantha sherman 9 kun oldin
i can’t stand when people tell me not to dye my hair or that i shouldn’t dye my hair because “it’s so pretty like it is!” like dude, i just want to try something different, as many other blondes and brunettes do. everyone’s hair is beautiful. i just wanna change mine for a while. and it’s my decision, and it only impacts me.
fancefree85 12 kun oldin
I'm a natural strawberry blond and I always ombre it platinum blond. She looks better blond.
Gear Heads Unlimited
Idk why us go anything other then red. Red is sexy
tay fraser
tay fraser 16 kun oldin
She looks like Shannon Purser
Olivia Zambron
Olivia Zambron 21 kun oldin
my hair looks kind of orange in certain lighting and i’m always being called a ginger and i always deny it but i secretly love it lol
Riya Malik
Riya Malik 22 kun oldin
Her voice
Riya Malik
Riya Malik 22 kun oldin
1:09 and 1:10 , can relate gurl, same with me. Embrace your hair colour
A.B.C Wolf
A.B.C Wolf 23 kun oldin
Why would you ruin your beautiful hair!!! I’m also a natural fire-unicorn and I would NEVER do that, I still support it though 😂 💖
meh moi
meh moi 25 kun oldin
She looked so much better with red hair
Katelyn from Sesame Street
Is the family are have Ginger Orange hair
Lexi b
Lexi b 28 kun oldin
Sophia Oy oldin
Her hair looks fried from the bleach oh no
Warrior Wolf
Warrior Wolf Oy oldin
Omg my name is Jordan and I’m a redhead to
Waffles TheWeirdOne
Where I live everyone calls me a soulless soul sucking demon. I got fed up and dyed my hair blonde and it won't go back to red
Elz on Road
Elz on Road Oy oldin
People are constantly making rude remarks about my red hair I've dyed it now to stop the bullying
Lela Forrest
Lela Forrest Oy oldin
I like your look, both ways.
alexa's lifestyle
I hate when people call blondes stupid!god we are not stupid we are just like you but a differebt hair color is it that hard!?!
Naderay Atefi
Naderay Atefi Oy oldin
Damn, her mom has the thickest midwestern accent I have ever heard, and this is coming from a Midwesterner
Amy Oy oldin
Tbh I am ginger but I just don’t wanna die my hair coz I know I won’t be comfortable with it
t4tumm_anne.evans _
People give me crap about my hair so I’m dying it 💗
cupcake Queen
cupcake Queen Oy oldin
You don't call them old people you call them elderly
A year later, try this...get a buzz cut...and see the reactions...
Alex Parili
Alex Parili Oy oldin
An annoying thing about being ginger who dyes their hair is that everyone is like “no why did you do that!!” But when other ppl who r not ginger dye there hair, ppl comments aren’t as bad and a lot more positive, at least in my opinion
Jenny Svensson
I went blonde on mistake once. Worst days of my life.I felt completely lost. I've had black and violet hair but that wasn't as weird, probably because it was so obvious that it wasn't my natural hair. But the blonde was just.. Nope. I had to dye it back like 3 days later. (and I say "mistake" because my intention was just getting my natural color back, after having it like super duper red, and it bleached too much.)
Minzokai Pu
Minzokai Pu 2 oy oldin
I'd love to have natural blonde hair, only so I wouldn't have to fry my almost jetblack natural hair to put color in it >.
AmandaJoyMusic 2 oy oldin
The blonde looks really good, but like... come back.
Abby Harrison
Abby Harrison 2 oy oldin
Her hair looks better blonde
Toxic Air
Toxic Air 2 oy oldin
They died her hair golden blonde.
Siobhán Kirby
Siobhán Kirby 2 oy oldin
Would NEVER do it myself!!!!! NOPE!!!! OMG!!!!
Siobhán Kirby
Siobhán Kirby 2 oy oldin
Harley And Rufus the best doggy
Redheads better
Madlipz Fan
Madlipz Fan 2 oy oldin
I have red hair. Red heads get hurt more so great...
Noelle Lavigne
Noelle Lavigne 2 oy oldin
thank you so much for this! I am a fellow fiery red head who has been torn lately about dying my hair completely different and the reason I am so worried is because my hair is so connected to my identity. After seeing you talk about the exact things I am thinking, I feel like i can finally make the jump. Did you ever end up going back to red? Thanks!
Gracie Art
Gracie Art 2 oy oldin
0:59 what do you mean? You have differnent color eyebrows and hair...?
Sophie Josephine
Sophie Josephine 2 oy oldin
I regretted it so much
Sophie Josephine
Sophie Josephine 2 oy oldin
I bleached my ginger hair blonde and I'm going back ginger I miss it already!
Kat Lauren
Kat Lauren 2 oy oldin
When I dyed my hair from red to blonde I got less compliments, less likes on IG and got hit on and stared at less too. It's like I went from exotic to invisible.
Spillin The Tae
Spillin The Tae 2 oy oldin
She looks better with blonde hair? That's just my opinion though
aw2k _
aw2k _ 2 oy oldin
Is she canadian
Xx ItzPurpleGirl xX
I have dark brown mixed with a little dark blonde
Annag_1306 2 oy oldin
HOLD UP, my hair is almost the same color as hers. Both my grandmothers have red hair, but I’m a third generation bc mine skipped a generation. My mom has blonde and my dad has black. Sorry, but that kinda had me shook.
emiliemilleb 2 oy oldin
i have red hair too and ive dyed it 5 times this yea and bleached streaks in it obce this year and now im soooo sick of it i just want my red hair back tbhhhh
Leah West
Leah West 2 oy oldin
She reminds me of a female Owen Wilson! U honestly r so funny
Jozlyn Baumann
Jozlyn Baumann 2 oy oldin
I don’t know if this is anyone else, but I hate being a redhead😕
blep blep cat
blep blep cat 2 oy oldin
i thought it said "a beheaded woman"
Fl0w3rbby 2 oy oldin
I have strawberry blonde hair and if you look at my hair you will see red,orange,and mostly blonde hairs and it’s really beautiful but in 6th grade I dyed it a dark brown cause I was going through a phase(I was trying to be kool and I was sick of being called strawberry shortcake lmao) and I did this twice cause I hated my real hair but then I realized I can’t keep dying it and when I started to let it grow out I realized how beautiful and unique my hair was and now my natural hair is grown in almost past my shoulders ( pointless story )but if you have red or any shade of red hair NEVER DYE IT! It is the most unique natural hair and y should appreciate it ❣️❣️
Mr. Chapo 1978
Mr. Chapo 1978 2 oy oldin
As a natural blonde im here to say she is still a RED HEAD.
Rosemary 2 oy oldin
my red hair isn't what fully makes me, me but its a big part of who I am and who I like to be I like to stand out and my hair helps me do that... i'm the only one in my entire family with it anyway=)
Christine in Nornia
I ❤️ red hair.
Inima Djanna Farkas Istvan
I'm a readhead living as a brunette. And I love it
Trollz kek
Trollz kek 2 oy oldin
Does any redheads have problems with your baby hairs looking really strange? I always get asked if i’m wearing fake tan or bronzer at the edge of my face, because my hair has that fake looking orange warmth... sooo annoying
TheRavyShow 2 oy oldin
natural redhead....once a year I put blonde highlights in it...that's about it so ...yeah best of both worlds I guess.
Tide Pod
Tide Pod 2 oy oldin
Tbh she looks better blonde
Isabel Fearon
Isabel Fearon 2 oy oldin
She looks better in blonde hair
Rose 2 oy oldin
Why is it called red head if theyre Orange?
Allison Kelly
Allison Kelly 2 oy oldin
I’m a redhead and I am getting a blonde ombré 😁
amy davis
amy davis 2 oy oldin
Attention temporary attempt iklixi village priority react suspend fighter technical.
Sky 3 oy oldin
Holy sh*t she is beautiful
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond 3 oy oldin
nope not dying me beautiful red hair blonde I actually would hate having blonde hair but thats my opinion
Alison Mcgrath
Alison Mcgrath 3 oy oldin
Why didn’t she just wear a wig for a week?
Fandar 3 oy oldin
Why would you downgrade to a less attractive, and less unique hair color?
AlyssaDancer16 16
I wish I had strawberry blonde hair!!!! I have light brown with some red but I dyed some of it so it's mostly bleach. I hate it. I love your hair tho it's so pretty!!!
Minh Phuong
Minh Phuong 3 oy oldin
I'm a Asian and i dont understand what wrong with red hair.Could someone explain it for me pls ???
kinsley johnson
kinsley johnson 3 oy oldin
I have red hair and I would never die it
samuelsav 3 oy oldin
Literally the blonde this not true I’m like the opposite of all of that haha
Makaila Dickson
Makaila Dickson 3 oy oldin
At least you can still tell that she has a red undertone to the blonde
Blossomness Studios
I have dark blonde hair and I get many compliments on it. I just wish I could do a little bit of dying, like a couple blue or red highlights. I love red hair, though.
Hamza Khaliq
Hamza Khaliq 3 oy oldin
Her hair is orange though. Either I'm colour blind or her hair is actually red like a tomato. Lol
Lea Marie Marleen
I wish I was a readhead ... :( ur so lucky guurl 🌹
Diya Ahuja
Diya Ahuja 3 oy oldin
her eyes are abnormally far apart😂
Alexis Boyd
Alexis Boyd 3 oy oldin
Orange head
ツwendy 3 oy oldin
she was so stereotypical about blondes like “i gotta change my name to Britney” like- no.
Lemonland Aj
Lemonland Aj 3 oy oldin
I wish I was a redhead
Zia kingwill-Cloete
Nuh uh! I'm staying ginger forever! See ya chillin with the leprechauns under the rainbow!
Bella Kientz
Bella Kientz 3 oy oldin
I have a natural blonde strip and when I braid my hair my sister calls me Anna because you know, the blonde and the red
Bella Kientz
Bella Kientz 3 oy oldin
I'm a redhead and no one in my family has red hair! It's crazy!
Corrine Combs
Corrine Combs 3 oy oldin
I’m a natural red head. But I’ve always wanted to go blonde.
May J
May J 3 oy oldin
more than a week ...and not that blonde
Arellica 3 oy oldin
Wait she’s dying her hair it can’t just be for a week....
Anna Murray
Anna Murray 3 oy oldin
I stayed blonde because I finally found a colour I felt identified with (says a lot). I got tired also growing up being identified only as a red head..... It's not me it's my hair.... There is SO much more to me than my hair. But a small part of me wanted to see it again seeing yours haha
Helen Roy
Helen Roy 3 oy oldin
Why would you wanna go blonde? Being flame-haired is so much fun.
Tea Fox
Tea Fox 3 oy oldin
I would never change my red hair, it's too important for me...
Makeup Lover
Makeup Lover 3 oy oldin
You wish you looked like a Barbie
Kiara Rose
Kiara Rose 3 oy oldin
Red heads forever I feel betrayed there’s no red haired emoji
Rojie Senarath
Rojie Senarath 3 oy oldin
If she was going blond for a week, why not wear a wig. Honestly, being a redhead is so lucky and you are extremely lucky if you have red hair. Should have worn in a wig, I am so upset
Lisa Stigters
Lisa Stigters 3 oy oldin
Majesty Prime
Majesty Prime 3 oy oldin
I have dark red hair and I will never ducking color my full hair
h and whatever ane
I just have boring dark black hair
Isabel Johnson
Isabel Johnson 3 oy oldin
I want an update lol
Another YT Channel
She looks more pare with blonde hair, I wonder why
Sara Royley
Sara Royley 3 oy oldin
No thanks
• ᴇᴍᴇ •
If I had red hair, I would never ever dye it
Chandler G
Chandler G 3 oy oldin
am the only one who thinks the blonde suits her coloring better?