A Smith Family Vacation

Will Smith
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After wrapping his new film, Will hits the coast of Italy with the family for a little R&R. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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Lord Bandit
Lord Bandit 27 daqiqa oldin
❤️....vieni in Sardegna!!come and have a holiday in Sardinia
hiiro 53 daqiqa oldin
Everybody in the thumbnail looked so stressed out lmao
scott CalienTé
scott CalienTé Soat oldin
Will Smith children are very strange
How many people are from mexico ? If u are mexica like and replay
Dakota Cruthis
Dakota Cruthis 3 soat oldin
Is nobody gonna talk about Jaden in the thumbnail
H Y 4 soat oldin
Natalia Garcia
Natalia Garcia 6 soat oldin
Will Smith, you have a beautiful vibe, you are awesome💜 You inspire me, i love your charisma🙌
Teguh Wibowo
Teguh Wibowo 6 soat oldin
hey will im from indonesia, and i one of your fans.. if you like hiking you should came to my country, we have so many beautiful mountain.. you gonna be like it. im sorry if my english is bad, keep doing your great job men.. 👍
Wall Pdr
Wall Pdr 6 soat oldin
Brazilian subtitles pleaaase!!
Altair Hanzola
Altair Hanzola 6 soat oldin
Is jaden do drug?
lawrence gabrian bogal
Great video.🔥
zuzuland 7 soat oldin
Why jaden looks more older than will hahaha is a little grandfather
Fcaundo Calfio
Fcaundo Calfio 7 soat oldin
cuando a argentina?
la tuna feliz
la tuna feliz 7 soat oldin
I'm icon living
hehehehe heheeh
hehehehe heheeh 8 soat oldin
Alejandro Alcaraz
Alejandro Alcaraz 8 soat oldin
Song 3:35 please.
Emilio Harris
Emilio Harris 9 soat oldin
This is good stuff
Fearnie Louis
Fearnie Louis 10 soat oldin
You lot should have gone into the volcano . It would have cleanse each and every one of your souls lol.
Freeman Chut
Freeman Chut 11 soat oldin
So no one gonna mention they used the willow stay in the frame part in a ad
Ruby and Taetae
Ruby and Taetae 11 soat oldin
You raised them well Will
Ruby and Taetae
Ruby and Taetae 11 soat oldin
Jaden: excuse me can I have this real quick He has so much manners
Da Ga
Da Ga 11 soat oldin
God this channel makes me want to put my phone down and explore the world or even just sit down outside chill and think
ArlyneXRoberts 12 soat oldin
Did jaden put on a female suit
Vennetta Jones
Vennetta Jones 12 soat oldin
Cool vacay. Anyone else see Duane Martin with Will and family. Where is his kids. Just a question.
calistenia em casa
calistenia em casa 12 soat oldin
Um maluco no Vulcão kkkk
Josefa Divino
Josefa Divino 13 soat oldin
I love this family. Will and Jada ward good parents. Love you guys.
Boone Tibbitts
Boone Tibbitts 13 soat oldin
Anelly And Jacob
Anelly And Jacob 14 soat oldin
Will your so inspiring such wise words
Phantasy Photography
Phantasy Photography 14 soat oldin
For all the smart asses what Will meant was that fear should never be in control of your life. It's a signal to notify you of potential risk, it's your own job to determine what to do next, not sit in the fear. What happens if you stay in fear is that you lose your ability to think clearly, to access your situation and make calculated decisions. It's okay to feel fear as it's a signal but to stay scared will often prevent you from seeing anything but danger, including the solution to get you out of said danger. Most of the time though are fears prevent us from seeing the bigger picture which can sometimes be beautiful or save your life in a real crisis. Just think about what he's saying before justifying your own insecurities over the internet by saying "That's stupid, we need fear." There's a reason why martial artists, spiritualists and even your own militias go through training or exercises specifically for controlling this primal urge.
EM's 14 soat oldin
Zubair Ahmed
Zubair Ahmed 15 soat oldin
Why jaden so ugly
Devyani Rozera
Devyani Rozera 15 soat oldin
came here for jaden 👐
gabriel Guzmán
gabriel Guzmán 15 soat oldin
Jaden of karate kid no the original the modern:->
Peyton Cousins
Peyton Cousins 16 soat oldin
I’m actually watching fresh prince of Belair right now
Kenza bouayad
Kenza bouayad 16 soat oldin
tee kash
tee kash 17 soat oldin
That awkward moment when you both like..yea...yea..yea...yeah...
alexanderthekev 18 soat oldin
I'd pay good money to get a negroplasty
Atashi monoko
Atashi monoko 18 soat oldin
3:42 song?
Atashi monoko
Atashi monoko 7 soat oldin
+Alejandro Alcaraz mucho Gracias;
Alejandro Alcaraz
Alejandro Alcaraz 8 soat oldin
Llevaba 2 horas buscándola, (I DON'T SPEAK ENGLIS) SORRY.
Atashi monoko
Atashi monoko 8 soat oldin
+Alejandro Alcaraz thank you!❤️❤️
Alejandro Alcaraz
Alejandro Alcaraz 8 soat oldin
Atashi monoko Blue Hills Yellow base
Jason Genova
Jason Genova 18 soat oldin
Hahahahaha your son is gay hahahahaha
Alejandro Chavez
Alejandro Chavez 18 soat oldin
Jaden esta muy acabado se ve demacrado
Eva Busekros
Eva Busekros 19 soat oldin
I just klicked on this videos bc A will smith is littt and bc of the jaden smith meme lmao!I didnt know that it was from this video😂
Ninja 21 soat oldin
Ghostvale 22 soat oldin
Jaden needs to eat.
Obersepp 23 soat oldin
bro i can climb in Switzerland 10x times prettier
the shredder
the shredder 23 soat oldin
Why is the girl taller than her father and brother????
respeCC Wamen
respeCC Wamen 20 daqiqa oldin
She's adopted
Achraf Sayad
Achraf Sayad Kun oldin
Your son is a gay 😬😬😬
h Kun oldin
4:43 Jaden is me on every family gathering I have to participate
toni _
toni _ Kun oldin
Che bello essere italiano, se la politica italiana non facesse cagare, sarebbe un paese perfetto, e non scherzo.
Ian Mwas
Ian Mwas Kun oldin
Anyone else seen the middlefinger jadapinkettsmith pulled out in front of the whole family in the group photo @1:54......damn she's awesome.......
Abbas Hesenli
Abbas Hesenli Kun oldin
Man it hink his father better yahn jaden
faatihahziki Kun oldin
Jaden is so cute
janya warner
janya warner Kun oldin
Jaden in the thumb nail tho
Angelica Guzman
Angelica Guzman Kun oldin
you are boring
Afi Zhafran rakyat kungkingkang planet
Who's here after the UZvid Rewind
symmetra - سيمترا
ew, i hated it 😂
Laura Sofia
Laura Sofia Kun oldin
Willllll please sus videos subtitulado en.spanish 🙏🙏🙏❤💕❤💕💕
TIM PES Kun oldin
Im your fan from southkorea
Binnat Khalilov
Binnat Khalilov Kun oldin
Вы тоже не нашли русский комментарий?
Mochammad Ilham
Mochammad Ilham Kun oldin
Big actor...,
Rodrigo Amaral am
Johanna Ayvar
Johanna Ayvar Kun oldin
Mexicans love you
Bayu Sanjaya
Bayu Sanjaya Kun oldin
Dre... Pick up your jacket 😁
Juanse sin Miedo
Nice Vacation Will, just like Fresh Prince 🧔🏿💥🌍
Ph 17
Ph 17 Kun oldin
Coloque legenda em português cara,i Love you
Krysslyn Joy Carrera
the volcano is the same in the anime "Your Name"😂 or is it just me?
TheZuera NeverEnds2.0
Queria legenda em português :( Não falo inglês
My Alluring Beauty
I don't think i saw Mrs Smith? Where is she?
Gianni Martinelli
I’m a italian drone pilot. Nice shot, but for the next time call me 👍🏼
My Alluring Beauty
Enjoy life!
Mari Amorim
Mari Amorim Kun oldin
Alguém BR?
Spanishjazz 1
Spanishjazz 1 Kun oldin
Will being poor ruins life ! Even us Working poor. We could never do anything like that enjoy
梓阳周 Kun oldin
Hope one day I can afford that
Isaac Jaimes
Isaac Jaimes Kun oldin
jaden smith at 4:42 is me in math class not understanding anything while others do
banshee rook
banshee rook Kun oldin
I wish my family is complete to doing like this :(
Chico Haze
Chico Haze Kun oldin
1:45 you good babe. Will gets cus out
MuuhaMeD Y
MuuhaMeD Y Kun oldin
If you're scared you can't see beauty. but if i dont have money i cant see the beauty Too :/
Jessica The Cat
Jessica The Cat Kun oldin
*“How come he don’t want me man?”*
MrTbag El
MrTbag El Kun oldin
Will Smith the 🐐
AnonLondon UK
AnonLondon UK Kun oldin
“She shouldn’t have came” 😂😂
yessica sanchez
yessica sanchez Kun oldin
En el minuto 2:34 al lado derecho de Will Smith en la pantalla aparece un ovni.👽
Mert Love
Mert Love Kun oldin
when you pretend that you are happy😊
Edna Del castillo
Los amo
Mathewz Kun oldin
6:20 ela falou em português mano kk she spoke in Portuguese
Habisi Pittman
Habisi Pittman Kun oldin
Romina R
Romina R Kun oldin
Romina R
Romina R Kun oldin
DJbeat maker
DJbeat maker Kun oldin
Did you know you cant cook on the volcano it more faster
Elijah UsedSplash
Their shadows at 3:26 are glitching wtf
YuGo Asap4Ever
YuGo Asap4Ever Kun oldin
Will Smith: She shouldnt have came. The baby inside Karyne Tencer womb : I agree with Hancock .
A.k.a. Camaleão
Will deve ser aquele Tiozão Dahora
XXXモルヒネ Kun oldin
Como se llama la peli?
riccardo knopfel
I would love to do this with them
Drexd Kun oldin
ay si, ay si, la mejor familia del mundo
Jad BERRADA Kun oldin
I really love this family. Even if they have a lot of money they stay "normal" I mean they are interested by culture, to reach the top of the volcano they didn’t use an 🚁. Keep doing right WILL SMITH!
Die Go
Die Go Kun oldin
Jorge Dutra
Jorge Dutra Kun oldin
touche my body أمال Rita
Subscrab on m'a Chen
YoTube Kun oldin
Nice 👍
sebiJx Kun oldin
Bella l'italia vero?
Due D Pa
Due D Pa Kun oldin
Willy is such a cool dad. I want to become like him!