A STAR IS BORN - Official Trailer 1

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Stasiya Wolff
Stasiya Wolff 2 soat oldin
Beautiful movie and song shallow 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Joe A
Joe A 3 soat oldin
Bradley Cooper owned that part!! But damn couldn't they find a girl that could at least carry a tune??
Muzaffar Ibrahim
Muzaffar Ibrahim 3 soat oldin
First I thought its a Bollywood copy (aashiqui 2) 2013, Later I found that Bollywood copied from (A Star Is Born) 1937.
Nirmal kumar
Nirmal kumar 5 soat oldin
Info :- This is a Bollywood (INDIA) movie's remake Aashiqui 2.
g3m b0y
g3m b0y 6 soat oldin
1:05 if you are a handsome man they be like this but if you ugly as hell and you said that? "THATS RIGHT! STRAIGHT TO JAIL!"
jingle bell
jingle bell 9 soat oldin
Is this non fiction movie ?
QUEEN BEE 9 soat oldin
Darcy L
Darcy L 9 soat oldin
This is the 3rd Hollywood remake of "A Star Is Born." The 1937 original, was both written and directed by William A. Wellman and it was remade in 1952, 1976, and obviously again in 2018. 4 actors have portrayed Jack: James Mason, Kris Kristofferson, Fredric March, and now Bradley Cooper. 4 actresses have portrayed Ally: Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, and Lady Gaga. Which film, actress, and actor are your favorite?
ryryryry go
ryryryry go 12 soat oldin
A Crazy Heart vibe I'm feeling and I don't know why
lol nutella
lol nutella 11 soat oldin
Watching this will always make me cry
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 14 soat oldin
Storyline matches a lot with Aashique 2
Gary O'Dell
Gary O'Dell 17 soat oldin
Think the thumbs down people are simply envious!
David Chang
David Chang 17 soat oldin
I really like this trailer. I’ve watched like 100 times, and 99 I just cried. The only 1 I didn’t cry because I got no tears left to cry. So I’m picking it up, picking it up...
KurapikaISa BOY
KurapikaISa BOY 17 soat oldin
Start of the movie: "I just wanted to take another look at you." Me: _AWWWWWW_ Last part of the movie: "I just wanted to take another look at you." ME, WAILING WITH BUCKETS FOR TEARS: _PLEASE NOO_
BALTAZAR 19 soat oldin
I like how it looks completely different to the streisand version. Obviously similar story but its not an exact copy. Looks incredible
Peter Grahame
Peter Grahame 19 soat oldin
Stunning performance by lady Gaga but the film was too long and ultimately depressing, could not wait for it to end.
MD Fahim Amin
MD Fahim Amin 20 soat oldin
Copied from an indiean🇮🇳movie
T Sellers
T Sellers 22 soat oldin
Ugh my ma is making me watch this
Maharshi Mistry
Maharshi Mistry Kun oldin
Sorry guys its just a remake of a bollywood movie AASHIQUI 2 ....GREAT MOVIE..MUST BE A HIT
Isho GT
Isho GT 2 soat oldin
Shut up you indian street shitter. its a remake from the 1937 one.
PunkRockGirl24 Kun oldin
I’m so glad they didn’t portray him as a cheater like they did in the 1976 version.
P. Griffin
P. Griffin Kun oldin
does not even come close to Kris and Barbra omgggg ughhhhhh
Lily Barker
Lily Barker Kun oldin
What age would you guys recommend for seeing this?
RifuThe Mr Orange
Aashiqui 2 remake
Lieberdk Kun oldin
Fantastic trailer for a fantastic movie. Im so surpriced by Gagas performance, never seen a performance like this before.
Soniya Agrawal
Soniya Agrawal Kun oldin
I hated ally’s manager to the core. He had no business barging in and filling shit in jack’s head. His fault? He was SICK for heaven’s sake. And he got better and even if he did relapse he would have gotten better again. For ally because he FUCKING LOVED her so much. All that manager cared was the tour and the money that came from it. Such raw depiction of emotions by both Bradley and Lady Gaga. Felt each and ever heartache and each and every love. My heart is so full. Bradley is one hell of an actor and director. The award scene broke me to the core. And Lady Gaga is just so freakin talented. And so beautiful. Way to go both of you! Much love
Judy Ann Villanueva
SUPERB!!!!!!! LOVE IT😍😍😍
TANMAY Kun oldin
Not another melodramatic chick flick. 😑
Patrick Aroldo
Patrick Aroldo Kun oldin
Surely, that's one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life........ Just amazing.... Bradley Cooper is a monster.
LEE SOLID Kun oldin
I thought the story was based on Lady Gaga. She is way hotter with the natural look than the poker face she started out with in her career 😂😂😂😂😂
Hriday Sarrof
Hriday Sarrof Kun oldin
Its looking similar to aashiqie 2 movie.
Zaheer Haider
Zaheer Haider Kun oldin
so indian also copy this movie... ashiqi 2
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos 2 kun oldin
I hope we will listen the studio version of Shallow someday, like in this trailer
prometheus 2 kun oldin
Lady Gaga definitely deserves an Oscar award
Cường Lê Đức
is it just me found that a star is born is similar to the broken circle breakdown
MD SAIFUL OPU 2 kun oldin
Great movie
Albert Santelises
Albert Santelises 2 kun oldin
I came here for Dave Chappelle lmfaooo
Qobamo Q
Qobamo Q 2 kun oldin
To be honest the songs overlap the movie
Fahad Al Thaqeb
Fahad Al Thaqeb 2 kun oldin
very offensive to my culture and race.
Sapunaru Genoveva Laura
Joker Oppo
Joker Oppo 2 kun oldin
Why i prefer this version of shallow than while version ?
mattymoua c:
mattymoua c: Kun oldin
Joker Oppo yea me too. I love the growls in this but the other had a little more emotion and more “Ally”. This trailer had more “Gaga” vocals to it. However though, Gaga did say that there are multiple versions of Shallow and that she might release another one
berta mm
berta mm 2 kun oldin
Jackson died?
Pedro Afonso
Pedro Afonso 2 kun oldin
I m NOT a fan of Lady Gaga (not my type of music, appearence, whatever...) but I recognise talent when I see it. First, is that IS Bradley's voice...wow...second, Gaga's acting...wow... Bottom line, good story, great acting, awesome movie, even when you dont like musicals...
Music For EVER
Music For EVER 2 kun oldin
لمشاهدة الفيلم كاملا هذا هو الرابط telechargementballouchi.blogspot.com/2019/01/a-star-is-born-vostar.html
MD Riyan
MD Riyan 2 kun oldin
bit.ly/2QAyIi2astarisborn FOR FULL MOVIE
Carlos Castaneda, Jr.
I need the studio version of Shallow
Ma.Marjorie Palasin
Lady Gaga=Bad Romance
Hailey A
Hailey A 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else see Anthony ramos?
Ry Rez
Ry Rez 3 kun oldin
I'm trying to figure out if I think lada gaga is good looking or weird looking. I can't decide. She has a weird face. No hate intended.
SIDRA BADAR 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks that this movie is a ditto copy of Indian movie Ashique 2?
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
SIDRA BADAR That Indian movie was a copy of the first version A Star Is Born. : )
ella white
ella white 3 kun oldin
Lady gaga is more prettier without make up.
dinastee young
dinastee young 3 kun oldin
I didnt rcognize LG bcoz of his new looks but i lovethe new LG than before. She's beautiful with a simple look than cover with make up that made her looks gay😊 just my opinion.
Nugtroen 3 kun oldin
Lady Gaga in her normal form...
இளைஞர்களுக்கான ஆன்மிகம்
This is our Indian movie "Aashiqui 2"
Alejo Martin
Alejo Martin 3 kun oldin
1:58 it sounds different to the album version its voice sounds louder here
Mahmoud Mohamed
Mahmoud Mohamed 3 kun oldin
amazing movies
The Indian Bhikshu
The Indian Bhikshu 3 kun oldin
Aashiqui 2 hai ye.. Credit chahiye mere ko
Linus Ewander
Linus Ewander 3 kun oldin
Wow, great
Gumnaam Gayak
Gumnaam Gayak 3 kun oldin
Most of the scenes are similar to Aashiqui 2, eg the ambience and the way of looking at 00:46, the way he stops the girl at 01:10 and many more. I've seen both and can still say the Indian version is filled with emotion and is much brighter one.
Gumnaam Gayak
Gumnaam Gayak Kun oldin
+Christine Panayiotakakos I'm aware of that. I've just mentioned the similarities between the scenes. Don't have any offense against any of these movies :)
Christine Panayiotakakos
Gumnaam Gayak this is the fourth remake, the original movie was made in 1937
Pragati Sahoo
Pragati Sahoo 3 kun oldin
In India the same movie has been already made named "Ashiqui 2" Still loved it ♥️
Unbeatable The
Unbeatable The 3 kun oldin
I think I broke the replay button
Jonny Zac
Jonny Zac 3 kun oldin
Kija Kockar ❤️
Roger Byrne
Roger Byrne 3 kun oldin
Watched it last night and thought it was pretty mediocre to be honest.
CR7 Fans
CR7 Fans 3 kun oldin
I would say bollywood's Ashiqui 2 was a better remake than this movie. This one was boring by no doubt in many scenes and the end was so quite like nothing happened. Gaga's acting was great but the movie wasn't. I didn't watched 1937 " A star is Born " but i'd say Ashiqui 2 was a good Movie than this.
ivan2607 3 kun oldin
І've watсhed yеsterdаy іn full НD quаlitу at this websіte: *plushd. infо*
MD Riyan
MD Riyan 2 kun oldin
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko 2 kun oldin
thats illigal the feds can read your comment, i would change it bro
Abhishek Chatterjee
:47 goosebumps
Sabina Tamang
Sabina Tamang 3 kun oldin
damn I want to watch this movie
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar 3 kun oldin
Hit like if you also think that this movie is copied from Aashiqui 2.
Ersen Foy
Ersen Foy 3 kun oldin
Bradley deserves an Oscar.
Jasix 3 kun oldin
Looks alright. I will watch it eventually - maybe on Netflix or HBO GO.
sfer1 3 kun oldin
Did he kill himself because he couldn't live seeing her waste her talent doing shitty pop music?
Logan Hockema
Logan Hockema Kun oldin
No, he killed himself because he believed he was going to be the reason she wouldn't realize her full potential as an artist. The moment he decided he was going to take his own life was when they were laying in bed at home and she lied to him about the tour being called off. He already knew that she called it off because she was worried about him and didn't want to leave him behind while he was in such a vulnerable state, but she tried to claim the studio called it off for completely unrelated reasons. That was proof to him that he was already holding her back, causing her to make decisions that could be detrimental to her career simply because of his weakness and addiction. It mad him think her manager was right; he was the reason she would never really truly shine. He couldn't live with that.
lorshi Jolie
lorshi Jolie 4 kun oldin
I just finished watching this film and I'm sad coz I didn't enjoy it. This movie doesn't deserve to win. U can hate me now.
uski59 4 kun oldin
The movie was awesome,...always love GaGa
Bryan Awkwardson
Bryan Awkwardson 4 kun oldin
Hmmmm.....I´m probably quite alone with my opinion, but sorry, I honestly find this movie slightly overrated. I just saw that the movie - in the cinemas - has already grossed about 8 or 9 times the production cost, which of course is great for the producers of the movie. I really don't want to sound all negative, but I didn't really like the acting style of Mrs. Gaga either. It seems she is struggling a lot to do it right. In addition - to this day - I still don´t understand how Jack knew the song 100% with all the verses and words, considering he only heard parts of the song in a parking lot, where he was also quite wasted. But that does not change the fact that even though he did not even hear the full chorus of the song, he manages to play the full song and know all the words of the song at the concert, where he pulls Gaga on the stage. Sorry, but I would only give this movie 5 stars out of 10.
John Holmes
John Holmes 4 kun oldin
Great movie
Ruqayah Grmasha
Ruqayah Grmasha 4 kun oldin
I didn’t feel her acting, she’s a good singer but very uncomfortable actress
Shalintha Perera
Shalintha Perera 4 kun oldin
gaga is a one and only gaga love you ..
SX H 4 kun oldin
Almost similar to the Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2 (2013) ! As itself was inspired by the old version of the same movie :)
SX H 4 kun oldin
+Nafisa Dolla That is What i said and meant !... And copied in terms of story line-up only
Nafisa Dolla
Nafisa Dolla 4 kun oldin
Even Aashiqui 2 was copied from The Star Is Born (1954) (1976).. 🙃
manjot singh
manjot singh 4 kun oldin
Its story is a copy of bollywood movie aashqui 2 , if you have not seen do watch it.
Cody Ange
Cody Ange 4 kun oldin
manjot singh it’s not a copy bc this a remake of a movie that was made in the 30’s, then 50’s, then 70’s then now
Danilo Orbolato
Danilo Orbolato 4 kun oldin
I watched this movie. Now I taking anti depressants!!!
M Deniel
M Deniel 4 kun oldin
bit.ly/2QAyIi2astarisborn For full movie.
Grindd 4 kun oldin
Any indian relating to Ashiqui 2
Joey Asoma
Joey Asoma 4 kun oldin
15 minutes in and I'm about to walk because the hype was apparently the most well done facet of this effort. The 1st and 2nd songs should've blown it out of the water and neither was worthy. Acting imho is forced and empty. Will prob win an award or 2 because praising half arsed projects from big studios is the thing these days. Better off with the original and to be fair it never impressed me much either. If your feeling let down after watching just go watch "The Rose" to see what this type of movie should look like. I guess Gaga fans will love it anyway. If you don't like her though its doubtful this film will change your mind.
john smith
john smith 4 kun oldin
Bradley fucked no lady Gaga, lol
Poppy Mystique
Poppy Mystique 4 kun oldin
emma pashallari
emma pashallari 4 kun oldin
Aashiqui 2 american version. But the indian version is way better. If u cried seeing this u will be sleepless with aashiqui. They stole the plot and adapted it.
Le Lan
Le Lan 4 kun oldin
The right movie at the right moment. Thank you Bradley.
queenta somaliyeed
queenta somaliyeed 4 kun oldin
aashiqui 2 is better then this movie
zetroen 4 kun oldin
Ow shit
xoxo Gaga
xoxo Gaga 5 kun oldin
gaga queen of pop
ram zh
ram zh 5 kun oldin
Damn you cooper... :-* :-*
Mourad Bek
Mourad Bek 5 kun oldin
This is very overrated..nothin to watch in this movie expect lady gaga performance ...
Arthur Barroso
Arthur Barroso 5 kun oldin
Jack Demiurg
Jack Demiurg 5 kun oldin
Adriana Soledade
Adriana Soledade 5 kun oldin
ANM Arif Billah
ANM Arif Billah 5 kun oldin
Kindly give me the link of this movie
&Ö& Paneristi
&Ö& Paneristi 5 kun oldin
rathupaswala Ranja
rathupaswala Ranja 5 kun oldin
Netflix and chill... u will give birth to an another star..!!
themotionpics 5 kun oldin
kunal patel
kunal patel 5 kun oldin
Aashiqui 2 from Bollywood in Hollywood style 👍👏👏👏gaga you are amazing 👐
Prashant Dikshit
Prashant Dikshit 5 kun oldin
I just watched this movie....it was a nice movie....if anyone interested in watching a movie like this then go and watch ASHIQUE 2...its a Hindi movie, u will love it.
Dolphy XZ
Dolphy XZ 5 kun oldin
too late but i got to hate Ally's manager!