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Jimmy and Rami Malek put their music knowledge to the test by taking turns working their way through a conversation about their favorite bands in alphabetical order.
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A-to-Z with Rami Malek




30-Okt, 2018



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ShaliNey 10
ShaliNey 10 3 soat oldin
4:56 was the cutest moment of Rami 😂❤
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik 10 soat oldin
1:16 "He's up there with Fergie" the best part. Omg I can't stop laughing at this.
megooon Kun oldin
Rami is so adorable 😍
Maggie Vose
Maggie Vose Kun oldin
2:10 you can definitely see the Freddie murcury in Rami he’s such a great actor and perfect for Freddie
#1 fan of Mister Lafayette
The guy is 37 yet he looks like a freaking teenager
DarkBea 3 kun oldin
U and W is seriously my favorite. :D Sooooooooooooo funny. LOL
DarkBea 4 kun oldin
"You just keep going why don't you" is so much like Freddie. :D No wonder when he said he'd rather be like Freddie than Rami Malek. LOL
cobbans flipside
cobbans flipside 5 kun oldin
He’s up there with fergie😭😂
insultedbyproxy 6 kun oldin
Mark Ballesteros
Mark Ballesteros 6 kun oldin
If this isn’t rehearsed, im queen Elizabeth
Andrea Manenti
Andrea Manenti 6 kun oldin
He got the band with "Y" but didn't realize it. 4:30 "Yes".
FluffyOtter -
FluffyOtter - 6 kun oldin
I lobe how he soeaks💛💛 his wording is perfect to me💜💜
VTOONZZ 7 kun oldin
Elton = fergie
Gaby Hebert
Gaby Hebert 7 kun oldin
For Q, why did I have a feeling that he was gonna say Queen?
Sumaira T.
Sumaira T. 8 kun oldin
Rami embodies "chill" so hard, like he's so adorable & remains laid back all the time😍😍 who wouldn't want to know him
Sumaira T.
Sumaira T. 8 kun oldin
he expresses himself so well...he has such a fun personality & good sense of humour
Gretchen Gutwald
Gretchen Gutwald 10 kun oldin
Love that a tooth commercial came up be fire this lol 😂 (edit) If you don’t know who the lead singer of queen is and what he has with his teeth u won’t get it
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 10 kun oldin
he looks like mr. bean/bruno mars wtffff
zayb • 43 years ago
they missed opportunity to say aerosmith for A beatles for B nirvana for N
Keeks Dolan
Keeks Dolan 11 kun oldin
who else was really waiting for Q
SHINee_ SHAWOL 11 kun oldin
Tbh didn't even realize they were going until the got to the M's😂😂😂
amira taylor
amira taylor 11 kun oldin
Jimmy missed the opportunity to say Freddie Mercury with F
I love oasis So much
He’s trying to be Freddie to hard
Molly’s Production
For Q why didn’t he say queen like whaaa
Iske Zandbergen
Iske Zandbergen 11 kun oldin
is no one gonna mention that Rami said Queen at 1:04 when he should've said something with E
Kendolah 11 kun oldin
Or... *WHO?*
Autumn Alexandra
Autumn Alexandra 11 kun oldin
4:47 he really threw in the -👌👌-
Autumn Alexandra
Autumn Alexandra 11 kun oldin
4:04 or, wh -o- *o* oo?
Valerie Levy
Valerie Levy 11 kun oldin
Did they forget the letter G?
Valerie Levy
Valerie Levy 5 soat oldin
lehcaraz1 oh true
lehcaraz1 5 soat oldin
Goo Goo Dolls from Rami
Iil ramen
Iil ramen 12 kun oldin
I’m retarded, I’m like when the game gonna start
Sheeva darellys
Sheeva darellys 12 kun oldin
Or...who?? I laughed really hard..damn..😆😆😆
Giuseppinator 12 kun oldin
surprised for k there wasn't KISS and no Queen for Q
vīvïâńå p
vīvïâńå p 13 kun oldin
im telling sikowitz that you stole his acting exercise
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 13 kun oldin
1:15 Jimmy - He’s up there with Fergie
ayow wash poppin
ayow wash poppin 13 kun oldin
I legit thought they were having a legit long ass conversation at the start and I was like just start the game already
Crissy Ramcharan
Crissy Ramcharan 13 kun oldin
Killers yeah!🎸
Seance Wilson
Seance Wilson 13 kun oldin
That was pretty funny and awesome...and just precious
Mocha Chica
Mocha Chica 14 kun oldin
If I met him in person, I’d be scared to stare at him. His eyes are huge 😳🙈👀
jossip PW
jossip PW 14 kun oldin
How does one say Madonna but not Metallica Lil someone but not Led Zeppelin Beastie boys but not Beatles/Black Sabbath Nas?? Or something but not Nirvana Questlove but no Queen??? LOL
Tatum Marie
Tatum Marie Kun oldin
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews 14 kun oldin
At 4:33 Jimmy notices that Rami has said the band Yes! without noticing haha
Jose Regina Gomez
Jose Regina Gomez 16 kun oldin
ok but his voice at 2:14 is 🤩
mega flammer
mega flammer 16 kun oldin
What about Freddie Mercury and Queen
Kaitlyn Hyer
Kaitlyn Hyer 17 kun oldin
“Or wHoOoO” reason I’m in loveee with Rami!!
News Channel 10
News Channel 10 17 kun oldin
Can we just talk about how at F Jimmy didn’t say Fredie Mercury and at Q Rami didn’t say Queen
Despoina Sty
Despoina Sty 17 kun oldin
This guy is turning to Freddie Mercury I’m gonna die
Tahveya Matt
Tahveya Matt 18 kun oldin
2:16 😂 Freddie? And why didn’t they say “Queen”?
eleni 10 kun oldin
Tahveya Matt that was the joke since he played freddie mercury you would obviously expect him to say queen but the joke was he didn’t
ravi anand
ravi anand 18 kun oldin
Baecon Chim-Chim
Baecon Chim-Chim 18 kun oldin
He's so cool
tony stark
tony stark 18 kun oldin
He still seem in freedie character:
Skinny White Kid
Skinny White Kid 18 kun oldin
AC/DC Hell yeah
Apis Zaid
Apis Zaid 19 kun oldin
I'm actually waiting to Rami start naming all these thing. Then, I realised, they already did LOL
mary 19 kun oldin
am i the only who realised at the end that the game already started?
Roxana F
Roxana F 19 kun oldin
3:48 you're welcome 😍
bella noelle
bella noelle 19 kun oldin
cal_raisin 20 kun oldin
Lol I never realized how fidgety Rami Malek can be. It's interesting
Семён Аверин
Peapod jr.
Peapod jr. 20 kun oldin
Elton John. Yeah he’s right up there with fergie
Jett Cope
Jett Cope 20 kun oldin
The killers for k why not Kiss
Paloma Galilea
Paloma Galilea 21 kun oldin
he is charming
Baking with Trouble
Baking with Trouble 21 kun oldin
it's sad but the only thing I know him from is twilight
sadie marsden
sadie marsden 21 kun oldin
He’s hot
graham dunk
graham dunk 21 kun oldin
I would’ve said Yaz!!
Sophie M
Sophie M 22 kun oldin
Rami is actually the cutest person alive
kitty pitty
kitty pitty 22 kun oldin
4:43 - 4:48 is me making an incredibly inappropriate joke and making sure i didn't go too far after
Your Girl Aliya
Your Girl Aliya 22 kun oldin
I would’ve said... Ariana Grande Bryson Tiller Craig David Dappy Ella Mai Fetty Wap (1738) Geko (Don Daddy) Halsey Iggy Azalea Jeremih Kelly Rowland (Fly oh my) Lil Wayne (Tunechi) Mic Lowly Nicki Minaj (Barbie) Offset Pia Mia Quavo Ray J Sean Kingston (too beautiful) Trey Songz (that foreign) Usher (yh man) Vanilla Ice (Ice bb) William Singe (gday m8) XXXTENTACION Yungen Zayn (Malik) From the top of my head 😅
kacey 22 kun oldin
Always loved rami since twilight 🥰
Ojaswi Gupta
Ojaswi Gupta 22 kun oldin
Such a goofball. I love him
3StarLogo 23 kun oldin
Missed opportunity for the XX and Yeah Yeah Yeahs to be mentioned 😂
Nicole Contreras
Nicole Contreras 23 kun oldin
I want an emo version of this lmao
Amanda Werner
Amanda Werner 23 kun oldin
i love the way he gets the instructions and then just immediately GOES FOR IT without even being prompted
anonymous cool dude
anonymous cool dude 23 kun oldin
god i love Rami Malek
《 n a t 》
《 n a t 》 23 kun oldin
*I l o v e h i m*
Mckayla Mae
Mckayla Mae 23 kun oldin
"Whooo??" 😂
strong power ty
strong power ty 23 kun oldin
Everyone's talking about freddie but... hes forever ahkmenrah to me.
Joe Dorben
Joe Dorben 23 kun oldin
Aceyalone Beastie Boys Common D'Angelo Elzhi Freddie Gibbs Gangsta Boo Havoc Ishmael Butler Jadakiss Kurupt Large Pro MF DOOM Nas Oddissee Prince Po Q-Tip Rakim Schoolboy Q Terrace Martin Uncle Murda Vinnie Paz Watsky XV Yasiin Bey Z-Ro Did this with a 1:30 timer and wrote down the first artist/group that came to mind for each one, obviously this isnt necessarily (though in some cases it actually is) representative of who my favorite artist/group for each letter is, just whoever came to mind first
max tyson
max tyson 24 kun oldin
Rami da goat
Isabel Mihalakos
Isabel Mihalakos 24 kun oldin
How did he not say queen for Q
Eva Zordan
Eva Zordan 24 kun oldin
Literally one of the most iconic videos ive ever watched
Eva Zordan
Eva Zordan 24 kun oldin
4:05 i was waiting for it
Johanna N.W
Johanna N.W 24 kun oldin
When they started I kept thinking. Say David Bowie at D. Say David Bowie at D. They did and now I’m happy the rest of the evening.
Prilia kintan Pratiwi
4:45 my mood 😍
Prilia kintan Pratiwi
3:28 Freddie Mercury has penetrated into his soul darling😍
el 24 kun oldin
his voice is so cute
Mayella 25 kun oldin
*T H I C C*
Olivia Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez 25 kun oldin
still wondering why remi didn’t say “queen” for q
lehcaraz1 5 soat oldin
Because everyone expected it.
Dawn DiPierro
Dawn DiPierro 25 kun oldin
*RAMI!!!!* 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️
Addison McCoskery
Addison McCoskery 25 kun oldin
I am 10 and I love queen and AC/DC I think that is awesome that Rami likes those too
faha fahim
faha fahim 25 kun oldin
Waha bhai banda oscar ly gya.....achay actors mun dkh ty rh gaye👏👏👏👏
Hermione L. Scamander
FERGIE? Really?
Sophia Sherzai
Sophia Sherzai 25 kun oldin
Damn i was waiting for Nickleback
freezer in ur garage
Damn rami is really killing him 😂
Jessica T
Jessica T 25 kun oldin
He totally aced the oscars and so did the movie
Gabriella Takacs
Gabriella Takacs 26 kun oldin
mascmitchell l
mascmitchell l 26 kun oldin
wow I'm in love with this man
ItsJojo 27 kun oldin
I honestly didn’t catch on until rami said cat Stevens
Satvik Garg
Satvik Garg 27 kun oldin
Questlove took over Queen:/
alexis routledge
alexis routledge 27 kun oldin
Rami Malek has such an enticing face
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