A-to-Z with Rami Malek

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Jimmy and Rami Malek put their music knowledge to the test by taking turns working their way through a conversation about their favorite bands in alphabetical order.
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A-to-Z with Rami Malek




30-Okt, 2018

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Me is Me
Me is Me 19 soat oldin
Q is for QUEEN!!!
Miel Mott
Miel Mott Kun oldin
Ha so great rami is sooo cute🤣🤣😍😝
Katarina Berthoud
Katarina Berthoud 3 kun oldin
Shame the alpahbet is so short Rami
Lučka Špendal
Lučka Špendal 3 kun oldin
"I'm just gonna keep it goin' baby"
Lucy Love
Lucy Love 3 kun oldin
Rami is my celebrity crush
liv faye
liv faye 3 kun oldin
4:06 the first time jimmy fallon has ACTUALLY laughed more than a fake laugh on his show in a long ass time
Dashelle 3 kun oldin
I knew from the beginning that Z will probably be saying as ZZ Top!!!❤️😂😂
Oleksiy Zagorodnyk
Oleksiy Zagorodnyk 3 kun oldin
B maybe for Beatles you know a popular band back in the past)))))
Gaby R.
Gaby R. 3 kun oldin
Is it weird I find this man quite attractive???? I have no idea why lol 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
Brooke Williams
Brooke Williams 3 kun oldin
Cakes Are Two
Cakes Are Two 4 kun oldin
Nat Fernandez
Nat Fernandez 4 kun oldin
I've seen a lot of Freddie Mercury's interviews i must say he have some of freddie's mannerisms..
Just Another Beebo
Just Another Beebo 4 kun oldin
P is for Panic! at the Disco. M is for My Chemical Romance. T is for twenty øne piløts. I'm emo help
ellie 4 kun oldin
I didn’t know what was happening and I was so confused for the first two minutes lmao I’m used to jimmy explaining first
Sabrina Klein
Sabrina Klein 4 kun oldin
When Rami couldn't figure out a band/artist with S, I screamed STEVIE WONDER at my laptop XD
Georgia J
Georgia J 4 kun oldin
Rami is so handsome and sexy and such a gentleman.
Eva De Lange
Eva De Lange 4 kun oldin
Why is this dude so damn cute
Ashlyn Knuckles
Ashlyn Knuckles 4 kun oldin
The obvious Que- QUESTLOVE
DasPikachu 4 kun oldin
I can't believe he skipped Queen for Questlove 😂
toothy hogwartz101
toothy hogwartz101 5 kun oldin
they didnt use queen this disappoints me
Jordan Lewandowski
Jordan Lewandowski 5 kun oldin
heeeyduuude 5 kun oldin
wow so many females 🙃
Elija 'Ahmed' Rodgers
Oh I knew he would say Cat Stevens
Noyonica Chatterjee
He is so unbelievably adorable❤❤
Hajer Alzadjali
Hajer Alzadjali 6 kun oldin
Ted Peterson
Ted Peterson 6 kun oldin
I don’t normally drool but this made me drool
Elyse Gonzalez
Elyse Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
when Rami didn’t say queen i died a little 😪
jamie utitus
jamie utitus 6 kun oldin
Kaleigh Gilbert
Kaleigh Gilbert 6 kun oldin
Watch this at 0.5 speed. Or 1.75. You wont regret it.
Emily Alex
Emily Alex 6 kun oldin
Cooki Pug34
Cooki Pug34 7 kun oldin
I woulda said queen for q
phan moods
phan moods 7 kun oldin
this made me realize how bad i am at the alphabet
Jasmine Leather
Jasmine Leather 7 kun oldin
They did not mention nirvana I am disappointed
Avarie Kraus
Avarie Kraus 8 kun oldin
He is already so much like mercury
Becky Cruz
Becky Cruz 9 kun oldin
He is so freakin cute
Mathilde 9 kun oldin
Why not queen brochacho
eating bugs
eating bugs 10 kun oldin
when he said "you just keep going why dont you" i died hes so adorable
jayci kaufman
jayci kaufman 11 kun oldin
rami malek is so adorable
Apex 11 kun oldin
They both fucked up not saying freddie for f and queen for q
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 11 kun oldin
I don't see Rami Malek. I see Freddie!
I can’t stop playing that part from 2:11 to 2:20 I must have done this 15 times so far hahaha It’s just amazing how much Rami kept from Freddie Mercury, it’s a joy to see
heyytine 12 kun oldin
he's so precious
keela webb
keela webb 12 kun oldin
👁 👁 👃🏻 👄
nicole arzate
nicole arzate 12 kun oldin
They missed the perfect opportunity to say Queen
Jenny Pulgarin
Jenny Pulgarin 13 kun oldin
Ugi XXI 14 kun oldin
Hes cuteeeee
Shrek 14 kun oldin
Is it just me or does jimmy Fallon try to sqeeze himself into everything, sometimes overruling the guest? We don’t wanna see Jimmy Fallon, we wanna see the actual actor.
Elena 15 kun oldin
I love how no one has something bad to say about Rami
AvaRose 15 kun oldin
I was hoping for Panic At The Disco
Ryan Towey
Ryan Towey 15 kun oldin
Why does rami sound like Owen wilson
ohperaltiago 15 kun oldin
2:16............... freddie?
XubbsTV 16 kun oldin
Funny parts: 2:16 3:21 4:05
Mini3005 17 kun oldin
I read that Freddie did not want to show his privacy to the public, so i think, he did not want a movie to be shot about his private relationships.
Ava B
Ava B 18 kun oldin
Da best!
Jenn T
Jenn T 19 kun oldin
So much Freddieismns in Rami now and he seems to like doing interviews more
Maya Musovic
Maya Musovic 19 kun oldin
I didn’t read the title and I’ve never been so confused in my life
Nidhi S
Nidhi S 19 kun oldin
Shana McCord
Shana McCord 19 kun oldin
Omg that was so much fun to watch 😂😂😂
yeemo Petersen
yeemo Petersen 19 kun oldin
ZoiddBergg 20 kun oldin
Kinda disappointed that Jimmy didn't say Freddie Mercury on F...
Anna B.V
Anna B.V 20 kun oldin
«Aaaand that’s not a band, but I’m gonna keep it going baby» Gotta love Rami😂
Josefine Dresler
Josefine Dresler 20 kun oldin
he's still freddie
Josie Denton
Josie Denton 20 kun oldin
I'm not being rude but honestly I'm tired of this man. We get it he played freddy mercury his 15 min I say are up. He didn't walk on water for God's sake. Sheesh
V3N0M H4CK3R 22 kun oldin
Just some horny girls in the comments
Eleigh S
Eleigh S 22 kun oldin
I seriously thought they’d say queen for q
Rami Malek Fan123
Rami Malek Fan123 23 kun oldin
hes so cute omg
Isabella Rodriguez
Isabella Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
For half of the video I had no idea what they were talking about and then I realized it was the frickin game
gabriela wisinski
gabriela wisinski 24 kun oldin
For G he could have done was George Micheal
Cara X
Cara X 24 kun oldin
Yeah, my favourite band is "You Two/ Too" 😂😂😂 They did a great job!
Arianna x
Arianna x 25 kun oldin
His voice is so relaxing
Sjeune 25 kun oldin
can somebody tell me why Rami Malek used Questlove for his awnser, instead of Queen?
Queen Lover
Queen Lover 25 kun oldin
was anyone else pausing the video just to look up who they were talking about
Kelly Corless
Kelly Corless 25 kun oldin
I love that song Pinball Wizard by whhhhhho?
Zeydi Guerra
Zeydi Guerra 25 kun oldin
2:37 I thought it was going to Michael jackson
Leonardo Dicaprio Edits
when he says whoooooo
Jacqueline Duarte
Jacqueline Duarte 26 kun oldin
On 4:09 did anyone else notice that paper he crumbled up??
Alexa Moonlight
Alexa Moonlight 26 kun oldin
Most of this people are not even musicians
Shurry Ma
Shurry Ma 27 kun oldin
Is he gay?
Gabi Everton
Gabi Everton 27 kun oldin
Rami is so cute!! ❤️❤️
Vghtp1234 27 kun oldin
I love how he didn’t say Freddie Mercury when it came to F
Animationss 28 kun oldin
I keep saying this in every single video I watch about Rami, but here we go again... He is adorable.
Adik Kaito
Adik Kaito 28 kun oldin
I feel like freddie is here talking.
Alaia Kalyn
Alaia Kalyn 28 kun oldin
when rami said soul and the whole audience questioned their existence 😂
karthik 28 kun oldin
diana zovkic
diana zovkic 28 kun oldin
why is rami’s voice just so damn soothing?
ritsi24 28 kun oldin
'w' comes along Me: WHY. DON;T. WE.
fallen6667 28 kun oldin
Hermins Hermits and not HANSON 🤨. People always sleep on Hanson.
Milla Boyd
Milla Boyd 28 kun oldin
I would have said Why Don't We for w 😂
Julia d.
Julia d. 28 kun oldin
His voice is ASMR for me 😂
kendra bouchard
kendra bouchard 29 kun oldin
his fucking laugh is adorable
samanta stumbre
Emmie Oy oldin
can't believe Jimmy didn't say Justin Timberlake!
Celina Oy oldin
4:06 omg 😍😂❤️❤️
M. Oy oldin
Rami saying "U...2" was the cutest thing ever 😂😂
Billy Grey
Billy Grey Oy oldin
I thought of Iggy Pop and Otis Redding, too! You're really just like me, darling. -Freddie
Hyper Doofus
Hyper Doofus Oy oldin
Wow being Freddie Mercury really changed Rami in real life so much
super waman
super waman Oy oldin
Oh my God, im here almost everyday
Maria Hidalgo
Maria Hidalgo Oy oldin
am i the only one who sees a little bit of Harry Styles in Rami?
Mr Roozdkie Kaeus
What are you doing here Josh ? And how did u survive from the wendigos ?
denise Oy oldin
3:31-3:33 was kinda awkward to me.