A VERY Different Galaxy S9/S9+ Review

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Is the S9 just a refresh, or is it a damn good Android phone that can stand on its own?
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6-Apr, 2018




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Jonathan Ambrosio
Jonathan Ambrosio 14 soat oldin
Now I know how to use my Phone correctly
Jonathan Ambrosio
Jonathan Ambrosio 14 soat oldin
Thank you!
LordBanane 3 kun oldin
What is the first Song? It reminds me of School of Rock :P
KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin
How to do the tablet thing?
Mohamed Massoudi
Mohamed Massoudi 4 kun oldin
Face recognition is trash
Shuja hashmi
Shuja hashmi 4 kun oldin
Good try
PYRO LIKJE Eindhoven
okay i still love my Samsung S9+, just because i come from an Samsung Galaxy S6
The Johnson
The Johnson 4 kun oldin
Exactly why i went from S7 to S9. I usually try to skip a generation. If the update is not significant, i can't be bothered. I'm no show pony!!!
AJ 5 kun oldin
i fucking hate linus.
Billy Creations
Billy Creations 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one that finds Bixby very helpful
6RingzDaLacKing 6 kun oldin
That's why I always skip a year or two before I buy a new phone 👍🏾
Ilo 7 kun oldin
Big LIKE for mentioning the main issue of updates.
Sai Srikar
Sai Srikar 7 kun oldin
4:10 MKBHD sponsored this video.
Bojan Glamocak
Bojan Glamocak 10 kun oldin
Landscape mode on the home screen.... welcome to the Sony year 2012
Gorden D
Gorden D 10 kun oldin
abby guy nice reviewA+
Gianmario Signori
Gianmario Signori 11 kun oldin
yea, I'm thinking about changing my a7 (2018-because of the video experience... 30 fps is really bad) with an s8 or s9... what should I pick?
PearyTheMemeapus 11 kun oldin
Dude your pretty hilarious
Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen 12 kun oldin
Why are you wearing a watch to sleep?
Andrei Dumitru
Andrei Dumitru 15 kun oldin
I liked your video with bixby
h4x0rl33tee 16 kun oldin
The front facing speaker matters the most
Chris B
Chris B 17 kun oldin
Does Samsung still lag
Everything Tech
Everything Tech 17 kun oldin
How about the performance of the 4K 60FPS camera Linus, you don't mention it.... :-(
Everything Tech
Everything Tech 17 kun oldin
"Rain"couver.... lol
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 18 kun oldin
"Just like my s8" yes, it is very similar to the s8 but very different from the s7. I just switched over and i love it. BUT the s9 and + are the same in price as the s8 and with certain carriers, cheaper.
Aaron Chaffin
Aaron Chaffin 18 kun oldin
You said "Their customer service robots are easy to work with" - that kinda blew me away that we have slightly arrived at that age... you know?
Nela Strnadová
Nela Strnadová 19 kun oldin
I was watching :c
sephano watts
sephano watts 19 kun oldin
Every time he plugs the sponsor😹😹😹😹😹
Well Shiet
Well Shiet 19 kun oldin
People who say Samsung be the best phones in selling but not the best in software are just poor people who can't afford the true king 😂😂
stxn 20 kun oldin
panoramic selfies so i can fit all of my friends proceeds to show a pic of him alone *kowalski analysis*
stxn 20 kun oldin
i swear linus has the smoothest sponsor explanation
Raditya Arga Putra
Raditya Arga Putra 20 kun oldin
you're so terrible at advertising things lol
Chris 23 kun oldin
d brand customer service robots are easy to work with - they certainly must value our custom! Sarcasm!
jo Calibuso
jo Calibuso 23 kun oldin
Awesome 😍
Noah1985HA 23 kun oldin
what format change? i watched till the very end Linus!! good video have the s9plus was contemplating the note 8 thx for helping me realize what i have is good enough for now... all very true points I do still feel the pixel may take slightly better photos
Lacia Playz
Lacia Playz 24 kun oldin
I got the glass screen protecter for the samsung s9 plus and whenever i try to use the keyboard it makes me type really slow and makes me get lots of mistakes, and sometimes if i tap a letter for example "a" it doesnt send and i have to tap it again for it to send. Im not sure if i should take the glass protecter off or not
keenly 25 kun oldin
I see Samsung users have just accepted the fact the alarm clock never makes a sound.
Lars Breidenbach
Lars Breidenbach 25 kun oldin
landscape mode on homescreen is not available on my S9+. Is it specific to the US?
Arpit t
Arpit t 25 kun oldin
Same story with the iphone 6 ,7 ,8 every one looks the other way 😂
Howdy 28 kun oldin
There has to be someone waiting for s10 to come out in feb 2019
Breb S
Breb S 28 kun oldin
How ever !
Alisa Spencer
Alisa Spencer 29 kun oldin
I switch my iPhone 7 + to Samsung Galaxy 9 +.... this was an upgrade.
Joseph Anterola
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Linus finally said what was everyone's kind... Samsung makes a great phone but quit wasting resources on extra fluff no one wants. Spend your resources wisely, especially on maintaining your flagship devices... Note 8 user here and I'm kinda pissed I'm still on Android 7... I get this isn't the current Gen but the phone is still less than 2 years old and is still being sold brand new at Verizon. Crap like this makes me wish Google could build a phone as nice as Samsung then I'd surely switch just to drop the TouchWiz / one / whatever extra bloatware Samsung is adding!
Tomáš Bednařík
Samsung: Being the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world :DDDDD
Mizz Wicked
Mizz Wicked Oy oldin
I went from using iphone for a decade to the s9+. There are some things I do miss on iphone.
Tw3nty8 Oy oldin
Great review. I’m leaving my iPhone for the S9 because I really like have a separate 3.5 headphone jack.
Nicki_ Potnick
I prefer no protection 😂😂😂good on ya mate
XelPixels Oy oldin
Its ABSOLUTE TRASH! designed to completely break when dropped from half a meter. Want to replace the broken glass?! Tear down the whole phone until every single component is disconnected THEN you can finally remove the glass. Don't want to do it yourself? Then you better cough up 300+ USD or buy a whole new phone!
XelPixels Oy oldin
Glass is ugly, fingerprint sensitive and slippery. The ONLY reason it's used is to break the phone more easily. Braindead consumers be like: "Oh but I like glass cause this advertisement told me to!" Hate how all companies are going Applecrap just for profit.
tombell12 Oy oldin
You know what would be a big change Linus? Making the friggin battery removable again!
inktitan JCP
inktitan JCP Oy oldin
I had my S2 for 7 years and just upgraded smto the S9. Even though Samsung drops support getting a rooted ROM was not hard. And I got the added bonus of getting a phone 7 years more advanced. Which feels amazing.
Manic Hamartia
Linus isn't gay!?!..... it's like when I found out Hulk Hogan was just performer addicted to steroids with body dysmorphia...
HUGEGUTS! Oy oldin
Probably gonna get an s9/s9+. I'm watching this on a galaxy grand prime from 2015. Press F for me.
jeremebp 27 kun oldin
+HUGEGUTS! Opened mine up, really liking it. A lot to get used to. Don't do too much to yours though, it does a factory reset when you put a Sim in it.
HUGEGUTS! 27 kun oldin
+jeremebp just got the s9+ this week. Waiting on the SIM but I'm liking what I'm seeing.
jeremebp 27 kun oldin
I'm using a Moto G4 Plus with a broken screen and no power button. Did you get the S9? I got one today, haven't opened it yet but looking forward to it.
Ben L.
Ben L. Oy oldin
Y Rod
Y Rod Oy oldin
Right now I'm in the 2 week testing period before been able to return the S9 back t ok stores.Battery wise is a huge upgrade from the S7 that for some reason the battery kept dying by 12 Midday. After fulling charging at 8 AM. Now my question is should I return the S9 and wait for the S10 to come out? So confused on what to do.
James Hegazy
James Hegazy Oy oldin
"I prefer no protection" He says as you see little kids popping up on the screen 5:51 just saying
kevin dolstra
kevin dolstra Oy oldin
1 issue i have with my s9 plus is whenever i wake the phone to check the time it just immediately shows me the 9 dots instead of having to swipe first. And i use face unlock and fp scan so i dont even want to use the dots to unlock
james jeffers
james jeffers Oy oldin
Get to the point
Nightwing Shadow95
Had an apple for 8 years switched to s9+ I'll never touch a gay iPhone again
Josh Joughan
Josh Joughan Oy oldin
5:50 - NO PROTECTION !!!
Gaming4Life Oy oldin
Linus you are like the only one who gives me the info I ask for without sugar coating the item. THANK YOU
HajkK Oy oldin
I actually laughed out loud at 5:52 . Well played Linus, well played! XD
Not Okay Gaming
S Nein
Helen G
Helen G Oy oldin
WOW nice phone cases👌🔥🔥
Helen G
Helen G Oy oldin
4:04 the Cherrios background🤣😂😂👌
Helen G
Helen G Oy oldin
Lol i like this vid, this guy is funny🤣😂
Helen G
Helen G Oy oldin
2:00 Talking with the pen is mouth😆😂😂😂
Anas Safa
Anas Safa Oy oldin
I have to say, you are the only channel I am excited and actually waiting till you pop up with your sponsor announcement hahaha .. Respect!
Eico Ck
Eico Ck Oy oldin
Watching this video for the first time on a S9+ xD
E G Oy oldin
Your a apple baby boo hoo linus. Seems like this review is from someone who does not like Samsung. Why would you not include the great new things about the s9 instead of complaining about how its like the s8. Apples phones have little innovation from one phone to the next. And the amount of things you can customize on android make it the top of the market choice for me. As for customizing apple ahhh good luck . That's why the suck . I like to have options. Not options like battery or performance choose one or the other. Apple sucks linus. But you clearly dont favor android or samsung so why do a review. Oh just for views??? Sellout.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Oy oldin
Ming The Merciless
Do you really have 4 women's ear rings in your ears... describe what Marcellus Wallis looks like 😂😂😂
And while the s8 looks like the s9, the s9 is a much better phone in all areas.
He has kids? I thought he was gay??? I like him more now that I know he isn't a gay dude lol.
rierie c.
rierie c. 2 kun oldin
+IRIE4IPIER Oh I'm glad you clarified that I can laugh now🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😶
IRIE4IPIER 9 kun oldin
+Erwin Hun I'm sure because anybody can see it was mild sarcasm bucko
Erwin Hun
Erwin Hun 9 kun oldin
I'm sure he is very happy about your homophobic appreciation...
Randall George
I was half expecting to see an Audi R8 parked next to the mini van.
Abradolf Lincler
Fuck the outro then, lol
Dude ur hand writting sucks😂
Homie Sexual
Homie Sexual Oy oldin
I see what you did there 5:50 :D
Luis Vicente - Ocumicho Michoacan
My Sumsung S9 plus has been great in everything, one of the best phones I have ever owned. My only complaint is that I can't connect when I go to mexico. I live in California and have international calling and roaming. I have two more lines in my account and those phones work perfect when I'm in Mexico. I have called my service provider and they say it's all good on their side. I believe them because my other two phones work and also I can make calls to Mexico. I also have called Sumsung and they wanted me to send my phone. I have already tried everything to get connect when i'm in mexico with no success. Could this be an issue with my phone? Does anybody also have this problem?
Aidan Payan
Aidan Payan Oy oldin
iPhone has landscape mode since the iPhone 6 Plus. 😂😂 sorry I had to do that because that’s all I ever see on any iPhone review 😂😂
Aidan Payan
Aidan Payan Oy oldin
After two years with my iPhone 7 Plus and I’m still at 98% battery capacity
berm Oy oldin
you laugh like Steve Carrell
I Go My
I Go My Oy oldin
is max back?
geremek Oy oldin
my first film from s9+ in slow mo :) uzvid.com/video/video-YVlcXyZf1Go.html
Mo H
Mo H Oy oldin
The video topic is "Different Galaxy S9/S9+" he did not say any differences
Twitchy Corpse
Poor Bixby...
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Oy oldin
"No Protection" LOL
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Oy oldin
Wondering where in Canada you lived, Have you ever met Victor Lucas?
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese Oy oldin
You sleep with that time machine on your wrist?
Reasoner Oy oldin
crucify samsung? lol.. how much did samsung pay you for this..
Deaf ASMRtist
Deaf ASMRtist Oy oldin
I upgraded from the S6 Active to the S9 so it's a good change for me.
The Adam Show
The Adam Show Oy oldin
I was watching till the end
Nikhil Oy oldin
I love 💖 s9 display simple amazing 😉
Kai Oy oldin
I actually like Bixby voice...she raps better than the wanna be rap star in my class and when he tries to call me out I can say "My phone raps better than you"💀💀💀
Juan Farias
Juan Farias Oy oldin
Jacob Penner
Jacob Penner 2 oy oldin
Well said in your conclusion. Samsung phones used to be ahead of android competitors in terms of screen quality, camera, build quality and specs, but now they aren't. For me there just aren't enough pros to balance out the cons of their bloated poorly updated software anymore.
Fordsie 2 oy oldin
As long as Samsung still have those dreadful battery issues then I won’t even consider buying one. My S7 I owned for a year before buying an iPhone because it couldn’t make it through a full day on battery saver mode, pitiful.
NightOrchid 2 oy oldin
This is a brilliant review ... Much more interesting and addressing key issues that are important, instead of the usual gushing, butt licking cruft you get from some reviewers, nice vid
Forzurda 2 oy oldin
3:42 aaand demonitized
Daebak Simmer
Daebak Simmer 2 oy oldin
I got a pixel 3 advertisement lol
Vulgarizingcivic 2 oy oldin
Dirty boy
Doctor Churrasco
Doctor Churrasco 2 oy oldin
i love overweight phones
AP Mikeyy
AP Mikeyy 2 oy oldin
Who else is watching a galaxy s9 review on a galaxy s9. Lolz