A Week Without Each Other

Dolan Twins
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We decided to see what life would be like without our twin by our side... We quickly learned that it sucks.
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14-Mar, 2017

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Trinity Martin
Trinity Martin Soat oldin
I'm in Arizona and my bro and sis are in Washington ☹️
Lily Richardson
Lily Richardson 2 soat oldin
I love Graysons dance when he finds out where he’s going
farida sherif
farida sherif 3 soat oldin
Grayson is the cutest person ever🥰❤️
Elliot Perez
Elliot Perez 4 soat oldin
imagine hitting someone with the dart in the face!!!!!!!!!!
Septicbro 9075
Septicbro 9075 4 soat oldin
13:05 this hurts :(
Kirstyn Willoby
Kirstyn Willoby 6 soat oldin
I cried when ethen was eating alone lol
Ilayda Durmus
Ilayda Durmus 8 soat oldin
That's so cute and funny 😂❤️
Cemre Alkan
Cemre Alkan 9 soat oldin
awww. just aww
Destiny Frisby
Destiny Frisby 9 soat oldin
ethan: my nipples can cut diamonds
Mercy Puoch
Mercy Puoch 11 soat oldin
Christina Martino
Christina Martino 11 soat oldin
I do not wanna do that with my twin 😭😤😪
Lxnii 12 soat oldin
I must be a savage, i eat pineapple pizza a lot. fight me
Callie Partridge
Callie Partridge 12 soat oldin
this is my favorite video in the entire world im crying my eyes out
Valen S
Valen S 14 soat oldin
Red Panda Productions
Red Panda Productions 15 soat oldin
They both cope with their losses the same way
Cassidy McIntyre
Cassidy McIntyre 15 soat oldin
2019?? also, is anyone on a dolan twins marathon?
Sofia Harty
Sofia Harty 15 soat oldin
VALENTINA WHITE 18 soat oldin
2019 anyone??
Onehappiness Happy
Onehappiness Happy 19 soat oldin
they aren’t just brothers. they are best friends. I guess you can say they are puzzle pieces. without the other twin, they aren’t complete.
Hannah Pippin
Hannah Pippin 19 soat oldin
11:16 the kid that screened lmao I'm dying
Samantha Jaski
Samantha Jaski 19 soat oldin
Every time Grayson ordered some food he said “can I have uh uh uh...” aww he needs Ethan to be more confident 😍😍😍
Samantha Jaski
Samantha Jaski 19 soat oldin
I love how they both made versions of each other
Rebekka Pedersen
Rebekka Pedersen 20 soat oldin
2019 anyone?
gaby arias
gaby arias 20 soat oldin
13:05 so cuteeee omggg
KSJAAY 21 soat oldin
omfg this video is so pure :(( because you can tell, despite the jokes, that they really missed each other and rely on each other and it’s just such a sweet concept ugh. i want someone like this 🥰
Kenya Aanderud
Kenya Aanderud 21 soat oldin
Grayson should do a prank where he "dies" and see what ethan does...
Thorne_101_ 21 soat oldin
"-Dolan Twins dart throwing- (BIRDBOX CHALENGE?!)"
Jada White
Jada White 21 soat oldin
Summer VanCuren
Summer VanCuren 21 soat oldin
Imagine if it was only Ethan or only grayson
Mafer Gallardo flores
Mafer Gallardo flores 23 soat oldin
It is not the place, it is with whom you share it
Ysa Bayani
Ysa Bayani Kun oldin
U guys should do a challenge without saying each other’s name for 24hours (like if agree) NO ONES DONE IT YET
random thingswithbestis
OMG the day this was uploaded is the day of my birthday!!!!!!
Moana Medina
Moana Medina Kun oldin
I like on Kauai Hawaii and I wished I knew you were here. Damn it. 😑😑
TheUnipug3000 Kun oldin
“IM GONNA BRING MY BEST FRIEND WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE MY BROTHER!” Then he comes to realization that Grayson isn’t coming with him😫 E looked so sad😭😭😭
Addi Lam
Addi Lam Kun oldin
That jump Ethan did onto the couch bed killed me 💀💀
Dagmara Rapela
Dagmara Rapela Kun oldin
We need part 2 😂
Mariana Chavez
Mariana Chavez Kun oldin
I live in Colorado 😅😅😅😅💓💓💓💓
Galia Rod
Galia Rod Kun oldin
*they’re gonna fall off, they’re gonna fall off*
princess pie
princess pie Kun oldin
But they had the camera crew.... ...
Emily Dawson
Emily Dawson Kun oldin
Way to sweet it’s funny how you guys can’t stand each other but can’t live with out each other. I love you guys! ❤️❤️❤️
Pedro De La Cruz
They weren't alone, were they? Somebody had to hold the camera for them..
Martina Breiding
Lizard flip challenge😎🤠
Baileigh Tustin vlogs
Ahh it’s a lizard 🦎
Miss Tree
Miss Tree Kun oldin
Gab Schmerhold
Gab Schmerhold Kun oldin
gray wasn’t alone. who was filming him at certain times in the video?
Gab Schmerhold
Gab Schmerhold Kun oldin
awwe ❤️ i wish i had a twinnn
Miss Tree
Miss Tree Kun oldin
Evin Kardas
Evin Kardas Kun oldin
3:20 I felt so bad 😭😭😭😢
Lillie Mcdougall
16:05 their handshake is amazing 😉❤️❤️😂
Akuna Ro'meave
Akuna Ro'meave Kun oldin
If they couldnt do it for a week, imagine a month without each other.