Academy Conversations: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Bohemian Rhapsody discussion with actors Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Joseph Mazzello and Allen Leech, and producer Graham King on November 3, 2018 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.
Moderated by Dave Karger.



6-Noy, 2018



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I am Vannia
I am Vannia 13 soat oldin
Fabiana Herrera
Fabiana Herrera Kun oldin
Wowww this movie deservs the oscar for best movie because not all movies are being prepared for more than 10 years
NYCDiva63 Kun oldin
I love how Rami gives everyone a shout out. Just so humble.
eman sheikh
eman sheikh 2 kun oldin
Rami malik you're, humble, decent, and unique. A real Egyptian Pharaoh.
donttalkcrap 3 kun oldin
12:43 He had a dialect coach who never had the brains to tell him that he pronounces Moët & Chandon incorrectly :( It's Mo-ett.. not Mo-ay (it's a Dutch name, not French for the knowalls out there)
Beste göden
Beste göden 4 kun oldin
Everything he says... needs to be clapped
gaspara angeles
gaspara angeles 4 kun oldin
rami is one of the best well-spoken or eloquently articulate celeb. and what a gracious, humble, and honest soul.
LOIZE V. 5 kun oldin
RAMI MALEK! Bravo! Magnifico!!! He performed an extremely difficult character, complex in every single way!! He deserves the OSCAR!! Yes, he does!
Naath A
Naath A 6 kun oldin
We all know Rami already won the Oscar. So proud! He deserves it!
Emča Brokešová
Emča Brokešová 7 kun oldin
(In begginen)Omg rami and lucy are connecting with theyre eyes. Love them.
Marcela Ortiz
Marcela Ortiz 7 kun oldin
What a wonderful man Is Rami!....I love his tenderness and the way he recognizes the collective work all the time!
jasminne mcdonald
jasminne mcdonald 9 kun oldin
He should win this Oscar. I saw the movie 12 times and I couldn't stop singing along. I even went in costume to see this movie.
Cornelia Fordal
Cornelia Fordal 9 kun oldin
where is ben
IntoTheStarlight 11 kun oldin
yes rami was absolutely fabulous, but what about the other guys?? they were so good! to me Gwilym Lee should win Best supporting actor, he did not just portray, he WAS Brian May, if you close your eyes you can barely distinguish their voices! perfect
Susan Orchard
Susan Orchard 12 kun oldin
Rami Malek pretty said it, at 14:25 or so he said he had the weight of the Queen fanbase on his shoulders. He didn't crumble under that weight, he brought Freddie back to us for a few hours.
Alice Randall
Alice Randall 12 kun oldin
Watched night at the museum, just to see Rami💕
Amy Marckel
Amy Marckel 13 kun oldin
Rami Malek seems to be a really lovely person.
Maryan Vanzon
Maryan Vanzon 15 kun oldin
i read that he did get a rare standing ovation from this conversation event coming from Academy voters..job well done Rami
Mini3005 17 kun oldin
I read that Freddie did not want to show his privacy to the public, so I think he did not want a movie to be shot about his private relationships.
Mandeep Dhami
Mandeep Dhami 18 kun oldin
TBH Fuck Oscar awards, according to me i can give him an Oscar (lol) for just the way he delivered his words right in this video clip. A new fan of Rami Malek from India.
Jitendra Agrawal
Jitendra Agrawal 18 kun oldin
One of the best movies I ever watched. Rami and the collaborative effort of everyone who put it together deserve a big applause and all the recognition for sure
Ana Wales
Ana Wales 20 kun oldin
Rami is brilliant. I didn't know much about him but, wow! I watched Bohemian Rhapsody 4 X :D!
Sushanth Rameshan
Sushanth Rameshan 21 kun oldin
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 21 kun oldin
Just watched Vice everyone fell a sleep. What a bad movie Amy Adams could not save it. Bohemian Radsody was the best movie this year.
Sugey Callata
Sugey Callata 23 kun oldin
Rami Malek deserves to win an Oscar as best actor. If he does not win ... I do not know what happens to these awards
JJ20 24 kun oldin
They are all brilliant in their roles, but I think the person to watch in the future will be Lucy Boynton, she's beautiful, talented and charismatic!
Izabella Ursuliak
Izabella Ursuliak 24 kun oldin
The Oscars nominee list will be released on January 22nd. Rami Malek for Best Actor, please. And BoRhap for Best Picture. 👊😊
Kermit 26 kun oldin
Can i just point out the like/dislike ratio? That is the largest difference between likes and dislikes that I have ever seen.
Kermit 26 kun oldin
Calculated that it it's 99.3% likes.
Jenn T
Jenn T 27 kun oldin
Omg Rami’s voice is so lovely
Kimmy Fangirl
Kimmy Fangirl 28 kun oldin
Rami is a sweetie I just want to hug him🙇🏻‍♀️❤️
Romina Bisio
Romina Bisio 28 kun oldin
Rami,you deserve the Oscar!Standing ovation for Rami Malek!
Stephen Bradshaw
Movie made me cry amazing movie
marcelo78 Oy oldin
Just give them the awards already.
Kristi Pilbeam
Rami you are an awesome actor... you portrayed him so well! Thank you!
Emma Peel
Emma Peel Oy oldin
Rami is so amazing🙏❤️
Aerys Targaryen
They made Freddy out to be such a bitchy drama queen and he wasn’t.
Jan Rigby
Jan Rigby Oy oldin
Why isn't this longer?? Love it. I could listen to Rami speak forever 😍
katie cottrell
here’s a fun story: i was on instagram and made a comment on a freddie fan accounts post. well another account started arguing with me because i said that the music and freddie is what’s important, not his sexuality. well...i got blocked :)😂
MrTigerFarago Oy oldin
He defo need an Oscar! Amazing!
Brooke Williams
give. the man. an oscar.
El mundo de Osina
I hope he wins the oscar for best actor... I mean, he was brutal in Bohemian Rhapsody ❤
Mikha D
Mikha D Oy oldin
Rami deserves to win!!!
Mini3005 Oy oldin
"The genius can not be imitated." Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues (1715 - 1747)
carolyn thompson
Great team of talented artists. I hope they all take home Oscars, especially the director/s and Rami Malek, of course.
Maryan Vanzon
Maryan Vanzon Oy oldin
nomination and wishfully win for Rami for the movie i want it to get nomination too not for its director Bryan, but for the cast and crew.
Andy Brussain Jackson
Rami HAS to win the Oscar pleaseeeee
Varvara Olenichenko
He is incredibly talented. I ask heaven to nominate and win an Oscar. He deserves it.❤️👏🏻
Music Love
Music Love Oy oldin
Oscars all around for cast and crew!!
Kayla Dwire
Kayla Dwire Oy oldin
I am in love with Lucy’s voice
Kendrick Oy oldin
Please dear God let this amazing man be nominated🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
marveltrek Oy oldin
give rami the oscar for best actor, you cowards
gcord21 Oy oldin
Do you guys think Lady Gaga, a Queen fan, is jealous of Rami Malek and the movie?
chusexy29 Oy oldin
Oscar worth nomination. Great job, listening to all of them was interesting and moving. Great performance Mr. Rami.
gcord21 Oy oldin
I hope this get an Oscar instead A Star Is Born.
Panna Anna
Panna Anna Oy oldin
I can’t stop watching interviews with Rami, he is such a good and humble person! Such a sweetheart!
m moo
m moo Oy oldin
where does roger??
m moo
m moo Oy oldin
they are very nice acters
Leigh Diane Williams
Rami 110% deserves the Best Actor Oscar - HANDS DOWN. He was/is absolutely amazing.
Julia Gonzalez
Can anyone please caption this for me?! Deafie here and can't understand anything.. :(
Roni Kean
Roni Kean Oy oldin
When "Paul" is talking.... all I can hear in my head is Freddie saying "Villainy"......
aingea v
aingea v Oy oldin
they’re all dressed so well. like, that’s the one thing i took away from this because i knew all of these good people, but holy crap they dress amazingly!!!!!
Amber Greene
Amber Greene Oy oldin
Give Rami the Oscar! He was fantastic!
barbee0715 Oy oldin
A shout out to Liza. Loved that Freddie was so enamored of her stage presence.
Ms Sunshine
Ms Sunshine Oy oldin
If Rami did win an Oscar I will sue America
Deepika Vijakumar
He has the exact speaking voice of Freddie Mercury. Not the accent, but the voice. The ssssh voice with each S pronunciation. It's remarkable. And he has that jaw too, of Freddie Mercury, probably, because he also has teeth protuding out, which is cute and which made Freddie sexy
Cris Fernandez
Cris Fernandez
O..S..C..A..R TO bohemian Rhapsody this film make me feel cry all time amazing film
Faith Ogg
Faith Ogg Oy oldin
Ok so rami malek you are great but YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HOLD A MICROPHONE!!
michelle bae
michelle bae Oy oldin
every moment of the movie I got chilled by his acting
Arnie Slater
Arnie Slater Oy oldin
Rami ROCKS.....nuff said.
rougewillow Oy oldin
He HAS to be given a nomination. AT LEAST. An OSCAR would crow it all, of course
sophie Oy oldin
just popping in to let you know that Rami Malek is a 37 year old who looks 25, have a shooketh day
Mustafa Arık
Mustafa Arık Oy oldin
Rami is already a superstar
Cate Malone
Cate Malone Oy oldin
I hate the way the end was cut off....
Cate Malone
Cate Malone Oy oldin
Why is Rami Malek so interesting to watch....even when he's doing nothing but listen to other people??
Snazzy nerd
Snazzy nerd Oy oldin
can anyone be anymore literally and figuratively soft spoken than rami
Shirdimajid Oy oldin
Seen movie twice... Oscar for sure
Ray Prakarsa
Ray Prakarsa Oy oldin
even, I do not expect this film like Avengers infinity war, this film is amazing... I just watched 2 times, and still, want to see more. thank you, Rami Malek, for bringing Freddie Mercury back and introduce to my generations. godspeed!
art deco
art deco Oy oldin
Deborah Oy oldin
he wins for best actor for sure
Tereza Rozálie Dohnalová
Rami is such a pure and beautiful human being I love him so much
The Production
he's so nervous ahaha cute
maple syruppp
maple syruppp Oy oldin
Still trying to digest the fact that this good looking guy is already 37 years old 😭 when he actually looks like a frigging 21!!
Lenalee Walker
rami for the oscar!!!!
kellyfreas Oy oldin
That was a lovely feel. That's exactly how it should be.
Val Oy oldin
Best Human Nomination: Rami Malek
Lia van Son
Lia van Son Oy oldin
why is Ben Hardy who plays Roger never in any interview? Anybody knows?
Melissa M
Melissa M 28 kun oldin
He wasn't able to make most of the press tour. I believe he's working on an x-men film
Kitty Evans
Kitty Evans Oy oldin
He's in a few, but yeah not nearly as many as the others. I'm not sure why though. He might be busy with another project.
Yusri Zaimy
Yusri Zaimy Oy oldin
The movie could’ve been much better man. The cast was on point. I think it should be a two parter bcos it’s hard to fit in all the stories in 2 hrs. If it was two parters I’m sure that it would’ve been much better
Jay Potter
Jay Potter Oy oldin
Flying Chef
Flying Chef Oy oldin
Dave Karger (?) asks the questions, and they are great questions, but he doesn't even acknowledge ANY of the answers he receives from the very thoughtful actors, who answer his questions seriously and poignantly. The non-existent segue from actor answer to next question is sloppy interviewing. Otherwise, it is exquisite to hear the passion of the experience from the actors. Great interview, not so great interviewer. He (interviewer) comes off as not engaged in the answer only the asking of the question - that said, this could easily have been a chopped up (edited for time...?) interview, which to me seems very rude to these wonderful actors and producer, and the interviewer. Definitely a learning experience for the interviewer.
Ivana Vieira
Ivana Vieira Oy oldin
The more I watch real Freddie/Queen videos/pics, the more I see the physical diferences between him and Rami. That's why I'm enchanted: Rami is thinner, shorter, blue eyed, but he got the essence of Freddy . But it gets better: humble, smart, gracious. Thank you, Rami, you are a gift for us and you are gifted!
right spyder
right spyder Oy oldin
movie may have missed a lot more about Freddie's life but the actors & performances were perfect, especially Rami! he had the Freddie's spirit in himself. he has so much talent & potential!
Lorna Maria
Lorna Maria 2 oy oldin
I love Rami beyond words, loved this film too, I wasn't a Queen fan before it but I bloody am now lol loved every moment of it 💕💕💕💕💘💕💕💕💕 xxxxxxxxx
h 2 oy oldin
lucy talks with her hands so much
Cheryl Baydo
Cheryl Baydo 2 oy oldin
Remi gave credit to the cast just like Freddie would do. My favourite movie of all time, I've seen it three times and will see it more before it leaves the theatre.
Evan Harney
Evan Harney 2 oy oldin
Please give Rami Malek the Oscar for best actor!!!
Mont Croc
Mont Croc 2 oy oldin
Great casting. Very charismatic.
jamaica tapiculin
From Twilight Saga and now into this ... Love you Rami ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
It’s Zell
It’s Zell 2 oy oldin
My husband Rami makes me so proud each and everyday! He deserves all the praise he’s been getting he’s such an angel 😓😤
Amalia Sandra
Amalia Sandra 2 oy oldin
johny johnson
johny johnson 2 oy oldin
Perfect movie for the best rock band in universe