Adam Ruins Everything S03E01 Adam Ruins Guns

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Adam Conover explores ideas many people take for granted and dispels widespread misconceptions



5-Dek, 2018



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alguien alguien
alguien alguien 15 soat oldin
I don't get all the "defending from the government" staff What are you going to do? Shoot the police? Okay, you go to jail, because surprise, law exists. If the government really targets you a pathetic gun is not going to save you. It may be because I'm European but I don't see how you're gonna defend yourself from the government with a gun. If you're going to protest, please, please, please, don't do it with guns. No one wants a masacre
alguien alguien
alguien alguien 15 soat oldin
*watches in European* The US is crazy
EpicSexGay Kun oldin
Come to Europe and stop whining about racism
InfiniteBuddyfighters 223
06:00 If I was the girl next to Adam about Gun Violence to show the popcorn thing, I would've asked if he was going to eat the popcorn Edit: finished watching the video, feel bad to the 2 black people that got shot in defence or purposely shot. 😢
Howler 8 kun oldin
Here’s an idea Follow the British example💂‍♀️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
timtimtimmaah 8 kun oldin
7:20 Nope. Supreme Court Justice Scalia already explained that the founding fathers must have had in mind the civilian's right to bear arms.
Yuliya Blokhina
Yuliya Blokhina 9 kun oldin
Normally I hate progressives, but I like this one. He avoids all the mistakes that gave SJWs bad name. If only all activists were like Adam there would not have been so much SJW animosity.
CynicalThought 11 kun oldin
Adam: "How do you propose we do that?" Girl: "With gun buybacks?" Common Sense Me: "If you make all firearms illegal for citizens they 'll face jail time for possession, therefore they 'll be much more willing to hand them over, whether or not they 're compensated. Illegalizing firearms will also put an end to production of ammo, which should statistically reduce gun violence over time, until it is completely eliminated. There 's a very simple rule you can follow for the law. When you give a private citizen the power to end other people's lives at will and with the simple press of a button that may be a bit too much freedom. However, I see no reason against legalizing recreational drugs, as they are most likely to have an effect on the person themselves."
CynicalThought 2 kun oldin
+Curatrix Excubiarum Yes I 've considered that. But from the top of my head most school shootings are not done by criminals, they 're done by kids who borrowed a relative's firearm. Also, criminals usually carry guns to use for monetary gain, therefore a massacre isn't their goal (unless you mean gangs). The bottom line is, banning firearms will keep them out of most people 's hands, and therefore statistically reduce shootings. It is really that simple.
Curatrix Excubiarum
Curatrix Excubiarum 11 kun oldin
But have you ever considered, that maybe, criminals... Might do illegal things? Like keep their guns? Or buy guns illegally?
albertogomes167 13 kun oldin
Laughs in European XD
Morally Conflicted Tortoise
Well, yes, but actually no.
YO tEnGo
YO tEnGo 17 kun oldin
America: make wall that will cost Billions, If Mexicans are there they can’t go back.. and to make that wall still stand will also cost money.. Also America: We banned chocolate Kundera I mean but our guns are bout our culture My school has this rumours that if you make a Texas person mad THEY’ll SHOOT US i asked my dad and he even said that...
Iris F
Iris F 18 kun oldin
I agree with a lot of this. However, I believe Adam would have a lot more credibility if he interviewed conservative researchers, and not only California liberal professors (Professor Lott, for instance). Adam is also dishonest in trying to portray ALL NRA members as politicized fanatics who will not ever consider compromise. The truth is there are groups of people in our country who would LOVE to disarm us, for their own selfish reasons. And that, even if anyone could, the criminals would still be armed. If the mayority of gun violence is suicide or urban crime, then start there. Find ways to deal with the reasons people resort to violence and leave the decent, law-abiding citizen alone, and protected. We don't own guns ONLY for self defense, we love the shooting sports and we truly believe an armed citizenry is a road block to tyranny.
Nedra Paul
Nedra Paul 22 kun oldin
Why am i watching this. Im not American, and the last thing i need is other peoples problems
BLACK PIG 22 kun oldin
They have lesbians in there cause its normal okay??? Oh and one of them is black
Henryk Zając
Henryk Zając 25 kun oldin
So in conclusion, USA can't be disarmed, because too many people has a gun, and it would be too difficult and too expensive to take them back.
Lr Miner
Lr Miner 26 kun oldin
Here in England we don't have guns. We have sarcasm and tea
LowModulation 20 kun oldin
You mean beatings, stabbings and car rammings.
Pinkpanda73 27 kun oldin
17:24-18:22 is, by far, the most powerful moment in the series.
max Williams
max Williams 28 kun oldin
5:07 does anybody else notice it adds up to 101%
Mind Flux
Mind Flux Soat oldin
There's this mathematical concept called rounding.
Broo2 28 kun oldin
WTF was this worthless bullshit? Second Amendment. -and it is mostly Democrats committing gun crimes!
kombinant 29 kun oldin
The funniest (or the saddest) thing is even if all these 'pro-ban'/'pro-control' activist got their wish, it wouldn't change much. There's too many guns in the US and gun-culture is too deep routed. Maybe it'd be better if the 2nd amendment never existed, but you can't turn back time. Media never wants to talk about real solutions, deaths and attacks are only used as a political tool. There's no morality in this.
I’m lucky I’m British no offence
Nick Bolzern
Nick Bolzern Oy oldin
I would have liked to see swiss gun laws and gun culture being used as a role model. I really think america could learn a lot from switzerland. (absolutely love the USA tho 🇺🇸)
who thinks the video was over 6:54
E RA Oy oldin
I lika that in the opening someone always says hi to adam back. So nice.
simon pukki
simon pukki Oy oldin
The Black panthers also killed many many police officers
Maestrul Gamer
Even the guns have guns in S.U.A.?
Maestrul Gamer
2:42-Just ban the sale of ammunition.Withought ammo,the fire weapons become useless.
Maria M
Maria M Oy oldin
In England we have gun control and gun violence is rare
LowModulation 20 kun oldin
Yeah but violence is not, you have tons of stabbings. You have 3.8% of the gun ownership per capita of the USA but you have 22.8% of the murders. I guess it's not the guns, is it, love?
Pedro Pinheiro Augusto
The US has a anachronic constitutional bill. Face it: it was written in a napkin during brunch, 200 years ago.
Sgt Cake
Sgt Cake Oy oldin
America you are lost...so much talk about racism...so many guns...so many criminals....your society is rotten from the inside.. Trump winning didn't surprise me
waxpants Oy oldin
funny how the citys with highest gun control have highest gun deaths its all most like criminals dont care about gun control
David Hill
David Hill Oy oldin
I guess the question is how can we keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them ?
Pink Magic Ali
I’m from Australia and honestly it’s the Attitude that’s different. Until the attitude changes the way they are used nothing will change.
AnHeC Oy oldin
Yeah. USA is NOTHING like Australia a) not all guns were band. Gun ownership is actually higher right now then it waw when they introduced 'the ban' b) 90% of gun murder is done with illegall weapons. Delegilizing guns does 0 to change it c) culture is the problem. Gangs are rife and there is gangsta culture d) look at UK and their recent knife crime problem. The problem isn't the weapon but the PEOPLE who want to murder. They will find a way. Now UK is thinking about banning sharp tipped knives (no joke). Yeah. The problem are the shitty people with shitty culture. I don't care about your skin color. I care about who you are. And if you are a gang member then you are a low life.
Simon Cohen
Simon Cohen Oy oldin
How does the second amendment not guarantee an individuals right to bear arms? "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The wording overtly states "the right of the people"... The founding fathers fundamentally believed that rights originate from an individualized context, thats the whole point of the constitution right? Outline rights that must fundamentally be protected for every individual. So at what point does the 2nd amendment become about guaranteeing the militia's rights as a group, and not actually the individuals within it. A militia couldnt exist without the individuals who comprise it.
Artificial Idiot
Someone: I have a gun (proceeds to take a tissue out) Police *OI* You! Don't pull your gun out! Do you have a license? Someone: Ya Police: do not pull it out. Don't pull it out Someone: I'm no pu- *BANG* Police: I told you to not pull it out you Mather fucker. Now go to hell.
Artificial Idiot
Anyone noticed that only professors, scientist... Agree with Adam?
Artificial Idiot
Lmao government wants to clear out guns but doesn't stop guns from being made. First of all, if guns are out of stock, government can force all the residents to open the door for the government to check the house. It's slow but it's better. You can keep selling guns, but the owners of the gun will keep buying if you keep confiscating.
Janusha Oy oldin
Both sides of this debate are deeply entrenched in american bullshit.
Janusha Oy oldin
There isnt a SINGLE WORD in the constitution saying americans have the right to own or carry guns. Not since the NRA simply decided to interpret it like that. But there is NOTHING except peoples faith and belief. In reality police will shoot you dead or take your gun if they see you have one. Even in your own god damn house.
Michael Song
Michael Song Oy oldin
Actually, I'm not all that interested in "feeling safe". I already feel safe. I just want to own guns, because having that much power with me feels good. The very fact that I have the power to point at something and kill it with impunity feels damn good. Not that I am going to go out and start killing things, but having it feels good. Of course, I'm never going to say that in public, since that'll be counterproductive against what I want.
Michael Song
Michael Song Oy oldin
People can't seem to differentiate between racism and racial profiling. If there's solid evidence supporting that certain ethnic group (such as black panther era) is carrying gun illegally, then that's racial profiling. If done without any kind of evidence, then that's racism. For example, gov may indicate that poor people in particular area are carrying guns illegally. But if those certain areas are full of black people, then the black people yell out "racism".
Daxter69 Oy oldin
liberals be like
Mike Clarkin
Mike Clarkin Oy oldin
How does this not have 18 million views, not 180,000? When that's the case - USA will be on the right track.
AnHeC Oy oldin
You mean brainwashed with lies? Because this video mostly contains lies, half-truths and idiocy. 90% of gun homicides is commited with ILLEGAL handguns. DEMOCRATS are the ones banning guns in the cities they have power in. Cases they bring up of 'innocend blacks being punished' are plain lies. It's so poorly made I'm shocked there is a single person who bought into it.
gold is real real
Damn us Canadians have guns but we cant have full atuo banana clips hand guns ect but I cant just go get a gun I need to get a license and I cant carry them just used for hunting
Cypher Polybius
More people should listen to Adam!
AnHeC Oy oldin
I agree. Then they would see how stupid lies are perpetuated. This video is a study in lies and dishonesty (like all his videos)
Ellen Stratford
happy i live in australia
neil nelson
neil nelson Oy oldin
comparing this video and the comment section shows Americans love to be misled than face the actual reality of their environment
mikael englund
mikael englund 2 oy oldin
Wait if the constitution don't speak about individual right to own guns, who's right is it, the government? They just escaped the tyranny of the British, of course the militia they talked about was not a one ruled by the government. Also the other rights like freedom of speech, is tgat granted to individuals if so why?
Bian Chang
Bian Chang 2 oy oldin
Wow. Hmmm. Lets see some form of discriminatory actions towards the people of a non light skinned colour, followed by sweeping such actions under the carpet, AND then arguing about it as if it didnt affect said people of colour. So whats new.
Junjun Agbayani
Junjun Agbayani 2 oy oldin
Brennan in Adam Ruins Everything. Yay!
Mannen OP
Mannen OP 2 oy oldin
is it just me, or do Adam have the most beatable face in the world.
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen 2 oy oldin
With 40 million more guns then people in yankeeland, the u.s.a need gun control.
DJ Samson
DJ Samson 2 oy oldin
'merica's fucked
partya11night20 2 oy oldin
Race card played offensively hard
Melissa Askew
Melissa Askew Oy oldin
The scary thing is it's not a race card, it's a horrible reality in America- we just don't see it first hand so we never know.
jackzter04 gaming
Hi doris
Lottie Houston
Lottie Houston 2 oy oldin
They didn’t say anything about the free breakfast programs set up by the black panthers to help kids concentrate at school or the free health clinics that was set up by them and that the black panthers where mostly lead by women and where supported by middle class whites who donated to programs like the ones that I mentioned earlier.
Bill Kong
Bill Kong 2 oy oldin
This was somewhat less stupid than I expected. Good job.
Rawen1982 2 oy oldin
There are no quick fixes for the US on this issue, the country is too sick and too far gone when it comes to guns for that. But however gradual solutions need to be found and implemented. The situation is already unacceptable and it's only going to get worse. Yet all a disturbing number of gun owners do when there's another mass shooting or the huge problems with gun deaths and violence is brought up is worry mostly about their oh so precious guns.
Mika Morgan
Mika Morgan 2 oy oldin
God bless Australia 🇦🇺🔫
Matt Lacdao
Matt Lacdao 2 oy oldin
Messed up man~
jackzter04 gaming
The pepper rifle
jackzter04 gaming
Ban assault weapons fine iĺl get me sniper
zookeeperchris 2 oy oldin
One day I wanna see one of these scenes where Adam introduces an expert as a picture and all the people he's talking to then scream out of fear of the talking picture
novabus boy
novabus boy 2 oy oldin
this is america don't got you catch slippin
MozkoŽrout 2 oy oldin
I think we have here awesome laws for gun control. They are strict enough to protect against gun violance but also made so they won't bully gun owners too much. There are 5 types of gun license - for collectors, sporstmen, hunters, for work that requires guns, and finally for self protection. There are also 4 gun categories. And every category of gun license allows you to buy and use certain guns and ammo from different category of weapons. To get a gun license on needs to undergo a background check and a psychological examination and to get desired category of gun license he needs to pass tests that are theoretical, and practical like shooting at target and prooving that you can handle the respective weapon you'll be using with that gun license. Only cathegory E allows concieled carry. Otherwise weapons needs to be transported unloaded and hidden.
MozkoŽrout 2 oy oldin
Very nice and informative video but why there that white guit thing again ? Yes americans were racist in the past and that is just it. I don't see how black people should be some special group in this debate regarding gun rights. In the past people were racist and were finding various excuses to mistreat black people including gun laws. Why did there have to be that example with the black guy getting shot by a police officer ? He was racist and found a reason to kill him easy as that. This stuff however isn't really problem today so why should it be relevant. Why is the black woman in the video so hurt like it all happened to her and all others are so sorry like they oppressed her or something. If you don't want to be racist you should treat everyperson the same, ignore that there is a difference in skin colour. I don't understand how was this neccessary. And the sad music and all Jesus....
PonyoNoodles 2 oy oldin
"Hi, Adam, I'm Doris!" 😂
Kaizoku 2 oy oldin
15:20 man barely watched that white guilt.
Ya boy Jesse games
we in Australia NSW we use rifles
Plays Eric
Plays Eric 2 oy oldin
Ah yes:the reason why we need a new president
Snifey 2 oy oldin
I can't find fair use
Rockyfrijolito 2 oy oldin
The US is quite a weird place. In other places, calling someone by their skin color is just a nickname, not some kind of weird racist name
Cuculainn 2 oy oldin
Raph looks like a badass
Sloppy Toons
Sloppy Toons 2 oy oldin
Australian gun lawas quietly are becoming less restrictive and gun violence is slowly going up, Sydney had two gun related terror attacks I can think of, on top of my head in the past years. I think the recent wave of US shootings keeps Urban Australians smug, but I think laws are slowly loosening thanks to the too much influence Bob Katter and his racist buddies have.
Itslvle 2 oy oldin
Yes, I'm sure that if the black panthers were a 100% white organisation with the message "We're going to walk around with our guns out to shoot bad guys and especially shoot evil cops", no one would have batted an eye. Yep, totally racist.
Jan Kubát
Jan Kubát 2 oy oldin
You don't need gun laws, or guns. You need to stop being assholes and start behaving human. Pass laws against being a cunt and your problems go away.
Definitely Derek
Definitely Derek 2 oy oldin
Donna's yams? Do you mean Donna's sweet potatoes?
Kai Sea
Kai Sea 2 oy oldin
America can at least require background checks and registration for all guns at the national level. Australia has *more* guns now than we did before the buyback. It's just that they're all registered and the owner has to take responsibility when a piece goes missing. Every time a gun is sold or changes hands, the government has to know about it. Automatic weapons are banned because while handguns are responsible for the most deaths, handguns can't really be used effectively in mass shootings. This at least eliminates the fear surrounding schools and public spaces. Requiring everyone to register their guns would mean that there would be no need to stop people in the streets. Just to ask for a gun license. The racism can't be solved with these methods but if they are implemented at the national level then it at least helps. America's racism runs far too deep to solve with one movement, it needs to be across the board. America needs better trained and better vetted cops, with stronger penalties for misconduct, abolish for-profit prisons (as we also should) and implement stronger protections for minorities (ditto) as well as allocate more funding to pro-bono representation, abolish plea deals, have emergency hotlines (we had one for Indigenous people in custody) and better welfare and mental health intervention to help stop the school to prison pipeline. This is something Australia needs to work on as well, our advantage is that Australia is much smaller. Imho America is just too big to effectively govern and would be better off being about three separate countries. Complaining about how difficult it is helps no one. Something needs to be done. Then maybe you all can give us some ideas on how to solve our refugee crisis and offshore processing human rights violations.
Rosa Fitz
Rosa Fitz 2 oy oldin
Never disarm the working class!
Fallout boy Ne2
Fallout boy Ne2 2 oy oldin
No black people think evry thing is raised
David Kis
David Kis 2 oy oldin
The amout of crazy hillybilly americans in the comments is overwhelming
Fares Aouadi
Fares Aouadi 2 oy oldin
NRA bought Adam . too bad
James Anderson
James Anderson 2 oy oldin
5:07 that moment when ur percentages add up to 101%
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 oy oldin
Also, it is an amendment, or "a change or addition to a legal or statutory document" meaning it can be changed again.
Chris Forsyth
Chris Forsyth 2 oy oldin
You can learn a lot more about the US from this comment thread than you can from the episode...
AnHeC Oy oldin
Yes. Apparently some people are not stupid enough to go with Adam's lies and half truths. It gives me hope not everyone is that dumb.
Ravenofthedog 2 oy oldin
Got to love all the NRA members responding to the video with “history”
To The Truth And Beyond
The last part is a crock of shit.
Anna Kulcsar
Anna Kulcsar 2 oy oldin
Thank goodness the comment section isn’t Hamilton fans freaking out about Adam mentioning Alexander Hamilton
theawasomwill 2 oy oldin
He says 97 or 93 gun deaths a day but that stat includes suicides and accidental death
Rockin RodZilla
Rockin RodZilla 2 oy oldin
adam ruined his own show with social justice. haha
ChikaCherry / Artist of Trash
Petty people offended over the truth
Hangfire-13 2 oy oldin
*Left wing, liberal Democrats want to take away Second Amendment rights incrementally. Little by little, much like the frog in the frying pan where the heat is turned up at a very slow pace.*
TheScriptMage 2 oy oldin
here in australia only police own guns and if you want to own a gun you have to live on a farm (to stop foxes etc...) and go through extensive training and psychological evaluation.
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
Australians all let us rejoice…
Rei 2 oy oldin
America really needs to start limiting how many guns a person can legally own.
z lariviere20
z lariviere20 2 oy oldin
pure propaganda
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 2 oy oldin
I don't know why so many people hate this one episode so much. If anyone can explain why, I'd really appreciate it.
Bradley Rose
Bradley Rose 2 oy oldin
FFS, America might have 84 times the amount of guns that we here in Australia have but it also has over 100 times our population so as a proportion we had larger ownership, that means it's cheaper on the government to buy back AND even at market rates guns are and were always cheaper in America so that whole point is invalid.
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