Adam Ruins Everything S03E01 Adam Ruins Guns

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Adam Conover explores ideas many people take for granted and dispels widespread misconceptions



5-Dek, 2018

Adam Ruins EverythingAdam Ruins Everything S03E01



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Mannen OP
Mannen OP Kun oldin
is it just me, or do Adam have the most beatable face in the world.
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen 2 kun oldin
With 40 million more guns then people in yankeeland, the u.s.a need gun control.
DJ Samson
DJ Samson 2 kun oldin
'merica's fucked
partya11night20 3 kun oldin
Race card played offensively hard
jackzter04 gaming
jackzter04 gaming 3 kun oldin
Hi doris
Lottie Houston
Lottie Houston 4 kun oldin
They didn’t say anything about the free breakfast programs set up by the black panthers to help kids concentrate at school or the free health clinics that was set up by them and that the black panthers where mostly lead by women and where supported by middle class whites who donated to programs like the ones that I mentioned earlier.
Bill Kong
Bill Kong 4 kun oldin
This was somewhat less stupid than I expected. Good job.
Rawen1982 5 kun oldin
There are no quick fixes for the US on this issue, the country is too sick and too far gone when it comes to guns for that. But however gradual solutions need to be found and implemented. The situation is already unacceptable and it's only going to get worse. Yet all a disturbing number of gun owners do when there's another mass shooting or the huge problems with gun deaths and violence is brought up is worry mostly about their oh so precious guns.
Mika Morgan
Mika Morgan 6 kun oldin
God bless Australia 🇦🇺🔫
Matt Lacdao
Matt Lacdao 7 kun oldin
Messed up man~
jackzter04 gaming
jackzter04 gaming 7 kun oldin
The pepper rifle
jackzter04 gaming
jackzter04 gaming 7 kun oldin
Ban assault weapons fine iĺl get me sniper
zookeeperchris 7 kun oldin
One day I wanna see one of these scenes where Adam introduces an expert as a picture and all the people he's talking to then scream out of fear of the talking picture
novabus boy
novabus boy 8 kun oldin
this is america don't got you catch slippin
MozkoŽrout 8 kun oldin
I think we have here awesome laws for gun control. They are strict enough to protect against gun violance but also made so they won't bully gun owners too much. There are 5 types of gun license - for collectors, sporstmen, hunters, for work that requires guns, and finally for self protection. There are also 4 gun categories. And every category of gun license allows you to buy and use certain guns and ammo from different category of weapons. To get a gun license on needs to undergo a background check and a psychological examination and to get desired category of gun license he needs to pass tests that are theoretical, and practical like shooting at target and prooving that you can handle the respective weapon you'll be using with that gun license. Only cathegory E allows concieled carry. Otherwise weapons needs to be transported unloaded and hidden.
MozkoŽrout 8 kun oldin
Very nice and informative video but why there that white guit thing again ? Yes americans were racist in the past and that is just it. I don't see how black people should be some special group in this debate regarding gun rights. In the past people were racist and were finding various excuses to mistreat black people including gun laws. Why did there have to be that example with the black guy getting shot by a police officer ? He was racist and found a reason to kill him easy as that. This stuff however isn't really problem today so why should it be relevant. Why is the black woman in the video so hurt like it all happened to her and all others are so sorry like they oppressed her or something. If you don't want to be racist you should treat everyperson the same, ignore that there is a difference in skin colour. I don't understand how was this neccessary. And the sad music and all Jesus....
PonyoNoodles 9 kun oldin
"Hi, Adam, I'm Doris!" 😂
Kaizoku 10 kun oldin
15:20 man barely watched that white guilt.
It’s the Kelbergs
It’s the Kelbergs 11 kun oldin
we in Australia NSW we use rifles
Plays Eric
Plays Eric 12 kun oldin
Ah yes:the reason why we need a new president
Snifey 12 kun oldin
I can't find fair use
Rockyfrijolito 13 kun oldin
The US is quite a weird place. In other places, calling someone by their skin color is just a nickname, not some kind of weird racist name
Cuculainn 13 kun oldin
Raph looks like a badass
Sloppy Toons
Sloppy Toons 13 kun oldin
Australian gun lawas quietly are becoming less restrictive and gun violence is slowly going up, Sydney had two gun related terror attacks I can think of, on top of my head in the past years. I think the recent wave of US shootings keeps Urban Australians smug, but I think laws are slowly loosening thanks to the too much influence Bob Katter and his racist buddies have.
Itslvle 14 kun oldin
Yes, I'm sure that if the black panthers were a 100% white organisation with the message "We're going to walk around with our guns out to shoot bad guys and especially shoot evil cops", no one would have batted an eye. Yep, totally racist.
Jan Kubát
Jan Kubát 14 kun oldin
You don't need gun laws, or guns. You need to stop being assholes and start behaving human. Pass laws against being a cunt and your problems go away.
Definitely Derek
Definitely Derek 15 kun oldin
Donna's yams? Do you mean Donna's sweet potatoes?
Kai Sea
Kai Sea 15 kun oldin
America can at least require background checks and registration for all guns at the national level. Australia has *more* guns now than we did before the buyback. It's just that they're all registered and the owner has to take responsibility when a piece goes missing. Every time a gun is sold or changes hands, the government has to know about it. Automatic weapons are banned because while handguns are responsible for the most deaths, handguns can't really be used effectively in mass shootings. This at least eliminates the fear surrounding schools and public spaces. Requiring everyone to register their guns would mean that there would be no need to stop people in the streets. Just to ask for a gun license. The racism can't be solved with these methods but if they are implemented at the national level then it at least helps. America's racism runs far too deep to solve with one movement, it needs to be across the board. America needs better trained and better vetted cops, with stronger penalties for misconduct, abolish for-profit prisons (as we also should) and implement stronger protections for minorities (ditto) as well as allocate more funding to pro-bono representation, abolish plea deals, have emergency hotlines (we had one for Indigenous people in custody) and better welfare and mental health intervention to help stop the school to prison pipeline. This is something Australia needs to work on as well, our advantage is that Australia is much smaller. Imho America is just too big to effectively govern and would be better off being about three separate countries. Complaining about how difficult it is helps no one. Something needs to be done. Then maybe you all can give us some ideas on how to solve our refugee crisis and offshore processing human rights violations.
Brittany Fitzgerald
Brittany Fitzgerald 15 kun oldin
Never disarm the working class!
Fallout boy Ne2
Fallout boy Ne2 15 kun oldin
No black people think evry thing is raised
David Kis
David Kis 15 kun oldin
The amout of crazy hillybilly americans in the comments is overwhelming
Fares Aouadi
Fares Aouadi 15 kun oldin
NRA bought Adam . too bad
James Anderson
James Anderson 15 kun oldin
5:07 that moment when ur percentages add up to 101%
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 15 kun oldin
Also, it is an amendment, or "a change or addition to a legal or statutory document" meaning it can be changed again.
Chris Forsyth
Chris Forsyth 15 kun oldin
You can learn a lot more about the US from this comment thread than you can from the episode...
Ravenofthedog 15 kun oldin
Got to love all the NRA members responding to the video with “history”
To The Truth And Beyond
The last part is a crock of shit.
Anna Kulcsar
Anna Kulcsar 15 kun oldin
Thank goodness the comment section isn’t Hamilton fans freaking out about Adam mentioning Alexander Hamilton
theawasomwill 15 kun oldin
He says 97 or 93 gun deaths a day but that stat includes suicides and accidental death
Rockin RodZilla
Rockin RodZilla 15 kun oldin
adam ruined his own show with social justice. haha
ChikaCherry / Artist of Trash
Petty people offended over the truth
Zelnyair 16 kun oldin
I think the biggest problem is the marketing.
Hangfire-13 16 kun oldin
*Left wing, liberal Democrats want to take away Second Amendment rights incrementally. Little by little, much like the frog in the frying pan where the heat is turned up at a very slow pace.*
Xander Kakris
Xander Kakris 16 kun oldin
here in australia only police own guns and if you want to own a gun you have to live on a farm (to stop foxes etc...) and go through extensive training and psychological evaluation.
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
Australians all let us rejoice…
Rei 16 kun oldin
America really needs to start limiting how many guns a person can legally own.
z lariviere20
z lariviere20 16 kun oldin
pure propaganda
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 16 kun oldin
I don't know why so many people hate this one episode so much. If anyone can explain why, I'd really appreciate it.
Bradley Rose
Bradley Rose 16 kun oldin
FFS, America might have 84 times the amount of guns that we here in Australia have but it also has over 100 times our population so as a proportion we had larger ownership, that means it's cheaper on the government to buy back AND even at market rates guns are and were always cheaper in America so that whole point is invalid.
Nokkad 16 kun oldin
Yeah, they completely fabricated the narrative in the Marissa Alexander case. It's not a stand your ground case when you leave, retrieve a gun, and come back. Warning shots are also incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.
LAW LAW 16 kun oldin
I think the law professor needs to spend a little time with the Federalist Papers. I am not giving up my right to bear arms IDGAF what law is passed. You want my guns #MOLONLABE!
Jacob Hutchings
Jacob Hutchings 17 kun oldin
This video is full of stupid library liberals
Andy Reddson
Andy Reddson 17 kun oldin
Assault Weapons were banned. In 1986. By Reagan. With the NRA's blessing. Ya. That happened. (blog.cheaperthandirt.com/today-in-history-the-hughes-amendment/ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firearm_Owners_Protection_Act#Ban_on_new_automatic_firearms uzvid.com/video/video-a6Mx2UcSEvQ.html) Compulsary buybacks are NOT voluntary. (And dishonest claims to the contrary notwithstanding, "a good price" is NOT offered; it's generally been 25% of fair market value. The Aussie saying "full market value was a flat out lie.) "66% support stronger laws" was based on a biased sample group. (Actually SEVERAL biased sample groups.) No large scale double blind study has ever been conducted. "93 people die every day if gun violence" is not an appropriate stat to invoke; 62 are suicides, and as Australia proves, denial of guns does NOT result in fewer suicides. (theconversation.com/factcheck-qanda-did-government-gun-buybacks-reduce-the-number-of-gun-deaths-in-australia-85836) Unfortunately my smartphone locked up at this point. But I will be sharing this to one of the lesser known masteos of the feild. ("Brace for impact.")
Matthew Gilliland
Matthew Gilliland 17 kun oldin
Guns were impractical for home defense? We won the country with guns! That's why America is here in the first place.
Matthew Gilliland
Matthew Gilliland 17 kun oldin
+Tailos, le Maître Chasseur valid point
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
There is a big différents to attack a army and defend a Home alone. like for the guns we must ave a infantry group one line to chut et one line to recharge, alone it's more easier with swords.
Ricardo Compere
Ricardo Compere 17 kun oldin
how come theres no bullet proof vest on sale
Ricardo Compere
Ricardo Compere 17 kun oldin
is any one else confuse how guns are protection honestly there more of threats
Dwight Littlefield
Dwight Littlefield 17 kun oldin
More anti-white, anti-gun, Liberal bullshit.
Dwight Littlefield
Dwight Littlefield 17 kun oldin
+Tailos, le Maître Chasseur ?
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
So stop to be AHs.
Ken Frank
Ken Frank 17 kun oldin
Did that lady say that approximately 60% of gun deaths are suicides? I never thought it was a good stat to lump suicides in with gun violence stats. Suicides are an individual’s choice to end their life - on their own terms - because religious groups pressure the government to not support euthanasia. They are basically saying by this that the Individual’s choice doesn’t count in the most important decision anyone can ever make because ‘God’ says it’s wrong to take a life. I say it’s wrong to deny someone in pain - mental or physical- to deny them the right to make their own decisions. Which is why lumping in gun suicides with regular gun violence throws the true number of gun violence acts out of whack.
Overcharge 683
Overcharge 683 17 kun oldin
Steven Crowder taught me that context is important, so I looked up the Philando Castile case. www.cnn.com/2017/06/20/us/philando-castile-shooting-dashcam/index.html Turns out that Yanez (the officer who killed Castile) smelled Marijuana coming from Castile's car, which is why he stopped him. Apparently the reason Castile, was shot was because he was reaching for something in his pocket, and the thing in his grip seemed "larger than a wallet". I do believe that Yanez was a bit to quick to pull the trigger and that he made a hasty decision, but he tried to be as rational as possible in this situation and Castile reaching for something in his pocket, in the dark no less, did not help the situation.
Magic_Zach 17 kun oldin
I was waiting for Adam to approach the topic of hunting. What are we going to use, bow and arrows?
Charles Martel - GDL
Ban urban blacks.
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 17 kun oldin
"common sense gun control" is all smoke and mirrors. 90% of it is just visual things
Flappy Jacks
Flappy Jacks 18 kun oldin
Gun control ain’t working in Chicago
Dennis Henson
Dennis Henson 18 kun oldin
blacks are crooks
DonaId J. Trump
DonaId J. Trump 17 kun oldin
+Tailos, le Maître Chasseur You mean facts vs feels...and it's choices, choices, ya' cheese eating, surrender monkey! By 'experts' do you mean Brad Heath from USA today, liberal activist James Forman Jr. or all the quotes taken from the Times and the Post? Experts or leftist pundits?? The site to view their 'complete sources' page doesn't even work ffs - www.adamruinseverything.com/guns Sorry if I woke you, I didn't realize you were fast asleep...
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
Adam's experts vs a UZvidr in a room...chooses chooses.
sure, maybe idk, ok fine.
Just another show with liberal propaganda and race baiting. It's 2019 guy's
George Washington
George Washington 18 kun oldin
Blunt object kill more people than guns
sure, maybe idk, ok fine.
Lets just ban ppl.
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski 18 kun oldin
Don't forget that black panthers were terrorists.
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski 16 kun oldin
+Tailos, le Maître Chasseur I don't care about white in SA, I'm pole, they're boer(dutch). Just like I don't care about chinese, or ethiopians. They are them, I am not one of them. There is no such a thing as "white man". The only reason why there is such indentity in the first place is because of USA, in which, there are people who think it matters, what is the color of your skin. To me, no matter if you are black or white or asian, if you identify as American, that is your real identity. There is no such thing as racial identity, unless, you are racist. If you identify as white or black, or yellow or whatever, that makes you, in fact, racist. I am not racist, I do base my identity upon nation I live in. You can call me nationalist, if you want, but I don't have any reason to support other people who you would call "white". But neither I have a reason to care about people who you would call "black" For example, I don't like germans very much. But it doesn't matter to me, if a germans has black skin, or white skin, he is german all the same to me. IE to me, racial identity doesn't matter at all. It is you who care. I care about facts. And fact is, black panthers, and Nelson Mandela were both terrorist.
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
+Jan Sitkowski Robotic process automation ? And the White in SA are they better ?
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski 16 kun oldin
+Tailos, le Maître Chasseur Pacifist that created militias in RPA? Bitch please.
Tailos, le Maître Chasseur
+Jan Sitkowski He was a pacifist too and the US call his terrorist for nothing, he was a true hero !
Jan Sitkowski
Jan Sitkowski 16 kun oldin
​+Tailos, le Maître Chasseur I was not sarcastic about nelson mandela being terrorist thou. It's known fact tbh. Althou, I never said that every terrorist has to be a bad person, but terrorism is ussualy misguided. Just like Gavriło Princip, was a terrorist, and a member of Black Hand, but IMHO he was a hero to all the opressed people of europe, because he ignited the flames of world war II, which allowed the nations in europe to experience their independence. Doesn't change the fact that he was terrorist, who killed an innocent person.
kinkarcana1293 18 kun oldin
At least this was kind of a nuanced opinion.
Wesley ewert
Wesley ewert 18 kun oldin
Personally I think the 2nd amendment is supporting genetic modification in that everyone has the right to bear arms
Danger Gamer
Danger Gamer 19 kun oldin
Thanks for pirating a video so we can see it but I guess this videos going to be taken down soon
Nick Igo
Nick Igo 19 kun oldin
You can't get rid of guns from the people who are using them for ilegal purposes cause they are already breaking the law why would that stop the bad people from using guns all your doing is leaving the people defenseless that don't use them ilegaly a example is Mexico I use to live in Mexico when I was a new born but my parents moved because of all the murders. You be racist and say it's due to them being black but all the killers where mostly white who moved to Mexico to kill people. You might ask why and the reason is that those people they killed couldn't protect themselves cause they didn't have a gun to fight back. Evan if you could take the wepons from the killers they just get a something like a rock if you took everything else for them to use truth is guns control is a wonderful gift to all the people who want to make you dead
Zachary Marentette
Zachary Marentette 19 kun oldin
Let's do some analysis of the second amendment shall we. "A well regulated militia," this is the only place where there could be context of military in the amendment. And I'd agree that this in its era meant a military. "being neccessary to the security of a free state," this is the description of the topic of the militia, nothing about them baring arms here like suggested. (And why would a government need to affirm it's own right to gather and maintain a military with arms.) "The right of the people" This is a new topic meaning any description afterwards now goes to the topic of the people instead if the military. "to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." This is where arms are mentioned and it's as a description to the topic that is now the people. Overall the sentence looks to be a statement that begins with an explanation of a problem (that a military is a neccessary evil) and follows up with a declaration that solves said problem (that the citizens should be allowed guns to check the government and it's military when the time comes.) Need an example? Founding Father James Madison during his presidency permitted a private ship owner to carry cannon artillery on his ships to defend against potential pirates.
Roberto Curtu
Roberto Curtu 19 kun oldin
The first 6 minuts were true, but after that this becomes a dishonest, propaganda enduced, liberal lie.
tetsuo strider
tetsuo strider 19 kun oldin
so many lies in this video.
Idgarad Lyracant
Idgarad Lyracant 19 kun oldin
300 million in circulation... lol... your are low balling that. If you took the sales figures for non-government purchases from 1977 to 2018 there is at least... at least a total of 500 million+ guns, not counting any in circulation prior to 1977. Even if 50% of guns sold vanish into the trash there is a hell of a lot more then 300 million in circulation in the USA. I think his numbers are a bit off. My best estimate is closer to 800 million at the top end and 600 million at the low end, just based on sales and manufacturing data. He's short at least 100 million if we assume 50% of NICS applicants actually purchase a gun.
TheRealEng & Magnapinna Boi
Man i wish i had a vector But sg lol
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson 20 kun oldin
So gun control is bad and there shouldn't be gun control?
Magnus Greel
Magnus Greel 20 kun oldin
Pcuspard 20 kun oldin
ngl I want the pepper rifle for the novelty of it
lordofdarkdudes 20 kun oldin
Sire/mam please step away from the comment section
Kirk Matthews
Kirk Matthews 20 kun oldin
I’m sorry but gun control laws today aren’t meant to target black people. That’s so ignorant.
Jeremy Ehney
Jeremy Ehney 20 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-ZEWJIHuD1uI.html How bout get ur fact right liveral tv
Harrison Morse
Harrison Morse 20 kun oldin
sometimes i wonder the length to which laws like gun control can even work. People are fine with having cameras in public areas until they see those cameras watching them. If the government wanted to stop crime, then why wouldn't they implant a microchip in your brain at birth that penalized you for pondering an illegal act. People wouldn't like it, they'd say its because it's an invasion of privacy. In reality, it's accountability to the highest degree - and no human ever actually feels accountable unless it's for something good. That's why they don't like it. Because nobody can blame themselves. So i wonder where telling other people the rules will end, and we'll be free to govern ourselves.
John Rice
John Rice 20 kun oldin
NRA is crap, GOA, gun owners association is gaining traction.
Connor Lonergan
Connor Lonergan 20 kun oldin
*Reads comment section* Yep even when Adam does and episodes trying to show the flaws of both sides of the debate this place becomes a salt mine
Blu Dude
Blu Dude 20 kun oldin
Adam ruins everything, including his credibility. This is complete shit.
andyt2k 20 kun oldin
This is why the second amendment was the dumbest law ever created
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 20 kun oldin
Blatant lies at 17:00 Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 3 YEARS HOUSE ARREST and she wasn't standing her ground. She ran away, ran into her garage, grabbed a gun then ran back into her house and started shooting at her husband, that's not standing your ground. Yeah Philando Castille told the police he had a gun, but he grabbed it after being told 3 TIMES NOT TO. Blacks don't want equality, they want special treatment.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 20 kun oldin
Just more PC liberal lies, the founding fathers didn't have gun control laws. No they didn't think of AR15's, but they also didn't think of twitter when writing the 1st amendment. The 2nd amendment was created to allow citizens to protect themselves from government overreach The 2nd amendment clearly says the right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, meaning any gun control law is unconstitutional. Most inner city gun violence is unregistered gun owners and blacks are more likely to suffer from gun violence because blacks commit more gun violence. Chicago has the strictest gun violence and guns are completely banned in Chicago, explain that liberals.
Fam Ryan
Fam Ryan 20 kun oldin
Why does every show have t have a gay or lesbian couple?
sirskeptic 20 kun oldin
Not black *people* but black *men.* Black women are shot and arrested at lower rates than white men. There appears to be a 17% bias against blacks in US courts but a 60% bias against men. Same crime, same district, 60% higher sentence. Odd they didn't mention that.
newbrandomness 21 kun oldin
castile was not a good example...
Nameless Resource
Nameless Resource 21 kun oldin
It was really good until the condescending bit 13 minutes in.
Elizabeth Su
Elizabeth Su 21 kun oldin
I swear some of the people in the comments section didn't even watch the video
Amanda Sultuska
Amanda Sultuska 21 kun oldin
Thank you.
Conner Grabinsky
Conner Grabinsky 21 kun oldin
AwesomeDragonPig 27
AwesomeDragonPig 27 21 kun oldin
This is so dumb
Team Skuty
Team Skuty 19 kun oldin
Stfu you potato head looking ass home work jams all pussy shit
pforce9 21 kun oldin
An assault weapon is any weapon used against you. If someone hits you with a rock, it is ergo, an "assault rock". The NRA's saying that "When all guns are outlawed, only outlaw's will have guns" is an "A priori synthetic statement" so it has to be true. The solution is that all black people should join the NRA and become a part of their voting membership.