ADDRESS TO THE NATION: President Trump on Border Security, Gov't Shutdown from the Oval Office (FNN)

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President Trump announced that he will address the nation on Tuesday night before traveling later in the week to the U.S.-Mexico border, as he seeks to highlight border security and presses Democrats for wall funding amid the protracted standoff that triggered a partial government shutdown now stretching into its 17th day.
"I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern," Trump tweeted on Monday.
Trump plans to address the nation from the Oval Office, in a first for his presidency.
His travel plans to the border were revealed earlier in a tweet by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.
“President @realDonaldTrump will travel to the Southern border on Thursday to meet with those on the frontlines of the national security and humanitarian crisis. More details will be announced soon,” Sanders tweeted.
A law enforcement source told Fox News that Trump plans to visit the border by McAllen, Texas.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Shane Cheshire
Food has killed more people than undocumented people and U.S Citizen's combined.
Almighty Loaf
Almighty Loaf Oy oldin
Can y'all at least help with my rent 1st?
II II 2 oy oldin
Im a Black American Democrat and I agree with you 100% Mr. Trump.
Chill Nation
Chill Nation 2 oy oldin
Wow! I wonder when these *European emigrants/descent* will address the issue of so called misnomered *African Americans* Who are stereotyped by *law enforcement agents.* How many have died by their hands? Will Trump speak to that? Is the *United States, America?* What's the true purpose of this wall? Who gave *The United States Corporation territorial/Geographical Jurisdiction over America or its land?*
Damon Smith
Damon Smith 2 oy oldin
Get em Trump!!!
fibsernum30 2 oy oldin
The fact that Trump would hold millions in economic hardship just to get his way with his silly, horrendously expensive, wall folly is disgusting, but not surprising. It is surprising, though, that so many so-called conservatives are willing to kiss the pouty jackass's butt and support the wasting of tens of billions of our tax dollars and add even more to the gigantic, soaring Trump national deficit. Any notion that Republicans represent conservative and responsible fiscal policy is a complete joke.
Summer Times
Summer Times 2 oy oldin
Ok whoever wants to build the wall donate 1000 dollars and you will get the wall hopefully if there are enough people who actually like to even pay.
Ellen Perez
Ellen Perez 2 oy oldin
Just because you have different political views than someone doesn’t mean you have to attack them. Stop embarrassing yourselves.
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon 2 oy oldin
Make America great again. Build the Wall today, We Want successful people coming here. Thank you everyone!
Isaac A
Isaac A 2 oy oldin
As a black man, I believe this is common sense and we should not fall trap to the psuedoequality agenda of the left-wing socialists. Build the wall
God Bless President Trump! He's the only President in decades with the courage to get things done.
Brianna Cardona
Brianna Cardona 2 oy oldin
Bro said “ how much more blood do we have to shed before Congress does it’s job “
Conservative Canada & USA
The Whole World should pay for that Wall. Cartels sell it to the Whole World, why only US should pay for it? Where is UN ?
Angela Hite
Angela Hite 2 oy oldin
I THOUGHT MEXICO WAS PAYING FOR THE FUKKEN WALL NOW HES SIDEWAYS EXPLAINING HOW WE WILL BE PAYING FOR IT. I don't giva a damn about the wall going up but I have enough chit to pay for in taxes....its unreal!!
Manuel Caraveo
Manuel Caraveo 2 oy oldin
Does this mean Trump is a terrorist now?
joe Brown
joe Brown 2 oy oldin
The only reason Trump wants the wall so badly is because it will make him even richer. Earlier this year he imposed massive steel tariffs on imported steel. Not he is not only switching from wanting to build the wall in concrete to building it in steel, but he has been reinforcing the idea of a steel wall since this shutdown started. Think that's a coincidence? Because it's not. Trump owns a massive stake in the US steel manufactures that would be making the beams for the wall. He would pocket a massive portion of that 5.7 billion he so badly wants to spend on an ineffective wall. Seriously, if he really wanted to fix border security why not focus on all exploitable areas? Crossing the border in the empty desert where the wall would have an effect is the least used method to cross illegally. The vast majority of illegals come here legally in a plane or through checkpoints.
Raymond Paddy
Raymond Paddy 2 oy oldin
Dang - what's up with the sniffling? Getting into yo kids' coke?
JKDP Pratt
JKDP Pratt 2 oy oldin
President Trump is frustrated with this ridiculous situation, understandably so.
Gerald Dalsin
Gerald Dalsin 2 oy oldin
It is about time to declare our broken southern border a national emergency and secure it. Thanks for taking a stand for us Mr. President!
Grapetown Hound
Grapetown Hound 2 oy oldin
When’s Putin moving into the White House?
Ivy Mora
Ivy Mora 2 oy oldin
rickkoleyahoocom 2 oy oldin
How ridiculous that some people think a 20-foot high wall will not impede the flow of people.
Johnny Fountains
Johnny Fountains 2 oy oldin
America without government is a third world country.
Johnny Fountains
Johnny Fountains 2 oy oldin
I voted for Clinton.
kazenotaima 2 oy oldin
His breathing is annoying af
kazenotaima 2 oy oldin
So many pro trump bots in these comments. Weird paradigm we're in rn
Mike Willams
Mike Willams 2 oy oldin
This is Lucifer reincarnated for sure.
Misty 2 oy oldin
There is nothing that Trump is doing that is wrong. Trolls and the left want us to believe something different. Protecting us from drug smugglers, human trafficking and unnecessary deaths with our police officers is the right thing to do. I would question anyone who says different. Look at our country! Trump didn't make it that way. He is a true PATRIOT and very brave. Nothing or any comment of disrespect will change my opinion of him!!!!
MrSchmolko 2 oy oldin
cant drug smugglers simply throw it over the wall? or do you build a second wall to make sure nobody can come close to the 1st wall?
Misty 2 oy oldin
The democrats are very treasonist to our tax paying citizens, our duly elected President, and our American history and our constitution. Whether you like our history or don't, doesn't give anyone any right to destroy it! Our History may be wrong to you, it may be right, but its our American History. We as a nation are a republic. If you don't understand that then you don't understand our country.
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 2 oy oldin
Keep going Donald!!!
Boaz V
Boaz V 2 oy oldin
This is what happens when you elect a white trash hillbilly as president. You wanna build a wall, build it around these meth cooking, cousin humping, white trash infested trailer parks. Those people have caused more damage to this country than the "bad hombres" have.
Michael Jade
Michael Jade 2 oy oldin
This idiot has no idea of how to govern: impeachment will make America Great Again!
Hainuo1984 2 oy oldin
It's easier to build a wall, when you have a lot of voters that are thick as a brick.
Darth SnowBros
Darth SnowBros 2 oy oldin
It doesn't matter what he said, the left would cry and complain. The left is so sick and insane they would cut off their own faces to spite their face.
Cairoflex Cairoflex
Why hasn't this asshole been assassinated..
Miss Sarah Winterbottom
I always thought Trump had a borderline personality
Kwangmyongsong 4
Kwangmyongsong 4 2 oy oldin
"Without a border, you wouldn't even have a country"
bro care
bro care 2 oy oldin
Love Trump. Doubt he will back down . Remove the treasonous demonrats party. Good ridence
bro care
bro care 2 oy oldin
+MrSchmolko ridiculous is my accuser. Who are you , the spelling police??? You can fuk off jak off.
MrSchmolko 2 oy oldin
ridence???? you inbred trailer dwellers are known to be uneducated, but two mistakes in one word is even more ridiculous.
Fan Stanner
Fan Stanner 2 oy oldin
You are no "fellow" of mine. Walls are built to keep people in as well! You worry about drugs? Then make them legal. Duh. These president idiots just piss time and money away.
*zora *
*zora * 2 oy oldin
Cesar Coelho
Cesar Coelho 2 oy oldin
I thought Mexico was going to pay!!!😂😂
Cesar Coelho
Cesar Coelho 2 oy oldin
Why unlike Obama he has to read?
redfog42 2 oy oldin
...but holding the country to randsome is perfectly OK?
Ben Nava
Ben Nava 2 oy oldin
Lefties congress! Don’t give an inch to this Neo fascist and lying president..lefties congress, you were elected by the people and for the people to check and balance this Neo fascist..He thinks he is a King👎🇲🇽🥊
Vic Carter
Vic Carter 2 oy oldin
God bless you USA patriots! - from Australia!
HolyDragonGuy 2 oy oldin
Obama shuts down the government for a day he was picked on trump does it they praise him
Armand Robotson
Armand Robotson 2 oy oldin
Is he building a wall to prevent Americans from leaving ... Or to prevent Mexicans from entering... Mexicans can easily stop this...pay Mexicans to stay home ... they'll not come and it's cheaper than the wall... If you declare emergency to build a wall....what will you do to build a mall.....shoot down the moon...🤔😐😏
abi T
abi T 2 oy oldin
I would hate to be one those grieving family members having to listen to that degenerate speak about them , God bless them.
Veritas 2 oy oldin
Do you hear America laughing Mr. Trump? You give comedians soooo much material - that is the only thing that makes my head spin. LOLS. I hope people click on the video below.
Veritas 2 oy oldin
The only thing that's my head spin are his empty vile promises and his lack of basic knowledge. He insults even the lowest level of intelligence!
Wendy Ferguson
Wendy Ferguson 2 oy oldin
Veritas 2 oy oldin
Do you hear America laughing Mr. Trump? You give comedians soooo much material. LOLs People, please watch the video below. So many empty promises.
Darlene Ortiz
Darlene Ortiz 2 oy oldin
I agree with the wall, but trump should pay for some of it he has billions and billions of $$!
john milxer
john milxer 2 oy oldin
I'm sorry, I know this is really important and Trump has a very logical point, but *how is he able to inhale so little air through his stuffy nose then be able to say such long sentences? lmao*
golden dragon
golden dragon 2 oy oldin
newsflash...wait a second here...the issue is the MONEY for the wall yes? the funding....how many heads of steel companies does trump know? would it not be possible to get them to donate quantities of steel to the project with a plan foe some kind of rebate after it has been built and is working so they get a percentage of their money back? of course it is possible...he could make use of skilled military personel to build it OR how many patriotic americans would be willing to be a part of it for FREE? WHAT A HUGE REBUKE TO THE ZIONIST ELITE JEWS RUNNING THE DEMS AND WANTING TO RUIN AMERICA FOR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND OUTRIGHT GLOBAL SLAVERY...a gigantic finger in their face given by the common people...the people elites consider sheeple....these wolves would hate that...it would be interesting to see how they might go about thwarting such a project whihbis the will of the people to protect their country from illegal immigrants....america is mostly white....elite jews hate the white race....they want their guns stripped from them...theyy want them killed by gang violence...their women raped and murdered....they want em dying by heroin and other drugs...they want em to fall way under 50% of population...SHOW EM WHAT'S WHAT...ORGANIZE THE WALL BUILT AMONG YOURSELVES....IF TRUMP IS TRULY THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE HE CAN ARRANGE TO GET THIS DONE WITHOUT DEMOCRAT APPROVAL FOR FUNDING
Al Smith
Al Smith 2 oy oldin
can some one buy your president a sleep apnea machine plz...
appletaste coffee
God bless America. Trump 2020.
Al Smith
Al Smith 2 oy oldin
It is clear by these comments that ignorance and a lack of education is running rampant all over the great nazi nation of America. Have none of you ever read a history book? this is fear mongering 101. Shame. Shame. YOU KNOW NOTHING AMERICA!
Viktor Vick
Viktor Vick 2 oy oldin
Thank you...Donald trump is my President
Mary Prelle
Mary Prelle 2 oy oldin
Department of Homeland security needs to be looked into NOW...they lie and let in suspicious persons. Just saying.
Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter
Less government, more wall. ...let's make it a Wipe Out wall! With the punching pistons. I'd watch that.
sickd Meenstreets
We should have like some type of housing for illegals and have them build the wall give them a sense of pride coming in to this country and earn there citizenship. And we can sort out the good from the bad .
Thomas Matlak
Thomas Matlak 2 oy oldin
right on the money all the way around to an finish
poop stick
poop stick 2 oy oldin
So, how is Mexico paying for this again?
Neal Grasteit
Neal Grasteit 2 oy oldin
Please don't give in President Trump, hold your ground. Declare a national emergency you have the right to do so under the constitution and I pray that you do.
Invader6 DarklordCobra66
How come they allow Communist Dems to operate openly that are taking down America? you think that treason would have some type of meaning as well as the Feds raising interest rates to cause an economic collapse that only helps to destroy America like the communist Dems did to America
BBD Design
BBD Design 2 oy oldin
So... what's wrong with that speech?
Joseph Glanzer
Joseph Glanzer 2 oy oldin
Let no wall barrier stop you, keep braking walls to get this wall done!
Raul Dominguez
Raul Dominguez 2 oy oldin
Immigration is part of our community and those who trespass need to pay a fee and stay as conditional residents. They need to pay a good fee and then show good conduct 10 years before citizenship.
Lion Tribe of Judah
Build the wall..also Mexico must do more on their side to prevent illegal migration.
Veritas 2 oy oldin
Give Trumps salary to the furloughed workers instead. He doesn't need it or is it that all his businesses are defunct from his poor management? Two years you had all the balls in your court and your party didn't approve it. Blame them! Shame on the Republicans!
James Mills
James Mills 2 oy oldin
And what was Nancy pelosi's responce ? "No! " I wont support this.
Veritas 2 oy oldin
You had two years with Republicans in the house and senate! Two years and they didn't approve your wall and now you want to blame the democrats? Are you collecting a pay check? Not like you need it!
Louis Betancourt
Louis Betancourt 2 oy oldin
If Americans don't want drugs in their country then perhaps they should stop buying them.
John Leake
John Leake 2 oy oldin
Thank you Mr. President for your address. Now Pelosi and Schumer need to get it done rather than stopping the bill. Pelosi and Schumer are not good for the USA and its citizen's only for themselves.
Reeferquake 2 oy oldin
Notice the flags and the yellow border..the presidents flag had the yellow border too... FLAG Martial Law; "Pursuant to 4 U.S.C. chapter 1, §§1, 2, & 3;Executive Order 10834, August 21, 1959; 24 F.R.6865; a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a YELLOW FRINGE border on three sides. The president of the United States designates this deviation from the regular flag, by executive order, and in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief.
Mike Hamame
Mike Hamame 2 oy oldin
I just don't understand how people can be against this. Hate him or love him he makes sense.
Wet & Wild
Wet & Wild 2 oy oldin
4 walls around trump 2019!!
Argetfire1 2 oy oldin
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" Building a wall is the opposite of what makes our country so unique (and great). Our problems with drugs and crime dont come from outside but from decades of corrupt people too resistant to change.
jim47001 2 oy oldin
President Trump, don't give in. Real Americans want and need this wall.
Dougie Kavanagh
Dougie Kavanagh 2 oy oldin
Your President is stating the facts. It is a world crisis. This is a global dilemma. God Bless. "Donald J. Trump is an Angel of the LORD. AMEN." LOL. America is in the midst of a of a Credit Karma CHECK. Government needs to checkin.
Dave the french canadian
republican thinking = i own a gun but im not for mass shooting in school but if pelosi own a wall around or even on her house than she should be for a border wall ..... make totall sense right ? people you should start to verify your facts with other nation news outlet, they don't give a crap about loving republicans or trump so they tell things the way they are ex: immigrants wants a better life, they don't want to kill you all, no matter the color of your skin there will be poor people that use drugs and alcool, don't tell me white trash americans don't exist, a wall won't stop immigrants from staying and living in america after a 2 week vacation, a wall won't stop small boat and small plane from entering your country.
ทวีชัย สมอาสา
Herman Justice
Herman Justice 2 oy oldin
Give us a break RESIGN. Already.
charles lalli
charles lalli 2 oy oldin
many blessings of lite and love to you pres trump freemason
Incorruptible Mike Adams
What a legend.
hey there
hey there 2 oy oldin
Half of that federal employees did that to the people of the United States really let's get rid of most of them that'll pay for the wall don't even open have the government back up bye
D DOLLAR 2 oy oldin
Democrats are not against boarder security. 5.7 BILLION dollars for a antiquated wall is preposterous. In addition, there is no crises except for the children dying and locked in cages without their parents. Trump is a wannabe dictator. He’s taken acts right out of the KGB book, including trying to ban reporters from the WH, even when Russian reporters are welcome. At least 17 of his close associates have been sentenced to jail. He’s a co conspirator in election tampering with Russia. He and his family are currently under investigation for a plethora of charges against America and Democracy. In the meantime Republicans cry about a outdated system of security at our boarder. Really???? PS, check out the deficit under Trumps fine leadership.
Matthew Read
Matthew Read 2 oy oldin
if you put it to 1.5x speed it sounds almost normal.
A storm is coming
Someone should take pics of Pelosi's and Schumer's houses (if they can get close enough) because they probably have security guards and barriers (walls) around their homes. Hippocrates!!!!
phil peate
phil peate 2 oy oldin
He'll be impeached before the end of the year.
Berry_b_l_a_s_t 2 oy oldin
I am D I S G U S T E D, ksksksksks who gonna pay for this damn wall sis 🤢
no brainer
no brainer 2 oy oldin
If the government can not secure our border, why need it?
Robert Dunson
Robert Dunson 2 oy oldin
Legal/illegal what's the diff.? Hispanics,middle easterners.chinise..all foreigners must go back to there country!!! America-black white&native indians only!!!!
Robert Dunson
Robert Dunson 2 oy oldin
Yes we need a wall but this is not the way to do it!!!
bill harvell
bill harvell 2 oy oldin
By far the most depressing aspect to tRump is his supporters. Absolutely blows my mind that a person with any sort of moral compass and sane mind can even stomach this scumbag. Staggering.
Machang D
Machang D 2 oy oldin
Gun Violence kills 36,000 Americans every year compared to a few violent acts commited by illegal migrants reported by Fox, the Trump mouth piece. The Christian illegal migrants are much less violent than average American. However, the Evangelicals treat the unfortunate Christian migrants escaping trecherous conditions with contempt. How will the Evangelicals treat Jesus Christ if he were to come to the border seeking refuge? Beware, Trump Evagelicals, Jesus Christ may be among those whom you are treating with contempt. It is likely you will be judged harsly on your day of judgement.
jason harvote
jason harvote 2 oy oldin
I support wall but what the old woman and man said may be true will 5 billion be enough for the wall? And what kind of wall we talking about? What if its a waste of money and time? It needs to be strong and not easily penetrable by humans and ilegals. Whats point of having wall if theyll just dig a whole like they do regular fences. It needs to be strong and easily patrolable so anybody trying to dig under it or trying to break through could get caught and incarcerated they need to fear the wall and the consequences.
Francis Mejia
Francis Mejia 2 oy oldin
Build that Wall Mr. President!!!!!! ...and while your at it we want the UN kicked out of the USA. We've had enough of thier globalist agenda of using American tax dollars to fund mass migration...
hey there
hey there 2 oy oldin
If United States was the gates of hell the Democrats would let the devil walk right in
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