Adventure Time - Broke His Crown (Clip)

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Adventure Time - Broke His Crown Episode 226 Season 7 (Clip)




27-Mar, 2016



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Darz The Robot
Darz The Robot Soat oldin
Bradley Browning
So I guess the crown’s pocket dimension pulls your mind from other plains of existence and traps it in it’s own. Is the crown one of the portals booko mentioned in the enchiridian?
Amer Rivas
Amer Rivas 7 kun oldin
Its ironic that simon did punch marcilines boyfriend when he lost his powers
Josh Cade
Josh Cade 13 kun oldin
Best show ever😭
NitroChrisDX 17 kun oldin
So my mom has created life forms.
megapokekid1 Oy oldin
Simon did actually punch him in the face
Shadøw Kîd
Shadøw Kîd 2 oy oldin
*Bubblegum gave her that death stare when he said boyfriend*
阿誠 2 oy oldin
Things bothering me like if Simon and Ice King appeared to be different personality since Simon have no idea about what happened outside, then after final episode Simon come back to himself, the Ice King we love so much just gone? Like dead?
No Gunther is the new Ice King
B.J BLUE 3 oy oldin
Ice king is simon
Hyoroemon Meto
Hyoroemon Meto 3 oy oldin
Gunther :(
MV96 4 oy oldin
1:37 his hair gets surprised, too XD
Enkhe Bathsaihan
Enkhe Bathsaihan 4 oy oldin
Wish I've been there punch his face ... Yeahh..
Cxkafrosamurai #
Cxkafrosamurai # 4 oy oldin
Ossu Boy
Ossu Boy 4 oy oldin
ok i get it that its season 7 but what EXACT episode is it
sacr3 4 oy oldin
Its sad they made PB and Marc a couple, its like 2 ladies today being best of friends always means they're in some sexual relationship. When I first heard about them being buddies I thought, oh, 2 friends had a falling out. Then the weirdness between the two started to make things a bit more deep than friends, and now at the end they turn out to be Bisexual/Lesbian lovers. Makes a bit of sense considering they're both living for hundreds of years, but at the same time them being great friends just had a better vibe. To know they were both screwing eachother at one point kind of ruins that friendship and adds more sexual tension/frustration/nuances into it.. not diggin it. But of course, i'll have the morons with an IQ of 20 scream "You're just a homophobe! Bigot! Sexist! Prejudice!", its sad that you -have- to approve and like things so society doesn't attack you, its really guiding society as a whole on the wrong path. To the point where governments are forcing you to speak a certain way. Worrying times.
I Have Broken English
Simon: _Just watch over me until i can find my way out of this _*_labyrinth_*_ in my brain and regain my sanity._
Eleanor Cook
Eleanor Cook 4 oy oldin
Which episode was this?
Dark hart
Dark hart 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one who finds Gunther really annoying?
Master Lycanthrop
Betty ravuoli
Jeremiah Hamil
Jeremiah Hamil 5 oy oldin
Ahh I’m a bush
DJ Burger
DJ Burger 5 oy oldin
Simon is actually Ice King Right?
ZaTrapu 5 oy oldin
“Life forms” Let’s not remember that
Niko Piko
Niko Piko 5 oy oldin
Pb I made feaking life forms
megapokekid1 5 oy oldin
Ironically Simon did punch him in the face
Amber D'Amico
Amber D'Amico 5 oy oldin
Simon was a real true dad to marceline.
Shellshocked 'Nam soldier
Gunther is a bean
DubbingCollapse 5 oy oldin
Ehm how did Gunther survive the asteroid?! I thought he would have perished alongside Evergreen after he didn‘t wish to destroy the asteroid and turned himself into a twisted copy of Evergreen instead. Is he just a spirit remaining in the crown‘s inside like Simon does? So did he still survive somehow without remaining an insane Evergreen-Copy?
primrose coleman
primrose coleman 5 oy oldin
*COUGH* she has a girlfriend *COUGH* bubblegum *COUGH*
Sergio Pérez
Sergio Pérez 5 oy oldin
Aaa rip Adventure Time
Blinga Guchialia
Blinga Guchialia 5 oy oldin
*Oh god, not the chromosome stealing bush.*
Punkle Good
Punkle Good 5 oy oldin
Aaahh im a bush!!! XD
Rach Frisella
Rach Frisella 5 oy oldin
Simon was honestly really sweet before he transformed, and a good dad to Marcy too...
Mady Alvarez
Mady Alvarez 5 oy oldin
"You got a boyfriend yet?" "LMAOOOOOOOOO"
shiki queen
shiki queen 5 oy oldin
Simon kinda hot
i'm so done with playing piggyback
Simon : "So,do you got a boyfriend yet?" Marcy : "Ha,No!" Me : "Of Coruse Not! She have a girlfriend now! :D"
Warren 5 oy oldin
Simon is a real dad damn
ChrispyCharizard 5 oy oldin
PB and Marceline are an official legit couple! This is not the first hint (PB glancing back) but it's cute!
adam best
adam best 5 oy oldin
*big bless* *dad simon*
TheVoiceOfTruth 5 oy oldin
By the fucking gods I HATE bubblegum, they turned her from this fun, silly, smart 18 yr old girl with great attitude, into this fucking stuck up bitch totalitarian anti magic believing abusive manipulative 1000 year old lib dike fuck who till her last seconds on screen still oozes with utter narcissism. The cunt should have been killed off in Elements, hell the bitch should have died after Finn got hos robo arm or idk, mid seasons. Fuck bubblegum, worthless cunt
Thoralmir 5 oy oldin
Nice to see the Gunther got some hobbies over the last few million years.
liz3ard Luwver
liz3ard Luwver 5 oy oldin
Dodutchernaut 5 oy oldin
I prefer simon over ice king
Vincent Van Gogurt
oh thats ashley from recess! i knew i knew that voice
SuperT 5 oy oldin
Is that turtle pajama Sam?
BrickStudios 105
BrickStudios 105 5 oy oldin
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 5 oy oldin
how simon asks do you have a boy friend and PB just looks at marce so worried. When she said no she kinda smile
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 5 oy oldin
Gunther the first user
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 5 oy oldin
(the dino)
Carl Freericks
Carl Freericks 5 oy oldin
Sadly PB x Marcy Became canon what a disappointing ending for the two
Carl Freericks
Carl Freericks 5 oy oldin
Hoops They should have ended up with a male partner
Nick 5 oy oldin
Carl Freericks I did (it was upsetting ;-;) I was confused on how it was disappointing?
Carl Freericks
Carl Freericks 5 oy oldin
Hoops Did you not watch the final episode?
Nick 5 oy oldin
Carl Freericks ?
Vicente isaac Lopez valdez
I just realized, Gunter was erased when the crown reseted.
Unoriginal Cunt
Unoriginal Cunt 5 oy oldin
Simon best character
Neiko Kun
Neiko Kun 5 oy oldin
lauren laplume
lauren laplume 5 oy oldin
............ I'm sorry but the fucking fact that Betty and Simon LOVED EACHOTHER THROUGH THE FUCKING CENTURIES and she had to go and fucking die last 10 minuets of the finale. FUCK THAT GARBAGE!!!! They were sooook pure that even in complete madness and insanity Ice king was always searching for the 'princess' he lost. This is the most long agonizing tragity ever to be put to animation. She littlerly FUSED STEVEN FUCKING UNIVERSE STYLE INTO AN INTERDEMEMNTIONAL DEMOND TO SAVE HIM!!!!! I can't watch these videos without now thinking that in the last ten miniutes of waiting almost ten YEARS Betty just ia gone as Simone balls in hysterics on the ground. FUCK dude- why adventure time gotta dooo thaaaaaat......?
lauren laplume
lauren laplume 5 oy oldin
0:26 calm your tits pinkie.
jeffersen tiali
jeffersen tiali 5 oy oldin
What episode?
BrickStudios 105
BrickStudios 105 5 oy oldin
S8e01, "Broke His Crown"
Cora #1
Cora #1 5 oy oldin
"AH! I'm a bush!"
Broly the sarcastic savage
Chill PB everyone knows how smart you're sheesh😂
Αѕнℓєγ 5 oy oldin
0:06 "that hair though"
Blurryface 5 oy oldin
Simon; So, you got a boyfriend yet? PB; /Look Marceline Marceline; HAH..NO PB; *Smile in lesbian*
Umar Ali
Umar Ali 3 oy oldin
I think PB is actually bisexual since she used to like Brocco (don't know how to spell his name). And also it's more likely PB was just looking around the maze.
Jacket 5 oy oldin
Idk why but I dislike Gunter a lot
The puppet
The puppet 5 oy oldin
Qwerty_Ops 5 oy oldin
In a later episode,simon actually did punch said boyfriend
Aiden Hioe
Aiden Hioe 5 oy oldin
Goodbye Adventure Time...
Patrick Weatherspoon
GlittahGurl 5 oy oldin
People are gay Simon
M&M_RatPack 5 oy oldin
Chill PB! No need to act like a feminist.
morgan megurine
morgan megurine 5 oy oldin
Simon: I wish I'd been there to punch his face Simon did punch his face (when he took the magic carpet)
Storm1001 5 oy oldin
after the final....we finally can for real joke about how gay Marci is for PB
Vanilleschaf Merino
PB smiles the moment Marceline got asked about boyfriend like she heard and rofls inside xD
Palazerker 5 oy oldin
Hey, isnt that green guy the same person who voices Pajama Sam?
Generic Protagonist
Simon is hot tbh lmao I'm weird
AnKripica 5 oy oldin
Lol true
MjOtaku 5 oy oldin
"So do you have a boyfriend" HAHA NO *me at family gatherings*
__ TearingUser935 __
1:56 Bobby stop being a bush boy.
Dat Toad
Dat Toad 5 oy oldin
Marcy has a new mate, and *she's* a *tough gum*
electrobob992 5 oy oldin
Wow, if Betty only collaborated with all the smart and magical beings in Ooo she could have properly reprogrammed the crown. Maybe even reset it to wishing form... Instead she just HAD to go all power mad and become one with the immortal GLOB. Now Simon, without the crown will probably die without her *Even if he is also immortal still he would die if he ever met betty again due to Golb's deadly breath*.
Greater Grievobeast 55
I doubt every magically and scientifically gifted individual in ooo would help her all at once anyway, with them being at each others throats a lot
lauren laplume
lauren laplume 5 oy oldin
Dude right?!?! I threw my phone the first time I watched it.
Oh yeah yeah Im asian
+Razzle Dazzle Dorito yes, but with the crown
Razzle Dazzle Dorito
electrobob992 1. She would have died, so she had no time 2. She wished to be able to protect simon 3. it was in wishing form 4. She tried to wish GOLB away 5. Death says Simon has cheated death so many times he will live until the sun explodes
Miguel Lopes
Miguel Lopes 5 oy oldin
Simon Grand theft Auto'ed Ash's stupid magic rug
x2pm 5 oy oldin
isn't that turtle thing voice of pajama sam?
TheGamer 5 oy oldin
FriskyFox 5 oy oldin
0:19 Definitely the best part.
Aaron brown
Aaron brown 5 oy oldin
Gubter is bobby hill
chistine lane
chistine lane 5 oy oldin
0:13 look at how Simon briefly thinks marceline put it on
Sterncoo54 5 oy oldin
1:08 her & bubblegum 👀👁
The Fredster 2014
That turtle thing sounds like bobby lol
Nite 5 oy oldin
so r they not ganna mention that that Gunther was the first crown wearer
Micaela Saathoff
Micaela Saathoff 5 oy oldin
Is that Bobby hills voice?
Kenta Nourse
Kenta Nourse 5 oy oldin
When the crown reset in Golb, dose that mean everyone in the crown gone
Retro Core
Retro Core 5 oy oldin
Probably, almost like their souls we're finally put to rest, now free from the prison like crown
Mason S
Mason S 5 oy oldin
1:41 i really like the sound of this voice actor. Cute.
John Sullivan
John Sullivan 4 oy oldin
SuperT and Bobby from King of the Hill They’re both voiced by Pamela Adlon!
SuperT 5 oy oldin
It’s pajama sam’s actor
meifung liew
meifung liew 5 oy oldin
That boy ain't right
Manly Syrup
Manly Syrup 5 oy oldin
Divine 5 oy oldin
So Gunther wasn’t killed by the comet?
electrobob992 5 oy oldin
But! Only their memory imprints, most of their bodies and souls still exist elsewhere, just missing a piece of themselves.
Sinful 5 oy oldin
They are inside the crown itself in this episode, all the past users of the crown also inhabit it like Santa, Simon and Gunther
Succy Succ Succ
Succy Succ Succ 5 oy oldin
Lmao. Simon knows Finn and Jake from the start but doesn't even remember PB despite capturing her like 10000x in season 1. Shows how little Ice King truly give a shit about her.
Goose Tweezers
Goose Tweezers 5 oy oldin
Bobby hill
Clean Liness
Clean Liness 5 oy oldin
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shadow demon 36 Fox
So the ice king and Simon are two different beings just like the hulk and I don’t remember his name
Sofia Muria
Sofia Muria 5 oy oldin
shadow demon 36 Fox Bruce Banner and yeah sorta
Manith C
Manith C 6 oy oldin
Bonnie flipped. LMAO
Elvin Ho
Elvin Ho 6 oy oldin
Simon has punched his boyfriend. Remember?in the episode Betty?
Mika Channel
Mika Channel 5 oy oldin
Elvin Ho yep
KingGhidorah5464 6 oy oldin
Marcy appeared a bit jealous of Betty
Shockwave Demon
Shockwave Demon 6 oy oldin
Gunther = The Reason the Crown curses people to become Insane Wizard.
Phoenix gay
Phoenix gay 6 oy oldin
Simon:so. You got a boyfriend Marcy:uh NO NO me:u don't got a boyfriend u got a girlfriend opps to soon Alright do t say u do t ship then to #BUBBLINE FOR LIFE
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 5 oy oldin
+Phoenix gay yeah if I dont ship them I have to f off. Okay
Green magma
Green magma 5 oy oldin
Wolfie Drew My point of my comment was to see how you react knowing information from the last episode...
Phoenix gay
Phoenix gay 5 oy oldin
+Green magma its true and if u dont shio bubbline then f off
Green magma
Green magma 5 oy oldin
Wolfie Drew ....
Ditto king
Ditto king 6 oy oldin
Frost Bite
Frost Bite 6 oy oldin
Memo jello
Memo jello 6 oy oldin
When they foreshadow marcelene Becoming a lesbians with pb 1:08
Potato Batman
Potato Batman 6 oy oldin
Simon: sooo... do you have a boyfriend? Marceline, a lesbian: HA
Umar Ali
Umar Ali 3 oy oldin
She's bisexual smh...
Potato Batman
Potato Batman 5 oy oldin
Me, making a joke about a children's cartoon, only for it to turn into a discussion about gender and sexuality: o_o
Potato Batman
Potato Batman 5 oy oldin
Aight y'all have a point
LordTails66 5 oy oldin
Biologically, yes there are only two genders. I don't care what pronoun people want to call themselves. I'll respect what people want to be called, within reason.
Hunter Sampayo
Hunter Sampayo 5 oy oldin
If she's Bi, that does mean there are only two genders?
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