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Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network

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Watch each Adventure Time character's first line, and their very last line of the series.
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Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake (a brassy dog with a big kind heart), are the best of friends and always find themselves in the middle of heart pounding escapades as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo.
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12-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 233
Nilda Alamo
Nilda Alamo Soat oldin
This show led us to good times. May this show rest in peace
Zae Dunham
Zae Dunham 2 soat oldin
Please dont leave this show ended😭
fucer 15 soat oldin
Bmos last lines really hit me
nuke97 19 soat oldin
The finale of Adventure Time was weak. At least I'm glad they didn't cut it off and sweep the show under the rug like they do other great shows. So long Adventure Time.
Phantomduck 23 soat oldin
Just promise to plant me there
Wind-up Shroom
Wind-up Shroom Kun oldin
mmmmmmmmmmmmm Check, pleeeease
Rug-Roh Ragy
Rug-Roh Ragy Kun oldin
Back when Cartoon Network was good
TheChaosWaffle Kun oldin
ive never watched the show, but did betty actually get crushed to death? if so, the show is a lot darker than i thought from an outsiders perspective.
doge men
doge men Kun oldin
Shelby’s voice got deep
jaheimgxhs Kun oldin
My child hood 😢😢
DerpyTastic :D
DerpyTastic :D 2 kun oldin
xGame_Face 2 kun oldin
I remember watching this show all the time. Has the show ended?
Docxy 2 kun oldin
Seriously having gumbald betray after what happened was the dumbest thing they couldve done. Its even dumber than pb and marcy making out during the golb fight.
Ash The walking Meme
I miss this show....:(
Pineapple Kyle
Pineapple Kyle 2 kun oldin
Gunter what a way to end it.
Phatkid 3 kun oldin
Man, I grew up watching this show. Now I came back feeling Nostalgic
jose Esquivel
jose Esquivel 3 kun oldin
BMO is going to live forever unless he you know runs out of batteries or gets sick
jose Esquivel
jose Esquivel 3 kun oldin
1:23 that kiss meant nothing she likes marciline
Jake Nation65
Jake Nation65 3 kun oldin
Shelby's last words were "MMMMM CHECK PLEASE!"
Dan Pachunka
Dan Pachunka 3 kun oldin
Never watched that show. It looked kinda dumb. I think that was the point of it though
IllousionPlayz FPS Games And More
The Acceptable! meme
Daddy Rose
Daddy Rose 3 kun oldin
what about huntress wizard tho
Emperor Turtle boi
Emperor Turtle boi 3 kun oldin
All good things eventually end but I will always remember the adventure time franchise
BelaRae 3 kun oldin
Fern was only around for a short time, but he became one of my favorite characters really fast
Evangelene Coffin
Evangelene Coffin 3 kun oldin
2:21 that sond wil give me nightmares :D
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy 3 kun oldin
Salute to adventure time. Definitely the best show of my childhood 😔 rip
wizpiez 3 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, this kinda hurt my soul
Ken Lee
Ken Lee 3 kun oldin
This show made me cry on the last ep especially the song
chelbelplayzXD pika
Explosive diarrhea was princess bubblegum's first lines XD
antshawyn norman
antshawyn norman 4 kun oldin
6:14 Shelby: ummm check please
TheAnvilMan 4 kun oldin
What a cool idea for a video. This is awesome!
Alpha Books
Alpha Books 4 kun oldin
i want it back pls bring it back
Itzpayday 123
Itzpayday 123 4 kun oldin
That feeling when Jake's last word was "boom"
Itzpayday 123
Itzpayday 123 4 kun oldin
You can see how much Finn's voice has deepened
justin bonilla
justin bonilla 5 kun oldin
I was todays years old when I realized Starfire from Teen Titans and Princess Bubblegum are played by the same person
evil epic
evil epic 5 kun oldin
This show grew as you did. It started off funny with comedy and silly jokes, then slowly growing its lore into deeper darker reality as you do but as you mature you learn to deal with it.
waffle 76
waffle 76 5 kun oldin
can we get a RIP in the chat
Alysha - Zaku 101
Alysha - Zaku 101 5 kun oldin
Cloudy Dayz
Cloudy Dayz 5 kun oldin
Mmmm check please
Nic Marley
Nic Marley 6 kun oldin
Bring it back you neandrathals
mariamdoodles 6 kun oldin
crying bc i miss adventure time
BlazetheBlaze 6 kun oldin
Ntsesfishy 7 kun oldin
I’m sad...... WHY IT HAVE TO END ;(
Salty Sloth
Salty Sloth 7 kun oldin
This whole video kinda made me cry
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 7 kun oldin
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 7 kun oldin
Why does fears look like a girl?
Ut Ofg
Ut Ofg 9 kun oldin
This makes me cry I grew up with this show 😩😢😪
Wyattv8 The Amazing
Well the series have ended 😂
Pandavap 9 kun oldin
Marcelines character development grew so much
I eat Water
I eat Water 9 kun oldin
Just like xxxtentacion. Good but needs to go and we have to accept the fact it's gone.