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Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network

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Watch each Adventure Time character's first line, and their very last line of the series.
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Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake (a brassy dog with a big kind heart), are the best of friends and always find themselves in the middle of heart pounding escapades as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo.
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12-Sen, 2018



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Evans animations
Gunter is actually orgalorg
Sad Floof
Sad Floof Kun oldin
Hmm Check please
Lofi Nerd
Lofi Nerd Kun oldin
hi hi
hi hi Kun oldin
Who else hopes that CN doesn't make a reboot.
Logic Jolteon
Logic Jolteon Kun oldin
Technically the ice king and Simon are the same person so idk why you put them as different people
Martin Romano
Martin Romano Kun oldin
Our class works towards a reward no im not a baby if you were wondering like i was saying we work for rewards and one is adventure time day. I can watch adventure time in class all day! Oh heck yeah.
Martin Romano
Martin Romano Kun oldin
Im pretty sure part of me died when this show ended i grew up on this show i found lyrics ive remembered since i was little and didn't know were even a song they've alway just been stuck in my head like everything stays (every so slightly daily and nightly)
Yoshi Shah
Yoshi Shah Kun oldin
I just realized that princess bubblegum is voiced by the same lady who voiced starfire from Teen Titans Go.
Raziel Martinez
Raziel Martinez Kun oldin
swordsmancs Kun oldin
“That’s okay. Just promise to plant me there.”
mega sonic hunter Ramirez
Came back to visit adventure time
JRplays Kun oldin
Started the show when I was 10 I’m 18 now....
Yeot ius
Yeot ius 2 kun oldin
Man I stuck through this shows run and I had seen the series premiere when I was 9 now I'm 17 in junior year of high school
Halo Falls
Halo Falls 2 kun oldin
Fern last line got to me...
SkiddleOps 2 kun oldin
You had to end this show 😓😭
unholy child
unholy child 2 kun oldin
Dante Jose
Dante Jose 2 kun oldin
Maggeroos 2 kun oldin
I honestly want to cry. I miss Adventure Time so much...
XxLovingLilyxX 2 kun oldin
The show is-over :( I miss-it so-much
Hicupps 2 kun oldin
mmmmm check please
JrexxTV23 2 kun oldin
BMO Last line sounds like jeff
Lenny's Squeezed from Lemons
They look like Kermit and the Grinches children in the thumbnail.
Kai Crawford
Kai Crawford 2 kun oldin
elemental z0mbie
elemental z0mbie 2 kun oldin
Fern's death hurt the most
Derek N. Ortiz
Derek N. Ortiz 3 kun oldin
Ch Fam
Ch Fam 3 kun oldin
Ferns first word was “ mwa”
Jasmine Carter-West
ooh i love me some exPLoSIVE DiaRReha
Ch Fam
Ch Fam 3 kun oldin
0:30 wow. Marciline had SO much character development.
Your Average Animating Toaster
Finns voices and how it change is amazinf
maeam 3 kun oldin
The betty scene made me cry
Rosé Rain
Rosé Rain 3 kun oldin
This is kind of sad when you think about it.
Egg With Legg
Egg With Legg 3 kun oldin
Flambo Vulcano
Flambo Vulcano 3 kun oldin
Shelby’s last line is my favorite. It represents the show as a whole very well and shows the growth for Shelby. The quote is a true tribute to Adventure Time and the world. It left the audience inspired but sad that the show is over. “Check please.”
Raven 6613
Raven 6613 3 kun oldin
Katie Jo
Katie Jo 3 kun oldin
I missed like 2 or 3 seasons😭😭
SwedlePOP 3 kun oldin
Stop it CN ur making me cry
Emikoya 4 kun oldin
Okay Thanos where you at
Jahziel John Cristobal
A bunch of shows are dead and more are dying, at least more shows are being born
Avery Haywood
Avery Haywood 5 kun oldin
4:46 Fern plz no😭😭😭
JoejoeMojo 5 kun oldin
they put gunter in there 😆
Liza OG
Liza OG 6 kun oldin
TheThirsty Wii
TheThirsty Wii 6 kun oldin
Mm check please!
Scott Carpenter
Scott Carpenter 6 kun oldin
Finn= voice change Marceline= personality change Pb= smartiness show change Jake= nothing he’s still like that weird uncle you have to stay with for the summer brake Ice king= LITERALLY CHANGES TO ANOTHER FRIGGIN PERSON
Alexandria Browder
Alexandria Browder 6 kun oldin
Matthew Stevenson
Matthew Stevenson 6 kun oldin
jotto.mp4 6 kun oldin
everybody keeps saying Fern's last line is so emotional but Gunter had so much power to his words
Nugget 6 kun oldin
3 more drops of explosive diarrhea
LittleShy Lotus123
LittleShy Lotus123 7 kun oldin
The adventure will forever continue in our hearts
Juevon Armstrong
Juevon Armstrong 7 kun oldin
This show is just like Steven Universe, cute and sweet at the start, and then depressing and sad at the end :(
kasai wizard
kasai wizard 7 kun oldin
If you think about it Ice King is dead R.I.P. the most derpiest character in the entire series
Wonderland Alice
Wonderland Alice 7 kun oldin
The love this show so much! I’m so sad to see it go!
skippy boi
skippy boi 7 kun oldin
Ferns was the saddest imo
DestroyingNoobler 7 kun oldin
puggo animations
puggo animations 8 kun oldin
A big nerd.
Doge 8 kun oldin
3:04 there's a note that says trust no one gravity falls anyone?
Wendy Nation
Wendy Nation 8 kun oldin
I’ll c u tmrw
Landon Miller
Landon Miller 8 kun oldin
It’s... it’s...gone😭
Mimi Chu
Mimi Chu 9 kun oldin
W-what about..... lemon grab.... THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE
Need2Play 9 kun oldin
Thanos took fern😭
cbe47 9 kun oldin
Finn's voice sounded like a child but, then at the end he sounded so old
el scorcho
el scorcho 10 kun oldin
bros shelby's the one with the biggest change of voice smh
Mr Waffles
Mr Waffles 10 kun oldin
My heart no I can't take this They need to keep this show alive
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez 11 kun oldin
When u remember every first line🥺😢
Greysonmusic Official
Heidi Craig
Heidi Craig 13 kun oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 somebody said they were going to kill me if I don't get off Roblox in the next minute and I did it before was an a minute
Mc Water
Mc Water 13 kun oldin
I miss this I never got to finish it because of school and now I see this and I rethink life
Alexander NAVEJAR
Alexander NAVEJAR 13 kun oldin
Gratuitous Ghost
Gratuitous Ghost 15 kun oldin
Man you have no idea how hard i cried when Fern said those last words when i first watched the last episode
Qarts 15 kun oldin
Lsp changed alot
Swift GameBoy
Swift GameBoy 15 kun oldin
Bruh literally crying
Jacob the let's player
Desiree Bolin
Desiree Bolin 15 kun oldin
Bring 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 show 👏🏽 back 👏🏽 do it for science
Kevin Morales Gomez
Kevin Morales Gomez 15 kun oldin
Who else cried?
Imagen Sooth
Imagen Sooth 16 kun oldin
Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy 17 kun oldin
All the feels omg
Furry Plays,Vlogs,n’ videos
I missed so much of this show why me WHYYYYY!
fat pig
fat pig 18 kun oldin
lily star
lily star 18 kun oldin
0:18 Jake looks high
peachez Kiko
peachez Kiko 18 kun oldin
Gunter has such beautiful words
sw.chente 18 kun oldin
mmmmmmcheck please
Furriiee 19 kun oldin
Love you adventure time ❤
FINALLY I'M GINGER! 19 kun oldin
i want to point out that gumbald having dum dum juice on him isnt a true sign he didnt change his ways during the dream part. if i was him i wouldve had that anyway for after the battle and cornered bubblegum and then used it on her
Kawaii England
Kawaii England 19 kun oldin
i cried.
Lil' gamer
Lil' gamer 19 kun oldin
fajita fajita
fajita fajita 19 kun oldin
shelby’s last lines my god
ben 19 kun oldin
NEO geek
NEO geek 19 kun oldin
I used to watch this show with my grandmother. She used to think it was such a fun silly little show she never caught the depth and complexity to it but she passed a while back so it's even more heartbreaking to see such an amazing show come to an end.
NEO geek
NEO geek 19 kun oldin
So theres no more adventure time? This was by far your best show.
Tsinestexicth d'Auwraum
Shenanigans! LSP's last line is "AAAAAAAA". nnnnnUNACCEPTABLE!!!!
Boop Poop man
Boop Poop man 19 kun oldin
I miss this show
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
you thought it was gonna be a good show with little plot. YOU WERE WRONG!
Isabel Mihalakos
Isabel Mihalakos 20 kun oldin
“Finns voice changed so much” have u guys even heard Shelby
Eva Bradley
Eva Bradley 20 kun oldin
the “you’re getting tall” made me so emotional i can’t
ClaspingWolf 20 kun oldin
Im not crying, you're crying
Messiah Galindez
Messiah Galindez 20 kun oldin
Who els is sad af
gg gaming
gg gaming 20 kun oldin
Everybodys talking about marcelinexBubblehum what about LSPXLEMONGRAB
Derpygamr973 20 kun oldin
I remember watching the first episode to watch this show. I even used to call in sick once or twice to watch a new episode
Ramire 20 kun oldin
the creators made sure that everyone who was there for the beginning would stick together with the characters journey and mature alongside with them
Ramire 20 kun oldin
this broke my heart 🖤💔 i favorite show ever
Nativefall 20 kun oldin
The last Alive is amazing world of gum ball....
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