Adventure Time Funniest Moments Season 6 Part 1

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uuamenator 3 kun oldin
I'm so glad i stopped watching adventure time after season 3, back when it was only starting to run out of fun
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 29 kun oldin
Jack McIntyre
Jack McIntyre Oy oldin
hey man I’m gonna eat cha
Elijah Truitt
Elijah Truitt Oy oldin
I lost it at 1:58
Epic Doggy
Epic Doggy Oy oldin
3:45 Finn making a joke about poor college students I wish I was their for free money
10 thousand suns with no videos challenge 17
4:10 *Insert Lenny face here.*
PSYCHRONIC 2 oy oldin
I used to be something real wet ...... uuhhhhh one word away guys O N E W O R D A W A Y
Noah Fortnite YT
Noah Fortnite YT 2 oy oldin
Abracadinile looks like a penir
Woof Meow
Woof Meow 2 oy oldin
Finnmanstaco 21
Finnmanstaco 21 2 oy oldin
Holy shit. They ran over breakfast princess then put her I the trunk.
Andre Miguel Bianes
glob grod grob gob
Elijah Villegas
Elijah Villegas 2 oy oldin
9:41 why is Marceline outside with sunlight? why is she not burning?
Autisti-comet 2 oy oldin
1:34 wouldn’t it have been easier just to say they were brothers?
Hawk Light
Hawk Light 2 oy oldin
1:59 HEY KIDS! _kicks candy kid over wall_
ABRAM HINDS 2 oy oldin
Pikablue769 Animations
Zoie Vasquez
Zoie Vasquez 2 oy oldin
Ariana Harol
Ariana Harol 2 oy oldin
Marceline was in the sun for a whiiiile
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy 2 oy oldin
Abra Ka Daniel looks like a penis
Pastela lover
Pastela lover 2 oy oldin
Wtf at 5:16
DJ Unipanda
DJ Unipanda 2 oy oldin
Hey man I'm gonna eat you
Adam Espinoza
Adam Espinoza 2 oy oldin
"Hey Kids" Kicks
JJames Moore
JJames Moore 2 oy oldin
Echo Mitsu
Echo Mitsu 2 oy oldin
Pause at 3:38
Craig Hornsey
Craig Hornsey 2 oy oldin
How's Marcy not burning
Elhey 2 oy oldin
wth is this????
The BlockinatorJ
The BlockinatorJ 2 oy oldin
Y didint she take up that date. Freking god just asked her out
Pokemon champion Red
Hey man I’m gonna eat you me: I died at that part
Zero J
Zero J 2 oy oldin
5:47 "or bad girls , don't discriminate!" hahhhah, awesome.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 oy oldin
The freakin water nymphs shshvedvyshabe
Alissa Glabb
Alissa Glabb 2 oy oldin
5:15 rip ice kings privates XD
james 2 is the funniest episode imo
Flop staden
Flop staden 2 oy oldin
E Nnnj5
AJ Nguyen
AJ Nguyen 2 oy oldin
9:49 Marceline is a vampire, but yet she is very much open to the sun and is not getting burned? *thinking*
Pilgrim Symere
Pilgrim Symere 2 oy oldin
LSPXMarceline are best
Jss Flight
Jss Flight 2 oy oldin
8:17 My nightmares
The Odd Ball
The Odd Ball 2 oy oldin
Tree Trunks dosent stay with people for long does she?
xXTwIlIgHt ThEwOlFXx
The worm... is... oh my glob, Allen!!
Wilian Rodrigues
Wilian Rodrigues 2 oy oldin
Nice, and slow, and WOAH
Tombee 123
Tombee 123 2 oy oldin
How is marcline out in the sun?
JRS 4 2 oy oldin
1:59 Hey kids. Y E E T !
obvies 2 oy oldin
"but when we are bacteria I might see other people" *dies*
Ad 2 oy oldin
i thought she was gonna say dog
prince marce moon
A a divorce
Im just a Fangirl
0:25 me
SAMwolf 2 oy oldin
1:58 "hey kids!" *PUNTS ONE OVER A WALL*
crissy4445 2 oy oldin
‘Uhhh yeah upper middle’ 😂😂
DarwisyPlayzYT 2 oy oldin
Waffle Iron Steakhouse
Hey kids. *YEET*
Tropical Orange
Tropical Orange 2 oy oldin
3:45 me.
Lambardo Frotage
Lambardo Frotage 2 oy oldin
AttackOnPony Productions
What the fuck. Why is jake wanting to see porn?
aoxilus 2 oy oldin
9:29 why Vampire Marceline is not affected by the sun?
Lyndon Moore
Lyndon Moore 2 oy oldin
4:08 Well that got weird quick...
walter white
walter white 2 oy oldin
4:07 kid show?
Epic Nothing
Epic Nothing 2 oy oldin
I think the Star Wars community would disagree with PB.
AA ice Dragon
AA ice Dragon 2 oy oldin
0:53 when my mom comes home and me and my brothers did something bad
wubby the toaster
Jacky Manky
Jacky Manky 2 oy oldin
8:11 wtf....
Great Juice
Great Juice 2 oy oldin
Finn and Jake had the right idea of giving out their treasure. But the execution was terrible. *Just give the durn money out for free if you wanna get rid of it*
Joseph Nehila, Sr.
Pause the video at 6:25 and look at Kim kill wans arm
Arkeos1 2 oy oldin
How come Marcy wasn’t covering herself in the last clips even though it was sunny outside?
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 2 oy oldin
Revenge fin is lowkey a mood
ThunderSweeper 2 oy oldin
“Hey kids” *drop kicks kid*
BanDANa Dan
BanDANa Dan 2 oy oldin
5:19 Why Did I Find This Funny.
Gian Perez
Gian Perez 2 oy oldin
3:40 “Ho ho young berry lads!”
It’s Hammy
It’s Hammy 2 oy oldin
2:00 to 2:04 WTH?!
Wolfendoom 2 oy oldin
"ugh! I'm covered in noobs!"
Jiraidie 2 oy oldin
Is no one going to mention that Marceline was in sunlight without protection
tapwater 2 oy oldin
5:26 XD
EvenMoarGiraffes 2 oy oldin
animation error at 6:25
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 2 oy oldin
Alice madness x Jeff the killer
5:12 XD wtf
Alice madness x Jeff the killer
4:08 wow jack
Michael Vargas-Masso
i get it, finn's arm is replaced with a white daisy
Comet Collie
Comet Collie 2 oy oldin
Hello There
Hello There 2 oy oldin
0:31 I think we should get a divorce
Mr. Hasbr
Mr. Hasbr 2 oy oldin
Wow I actually remembered something from school. I finally understand what princess bubblegum is saying when explaining clones ;-; I'm such a nerd
PHLiM2 Gaming
PHLiM2 Gaming 2 oy oldin
"Hey kids!" **punts**
will g4
will g4 2 oy oldin
i wanna see u do things for money
Alis 03
Alis 03 2 oy oldin
2:33 , aww they are tiny little birds Also why is jake purple? *keeps going with the vid* 2:40 emm is finn...ok? Seriously why is finn so creepy?! *keeps watching* 2:49 what...fiiiiiinn no Just NO *keeps going , pretty creeped out* 2:56 DUUUUDEE *keeps watching...I guess* 3:00 wait WAT?! Finn don't be a cannibal , ur a bird , he's a bird , he's ur bestie , no finn no ! *keeps going wile paniking* 3:12 is this supposed to be a kid show?! 3:14 JAKE NOOO *STOPPES THE VID* wut the...
Eann Johna
Eann Johna 2 oy oldin
7:29-7:31 happened to me and my bestfriend today😑
bobbi jean
bobbi jean 2 oy oldin
aww adventure time ended I'm so sad
Maddawg Justin
Maddawg Justin 2 oy oldin
“Just promise to plant me there”
Justin Colucci
Justin Colucci 2 oy oldin
4:08 I wanna see you you two do things, for this bag of money
BlueFridge 2 oy oldin
Mr pig, I think we should get a d- *doorbell rings*
Awesomepin 1
Awesomepin 1 2 oy oldin
5:59 Ugh, im covered in noobs Lol tv
Tr33E00 2 oy oldin
YEET_ DEMON 2 oy oldin
I've never realised how fucked it is that jake said to that couple "I wanna see you do stuff" While offering them money
Logan Lovato
Logan Lovato 2 oy oldin
When a kid won't shut up 2:00
sparkIe bear
sparkIe bear 2 oy oldin
i just noticed that abracadaniel looks like a penis...
tony flamingo
tony flamingo 2 oy oldin
Ruffless Kookii
Ruffless Kookii 2 oy oldin
2:00 😂😂
Gonta Gokuhara
Gonta Gokuhara 2 oy oldin
Leaf: “Well... this wasn’t part of my plan.” Caterpillar: “Hey man, I’m gonna eat you.” Best lines
Brave Gallade
Brave Gallade 2 oy oldin
"Nice and slow and gen- OH!"
malac348 2 oy oldin
500th comment
chie chie silva
chie chie silva 3 oy oldin
When funny moments turn into a sad moment becuz you realize its time to say goodbye to adventure time💔
God of Cool
God of Cool 3 oy oldin
Ha pe said sexually
[CTS] Lemon Phobia
Finn has had so many arms