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Adventure Time is about two close friends: Jake, a wise old dog with a big kind heart, and Finn, a silly kid who wants more than anything else to become a great hero. These two dudes are all they have in the ways of family. They depend and lean on each other through thick and thin, they trust one another with secrets and look to each other for advice when problems get out of hand. More important than any of that, Finn and Jake crack each other up by acting like idiots and telling ridiculous jokes as they traverse their way across a massive and treacherous island seeking heart­ pounding adventure to pass the time.
At first glance you probably wouldn't know it, but Finn is a mighty hero. It's true, he's passionate about heroism. For a twelve-year-old kid, saving princesses and battling sinister wizards, it's quite an admirable hobby. Finn doesn't know why he's compelled to protect good from evil; it's just something he understands is necessary. It could be in his blood, maybe his parents were noble do gooders like him. Maybe they're royal cosmic cowboys fighting intergalactic outlaws in space, maybe they're the presidents of righteous Dinosaur Knights. Finn doesn't know his own mysterious origin. Even though he doesn't have the skills to win the battle, Finn is a furious little booger when it comes to opposing evil. Finn isn't very muscley, he's kinda small with a big fat head and little feet. What Finn does have is a strong moral backbone, a clear set of values and a lot of nerve! That's what makes him a hero. Standing strong in the face of adversity. Throwing caution to the wind in order to protect the ones he loves. Finn takes pleasure in all the standard kid business like making up songs and crashing monster dance parties. And when evil isn't running amok? Finn is happy to spend those carefree moments jumping on rocks, rolling around in the grass or exploring his favorite adventure spots.
Jake is like an older brother or cool uncle to Finn. Sure, they're both pretty young but, in dog years, Jake's 28-years-old. Jake is very jokey, everything can be poked fun at until it gets serious. And when it's serious, like when Finn in feeling low or sad, Jake is good at listening and knowing the most thoughtful thing to say.

Come on get ready to travel to very distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never end. It’s adventure time!
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18-Avg, 2018

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Exotic Butthurt
Exotic Butthurt 8 kun oldin
*C O M M U N I S M*
Waffle Iron Steakhouse
Im a buff baby that can dance like a man. I can shaka my phanny i can shaka my can
Kiwicandies Roblox
Kiwicandies Roblox 16 kun oldin
Robert Pemberton
Robert Pemberton 27 kun oldin
This show gets so deep sometimes
RK 2357
RK 2357 29 kun oldin
3:19 I remember seeing this on TV with 2 of my friends, one was watching the other was doing homework. The one who was watching this with me replayed this over and over again because it was so hilarious. My sides probably split...
RK 2357
RK 2357 29 kun oldin
Gilead sounds like Aquamarine...
Pacific Signs
Pacific Signs Oy oldin
Happy birthday stormo
tortoise 2.0
tortoise 2.0 Oy oldin
Kid with PB
That One Woomy
4:18 "that it's a sti-----Bluegh, it's a sti--flouegjhd, hubreadrre" #JakeFromGoliad
minieyke Oy oldin
Dang Goliad spitting some philosophy
Abel Binyam
Abel Binyam Oy oldin
Why didn't she make stormo more powerful than goliad
Why cant they just shove a sword in one of goliads eyes while shes busy with stormo?
Kittles Oy oldin
Goliad is crazy i mean WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DO THAT TO JAKE
Burnt IceCube
Burnt IceCube Oy oldin
1:32 who else dances like this
Gman Plays Games
I wonder if those 2 are still there after the finale...
Angry Skeleton
Should have swallowed peppermint butler
jake lawson
jake lawson Oy oldin
jake lawson
jake lawson Oy oldin
4:24 funny asf😂😂
Chatter Drive
Chatter Drive Oy oldin
Do you see this F A T bee?
Mason's Dino Review
Me when I don't know know what is going on 3:47
A Carson
A Carson 2 oy oldin
No brother rule with me aw no brother don't you see there trying to turn us against each other aw aw aw
Rose Io
Rose Io 2 oy oldin
Wait so if Stormo is basically finns son and princess bubblegum made Stormo that mean they had a kid together a SDFEFTEYKLMNOPHIKOL L
Jair Cortina
Jair Cortina 2 oy oldin
My school is named Goliad
MagicAce 87
MagicAce 87 2 oy oldin
Bee:*Twerks on flower* PB:The bee gets ✌️"Pollen"✌️ LMAO
Be Je
Be Je 2 oy oldin
Goliad sounds like Aqua Marine from Steven Universe.
Chris - X
Chris - X 2 oy oldin
Can we all think of the horror that jake was bestowed
sean 2 oy oldin
Jake dont swallow
Boioon Lord2
Boioon Lord2 2 oy oldin
Peppa pig 2.o
PikaFan 204
PikaFan 204 2 oy oldin
4:18 Jake barfing candy people.🍭🍬🍫 Lol
Justin Montana
Justin Montana 2 oy oldin
I was really happy when I saw Goliad and Stormo in the finale, even if it was only for a moment; one of my favorite episodes
Bad Goliad Bad get down from there you pink butt looking cat with no mind
Shania Knighten
Shania Knighten 2 oy oldin
Ik her name is in the title but how I'm supposed to type her name when I'm typing in the comments and her name is in the title 🤔
Midnight Shadow
Midnight Shadow 2 oy oldin
"Goliad is stronger than Ooo" Lol tell that to the Lich.
Ben 4Scratch
Ben 4Scratch 2 oy oldin
Jake: Ugh that eyeball, just tuck that eyeball back in it's hole 2:25
Animated Airlines
If PB took some of Finn's DNA and *made* Stormo. Wouldn't that make PB a sort of mother of Stormo?
Kado bun ฅ'ω'ฅ
There still at it thou
Sara Saberi
Sara Saberi 2 oy oldin
Teacher 👩‍🏫 what do goats 🐐 give us Students 👩‍👧‍👧meat! Teacher 👩‍🏫 what do cows 🐄 give us Students 👩‍👧‍👧 homework 📚📜📃📄📑🗓🗒📖📝📉📈📊📂📁📔📓📙📘📗📕📖📒🗂🗃📇
Shane Chavez
Shane Chavez 2 oy oldin
Princess bubblegum: And that’s how leadership bees the bee flies away after
king alex
king alex 2 oy oldin
2:45 thats what she said
GalleryTossers 2 oy oldin
"Goliad, let me tell you something about leadership" "you see this FAT bee"
Drew Danielson
Drew Danielson 2 oy oldin
SweetDreams 2 oy oldin
This really stressed me out...
powermonger201 2 oy oldin
When I introduced to goliad in this episode i that she was a boy
zyros plays
zyros plays 2 oy oldin
TheVoiceOfTruth 2 oy oldin
Their third eye is definitely a reference to the movie From Beyond
TheVoiceOfTruth 2 oy oldin
goliad is the true PB
Molton Warrior62
Molton Warrior62 2 oy oldin
The bee was twerking on the flower
PhantomsAngel216 2 oy oldin
Why would PB TELL them the plan when Goliad can read minds?
Meeep Meeep
Meeep Meeep 2 oy oldin
Ezha Exta
Ezha Exta 2 oy oldin
TheJosiahTurner 2 oy oldin
Goliad is communist
Ivy Girl
Ivy Girl 2 oy oldin
Peppa Pig?
Micah Brunet
Micah Brunet 2 oy oldin
Holiday should’ve fought Golb in the finale
Maniac Magge
Maniac Magge 2 oy oldin
I really wish that they brought them into the finale
Savage Diabe
Savage Diabe 2 oy oldin
Claire taleon
Claire taleon 2 oy oldin
Sibling rivalry
XxwildlunawolfxX :p
Well he’s been there for quite some time now
Cupcake Cult
Cupcake Cult 2 oy oldin
"you see this fat bee?"
Woah. The star wars reference 3:40
Bradly Brad
Bradly Brad 2 oy oldin
Happy birthday stormo
Jaden Atkertson
Jaden Atkertson 2 oy oldin
Myles W
Myles W 3 oy oldin
Goliad represents PB's true hidden nature, beneath all that good sweet candy, she's a fascist, dictator.
Jessica 3 oy oldin
Tiny 3 oy oldin
*Fat bee*
Nicholas Digirolamo
0:33 that face😂
Temponyx 3 oy oldin
I'm here after the show ended, this was one of my first episodes, but anyways, are stormo and goliad still fighting 1000 years later?
King Le
King Le 3 oy oldin
a better dad than Martin
PowerMMC 3 oy oldin
Mitch Mecham
Mitch Mecham 3 oy oldin
Why don’t they just make another stormo? Then they would destroy goliad
Boozer 3 oy oldin
2:54-3:31 😂
Boozer 3 oy oldin
Great episode tho!
Boozer 3 oy oldin
Does anyone notice she kinda sounds like Lola from Charlie and Lola.
MLG World Official Channel
3:18 HAHA remember this
Garrett Kelly
Garrett Kelly 3 oy oldin
If they just stabbed goliad stormo would have won and been a really cool hero cat bird
Umario 251
Umario 251 3 oy oldin
Seeing Goliad and Stormo still stuck in that fight in the final episode while the world is ending, while BMO is singing, it just gives me strange feelings, especially the meaning of BMO's song, "will happen, happening, happened", since they are still from many seasons ago, season 4, fighting, never to end like their adventures, a reminder of what has happened too alongside other cameos in that song, it was beautiful, very moving for me because I recognised this clip when playing it, it was my first ever scene I watched of Adventure Time, that scene, not even the episode as a whole, and the finale was obviously my last, so seeing them two again, from my start of Adventure Time till now, it's beautiful and poetic for me, they alongside BMO probably survived all those 100s of years, will happen, happening, happened
midgetconi 3 oy oldin
*jake dont swallow*
Nathan Lobono
Nathan Lobono 3 oy oldin
So no one is gonna mention how having candy people shoved inside of eye sockets is a little unsettling. I remember him being stuffed through just the mouth, but how does one throw up something that basically got shoved through their brain?
ace queen
ace queen 3 oy oldin
Why is it bubblegum has morals but all her offspring are inherently power hungry and merciless?
Boozer 3 oy oldin
lexi walky idk
Clark244 3 oy oldin
Where’s stormo now in the future
brad potts
brad potts 3 oy oldin
jake don't swallow this reminds me of a scene from deadpool and that makes me a bad person
Tom Cat
Tom Cat 3 oy oldin
After 1000 Year They Are Still In A Mental Battle
Emanvidmaker 3 oy oldin
This fight is still on going on the finally
SSGoku 71
SSGoku 71 3 oy oldin
3:51 me-throws
yonomixatu 3 oy oldin
1:10 ohhh my~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thirsty bee
JUST 3 oy oldin
"Jake don't swallow"
Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor 3 oy oldin
Pepa pig???
Julian Cilia
Julian Cilia 3 oy oldin
Golliad talks like Peppa pig
Sharon Lopez
Sharon Lopez 3 oy oldin
Serrmy and beth
Coinbeggar 3 oy oldin
2:38 bruh they are even going into his eye lmfao
Lucky 3 oy oldin
He's speaking British English and controlling people Hmmmmmmm
JamesJimmyMac 3 oy oldin
gboi gamer
gboi gamer 3 oy oldin
Surprised how Goliad didn’t make a return in the finale.
SHUT TheFuckUp
SHUT TheFuckUp 2 oy oldin
+: frostii yeah I saw them too
NPC 2 3 oy oldin
They do return tho
: frostii
: frostii 3 oy oldin
She's forever fighting Stormo, you see them on the castle
Beabea Arts
Beabea Arts 3 oy oldin
Goliad and Stormo appeared in Come along with me, they were still stuck in their psychic battle
Superfan2003 3 oy oldin
Did you guys all know that in the finale you can still see stormo and goliad stilling having that battle? when it has a preview of the castle
Mordecai 38
Mordecai 38 3 oy oldin
N. PannenCake
N. PannenCake 3 oy oldin
Goliad is stronger than *A L L .*
GameHero152 3 oy oldin
I'm super happy that Stormo and Goliad were shown continuing their eternal battle in the finale. I was hoping they'd show up, and they show up during one of the saddest parts of the finale, only adding to the despair of the moment. To think they've been battling for 4 years already, and their fight could easily continue for centuries. I only wish the business men from season 1 couldve shown up as well
Clark Flores
Clark Flores 3 oy oldin
Legend says their still standing there.
Cipri Ro
Cipri Ro 3 oy oldin
They are In the ending we can see thst
Padparadscha Sapphire
They are still fighting in the finale, you can see them
Padparadscha Sapphire
+LordDiscord Goliad: Let's defend the kingdom, we are allies, not enemies Stormo: *Does birds sounds negatively*
LordDiscord 3 oy oldin
What I don't understand is how was their stalemate not broken by that big monster that was destroying the kingdom, it literally was headed in their direction before it cutting to other characters.