Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED! (Easter Eggs, Lore, & Analysis!)

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Adventure Time has officially reached its epic finale, and boy was there a lot to unpack in that 44 minute episode. Whether you’re an old fan who was left confused by some newer plot threads, or a die hard Adventure Time expert making sure you caught all the Easter eggs, NerdWire is here for all your post-finale episode dissection needs. I’m Kris Carr and this is the Adventure Time Finale explained.
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4-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 12 187
NerdWire 2 oy oldin
Need a full Adventure Time recap? We've got you covered: uzvid.com/video/video-ilbnFUPOCKA.html
rainbow midnight
rainbow midnight 25 kun oldin
i tried to tell 'em but they never listen
Alex Charles
Alex Charles 26 kun oldin
That dog unicorn wizard is Charlies son Gibbon
rainbow midnight
no he is the son of charlie but no known father or what used to be before the show ended and the reason he shoots purpleish pink stuff is because of that wand staff looking thing
Cartoon P.P.F.
What if Gibbon is supposed to be a descendant of Jeremy and some different Rainicorn
rainbow midnight
the dog thing that has the gem in his eye is adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/Gibbon
Auren GamingTV
Auren GamingTV Soat oldin
Adventure Time is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KRISTIAN GOMEZ 13 soat oldin
Need a full Adventure Time recap? We've got you covered: uzvid.com/video/video-ilbnFUPOCKA.html
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 13 soat oldin
What about that one grass warrior girl that Finn was smashing?
CapicDaCrate 16 soat oldin
My god I cried a GAIN
Spacii 21 soat oldin
I literally cried through the whole war scene, and cried more at the end.
Mamich 21 soat oldin
It's hard for me, I'm sad but can't cry. Whats wrong with me?
Kamikat Kun oldin
1:24 that dog is jakes grandson gibbon who used the jewel to keep himself alive
nayr Kun oldin
I wished that it would continue.
Awful666 Kun oldin
Sweet pea, just sweet pea damn it!
Jessica Animations
Lisa April
Lisa April Kun oldin
I miss it 😭😭
Adelie Marshall
Adelie Marshall Kun oldin
The cat that has one of the ice crown's gems is Jake's daughter Charlie's son Gibbon seen in the episode "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars"
Flareon RBLX
Flareon RBLX Kun oldin
Flareon RBLX
Flareon RBLX Kun oldin
Vovin Kun oldin
I cried at the ending song...
Lolbit the animatronic Animation!
And where the s banana guard 500 go?
Jasminetube Land
Jasminetube Land 2 kun oldin
Titus 2 kun oldin
feels really sad seeing a future where everyone we knew and loved are now gone
vb vb
vb vb 2 kun oldin
when you realize that the final chronological ending happened at the end of the lemonhope episode
Owen Govender
Owen Govender 3 kun oldin
Wait so that means orglog is bigger then Golb
THAT DURPKID 3 kun oldin
Are pb and marcaleen lesbiens
FallsGrim 3 kun oldin
Did Finn and Jake die?
Scythe Productions
Scythe Productions 3 kun oldin
Another show lost, something crap will replace it :( Cartoon Network get your stuff together! Play good shows like adventure time! Not crap ones like teen titans go.
t77snapshot 4 kun oldin
As Finn and Jake sat near the shore greeting the humans arriving back to Ooo, I wish Finn would have stepped into the water, overcoming his fear of the ocean.
Asa Tyler
Asa Tyler 4 kun oldin
I haven’t watched this n years I feel so bad
Fleur De Saule
Fleur De Saule 5 kun oldin
In my opinion, Beth isn't a reincarnation of Jake but a relative (Gibbon's daughter?)
eanash mustafa
eanash mustafa 5 kun oldin
I know right I loved the finale but it ended too quickly I practically cried the day I saw the title FINALE it is UNACCEPTABLE 😂 but still I always thought fin and Jake will stay with us for a long time I love them not some incarnation 😢 but still it's the best ever forever adventure time 😍😍😍😘 I will watch all the episodes over and over again until I die cause no matter how many times I watch it I still can't get enough 😍😍😍 and also Marcy and bonnie are the best couple I am thinking why they didn't try it before I mean they are a great couple it won't be canceled it's adventure time 😍
WAFA AMIR 5 kun oldin
so sad
Magma _
Magma _ 5 kun oldin
Come along with me... And the butterflies and bees... We can wander through the forest... And do so as we please...😭😭😭
Daniel Almoradie
Daniel Almoradie 6 kun oldin
Im so sad when i saw finn and jake's statue
Viadel Reyes
Viadel Reyes 6 kun oldin
I miss Fin.
Fedora 921
Fedora 921 6 kun oldin
Wow this was the last good show on Cartoon Network ...... I’m not crying I swear
Ian Gilliam
Ian Gilliam 6 kun oldin
Mr Finn I don’t feel so good
Young Apee
Young Apee 7 kun oldin
i remember watching the first episode when it first released back in like 2011 i think
Kingsley Mai
Kingsley Mai 7 kun oldin
Were’s jakes rain a corns
Mariano Junior Alcon Do Rego Sabino
Picture of the older version of Banana man seems to suggest he and BMO might have lived together....
Machinegun 6997
Machinegun 6997 7 kun oldin
Didn’t know marcelene and princess bubblegum were gay
Rob T.V.
Rob T.V. 7 kun oldin
this is like a new religion
Ninja Tell Tales
Ninja Tell Tales 7 kun oldin
*I'm crying. I've grown up with this show*
Andre AndreTheKing
Andre AndreTheKing 8 kun oldin
When you go to the episode where princess bubble gum makes that monster you can see one of the monster skeleton. In the wall. That is the monster from the season finale
Jamestuff 8 kun oldin
Idk man i kinda get earthbound vibes from this
suibee_1018 8 kun oldin
loved it
rakeem 8 kun oldin
Oh shit was not expecting the kiss scene I think I missed a couple of the seasons
Viola Romanski
Viola Romanski 8 kun oldin
'The Fun Will Never End,Its Adventure Time!'
Kingsley Mai
Kingsley Mai 8 kun oldin
Did Finn die
3Dos Gamer
3Dos Gamer 8 kun oldin
6:54 Are those two gay?
dewain powell
dewain powell 9 kun oldin
This show was a work of art!
ralf dsouza
ralf dsouza 9 kun oldin
see you later space cowboys, more like you gonna carry that weight
Beast101 9 kun oldin
Does the symbol at 3:09 have to do with the possible reference at 10:21? (Look between Marcelinas and guitar but right below her armpit.)
Beast101 9 kun oldin
What about how Gulb was in the Pillow World episode.
Brave Magician1
Brave Magician1 9 kun oldin
The reason betty couldnt wish golb out of existence is probably because that wasn't her deepest truest wish, which in the episode evergreen the crown is proven to only do that, in fact Marcy says that was bettys deepest truest wish after betty transforms
Brave Magician1
Brave Magician1 9 kun oldin
How come Finn didn't get his arm back when he became his true form while inside golb?
GoldEXP 9 kun oldin
this show was a victim of tumblr trash
CubeBolt 10 kun oldin
Rest In Peace childhood “I’m really going to miss you”🤗
Nathan Sandland
Nathan Sandland 10 kun oldin
These people know nothing about adventure time.
Qurks Qiicks
Qurks Qiicks 10 kun oldin
Nobody gonna talk how Lumpy space princess and Lemon grab Kissed?
Qurks Qiicks
Qurks Qiicks 10 kun oldin
What's going on with Cartoon Network ..... Why is it taking away good shows...?
Loavaneesh Sugumar
Loavaneesh Sugumar 10 kun oldin
1 more easter egg is Jake's skateboard by LSP's long star gem
Loavaneesh Sugumar
Loavaneesh Sugumar 10 kun oldin
Actually weakest is Finns son of bitch dad
CrystalClearNews 10 kun oldin
Is that Peppermint Butler also graduating with Sweet Pea? Who else looks like a Peppermint? And the dark magic 101 could be his college course
CrystalClearNews 10 kun oldin
I think the unicorn cat is the descendant of offspring of Gunter/Ice Thing and Turtle Princess, ergo, heir to the third gem of the crown -- consider the kitten hatched from an egg Gunter laid earlier in the series. Maybe the unicorn cat challenges Ice Thing for dominion?
Joshua Welker
Joshua Welker 10 kun oldin
I want season 11
Over Powered
Over Powered 11 kun oldin
This is just depressing... couldn't Finn and Princess Gumball just date early on and avoid these catastrophic and intricate situations in the future...
Huntter2323 11 kun oldin
So.... Marceline and bubble gum are lesbians did not see that one coming
I don’t have a good name But I love ariana grande
Omg I used to love this show idk why though it’s so weird
RK1 Gaming
RK1 Gaming 11 kun oldin
I wonder if they made adventure time with shermy and beth
Last ep is depressing and sad to me
GOKU KID GOKU! 12 kun oldin
the end of a great story, is a opening to a new reincarnation
janiece warfield
janiece warfield 12 kun oldin
Kappa-Chino 12 kun oldin
Monel Funkawitz
Monel Funkawitz 13 kun oldin
Yeah... im lost.
INSERT USERNAME 13 kun oldin
Did anyone else hear the infinity war reference??
habibbb boii
habibbb boii 13 kun oldin
Well final goodbye Finn and Jake I loved you but as life sometimes things just gotta move on 😥😥😢😭😭😭😭😭
hask te
hask te 13 kun oldin
My brain can't handle this much information so bye
Trenton Steeno
Trenton Steeno 13 kun oldin
So she just ignoring the episode daddy daughter card wars where it show that that wizard is literally jakes grandson
Conner the android sent by cyberlife
Come along with me...
Aya Mouhoub
Aya Mouhoub 13 kun oldin
tysm i indrestand bettre now
Matt Mahoney
Matt Mahoney 14 kun oldin
Born in 97 shows like this and the regular show and many other shows like teen titans codename kids next door that my era grew up with were amazing shows and it's sad that there all gone now it's like the end of an era and now all us kids gotta grow up.
xyza caceres
xyza caceres 14 kun oldin
never knew adventure time was that deep
Gian carlos
Gian carlos 15 kun oldin
1:23 you fake fan that’s gibin ( Charlie’s son)
XCC48 15 kun oldin
anybody remember in "Simon and Marcy" when a chunk of gum gave Simon the soup for young Marceline then it smiled that might have been the/a mothergum and also why ice king liked princess bubblegum in the first few seasons
Dogi Game
Dogi Game 15 kun oldin
Alistair Orara
Alistair Orara 16 kun oldin
Glob is connected to great lost, void and despair as he was the god of evil, they just return to that state because on that time they lost something precious to them, Simon lost his sanity when he take the crown but as the glob resets he was taken back on that state when he will lost something and Betty on the other hand, she bacome to her self when she is losing Simon during the mushroom war, so as Finn, he did not change cause he is in himself when he just lost something valuable to him which is his arm. Simon state- will happen, as he lose self control become insane due to the crowns immense power Betty state- happening, she is losing simon when he was controlled by the crown which made her madness take her whole self Finn- happened, which shows that his arm was amputated after he lost his arm The conclusion is that inside of the glob, it reset everything and take it back on where or when you lost something that connects through time which also the theme song of the last EP which is TIME ADVENTURE implies the time of something good will might happen but you might lost something just like the cycle of life.
Sage Levedv
Sage Levedv 16 kun oldin
I literally grow up with finn i was 9 when i watched the first season and finn is my first love so im gonna miss him😞
Super Emerald Bros.
Super Emerald Bros. 16 kun oldin
In come along with me sheremy was singing “on a tropical island” the song jake sang in an episode that Finn and jake got trapped in a gladiator arena!!!!!!! CAN THIS BE EXPLAINED????????!!!!!????!!!!!!????!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!!?!??!!!!????………………?!!?!!!?!!??!!?!!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?
GAMEROY - 16 kun oldin
My childhood ended in 44 minuted
Team Heaven
Team Heaven 17 kun oldin
Made sense to me rn
YaBoi CuteDogo
YaBoi CuteDogo 17 kun oldin
Ashton Shrock
Ashton Shrock 17 kun oldin
I'm still so sad it's over 😥😥
Ares williams
Ares williams 17 kun oldin
The avengers reference was too much 😂😂😢😔
Dr Muffin
Dr Muffin 17 kun oldin
The finale almost made me cry when “come along with me” played
Snipez 18 kun oldin
Conclusion: marceline and PB are gay
Yeschma Litschauer
Yeschma Litschauer 18 kun oldin
im not crying you are crying. .... shut up.
Anthony Orbasido
Anthony Orbasido 18 kun oldin
1like = 1support to the cartoon
John freemon
John freemon 18 kun oldin
Everything in life is connected
Kae Gguk
Kae Gguk 18 kun oldin
My fave childhood show ❤😭
Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas
Sooooooooooo... Nietzsche's eternal recurrance? 😕
sava bien
sava bien 19 kun oldin
She is not an expert she's just expressing what she thinks.