Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED! (Easter Eggs, Lore, & Analysis!)

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Adventure Time has officially reached its epic finale, and boy was there a lot to unpack in that 44 minute episode. Whether you’re an old fan who was left confused by some newer plot threads, or a die hard Adventure Time expert making sure you caught all the Easter eggs, NerdWire is here for all your post-finale episode dissection needs. I’m Kris Carr and this is the Adventure Time Finale explained.
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4-Sen, 2018

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NerdWire 10 kun oldin
Need a new show to fill the gap in your heart left by Adventure Time? Check out our recap on Steven Universe: bit.ly/2TzQiFf
Omar Brown
Omar Brown 6 soat oldin
This video is ACCEPTABLE !!!!
Turdbo Mitch
Turdbo Mitch Kun oldin
That "dog unicorn wizard" is gibbon, Charlie's son :) also it's sweet-pea, not sweet baby pea
kl0k Kun oldin
*don’t you dare touch finn’s fucking sword.*
The jerryrigger
The jerryrigger Kun oldin
love ur vid!!!
Jordan Ingram
Jordan Ingram 2 kun oldin
Adventure time got moved to adult swim 😂. A bunch of old episodes to
Lebanem carl
Lebanem carl 3 kun oldin
| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
NerdWire 2 kun oldin
Eseosa Oje
Eseosa Oje 3 kun oldin
Did pb and marceline die after 1000 years?
XxB1sh0p69xX noonelovesme
Pb is gumbald's mom and niece Sweet home Alabama starts to play
Crevsi YT
Crevsi YT 3 kun oldin
Aww im so sad, bcz it ended i watched this video for years and its ending now? 😭
Bloodgaming 3 kun oldin
5:11 this is actually finn from the episode where he got the crystal eyes that turned people into his precipitation of them.
jovani deharo
jovani deharo 4 kun oldin
Project zergo is watching
REAL Life Stories
REAL Life Stories 4 kun oldin
Shermy sounds like jeff from clarance
NerdWire 4 kun oldin
YOU WIN!!! Both Shermy and Jeff are voiced by Sean Giambrone, who will also play Ron Stoppable in the upcoming Kim Possible movie!
Wuthrax The pro
Wuthrax The pro 4 kun oldin
When pb and marcie kissed I was caught off guard like crazy
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 5 kun oldin
That's why they always so oh my golb
xavier george
xavier george 5 kun oldin
I love that cartoon
Danny De La Cruz
Danny De La Cruz 5 kun oldin
but does fin find love??????
Taylor Yeaman
Taylor Yeaman 5 kun oldin
Golb (the red evil thing)was in fins pillow fort dream if anyone remembers
888 6 kun oldin
i only can survive bc Gumball and Steven Universe are not finish.
Grimm Lich
Grimm Lich 7 kun oldin
It maybe a ending of A era, But the beginning of a new era.
FROST 7 kun oldin
I feel this whole in my heart
ObEy L0rD
ObEy L0rD 7 kun oldin
Wtf thats stupid why couldnt they make it with fin and bubble gum princces
Matthew Kim
Matthew Kim 7 kun oldin
So bubblegum and marceline are lesbian... now i feel bad for finn and my childhood is also kind of ruined
Cancer Dweller
Cancer Dweller 7 kun oldin
Now the only good shows left are Amazing world of gumball
Nova Kry
Nova Kry 8 kun oldin
Come along with me to a town beside the sea We can wander through the forest And do so as we please Come along with me To a cliff under a tree Where we can gaze upon the water As an everlasting dream All of my affections I'll guve them all to you Maybe by next summer We won't have changed our tunes I still want to be in this town beside the sea Making up new numbers And living so merrily All of my affections I'll guve them all to you I'll be here for you always And always be for you Come along with me to a town beside the sea We can wander through the forest And do so as we please Living so merrily
Haz 8 kun oldin
There are so many more easter eggs in BMO’s house...
Haz 8 kun oldin
After doing some searching, this guy actually states most of them. uzvid.com/video/video-6onQGnZe1eE.html #not the best english you will hear.
LUKKY 8 kun oldin
I loved the series at first ,it was dubbed With awesome voice actors in my country and it felt like a good funny show ! That only me and my classmates would understand but hiting the fans right in the heart at the end was not a good idea.They should have gave the fans a hope that it will come back sometime with finn and jake 's new adventures but the directors seems to be obessed with sad ,dark and confusing ending .This show was actually a A mixture of cartoon and anime .but it got confusing after a time ,i dont think we deserved that ending ,we really needed a happy ending to move on again. Now i think watching the previous (S1-S3) eps will be much better . And its also the fault of our generation they don't know the difference between quality content and shitty content .Every kid uses phones,laptops,and shit but nobody even bothers to watch TV .i still watch cartoon network for Teen titans Go ,Yes it is good you cant admit it then just dont give hate .I have seen a pile of eps and the movie too and i think the creator deserves much more ! He has potential .But people are just so blinded with nostalgia of the previous teen titans
Japorilogos 8 kun oldin
Actually, I think the third being in the Finn/Fern's mental vault looks like the "monster" that Finn sees himself as in that one episode where he gets the crystal eyes.
this dud
this dud 8 kun oldin
*mr. finn i dont feel so good*
Tsm_ Legand
Tsm_ Legand 9 kun oldin
Who thinks Golb is the most powerful in adventure time
i love dragon ball super xd
Regular show and this rip my childhood
Kenneth Klau
Kenneth Klau 10 kun oldin
I was so sad when it ended
Micky Williams
Micky Williams 10 kun oldin
This is still airing because is on adult swim now
gebrelle 10 kun oldin
lol you just had to say simon coudnt save betty damn wish i didnt hear that whyy!!
gebrelle 10 kun oldin
hey didnt saw no kiss damn you censorship why well even without the kiss scene we all know whats goin up with both of em
gebrelle 10 kun oldin
damn kinda wanna watch the older episodes like that part with fire princess jake really messed up on that one hahhhah damn endings always makes me feel weird
AlteredBoyChannel 10 kun oldin
I haven't slept in close two 24 hours, and I just now have caught up and spent well over an hour crying about the finale. Maybe I'm a little high-strung right now, but this video honestly just reads as disrespectful to Penward and the rest of the amazing team who brought this show to life for nearly ten fucking years.
AlteredBoyChannel 10 kun oldin
AlteredBoyChannel 10 kun oldin
Okay I disliked this video because of its trashy and disrespectful nature, but how you blatantly fucking paved over Simon singing to Betty really ticks me off. For those of you who still after all this time just don't fucking get it, Simon was never truly "gone", he was always a part of Ice King. And because of this it really doesn't take a genius to figure out the MAJOR significance behind that small scene. Fiona was never a direct representation of Finn, only in name and character design, her overall personality is somewhat similar but different enough to be noticable (and important). Though Fiona is a character created by the Ice King, she was never his alone; she was also Simons. So while Ice King was singing to Fiona, a representation of someone who the IK sees as his hero, Simon was truly singing to Betty; his real hero. He wasn't held back, he did everything in his power to make that small connection possible. This is seriously such a major and emotionally intense moment in the IKs story, it deserved more than a two second mention.
JustLollyGagging 10 kun oldin
2:42 with globs helmet, to the right is the "cool guy" mug from card wars and to the right of it might be a piglet wand from "the pods" I just finished watching it again and wanted to revisit this video.
Horror Gameing
Horror Gameing 10 kun oldin
I've watched this seen day one
Dan 10 kun oldin
Fr cyin in the club rn 😔 but I love this show and the messages behind it 👍
Jonn Robinet
Jonn Robinet 11 kun oldin
Annoying narrator voice
ToyBonnieGamer -Roblox & Minecraft & MORE
Awesome part: Jakes *AWESOME* Blue Shape Shift Form Weird part: Marcy/Marceline and Pricess Bubble Gum kiss Hate part: *IDK*
Shadow Boi
Shadow Boi 11 kun oldin
Search come along with me so many memories
Shadow Boi
Shadow Boi 11 kun oldin
😢😢😢 I don't want it to end 😢😢😢
Ramadan El Zein
Ramadan El Zein 12 kun oldin
Do you have Card Wars ? Lets play with us.
Christian Manka
Christian Manka 12 kun oldin
I have to say. I shed many tears after the finale. An amazing goodbye tp my childhood heros.
arin 12 kun oldin
So did they die im confused
Fern cyrelle Galang
Fern cyrelle Galang 12 kun oldin
RIP fern Ps: my real name is fern😐
mrpalaces 12 kun oldin
People not liking the finale because Finn didn't end up with PB? Really? Did you even watch the show? They clearly wrote how Finn matured and grew up over his infatuation with her, contrasting him with the superficial attractions felt by the Ice King. But I guess some "fans" prefer all the character growth to be thrown away just because their ship looks cute
wbrito8617 12 kun oldin
watching this, I never understood the non-sense that each episode consist of....but the season finale explained and expressed it all. LIFE, DEATH, REINCARNATION, FIGHTING, BONDING, HATE, LOVE, ECT......ALL IN HUMAN'S LIFE....IT IS AN ADVENTURE.
Phil MaGroin
Phil MaGroin 13 kun oldin
The older seasons were so simple. Different plot every episode but always entertaining.(idk maybe I just thought it was because I was young) but it got so complicated in the later seasons, it was hard to keep track of and everything was so confusing. It’s like I could tell there was a bigger picture going on but it just looked like a bunch of random shit thrown together. It’s like it was somehow more cohesive and less cohesive at the same time and it was just harder for me to watch.
Phil MaGroin
Phil MaGroin 13 kun oldin
Bro I miss sitting down in my room years ago waiting for the new adventure time to start, no problems at all
Lil815 13 kun oldin
I always found adventure time stupid
Cadence Chambers
Cadence Chambers 13 kun oldin
Is this the real life.... Is this reality?
Richard Voda
Richard Voda 13 kun oldin
Wait does fin have a clone?
PlasmaWolfGamingYT *
Who thinks that bonabel and marcaline are still alive I mean they are both emortal right?
Play Jay
Play Jay 13 kun oldin
This is my forever cartoon. It makes me laugh, cry, angry and more. But most importantly i grow up with this cartoon show. And all i have left is nothing 😔😔😔😔😔😔
Play Jay
Play Jay 13 kun oldin
Did i hear Niece and Mother?!?!?!
Zero 13 kun oldin
I really think Shermy is a reicarnation/Desandant to finn because at the beginning of the last episode shermy was beatboxing And on the episode "What is Missing" A.K.A "The door lord" finn was also beatboxing to get past the door If you agree then like
Ejay E-merald
Ejay E-merald 13 kun oldin
What about marceline in the in sheremy and beth the on who's in the intro.. the one who has the telescope that has an MA mark on it Marceline Abadeer.
Ejay E-merald
Ejay E-merald 13 kun oldin
1:38 it's absolute Jeremy shada
Lol Lolson
Lol Lolson 14 kun oldin
No I’m not crying, *sob* You are.
Slom Xo
Slom Xo 14 kun oldin
I hate this ending feel bad for finn no had girlfriends and i want see next war
León op
León op 14 kun oldin
0:06 yep that's me
TheMonkeyKing 14 kun oldin
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened
Just a random dude on the internet
So many things died last year
Jake Hawk
Jake Hawk 14 kun oldin
Yeah Yeah Yeah, last season... Blah Blah Blah, All i want to know is when the next season will come out :'(
Joe Foster
Joe Foster 15 kun oldin
4:07 ok the thing that bugs me is that this doesnt make sense, i distinctly remember a flashback of simon pulling hambo out of a shop to give to marcy and simon didn't leave until she was older, and surely the flames wouldn't be there if it was after simon left because the war was long over by then... unless she wasn't talking about that war nitpicks aside I'm so happy to see the show that brought me up conclude beautifully, live long adventure time
Becca Dillon
Becca Dillon 15 kun oldin
Adventure time is my babyyyy
JackTheBlackCat 15 kun oldin
YOU MISSED ONE. IN THE OPENING scene, there's one guy hiking in the ice mountains carrying large bag. I think it's Simon cuz looks like the same bag he's wearing when he's visiting Prismo
JackTheBlackCat 15 kun oldin
Also another one, if Shermy took the Finn sword. Doesn't that means Finn is inside the sword? It still looks fresh and not rust
Emilee 16 kun oldin
i feel so empty and i don't know what to do.
Jay Coates
Jay Coates 16 kun oldin
5:11 I think that is Finn as he saw himself when he was cursed with the hermits eyes. Don't Look - Ep 28, Season 7
Kãrma _
Kãrma _ 16 kun oldin
The fun has finally ended.. not the fun will never end
Jacen Miller
Jacen Miller 16 kun oldin
All good things must come to an end 😭
Oscar Hoelgaard
Oscar Hoelgaard 16 kun oldin
its so sad i’m crying
Newark Fire Vehicle
Newark Fire Vehicle 16 kun oldin
The sad thing is, I heard of the show, but never watched it.
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson 16 kun oldin
But they did go super saiyajin
The Lich
The Lich 16 kun oldin
I'm a sad boi
Asongafac Asaha
Asongafac Asaha 16 kun oldin
All the good shows are ending...at least their finales are decent.
Pono The ultimate god
... let’s call them golby ... golb... Betty....yeah... anyways bye
ImVertux 16 kun oldin
Since 2010. The first episode of adventure time, I couldn’t stop watching. I grew with this cartoon. It meant a lot of me and a way to express my feelings. Now that it ended I got sad, mad and other feelings. Now I realized it’s finally time it move on.
Sakona 16 kun oldin
I grew up with this show in a way. Although I was never a huge fan of it because I thought it was scary when I was younger, I still loved it nonetheless.
prime30_ YT
prime30_ YT 17 kun oldin
Any 2001 babies
tensuzanpakto 17 kun oldin
The kiss between PB and marceline wasnt in the story board The animator just put it in at the last second. So it wasnt so much an actual confirmation, so much as it was just bit of fan service from one artist
Ragna Eyjadóttir
Ragna Eyjadóttir 17 kun oldin
When i watched the last episode, i could not hold back tears. It was just so emotional - closure but still open enough to imagine everything going on.
GoldenRaptorGaming 17 kun oldin
Watching in 2019?
monkaS 17 kun oldin
I always comeback to this video. I still cannot believe this amazing One if a king show has ended. But on the upside there’s a comic coming soon on the events after the season ended!!
steve Herman
steve Herman 17 kun oldin
destroyer basher
destroyer basher 18 kun oldin
It hurts me that it ends
The Cultist
The Cultist 18 kun oldin
This is so sad and happy and sad
Sub to PewdiePie
Sub to PewdiePie 18 kun oldin
Mr Universe
Mr Universe 18 kun oldin
Sad that adventure time is finish
Nova Abano
Nova Abano 18 kun oldin
The more she started to list all the Easter eggs the more it hurt to hear them and the memories and I started crying 😭
-Dat Mental Gamer-
-Dat Mental Gamer- 18 kun oldin
i never thought i'd hear this end, i used to watch this as a kid all the time :)
Steve McCord
Steve McCord 18 kun oldin
I've NEVER had a problem with gay people. Ever. But that kiss made me extremely uncomfortable. I wish I could explain why.
Skylar Tait
Skylar Tait 18 kun oldin
1:47 is it just me or does that look like asgore?
Retro Gamez
Retro Gamez 18 kun oldin
This was my favourite cartoon Luckily there are still reruns
supercellonova 18 kun oldin
I'm from the Dexter's Lab, and Powerpuff Girls generation. Cartoon network has drastically changed since the end of the 90's. Adventure Time and Regular Show, to me, were the shows that gave CN any worth over the last decade. I hope they can keep the ball rolling with something truly epic, because that's what it's going to take.
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