Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED! (Easter Eggs, Lore, & Analysis!)

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Adventure Time has officially reached its epic finale, and boy was there a lot to unpack in that 44 minute episode. Whether you’re an old fan who was left confused by some newer plot threads, or a die hard Adventure Time expert making sure you caught all the Easter eggs, NerdWire is here for all your post-finale episode dissection needs. I’m Kris Carr and this is the Adventure Time Finale explained.
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4-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 11 099
NerdWire 12 kun oldin
Need a full Adventure Time recap? We've got you covered: uzvid.com/video/video-ilbnFUPOCKA.html
Twister 19 soat oldin
Do you know what happened to the candy kingdom, the candy people, Princess bubblegum and Marcie?
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 2 kun oldin
where is the ice king original form? I only know that he is in the golb but idk if he escaped or not...
CoNcEpTT _
CoNcEpTT _ 5 kun oldin
The dog unicorn is a grand kid to jake, U see him in the card wars second episode
Marcos Carpio
Marcos Carpio 6 kun oldin
+Shedinja Fan aueidro
Kheng Ratha
Kheng Ratha 6 kun oldin
Trap god cv
pokemon lover
pokemon lover Soat oldin
I WAS SOOO SAD IT ENDED, I cried like three times
Squanchmaster Squanch
Temminator 2 soat oldin
0:29 like right now
skeet it and yeet it _1
What happened to that flame girl that fin liked?
Kamikat 3 soat oldin
The dog with the jewel in its eye is gibbon , jakes grandson
Zhoniin 3 soat oldin
This is more convoluted than anime.
paige Tompkins
paige Tompkins 3 soat oldin
They should start adventure time with shermy and beth
Kameron Nunn
Kameron Nunn 3 soat oldin
that mr finn i dont feel so good was so daaannnng
drifter 0410
drifter 0410 4 soat oldin
It was about time lsp became queen
Blazing Frost
Blazing Frost 4 soat oldin
cmon man when does fin get his happy ending female
Cosette Charles
Cosette Charles 4 soat oldin
i’m crying. i’m fine. it’s fine.
Jayme Horne
Jayme Horne 4 soat oldin
I hope Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had a great life together
Pan Tadeusz
Pan Tadeusz 5 soat oldin
What was finally happend with Fin's FATHER ?
Olive Comics
Olive Comics 5 soat oldin
Actually.. only shermy is an reincarnation. Beth is a descendent of jake and lady rainacorn.
drifter 0410
drifter 0410 4 soat oldin
If they can make a future adventure Time, that would great. So we can see what shermy and Beth do
drifter 0410
drifter 0410 4 soat oldin
Nur Masinta Uli Sihombing Binte Dohartua
I dont think thats jake or jermain statue it looks likes finn arm
Aziz Abdul
Aziz Abdul 5 soat oldin
Definitely not as glorious as Regular Shows finale.'
Coty Reed
Coty Reed 5 soat oldin
dog unicorn wizard is ribbon from daddy daughter card wars
slypea duckboy
slypea duckboy 6 soat oldin
i feel bad that Finn is left single, since he tried so hard to have a relationship :c
enrique palomarez
enrique palomarez 6 soat oldin
I'm crying in the club
The too crazy gamer
The too crazy gamer 7 soat oldin
So sad it's over, What if there was a sequel show with completely different people exploring Ooo
Kajetan Nakonieczny
Kajetan Nakonieczny 9 soat oldin
(Sigh). #SweetQSour
shaw miserix
shaw miserix 9 soat oldin
I've been watching adventure Time since the pilot episode and I've gotta say it ended the way I wanted it to although I was taken aback by Marcy and PB kissing I never really had that particular thought but needless to say I am satisfied with the ending of the series but to be honest I'd love to see the series continue with Finn and Jake's reincarnations now all I need to do is wait for the end of Steven universe
rasya rizqulloh
rasya rizqulloh 10 soat oldin
Adventure time is still in CN... To remember our journey with Finn,Jake,Pb,Marcilne,BMO,etc Goodbye Adventure time. Thanks for the greatest journey in CN for me. And the others.... Bye Ooo....
Wolf Storm
Wolf Storm 10 soat oldin
Tbh the crown has 2 wishes One from the older generation of gunter wishing to become his idol And one from Betty's to merge with golb Once gunther wears the crown, he turned into ice king & merge with the crown he wears (Tbh im confuse with his gender since i saw he can lay egg) Betty was right, the crown can revert once the crown get out from golb but, with stacked wishes
joy sla
joy sla 10 soat oldin
Sans Skelebones
Sans Skelebones 11 soat oldin
Huh, using harmony to get rid of a God of Chaos..........i wonder what ELEMENTS that took. Get it?
Joks izSantos
Joks izSantos 11 soat oldin
You just summarize it but still loved it, i better rewatch 😂
AttackOnPony Productions
I found ring princess' crown.
David [sl4v]
David [sl4v] 12 soat oldin
This is so sad
Random personovathere
Random personovathere 12 soat oldin
i may or may not have been crying, due to the fact this was the finale of Adventure time. T^T
Wj11jam 12 soat oldin
Asia Gatlin
Asia Gatlin 13 soat oldin
This is not good enough for me ! I honestly can’t stand the pain of adventure time being over like I’ve watched this show since it first aired and now it’s over 😔it’s unexceptionable and heart breaking 💯💔
pscho kitten
pscho kitten 13 soat oldin
"Mr finn i don't feel so good" All ways gets way
Empress Of Cats
Empress Of Cats 13 soat oldin
*heartbroken sobbing can be heard in the distance*
Mark Aguirre
Mark Aguirre 13 soat oldin
I want more new adventure time ep not incarnations of the charcters😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
Darcy Fitzgerald
Darcy Fitzgerald 13 soat oldin
On the way back to MARCELINES house Shelby and Beth are signing James song ‘on a tropical island’
Tri ket
Tri ket 14 soat oldin
At 3:06 there’s a Easter egg which says “trust no one” I pretty much got over the sad ending for 2 weeks and I’m watching the whole show again
Axel Masalta
Axel Masalta 14 soat oldin
Goodbye Finn and Jake 😫😭
Ms Harp
Ms Harp 14 soat oldin
the most satisfying ending since Avatar the Last Airbender-- Actually, scratch that. Poor Betty and Simon. Kingman and Margles :(
Gogo prody
Gogo prody 15 soat oldin
So wait in the future are’nt there supposed to be humans because in 9:45 the humans came back but where are they now???
Alexis Cambe
Alexis Cambe 15 soat oldin
7:26 happening happened
Bouchera Mahmoudi
Bouchera Mahmoudi 16 soat oldin
They are gay wtf im shocked
juntingiee 16 soat oldin
Don't Trust Apes
Don't Trust Apes 17 soat oldin
I really needed an explanation, thanks
Eric Fong
Eric Fong 18 soat oldin
The white dog is actually Gibbon Charlie’s son
adzana zana
adzana zana 18 soat oldin
that relationship between princess bubblegum and marceline remain me the final episode of avatar korra, korraxasami hahaha i mean girl x girl its popular cartoon relationship right now? sad for fin he doesnt get along with any girl but atleast he has best friend Jake and meet with other human and his mom :) sry rip english
Veng3r 18 soat oldin
So NEITHER Finn nor the Ice King 'got the girl', the Princess went 'Lesbo', and on top of all THAT Jake is replaced by a FEMALE Shapechanger in the end ?? Did Kathleen Kennedy start writing scripts FOR Adventure TIme as well..??? O_o
HotShotSteven NonOfYourBiz
How Adventure Time started out : "Another random to Hell cartoon,comparable to other completely nonsense series." How Adventure Time ended : "Another masterpiece of storytelling that will live through the ages." CN may suck,but at least some things still have the original Cartoon Network spirit.
Mason B
Mason B 18 soat oldin
How the hell did marceline die
1000 Subs with no Vids
Adventure Time is what brings me alive if its gone no more this might be last comment of mine you will see bye bye world bye everything
AshenCrow 19 soat oldin
AscendantKing 19 soat oldin
I’m not crying, you’re crying.
Roxanne S.
Roxanne S. 19 soat oldin
"Fin Jer" might be Fin: Jeremy (the voice actor of Finn); recognizing Jeremy's final and finished role as Finn's voice actor.
Conrado Jr Umali
Conrado Jr Umali 19 soat oldin
NerdWire i saw an easter egg jake and finn's clock in side a box right beside ice king's (a.k.a Simon Petrikove) drum (or at least i think cuse it was broken and the clock got broken when the treehouse was broken)
Orli M the terrible content maker
>when you flip the episode to avoid copyright
Val 20 soat oldin
im fuckign sobbing..... bitch holy heck....
Shaken Basher
Shaken Basher 21 soat oldin
Adventure time was part of my childhood that i loved. Until it was destroyed with politics. Turned into another political agenda story. Terrible thing to do to a show that had so much promise
Blizzard Pancakes
Blizzard Pancakes 21 soat oldin
No it’s about the sea lard smh
Vinny Nghiem
Vinny Nghiem 22 soat oldin
Mr.Finn , I don't feel so good... *fuck.*
Martinian Goodman
Martinian Goodman 23 soat oldin
Why did they have to kiss.
KingFin 6
KingFin 6 23 soat oldin
You know, it was a good run. A damn good one. And as probably my favorite cartoon ending, it’s better than pulling a spongebob or Simpson’s and going on forever. You done good Adventure time. You done good.
CraZe Rex
CraZe Rex 23 soat oldin
You mean: Adventure Time v2
SpringG1Rl Animations
SpringG1Rl Animations 23 soat oldin
mr finn... i dont feel so good.. *_whoosh_*
Syyrodize 23 soat oldin
*Next thing you know a continuation of adventure time but with a different title gets previewed*
Donald Witt
Donald Witt 23 soat oldin
Uh, the white unicorn dog is Gibbon, Jake's Grandson. He is king of the Pup Kingdom, an entire civilization formed from the descendants of Jake and Lady Rainicorn's offspring, from which Beth, the Pup Princess is apparently both Princess and a fugitive of. He gained Ice King-like powers from the Gem Ice Thing lost that replaced his eye. But now we must look to the future, of Simon and Betty Golb continuing romance, or, "My Chaos God Girlfriend Can't be This Cute!"
Well time to wait for an awful reboot of the series fron CN
gaing wolf
gaing wolf Kun oldin
gaing wolf
gaing wolf Kun oldin
Timothy Palomeno
she in another dimension
Timothy Palomeno
jake is alive she,s an alien so she not buried with finn and jermaine
SolTheCat_0w0 Kun oldin
maybe simon wished for extended life instead
Livia a
Livia a Kun oldin
This moved too fast and the brief summaries that were provided are just that, a summary. Very little was explained here
Micah Morrison
Micah Morrison Kun oldin
R.I.P. Adventure Time and Regular Show. These 2 cartoons are amazing and deserve to be right up there with other CN classics such as Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Foster’s Home, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd N Eddy, etc. They will always be remembered as the shows that saved Cartoon Network from the “CN Real” era!
Masterleo 370
Masterleo 370 Kun oldin
It’s like legend of zelda
Greg Hohenberger
I would watch Shermy and Beth any day of the week... with flashbacks showing more of the people lives after Finn and Jake leave / pass on
Felix Rivera
Felix Rivera Kun oldin
Every time they sang a song in the show they invoked Glob, which is why the official version of Time Adventure finished with a gentle sounding voice saying "And so, you and I will always be best friends." Glob is a force outside of time, and so are we.
Fire Lord
Fire Lord Kun oldin
Sweet baby pea inside of golb would bring about the lich
FrogBoio Kun oldin
i was no joke crying my eyes out
The Monkey Family Adventures
The “Dog Wizard” is Gibbon, Charlie’s son.
that guy julian
that guy julian Kun oldin
Hears a thot since the toom stone was fin and jer what if Jake never died just like his real dad in the ep Jake the star child he put the belt on Jake and he was getting Yong again what if Jake did the same thing and Jake is still alive!
say lol
say lol Kun oldin
Mr.Googly Void Hat
Gunter wishes to become ice king And the original ice king became SIMON I love em episodes adventure time
Makoto Yuki
Makoto Yuki Kun oldin
oscar collins
oscar collins Kun oldin
The best glob series there ever is! I will miss you Finn and Jake!
Dogmaguy74 Kun oldin
6:54 I'm so done...I never watched nor enjoyed this series but no hate whatsoever of course.
gesio777 Kun oldin
I would love to see Shermy and Beth's adventures tbh.
The Wrestle Vessel
DARK SAF Kun oldin
This hurts do bad....
Trauma Kun oldin
I thought that arm was Bender's ._.
Dylan Garzon
Dylan Garzon Kun oldin
Why did they do this
Dylan Garzon
Dylan Garzon Kun oldin
I’m scared
Dylan Garzon
Dylan Garzon Kun oldin
I feel bad for fin
Josip kekec
Josip kekec Kun oldin
I hate that it ends
Vitalify Kun oldin
"AMO's remains," you gloss over that so lightly but okay
CrazymanDerpTv Kun oldin
The finale was super sad to me.
Disco Donn
Disco Donn Kun oldin
Everyone saying this is the end but it’s really just another beginning 💙🗡
CyberCoNeko Kun oldin
*Come along with me* _We have a new future to start_
lusters Kun oldin
when a show is over there is always a feeling of emptyness in my heart, but this time i'm feeling happiness and wanting to go on an adventure :)
Nastia Kun oldin
Hello, I cried.