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Adventure Time is about two close friends: Jake, a wise old dog with a big kind heart, and Finn, a silly kid who wants more than anything else to become a great hero. These two dudes are all they have in the ways of family. They depend and lean on each other through thick and thin, they trust one another with secrets and look to each other for advice when problems get out of hand. More important than any of that, Finn and Jake crack each other up by acting like idiots and telling ridiculous jokes as they traverse their way across a massive and treacherous island seeking heart­ pounding adventure to pass the time.
At first glance you probably wouldn't know it, but Finn is a mighty hero. It's true, he's passionate about heroism. For a twelve-year-old kid, saving princesses and battling sinister wizards, it's quite an admirable hobby. Finn doesn't know why he's compelled to protect good from evil; it's just something he understands is necessary. It could be in his blood, maybe his parents were noble do gooders like him. Maybe they're royal cosmic cowboys fighting intergalactic outlaws in space, maybe they're the presidents of righteous Dinosaur Knights. Finn doesn't know his own mysterious origin. Even though he doesn't have the skills to win the battle, Finn is a furious little booger when it comes to opposing evil. Finn isn't very muscley, he's kinda small with a big fat head and little feet. What Finn does have is a strong moral backbone, a clear set of values and a lot of nerve! That's what makes him a hero. Standing strong in the face of adversity. Throwing caution to the wind in order to protect the ones he loves. Finn takes pleasure in all the standard kid business like making up songs and crashing monster dance parties. And when evil isn't running amok? Finn is happy to spend those carefree moments jumping on rocks, rolling around in the grass or exploring his favorite adventure spots.
Jake is like an older brother or cool uncle to Finn. Sure, they're both pretty young but, in dog years, Jake's 28-years-old. Jake is very jokey, everything can be poked fun at until it gets serious. And when it's serious, like when Finn in feeling low or sad, Jake is good at listening and knowing the most thoughtful thing to say.

Come on get ready to travel to very distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never end. It’s adventure time!
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18-Sen, 2018

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Maleah Fennessey
Maleah Fennessey 3 soat oldin
Finns hair is the most beautiful hair ever
Chyra Kettles
Chyra Kettles 3 soat oldin
At 3:00 Jake " Get in me!!!" Wow dirty mind😏😏😏
Allison McDonald
Hierophant looks kind of like me
Kassandra godinez
Kassandra godinez 2 kun oldin
are you hunting wabbits????/
West Void_Witch
West Void_Witch 2 kun oldin
Im literally crying 0:45
cat 3 kun oldin
Wow 100 score on acting
NotANumber 3 kun oldin
Bass Boy
Bass Boy 3 kun oldin
Y'all huntin wabbits
Linda Baby2
Linda Baby2 5 kun oldin
First To have a stuped comment
Lucas draws
Lucas draws 5 kun oldin
Made no sense to me but now I realize he wasnt invited so he died.
Alienxlicker 5 kun oldin
I like how they used an actual ringtone sound effect lol
MUI Goku
MUI Goku 6 kun oldin
1:51 Edit: This is my saving time
Jhozen Paul
Jhozen Paul 9 kun oldin
He said what 3:50
TheRacing King NM
TheRacing King NM 10 kun oldin
1:13 I'm a (raspberry) vampire. (raspberry) 😂😂😂
Madalyn Stanley
Madalyn Stanley 11 kun oldin
Are yall hunting wabbits
People Things
People Things 12 kun oldin
Are you hunting WABIITS???
Natalie Vazquez
Natalie Vazquez 12 kun oldin
4:08 ok girl you got this
黃黎 12 kun oldin
Hacker GSMHK
Hacker GSMHK 12 kun oldin
|Hey jake >| (• o•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
Random Person
Random Person 13 kun oldin
4:46 Is no one going to ask what happened to him
Filleldi Sh
Filleldi Sh 14 kun oldin
The 3rd vampire boss
Eevee-Chan of Happiness
0:43 Pink Diamond hairstyle tho:3
I'm. not. Famous.
I'm. not. Famous. 14 kun oldin
How far Adventure time has come...
Kalzoni 14 kun oldin
oh, cousin chicle!
Cmp Karma
Cmp Karma 14 kun oldin
*are y'all hunting wabbits?*
Twisted O4
Twisted O4 14 kun oldin
Is that really how he died
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog 15 kun oldin
What Season???
THEMANLEYS 9 kun oldin
Daffy Duck: RABBIT SEASON!!!
Fortunate Gamer
Fortunate Gamer 16 kun oldin
Moussa bennoui
Moussa bennoui 16 kun oldin
Dingus Bung
Dingus Bung 17 kun oldin
Abel Binyam
Abel Binyam 17 kun oldin
2:59 oh my what about your wife 2:59
Eva De Kok
Eva De Kok 18 kun oldin
I love advanture time!!
Amna Aleem
Amna Aleem 21 kun oldin
4:49 me at a party!
Panda Gal
Panda Gal 24 kun oldin
Are y’all hunting wabbits?
the two little kittens ,
I love fins hair it's golden put a thumbs-up if you love golden 👇
Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon
3:29 P.B’s face is like “Don’t encourage him”
mya hugo
mya hugo 25 kun oldin
yo for real tho fins hair is beutifull wonder how he keeps it so nice
Smol Arts
Smol Arts 26 kun oldin
He was used as an distraction but dang.
Résii Fonsé
Résii Fonsé 26 kun oldin
I love how he asked “May I come in?” Before entering😂
Andy Underlife
Andy Underlife 28 kun oldin
We are hunting wabbits
Bishreksual 29 kun oldin
Whenever the outro plays i think its going to be ocean man
Morning Oy oldin
"He's a total di---"
Bianca Montoya
RicoMaster HD
RicoMaster HD Oy oldin
From 3:20 to 3:27 is funny
Dynamo And Dynamite Gacha
Are yall hunting Wabbits
We gon get stank
*Reads title* , *looks at thumbnail* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Matthew Feeney
0:27 Y'all hunting wabbits? Me: ShHHhH I'm HuNtInG WaBbIts!
michael cunningham
ballistic shark
Lol 1:58 get in me
Azabien Oy oldin
4:50 when you step into your friends house when their parents are gone
XxxKi11erC1ownX Gaming
Before a vampire bites me I would say I have herpes and AIDS 😂
Toca Playz
Toca Playz Oy oldin
“Are y’all huNTing WaBBITs?
Loes Brijobhokun
Jake's flesh makes a wooden door closing sound. Thats neat 👌
02protoman Oy oldin
0:46 when you admit you’re a thot and a trap
Skiji Oy oldin
Are yall hunting wabbitS?
lxXC00LGUYXxl ➊
*Wabbits , loony toon reference 😂😂*
yulicia uwu
yulicia uwu Oy oldin
How’d it get from the empress eyes to fin’s modeling session
strong122 Oy oldin
Rest in Peace
laritz pix
laritz pix Oy oldin
Lsp is sooooo cute
David double D
0:44 hold up. . . . . i droped my heterosexuality
Andrew Felipe
Andrew Felipe Oy oldin
Are you all huntin wabits
BillTheMiner Oy oldin
I want to be a vampire just so that I can turn into a wolf :|
Allyssa Hidalgo
Im late but this is mess up lol im sorry ;-;
IzzyB Arnold
IzzyB Arnold 2 oy oldin
0:49 I love it how Jake is a tree XD lol
bucketlisted 2 oy oldin
*noO I WasnT inViTed*
Alma Watson
Alma Watson 2 oy oldin
1:49 lsp felt stupid
LimeyLiamGaming 2 oy oldin
erm fins hair
Galaxy Lps music
Galaxy Lps music 2 oy oldin
Green light
Jojo Siwa evil
Jojo Siwa evil 2 oy oldin
Kirito Mendoza
Kirito Mendoza 2 oy oldin
silver wolf k 9876
3:11 he a wolf he looks good in boots 🤤
Diamond boiii
Diamond boiii 2 oy oldin
Are y’all hunting wabbits
monte Fash
monte Fash 2 oy oldin
Rakie Racoony
Rakie Racoony 2 oy oldin
Herokid_Playz 2 oy oldin
*are y'all huntin' wabbits?*
Deformed Egg
Deformed Egg 2 oy oldin
finn's voice sound familiar.... i havent watched advanture time in ages but.... hm.. is it the same voice actor as lance?
Ran Sherman
Ran Sherman 2 oy oldin
"are y'all hunting wabbits?" gotta love LSP xD
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
I meant put your mouth in it phhhht
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
33194848284849292+ 204938285838394929484+239295848294947 =?
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
What why is jake a house?
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
Dolly Dolls
Dolly Dolls 3 oy oldin
What the stake?
Joyful Vision
Joyful Vision 3 oy oldin
3:23 that was so badass
Joyful Vision
Joyful Vision 3 oy oldin
Can Marcy gain anyone’s powers after sucking their soul or does that only work with vampires?
Lizzie NICHOL 3 oy oldin
“R y’all hunting wabbits?” .o. So darn cute cx
Phil Trash #2
Phil Trash #2 3 oy oldin
I just got a freaking Teen Titans Go ad
[[Death Noted. F r e a k]]
"Are y'all hunting rwabbits?!" I can't help but thing that it was a Looney tunes reference. *I know it is.*
Merrystudios Gaming
Finn’s hair is beautiful gold
Gerald the Narwhal
Are y’all huntin wabbits?
Sean Logue
Sean Logue 3 oy oldin
0:29 "Are y'all hunting wabbits?" Anybody else get that Buggs Bunny reference?
Pixel_Chibi :3
Pixel_Chibi :3 3 oy oldin
*are y'all hunting wabbits?*
rigz 3 oy oldin
3:28 lol!!!!
Softwareupdate K 27
Fins h a i r
Savanna Blankenship
3:05 Old school vampire: May I come in? Jake: Nope! *slams door*
Gloomy 4 oy oldin
“No-I wasn’t invited, NOOOOOO”
Rebecca Michael
Rebecca Michael 4 oy oldin
He's a dog house!
CoocooGamer TV
CoocooGamer TV 4 oy oldin
"I feel refreshed!" LOL
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