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Ninja Sex Party
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Get the album here: bit.ly/2zp1yO7
Stream it on Spotify here: spoti.fi/2Q829sg
Check out more TWRP here: twrp.bandcamp.com/
Filmed on location at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM
Director & editor: Tucker Prescott
Camera operator: Kyle Daly
Gaffer: Adam Siler
Additional video editing: Matt Watson




1-Noy, 2018



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When I first found ninja sex party because of game grumps I was like "Wow,I never knew how good Dan could sing"
Bagel bomb
Bagel bomb 5 soat oldin
get in the van
get in the van 6 soat oldin
if danny doesn’t do some sort of cover of storybook love (aka the princess bride song) ... idk i just want to hear his amazing voice in a song that would suit it well.
Lil Zombie Gamer
Lil Zombie Gamer 11 soat oldin
Can everyone just shut up about the Ghoul Grumps shit and just enjoy this masterpiece?
Dermot 13 soat oldin
This is the sequel we needed.
Shen Doodles
Shen Doodles 14 soat oldin
My boys Tucker and Matt are moving up in the world!
SOLID Shift 19 soat oldin
This is wanna those covers -- much like the Last Unicorn Cover -- that I might cry to. I love you NSP.
yesitsme712 19 soat oldin
Absolutely amazing!! This is incredible. Omg, Dan... I love your voice, everything. I am in love with you ❤
Joseph O'Connell
Joseph O'Connell 19 soat oldin
Im still trying to find out which one is better original or this.
cameron glass
cameron glass 19 soat oldin
Best music video online.
Jim kellt
Jim kellt 20 soat oldin
Danny sexbang + weird al + weezer LETS GOOOO
Wako Griffin
Wako Griffin 20 soat oldin
that outfit fuccing makes me nut
Nodus 21 soat oldin
man, fuck all these comments about game grumps. you're not just game grumps. and although you'll never see this, you need to know that you're so much more than that.
At Slices
At Slices 21 soat oldin
Can we get a cover of Mr.Brightside by the killers
JEC4BREAKFAST 666 21 soat oldin
0:06 when the hot box is so good you start inviting random people
Shane Pizza
Shane Pizza 22 soat oldin
Okay, it’s official- Dan’s my favorite celebrity.
CamTheKitty 23 soat oldin
Even Brian gets into the song a bit :P
Konameme Kun oldin
how is this not at a million views yet, i watch this like 60 times a day but it's still not there yet
Lisa McCall
Lisa McCall Kun oldin
I didn't find Danny attractive before this video. Looking all seductive and shit... 😏😂😂😂
Coyote Man
Coyote Man Kun oldin
I wish my fridge was a door to a random ass planet
Matt Shteynberg
Matt Shteynberg Kun oldin
I can't express how loud I gasped when I saw this in my recommended
Kason Todd
Kason Todd Kun oldin
This video is so accurate, there is definitely no food in that fridge they walked into, on point
Kason Todd
Kason Todd Kun oldin
This video is so accurate, there is definitely no food in that fridge they walked into, on point
L. A. Miller
L. A. Miller Kun oldin
Just beautiful. Glad you guys exist.
Dragon Dovah
Dragon Dovah Kun oldin
Also who is ready for under the covers volume 3 2019
Dragon Dovah
Dragon Dovah Kun oldin
We Really need to get nsp a platinum play button
Derpy Legiana
Derpy Legiana Kun oldin
This is possibly my favourite song now... like I liked the song before but now.... damn.... I will never get this outta my head.... LEWIS THIS BEST BE PLAYING IN THE CAR NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!! Also, did anyone else have goosebumps from 3:30 onwards?
The ROY Kun oldin
Much better than the Weezer cover. seriously
Chelsea grace
Chelsea grace Kun oldin
Dan is my hero
Martin Nate
Martin Nate Kun oldin
Thank you NSP, I never knew I needed this
MizBitz 1020
MizBitz 1020 Kun oldin
Why is this turning me on??
Angelo Diaz
Angelo Diaz Kun oldin
Damn dan! Your voice 😄🤙🏾
Collin Sullivan
Collin Sullivan Kun oldin
I will pay you to make a vinyl, then pay again to buy said vinyl.
Chief Bubbles
Chief Bubbles Kun oldin
i wish i lived during the age where good music was everywhere
Takeda 2 kun oldin
Great job, Dan! This has got to be the best video I’ve ever seen from your band!
Adam Malone
Adam Malone 2 kun oldin
My God, Danny is a deeply attractive man.
Dick the Dick-sized Dick
I really want to see Dan sing Believe by Cher
Blade Marcs
Blade Marcs 2 kun oldin
i dont know what the video means, but damn is it 80s and beautiful
Silveraith 2 kun oldin
I didnt know there was going to be a music video for this, so this is a great surprise to lift up my day.
Supa Sanik
Supa Sanik 2 kun oldin
yume mirai
yume mirai 2 kun oldin
Their covers are absolutely beautiful. Danny IS the 80s.
Spazz Wolf
Spazz Wolf 2 kun oldin
Danny, your voice, is so soothing. Please continue to bless my ears with it~
Cas Addams
Cas Addams 2 kun oldin
Glorious cover. No seriously, I love this song and you guys did a fucking glorious job.
LetsPlayKeldeo 2 kun oldin
You guys make me so happy all the time please never stop Im so Greatfull for you guys ! Keep up the amazing work maybe one day I can give you a handshake and can tell you guys how amazing you all truely are !
Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth 2 kun oldin
Telling others not to talk about it is paradoxically fueling the conversation. Now, the top comments are all about that subject. Set looks fuckin' killer especially the lighting and colours. Is this The House of Eternal Return? Looks really familiar. Costumes are amazing too especially the lights and the designs. That guy with the sharp teeth was awesome.
Braden Little
Braden Little 2 kun oldin
Ninja Brian is Ninja Brian's mild mannered alter ego
undeadboy22 2
undeadboy22 2 2 kun oldin
love the video guys amazing job
Dregan Rucker
Dregan Rucker 2 kun oldin
better than Weezer tbh
Suspicious Spaghetti
My new goal in life is to lose my virginity while having this cover play in the background
Andrew McDaniel
Andrew McDaniel 2 kun oldin
How did I not know they were filming this a couple hours a way. Makes me sad.
Okkon 2 kun oldin
love this!
Tanner Smith
Tanner Smith 2 kun oldin
I cant tell you how long I've been waiting for this
Anthony Clancy
Anthony Clancy 2 kun oldin
C'mon guys. Covers don't suit you. The whole appeal about NSP was the originality of it all. If I wanted to hear a lame cover with equally lame visuals, I'd go literally anywhere else on the internet.
KingofTheCrows 2 kun oldin
wow, waita put those punks Weezer in their place. Shout out from Bayonne, rock on Danny!
The Ouchiegiver
The Ouchiegiver 2 kun oldin
Dear dan I’m not gay, but you need to STOP being so damn sexy!
John Mallekoote
John Mallekoote 2 kun oldin
Awesome song.
Elicia Williams
Elicia Williams 2 kun oldin
Half of me was exited at recognizing the location in the first 2 seconds and thinking IVE BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS THEM
Zoniy 2 kun oldin
just gonna say, thank you guys so much for coming out to Wisconsin in the middle of cold ass October. that concert was the best night of my life, keep making amazing music. and don't stop boning, or killing. i know you and Ninja Brian have conflicting agendas
Geki ganger
Geki ganger 3 kun oldin
Thank you, Danny.
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd 3 kun oldin
When I saw TWRP open before they played with NSP in Austin I knew that they were some cool ass dudes
Free World Natural Beauty
Sydney Faith
Sydney Faith 3 kun oldin
Dan is so fucking hot oh my goodness gracious
M R C O M B I N E 3 kun oldin
For the record i got shouted at by a teacher when she saw me on my phone watching this.
Kendra Gernaey
Kendra Gernaey 3 kun oldin
This is beautifully shot, and Dan is a beautiful creature wtf. I’m legal now, just saying.
Coleeen 3 kun oldin
I will forever be in debt to my husband for showing me this gem of a band XD keep rocking on
Wackow14 3 kun oldin
I am going to personally assissinate every single ghoul grumps complaining cuck here so fucking help me god. Youre a bunch of entitled brats and should be ashamed to think of yourself as lovelies if all youve got is vemon to spew towards the people claim to be fans of. Change your ways or fuck off forever.
cheltyka 3 kun oldin
Heck yeah! Meow Wolf! I go there all the time and it's so cool to see you guys there in a super rad music video! You guys make the space even more magical than it already is!
HighSocks 3 kun oldin
btw is the aspect ratio 21:9 for everyone or just me?
Mikey Universe
Mikey Universe 3 kun oldin
Good job Tucker! This is amazing!!
John Michael
John Michael 3 kun oldin
I’m slightly upset that you guys were in New Mexico but I didn’t get to see you.
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 3 kun oldin
I’ve watched this 5 times and counting. I love this and Danny’s outfit it’s friggin amazing
Kuonluw 3 kun oldin
Love it! I just had one tiny remark : I would have loved to hear the electric guitar in the background during the chorus.
Guilherme Sanches
Guilherme Sanches 3 kun oldin
Damn, Danny Sexbang is so sexy.
EdinMike 3 kun oldin
Congratulations guys... this is gonna be in my head just like the original for weeks... and weeks.. fuck
TippyCraft 3 kun oldin
Put in my favorites for music list and will listen to this constantly.
FirstMate Wolfie
FirstMate Wolfie 3 kun oldin
Can i have that jacket and the man in it
Joe E
Joe E 3 kun oldin
You think Brian looks at his outfit like Batman looks at his? Like he's all.. "Its time, again."
Walt Henard
Walt Henard 3 kun oldin
i keep listening to this
Kauri The Miraculous
I LOVE the visuals in this video!
AE McAuley
AE McAuley 4 kun oldin
Just now got a chance to watch, and damn. Great job again y'all
MrFashionchick 4 kun oldin
This is all I needed in my life.
Yes Man
Yes Man 4 kun oldin
Congratulations on one million subs guys, keep up the great work!
Pedro Pendao
Pedro Pendao 4 kun oldin
Eggma Stromboli
Eggma Stromboli 4 kun oldin
yoo come back & listen to this when ur stoned this shit is somehow even better 🤙🏻
MauiWowieOwie 4 kun oldin
I was wondering when they would cover this great Weezer song.
Leigham Lemire
Leigham Lemire 4 kun oldin
I heard some band called Toto did a cover of this.
William Thompson
William Thompson 4 kun oldin
You're all fantastic musicians and I would like to thank you for your time and effort.
Ava Douglass
Ava Douglass 4 kun oldin
i love this so much
keeks kicks
keeks kicks 4 kun oldin
this resonates the Biggest dick energy
Kaizerkeith 4 kun oldin
Every straight guy has at least one guy they'd go gay for, I have two, I already loved Dan but this just made it harder to be straight lol.
Katelyn McGill
Katelyn McGill 4 kun oldin
So good, I love this so much.
Maia McGuire
Maia McGuire 4 kun oldin
Kriggs20 4 kun oldin
Definitely gonna get in on that. Definitely
Eric Pudalov
Eric Pudalov 4 kun oldin
I like your cover better than Weezer's!
KamenRiderAnt 4 kun oldin
Best. Acid. Trip. Ever.
magneticmax 4 kun oldin
i really like this song and this is a awesome cover, i love the video too, an amazing set and some really cool lighting
Franco Soria
Franco Soria 4 kun oldin
Yay!!! TWRP are on the video too!!!
Salt_e 4 kun oldin
tehmedicineman 4 kun oldin
Trick video. Everyone playing an instrument is also Ninja Brian
Sunset_Raven 4 kun oldin
10 yil oldin
High Hopes
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Heart Boner
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