Africa - Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party
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Get the album here: bit.ly/2zp1yO7
Stream it on Spotify here: spoti.fi/2Q829sg
Check out more TWRP here: twrp.bandcamp.com/
Filmed on location at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM
Director & editor: Tucker Prescott
Camera operator: Kyle Daly
Gaffer: Adam Siler
Additional video editing: Matt Watson




1-Noy, 2018



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Marie Ramos
Marie Ramos 4 soat oldin
Elora Molano
Elora Molano 8 soat oldin
Groovy ✊
steven perez
steven perez 12 soat oldin
My wife turned me into loving nsp this version is better then the original I love it I can't stop listening to it
Noah Collins
Noah Collins 17 soat oldin
Who are the guys or gals under the masks
James F
James F 21 soat oldin
I feel so confused these guys doing a straight laced song.
Shrieking Squid
Shrieking Squid Kun oldin
Do you remember When nsp. Made their own Music
Moop8989 2 kun oldin
Once again fucking amazing as always
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 2 kun oldin
bmg50barrett 3 kun oldin
What filming techniques/equipment give you that 80s look? Muted colors, slighly grainy, lens flare, high contrast, etc.?
Samsonite 3 kun oldin
He sounds kinda like that guy from game grumps
Dylan Shadowstar
Dylan Shadowstar 7 soat oldin
Gee I wonder why
Sanaa Rapp
Sanaa Rapp 3 kun oldin
O Jewish God of Song, you have blessed my ears once more just as you do the rains down in Africa.
Ace323 3 kun oldin
NSP can just cover any oldie and it will be done justice.
jimbo 3 kun oldin
Danny is now number 2 on my list of boys I’d kiss Jeff goldbloom is still number 1
can we get 50000 subs without a vid
I got the aids down in Africa!!!
Anna Mahn
Anna Mahn 4 kun oldin
"what do you have in your fridge?" "well normal stuff u know? Like a portal to another univers and shit like that" SAME DUDE
jemon 4 kun oldin
did any one else see that their front door was not there
Lizzy Nicholas
Lizzy Nicholas 4 kun oldin
Dan is so freakin good at singing 🎤
emeraldknight_112 !
Danny I love your singing and your a inspiration and the whole crew of game grumps
OrionTehLegend 4 kun oldin
I want my playlist to be played at my funeral but this is the song that they will repeat 20 times
MrSnape77 5 kun oldin
Why wasn't this in Aquaman's credits?
Alex Ryherd
Alex Ryherd 6 kun oldin
Hate to say it, but this is better than the original and I thought that was hard to top...
the oofer
the oofer 6 kun oldin
Freaking awesome band
fuzzymotion 6 kun oldin
Just when I thought I couldn't be more invested in an NSP song....
Charles Martin
Charles Martin 6 kun oldin
Ninja Sex Party ft Ant-Man
Ei Mora
Ei Mora 6 kun oldin
I prefer this version
RKayy 7 kun oldin
Ok. So........ Hotel California cover when?
Georgie the dog
Georgie the dog 7 kun oldin
Every day we stray closer to god
richelle verbeck
richelle verbeck 7 kun oldin
The only music video to make sense
AL3X WAGN3R 7 kun oldin
Saw it was filmed at meow wolf before reading the description. Cool stuff.
Conlan Kjar
Conlan Kjar 8 kun oldin
I like this version much better than the original. Danny you are very very talented. Keep it up!
Liam Prescott
Liam Prescott 8 kun oldin
Better than the cover from Aquaman
shlatos 9 kun oldin
1:39 uwu
Omega Red76
Omega Red76 9 kun oldin
TWRP and Ninja Sex Party at this song one group. Put a ring on it cause you are one band/married.
saltyturtle 9 kun oldin
So is EVERYONE going to cover this song?
E30Sawyer 10 kun oldin
This looks amazing, out of interest what aspect ratio is this!?
wet fellow
wet fellow 10 kun oldin
my username describes me after one viewing of this video
Annoying Multi fandom Name
Why am I turned on by this?
Tristan Walters
Tristan Walters 10 kun oldin
Stacey Buse
Stacey Buse 10 kun oldin
Dan’s voice always puts me in a good mood after a bad day. I love this song.
Bitpawp 10 kun oldin
Fucking incredible.
ThatGameDev 10 kun oldin
Is this that Game Grumps guy. He looks different, from what I remember he looked like a cartoon
Potato Warrior
Potato Warrior 10 kun oldin
With great songs comes great responsibility
DJ_Panda 10 kun oldin
I told my brother about Africa and let him listen to it he said hes never herd it before... hes dead now
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 11 kun oldin
Do Sister Ray
Faggy McDouchebag
Faggy McDouchebag 11 kun oldin
Just saying. But can we get Arin, and Danny to do a cover for Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen? I think that would end all wars and make everyone immediately sexy.
eller 10 kun oldin
Faggy McDouchebag yesssssssss
Samuel Saltzman
Samuel Saltzman 12 kun oldin
Little do we know that Danny actually wrote the original song and that it was just stolen from him.
jason cantrell
jason cantrell 12 kun oldin
Alright this was filmed in New Mexico right on
rex mercer
rex mercer 12 kun oldin
Guys are straight until danny starts singing
HackermanACK 12 kun oldin
The Mad-Eyed Homunculus Kreechrr
Tucker nailed this one.