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Ninja Sex Party
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Get the album here: bit.ly/2zp1yO7
Stream it on Spotify here: spoti.fi/2Q829sg
Check out more TWRP here: twrp.bandcamp.com/
Filmed on location at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM
Director & editor: Tucker Prescott
Camera operator: Kyle Daly
Gaffer: Adam Siler
Additional video editing: Matt Watson




1-Noy, 2018



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Anonymous fox
Anonymous fox 18 soat oldin
Can we all agree that Danny has a voice like an angel
Dogol 2 kun oldin
NSP should really cover Get Down Make Love by Queen.
IshCoke 2 kun oldin
Swaggersouls is better
Alea Johnson
Alea Johnson 2 kun oldin
I am a girl an this song gave me the biggest boner ever...
Mase 2 kun oldin
Way better than the Weezer version
Mary Etchells
Mary Etchells 2 kun oldin
One of my absolute favourites from the 80s n wow 😍🤗💖you did a fantastic cover 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Braxton905 3 kun oldin
Wait a second, this is the same place where the weird place from RoosterTeeth was filmed!
John Laurence
John Laurence 3 kun oldin
How did I even get here I was watching anime
Павел Дебитов
Так как оригинал я так и не дослушал, это версия для меня будет лучше.
Sinknslow 4 kun oldin
I hope NSP covers ‘Right here waiting’ by Richard Marx, it is the military wife’s anthem from the eighties. That or ‘Faith’ by George Michael, maybe with the original words, that would be right up Dans alley.
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill 4 kun oldin
is it possible for a cover to almost be better than the original?
Matthias Walter
Matthias Walter 4 kun oldin
I downloaded this on Spotify right after I heard 10 secs of it
Moist Nut
Moist Nut 5 kun oldin
If I don't go see to one of danny's concerts I might kill myself this MAN IS MAKING ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER i'm really depressed I love danny so much I want to thank him with his talent and music to keep me going! Thank you Dan Avidan! (I don't think 11 year olds should be watching this but like whatever ahahha)
TheNexan 6 kun oldin
I *knew* I recognised the Weird Place set from somewhere.
Billy Murphy
Billy Murphy 7 kun oldin
Let's all be honest This song was made for Dan
Anni Lyn
Anni Lyn 7 kun oldin
family member told me that he didn't put enough feeling into this song. I think it's mainly because nobody can top Toto. I can tell that Dan is doing his best though
Laura Gearhart
Laura Gearhart 8 kun oldin
I watch this at least once a week 🐙👊💋 Will you guys play at my wedding lol
senawa 8 kun oldin
They need to do a Queen song.
David Idiart
David Idiart 8 kun oldin
His voice is like melted fudge.
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 8 kun oldin
God Danny is so fucking hot
Jordan Kingston
Jordan Kingston 9 kun oldin
So dunno if anyone else has what he’s the weird place by rooster teeth but as soon as I saw the fridge open that is all I could think of as it is shot in the same place but all the same loved every second of the song
swagmaster gaming
swagmaster gaming 10 kun oldin
Olivier .L
Olivier .L 11 kun oldin
The props and shots are excellent! Good job Dan :)
dinkel dankel
dinkel dankel 12 kun oldin
I hope this is the set for a alien movie
Aston Fletcher
Aston Fletcher 12 kun oldin
Which rainforest cafe is this?
Harley Venuto
Harley Venuto 12 kun oldin
Please do a cover of literally any Queen song fucking pleeeeaseee it's a real need
Sophia Curieux
Sophia Curieux 12 kun oldin
Hailey Torres
Hailey Torres 13 kun oldin
dan is so cute in this video
JME R 13 kun oldin
This must be an easy song to cover. Everyones doing it or did it Oh and I HATE THIS SONG. Not this cover. its great. BUT WHY AFRICA?
MAC IS BACK 13 kun oldin
I really want to see a cover of don't stop me now by nsp
Mizzinno 13 kun oldin
Daddy Sexbang. I mean Danny. Danny Sexbang.
Cosmic Cadet
Cosmic Cadet 13 kun oldin
Wait a second, that’s quite a Weird Place to make a music video! :)
Malcolm Masten
Malcolm Masten 14 kun oldin
It’d be great if GameGrumps did a 10minutepowerhour in Meow Wolf
Matt Sopi
Matt Sopi 14 kun oldin
NSP should do one of Queen’s hits
DESTRUCTOBLOG 15 kun oldin
Feel like I need to watch this again and let everyone know that this video and song are much better than I remember from a few months ago.
Blazestarninja 13
Blazestarninja 13 15 kun oldin
Gemtail 15 kun oldin
I wish I could explore that place they're in. It looks awesome!
Sean Kilgore
Sean Kilgore 15 kun oldin
Did achievement hunter use this set for The Weird Place????
Siade Chained
Siade Chained 15 kun oldin
I wish i could do some video like this too..hahaha. Here's mine. uzvid.com/video/video-3fmp5NQNA4s.html
Shrek 15 kun oldin
Like because I’m shrek 🤠
noah7020 noah7020
noah7020 noah7020 15 kun oldin
This is better then the original
Benjamin Isaksen
Benjamin Isaksen 16 kun oldin
You should cover Queen!
gasjebasje95 16 kun oldin
Think of all the jello fitting in that fridge
Xynthoan Guol
Xynthoan Guol 16 kun oldin
O.K, but you all look like the roster to a Mortal Kombat game and this song is like drugs.
Joshua Pullin
Joshua Pullin 17 kun oldin
Please sing shot in the dark by ozzy
Harmony Rayne
Harmony Rayne 18 kun oldin
I love Danny's outfit 10/10
Yuniku Chan
Yuniku Chan 18 kun oldin
YEEEEES I can die happy now TwT
Cosmic Clover
Cosmic Clover 18 kun oldin
I like the Danny's singing but when the song should be getting more intense he doesn't pull it of right
Carrot 18 kun oldin
That moment when a robot walks out of your refrigerator
A Duck
A Duck 19 kun oldin
I curse my genetics everyday for not growing me into Danny Sexbang.
Woltron X
Woltron X 19 kun oldin
He NEEDS to cover West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
silentdevilgaming 19 kun oldin
Wow, that is sure a weird place
Carter Lud
Carter Lud 19 kun oldin
it would be awesome of they made a system of a down cover
Carter Lud
Carter Lud 19 kun oldin
this is way netter than the original
Syrin Heartstring
Syrin Heartstring 19 kun oldin
@Ninja Sex Party-Dan is truly a majestic creature. Brian's cool too.
Zev Gershon
Zev Gershon 19 kun oldin
If you’re a guy don’t lie. Dan has made you question your sexuality
mad milk
mad milk 20 kun oldin
I want an NSP movie
Jordzyi1 20 kun oldin
Honestly that song is a really good
Chaoddities 20 kun oldin
Wow. The cinematography on this one is super high quality.
Nom Nom
Nom Nom 20 kun oldin
This is there best video ever, all the colors and camera angles are like eye candy.
cam guariglia
cam guariglia 21 kun oldin
NSP needs to cover the man who sold the world
harbinger of Payne
harbinger of Payne 21 kun oldin
Dowwwn in affffriiicaaa
Samm Sphinx
Samm Sphinx 22 kun oldin
Jaziel Espinoza
Jaziel Espinoza 22 kun oldin
Dude I know you get this a lot but I wanna add to the echo chamber. You have an amazing voice
Grey 0415
Grey 0415 22 kun oldin
G4L NEON 23 kun oldin
This fucking rocks
Jerry Golay
Jerry Golay 23 kun oldin
You're great
thunder 24 kun oldin
Who else is here because they just went to meow wolf (where this was filmed)
Adrial9 25 kun oldin
Just realized this is the same place as Rooster teeths weird place
Ron .M
Ron .M 25 kun oldin
Omg they fucking filmed this at meow wolf.
Ron .M
Ron .M 24 kun oldin
Mr.Pupaaya Yeah
Mr.Pupaaya 24 kun oldin
Have you been there? cause I have
game84cube 25 kun oldin
I genuinely feel like any man could be gay for Danny and still be straight as an arrow. Hey that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 26 kun oldin
I didn't know Ant-Man was a musician too.
Woad Warrior
Woad Warrior 26 kun oldin
Can you guys do a cover of "Chop Suey" where Ninja Brian is fighting angels n shit?
Rynn21 27 kun oldin
Watching Game Grumps cause of my fiance, I never would have thought this band would sound so incredible and cover some of my favorite songs so well. Well done.
Spookylady 27 kun oldin
I HATE the Weezer version of Africa. But this, this is amazing. As if I wasn't already in love with Danny. Thank you, guys.
Dragonlord the king of dragons
Is the fridge Narina?
Loopyprawn 29 kun oldin
Stacey Goode
Stacey Goode 29 kun oldin
welcome back to 'songs I thought couldn't be covered, be covered by a Jewish man and a ninja.'
Oskar Krüger
Oskar Krüger 29 kun oldin
Who said that you can't beat your salmon without watching porn, I did but still I wanna reform my statement. P.S. I'm not gay
Blaze12ification 29 kun oldin
I like how you are remaking old music but not messing with it like remixes and other fluff, I hope you can do more. St Elmo's Fire is one in particular I'd love to hear, you already sound like the original singer in my opinion.
Jake Jordan
Jake Jordan Oy oldin
3:42, really starting to question my heterosexuality...
_If they do "Hold the line" that's it, I'll be dying happily_
LemonThyme Oy oldin
I forget sometimes that Dan is actually a competant singer lol then I listen to this again
yumiyacchi Oy oldin
Way better than the Weezer one. Don't get me wrong, i love Weezer but this slaps harder.
Emily_ galaxy
Emily_ galaxy Oy oldin
I know this is the same as the other, but I like this one better.
heyman notcool
hooked on a feeling would be A M A Z I N G
Jericho Zacrias
why am I just finding this? fucking dan singing is blowing my mind! O_O
1293jessica Oy oldin
dan why would you lick 3 fingers to turn a page of news paper please dont
Camren The Completionistx
Toto would be proud
Jess Yea
Jess Yea Oy oldin
This came on at a witchshop n i almost cried
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen Oy oldin
Nice one Danny!👌😭👌
Bonus: Take A shot every time you see Dan's Bulge.
You covered my favorite song ever!! I love this video!!
Bladez10 Oy oldin
Hey, you remember when Weezer did a cover for this song? Me neither.
Cupcake Thief
Cupcake Thief Oy oldin
Very nice vocals, Danny. Keep up the good work, my boy!
Alex Sosa
Alex Sosa Oy oldin
"Screw you for chubbin me.."
Mythological Minds
this is the version of africa that should be playing on radios, honestly, not weezer’s
Mythological Minds
i’m pansexual but fuck terminology, i’m gay as hell for this man
Stitchy33 Oy oldin
Chills guys... Literally, chills.
chris kennedy
chris kennedy Oy oldin
Pitbull can learn a thing or two from you guys.
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