AirPods 2 Released! Giveaway & AirPower Next!

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AirPods 2 Are FINALLY Here! Here's what's new & airpods 2 vs airpods 1 features comparison! $199 price, no black color :(
Enter Giveaway Here: instagram.com/phonerebel/
(Comment on the post & be following my account) Will choose in 1 week.
Latest Apple Leaks: uzvid.com/video/video-Atbm5GL1zqE.html
Verge's Prototype iPhone Article.

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20-Mar, 2019



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For the giveaway like & comment on this vid, be subscribed. Enter Insta giveaway here: instagram.com/phonerebel/ (Comment on the post & be following my account) Will choose in 1 week. Good luck guys & thanks for 7,000,000! That's absolutely nuts and I don't deserve it but thank you
Gus TV
Gus TV 10 kun oldin
EverythingApplePro Last comment before 500 limit :P
Joel Herdell
Joel Herdell Oy oldin
Great video! Congratulations on the 7 million!
Mutaz Jabban
Mutaz Jabban Oy oldin
your style and hard work made this 7M. i am sure it is still growing.
Faez Nalla
Faez Nalla Oy oldin
Congrats for 7 millions
Joel Herdell
Joel Herdell Oy oldin
EverythingApplePro great video! Would love to win!!
Nathan Hua
Nathan Hua 13 soat oldin
Not wasting that much money a “2”
Hannah  Hassan
Hannah Hassan 17 soat oldin
I’ve been watching a lot of your old content and I love it I hope I win this giveaway and good luck to everyone
Harry Sheldon
Harry Sheldon Kun oldin
You. Hi. I want these😍😱😱
Guillermo Morales
Guillermo Morales 3 kun oldin
AirPods 2 are just copies but named different
Shashank Gorti
Shashank Gorti 4 kun oldin
Low Ashley
Low Ashley 4 kun oldin
Ismail Abdillahi
Ismail Abdillahi 5 kun oldin
Great 👍
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon 5 kun oldin
Choose a number between 1-10 before pressing read more 4
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon 5 kun oldin
Hopefully more color options come with the airpods 3, (if Apple makes them anyways)
Banjo Sande
Banjo Sande 5 kun oldin
for $40 all you're getting is the wireless charging case. You can buy the airpods 2 with a regular case for $159
Vence 6 kun oldin
Hopefully I can win them. Followed all the rules already. Good luck everyone
boomdoom 6 kun oldin
Thank you for the giveaway Coment on one of my vids if i win
CaptainFWR 6 kun oldin
You and tokay make an amazing team nice job keep it up! I’m SOSOOSOOOO EXCITED FOR THE GIVEAWAY!!!! I’m too broke for AirPods but I would love to win some in your giveaway! Anyways I only wish the best for you and bro.king
santiago Garcia
santiago Garcia 7 kun oldin
Brooklyn Underwood
Brooklyn Underwood 7 kun oldin
If I do win, which I won't, I will be so greatful
Steffan DMello
Steffan DMello 7 kun oldin
Pick me
D Mon3y
D Mon3y 7 kun oldin
I need AirPods
Batman Krystyan
Batman Krystyan 7 kun oldin
And I lost them and he won’t give them back and my mom was so mad at me
Batman Krystyan
Batman Krystyan 7 kun oldin
To be honest this kid took my AirPods
Bonniespots 7 kun oldin
Airpods in the House Tonight!!!!.... can I win?
Tara Chrisman
Tara Chrisman 7 kun oldin
I want them but they seem the same as the AirPods 1
EMS POWER 7 kun oldin
Can i win?
A Squishy Fishy
A Squishy Fishy 8 kun oldin
yo giveaway
Zaynab Barkat
Zaynab Barkat 8 kun oldin
I have done everything plz may I win I know you will not choose me but I love your channel good luck everyone and congrats for 7million once again good luck everyone 🍀🍀🥳
M Hussain Bugti
M Hussain Bugti 8 kun oldin
Abl 8 kun oldin
Air pods plz
Samir Samir
Samir Samir 8 kun oldin
Samantha Ju
Samantha Ju 9 kun oldin
How many more models will they really make......
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 9 kun oldin
I would really want to win the air pods and if I don’t then gg 😭
bilal azhar
bilal azhar 9 kun oldin
I’m new here and love ur channel and I’m thinking of buying AirPods any suggestions 1 or 2 AirPods
theo kiernan
theo kiernan 9 kun oldin
I only have a android phone
Paris Cass
Paris Cass 10 kun oldin
I just want to join the dark side, but I’m broke so I’m probably just gonna buy some fakes #brokesquad
Suzy Dermois
Suzy Dermois 10 kun oldin
Howdee! Hoping ill win the airpods 2, my parents wont let me buy them saddly..
ONIKS Yakhont
ONIKS Yakhont 10 kun oldin
Airpod 2 ...
Jonathan Gutierrez
Jonathan Gutierrez 10 kun oldin
Who else was watching the video with there AirPods on
Nichole Pagan
Nichole Pagan 11 kun oldin
I want them because I love them and has always wanted them but I can’t Afford them I love your channel so much and I love Apple so much and you please pick me #AirPods
Mark Brzuskiewicz
Mark Brzuskiewicz 11 kun oldin
Good vid
Harry Spooner
Harry Spooner 11 kun oldin
Hey!! I would love to win some airpods i’ve always wanted some! Love your videos 🥳
Alex Haworth
Alex Haworth 12 kun oldin
Love this channel always go here when apple drops something
Abstr120 Sayers
Abstr120 Sayers 12 kun oldin
u r so amazing and generous to give away airpods
Shaneika Fearon
Shaneika Fearon 12 kun oldin
I hope the sound quality is good
louis torres
louis torres 12 kun oldin
Cool the air pods 2 will be likely to happen
a. i walf
a. i walf 12 kun oldin
Great video 👍👌
xHype 13 kun oldin
Congrats on 7 mil!!
Kyutie MC
Kyutie MC 13 kun oldin
:( no black color
Seraphim 5
Seraphim 5 13 kun oldin
7 million just subscribed
Allen Sanchez
Allen Sanchez 13 kun oldin
May I please get a pair
Maarten Jansen venneboer
Hope to win i really need some headphones and I really like your video’s I hope I win 🤩
Diana Rose A
Diana Rose A 13 kun oldin
• HC •
• HC • 13 kun oldin
Would love to win them! I lost my earbuds :/
Jenny Verduzco
Jenny Verduzco 13 kun oldin
Lowkey sad there’s no black AirPods
Farhana Ahmed
Farhana Ahmed 14 kun oldin
These AirPods 2 looks amazing😃
snaaw creations
snaaw creations 14 kun oldin
Millie Hardwick
Millie Hardwick 14 kun oldin
Can I win them 🥵🥵
Joseph Raymund Payuran
Still lit tho
kaitlin swinton
kaitlin swinton 14 kun oldin
could i please have some airpods my old earphones r broken and i want to see what all the fuss is about with these airpods.also my birthday is coming up and my parents wont buy em.please.
Antonio Lorence Joseph
You're my favorite channel
Olamide Coker
Olamide Coker 14 kun oldin
May I please have the AirPods 2 I think that it will be easier to watch UZvid and do things while listening to my phone with AirPods and plus in need them to study
Olamide Coker
Olamide Coker 11 kun oldin
AdRevenuePlease 13 kun oldin
Why do you need them more than i do lmao what makes you special
Fozia Hussain
Fozia Hussain 14 kun oldin
I can’t wait until he gets 10 million subscribers
thickskorpion 14 kun oldin
Pick me
ML LEGEND 15 kun oldin
Can I get some air pods 2 cuz in 2 days is my bday Turing 13 love ur videos
ML LEGEND 15 kun oldin
April 10
Kirsty Gonzales
Kirsty Gonzales 15 kun oldin
-fatrocketman -
-fatrocketman - 15 kun oldin
"they're not a bad deal" when talking about 200 pound headphones
Rahul Kumar Nishad
Rahul Kumar Nishad 15 kun oldin
The Phone is good and look so nice
Amir Avery
Amir Avery 15 kun oldin
Please let me win🙏🏽
Parker Videos
Parker Videos 15 kun oldin
Love your video!
Troy Lacerte
Troy Lacerte 15 kun oldin
Hey bro love the videos def would love a new pair I only got the wired ones but good luck to everyone
Bethany Spicer
Bethany Spicer 15 kun oldin
"more like airpods 1.5" fr tho
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 15 kun oldin
i Want Them plssss
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 16 kun oldin
Brayan Tapia Hernandez
Yari Kleeven
Yari Kleeven 16 kun oldin
Nice vid, love it man
Nikhil Yesade
Nikhil Yesade 16 kun oldin
So the airpods 2 come with a wireless charging box
TheShasmart 16 kun oldin
Moses Tonade
Moses Tonade 16 kun oldin
Do you have spare I can have please lol
Thegamingmacaw !
Thegamingmacaw ! 16 kun oldin
I NEEEEEEEEEED AIRPODS I don’t have and headphones
Adhil Parakot
Adhil Parakot 16 kun oldin
Please i need a one very badly
Jeremy Flores
Jeremy Flores 16 kun oldin
I love your vid and hope to meant u one day can I have some AirPods
Hi Pie
Hi Pie 16 kun oldin
901Codename 17 kun oldin
Hope I win this. I really want a pair of AirPods but with my tuition fees and everything right now, I cannot afford anything. Plus my old earphones are broken now :(
John Bellospirito
John Bellospirito 17 kun oldin
Me me me lol
Alvi Zaman
Alvi Zaman 17 kun oldin
Been participating for so long, would like to win a giveaway ONCE ugh
coleman weeks
coleman weeks 17 kun oldin
i hope I win this but if I don't everythingapplepro you are the best love ur videos huge supporter
David Shevchenko
David Shevchenko 17 kun oldin
snaaw creations
snaaw creations 17 kun oldin
Superb. Best. Wow. Nice. Congratulations.
snaaw creations
snaaw creations 17 kun oldin
Superb. Best. Wow. Nice. Congratulations.
Slaf Tamim
Slaf Tamim 17 kun oldin
A E 17 kun oldin
I want AirPods because everyone in my class has AirPods and say they don talk pore im very upset about it så i would be very happy if u gave me one pair of AirPods i dont care if its AirPods 1 or 2 i just want a pair hope you see this i love you keep up the good work 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
Firerex 17 kun oldin
I hope I win
Thomas Pippin
Thomas Pippin 17 kun oldin
Wait can you get the engraving on the regular case
Aneela Shad
Aneela Shad 17 kun oldin
Hi are you doing, I needed airpods for a long time i really want them please thanks
I_am_Better_Then_U 19
They just added two
aloesaura 18 kun oldin
when are he winners being chosen?xx
Completely Random
Completely Random 18 kun oldin
Cool vid I have AirPods and I was so excited for AirPods 2 but seriously there’s barely a difference I might as well just get a wireless charging case
Dinesh Karki
Dinesh Karki 18 kun oldin
i have like your all vidios please give me please i am your bigesttttttttttttttttttttttttt fannnnnnnnn please give meplease
Seerut Grewal
Seerut Grewal 18 kun oldin
I love your video…these AirPods seem more of a 1.5 than a 2…
Jason Vazquez
Jason Vazquez 18 kun oldin
Love your work XD
michelle garn
michelle garn 18 kun oldin
I subbed
Roger Smith
Roger Smith 18 kun oldin
Been watching alot of your vidoes but just subscribed. The channel I always watch for everything about apple. Good job man. Keep the videos coming.
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