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Alessia Cara - Trust My Lonely

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The Pains of Growing out now. 👔
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Music video by Alessia Cara performing Trust My Lonely. © 2018 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




5-Okt, 2018




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Mendes muffins27
Mendes muffins27 9 soat oldin
IM SO EXCITED TO SEE U when i see SHAWNNNN ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tainã Figueiredo
Tainã Figueiredo 13 soat oldin
É tão eu, dançando! 😂😍
Meg_Maverick Kun oldin
LIVING for the suit and tie. With the hoops Yassssssssss
Jeciane Martins
Jeciane Martins Kun oldin
Só eu de brasileira que ama as músicas da Alessia cara🤔😍 quem ama curti🤗
Layla Haruno
Layla Haruno Kun oldin
*This song is cute*
Jamie Josef
Jamie Josef 2 kun oldin
This video gives me old Alessia Cara vibes with a larger budget and a killer aesthetic.
thehumeinbrein 2 kun oldin
Love her!
Frederick Refran
Frederick Refran 2 kun oldin
Alessia Cara love your talent and charisma good songs
mecia makaliso
mecia makaliso 2 kun oldin
I love you alessia Cara is wish you were my sister 👭👭👭👯
Reem Hamid
Reem Hamid 3 kun oldin
so underrated
lol ur really fun 😁😁😎
I like cats 1 time a day
Vote if you like marshmallow if you do like if you don’t like him just comment me and say (no)
Amazing Alaina
Amazing Alaina 3 kun oldin
i bet all the directors and filmers love to work with alessia ❤
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez 3 kun oldin
I saw someone feet in one
Maiya Burks
Maiya Burks 3 kun oldin
I love her this is such a cute video she looks so cute
Watts Up*
Watts Up* 4 kun oldin
Hanie Nguyen
Hanie Nguyen 4 kun oldin
Does anyone see that she looks like 8-year-old bride in a film from India???
Meital Dahan
Meital Dahan 4 kun oldin
What an angel.
AC X RC 4 kun oldin
Random Person
Random Person 4 kun oldin
*_I need her cuteness!_*
MazVic 4 kun oldin
I fall in love with her voice ♥️
Kiki Fantasy
Kiki Fantasy 4 kun oldin
You look soooooo cute
Jason Zhu
Jason Zhu 5 kun oldin
Anyone else think this song has a Meghan Trainor vibe?
Corianna Davis
Corianna Davis 6 kun oldin
She is so natutally beautiful and her voice is amazing
Shan Thomas
Shan Thomas 6 kun oldin
Soumaya Bouchahoua
Soumaya Bouchahoua 6 kun oldin
I love dis 💟
Andrea Ramirez Rivera
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 6 kun oldin
This music is trash
niesz 6 kun oldin
whats the function of d cloth in d back?
Life Is Hard
Life Is Hard 6 kun oldin
She has like amazing personality and soul!💖💖
Life Is Hard
Life Is Hard 6 kun oldin
Titian dabear
Titian dabear 7 kun oldin
I just love this girls music and i can't get this song out of my head
amin blaze x 75
amin blaze x 75 7 kun oldin
Nazifa Tasnim
Nazifa Tasnim 7 kun oldin
This girl is so sweet & her voice & every song make me melt
Jeri 7 kun oldin
The song and the MV is so addicting.
andersport 8 kun oldin
I love her sneaker. Like Avril Lavigne she great in a pair of Chucks.
Mya Mccray
Mya Mccray 8 kun oldin
I'm going thru hitting that like button on everybody's comments👏
Cieara Bell
Cieara Bell 8 kun oldin
i like this song so much😍😍
Kayla Jhonson
Kayla Jhonson 8 kun oldin
I love how her music videos and makeup is not all crazy it just natural and not bold shes such a queen 😊😊😊😊😊🤣
MusicForLife 9 kun oldin
My hometown girl! I made a karaoke style of this song if you guys want to sing along with it!!💖 Have a wonderful day! :)
Aufaçe 9 kun oldin
1:35 jesus walking on water
Samgel 9 kun oldin
Samgel 9 kun oldin
I mean i love it so much
Afham Lotpi
Afham Lotpi 9 kun oldin
Respect your behaviour 👏🏻
Aniol Sala Pau
Aniol Sala Pau 10 kun oldin
She is perfect. It's a singer that we really need . She is so talented, natural and amazing . We love you so much Alessia . Thanks to do songs like this to help us to be better in toxic relationships or in difficult moments in life. Love u
mecia makaliso
mecia makaliso 10 kun oldin
I like alessia Cara is my best singer and I just want to be like her one day and I'm nine years old ☺☺😊😊
B.K-POP bag
B.K-POP bag 10 kun oldin
you got no jams
you got no jams 10 kun oldin
Sandro Fortini
Sandro Fortini 10 kun oldin
Can’t believe she did this some of this in downsview park so cool
Haruu Nii
Haruu Nii 10 kun oldin
She is so whacked that I love her uniqueness and craziness like omfg how to worship her hsidbdjskas 🌻🌻🌻
Austin Yang
Austin Yang 10 kun oldin
gabriel james
gabriel james 11 kun oldin
the part where she says go get your praise from somewhere else. you did a number on my health. REALLLLY reminds me of another song that kinda has the same tempo as this part.... can anyone help me figure out what song it is? It's driving me insane
Clarissa Chia
Clarissa Chia 11 kun oldin
Nitu Negi
Nitu Negi 11 kun oldin
Her voice Above it her personality❤️❤️
uyfugbug766546 12 kun oldin
The ensemble looks similar to Trump's suit. Are you trying to ask Trump to relax?
Chris Strand
Chris Strand 12 kun oldin
Love it but she's she acts like she's 16 in this video
elvisstopper 420
elvisstopper 420 12 kun oldin
You can do better than that suit for real.
Vienna Lau
Vienna Lau 12 kun oldin
H U R I 12 kun oldin
She’s coming to Toronto!
N.K. 12 kun oldin
Alessia looks like my French teacher
Agatha Vitória
Agatha Vitória 12 kun oldin
Joshua Emile Sings14
Am I the only one who noticed that she did the Moon Walk
Carnage GMD
Carnage GMD 13 kun oldin
Compare the beat of this to the beat of Rude by MAGIC! OMG...
Sameeksha Tadepalli
Sameeksha Tadepalli 13 kun oldin
I really LOVE her lyrics, voice, and music!!
Moocyfer 2.0
Moocyfer 2.0 13 kun oldin
People mentioning Alessia Cara and Ariana Grande in the same comment have severe severe severe learning disabilities and no clear grasp on reality the two look nothing alike sound nothing alike and are nothing alike one is real and adorable and talented the other has been groomed and formed and shaped and probably had plastic surgery before she was in her mid-teens to be a hyper-sexualized image who can sing one note and has one facial pose how can you be so cruel and ignorant as to say Alessia Cara has anything in common with that overdone trollop from down south..
Triple slayer
Triple slayer 13 kun oldin
If u disliked this vedio u are crazy
Watermelon 13 kun oldin
Who wants to see behind the scenes ?
Nidhi Khosla
Nidhi Khosla 13 kun oldin
Please make it available in India BDW love your songs😍😍
Lilit Takiryan
Lilit Takiryan 13 kun oldin
You are my motivation.
Shakeem Guzman
Shakeem Guzman 14 kun oldin
7.1k dislike go get your praise from someone else :P
haniooo 14 kun oldin
dont sleep on talent people. this vid needs more views
Toby marshmallow Boi
Why are people disliking this? Explain??? Like this is amazing 😍🙌🙌❤️😍😍😍
Nathan Fan
Nathan Fan 15 kun oldin
2:10 Photo - bomb!
Stefon Kaimer
Stefon Kaimer 15 kun oldin
Love it
yeison Tandazo herrera
Sarai Wynn
Sarai Wynn 15 kun oldin
She's so adorable OMG
Sony Le
Sony Le 15 kun oldin
She look like Ariana Grande
Maxify 16 kun oldin
Everyone now sings the same style. Forgettable.
Yves 16 kun oldin
ฉันรักคุณ Alessia Cara 💘
Haris Budi Handoko
Haris Budi Handoko 16 kun oldin
No butt, no makeup, just talent, Best Video Ever!
ALghala Khalid
ALghala Khalid 16 kun oldin
i cant stop fearing this song
Day 16 kun oldin
Cancerian talent
Ιριδα Ραπτη
Alessia I love you and your style .♥♥♥♥:)
joshua moreira
joshua moreira 17 kun oldin
I love this song love you so much
Mahima Pasricha
Mahima Pasricha 17 kun oldin
Fav lines💗 Don't you know u r bad fr me I gotta trust my lonely🌀
Silent Cloud
Silent Cloud 17 kun oldin
i love the green screen thingie that's going on in this video
Kelly Adaeze Daniels
Have braces,love it😀❤🖒
Ash Seouls
Ash Seouls 17 kun oldin
*P L E A S E N E V E R E V E R C H A* *N G E* ❤^❤
Laura Corbett
Laura Corbett 17 kun oldin
I wish Alessia was my sister I love her so much she is so beautiful and I'm obsessed with her music
64wing 18 kun oldin
Totally not my genre, but good tune
DARK CLOUDZ 18 kun oldin
I love that she's having fun!👌😫
Robert Reid
Robert Reid 18 kun oldin
Another hit hugs sexy ..keep writing grammy girl xo
i love you
i love you 18 kun oldin
*i love it*
Hiba Hassan
Hiba Hassan 18 kun oldin
To whoever is reading my comment ... You should watch Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew dance to this song, choreographed by Jojo Gomez. You can thank me later. ;)
Dj Harrismo
Dj Harrismo 18 kun oldin
The first time i heard this was at chuck E cheese and i luvvved it
Threewisemen 19 kun oldin
Volume at loud in my car. Pressed rewind but song was on radio ..had to come check it out the song on UZvid. Love it❤️
MG Gacha
MG Gacha 19 kun oldin
maybe she filmed this after a job interview
Cole Train
Cole Train 19 kun oldin
I like that little dance she does at 1:51-153 lol cute
Sahil Dhiman
Sahil Dhiman 19 kun oldin
Love u
Olivia Gornall
Olivia Gornall 20 kun oldin
She seems to send really heart warming messages to people through song form!
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