Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump record of hostility toward immigrants, and criticizes the effect of Trump's racist, threatening rhetoric on immigrant communities in the United States.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



9-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 7 118
Fred haslitt
Fred haslitt 4 soat oldin
Two of the biggest idiots in one room ! 😂😂😂😂
William Dunlop
William Dunlop 6 soat oldin
So many Americans proclaim their "Irishness" and would struggle to find it on a map .Weren't they immigrants too?
Lorraine Glessner
Lorraine Glessner 18 soat oldin
Once again this moron doesn’t know the difference between illegals and immigrants.
A M Kun oldin
Don’t help us so much Alexandria u are helping trump get reelected
lifes good
lifes good Kun oldin
Sandy makes me ill
Da Choppah
Da Choppah 2 kun oldin
AOC is the Poster Child for the failed Public School System. What an economic illiterate.
lifes good
lifes good Kun oldin
She makes me ill
friedrich nietzsche
ALEXANDRIA, SHE IS A BAD, VERY DARK TRUMP,S DREAM. SHE WILL STOP US-AID to Israhell, this is extremely big courage and the greatest Tabu in AIPAC,S USA!!! She is good with Economy and with Mathematic too, I think. She is a second Venecuela in USA. Trump, he must fighting now against Alexandria at Home and with Maduro!
DeMan BOWEN 2 kun oldin
Bring us your poor,cold,hungry,murderers,rapists,drug dealers, dregs of society etc. She is the epitome of morons....
Back row Bob
Back row Bob 2 kun oldin
She is my Congressman (NY 14 Cong. Dist.) and I am so proud of her.
Scott Moltzan
Scott Moltzan 16 soat oldin
+Da Choppah She's actually the GOP's worst nightmare.
lifes good
lifes good Kun oldin
Smash your pipe
Logan 5
Logan 5 3 kun oldin
when dems were honest and had a brain .... uzvid.com/video/video-lvRZdNoHEf8.html
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop 3 kun oldin
The president is a child killer.
Christine Gower
Christine Gower 3 kun oldin
AOC had a huge ego for someone who's just a mouthpiece for Justice Democrats.
sean robbins
sean robbins 4 kun oldin
For me, She would be much more persuasive and convincing if she did the interview totally nude!
friedrich nietzsche
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Don't believe anything she says! It's a lie! This is the media!
rickynix 5 kun oldin
The only disfunction in congress are the Dem, so sick of these idiots slamming Trump, I've never seen anything like this, they literally want our President to FAIL, at least he is trying to fix this country and the Dems are trying to destroy it!
Bill Brinker
Bill Brinker 5 kun oldin
I see more and more each day that our country wants to defy God and his laws.We cannot prosper without him. We are only doomed without him. I see this happening with this country, and if we do not speak out and fight for what God intended us to be, and that is to glorify and praise him for giving us everything we have, and forgiving our sins. He did that by being crucified, and died. He loves so us much that he did that for us. This country needs to wake up, and get out of that delusional bubble that we want to live in, and realize that God is in control, no matter what Satin wants us to believe God! Please have mercy on our souls .
mweb1 6 kun oldin
Hee Haw!
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia 6 kun oldin
What a badass
lifes good
lifes good Kun oldin
She's a joke
Michael Moren
Michael Moren 8 kun oldin
AOC should win a prize for the Dumbest Democrat to ever hold public office. Let her keep talking right up to the 2020 election. If you listen to her, you will actually be dumber for having done so.
François Desnoyers
No, IQs do not change. You will not be dumber, but you may yet realize how dumb you were (and still are)! That IS a step forward. BRAVO, AOC.
Michael Moren
Michael Moren 8 kun oldin
Bless Her heart, she is sooooooo S*upid that I'm embarrassed for her.
BeastAmongst Humansheep666
Little girls are so pathetic. Act like grown women and maybe you will get the respect you think you deserve. Respect is earned , not just given.
Exacerbated Fellow
Exacerbated Fellow 9 kun oldin
Anyone who supports AOC has the brain composition of a smelly fart. She just wants open borders to add to her already idiotic and worthless supporting base.
Akela DeWolf
Akela DeWolf 10 kun oldin
“ This June sixth , I will go to Nebraska to pay tribute to the brave Americans who landed at Omaha Beach in 1776.” AOC
Da Choppah
Da Choppah 2 kun oldin
Bwhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh 12 kun oldin
paul thomas
paul thomas 12 kun oldin
i did not doctor this video in any way. she is seriously this stupid. uzvid.com/video/video-EGnjMKf06E8.html
rachray83 12 kun oldin
Wow, so this must be the very first government shutdown ever??? No. No it isnt, but the hand jestures almost made folks with a working memory buy it...
Ed Catanzaro
Ed Catanzaro 13 kun oldin
Alexandria is the new face of America.
Akela DeWolf
Akela DeWolf 10 kun oldin
we saw that face in 2008, its the face of stupid.
vince kelly
vince kelly 13 kun oldin
illegal calls police to report a crime gets deported? lmao they dont report crimes illegal reports crime to police? gets killed by gang member , lmao they dont report crimes once again democrats use faulty stats to promote a lie
RoRo Zorro
RoRo Zorro 13 kun oldin
Conservative bits repeating corporate neoliberal talking points .
RoRo Zorro
RoRo Zorro 13 kun oldin
Rachel you neoliberal ruling class took. Stop spreading distraction with your Russia crap . You’re not fooling a lot of ppl with your propaganda . Those scholar being a propagandist so sad . Go AIC Bernie 2020 Ever wonder why they always smear frame the question differently when progressive comes on? The framing of questions and the taking points are totally in sync with what fox would say. Rachel you’re a shameless sell out . Don’t try to carry a liberal badge .
Aminah mansoor
Aminah mansoor 13 kun oldin
I love her so much she’s my hero❤️
Wolfgang Breitenseher
what a lunatic. but she’ll get the votes of the majority of idiots. this child is an embarrassment for your country. she’s a laughing stock where i live. she and her „facts“ lmao!
john creator
john creator 14 kun oldin
Only stupid people will vote for her
Vido Vidotto
Vido Vidotto 14 kun oldin
This woman is dumber than a door. She actually thought New York would be paying 3 billion dollars to Amazon to create jobs. My God. The comment section praising this person is beyond CANCEROUS. A MALIGNANT ONE.
Hugh Hughes
Hugh Hughes 15 kun oldin
Yes, APPREHENSIONS APPREHENSIONS. but still coming over stronger
nando perez
nando perez 15 kun oldin
Saltponds239 15 kun oldin
You go girl - keep talking
Jay Simons
Jay Simons 15 kun oldin
Holy christ almighty she is denser than a lead brick and half as useful. There is no collusion, and no "attack" on legal migration. And Trump voters aren't "racist" as your side puts it...many of us come from a multicultural family that migrated legally, and with FAR less money than your saviour AOC grew up with.
RoRo Zorro
RoRo Zorro 13 kun oldin
Jay Simons you know nothing abt politics , power , propaganda , or have no understanding of analysis of this issues . Don’t get your info from MSM and that includes msnbc . Ughhh another info garbages fed American *sighs*
Dick Magnus
Dick Magnus 14 kun oldin
God she is retarted
USA Latino
USA Latino 15 kun oldin
MSNBC : Fake news! I am Latino and AOC is a traitor to the USA....She care more for illegal alien criminals than legit Americans. Shame on AOC and Madcow. VIVA TRUMP ! VIVA USA !
Miles North
Miles North 16 kun oldin
Those who can do; those who can't subconsciously make excuses for themselves about why they can't make an honest go of it in the toughest arena around: the white man's world. (It's an old saying.)
Mark Ortega
Mark Ortega 16 kun oldin
she’s literally a goddess
A. A.
A. A. 17 kun oldin
GND is communism not futurism.
Beth Lindon
Beth Lindon 17 kun oldin
She says we have to get our facts straight! Oh, my sides 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daxlucero 17 kun oldin
I lost brain cells listening to Alexandria Ocasio Santa pinta maria Corrrrrrrtez
ThePsychopompos1 18 kun oldin
She says restaurants close down because illegal cooks will go back home, but in reality the restaurant she used to work for closed its doors because it could not afford $15 minimum wage. Way to go AOC! You care more about your ideology than jobs for real people.
Scott Bros
Scott Bros 18 kun oldin
So AOC thinks WoMan-Made CO2 Global Meltdown Climate Change is going to be fixed with CO2 Taxation, Restrictions and Keep It In The Ground?? Jack Frost's Killing Spree has wiped out any theories that the planet is Warming. Melting Down, Controlled by CO2 or the Socialist-Communist Delusions..
Yee ohm
Yee ohm 19 kun oldin
"illegal" immigrants
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange 19 kun oldin
Hostage! Hostage! Everything is hostages! AOC hits all of the left's fake talking points. Well, look at whose show she is on.
James 19 kun oldin
AOC = An Obvious Communist
NPCs Go Away!
NPCs Go Away! 20 kun oldin
Ocasio says we only have 12 years to live. Ocasio destroyed Amazon development and jobs. Ocasio Smart ?????? Bahahahahahhaha. ...... Bahahahahhahhhaha!!!!!! DOLT
Gray Man
Gray Man 7 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-QX3M8Ka9vUA.html Take a look at what we are facing buddy, life is undergoing a sea-change. 12 years, the clock is ticking.
Mickey M
Mickey M 21 kun oldin
This was powerful, WTG AOC! I love how Rachel added no more at the end of AOC passionate comments, as if 100% approving of every word she spoke.
Yoda 22 kun oldin
She sounds even dumber in person.
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste 22 kun oldin
Now it's absolutely clear why these dinosaurs on the right are so intimidated by Ms. Cortez. And you can clearly see she is not in Congress to fill a seat. She is ready for the the fight and don't care about being as the force not to be reckoned with. We just have to guide her into being a little more Pelosi and a little less Cortez
Ryan Bob
Ryan Bob 23 kun oldin
MSNBC is all I will say
The Power of Positive Thinking
When the immigrants come with nothing but the shirts on their backs, who supports them until they find housing and a job? Who feeds them? Who is responsible for them?
The Power of Positive Thinking
Not the government.+Mikael Stenlund
Mikael Stenlund
Mikael Stenlund 20 kun oldin
Well! Who supported YOUR ANCESTORS???? :-)
The Power of Positive Thinking
200 languages in your district? How about they learn English since they are so fortunate to enjoy the benefits of living here and especially having you as their new guardian angel.
apumasterp 23 kun oldin
I think that crazy eyes will single handedly our Trump in for 2020. How about Nancy with the reopen the government and we will make a deal on the wall. NOPE! Brilliant move by Trump to bring this to light!
Nick D
Nick D 24 kun oldin
@Ran Cobb R u a billionaire or a corporate shill??? Bcuz the socialism u seem to refuse to understand is what the US had decades ago: a gov't the size and regulatory power to ballast (balance) the size and strength of corporate power, which BTW, uses gov't power against the people. US gov is supposed to be gov "of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth" -- Abraham Lincoln, a Republican
Garret Snyder
Garret Snyder 24 kun oldin
If liberals believe this nonsense, THE DEMOCRATS CREATED THE IMMIGRATION LAWS, Obama wasn’t a racist but trump is? AGENDA MY SHEEP
Bring Da Beards
Bring Da Beards 25 kun oldin
aoc has the intelligence and cognitive skills of a hemmeroid
Swede McGuire
Swede McGuire 13 kun oldin
'hemmeroid'.... not spelled like that, sir. But then you show such discernment and perception in all your pursuits of course.
Rodney Grinnell
Rodney Grinnell 25 kun oldin
AOC a true nut!🤮
svjim1 25 kun oldin
Is there any reason for a Mexican to stay in Mexico? What is wrong with Mexico? Hmm. I'd say too many Mexican's, and that is going to be our problem in record time. Crowded schools, overflowing welfare rolls because they are doing those jobs "Americans don't want to do" or nothing at all. And increasing their family all the while. Sounds good to me. And how many of your kids are going to the schools the Mexicans are? From my experience that's how you show up the liberals on this issue. Oh but the democrats will have mucho voters to elect more idiots like AOC.
john davies
john davies 25 kun oldin
John Davies. Ocasio believes in innovation with the inspiration to back it up ! You mix those two things togather there's nothing America can't do ! Very few have those qualities. Other than AOC the only other two that come to mind are FDR before my time and JFK !!! Thank You, you really go AOC !!!😉😉😉
john davies
john davies 25 kun oldin
John Davies. I hope Washington is listening . Ocasio Cortez puts 99% of politicians in the beltway to shame . End of story !Other than Bernie she is one the very few that's presidential !!You go AOC !!😉😉😉
Leonor Bseiso
Leonor Bseiso 26 kun oldin
Leonor Bseiso
Leonor Bseiso 26 kun oldin
It doesn't matter what she ssys she is an ignorant liar and communist. THANKS PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
vuuspalding 26 kun oldin
they both have the same nose,
sidehatch69 -
sidehatch69 - 27 kun oldin
Take a hard look at california the people cant get out fast enough but dont bring your views to your new state they aint gona put up with it.
Alexandre Ferrazzo
Alexandre Ferrazzo 27 kun oldin
They are not humanitarian like they called itself. This is the last thing they are. They are puppets with their shared part in the new world. They wants chaos and blood! Be preprared for the population reduction.
Alexandre Ferrazzo
Alexandre Ferrazzo 27 kun oldin
Divide and Rule
Alexandre Ferrazzo
Alexandre Ferrazzo 27 kun oldin
Make no mistake It is totally false and manipulated by the elite. Leftist speech has always been putting labels on others. There are no reasons in her words. Do not let yourself be led by false sensations that a new left is emerging. Left is left. And Socialism is a stage for communism and totalitarianism tip toe. When they want to dominate you, they simply will not take over, but gradually undermining you and making class struggles that's how they act
Alexandre Ferrazzo
Alexandre Ferrazzo 3 kun oldin
+Swede McGuire Potentially, any ruler is liable to make mistakes on certain matters, but by the history of all left and right regimes, only the left lead to totalitarianism. I am not saying that we the people, we can not be betrayed by the right. This possibility exists. But given the circumstances and history we have to be against genocides. On Socialism, this is a stage for Communism, I say this on the basis of studies. Socialism is a regime preparatory to Communism, in which the state controls the entire economy, but there is still room for free enterprise as far as the needs of the state. They prepare the state so that there is enrichment of certain economic groups, which is said in passing "There is only Capitalism for them" because these will be those who do business with the government. This is the essence of Socialism. The only difference between Fascism and Socialism is that the former was content with this form of Free Market structure and some state sectors, while Soviet Socialism wanted total nationalization, that is, Communist totalitarianism.
Swede McGuire
Swede McGuire 13 kun oldin
Look at the behaviors of your own leaders, Alexandre.... apply the same scepticism and wariness to their actions as you would have us demonstrate toward leaders of a more socialist viewpoint. Socialism is a way to frame policy... it is not communism, it is not totalitarianism. And totalitarianism can EASILY exist on the right.... it is not limited to extremism of the left.
Somewhere Nearyou
Somewhere Nearyou 27 kun oldin
Socialism is the back bone of everyholocaust and country dealing w starvation and that is what to expect if allowed in office
Somewhere Nearyou
Somewhere Nearyou 27 kun oldin
I like her in this video better towards the end she tried to help these ppl ... not uzvid.com/video/video-CDoxdxJtEG4.html
therobram 28 kun oldin
Love her for her passion and intelligence!
Johann H.
Johann H. 29 kun oldin
Naturally the Dems support this miscreant when any normal person would be embarrassed by her infantile antics, but the Democrats have always proven even since before they were protecting slavery, and they continue to prove today, they cannot be embarrassed, dishonored and shamed. You must have pride to worry about those things. The Democrats are the scum of the Earth, the garbage, the cancer of society. Look at the vermin they set loose in the Congress. When she announced her idiotic Green whatever the "men" standing behind her all looked totally whipped... sad completely PWed. The essence of Democrat "men".
Danny Perez
Danny Perez Oy oldin
WOW, WOW, WOW , as a concerned American of Latino ancestry, who lives near the border, I am deeply appalled by this Congresswoman constant barrage of attacks against our law enforcement men and women at the border: Border Patrol Agents, ICE Agents, US Custom Agents, etc. These men and women of law enforcement are keeping our border communities and the nation SAFE !!! Representative OCASIO-CORTEZ and others, are constantly defending and encouraging illegal acts, such as illegal entry of people into the United States, which is a federal crime. Just because I am a person of Latino ancestry, living in the US, doesn’t mean that I support ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION or its byproducts: HUMAN TRAFFICKING FOR PROSTITUTION, DRUG TRAFFICKING THAT IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY, CARTELS AND GANG INFILTRATION. You MS. Ocasio-Cortez need to encourage LEGAL IMMIGRATION and NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION 😉. THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICAL POINTS. This not about TRUMP. This is about NATIONAL SECURITY!!! How dare MS. Ocasio-Cortez compare our Southern Security Border to the BERLIN WALL. This is freshman high school history. There is no comparison!!! By the way, I AM NOT RICH, REPUBLICAN Or CAUCASIAN and definitely not a fan of DONALD TRUMP , but on this one I’m with him. National security should be above politics 😉. LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are always welcomed.
Senna Oy oldin
This woman is a mare...A nightmare! She is as stupid and hysterical as the demonrats who voted for her. Unbelievable!
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Oy oldin
Wow they made a movie called Clueless in New York.
Danny Gomes
Danny Gomes Oy oldin
Here we go with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx again.
lifes good
lifes good Kun oldin
Her name is Sandy and she's a total racist
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Oy oldin
Every illegal immigrant is a criminal just for the fact they crossed the border illegally.
PzzaDaHut66 Oy oldin
Wow....I found my people.... I vote yes to Cortez!!..
paul thomas
paul thomas Oy oldin
OMG she needs a history book. the woman is embarrassingly stupid.
Định Nguyễn Khắc
Fake News!!!
Lance Rexington
Cortez good job on running off the desperatly needed jobs from Amazon in NYC. I hope Obama's record isn't what your shooting for after 8 years of Recession and Unemployment.
davianne70 Oy oldin
She is so freaking inspiring! She's awesome - Fox knows it, 45 knows it and any of her other haters knows it! She is not playing, she came to get $hit done...FOR. THE. PEOPLE. Yaaaasssss!
joe oc
joe oc Oy oldin
AOC! So Impressed with her and I can't wait to see more of her in the near future. Finally proud to say USA! USA!
Da Choppah
Da Choppah Kun oldin
You are an imbecile.
Frank Herrera
Frank Herrera Oy oldin
The whole Latin American region has been designated as areas of natural resource extraction…nothing else. That is why the intrepid Latin American citizens leave that behind. I wish people who criticize the migrant stream would see them as heroes with a very natural bold determination to succeed. I would like to see, these speaker focus on the extraction policy and all free trade throughout the world and allow manufacturing. This will resolve most migration. It’s offensive to see U.S. benefiting from parasitic tactics….I am a U.S. citizen I believe Fair trade is good. Let’s encourage our companies to operate under our standards while abroad…. we would be ambassadors of economic prosperity. This speakers speak of disease as a reason for the wall, a bigger threat is the free flow of U.S. citizens traveling abroad. All U.S. travelers unless staying in a sterile environment while staying in a foreign country, upon returning, need to be quarantined for disease, believe me they bring in more than just trinkets. I am further responding in hopes that you understand that my comments were not based current television reporting. I have looked at two topics, labor and race relations of the United States. I did undergraduate and postgraduate work on these topics but more importantly I actually did field research with the intent to understand how this culture maintained certain groups impoverished. After 30 years of examining these topics I came to several realizations. The first, is that I use the term white community to mean specific group of white people along with people of color willing to dominate others. This community here in the United States has successfully segregated people by class and race. Anyone can use census data along with mapping tools to visually see patterns of segregation and poverty from coast-to-coast and border to border. The second realization on the international front, the migrant stream has been in existence for a long time. And his migrant stream primarily from Mexico and recently from Central America has contributed to the physical growth of these United States. These migrants have been seen in the retail, food service, manufacturing, and construction trades just to name a few. But most importantly, you have seen second generation like myself get educated and participate in multitudes of industries and professions. There is a deep disappointment in the white community because of their deep-rooted disrespect for humanity. In the last 4 to 5 years I have started to review what the white community has done to the people from the Appalachian Mountains. So, I reaffirm my stance that these migrants coming into the United States from such a faraway lands are heroes just like the founding fathers of this country were back in the day. Thank you.
California Live
Don’t forget THE MEN AS WELL
Terri Hunt
Terri Hunt Oy oldin
I love oac. To tears. Aoc is the future and the current hope. To tears and with goose bumps and just plain perfect for the job. Love
Joshua Limon
Joshua Limon Oy oldin
Shes the only false person with no facts. She should not be in office. She makes me feel like peopld her age should not be in office with no idea on how to do her job. She has yet to give anyone a straight answer. This woman is making me want trump to stay. Shes just a spoiled little girl. She should meet with Ben Shapiro. Dont hide behind your lies and be an American. Take her out of office. P.s my mom took to long to get her visa taken care of. Just like her everyone is responsible for their paperwork the same way we pay out internet bill.
Linda Lugo
Linda Lugo Oy oldin
You have to respect the president or go back to puerto rico
Roberto Hernandez
WOW... She's a rare bird & my respect to her cause love her positive energy in America !
Kenneth Marsh
Kenneth Marsh Oy oldin
AOC,you are probably the most important person in the US of A,stay with it girl,we all 😍 Love you
Fred haslitt
Fred haslitt 4 soat oldin
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 2 kun oldin
What she says is pretty stupid! She talks a lot of trash! Instead of being grateful to the President, she rips him. Trump is the best! If you disagree, then you're against this beautiful country!
Nancy Alexander-Carreira
She is on fire...….go get 'em!
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 2 kun oldin
I wish she was literally on fire!
Chucky cheese
Chucky cheese Oy oldin
the Russians have green houses and Laboratories they're making cocaine heroin math closest route Alaska Sarah Palin is our biggest drug dealer build a wall around Alaska
Chucky cheese
Chucky cheese Oy oldin
directions have green houses and Laboratories they make cocaine heroin meth and the closest route is Alaska so go and arrest Sarah Palin and build a wall around Alaska while you're at it build a wall around Florida to
Anne Christian
This sickening woman,needs to go and move to Venezuela or another Socialist-Open Border Country and spit out her rhetoric to them. America does not want ,nor need, people like this wicked witch of the middle-east or south of the border.......trying to make America into another Socialist country like Valenzuela. In fact not ONE Socialist Country that I have ever heard of has prospered. Americans need to rid ourselves of people like this A.O-Cortez demon possessed dead-end cartoon of a woman. Accusing our GREAT President of "hostility towards illegal immigrants and racism" is a bunch of BS, her fake News stories go no where. No sane American listens to her anyway..Leave America AO-Cortez..NO True American Citizen wants you here.
T S Oy oldin
Wow! AOC another Hugo Chavez in the making.
ted peters
ted peters Oy oldin
Cortez! Wasn't he the Spaniard who decimated the Aztecs? And aren't Puerto Ricans the descendants of those who committed cultural genocide on the Taino tribe that were the pre-Cultural inhabitants of that island?
Democratic platform for #2020: Green New Deal (no want to work, no problem; no cows, no gas, no cow gas, no airplanes) “abortion anyone, anytime, anywhere” 70% taxes government-run health care open borders happy talk Ralph Northam for VP?
Blahkabelison Kun oldin
+Allothersweretaken but also, AOC's 70% also is at the very top and applies to almost no one. Why are you comparing it to the average tax rate in the past? That's comparing apples to oranges, and I don't see how that makes sense. AOC's top tax rate should be compared to other TOP tax rates, which, as I mentioned, was 90%
Blahkabelison Kun oldin
+Allothersweretaken that's nice but doesn't have anything to do with my point? Im not talking about whether you or I agree with it or personal opinions or anything. My 90% comment was made in passing and didn't really have any affect on my point. All that I'm saying is that your implication that AOC is advocating for the government to take 70% of everybody's money is objectively not true. That's it. Your comment (although informative) is not relevant to my argument.
Blahkabelison since you edited the “90 % argument” that’s been debunked over and over I’ll just debunk it here...again. 1)First of all the tax codes were different 60 years ago , second of all taxes in the 50s weren’t really high. Yes, the top marginal tax rate was 90%, but it applied to almost no one. What matters more is the average marginal tax rate - that is, the average rate paid on the next dollar of earned income. based on data from a 2009 study by Robert Barro and Charles Redlick, the good old days in terms of economic growth were also pretty good in terms of taxes. In the 1950s, the average marginal rates equaled just 25%, versus 37% in the 2000s. Moreover, even these data have several limitations. • First, they consider only the gross social security payroll tax. But workers in the 1950s received significantly more in Social Security benefits than they paid in taxes; thus, the true net Social Security payroll tax was negative. Today, most workers will receive less in Social Security benefits than they pay in taxes. • Second, the deadweight loss of taxes rises with the square of the tax rate. So the economic costs of taxation today are roughly 20% larger than in the 50s. Raising taxes hurts the economy more when taxes are already high. • Third, the overall tax burden has shifted toward high earners, who are in general more responsive to tax rates
Blahkabelison Kun oldin
+Allothersweretaken ??? No, I don't spend that much time and effort writing UZvid comments. I don't think the fact that you do is something to brag about, lol. Whether or not you agree with what AOC's saying, you definitely don't understand it based on this comment. For example, the 70% tax rate would only apply to the extremely wealthy (I believe it's 10 mil and up per year) and that doesn't mean if you make 10 million dollars they take 7 million, that just means the first 10 million gets taxed whatever it already is, and anything above 10 mil is taxed at that rate. That's not even that radical; the United States has had over a 90% top tax rate in the past. Again, I'm not talking about whether or not you agree with it I'm just saying what you said was not true. She never advocated for no cows, no planes, etc. I get that you were partially joking, but some conservatives seem to genuinely believe she said that and that completely baffles me. She encourages trying to limit beef consumption whenever possible because of the environmental damage it's doing (which yes, is a big deal, objectively, whether you want to admit it or not) and she encourages investing in more clean transportation so that what we have already can be replaced, not just gotten rid of entirely.
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Google Stadia Is Here. Is Xbox Doomed?
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Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?
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