Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump record of hostility toward immigrants, and criticizes the effect of Trump's racist, threatening rhetoric on immigrant communities in the United States.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Trump For Systematic Attack On Immigrants | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



9-Yan, 2019

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Mike Collinge
Mike Collinge 29 daqiqa oldin
Love this woman!
Dandy Lion
Dandy Lion 2 soat oldin
....deport O'crazy-o.... & her Socialist agenda!!!
navaskin 2 soat oldin
Another drop out from clown school. Listen to trump? It's hard for him to say anything without seeing putins mouth moving.
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy 3 soat oldin
Oh, and everybody telling "I'm an x something male" is clearly a youtube plant. You can spot them while blindfolded.
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy 3 soat oldin
"immigrants commit less crime than the native population" wrong, only less than black and hispanic americans, which isn't hard to do. Why am I not surprised only jackasses listen to what this donkey face has to say?
Patricia Santos
Patricia Santos 4 soat oldin
The USA has never operated as a Democracy. Democracy is what we aspire to achieve. It is NOT a democracy when there is voter suppression; when your vote does not count, when there is racism, misogyny, human rights are being violated, people are incarcerated without due process, etc., In fact, Democracy is un-natural because everyone wants their way. Furthermore, the closer we get to the ideal as stated in the Constitution, the more the real owners of this country try to divide and conquer. We must organize, stop fighting with each other, and commit sustained mass acts of civil disobedience. It is the only way, collectively, we can move the USA forward and ultimately close all the loopholes that allowed a deplorable troglodyte like Trump to ever, ever run for president again. We are in slow motion being introduced to the dark ages of modern society...
Star Jones
Star Jones 4 soat oldin
Joel St. Marie
Joel St. Marie 5 soat oldin
Illegals aliens can't commit crimes here if they aren't here
Konstanten Konstanten
She's a muppet and a used up rug
Platibus 5 soat oldin
so there's a sample group of 100 people with 90 being native to the country and 10 immigrant. among those 10 there are 8 criminals, while there's 10 criminals out of 90 legal citizens. are we saying the immigrant are less likely to commit crimes and it's the native populace who should be a concern to the public? this is Don Lemon levels of intellect
mdb9933 6 soat oldin
Another liberal preaching morality they want someone else to pay for in consequences and money. Trump has never demonized legal immigrants. He wants to stop illegal immigrants.
Wade Davis
Wade Davis 6 soat oldin
Rome took the same path we are taking now.
Johm 6 soat oldin
My wife’s son loves Alexandria and Rachel Maddow!! So great, women are the future!
Sharik Goriawala
Sharik Goriawala 8 soat oldin
From someone in the middle, for the right & left: the colour of your skin does not predict crime so to say immigrants will be criminals is ridiculous. Having open borders is also ridiculous because it could overload the social security systems, infrastructure, employment market (too many workers too few jobs). The answer isn't whether you should allow or not allow immigrants to come in, it's how many do you allow in per year in maximum capacity.
Mike B
Mike B 8 soat oldin
Sit down commi Dumbfuck!
Bob F
Bob F 9 soat oldin
All you fools are praising man not God.
future president cortez
Bob F
Bob F 9 soat oldin
This comments make me want to puke like going to church on Sunday. What happened to you people. Everybody are turning snowflake on us.
Mike Merrill
Mike Merrill 9 soat oldin
Privat 10 soat oldin
Why she hatin on natives though?
HELLO WORLD 10 soat oldin
A gazillion tippy tops 🙄
Ry122 10 soat oldin
well she certainly cited some very hot facts (in the form of that poor anecdote)
Nicram 11 soat oldin
What's with the dude? He cant stop blinking
Ry122 11 soat oldin
let's stop talking so much about the USA and stuffing it full of more people guys and let's put more focus on making mexico habitable please.
Bobby B
Bobby B 11 soat oldin
Well when you say "native population" that also means second/third generation hispanics and also blacks. So yeah, I can easily believe her.
DOSTGOYEVSKY ! 11 soat oldin
Captain Jax
Captain Jax 11 soat oldin
Fiery chica! lol! What she says is true!
Max Lazarev
Max Lazarev 11 soat oldin
This is fake news
Furudo Erika
Furudo Erika 12 soat oldin
According to FBI statistics, Black men are 6% of the population yet commit 50% of the murders and 33% of rapes Thus yes, immigrants commit less crime than black population.
ProbablyPublic 12 soat oldin
Why keep blurring the line between immigrants and illegal immigrants?!
Cynthia Moore
Cynthia Moore 18 soat oldin
This woman and most of you are out of your minds I am a grandma here in the south and we support President Trump and a border wall and by the way Obama separated families at the border for years and the left never said anything about you are all hypocrites
TrainingLime 555
TrainingLime 555 20 soat oldin
Much love for AOC , she fights for what she believes in and is trying her best to actually accomplish something in Congress
Naeem Ali
Naeem Ali 23 soat oldin
WOW what a lady, we need more people like that in our Government, everyone here is in immigrant expect the real Indians
Eduardo Acosta
Eduardo Acosta Kun oldin
This juvenile communist will never come even close to being President.
NECHO II Kun oldin
TheOnlyChavo Kun oldin
Ocazio Cortez for president 2028
Deborah B
Deborah B Kun oldin
AOC is a breath of fresh air. She is speaking for US and I love it. She is absolutely fantastic.
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude Kun oldin
"The truth is, this about the erosion of American democracy" says the moronic Socialist.
Jesper Bøgh
Jesper Bøgh Kun oldin
...GTPOOO : Get That Person Out Of Office ? ! ;)
vince kelly
vince kelly Kun oldin
illegals commit way more crime then we know illegals afraid of being deported do not call police to report crimes illegals afraid of gang retaliation do not call police to report crimes left wing lies that they commit less crimes illegals commited a crime when they crossed our border
Daniel Aaron
Daniel Aaron Kun oldin
OMG this girl is terrible
Lamont Hyatt
Lamont Hyatt Kun oldin
Alexandria Cortez needs no introduction she is a social nothing!
Ram kij
Ram kij Kun oldin
The majority of the Caravan is men but then again Democrats and the truth Go Together Like Liquor and vinegar
Padro Gomez
Padro Gomez Kun oldin
By the way, my real name is not Padro. I am just mocking these low lifes for trying to be white like me and coming into this country illegally. Cortez should be booted out of office, and tarred and feathered for being a troll for these illegals.
Fernando Cisneros
God bless you in your work to bring Integrity and decency to Washington.
Ed Wad
Ed Wad Kun oldin
are you, that stupid? or just hard up?
Daniel Marlow
Daniel Marlow Kun oldin
A country built by immigrants complaining about immigrants.
Wake up Style
Wake up Style Kun oldin
God I love her
Nathaniel Anderson
She's the next phenomenon after Obama.
Bigdog123 Kun oldin
What’s right is right even if everyone is against it and what’s wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it! - William Penn
nationwidebw Kun oldin
AOC I can tell you being an illegal is definitely not being more American than other Americans. Americans dont invade other countries and live there illegally or overstay Visas
nationwidebw Kun oldin
She's bright eyed and bushy tailed but has no critical thinking whatsoever
nationwidebw Kun oldin
Illegals feeling unsafe and going back to their countries. Sounds great!
Elda Hernandez
Elda Hernandez Kun oldin
When are you leaving?
J. Rider
J. Rider Kun oldin
Starclear Kun oldin
The longer Ocasio-Cortez talks, the better she gets. A WINNER.
Joseph Tobin
Joseph Tobin Kun oldin
Democrats are ruining this country!
Claudia Ayala
Claudia Ayala 8 soat oldin
Allow me to remind you that it was the Republicans who started the nonsense shutdown. About 800.000 federal workers not getting paid. That is ruining the country. No wonder Donald Trump himself said that the economy is always better with the Democrats.
Felipe Ruiz
Felipe Ruiz 2 kun oldin
AOC, this is for you, you are now a newly elected congresswoman for the American people, why are you more worried about the interest of inmigrantes than the American people??
Paul Kasper
Paul Kasper 2 kun oldin
My God this is crazy dissuaded what
Veve Charly
Veve Charly 2 kun oldin
That's the reason why Republicans killed Jesus because he came to save the world. But with the power of the Lord Alexan you will prevail.
Veve Charly
Veve Charly 2 kun oldin
But Alexandria " let me tell you" when you have a good heart like you do. Evil won't like you. When you fighting for the little guy. Republican don't like that
Angelo B Koljenovic
Ocasio Cortez is the Champion
Veve Charly
Veve Charly 2 kun oldin
Here is the Woman of the World . I will pray for you Alexandria since the one for God to protect you from the Republicans evildoers
Veve Charly
Veve Charly 2 kun oldin
Trump cannot even wash Cortez feet
Veve Charly
Veve Charly 2 kun oldin
Dam that woman is good !
Rob Hage
Rob Hage 2 kun oldin
Jon Balocco
Jon Balocco 2 kun oldin
AOC - The Modern Day Mexican Sewage RAT...Making her way down Karl Marx's CHECKLIST on How To Destroy A Nation
V Castanez
V Castanez 2 kun oldin
A O Cortez, Bean wrapped in Burrito and became polloLOCA BAD INFLUENCE!!!
V Castanez
V Castanez 2 kun oldin
Alexandria O Cortez? She is Pure LUNATIC LOBBYISTS,made in LATIN.
Eric Standefer
Eric Standefer 2 kun oldin
So let me get this right, last year, under the Trump administration, 1.3 million people became legal American citizens, people of various ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. They filed, waited their turn, and it happened. So why didn't Trump stop them if he hates immigrants? And you say people trying to enter illegally are more American then any American that wants to keep them out? Interesting, so the people who pay your salary through taxes who don't want to pay more taxes in Medicare, section 8 housing and welfare are less American then those who want a free ride, wow!!! As for Trump holding the US hostage, have you ever heard of a compromise. Nancy won't compromise, so she is equally as guilty. We don't need a wall the entire 2000 mile,, there are many natural barriers, did you ever think of that? I bet reinforcing the 600 miles of existing wall would be a nice compromise, for now. I know, I'm much to logical for a Marxist liberal to grasp. I don't like Trump, but you just aren't thinking.
Anthony Slaga
Anthony Slaga 2 kun oldin
Alex get use to it that’s what dump will call you. Alexandria you have these republicans listening and anxious. Pace yourself this fight is for the world
Dan Conser
Dan Conser 2 kun oldin
Aren't you a cute liar, smile for the camera, :-) (you decide who I'm talking about LOL)
Dan Conser
Dan Conser 2 kun oldin
who's lying now??? FAKE NEWS
AndrewMthrizzle 2 kun oldin
Who's this?
Javier Monjes
Javier Monjes 2 kun oldin
I would like her to criticize Obama for the exact same policies as Trump is practicing. Not because I am against her but because I am for her.
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma 2 kun oldin
Madcow and AOC what a duo Of Stupidity 🤣
xerakis 2 kun oldin
straight up Marxist
Errol Samuel
Errol Samuel 2 kun oldin
she is the intelligent one, and the future president of the united states
Virian Bouze
Virian Bouze 2 kun oldin
You are both a bunch of "Empty-Headed-Ding_Bats"!! When will you figure out the difference between "Socialism and democracy??? Maybe you may someday "Wake-Up", to something that makes sense???
Rafael Caro Quintero
This Person really wants you to know she’s from the Bronx. She’s just another dem obsessed with the president. Reminds me of a crazy ex girlfriend.
DoctorJones42 2 kun oldin
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the Brick Tamland of politics. An IQ of 48, screams loud noises and has no idea what she is yelling about.
ivonne howe
ivonne howe 2 kun oldin
l boogie
l boogie 2 kun oldin
Alexandria Ocasio...is an inspiration. Always speaking without offending because facts speak for themselves! Love her!
Mindmilling 2 kun oldin
Mexicans and Hondurans have passports. This means 99% of the people in caravans can split off and cross into the USA to "Buy shoes", "Visit Disneyland", or go to "Las Vegas".. In Theory... Then overstay. A 100 Trillion dollar dome over the USA will not stop a single "Tourist" from overstaying their welcome. So a wall is less than pointless. Unless America wants to ban tourism from most every country. Imagine how YOU would get into the USA if you were a Honduran with a passport (Fact: Every south American country issues passports) This is a Canadian perspective. I could cross into the USA and overstay my welcome.. but I won't because my odds of getting murdered multiply by SIX (6) as soon as I cross into the USA, and my free healthcare makes us live years longer than those in the USA. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Everything Iowa
Everything Iowa 2 kun oldin
a systematic attack on immigrants? what drugs are you smoking lady? how could anyone with the ability to use logic not see the insanity of this woman?
woptown619 2 kun oldin
Benhorton Horton
Benhorton Horton 2 kun oldin
This little girl lies about lab tops illegals are more American on government programs by by dumbasscrats
Bill B
Bill B 3 kun oldin
So is she saying that illegal immigrants are more American than actual Americans? WTF kind of gibberish is this?
pat nash
pat nash 3 kun oldin
J T 3 kun oldin
"Systematic attacks on immigrants" Does she know what SYSTEMATIC means? And lemme guess, "Borders are racist"....amirite?
Dander Spat
Dander Spat 3 kun oldin
Democrats stand up for everyone BUT Americans THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP MAGA
Samuel Greemuel
Samuel Greemuel 3 kun oldin
She is amazing
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant 3 kun oldin
There is no Utopia on Earth and nothing is free. Earn your keep or STFU and die.
erzan 3 kun oldin
THAT is a political BACK HAND.
Sassie Troy
Sassie Troy 3 kun oldin
Not long enough YET..... “Not to understand a man’s purpose does not make him confused.”
Chris Leaver
Chris Leaver 3 kun oldin
Ocasio Cortez often makes the argument that most americans dont want the wall or back trump in some manor. Since when does the majority know whats best. Whats your solution and wernt you just askigng people to not hold you to exact stats or words said in the past. People make mistakes when they are democrat they are purposley racist when they take trumps side. The bronx success also has a lot to do with investment in diverse areas such as the boroughs aka rich people just as they always have develop and redevelop poor income housing . Just cause it looks new doesnt mean its the upper eastside.
I am Negan
I am Negan 3 kun oldin
Stupid as a post and can't state accurate figures if she tried but gosh ain't she cute. Lol Is it weird she has meth-head eyes?
ipissed 3 kun oldin
College is difficult, and expensive, but the degree is meaningful. I am an engineer but heck I wouldn't mind being a doctor, or a lawyer. Where are they handing out free degrees? Shoot I might even want to be a astrophysicist, yea an astrophysicist that would be great. Oh wait I changed my mind I want to be a senator. Where do I waltz in and get my official senator status paperwork? You just walk in and tell someone you deserve it right? I also want to be a mailman, but only for like 10 minutes it seems like it would get boring. I want to make cotton candy at the fair, but just once. Lets make a law that allows you to make your own cotton candy at the fair, then become the president. I am the president now holy carp! ~godmode ~allweapons ~speed=10x ~bulletexplosions too easy! #heavenhasawall
WLKBEASTMODE 3 kun oldin
Idiots actually watch these narratives lol!
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo 3 kun oldin
Such a beautiful person inside and out
Marksr 121wy
Marksr 121wy 3 kun oldin
This ( WOMEN) is a lunatic !!!!
Kyle Person
Kyle Person 3 kun oldin
Build the wall!