Alice Marie Johnson 'thankful' to Trump for commuting sentence

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Alice Marie Johnson speaks to CNN after her prison sentence was commuted by Donald Trump following a plea from Kim Kardashian West.



7-Iyn, 2018

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noblelies 14 kun oldin
The real question is, why did Obama just leave her in prison for his whole two terms when he also had a chance to commute her sentence? And CNN suddenly cares now? SHAME!
Firoch 14 kun oldin
Just throwing this out there: Obama did the exact same thing for 8,000 people without being asked and conservatives torched him for it. When Trump is pressured into pardoning the leader of a multi-million dollar cocaine ring and agrees to do so for the sake of his public image, he gets nothing but praise. Not saying Johnson hasn't been rehabilitated or shouldn't have been commuted, but yall are a bunch of fucking hypocrites.
XO Surraya XO
XO Surraya XO 2 oy oldin
Aww thanks to trump and Kim K 💕💕
Kenya Mitchell
Kenya Mitchell 3 oy oldin
Jane D.
Jane D. 4 oy oldin
Beautiful women 🌹
John Bryant
John Bryant 4 oy oldin
MAGA!!! Wait....where was Holder and Obama on this??
GTFO ! 4 oy oldin
If this was a conspiracy theory then imagine the rest of them still under there! Also #MAGA
Jennifer Goines
Jennifer Goines 4 oy oldin
Obama signed it
Colton Hanson
Colton Hanson 5 oy oldin
She better be fucking thankful
Focux 5 oy oldin
She helped traffic literally tons of cocaine. But oh no, it was her first time! … trafficking TONS OF COCAINE.
funny bone
funny bone 6 oy oldin
Notice how they put quotation on thankful in the title. CNN is so bias
Rich Kapson
Rich Kapson 6 oy oldin
CNN are going to lose their minds when trump gets elected again in 2020. They want it though. They are fake news
Johan van Dalen
Johan van Dalen 6 oy oldin
This is the ultimate proof Trump is a racist. How dare Trump releases this black women from prison. That is so racist. ;)
Dave S
Dave S 6 oy oldin
Trump rules #MAGA #cnnisfakenews
Jorge Palacios
Jorge Palacios 6 oy oldin
How did cnn report this. ( good things about trump on cnn??????)
me whatever
me whatever 8 oy oldin
uKnow 8 oy oldin
I'm so embarrassed for Trump going this low, but after this I realize how low he is towards woman with fake boobs and butts LOW I can't imagine voting for him because of this it's very disturbing to me. Kardashians are low quality, plastic as it gets, fake and, unrealistic individuals with evil in their ugly hearts. I thought Trump was growing :(
Gmn Ken
Gmn Ken 8 oy oldin
Kanye West is a Targeted Individual
pradeep kumar
pradeep kumar 8 oy oldin
the anchor is just trying rubbing it in.
FREEDOM HARD 8 oy oldin
She talks good about Trump and CNN says let me tell everybody what you did! Did you see the look on Alice Johnson's face? She was like, fuck you! I hate CNN.
Atmospheric Pressure
Obama said no. Trump said yes.
Nena Zamora
Nena Zamora 8 oy oldin
I thought trump was racist because don lemon said he was
Dan Joe
Dan Joe 8 oy oldin
Wow! God has an amazing way of changing things around, He is really in control.
Heather Sedgwick
Heather Sedgwick 8 oy oldin
Awesome what a beautiful thing to see this woman reunited with her family .ok trump you now gotta get those kids being held reunited with their families .even though im canadian i do think u can do great ♡♡♡♡♡
JNM11787 8 oy oldin
This anchor is a funny dumb bitch...ms13 arent animals but lets remind the viewers of whats on this womans rap sheet after getting pardoned And i downvoted cause CNN still tried to spin this...Obama was a saint and Trump is a devil according to CNN
Amanda Rease
Amanda Rease 8 oy oldin
Nasty questions to burst her bubble. Trying to reshame her and make issue that potus has not called her. Waiting for mic drop
R C 8 oy oldin
Thank you Trump!
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
This is disgusting, all this says is slutty white and non-black girls are more important than educated black women. This is a one person bandaid not systematic change for blacks as a whole, the precise reason why two racists like Donald and Kim teamed up for this classic false flag move. Even some slaves won their freedom in slavery for snitching on other blacks. This does nothing for the black community or prison reform as a whole, just cherry picking individual people, where are the all lives bigots now? Kim could have made that move long ago, but with her fake husband under fire for his racial slurs and pandering to whites, she was just trying to pretend their family was for the blacks. And why is a porn star able to be involved in government decisions but an educated traditional civilian is not. More Racism from funky Republicans. They think blacks are only worthy if another famous white or famous non-white likes them, sick.
MentalyUnstable -
Is CNN okay?
Jason Fleming
Jason Fleming 8 oy oldin
Trump is a good person and the best president in last 100 years !!!! Thank God for Trump and please vote Trump!!!! So happy for Alice this is a wonderful thing good luck Alice!!!!
Jason Fleming
Jason Fleming 8 oy oldin
Wow you are so brainwashed or you are a propaganda pusher like the new outlets..all but fox! Fox is only good one left ! Anyway or you are confused ,so please dig deeper and you will see the thuth it's not just Democrats or Republican it's good vs evil and Republicans are the less of the two evils ,and communist don't believe in God so how can you say your Christen ? When i vote it's for the candidate the believes in Jesus first of all ,that will not support abortion ! And don't want to take away ir constitutional rights , Democrats are all about those things and I'll go as far to say if you vote Democrats you can really call yourself Christan ! You are very blinded and confused please do your research ! I'll pray for you that God will open your eyes! God bless
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
Jason Fleming She did not commit a crime, or else the republican baby killing drug lords at the pharmeceutical companies would be in jail. She committed a social error, which was being a black entrepreneur and having republicans desire to keep her down. Yes the drug laws were made by republicans so its their fault, we didn't even have those laws decades ago before republican bigots made them. republican judges hand down all the strict racially bigoted sentences that democrats fight against. And yes, I proudly support democrats with christian pride, I am actually a communist but we don't have enough members so I usually support democrats, better than the baby killing blood for oil military and police loving satanists known as the repulican party. Now go and worship your illuminati rock and kiss the heels of family killing terrorists like Kim Jung Un.
Jason Fleming
Jason Fleming 8 oy oldin
Well jstalinofficial she did commit a crime and she did need to do some time !! But life sentence was crazy and that was the courts fault not Republican or Democrats ! It sounds like her lawyer dropped the ball ! But Hitler really ? Now you sound crazy , you must be one of the left wing devil worshipping baby killing Democrats !?
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
Jason Fleming republican policy put her in there, it's like hitler celebrating the release of jews from a camp, what a joke
leachristin stout
I'm happy for you Alice God bless you We've all made mistakes,Thanks God is President Trump he did this ,
leslie marshall
leslie marshall 8 oy oldin
Finally! Some REAL news!
lja000 8 oy oldin
Poor Alison...I know she hated having to do this interview lol.
OlgaQLD 8 oy oldin
This interviewer is a passive aggressive witch.
Kkathryn KNDL
Kkathryn KNDL 8 oy oldin
All she wants to do is put Trump down. She clearly hates Trump. I hate CNN
Bertha Lovejoy
Bertha Lovejoy 8 oy oldin
WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES ALICE RUINED? WHAT ABOUT THE DEATHS SHE CAUSED BY WORKING WITH MURDEROUS DRUG LORDS? she ran a multi-million COCAINE RING with latin american DRUG LORDS and laundered millions of dollars? alice johnson - a drug trafficker - is responsible for all the senseless violence and DEATHS across countries..yes, she doesn't deserve life, but this is NOT simply a WEED dealer....drug conspiracy can lead to a sentence of 25 to life and it's not the same thing as just selling drugs
MSM Zombie Killer
CNN back on crazy mode right after the interview.
Thai Thach
Thai Thach 8 oy oldin
I love my country and I am proud to have President Trump as our president
classicpower07 8 oy oldin
The news lady is evil !
Granville Friel
Granville Friel 8 oy oldin
I think hell just frozen over Cnn saying something nice about the President
Jessicaonly 8 oy oldin
the sentence of this woman is absolutelly mad.....you get pedo´s murders that tortured and raped their victim and they are out in 10 , ridiculous...still think that the 20 yrs should be compensated to her, God bless her with love and joy for the rest of her life
Jimi S
Jimi S 8 oy oldin
Soon many more Blacks will realize the DemocRATS and Fake News have been race-baiting and playing them!
Jimi S
Jimi S 8 oy oldin
btw, Unlike libatard Dems, Republicans don't engage in group-think. Rhinos are worse than Dems.
Jimi S
Jimi S 8 oy oldin
Although she deserved to go; not for life. It's about doing the right thing as today's MS13 supporting Dems are oblivious to.
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
Jimi S Jason Fleming republican policy put her in there, it's like hitler celebrating the release of jews from a camp, what a joke
Jene Winfield
Jene Winfield 8 oy oldin
Maybe Meek should have met with Trump?🤔 say what you want about the guy, but he did the right thing that any logical person would do..to take a way this womans life from being involved in something that millions of rich white people take carelessly on a daily basis. While big pharma is killing people with legal prescriptions at an alarming number. While people are also sitting in jail for marijuana, which is legal and a cash cow in many large cities. It tips the scales of justice and doesn't make sense. The Donald saw that, and it may mean more is to come.. my family surprisingly voted for trump, very pro black middle class. so it was surprising But I get it, because WTF, Obama didn't see this? or the thousands of cases that are like this and take a action. My parents are African, deep south etc and can't stand Obama, I couldn't understand. While everyone in our community praises him for representing us well. But it because of things like this! This should never happen... #KanyeShrug
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
Jene Winfield Jason Fleming republican policy put her in there, it's like hitler celebrating the release of jews from a camp, what a joke
Moca Chica
Moca Chica 8 oy oldin
But why did they let her go? I'm confused. Isn't she guilty of a crime?
adi sh
adi sh 8 oy oldin
Wow. Did anyone notice how condecending alison is in this interview?
juan sanchez
juan sanchez 8 oy oldin
YES. But does that shock you? A rich white woman talking to a poor black ex-con. Anything good President Trump does, the Liberal media has to shit on.
Karl Kopec
Karl Kopec 8 oy oldin
Alex Johnson I am so grateful that you did not curse that CNN anchor out she really tried to get you to go there and you didn't....GREAT JOB! Continue to keep getting blessings and let those type of people continue to get bad luck and probably bad health.
Patrick Guillory
Patrick Guillory 8 oy oldin
So happy Donald Trump became our president......That poor lady would still be locked up.
Patrick Guillory
Patrick Guillory 8 oy oldin
JStalinOfficial Demarcate is nothing but a bunch of killers.
Patrick Guillory
Patrick Guillory 8 oy oldin
JStalinOfficial I’m telling you what I have seen with my two eyes.
Patrick Guillory
Patrick Guillory 8 oy oldin
JStalinOfficial I like you and I want put you in the light, it is hard to know who to trust......... Trust me, Demarcate ain’t nothing but cold blood killers and more..... There is so much dirty money flying around your Demarcate........ They ain’t nothing but a bunch of snakes and sell outs.
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
Patrick Guillory which means she spent the other half of her sentence under republican presidential rule, and was convicted under republican invented law. Had the law never existed she would have never been in jail in the first place. Dummy Republicans like to deny cause and effect as if that will make educated people actually believe them. There is no proof her case passed Obamas desk, and even if so if he had helped her we all know repubs would have accused him of "black favoritism" and had him impeached or worse. They won't even let black guys kneel or speak why would they let him pardon someone? You Republicans can't even keep up with your own lies and rhetoric. Sickening. 🐘🐘🐘🍉🍉🍉
Patrick Guillory
Patrick Guillory 8 oy oldin
JStalinOfficial Dr. Kings legacy is trash.Demarcate is nothing but corruption.
Slanus Greenstreet
Woops....CNN dropped the ball once again!!! Alice should have been warned!
Craig White
Craig White 8 oy oldin
President Trump really sucks at being a racist.
Mike AtGoogle
Mike AtGoogle 8 oy oldin
Why would someone like Trump do something like this to this high class dangerous criminal and not others who definitely deserve more, like those DACA children, for example? He just did everything to contradict himself, as he does it on an hourly basis...
Eldwin Limbong
Eldwin Limbong 8 oy oldin
CNN= HELLO= GOODSNEWS????? normal you only share FAKE news but not today????
ria kanaya kim
ria kanaya kim 8 oy oldin
The anchor doesn't really look happy for them
leonsam12 8 oy oldin
She’s now says “thank you president Trump and fuk you cnn!!!!🖕”
bill 8 oy oldin
CNN is the most embarrassing network I've ever seen
proud2beajcan 8 oy oldin
It's not what you say.....it's what you do. Black unemployment.....the lowest EVER. Female unemployment.....lowest in the last 18 years. As a black, female, naturalized citizen....God bless Miss Alice and God bless President Trump. CNN could not avoid this feel good story. To top it off, I can't believe the reporter said 'God bless' ! Twilight zone. I need to save this video and archive it! It's like a lunar eclipse!
TheOliviapreston 8 oy oldin
That news reporter was rolling her here’s and hated doing this story and you could feel the snideness in her own self righteousness...
TheOliviapreston 8 oy oldin
*eyes. And throwing her charges in her face.
Susie Que
Susie Que 8 oy oldin
Screw prison reform. President Trump is working on the real problem...Judge reform.
ronforeman 8 oy oldin
"Praise Break" Sean Tillery & The Changed, from "Live Experience" (2015). Alice Marie Johnson's new theme song! uzvid.com/video/video-izxaAkrChAE.html
caleb washburn
caleb washburn 8 oy oldin
CNN bringing up the crime over and over...Fox didn't post the details of her conviction...Anything to take the legitimacy away from the potus
Alphanso Merdith
Alphanso Merdith 8 oy oldin
‪God herded the cry of the people.‬ ‪You have done a good thing and should be recognized for it.people say you did it for publicity. Who cares it's the right thing to do. Police are brutalizing us for promotion,higher pay,and for what else they can get. Lawyers are padding case files to advance their way to the top, conning people to take lesser charges to crimes. we are living in a system where our kids are being tricked into confessing to crimes they don't commit. We need to keep on praying to God for more people to stand up for injustice. O,Kanye we for give you dog, your heart was in the right place,the words just came wrong.‬
Living Free
Living Free 8 oy oldin
Wow! CNN actually reported the real news-the reporter DID try & make Alice Johnson’s case/crimes seem horrific but Ms. Johnson straightened her out with the facts of her case being a conspiracy ! Boom! Congratulations Ms. Johnson-we all love & support you! God bless Ms. Johnson & her entire family, God Bless Kim Kardashian, Our President Trump & God Bless the United States of America ❤️🇺🇸❤️#winning#MAGA#Trump#Kimkardasian
Ariane Caskey
Ariane Caskey 8 oy oldin
This news anchor only brought up all the charges that this women was charged with because she was thanking Trump. You can totally see that she was upset about that. Wow
Much respect to Kim Kardashian, you did an amazing in speaking with the president and having this lady go free after all those years in just days. God moved through you on that day. Wonderful. You walked in like a boss with the authority of God moving. Job well done. Jesus Loves you.
Pope Gains
Pope Gains 8 oy oldin
Anyone else can tell through this bitch’s voice n stupid instigating questions that she’s so green with envy n hate that Trump did this and that she wishes she had some dirt or could get these women to spit dirt to Donald Trump. Fuck CNN they are the real racists.
John Jackson
John Jackson 8 oy oldin
CNN why re remind the world of her offense.. like rubbing it in her face. we all know what she was charged against.
Leshell Thomas
Leshell Thomas 8 oy oldin
Jayla's World
Jayla's World 8 oy oldin
Thank you Kim and trump
Beegee L
Beegee L 8 oy oldin
I can't stand this bitch, Alison. She hates this so bad. It's written all over her face. Bitch !
king8lopez 8 oy oldin
The CNN so called reporter is SEETHING!!!!!!!!
Jermano Mayfield
Jermano Mayfield 8 oy oldin
Why in the world did CNN Think that it was ok in this moment to bring up her past and question her about what she was thinking? Always gotta find the negative huh?
Jermano Mayfield
Jermano Mayfield 8 oy oldin
You can tell they are rubbing Alice and her daughter the wrong way lol. CNN...you can keep knocking but ya can't come in! 😂😂
WingsOfTruth 8 oy oldin
only on YOUTUBE
only on YOUTUBE 8 oy oldin
Cnn is something else.
travisbickelll 8 oy oldin
Obama was begged 3x by the Johnson family but he let her rot. Thank you Trump. Fuck you Obama.
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
travisbickelll Tjay H republican policy put her in there in the first place, fake hypocrites, it's like hitler celebrating the release of jews from a camp, what a joke
Reaper 8 oy oldin
Mark Ogle
Mark Ogle 8 oy oldin
Clinton is causing people to commit suicide. Trump is causing them to be freed. Am I to believe CNN or my lying eyes and ears?
Mark Ogle
Mark Ogle 8 oy oldin
God bless, Ms. Johnson. Happy life.
Zachy J
Zachy J 8 oy oldin
CNN anchor: “hem”.... “hem”....
tommy4231 8 oy oldin
Racist!!!!!!!!! Oh wait.
Semper Fi
Semper Fi 8 oy oldin
Can you believe that scumbag CNN wench brought up her crimes in detail, with an attitude of "why do you think you should be free....especially from Trump"? What a damn low life POS. This shows how callous these Trump hating media filth are. The Left needs to wake up and see just how foul their heroes are in the fake demonic media. Just can't believe she did that. Thank God for this woman's blessing, and thank GOD we have President Trump as our President. This is clearly a special woman. She shows humility and accepts responsibility. This is where a commutation of a sentence is fully justified. Thank you President Trump for your mercy and compassion...unlike this fool CNN host. MAGA!!
Semper Fi
Semper Fi 8 oy oldin
JStalinOfficial No. Ur math is wrong. Clinton put her there. But it was her crime that did ultimately. But as i said, she did her time. Obama denied her clemency request THREE times!!! Yea. Now that is hypocrisy to the nth degree. No compassion. No mercy. A fake to be sure Obama and Michelle were. All Democrats are pure evil and liars. No values. Filth. "Do what though wilt is the whole of the law". Yea. Alister Crowley's value system. Pure filth. Trump, though flawed, is a true and gets things done leader. Thank God. MAGA!!
JStalinOfficial 8 oy oldin
Semper Fi Tjay H republican policy put her in there in the first place, fake hypocrites, it's like hitler celebrating the release of jews from a camp, what a joke
John Doe
John Doe 8 oy oldin
leave to CNN to tell her over and over what her crime was and why she went to prison....TRUMP2020
Robert Helring
Robert Helring 8 oy oldin
God bless president Donald J Trump
Pam Walker
Pam Walker 8 oy oldin
I have to say I gained a lot of respect for Kim K. where I have none for most of Hollywood.
shawna jackson
shawna jackson 8 oy oldin
This reporter is a dumb B. Of course she brings up the crime. You really need a reminder of her crime. I’m very happy she’s out. You did your time.
IFR Rating
IFR Rating 8 oy oldin
Classical music 74
Why does this CNN Yoyo have to spoil Alice Johnson's happiest day by bringing and asking her crime????
terryfriend16 8 oy oldin
Oh, you journalist, she did not have a weapons charge! And STILL, you refuse to give the president kudos.
Rob DeAbreu
Rob DeAbreu 8 oy oldin
But, but, but, TWUMPS A WASCIST!!!!! WAAAA!!!! Mommy more hot cocoa and coloring books!!!!
MBoivin Art
MBoivin Art 8 oy oldin
So unfit to bring up this woman's past charges when this woman was in such a bad position with 4 children to take care of. Why doesnt cnn mention that instead.
jimmy gerilius
jimmy gerilius 8 oy oldin
Hector Morales
Hector Morales 8 oy oldin
CNN is fake news
Hector Morales
Hector Morales 8 oy oldin
CNN is trying to make you look bad by bringing up the pass
Hector Morales
Hector Morales 8 oy oldin
Finally some real news
Hammer Head
Hammer Head 8 oy oldin
This is a Foot Stool situation. Look at it for what it is.
Prestige Hair
Prestige Hair 8 oy oldin
Is it just me or was this news anchor bitch totally nasty for throwing the chargers back in this womans face. I guess she doesn't know the definition of a conspiracy charge vs actually doing something. I had a family member who was completely 100% innocent but guilty by association due over 5 years in Prison for conspiracy. No evidence whatsoever just he said she said and yes we have proof you know so and so.
Don Hennessy
Don Hennessy 8 oy oldin
absolutely nothing but love for OUR AMERICAN PRESIDENT!
Timothy Evans
Timothy Evans 8 oy oldin
Wendell Callahan who Obama pardoned was rearrested for mudering his girlfriend and 3 other people. I think this woman's story will be a positive turnout
Roxanne Moore
Roxanne Moore 8 oy oldin
With all the joy that Alice must be feeling, why does CNN bring up her past? There was no need to do that.
D Ls
D Ls 8 oy oldin
God bless you Alice! Lol (lots of love)
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